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  1. The young Warden would sit within her room as she read the note, a kettle on the stove and the smell of leftovers filling the air. As she reads a prideful smile would cross her face. "Another trial, passed with grace." She thinks on her current students, and those she had raised in the past as she eats the remaining feast before her.
  2. A freshly branded Herald sits within a library surrounded by flame and ash and ponders upon the events of the day, a smirk across her face as she recalls Helious falling from the ceiling of Sunbreak.
  3. Within the depths of the Keep of Sunbreak a Paladin has stowed herself away in an alchemical lab, producing ordinance for the battles ahead, stockpiling and preparing - as the prophecy strikes across her vision she pauses in her work. She looks up to the ceiling as if she could see the very sky above, through dozens of meters of mountain above. A smile sets upon her face as she gets back to work with newfound motivation.
  4. [!] An old face finds their way to the Lurin gates, looking upon the familiar architecture of the nation borrowed from a long buried city. A sigh is exhaled before they make their entrance.
  5. A red haired elfess would give the missive a read as she listens to the ravings of her comrade, savouring a morning coffee she gives a response to the man "It doesn't make sense - Necrotic or geist we'll get to the bottom of it." With that the elf dons her armor and sets off for Lurin.
  6. Amelia receives her letter upon her return to the keep, a solemn expression plasters her face as she tucks the letter into her desk amongst a pile of precious documents. "Another Brother falls silent. When you next awaken you will be welcomed by a new order." A letter is penned by the Paladin that night and left in a sealed envelop at the feet of the sleeping giant. "Justinian, I too feel the crushing weight of our duty upon me even more so now as I feel hope and faith has run thin across the continent. Enjoy your rest for you have earned it. I will continue to do my duty to make the realm a better place for when you awaken, so that the weight of the world is not so crushing. I do hope that by the time you read this letter the halls around you are alive with celebration and when next you see the sun its light will be so bright that no darkness could ever manifest within its wake again. If however I am no longer around when you awaken then know that I did not lie down and rest, I will fight until my last breath and for every brother and sister that lays to rest I will fight twice as hard even as fatigue builds and exhaustion overtakes me. This is my promise to you and to all of our Brothers and Sisters. - Your friend, Amelia."
  7. 2. Winged Helmet [Amayo] - 15 USD Discord: Saffryie#2048
  8. 7. Red Russian Gown - 10 USD Discord: Saffryie#2048 10. Realm’s Delight 1 - 10 USD Discord: Saffryie#2048
  9. When Yarikh had heard of her sisters death an all too familiar pain welled from deep within her gut, rising up to the back of her throat and yet she supressed it, convincing herself she was numb to it. Just another family member, another friend that she has outlived. . . except that wasn't the case this time, tears spill down her cheeks as she got to work transcribing the documents entrusted to her, creating several copies to distribute among the Paladins and Revas's loved ones as Revas had wished. After many sleepless nights it was done and yet with this final act for her sister she didn't feel satisfied, an empty feeling, the sense of finality missing Yarikh wrote out one last letter one that may never see any eyes but her own, one written to Revas.
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