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  1. The Bear’s Decree of 1747 15th Tobias’s Bounty, 1747 It has come to the attention of His Royal Highness, Wilhelm II Edward Devereux that several pretenders have risen up within the lands of the Empire who falsely claim to be of the same lineage and pedigree of the House Devereux. In order to preserve the integrity of the Royal family and ensure these inferior deceivers are caught in their petty acts of fraudulence, His Royal Highness as patriarch of the House Devereux does hereby set forth the following decree: On the matter of the children sired by Wilhelm I Alfred Devereux and Evelyn Devereux nee Falkenrath, we do proclaim that all children, with the exemption of His Highness, Prince Edward II Devereux to be deceased. On the matter of children sired by Jarrack I Devereux and Katheryna Devereux nee Barbanov, we do proclaim that the only children ever to be sired by His Royal Majesty, King Jarrack are the Princess Ester Rose Devereux and King Alfred II Edgar Devereux, both of whom produced no legitimate children with the name of Devereux before their deaths. On the matter of the children sired by His Highness, Ecbert Devereux and Natalia Remiel Devereux nee Halcourt, we do proclaim that only children ever to be sired by His Royal Highness, Prince Ecbert to be King Pierce I Devereux and Princess Sarah Devereux, both of whom are sanctioned as deceased. On the matter of Her Highness, Sarah Devereux we do proclaim that no legitimate children bearing the last name of Devereux were conceived before her death. On the matter of children sired by Her Highness, Anabel Lisette Devereux and Romulus Cascadia, we do proclaim that no offspring born from their marriage hold legitimate claim to the name of Devereux. We do decree that Godfrey II and his descendants, John VII and his descendants, and Lorena Empress Consort and her descendants shall never hold rights or claims to the crown, throne, titles, and lands of Curonia. On the matter of Marianne Devereux, we do proclaim that that no legitimate children bearing the last name of Devereux were conceived before her death. On the matter of Everett Devereux, we do proclaim that no legitimate children bearing the last name of Devereux were conceived before his death. In this we do decree, His Royal Highness, Wilhelm II Edward Devereux, Governor-General of Curonia, Prince of Curonia and Evreux, Duke of Curon and Umbra, Count of Albion, Arbor, Avalain, Blackreach, & Cyrilsburg, Baron of Alsace, Arisan, Frosthold, Rivia, & Vasile, Lord of Bear Mountain & Blackden
  2. The Curonian Heritage Act of 1747 4th of Owyns's Light 1747 His Royal Highness, Wilhelm II Edward Devereux, Governor-General of Curonia does hereby see fit to bring forth within the Kingdom of Curonia a new system of governance at both a local and national degree. His Highness, the Governor-General recognizes the attempts of his predecessor, Her Royal Highness, Princess Ester Rose Devereux to bring forth a breath of new life into the nation by reforming the nation’s government into a system in which relies heavily upon Imperial design and influence. However, this previous system has long been poorly implemented and the quarry of countless accounts of ridicule and contempt by many within our proud nation for its stench of foreign animus. Therefore, in order to bring back true order to his Kingdom, and honor the ancestors of the Bear’s Domain, His Highness, Wilhelm II Edward Devereux does hereby abolish all forms of the previous systems of government within the Kingdom of Curonia. In his desire to see The Kingdom of Curonia once more brought back into a state in which truly represents not only itself in name but also its culture, history, and people His Highness does hereby establish two new systems of government within the Kingdom. The first form of government shall be the lower of the two, and take shape in the form of democratically elected legislative system of representatives in which vote upon various issues regarding the capital city of Avalain. The second and the higher of the two systems, shall be the Cyrillian Council. By re-establishing this historic system of hand select members to serve on His Highness’s privy he does, therefore, ensure his nation, his people, and crown are guided by those who are capable of the duties bestowed upon them. By royal decree, the following positions are hereby established and granted to those individuals who have served the crown dutifully and without fail. Chancellor The role of Chancellor is that of utmost respect and importance in the Kingdom. Often standing in for the Governor-General in meetings, receiving foreign diplomats when His Highness is otherwise occupied, and speaking with the Crown’s authority on all matters of importance. The position of Chancellor is hereby granted to Her Royal Majesty, Julia Devereux, Queen Dowager of Curonia. Colonel of the Royal Army Leader of the armed forces, the Colonel of the Royal Army is the supreme authority in all matters militaristic. They are charged with maintaining a standing military at