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  1. Functional firearms, no. Do I entirely believe somebody would IRPly shove gunpowder in a barrel and think it's a good idea? Sure
  2. The mother sighs in pain as her pen lays touch to the paper once more. Sighing softly as deep green ink soaks into the parchment pages in swift strokes. "I have never been to Gehenna, and nor do I plan to. It is well known I have been friends with members of paladins, and I wish not to die upon entering any gates where I'll be killed. There are many who look like me, and another Doctor Avern who has long since passed. Doctor Alvahnia Dalivous is her rightful name. And as she is much smaller than me, I'm unsure how this confusion was ever brought upon. I love each of my children with the loving whole of my heart, but as a mother I cannot simply March to gates where I will be killed and my children left to this world alone. Ilueth and I had spoken many times, chances offered, my help offered, my own connections and minae offered. Should Ilueth become free of a shade, she's still welcome home to me." ~ Mayan A. Avern
  3. Mayan sits quietly in wonder of where the absolute **** Gehenna is.
  4. It is no shock to anybody about the news of Sutica, claiming me a Shade Mother. Even though my mother raised me as a cleric, I do try and maintain some tolerance to dark beings. Such as the one chance I had offered the girl once called my daughter Ilueth Avern. Demon Wanderer, the name had come as a joke lightheartedly about her behavior. Perhaps being erratic at times, but having raised her in my teachings against the dark magics it should have never come to this. Sadly enough, it did. Leaving me without my home at Sutica and with my reputation in danger on the Avern name. Ilueth has been disowned from my family, name removed- and I told her until she is purged to not come eye to eye with me. I'd once been proud, as she had been one of my most medically successful of those I had raised that were not originally my own. I, Mayan A. Avern, publically disown my once adopted daughter, lueth Avern, due to her affiliation with the dark magics I've worked so hard to lean her against in her lifetime.
  5. MC Username: TheRainbowRoyal Discord: TheRainbowRoyal#4216 Category Wished to Work On: Medicind Why Medicine?: I am studying to get certified in real life and I enjoy it both in game (lead the Arcas med guild) and IRL What You want to see from that category: Some semblance of red lines and explanations to players of what we can legitimately do with tools during the time period and what tools are appropriate
  6. The doctor clenches her fist at her desk, whiskey in her free hand- features twisting into a grimace amongst the drunken stupor. ”May Tahariae love you, Matthias- and may you run now.” She whispers. Her head leaning back as she downs a second glass of whiskey.. first Alvahnia, now Matthias- who next?
  7. The doctor collapses into her desk, simply staring off into a wall. The woman her daughter had trained and she had spent nearly two decades beside in work- a beloved founder of her guild. Gone with the tick of a secondhand timepiece. Her fingers drum in the silence of the now empty home, Alvahnia its sole other occupant. Things left and last clothing she had folded simply sitting before the elfess. A bouquet of flowers, red roses, sitting atop her desk with a small satchel of minae to pay for the woman’s grave.
  8. Mayan did not recollect the man well. As they had never spoken on decent terms. Loathing one another and being called impure despite her greatest efforts for the state. Though, in her idle stance- watching Ane helpless to comfort and Dele drown the Grief slowly in fine wine. Her gaze wavered just a bit- a warmth in her soul for the man she knew. "May you rest well, Silir.. may you rest well." The woman finally murmured, falling to sit by Dele in the quiet manor.
  9. The doctor gazes up at the empty structure of the clinic- having not even seen blueprints, and yet it was stripped bare of materials she herself had supplied with a scowl. Then gazing to the paper and huffing outwards, clenching her jaw and nodding her approval of such a statement- murmuring ensuing amongst her family.
  10. @TheAlphaMoist If one person abuses the system you just trash the whole thing because clearly one idiot doing something makes the whole thing stupid?
  11. On the day of 10th of The Grand Harvest, 1744 the Medical Guild of Arcas gathered into the streets of Sutica- familiar faces to many. They gathered upon these grounds to protect each member’s neutrality in a time of the vicious war- as Sutica took neither side. Doctor Avern gripped her cane, grinning lightly as she saw familiar and new faces gather into the town hall. Some she had known for decades, others for mere weeks. Her footsteps rose to stand atop the pedestal, topics in mind that ought be discussed. Though only one was brought forth as important- medicine in Grief’s tear and his victims. She rose to speak heavy words, informing her fellow doctors, medicins, and clinic staff of the hardships to come. Some there knew her words well, others had yet to witness the horrors that the void had surged forth with. The Avern spoke of the carts she intended to bring, supplies and animals following shortly. Others piped up their offers- Dele Seregon talking of her vultures and Nolan O’Hara talking of services offered by the scalpel. Before his days of delinquency having been one of the finest surgeons of Arcas- nearly impeccable in his incisions. The doctor’s child subtly shifted her gloves further on, face becoming solemn in preparation of what was to come- Lucy had seen her mother’s wounds from a voidal horror in Atlas, spending hours tending the torn and infected flesh. She had walked among the horror, tending where her brothers and sisters of medicine could not. The guild members attending knew full and well what they were about walk forth into. Soon after the construction of the carts were set to, other doctors contributing as they could. The sound of a heavy hammer echoing by the Sutican docks as carts rose from the wheels up. Horses kicking in the pastures, it seemed that even they knew their time of leisure was up. A final onslaught onto Grief’s tear was in order, and the doctors had new incentive to be there to protect their family and friends’ blood alike.
  12. "The hell even is this place?" The elfess yawns, gazing at it from her desk.
  13. Mayan writes her name onto the page, humming.
  14. Mayan gazes upon the page, fingers tapping gently with a soft hum rolling in the depths of her throat. Her stare laying heavy on the page before rasping softly, "Perhaps they will settle their differences- .. one day. Though I suppose Xavis always struggled with everyone in the family but Wren."
  15. Forum Name: TheGayGuardian2 Render-Type: Name + Title Specified Information: Name: Mayan Avern – Title: Surgeon General Payment [Mina or USD]: Minae
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