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  1. On the day of 10th of The Grand Harvest, 1744 the Medical Guild of Arcas gathered into the streets of Sutica- familiar faces to many. They gathered upon these grounds to protect each member’s neutrality in a time of the vicious war- as Sutica took neither side. Doctor Avern gripped her cane, grinning lightly as she saw familiar and new faces gather into the town hall. Some she had known for decades, others for mere weeks. Her footsteps rose to stand atop the pedestal, topics in mind that ought be discussed. Though only one was brought forth as important- medicine in Grief’s tear and his victims. She rose to speak heavy words, informing her fellow doctors, medicins, and clinic staff of the hardships to come. Some there knew her words well, others had yet to witness the horrors that the void had surged forth with. The Avern spoke of the carts she intended to bring, supplies and animals following shortly. Others piped up their offers- Dele Seregon talking of her vultures and Nolan O’Hara talking of services offered by the scalpel. Before his days of delinquency having been one of the finest surgeons of Arcas- nearly impeccable in his incisions. The doctor’s child subtly shifted her gloves further on, face becoming solemn in preparation of what was to come- Lucy had seen her mother’s wounds from a voidal horror in Atlas, spending hours tending the torn and infected flesh. She had walked among the horror, tending where her brothers and sisters of medicine could not. The guild members attending knew full and well what they were about walk forth into. Soon after the construction of the carts were set to, other doctors contributing as they could. The sound of a heavy hammer echoing by the Sutican docks as carts rose from the wheels up. Horses kicking in the pastures, it seemed that even they knew their time of leisure was up. A final onslaught onto Grief’s tear was in order, and the doctors had new incentive to be there to protect their family and friends’ blood alike.
  2. "The hell even is this place?" The elfess yawns, gazing at it from her desk.
  3. Mayan writes her name onto the page, humming.
  4. Mayan gazes upon the page, fingers tapping gently with a soft hum rolling in the depths of her throat. Her stare laying heavy on the page before rasping softly, "Perhaps they will settle their differences- .. one day. Though I suppose Xavis always struggled with everyone in the family but Wren."
  5. Forum Name: TheGayGuardian2 Render-Type: Name + Title Specified Information: Name: Mayan Avern – Title: Surgeon General Payment [Mina or USD]: Minae
  6. Throughout many centuries among the lands of Arcas, Centaurs roamed as a peaceful band of creatures, undisturbed by humanity and the other entirely unaware of their very existence on the plains and islands. This is, until civilization pushed too far out into the islands and the centaurs were forced to move themselves farther away- out of the reach of the human grasp. No one was aware of this, as the lone intruder had been trampled by men and women alike protecting their fillies and colts. This was simply taken as the man had been attacked by a wild beast, partly true by name of being attacked. The descendants and their company moved on throughout the years unbothered until late on a thunderous afternoon. Storms brewed and roared their presence, a downpour breaking away from the sky as a traveler was washed into a flash flood, forced into the river. A shriek loud enough to prove competition for a banshee as the nearby centaur settlement was startled. An arabian stallion made his way out, shoes on his hooves to help keep his ground as he found the source of the sound- Alikar. Fishing the boy out with the help of vines, the centaur reigned him in and cradled him on the journey back to the settlement. Long since used to such weather severities, they had built to withstand and settled the boy aside a fire in a house and let him warm. The boy, of the morning, woke to see these strange beings staring down at him. Half descendant, half equine. Some even proving to be mules, donkeys, or mini-horses as they gathered ‘round the human boy. After hours of talking and the equines explaining that they had been forced off their land, Alikar offered to bring any orphans to his herd of horses. After some back and forth discussion about safety and feeding, an agreement was made upon this. From then on, Alikar’s children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren tended the herd in secret. Ensuring their wellbeing with an iron fist and a shepherd's axe. …. Centuries later with a creak of a rotted fence, the first centaur is released into civilization with a shiver of hide and a hoof on damp grass. The bright eyes of youth skim over the world ahead, and the thunder of strong hooves beats throughout the forest without a further thought to it. Centaurs follow a nomadic lifestyle, and always did in the olden days. As they forage from fruit trees and sugar cane. Their teeth are unlike a human’s, and are flat for grinding leaves and grass. They commonly snap off branches and chew the leaves for some hours, and rarely if ever finding the need to make a bedding spot. They will, however, avoid dry areas as though they’re a plague and stick more to damp jungle environments where food is plentiful. Horses will, if unable to find a jungle or forest, live on islands or the beach. Though they prefer to have immediate food nearby. Their mindset is more understanding of danger than a horse, but it does not prevent a skittish behavior of one. Once presented with a loud and sudden noise, or a predator a centaur on instinct will avoid conflict as much as possible. The only deliberate conflict that will rise is from stallions and mares deciding pecking order on merging into a new herd, and this will not be fatal under any circumstance unless the stallion is attempting to become the new herd leader. Even then, this only warrants the chasing off of the other stallion. Under no circumstance will a fight be started otherwise by a centaur, it is against their nature and could be considered lore-breaking to do so. They will only fight when being actively injured with no other option but to fight back for survival or if blatantly trapped. The flight response is immediate, and when presented with a sword waving in their face they will instinctively find a way to avoid conflict rather than stirring it. More on Descendant interaction: They can be ridden by descendants and will happily give piggyback rides to children. They offer a more gentle nature to those they recognize as young children of other races, and will prove a bit softer around them. With