all times for the Kingdom and protecting its lands and capital from foreign threats. The position of Colonel is hereby granted to Lord Rickard Enthelor, Baron of Nohr. Royal Treasurer The Royal Treasurer is the master of coin and trade within the Kingdom of Curonia. They are tasked with maintaining, ensuring, and protecting the economic stability and welfare of the realm. All forms of domestic and foreign trade, taxes, tariffs, royal loans & bonds, national interest rates, and so on are all formulated, implemented, and carried out by the Royal Treasurer. The position of Royal Treasurer is hereby granted to Dame Klaudia Grimoire. Chamberlain The Chamberlain is the keeper of the Royal Court. They are tasked with arranging and hosting balls, festivals, court sessions, and other stately functions pertaining to palatial administration. All members of the royal court are subject to the Chamberlain’s supervision. The position of Chamberlain is still open. High Justiciar The High Justiciar of the Kingdom of Curonia is the senior-most judicial figure of the nation. They are the foremost legal representative on matters pertaining to Royal interests, and affairs involving the Crown. The position of High Justiciar is hereby granted to Lord Tobias Merentel, Duke of Eastmark. Seneschal The Seneschal of Curonia is in charge of all forms of housing distribution, city upkeep, city projects, and shop distribution within the City of Avalain. It is through them that the housing needs of the Kingdom are monitored and fulfilled. The position of Seneschal is hereby granted to Matthias Rutledge. Consul The consul of Curonia is one of the Kingdom’s leading dignitaries for foreign diplomatic communications. The tasks that befall them are subject to the monarch’s will and desire, however, most duties include traveling to both friendly and hostile nations for either delivering messages from the Kingdom and its peerage to another or to better relations between Curonia and foreign powers. The position of Consul is hereby granted to Ser John D’Arkent. The Latgalia The Avalain Municipal Government, otherwise known as the Latgalia, is the governing body of democratically elected legislators that propose and draft bills for the city of Avalain and the surrounding lands. Each session of the Latgalia lasts two years. ELECTIONS & STRUCTURE The Alcalde serves a term of four years, and is elected by popular vote of the citizens of Avalain. It is their duty to ensure the Municipal Government is well administered, and the city is secure, well kept, and to report and advise on behalf of the citizenry to the Royal Crown. The Alcalde is also the President of the Assembly, and can call the Latgalia to meeting whenever they please. The Municipal Government is comprised of four Councillors, each of which is elected by popular vote of the citizens of Avalain. Any citizen of Avalain may run for office, and the four with the most votes are assigned the office. Citizenship is defined as having more than three years residence in Curon and to hold no offices or titles in any country, be it foreign or in other parts of the Empire. Members of the Cyrillian Cabinet may not run for any office. ALCALDE: Vacant COUNCILLOR: Vacant COUNCILLOR: Vacant COUNCILLOR: Vacant COUNCILLOR: Vacant BILLS The Municipal Government has the jurisdiction to draft and propose laws with regard to the City of Avalain, exempting those with regard to taxation. A bill passes with a simple majority of the Municipal Council. The Assembly’s bills only take effect once the Curonian Crown provides assent for that bill. In this way, we prevent anti-Curonian ideals from presenting themselves within its legislative body. In this we do decree, His Royal Highness, Wilhelm II Edward Devereux, Governor-General of Curonia, Prince of Curonia & Evreux, Duke of Curon & Umbra, Count of Albion, Arbor, Avalain, Blackreach, & Cyrilsburg, Baron of Alsace, Arisan, Frosthold, Rivia, & Vasile, Lord of Bear Mountain & Blackden
  3. Klaudia reads over the missive in her office in Avalain and while happy to hear the AIS will them alone for a grace period, she fears about the safety of Wilhelm Edward and the prospects of this meeting ”. . . We must convene the council . . . words proclaiming the recognition of Wilhelm Edward mean little in comparison to the aggressive land grabbing actions the AIS have taken against our nation. With Stauntons, Suffolks, Merentels, and likely the leadership of Morsgrad as well looking to steal our titles, subjugate us to their rules, place imposters on our throne, or entirely annihilate us all together off the face of Arcas . . . . we would do best to stay away from such people. I will give my life if needed to protect our sovereignty and keep the RIGHTFUL rulers of House Devereux on the throne. We shall not be some prized pig for slaughter by the AIS and their affiliates. Our land, people and titles do not belong to them and they shall NEVER belong to them. In the words of the first King I served so many many years ago “ Curonia and its citizens do not BEND nor BOW to any force that dares oppose us”.
