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  1. Upon hearing the news. Rickard Nord would gently grasp his throat “Shugo, by have given me my voice. I am forever grateful, my by rest in peace”
  2. “Me! A personal invitation to the Royal Wedding!!! I must shine up my uniform and get the best gift one can buy!!” Rickard Nord exclaimed puffing on his cigar
  3. [!] A Flyer would find itself in front of you. PROTECT THE REALM, JOIN THE BROTHERHOOD ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ HOW TO JOIN To Enlist, one must seek out an Officer, or Member of the Brotherhood. The Military District is located in the Capital City of Neu Valdev, in the Kingdom of Haeseti-Ruska. Upon entering the city from the main gate, you take a immediate right. The criteria for enlistment is as followed; Recruits must be at least thirteen years old. They must be of either Human, Elven or Dwarven descent, Humans of Highlander Heritage will be given Priority Recruits must be baptized in the Canonist faith, and it is preferred that they be baptized in the Jorenic Rite. Recruits must have a Haeseni name, whether it is given by birth or chosen by immigration If one cannot make it to Neu Valedev, they can send a bird to the following Lieutenant Rickard Nord @GhostSHTR Sergeant Siegmund Weiss @SethWolf Armiger Karl Weiss @CasChaos Armiger Rezalisa Kovachev @UnBaed APPLICATION FOR SERVICE FULL NAME: AGE: PRIOR EXPERIENCE: (if any) METHOD OF CONTACT: (Discord name/Mcname) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  4. This was a MUCH needed post given how more common malflame has become. I know would have loved to had theis many years ago on my first character who was branded with malflame. @Pallodiumyou are a godsend
  5. Caius Tiberius de Ravensburg, of the junior line of Marna-Horen would raise a brow from the seven skies "what....."
  6. “A good clarification, maybe we comments will finally get a voice!” Said the Nord
  7. I will have to say, I haven't had a Event line this good since the Vaeyl Wars in Atlas. (in my opinion). Even though I was late coming into this event line, I enjoyed it so much from the memes, to the rap-battles to the builds. Build Team need to give themselves a pat on the back, those builds were stunning. Both Azdromath, Xan and even the ships and forts. Anyways, Thanks Squakhawk, Werewolf and all the other STs and ETs who made this happen!
  8. Armiger Rickard Nord cracks his back as he finished breaking down the last of the door "I need a drink" he'd mutter as he looked towards the burned down building
  9. Rickard Nord looks at the missive before throwing it down "Caspian disarmed the bomb but I was the one who ran Yuri out of the building before it exploded...Both Caspian and I saved Yuri. Nethertheless good job Caspian"
  10. “About dam time” Rickard Nord remarked
  11. Christos Voskrese!!!!! Voistinu Voskrese
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