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  1. The Othaman Younger would clap at his Father's words "Ve vere originality Haeseni and in a vay ve still are. Ve can neit seen those of our Kin being crushed by an immature king vho's shoes might neit ever be filled. Ve velcome all vho are punished for their simple opinions and hope to retain their kingdom's dignity and honor. Even Though ve are Oren nov, Us Othamans vill never forget our history and Values." The Young Othaman would then smile at his father and a Portait of his Grandfather Tarcell Othaman, Duke of Valle
  2. The ISA Ensign would read the news letter from in inside of his home and spit down at his feet" The Haensti just killed one of their Count for simply giving an opinion. For a Kingdom that say's they have Freedom of Speech they don't act like it. Their king is like a child vho surrounded himself vith da men and vho vill throv a tantrum if he doesn't get his vay. Praise Godan Her Imperial Majesty kicked them out, they'll tear each other apart before the turn of the century"
  3. Sergei Othaman would read the letter before sitting it down on his desk to stroke his beard" For shame Evan, For Shame If the ve could straighten vy out godan's knov vy pader could. Feel Sorry for Alexios, he is a good man and I share his Greif for having a boy trudge his good name through the dirt."
  4. Sergei Othaman would pat his Daughter Josie on the head
  5. Ensign Sergei Othaman would read the missive from his home office “These are fine men of the Empire and deserve every thing they gotten. I am honored to be in the Death Korp and hope to live up to my family's name. “
  6. Sergei Othaman crumbles up the letter once again. “Vy should find out vho this is and charge her for indecency. Maybe even send her to a nunnery to get her life together.” he’d grumble
  7. Mcname: GhostSHTR Name: Sergei Othaman Allegiance: Orenian Citizen, ISA officer
  8. “No one should take vhat Napier says as truth, given the fact he’s skukeov an orc and attempted to murder a Minister. Nethertheless this must be investigated” The young Ensign would state after reading the letter
  9. “Vho vould even think that this rhetoric is even remotely pure, this is the Heretical fornications that the Elves do vith out any second thoughts?” Sergei would sigh “Godan save this soul from Ilbee’s temptations”
  10. Stefan Otto Ludovar would receive the chronicle reading it from Joesfburg” I KNEW IT!!!! NEIT ONE BELIEVE ME ABOUT HOW THE BARCLAYS ARE JUST AS CORRUPTED AS THE BARUCHS!!!!” Sergei Othaman would sigh reading the Chronicle by the fire
  11. Sergei Othaman looks at the Candidate list “Bykov hasn’t done skravi, Kelmenour is a skukov Maltzy and I’ve never heard this Kortrevich before”
  12. Sergei Othaman would sign the Lorraine “ Rest In Peace Our Emperor, and Long Live Her Imperial Majesty” Stefan Otto Ludovar would read about this announcement from the far colony of Joesfburg “Good riddences it’s about time that prick died”
  13. An invitation is delivered to you via envoy. The letter would be sealed with the noticeable stamp of House Othaman. Upon breaking the seal and reading the contents of the letter you discover you were personally invited to celebrate the union of two. All peers, citizens, and allied states of the Holy Orenian Empire are aptly welcomed to attend the ceremony joining Sergei Othaman and Elizabeth Azaeral Winter at the Basilica of Final Revelation and the reception thereafter, hosted at the Dragon’s Rest Tavern. Specialized Invitations are sent to: Her Imperial Majesty, Emperor Anne I of House Novellen and his pedigree, His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Joseph I of House Novellen and his pedigree, His Royal Majesty, King Joesf Sigismund of House Barbanov and his pedigree His Highness, Grand Prince Josef II of House Alimar and his pedigree His Grace, Duke Peter Balwin of House d’Arkent and his pedigree, His Grace, Duke Manfred of House Barlcay and his pedigree His Grace, Duke Matyas of House Baruch and his pedigree The Most Honorable, Margave Viktor of House Kortrevich and his pedigree The Most Honorable, Margave Fiske III of House Vanir and his pedigree The Right Honorable, Count Aleksandr of House Ruthern and his pedigree The Right Honorable, Count Hektor of House Stafyr and his pedigree The Right Honorable, Count Frederick of House Ludovar and his pedigree His Right Honorable, Count Alren of House DeNurem and his pedigree His Right Honorable, Viscount Erik of House Othaman and his pedigree His Right Honorable, Viscount John Michael of House Pruvia-Provins and his pedigree Her Ladyship, Baroness Winifred of House Halcourt and her pedigree His Lordship, Baron Ruslan of House Amador and his pedigree His Lordship, Baron Stefan of House Vyronov and his pedigree Mr. Edwin of House Winter and his pedigree Mr. Frederick of House Devereux and his pedigree Along with any and all members of the ISA OOC: Saturday , September 19th 8pm EST
  14. ((IGN)): GhostSHTR Name: Sergei Othaman Rank: Cadet
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