  4. An ancient Curonian woman stands upon the walls of Avalain. Her long gray hair, which she usually kept tied up in a neat style, now fell loose all around her shoulders and back. She stood upon the walls of her homeland, propped up by the help of her cane and let out a small sigh as the wind from the frozen ocean bays rolled through the air and gently brushed against her. The elder’s pale and tired eyes looked out towards the horizon where the last rays of sunlight peaked above the horizon. “I have stood upon the walls of my homeland, upon the walls of both Avalain and Cyrilsburg, and seen so many men and women that I have known since their birth pass unto our blessed Seven Skies. I am but the last remnant of the old guard . . .of the Cyrillians of the past, having long outlived my time upon this world by many many years. Yet, here I still remain. I do not know if it is a true blessing or a curse if I am to be ever truthful.” Lowering her head the ancient woman tightened her grip upon her cane and closed her eyes ”My dear princess. I was there in court when they announced you were to be born, just as I had been there for your fathers, King Jarrcks, many many years prior. You were never fated to lead our nation, for many reasons such as your gender and your father’s foolish legacy that almost brought an end to the nation you and I both called home. However, fate is rarely ever carved in stone as you so proved when you became the head of our glorious nation.” The elder woman raised her head and looked once more over the icy shores of her homeland and watched as the sun sank below the dim horizon ”I had my fears your legacy would be nothing more than a repeat of your pathetic fathers . . . but I it seems I had placed my fears in nothing. Your legacy will be that in which we do not scorn nor be ashamed of. Never shall a Curonian cast your name aside in favor of another. You were a beacon of hope in one of this nations darkest hours. You strove to rebuild that in which your predecessors had let decay, our reputation and honor.” ”Rest now my dear princess. Find peace in that you are the very reason our nation is still alive today and we shall always remember you as one of the greatest rulers our nation has and will ever see.” ”Perhaps soon I shall join you in the Seven Skies and together we can sit with the Curonians of old, our brothers and sisters, and laugh together as we once did not so long ago. May God Bless your soul my dear Ester and may you find nothing but peace and happiness in the next life.”
  5. An ancient Curonian woman sits in her office within the royal palace of Avalain and laughs at the idiocy of this missive. ”They claimed the titles of Curon that were given to Wilhelm and ones that are still held within the lands of our nation. I was there the days those titles were bestowed to good Wilhelm, God rest his soul, and find it funny that these pathetic insects must try to claim that which is not theirs for the sake of ego stroking and useless lust for power.” “My my . . . truely there is something to be said about little men who must rely on claiming titles of other nations . . no no . . . titles of a relevant Kingdom none the less! - to prove their significance in the realms of mankind. I do wonder if they know this just makes themselves look foolish and rather lacking in mental capacity but perhaps that is just a good representation for those who wrote and approved of this missive.”
