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  2. rip chuck from the maze runner movie

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    chuck made me
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  4. The Order of the Ursus c.1683 Do you wish to be apart of a military that not only values its men and women of service but also treats them with the respect and honor they deserve? Look no further than the Ursurian Order! Long have the Ursurian men and women of the Green Tide protected the realms of the Iron Crown. Harbingers of justice and strength, the Ursurian Retinue has stood the test of time and always triumphed over their adversaries. No matter the struggle, no matter the strife, the men and women of the Green Tide have always beat the odds. Together, bound in steel and blood, the Ursus shall never fall. RANKS Commander: The Military leader of The Order of the Ursus. In charge of the entire Military presence within the Kingdom of Curonia. The current Commander is Ser Charles Montagne ((ign: Dawsy)) Captain: Second-in-Command of the royal armed forces, a Captain has proved themselves as not only a soldier, but a leader. They’ve risen from Lieutenant with a fiery ambition, and have learned to not only benefit themselves, but their fellow soldiers. Lieutenant: Officers tasked with keeping order within the lower ranks. At a certain point of maturity within the military, a member of the Ursus will rise above the ranks, and prove themselves worthy of not only following orders, but leading men. Man-at-arms: A veteran member of the military who’s ferocity knows no bounds. After years of experience, a footman will be promoted to such through hard work and dedication. Footman: The bulk force of the military, amounting to the majority of its power. This is where most soldiers will lie within the ranks until they have proven themselves on the field. Recruit: New initiates that are just starting out within the ranks of the Ursurian Retinue, they’ve yet to attain any experience, but are expected to grow within the ranks. PAYMENT Members of the Ursurian Order are paid every saint week. Payment occurs at the end of the week and is a base salary of 200 mina. Every saint month there shall be two competitions held by the Commander of the military. The Ursurian who shows prowess in their duties and completes required tasks set to them by their superiors shall be handsomely rewarded in the form of added funds to their weekly paycheck. Ready to apply? Fill out the form below with your information and a member of the military command will be in touch asap! OOC APPLICATION MC Username: Discord: Rp Name: Rp Race: Rp Age:
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  8. Charles would recieve word of Celest while drinking a pint in the tavern. Though he would be sad to hear the news, he would reminisce on the good times. “Another fallen comrade. I shall see you soon, say hello to crew for me.” he’d say as he downed his ale.
  9. 20 whole days reformed 😄

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