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  1. An elderly human woman reads of the news in an abandoned Sutican home, she takes one last leisurely sip of her honey tea before pushing herself up to stand, grabbing her walking stick and beginning off as she mutters to herself ”Another one I have outlived, another friend, another family, I suppose I should get back to work for one grand finale.” She murmurs with a wheeze and a cackle.
  2. Mhel reads through the list of those mentioned, she realises she isn’t among them and gives a shrug and continues on with her day knowing that recognition of her deeds is nothing to the glory of the battle itself.
  3. Thank you Telanir, Very cool.
  4. Upon hearing the news, Mhel looks contemplatively up at the moon, interlocking her hands she offers up a prayer in hopes that it may somehow reach the fallen Ascended ”Elvira, my enemy and my friend, our little conflict is what helped me to grow and mature as a person you taught me so much without realising it. I just wish we could have spent more time as friends. When my time comes I can only hope to meet you one last time on my way to Xan’s realm.” And so she sat there in silence staring up at the starry sky illuminated by the full moon for several hours more.
  5. The ‘ker began to wonder why she was even here in the first place, she decides to promptly turn to leave- though gets distracted by the wares of a nearby stall, she begins bartering with the merchant as 0.6 mina is a ridiculous price for bread.
  6. The ‘ker passes by the Maya the halfling as she walks through the square ”Ew” She mutters as she continues on
  7. The ‘ker breaths a satisfied sigh of relief as her stomach is finally filled, taking advantage of this new found stability in reality she goes and does the unthinkable, opens up a door and steps through it, a feat previously thought impossible without reality caving in on itself.
  8. A familiar ‘ker walks the streets making quite the ruckus, it appears she’s been attempting to eat a piece of bread for the past five minutes, her health is low from some recently failed parkour and the pressure is on.
  9. RP Name: Mhelon Alonn’len MC Username: Saffryie Discord: Saffryie#1001 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Northgate Why Do You Wish To Come?: Paladin Adventure Time! What Skills Can You Bring?: Fighting support. Moral support, Medical support, Friendship
  10. The young Trade Princess reads over the missive while she has her morning tea, she lets out a chuckle before speaking aloud ”Oh Dael, never change”
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