  6. AutumnSoul

    A Letter Home

    To His Excellency, Angelo de Alba, Regent of Curonia and the citizenry of Curonia, Word has reached my ears of the events that have fallen within the recent months about the considerable changes that are coming forth within the lands of humanity. While I, for one, was not surprised to find that yet another Empire seems to be on the verge of collapse. I did find it . . . quite baffling to see that the good people of Curonia had decided to declare themselves independent for the sake of self-governing freedom, and all other manners of self-preserving rights that also go along with such a state of government and autonomy. As many of you may know, I had served dutifully, loyally, and with utmost determination to the Kingdom for over seventy or more years until the time of my retirement came about not so long ago. I have seen this nation, the nation I loved and cherished, grow from a County, to a Duchy, and was even there for its transition into a leading powerhouse and dominating Kingdom within the lands of Atlas. I fear, however, that the times of Curonia’s widespread influence throughout the realms of mankind has officially come to a close. No longer do the streets of the realm hum with the sounds of life. Barren and cold, they now rest as my dear great-granddaughters tell me from their trips to the city capital. No longer does the military seem active in any way as the barracks, I’m told, are said to be riddled with the befouling sight of cobwebs. I know that it is not easy to lead a military as Curonia has never had the mighty standing army it once had under the command of its greatest leader, Lord Commander Edward Devereux. To think that it has fallen to such a deplorable state is just an insult to not only the memory of the nations founders, but also to the countless men and women who have given their lives in service of the Green Tide decades before. With either a small or non-existent military, I have to question the stability and ultimate decision of independence. Angelo, I have known you for almost a century, if not more at this point and I count you as one of my oldest and last living friends I have left in this world. For nearly 70 years or more, you and I have helped tend to the garden that is this Kingdom we both had pledged our undying services too back when we were so much younger. Surely you must see the hurdles that lay ahead of you. The nation is dying if not on its last breath. There is no need to beat around the bushes for you, I, and anyone else can and have been able to tell such for many years now. Are you so sure declaring independence was the wisest decision when the only other Imperial vassal to do such was Suffonia to my recollection? What of Haense? You leave our allies without aid in their time of need. That is not the Curonian way I know and personally follow. Yes, I know the relations between Haense and Curon have never been great and it was really only under King Pierce that they were forged anew and strengthened, but still is there no standing principle in protecting those who are allied to you? Also, why do you trust that the leadership of Morsgrad will follow through with any sort of pact you make with them? How long ago was it we treated them as threats to our nation due to the hostile actions they took not only to our citizenry but to our nation as a whole? Why do you make pacts with the men and women who threatened our sovereignty not so long ago? Who is to say you are nothing more than just a little puppet in their plot to bring down an empire that, like all previous incarnations of the Norlandic people and nation, strive for nothing more than Imperial division and destruction. I warn you, the relationship between a puppet and its master is a very one-sided relationship Angelo. The strings that hold it in place are so thin the slightest change in wind can snap them in two and then what is a puppet without strings to move it? Worthless and disposable. On a similar note, for how long has the legacy of Curonia been tainted with the brands of treachery and backstabbing? Do you not just prove to all those who already think of it as a place of weak-minded scum who turn on allies at the tip of a hat that they are proven right in their thinking? I fear for you and the nation should you lose your gambit and the tides of this war turn in favor of Oren and its forces. The damage you and your administration have done by this move could very well spell out the direct end of Curonia and its people. How many times can a nation be trusted when at every other opportunity they seem to betray their oaths and swing in favor of the side who promises them shrouded glimpses of prosperity and honey words of a far-off paradise? For his whole reign His Majesty, King Pierce spent his time skillfully and tactfully improving the image of Curonia. He did such, not for personal gain but for the betterment of Curonia and its people. He did such to wash away the dark stain that befouled our nation’s image and