normal descendants they can prove to become good and trusting friends, even going so far as a saddle to be allowed made for them. This will, however, take a very deep bond and requires at least four IRL months of interaction between the two. They are to be played with no ‘toughboy’ mindset. Albeit they are free to have attitude, the centaurs are skittish creatures and will find absolutely no shame in running or avoiding conflict altogether. Stress is easily brought upon the animal, if being led by a normal person and not by a trusted friend through a marketplace the noise and sudden sounds can provoke shivering and twitchiness. Meaning that a stray kick once or twice isn’t unheard of. As well as trying to force them to adorn clothing they have not chosen. (Yes, your centaur has to wear clothing female or not). Physical Description: Centaurs tower depending on their breed. An average horse of any type will stand between 6’0 and 8’0 of height. Unless which is decided to be a mini horse, which will stand at 2’0 to 4’0 in height. The option of fur coat pattern CAN be chosen by the player but it MUST under all circumstances be a fur coat that has happened in real life. In such a case another player were to ask you to find it, you must be able to via a REAL horse. Fantasy pictures will not suffice for this and nor will drawings unless you have the horse that the drawing was based off of for a commission done by another player. They can wear shoes like a normal horse can, and they will have the organs that a horse and human will in the separate bodies. Such as needed for the function of both bodies, as one heart will not suffice them. Physically, the human ‘half’ will have a horse’s ears that will match their fur pattern, and their hair will only be that of which you can find that a horse has naturally. Being a centaur, their human backside is particularly vulnerable as they cannot twist to protect it often times. Though it is a dangerous venture to mount the creature unwelcomed as this will bring a flurry of shrieking and bucking. The human spine more delicate and weak of the over-all petite like frame. A centaur has no more abilities than a normal horse and human have, and are created by a horse and rider dying out in the forest. Spores floating among the forest combine with that of the rotting carcass and human can combine to form new life after death. Red Lines Re-Stated The option of fur coat pattern CAN be chosen by the player but it MUST under all circumstances be a fur coat that has happened in real life. In such a case another player were to ask you to find it, you must be able to via a REAL horse. Fantasy pictures will not suffice for this Centaurs may ONLY have children with other centaurs and can only have one child in their lifetime, this applies to males as well. After once bred, they are sterile. Their partner may not change unless the other dies, as they mate for life. Choose wisely. A centaur has no more abilities than a normal horse and human have Centaurs may not fight anything but herd leaders and cannot attack unless directly forced upon with a conflict being the ONLY means of safety. This includes surrounding a centaur with ropes, waving swords at them and surrounding them, they do not have to be injured to attack. They will first try to run and if they are assaulted or stop fighting may ensue. Centaurs cannot learn magic of any kind, as they are not advanced enough to comprehend it and will just become confused by learning it but can understand that it is not dangerous after multiple times of exposure. While they can be ridden, centaurs cannot be ridden into conflict or they will buck the rider and run as fast as possible away from it. This can be considered lorebreaking if it is done. While they can help farmers, they can’t be whipped or blinded during work, as this will startle them more than a normal horse since their descendant half will consider this an attack and or abuse and will begin to struggle. Do not mistake any of the above as centaurs cannot have a bad attitude, they can and will the same as any descendant With normal descendants they can prove to become good and trusting friends, even going so far as a saddle to be allowed made for them. This will, however, take a very deep bond and requires at least four IRL months of interaction between the two. Jumping on a centaur and/or beating it before the four month IRL bond will not make the beast trust you and they cannot be ‘tamed’. Once the trust is broken, the player has the right to attack the person in question if they are mounted. The purpose of writing this lore was to help bring a newer aspect to having equine creatures around. We were wanting to have people be able to have another player as their friend but still be able to include the aspect of perhaps western riding or English and not have to worry about playing the horse too. In this sense, they are not quite pets as they do have a slightly higher mental function but not quite as much as humans. Though they do possess the ability to speak common and learn basic greetings of other language by memory. This also offers a unique opportunity to play one of the more ‘wild’ races aside from a kha and offers a bit more variety of the category Please give a HUGE thanks to Space_Gene as I so rudely forgot to include his credits before in this post. This was his idea and I only wrote out what his imagination wanted- so definitely give him a good hunk of credit.
  7. Hey, with the new go-through of the bug things I bought soulbinds via the crown store, it told me I abused a bug, and it also removed all of my soulbinds, somewhere in the range of 375 to 600 crowns spent on that.
  8. Mayan glances at the paper, lifting a gray brow and then humming softly! "Well, I suppose I'll have an Imperial explain what this actually means later."
  9. Maya's gaze flicks across the page, and then she grunts, "Perhaps, we are prosecuted by man because we may not present stability, sanity, and strength. Thank God I do not reside in the lands of my kind or among them."
  10. Full Name: Mayan Avern Age: 75 Past/Present Affiliations (Military Organizations, Nations, etc.): Medical Officer (Imperial Legion- past) Minister of Health and Medicine- Windsor Levy (Current) Levy Officer - Castelo House Shield's Burden Clinic (Imperial Legion, Past) Clinic of Rodenburg (Present, Mayan owns the clinic, Castelo House) Medic of the Urses in Curon (Past) Residence: Aegrothond ((OOC)) MCName: TheRainbowRoyal Discord: TheGayGuardian2 Timezone: GMT
  11. Mcname: TheRainbowRoyal IC Name: Mayan Avern Residancy/ Street name, number: Roberts Plaza 1 Class/ Title: Gentry
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