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  1. "Ja was looking forward to a Real fight" Lukács Drăghicescu would mutter popping open a new bottle of Rakija
  2. "Oh my Oren has to deal with the consequences of their barbaric actions, and pissed off one of their peace loving allies at the same time. Sam so shocked" A Young Vasoyevi man would comment
  3. Lukács Drăghicescu would sheath his sword, as His Sovereign negotiated with the strange horsemen. "We gave hospitality, si they took it for granted. We are taught the virtue of mercy, not of vengeance. We welcome tvoj people once more this time let us hope te understand peace" The Young Drăghicescu would state nodding to the rest of his brothers in the Ratnik
  4. Sergei Othaman would look at the gatez into the seven skies, A familiar face would appear. "My Dear Elizaveth, vy have done me proudly. Nov join me as ve vatch over our beloved family" he'd smile at his daughter, once again reunited
  5. Archimandrite Vladrick would sign the Hussariyan "Even though innocents were of heathen faith, it is not within our Canonist ways that they are to be slaughtered like Cattle. For all are Children of Horen even those who do not see the light" He'd state
  6. "These are the Same bastards that sent my Brat for reeducation....For simply seeing the monstrosities of the ISA and Imperial government's Pious intentions" A Red headed man would spit as he sharpened his axe
  7. Lukács Drăghicescu would bring his fresh caught fish to the markets of Urguan, He'd look at the Letter sent from Norland with a smile "Now I shall ge vengance for my Brat Alastair, For his Cursed Uncle sent him to reeducation for simply seeing the light of Oren's Treachery. Now we Await the Command of the Grand King and Granj Vojvoda, then we shall send the Orenians to the depths of the void" he'd state dropping his produce into a stall "Za Vasoyevi!!!" He'd Exclaim as he walked home to his Caravans
  8. "Oh, I cannot wait for use to be related my Friend" Archimandrite Vladrick would exclaim to the Patriarch as they both get ready for the wedding @rep2k
  9. Archimandrite Vladrick would watch the the Princess Royal exit the city of providence. His only thought were of hope and rage" I shall keep vy in my prayers, my GODAN bless vy, vyr Royal Highness" he'd begins his trek back to Haense writing in a notebook
  10. Sergei Othaman would welcome his friend to the seven skies Alastair Hawk d'Azor would look up to his mentor, the now Emperor of the Holy Oren Empire John Charles "I shall be by your side even after our time as ward and mentor are over your imperial majesty." he'd state @KosherZombie
  11. HIS WORD ALONE A public letter to the people of Haense 13th Gronna and Droba, Basilica of St. Henrik, GODANI BE PRAISED Brothers and Sisters. Not many of our flock know who I am so let me introduce myself. My name is Archimandrite Vladrick Jan Ludovar. I was born in Johnstown across from New Reza in Arcas and grew up under the guidance of my 1st cousin once removed, Fredrik, Count of Otistadt. I grew up baking in my family’s bakery and farming in Johnstown’s fields but unlike my older sisters Dame Aleksandra Ludovar and Lady Milena Vyronov, I chose a mo
  12. “GODANI be praised my dear nephew is alright!” Archimandrite Vladrick would say before walking with the Patriarch to visit the young couple @rep2k
  13. Archimandrite Vladrick would look upon the news sighing "This madness and abuse must stop. This brainwashing, this brutality is not one of a man but of a beast. One cannot be a servant of GODANI yet murder his own kin, beat his wife and threaten one's own people for the simple pleasure. I condom this attempt of murder but I can see why it had happened and for that I can't blame them... Blind loyalty is just a bad as the man who orders it. I see my homeland burning and collapsing in front of my eyes, I pray for the nobility to see the madness of their king and step up and help him see the error
  14. Sergei Othaman would welcome his mentor in the seven skies giving him a punch in the arm "I though you were immortal!" he'd jest
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