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  1. 2. Winged Helmet [Amayo] - 15 USD Discord: Saffryie#2048
  2. 7. Red Russian Gown - 10 USD Discord: Saffryie#2048 10. Realm’s Delight 1 - 10 USD Discord: Saffryie#2048
  3. When Yarikh had heard of her sisters death an all too familiar pain welled from deep within her gut, rising up to the back of her throat and yet she supressed it, convincing herself she was numb to it. Just another family member, another friend that she has outlived. . . except that wasn't the case this time, tears spill down her cheeks as she got to work transcribing the documents entrusted to her, creating several copies to distribute among the Paladins and Revas's loved ones as Revas had wished. After many sleepless nights it was done and yet with this final act for her sister she didn't feel satisfied, an empty feeling, the sense of finality missing Yarikh wrote out one last letter one that may never see any eyes but her own, one written to Revas.
  4. A great addition that opens up new avenues for roleplay as well as adding lots of neat aesthetics +1
  5. I would also like to ask that you stop with the constant insults and passive aggressive language, I have not insulted you once during this ordeal and I would prefer it if you would take the extra effort to keep things civil.
  6. “I get targetted so you shouldn’t complain about getting targetted” is an awful argument, ontop of that theres a key difference in that you’de never PK Maya if someone OOCly targetted you to kill her. Mhel has literally only killed one person in all the time I’ve played her, not a murder hobo. And as for mocking you 24/7, I havn’t spoken to you or about you for a couple of months at least before this whole debacle. Maya was the one that suggested trapping it on the bridge and killing it initially. Once again Rob is completely seperate from our group, I have barely interacted with Rob in the past and don’t even know him on an OOC level, only the character he plays, Rob’s character came to Alrin as he is the animii’s creator, Mhel came to watch the trial because she wanted to see how it turns out and provide testimony if needed. And no matter how much you believe your character is innocent she is certainly not, dark magics aside she killed a child in Haelun’or and killed the Animii which was a Haelun’or citizen.
  7. I feel although the situation has been grossly misrepresented here and so I will explain things from my perspective. Lets start with one of the bigger points stated against me, the “OOC” of Mhel getting involved, I was very aware of how it would look having one of my characters involved and made sure to take every precaution by asking both Geminisole and Imcookiie if the circumstances around Mhel getting involved would be at all rule breaking, Alrin the creator of the Animii is very close friends with Mhel, her leading the Paladin order and also having helped kill Maya three times in the past meant that he went to her for help. The GMs approved of this as a good enough reason for Mhel to get involved with this situation, I was very careful with how I proceeded through this minefield because I knew it would get called out, I made sure to do all of the investigation in roleplay and made sure to check with GMs every step of the way. Now one point where I would admit fault, even as the screenshots are lacking context the context doesn’t make it look much better honestly, is when I was asking ChumChum to void the destroying RP or say that he left the heart behind, I was having several rough days with my homelife and then my favourite character gets ganked by someone OOC targetting them (which I will get to) and so I am upset at that point, I ended up breaking down and trying to bargain with him when I heard that he had melted down the body to PK the character, to which he accepted no compromise. It was later learned that while the body was in Mika’s forge for 2 days, and Mika was actively helping Mhel and Alrin look for this body, the body was not found because there were no RP signs placed, at that point Blue gave the verdict that they must revert the RP back to when they placed the body and put the RP signs down and have them there for 24 hours before melting the body down. After about 30 minutes of having the RP signs down they moved the body anyway which was blatant metagaming, they had it in the forge for 3 days in all before they melted it last time, without moving it once, and then suddenly when they OOCly know that we’re onto them they move it with no hint in RP as to the fact that we’re onto them. Now onto the situation at Haelun’or where this all started, and a little background on DJCrips and myself. There have been many times where we have clashed in the past, OOCly we’re not on great terms and RPly neither are our characters, most of mine being of a good alignment because I don’t like playing villains, they despise dark mages and murderers such as DJ’s character. Now this all started when my character Atrias decided to take a trip back to their home in Haelun’or, a city of which they are a citizen and work within the clinic of, I had citizen door keys but I like gate RP so I decided to go through the gates, at the gates the gate guard was being rude to Atrias so Atrias threw a few quips back and decided to leave, upon leaving across the bridge DJ’s character Maya told the gate guard to lock them on the bridge, to which they did without even emoting the gates though at the time I didn’t complain because I was hoping I’de be able to talk my way out of the situation, Atrias explained to them that this was a mistake and upon seeing them casting their magics they put caltrops down on the bridge to defend themselves while they sent a bird. Atrias explained it was a citizen once more, asked for a trial and imprisonment but was killed. So as you can see from my perspective, it looks very much like DJCrips was OOCly targetting my character as they had little real motivation to gank them other than their given excuse of “Maya hates Animii” which is awfully convenient. Now onto the trial which you claimed was “oocly shady”, the trial itself was not swayed at all by mine nor Faewilds involvement, it was Rob, a member of your own community who took it upon himself to start an investigation into Maya as a character and the things they had done, I even saw him asking citizens around Sutica and Aegrothond for any information they could provide, he ended up amassing a large amount of evidence on why Maya should be banished including many of her IC actions such as murdering a child, using dark magics, homosexuality which is illegal in Haelun’or, and a few other things I cant recall off the top of my head, needless to say its an extensive list, the outcome of the trial was then decided upon by a council of Haelun’orians, once again none of my characters hold any sway in Haelun’or, in fact the one I was on at the time is quite disliked there, I held no sway over this trial RP this was all done by the community of Haelun’or. Bringing this RP situation into OOC is exactly what you’re complaining about and yet you’re doing the same, because you didn’t like the outcome of an RP situation you are now doing what we are being accused of by complaining about it OOCly. While it is understandable to be upset if this trial was out of nowhere and Maya were innocent she is not an innocent character and this outcome was all done and makes sense IRP.
  8. Mhel reads through the list of those mentioned, she realises she isn’t among them and gives a shrug and continues on with her day knowing that recognition of her deeds is nothing to the glory of the battle itself.
  9. Thank you Telanir, Very cool.
  10. RP Name: Mhelon Alonn’len MC Username: Saffryie Discord: Saffryie#1001 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Northgate Why Do You Wish To Come?: Paladin Adventure Time! What Skills Can You Bring?: Fighting support. Moral support, Medical support, Friendship
  11. If they deny this that means water doesn’t exist
  12. If this comment gets 2 rep ill take a shot of Clorox.
  13. Characters name: Mhel Anarion-Avern Characters race: Dark Elf Characters age: Around 80ish Charaters gender: Female Picture of skin: (Do not send me the skin file) Characters specific details: Do they have scars? Earings? What is not on the skin that I need to know? N/A Characters Personality: Reserved, Loyal, Protective. Headshot, Chibi, Halfbody: Halfbody. Simple background? ( ) Yes (N ) No If you said Yes to simple background, please give details: Pose: (Provide reference, don’t just say, surprise me) Reference for both pose and musculature, would like the art to show off the muscle quite a bit. no drink. Realistic? ( ) Yes ( N) No (Only for headshots) Accessories? ( Y) Yes ( ) No. If you said Yes to accessories, please give more details: Golden Xannic mists flowing from hands. Do you agree to pay after the sketch is done to have the project completed: Yes Other Reference images: Her skin is a lot darker than this now.
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