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  1. [Art By Topseoung (탑승)] [!] A missive of carefully lettered cursive was posted across all of Aevos. In the wake of an ever-burning eclipse of crimson. Do you feel it? Divinity made manifest from one created by the children of the Creator. Seraphic blood supped upon by one carved from stone. Not from God, but from one of His. Do you feel it? The winds that now change to our whims. Do the children of God feel the wind? Those perfidious servants, slaves of their machinations must hear the cockcrow of change. The evenfall of time, do they feel it? The chill left in the wake of the Sun’s demise. The cold, lifeless dawn that rises on us. Surely, when all was made by God, merciful and august He be. That He saw to imprint onto us the means of our own safeguarding and security. When He too feels the chill of the Sun. – The ache of cold on archaic bones. Does He fear his own creations? Or does He sit in the Skies, smile on his face as He knows? Saints and Martyrs died for this. Died for the vindication we have witnessed. The Saints and Martyrs must smile upon us as we realize what destiny is now. Let it be up to us now and His faithful to continue to make those that came before in His word proud. Exalted Horen and God's word lead us to divinity and paradise. To a Skies all too out of reach to all of God’s faithful. Let us lead the Crusade as God’s faithful to our own self reliance and to open the gates to the Skies for all.
  2. I can't wait for the ending where Xan and Azdromoth realise their feud was just a big misunderstanding and everyone lives happily ever after.
  3. Frustration marks the face of the Golden Hearted Keeper, as she sees her comrades continue to bicker amongst themselves. "The petty squabbles these children find themselves in will lead only to ruin. Those too prideful to throw away past grudges and those too narcissistic to share the glory with their comrades, they MUST change if we are to truly unite as one under the banner of ORDER. For it is Order that preserves us, and Light that guides our way."
  4. As those comets touch down upon the mortal realm a newly born vessel of the Sunlit Lord awakens as if from a hazy dream. A righteous fury bubbles beneath the surface of a calm demeanour as they look out upon a land tainted by darkness. Never has her duty been clearer to her than it is now "We will not let the sun set."
  5. The young Warden would sit within her room as she read the note, a kettle on the stove and the smell of leftovers filling the air. As she reads a prideful smile would cross her face. "Another trial, passed with grace." She thinks on her current students, and those she had raised in the past as she eats the remaining feast before her.
  6. A freshly branded Herald sits within a library surrounded by flame and ash and ponders upon the events of the day, a smirk across her face as she recalls Helious falling from the ceiling of Sunbreak.
  7. Within the depths of the Keep of Sunbreak a Paladin has stowed herself away in an alchemical lab, producing ordinance for the battles ahead, stockpiling and preparing - as the prophecy strikes across her vision she pauses in her work. She looks up to the ceiling as if she could see the very sky above, through dozens of meters of mountain above. A smile sets upon her face as she gets back to work with newfound motivation.
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