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  1. The Raevir in the 4th ___________________ Sergei was born into the Icey breeze of the Arcas northland, growing up in the forest and streams hunting, fishing, playing with nature. He soon learned he had to grow up faster than he thought when the Scyflings invaded destroying his childhood home and kidnapping his eldest brother Tarcell never to be seen again. After having his only known home destroyed his father took him and his older brother Jon to the city of Helena, the heart of the Holy Oren Empire. There he grew up in rather an isolation never really un
  2. Hieromonk Vladrick would sigh as this law was passed" Everyday my kinsmen sway farther away from GODANI, First the public slaughter of my fellow brothers in cloth and now hertics may walk among the street and preach" he'd sign the hussaryian before returning to his studies
  3. The Mad Man of Otistadt ___________________ As the bloodied, Disformed old man lied on the ground of Karosgrad’s square. He’d look into his Daughter’s eyes, they were just like his green but this thought would be cut short as she plunged her sword into his stomach. That was it, the Monster known as Stefan Otto Ludovar was dead at the hands of his own daughter. Ironic isn’t it, that the one he beloved was the very one to kill him “He didn’t need to die,” said his Grandson, Stefan B Vyronov I wasn’t alway
  4. Heiromonk Vladrick would sign the hussariyan and prayed for his recently reposted brother
  5. Hieromonk Vladrick would sigh at the the news of his childhood friend "She is with GODANI now. may she rest in peace" he'd sign the hussariyan and begin praying for the recent reposed
  6. Sergei Othaman smiles at the missive "I vonder vho vill vin this Auction" he'd muffled a Chuckle as he placed it on his desk
  7. Sergei Othaman would sign the Lorraine at the new. "I'll find out vho did this, She neit deserved this though ve had our differences ve both vere still similar in our upbringings. GODANI bless her" he'd state
  8. Newly Ordained Hieromonk Vladrick would begin to pray for the health for his mentor. Afterwards he begin his walk to Reinmar
  9. ST. RUDOLPH OF MARKEV THESIS: HUMANITY’S GIFT BY ACOLYTE VLADRICK JAN LUDOVAR 5 Sigismund’s End, 1807 --- What is the difference between each of the descendants? And what is the church’s view on those not born from the original brothers? To understand what exactly those of none descendent blood one must first understand how the four brothers came to be. After the Ilbees betrayed the Creator, GODAN created the first coupling. “So the Lord made two bodies of earth and gave them blood and breath, and the light of wi
  10. Acolyte Vladrick Ludovar would sit in silence in the basilica, He'd be praying for the souls of his late Cousins, Father Jakob Karl and now Petrysa. "GODAN, Grant forgiveness to Petrysa" he'd state to the empty church. For he began to cry having lost two close relatives within a week of each other.
  11. Sergei Othaman would walk enbrace his grandchildren, to comfort them after being given the news of their beloved uncle's passing." Dima vasn't just vyr aedinpader but he vas my friend, and he of all people has a place in the seven skies" he'd say in a gentle voice to his crying grandchildren
  12. "GODAN!!!, 4th Brigade is now on high alert, 24/7 around the clock security in the palace and on the Emperor, I neit care if they are Paladins of Xan, if this is a matter of Life and Deatrh" The 4th Brigade Lieutenant would shout writing up letter to send to his men and various High ranking officers for reinforcements
  13. Name: Stefan Otto Ludovar Age: 60 Gender: Male Experience: 20+ years in the HRA (Scyfling Invasion, Inferi war)
  14. "I neit had the pleasure of meeting Major Swint but I am now even more honored to be in charge of his unit, Jack was a dear friend of mine and I hope that they both find peace in the seven skies" Sergei Othaman would state after the funeral
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