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  1. "I am so surprised.. who would have known a inbred orenian woman would slander her own kin" A Sedanian noble would mutter in sarcasm
  2. Caius Tiberius de Ravensburg would smile at the letter" I let see if I can find a wife, there needs to be de ravensburgs running around" he'd exclaim
  3. “Assassins or not Franz is the true duke of Adria. It has always been elective, those sister loving orenians can spew lies all they want we all know the truth” stated a proud sedanian as he sends a gift to his friend to Duke of Adria
  4. "HOMOSEX DUCHESSES, by GOD why does the church support these heathens" Caius de Ravensburg shouted as he sharpen his blade "Women Duchesses!? Despicable women are neit fit to rule, They neit equal to men. Yet another reason why Rozania must go. If only His Holiness listen to our letters" exclaimed Father Vladrick
  5. "Care if I tag along dear sister?" Caius de Ravensburg asked as he took the invite from her hands to read it
  6. Father Vladrick would say a prayer to his Brother in cloth "Vy were one of the only men who truly took the church's teachings to heart"
  7. "I resigned as the Bishop of Vasyoevi for they asking for me to see Ursula as a Equal. Then I lost my Archbishopric and Cardinalship for siding with the pious Sedainans and Savyards' Against the baptism of a Heathen who was killed in the sights of 200 people" Father Vladrick would frown "I pray Everard will see his mistakes and that he will do what is Truly good for the Canonist realm, and neit coward away from his duties as are our Vicar to GODANI" The Aged Clergy man would say as he sat down in the Tavern in Louisville
  8. Father Vladrick would nod at the missive "Woman are neit equal to man, for it was the Exalted who pathed the way for our people. Neit their wives"
  9. Sergei Othaman welcomed his favorite son into the seven skies "Kelhus my boy, Forgive me for vy should have been the heir. Vy did good vork serving the Empire like I did" he'd smile
  10. "I never liked that Erwin, this just gives me more the reason" Caius Tiberius de Ravensburg would respond handing John a Napkin
  11. Caius Tiberius de Ravensburg, Lord Justicar of Sedan would walk next to John and read it" Witch of Words? Sounds like some sort of fake mage"
  12. Vladrick Cardinal Nescia would say a prayer for his Niece, " I Hope she find peace, the young king has GODANi behind him" he'd state from his office in Sedan
  13. "Well His Serene Highness told me otherwise, so those rumors must be true" Caius de Ravensburg would state responding to his sister before returning to his book
  14. Vladrick Cardinal Sava would look at the paper "I hope they know that he isn't truly a king unless he is crowned by the High Pontiff.." he'd mutter before forwarding the letter to the New Pontiff @Pureimp10
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