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  1. NAME: Ser Bjolfr Nord NOBILITY (Y/N): N if not, GENTRY (Y/N): Y RACE: Human PAST EXPERIENCE : Original Member, Former Commandment of the Royal Army, Knight Of Marian Retinue 
  2. Ser Bjolfr Nord, The last living brother of Original Brotherhood of the Saint Karl smiles up at the seven skies. “Should I falter, my shield shall turn to ash, But I shall not falter. ” He quoted the oath after so many years he’d then start to hobble towards the Palace to explain the history of his beginnings.
  3. Ser Bjolfr Nord signed the Lorraine “ Rest Well my friend, tell Rhys and everyone I shall join you all soon in the seven skies” he muttered looking at Ser Henrik from afar
  4. Ser Bjolfr Stared at the motionless body of his young friend. “ I should have done something.....he suffered from the same condition. If only I knew..” his eyes begun to swell up “ my dear child...I COULD HAVE HELPED!!!!!!!!” He’d fall onto his knees sobbing at Urlic’s bedside. “I shall watch over your family, Our Primrose is strong she will endure but her heart will always be yours” takeing the knights cold hand into his “ I shall mentor your sons just as I mentored you....I swear” letting go Ser Bjolfr Leaned down to place a kiss onto of his head” Rest Now my Son, I shall see you in the seven skies” With that He’d step back placing his first to his heart as one final salute before exiting the room to comfort Primrose
  5. Ser Bjolfr would toss the invitation into the fire angrily Peytr Ludovar would smile at the invite” Finally I can show my fellow haensemen that they were fools to insult me” he said to himself
  6. Petyr Karl Ludovar would turn to his father” where the **** are we?”
  7. “I think we need a slogan dear” The old Haenstic Knight said to his wife
  8. “Never like that self absorbed ******” Peytr thought to himself
  9. As the news reached the Nord-Nouaeux household, Ser Bjolfr would be found looking over the walls of His garden with the letter clenched in his hand. “ I served beside each and every emperor....I’ve given my sanity and body to them....yet the tried to kill my wife and unborn children, one of your ******* prince fucked poor analise the cut the child from her stomach killing her then have the child be loyal to them...what kinda of fool would simply go back to the same people but just of a different name...Renatus isn’t gone just evolved.” He throw the paper across the wall into the winds of the north” They aren’t the same honorable people I fought beside years ago...they are monsters who are obsessed with power death and cruelty....may the young generation forgive and forget but The North Will NEVER Forget.!!!” Ser Bjolfr rammed his fist into the wall breaking it on impact. “ Horens never change....”
  10. Ser Bjolfr would read the letter and smile slightly through his withering beard. “My Primrose, I’m estactic for this day to have arrived even more so to such a worthy, young man like Ulric. I shall be there it is only right” he whispered to himself as he neatly folded the invitation and place it on the nightstand.
  11. Ser Bjolfr world chuckle at the news thinking about what Rhys would say
  12. “AVE HAENSE!!!!!” Exclaimed Peytr Ludovar
  13. Spitting on ground shaking his head” Oh how the mighty fall. Never trust an Alimar” said the old man “ For fucks sake” exclaimed Petyr ludovar
  14. Ser Bjolfr would be walking along an abandon route until his crow dropped a paper in front of him. Picking up the paper he would fall down onto his knees crying once more “ Oh Not my young Marius...Siegmund then Robert and now Marius....I’ve outlived the children I’ve raised are now dead!!!” Bjolfr would look at the sky and give a painful Scream “ GODAN!!!!....oh my little crow” he’d then curl up and continue to sobs.
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