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  1. The Elder-Hieromonk would shake his head at the new "Now my Hauch-Niece ascended into the seven skies, GODANI grant her peace" he'd note before praying for his late Hauch-Niece
  2. The Elder-Hieromonk would sign the hussyrian at the new "and now my other Hauch-Nephew...GODANI grant him a place in the seven skies and forgive him of his sin. May he be at peace." prayered the Elder "And now all I have are my Hauch-Hauch Nieces and Nephews...and they neit even know about me" he'd note seeing the last of his beloved Annika's children pass
  3. “I'm a great-uncle” chuckle Caius de Ravensburg
  4. “GODANI, works in Mysterious ways” noted the Elder as he watched the storm from afar in the desert as he awaits for his friend to appear
  5. A Elder-Hieromonk would look upon the rain before muttering “It has begun”
  6. Caius de Ravensburg would frown at the letter as his eye begun to swell "I shouldn't have been so harsh on her...she was one of a kind Carolina was" he'd note to himself as he goes into his study in his griet
  7. "My dearest nephew is getting married, to a orenian pruvia" he'd state with a sour expression "I'll go for him, he is my favorite Nephew after all I guess I can over the orenian factor" Caius de Ravensburg would state looking at the invite
  8. The Count Ravensburg would raise a brow at the proclamation and begins to pen a letter to his nephew @seannie
  9. Count Ravensburg chuckles as he begins to write a letter to His Nephew the Rightful claimant to the Empire, Charlie Alstion @seannie
  10. The Chancellor of Sedan pops open a bottle of Goat's Milk and leans back in his chair in Louisville as he watches the once great Empire succumbs to internal conflict brought on my greed and power "GOD works in mysterious ways" he'd mutter to the Prince @HogoBojo
  11. “Peace, if on leopold was here to see this “ stated the Caius Tiberius de Ravensburg, Chancellor of Sedan
  12. Caius Tiberius de Ravensburg would smile at the Prince "Long Live The Crown Prince, Long Live Sedan" he'd exclaim patting the young father on the back @HogoBojo
  13. “Though the thought of women inheriting is quite shameful but the reuniting of the barbanov lines is great enough to over look such shame. “ stated the Elder-Hieromonk who remembers the traditions of his forefathers
  14. Caius Tiberius de Ravensburg would look over the treaty once it was posted before walking toward the Prince's Study, wondering why he didn't inform his chancellor of such things. @HogoBojo
  15. The Chancellor of Sedan would smile “It seems like just yesterday he was born and now he’ll be married”
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