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  1. Mayan gazes upon the page, fingers tapping gently with a soft hum rolling in the depths of her throat. Her stare laying heavy on the page before rasping softly, "Perhaps they will settle their differences- .. one day. Though I suppose Xavis always struggled with everyone in the family but Wren."
  2. Forum Name: TheGayGuardian2 Render-Type: Name + Title Specified Information: Name: Mayan Avern – Title: Surgeon General Payment [Mina or USD]: Minae
  3. ((OOC)) MC NAME: TheRainbowRoyal Name: Mayan Avern (Doctor Avern) Race: Snow elf Seed/Clan (If none, leave N/A): N/A  Profession/Craft (If none, leave N/A): Practitioner Dependents: Mhel Anarion (Saffryie)
  4. Hey, with the new go-through of the bug things I bought soulbinds via the crown store, it told me I abused a bug, and it also removed all of my soulbinds, somewhere in the range of 375 to 600 crowns spent on that.
  5. Mayan glances at the paper, lifting a gray brow and then humming softly! "Well, I suppose I'll have an Imperial explain what this actually means later."
  6. Maya's gaze flicks across the page, and then she grunts, "Perhaps, we are prosecuted by man because we may not present stability, sanity, and strength. Thank God I do not reside in the lands of my kind or among them."
  7. Full Name: Mayan Avern Age: 75 Past/Present Affiliations (Military Organizations, Nations, etc.): Medical Officer (Imperial Legion- past) Minister of Health and Medicine- Windsor Levy (Current) Levy Officer - Castelo House Shield's Burden Clinic (Imperial Legion, Past) Clinic of Rodenburg (Present, Mayan owns the clinic, Castelo House) Medic of the Urses in Curon (Past) Residence: Aegrothond ((OOC)) MCName: TheRainbowRoyal Discord: TheGayGuardian2 Timezone: GMT
  8. Mcname: TheRainbowRoyal IC Name: Mayan Avern Residancy/ Street name, number: Roberts Plaza 1 Class/ Title: Gentry
  9. TheGayGuardian2


    Martial grew up in a small home with her aunt after her mother's passing at birth. Neither her aunt nor Martial know who her father is and simply make the best of life. The girl mostly works odd jobs and has no real steady income and makes regular trips between Fenn and the Dominiom to find these jobs. Though she isn't particularly good at fighting, she manages to hold her own against any violent wild animals or passerby. Mostly due to the wrestling skills her cousin taught her before moving away to pursue work. Martial resides at home and spends most of her time hunting or working. The most easily recognized piece of her appearance has, and likely will be, the suit of armor she constantly wears. Most of her odd jobs have included her using her strength as a snow elf, and therefore she never really learned any magic. They also took up the time that might have been invested in reading, writing, and perhaps what might have been a love life.
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