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  1. Peytr Ludovar curses his father for cutting him out of the will
  2. Ser Bjolfr welcomes his old friend into the seven skies with a barrel of Carrion Black
  3. Bjolfr would welcome his friend to the seven skies Rhys would walk around the Kortrevich manor seeing if he could comfort anyone of the family
  4. Bjolfr would welcome his friend to the seven skies
  5. Bjolfr Smiles as he embraces his friends after many years
  6. 7th of Harren’s Folley, 1728 As the Sun Begun it’s descension into the earth, Ser Bjolfr Nord-Novaeux would lay comfortably in his Avalain home. His Beloved Wife Dame Klaudia Novaeux would hold his hand tightly with tears in her eyes, next to her would be their 2 grandchildren Rhys and Cathryn. As the Old Knight laid dying he would mutter a few words. “Klaudia, My love” he’d grips her hand slightly “Though my time here is over. I will still be with you for our souls are united” He’d smile bringing his hand up to her cheek before turning his attention to his grandchildren. “Rhys Marius Nord” he’d call out to grandson “You are named after a Lord Marshal and a King of Haense, both of whom gave their lives for their nation. I’ve made arrangements for you to squire under Ser Nikolaus of Haense, I trust that you will do me well. Lastly I entrust you with our family Heirloom Kral’ja Heij. Wulffrey Skarpefanger gave me it himself, it has been at my side since we sieged Nekristadt against the Red Vaeyl.” He’d then turn to his Granddaughter “Cathryn, my sweet girl. Keep your grandmother company, learn everything she knows for she is the smartest person I know” he’d chuckle before relaxing once more in his bed. Bjolfr would close his eyes for the last time with a smile on his face. Ser Bjolfr Nord-Novaeux Oldest Brother of Saint Karl and Knight of Haense 1658-1728
  7. “So they wish for my knowledge...hmm” Ser Bjolfr would question as a multiple war vet
  8. Ser Bjolfr would wipe a tear from his eye before reading himself for the day “ Rest my son”
  9. “....a....Horen doing a...selfless, sensible act?......I can’t believe it...” Said a speechless Ser Bjolfr Nord
  10. NAME: Ser Bjolfr Nord NOBILITY (Y/N): N if not, GENTRY (Y/N): Y RACE: Human PAST EXPERIENCE : Original Member, Former Commandment of the Royal Army, Knight Of Marian Retinue 
  11. Ser Bjolfr Nord, The last living brother of Original Brotherhood of the Saint Karl smiles up at the seven skies. “Should I falter, my shield shall turn to ash, But I shall not falter. ” He quoted the oath after so many years he’d then start to hobble towards the Palace to explain the history of his beginnings.
  12. Ser Bjolfr Nord signed the Lorraine “ Rest Well my friend, tell Rhys and everyone I shall join you all soon in the seven skies” he muttered looking at Ser Henrik from afar
  13. Ser Bjolfr Stared at the motionless body of his young friend. “ I should have done something.....he suffered from the same condition. If only I knew..” his eyes begun to swell up “ my dear child...I COULD HAVE HELPED!!!!!!!!” He’d fall onto his knees sobbing at Urlic’s bedside. “I shall watch over your family, Our Primrose is strong she will endure but her heart will always be yours” takeing the knights cold hand into his “ I shall mentor your sons just as I mentored you....I swear” letting go Ser Bjolfr Leaned down to place a kiss onto of his head” Rest Now my Son, I shall see you in the seven skies” With that He’d step back placing his first to his heart as one final salute before exiting the room to comfort Primrose
  14. Ser Bjolfr would toss the invitation into the fire angrily Peytr Ludovar would smile at the invite” Finally I can show my fellow haensemen that they were fools to insult me” he said to himself
  15. Petyr Karl Ludovar would turn to his father” where the **** are we?”
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