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  1. [!] Mhel scribbles down her signature in her scruffy hand writing
  2. Full Name: Mhel Underson Age: 60 Past/Present Affiliations (Military Organizations, Nations, etc.): None Residence: Water District 1 ((OOC)) MCName: Safryie Discord: Safryie#7642 Timezone: GMT
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    Evelyn was born a peasant in the Imperial City Carolustadt, she never knew her mother as she passed away during childbirth and so she grew up alone with her father who dreamed of one day becoming a world renowned travelling merchant. When Evelyn was 5 years of age her father finally got his start working under a local merchant selling farm produce at the marketplace and so Evelyn spent many days home alone doing housework hoping that when she was old enough her father would let her help him fulfil his dream. When Evelyn was 12 years of age the merchant who hired her father had passed away, having no living relatives the merchant left all he had including his family name ‘Resat’ to Evelyn's father who over the years had gained the merchants trust, respect and friendship, With the merchants still small business left to him Evelyn's father began to expand the business opening up a general store and selling all manor of items, from food and drink to pottery and trinkets. When Evelyn was 15 years of age her father decided it was time to begin expanding the business once again and started making deliveries to other cities and towns around the area, this proved to be profitable and the business became more and more prosperous. At the age of 20 Evelyn was finally able to convince her father to hire her, during her first trip escorting a caravan with her father they were ambushed by a heavily armoured mercenary company, the caravan was quickly overpowered and all the merchants and guards taken prisoner. A merchant from Carolustadt who was jealous of Evelyn’s fathers success came over to gloat at his victory and ordered a robed man standing next to him to execute the merchants and guards of the caravan, the prisoners were rounded up including Evelyn and her father and the Robed man began casting a elemental evocation and a torrent of flame came spewing towards the prisoners as Evelyn closed her eyes and braced for the impact of the blast. Evelyn woke up in a strangers home, a small farm owned by a highlander couple, they told Evelyn that they found her amongst piles of ashes in the middle of the road and took her to their home in order to nurse her back to health. After resting she set out on a journey to find a magic teacher and learn magic hoping that she could use those magics to help people that would fall victim to people like the merchant and mercenaries that ambushed her and her father.
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