reputation amongst the other nations of humanity. Yet in a single day, with a single act, you have managed to wash away all of his hard work and efforts. If the King, God bless and watch over him and his family, could still move and speak I assure you he would be less than pleased. I know I would should my whole legacy go up in flames by another who took no care in thinking of those who came before him and the impact of his actions. I will freely admit that I do not know the factors that drove you and your council to make this decision since I am now several years retired from my role as a leader of our beloved nation. Yet, my time as a councilor was long and I know that the Imperial government is one of the most corrupt systems there is in humanity. There is always the fear that the Empire will turn its back on its vassals, which many have proven to do so in the past, and or cause nothing but strife for one of its vassals until it complies with its demands. However, I am not sure abandoning an Empire for the sake of joining a barbaric group who will surely cause the formation of another Empire in due time is the wisest maneuver. Is it truly better to be free when you, I, and so many others all know the time will soon come when Curonia is placed yet again under the heels of another Imperial administration? Or even worse, perhaps the next Empire will not include a Curonia for those who lead will not wish for it to exist. Perhaps I am wrong and the men and women of Morsgrad will not cause irreparable harm to our beloved nation but their actions of the past and of the present seem to speak a much louder and clearer opposite note. Whatever the outcome of this war is to be, I pray for the survival of Curonia and citizens and I pray you will not lead this nation down a path of further death and destruction. Lastly, as I stand here, on the beaches of the southern portion of Arcas, ready to board a ship that will take me away from the comings and goings of these lands I wish to think I shall return when my time has come to draw my last breath, surrounded by friends and family before I ascend to the blessed skies above and see that Curon is still standing and all that I now worry about has come to pass. It perhaps is selfish, but I wish to be buried within the lands I call my home, laid to rest in the tombs of my fellow Curonian brothers and sisters and buried under the halls of those who I wish nothing more than prosperity, peace, happiness, and love. I believe this to be one of the greatest accomplishments at the end of one’s life. To not only be buried with those you love and care for, in life and in death but to also be laid to rest where it matters most; at home. Do not squander this opportunity for future generations Angelo. The men and women of our nation need not only a homeland to live but one in which they can be buried in when their time upon these lands comes to close. No Curonian should ever be without a place to call home and no Curonian should ever be buried in a place that is not that of their ancestors, a place that is not home. -Klaudia Grimoire
  7. Fifth Alcalde Elections of Curonia c.1734 With the four-year term of Alcalde Margueritte Ironwood coming to a close, the diplomatic season has descended upon the great nation of Curonia once more. The position of Alcalde is one of clear renown and note in the city, with many great leaders taking up the mantel and getting their first steps into the roles of leading figureheads within the Kingdom. The office of Alcalde is required to perform many tasks for the Kingdom of Curonia and its’ people. As the prime pathway for citizens to communicate to the Council, The office has many responsibilities which include the following: Stewardry: Manage housing under the supervision of the Seneschal. Shop Management: Aid in leasing & managing shops. Receive & process opinions on Curonia and its’ Council Host events each saint week in Avalain. (If at least one event is not hosted each saint week, the Alcalde will be dismissed from their position and new elections will be held in order to find a candidate who can meet these requirements) Do you have aspirations to support the Kingdom & Citizens of Curonia? In four Saint’s Days, each aspirant will be given the opportunity to present a speech to the populace of Curonia. After this, the people shall elect the candidate they feel is best suited for the position of Alcalde. If you wish to submit your candidacy, please inform the Council by submitting your speech for approval. OOC Information Date of Speeches: Friday, 27th of September in the Square of Avalain at 6:30PM EST Date of Election: Immediately following speeches Sign up below with the following information RP Name: Username: Discord:
  8. A Queen’s Court With her pregnancy now over and a healthy son born, Her Majesty, Queen Julia Devereux of Curonia has decided to rejoin the Royal Courts and once again take her seat beside her husband, the King. In her return to court, Queen Julia knows that many of her former ladies-in-waiting were no longer present within the walls of Avalain. Most of the young women had requested the Queen’s consent on various marriage proposals while she had been away tending to her pregnancy. Seeing this as an issue, the Queen has called forth for her aids to bring word throughout the lands of Arcas that Her Majesty is in search for new women, noble or common, who wish to serve under the royal crown. A special session of court hosted directly by Her Majesty, the Queen, is being held within the walls of the royal palace. It will be here that the young women, or their families, of the realms may step forth before the Queen and directly petition Her Majesty, in the hopes of gaining her favor and allowing them the chance to work in such a prestigious position within the royal courts. While under the care of Her Majesty, the ladies-in-waiting of the court shall receive only the finest of educations and also gain immeasurable amounts of experience as they learn the proper etiquettes of court life. Also, Ladies-in-waiting shall receive a weekly payment of 100 mina for their services to the Queen. Her Majesty also seeks out the skilled blades of any proven warrior, male or female, who wishes to pledge their service to her and form her official Queen’s Guard. Any who wish to petition the Queen to join this exclusive retinue may come to the special court session as well and present themselves there before Her Majesty. Applicants for the Queen’s Guard must be willing to submit to several questions that could entail the following: Previous experience Qualifications Weapon and skill preferences Skill demonstration A background check if found necessary Members of the Queen’s Guard will be paid 200 mina every week for their services. OOC INFO The special court shall be held on Friday, August 30th at 6:30pm EST in the Royal Palace of Avalain
  9. The Avalain Times, First Edition c.1730 The Crown Seeks Innovation! A new era has begun within the Kingdom of Curonia’s capital city of Avalain. An era where the arts of music and literature, skills of craftsmen and women, and pursuit of knowledge have come to the forefront of the Curonian society. For too long has the beautiful northern city of picturesque snow-capped hills, frost laden valleys, and breathtaking pine forests been untouched by the skillful mind of artists and poets, its peerage left with no way to pass on their skills and teachings, and the forges and stalls of the city left cold and barren. No longer shall this be the case as the King and his council do hereby see fit to establish a new era of renaissance within the kingdom and the hearts and minds of its citizens. Craftsmen and women, poets, scholars, artists, musicians, and all other forms of esteemed intellectuals are hereby invited to partake within this new golden era of Curonia’s history. Recognition, appreciation, respect, and of course untapped mounds of wealth are all just a move away! The King and his council have formed the following list of occupations in which they wish seen brought into the Kingdom: -Blacksmith -Tailors -Medical Professionals -Herbalists -Librarian -Farmers -Fishermen -Brewer/Vinter/Distiller -Culinary Professionals -City Barber (Should you have any questions on jobs, housing, stores/shops/market stalls, or anything else pertaining to employment in the Kingdom please contact AutumnSoul#2750!) The Queen’s Court The time has long since passed since the marriage of His Majesty, Pierce I Devereux to Queen Julia Devereux, nee Staunton. With the birth of her firstborn child now concluded and her return to public life happening in just a short amount of time, Her Majesty, the Queen has seen fit to call forth all ladies of the realm, noble and common to a special session of court held within the royal palace of Avalain. It shall be here that the women under the age of 25 may come forth and petition themselves to Her Majesty to enter her service as one of her ladies in waiting. The Queen seeks to fill her inner ranks with several women who wish to learn the etiquette of court life and serve under her care and guidance. A special pension of 100 mina will be given to each lady in waiting every saint week in reward for their services to the queen. (The special court shall be held on Friday, August 30th at 6:30pm EST in Curonia) Her Majesty also seeks out the skilled blades of any proven warrior, male or female, who wishes to pledge their service to her and form her official Queen’s Guard. Any individual who wishes to petition the Queen to join this exclusive retinue may come to the special court previously mentioned above and present themselves there before Her Majesty. Applicants for the Queen’s Guard must be willing to submit to several questions that could entail the following: Previous experience Qualifications Weapon and skill preferences Skill demonstration A background check if found necessary The First Hunt A new guild has emerged within the Kingdom! The Blood Pack has formed under the leadership of one of Curons eldest warriors and women of influence, Dame Klaudia Grimoire. Madame Grimoire has taken it upon herself to revive the days of old, back from the very beginning of Curon. From its earliest days as a nation of tents on an open field with nothing but sprawling forests and endless emerald green pastures surrounding it. Back then the men and women of Curon hunted every day and night to feed their families and provide for one another. Together they hunted, in the deepest hours of the night and earliest hours of the morn, forging everlasting bonds between kinsmen. The guild shall host several hunts throughout each saint week. Each outing shall provide for the guild's members to test their skills in the field, to track the many beasts that call the surrounding forests of the Kingdom home. It shall be out there, in the deepest parts of the woodlands that members of the hunt shall gain glory, trophies, recognition, and forge everlasting bonds between themselves and their brothers and sisters of the hunt. (Contact AutumnSoul#2750 if you are interested in joining!) The Army seeks YOU! The royal military of Curonia is seeking new members to join its ranks! New members shall be inducted into the army starting out at a base rank of initiate but through hard work and dedication, new members can easily move up through the ranks of the army’s hierarchy and receive multiple rewards such as payment bonuses for each rank they manage to earn. The starting base pay for a soldier is 200 mina every saint week. (Contact Blancharizard#6969 or Dawsy#5361 for more information about joining!) Published 10th of Sigismund's End, 1730
  10. The Dance of the Bear A painting of men and women of all ranks and nations gathering within the halls of the royal palace of Avalain to enjoy a festival. c.1710 For too long the halls of the royal palace within Avalain have stood silent. Long have they desired to once again be filled with the beautiful sounds of music and dance; to have the emptiness chased away and the sounds of joyous laughter return to its hearth. With news of the Queen's birth to a son and heir, King Pierce I has proclaimed a time of celebration within the Kingdom! The time of silence has come to an end for the nation as fliers would be sent forth and hung on every corner of the city and riders sent to spread the news to all other nations of the Empire. [!] The poster would entail the following: By royal proclamation of King Pierce and Queen Julia, a ball shall be held to celebrate the birth of the newborn Prince. All citizens and vassals of the Empire are invited to attend the joyous festivities and partake of an evening of song, dance, and celebration. The citizenry and nobility from the Princedom of Fenn are also extended an invitation to come and partake in the momentous celebration. The ball shall be held in the style of a masquerade theme. All guests are requested to dress in both a mask and in their best attire for the evening's festivities. There shall be a competition held on who is wearing the most stunning and breathtaking outfit at the ball. Men and women both are encouraged to wear their best attire and enter the competition as there shall be a winner for both a best-dressed female and best-dressed male. The winner shall receive a special gift procured directly from the royal treasury as well as a small monetary reward. A number of small shops shall also be set up within the palace for the festivities. Fine items of limited quantity such as aged wines, jewelry, furs and so on shall be on display for purchase. No weapons of any sort shall be permitted within the royal palace. Any guests who act with ill will and hostile intent within the festival shall be immediately removed and escorted out of the city. Direct invitations would be sent to the following: -EMPEROR ALEXANDER I of ORENIA, and the further IMPERIAL HOUSEHOLD- -KING ANDREW II of HANSETI-RUSKA, and the further House of BARBANOV- -KING ADRIAN I of KAEDRIN, and the further House of HELVETS- -PRINCE VLADRICK HIEROMAR of RUBERN, and the further House of ALIMAR- -ARCHDUKE EDWARD of SUFFONIA, and the further House of SUFFOLK- -CALIPH MURAD of THE KADARSI, and the further House of KHARADEEN- -DUKE STANNIS of WESTMARCH, and the further House of STAUNTON- -DUKE SERGIUS of VINTAS, and the further house of MERENTEL- -GRAND PRINCE AELTHOS of FENN, and the further house of TUNDRAK- -DUKE ADRIAN of ADRIA, and the further house of SARKOZIC- -DUKE RAHIM of CRESONIA, and the further house of NASRID- OOC Information Date: Saturday, August 31, 2019 Time: 5pm EST Location: Kingdom of Curonia, Royal Palace
  11. Discord : u have it skin and bid : Purple dress , 1500
  12. Discord: AutumnSoul#2750 Skin & bid : Gold Black & Red Gown, 1,800 Red Fur Dress : 2,000
  13. Discord: AutumnSoul#2750 skin & bid : Gold Black and Red Gown, 1,300
  14. Discord: AutumnSoul#2750 Skins & Bid : Gold Black & Red Gown, 1000
  15. Discord: AutumnSoul#2750 Outtfit & Bid: Alex Style Black Armor – 800
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