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  1. Good Riddence. Won't be missed! RIP BOZO! The amount of stories I'v heard, I logged on specificly to say this!
  2. Guess I'm back ✌🏻️



  3. Resource pack? What does it look like in Vanilla?
  4. I do hope the map makers don't make Swiss cheese Mountains again
  5. ~Ortaure'na~ “With the coming of troubled times, we set our sails, press forth towards the Horizon For what life has for us, we will discover it’s meaning” ~Amara Ortauré'na ~beginnings~ Not much is known of this ortaure'na family They are a proud family with a strong connection to the seas with their vessels which travel the four corners. At the coming of Almaris they settled on the shores of Haelun'or. And living within the silver state for some time. Until the coming of Ando-Alur and soon its fall as well as it's resurrection. We are a group of High Elves currently displaced, Full roleplay Freedom is given to the players who pick up the character. I'm here to provide a background where you can launch off from :) if you are interested contact me on discord - Digital_Space#1997 Currently living characters: The order goes from oldest to youngest Amara Ortaure'na - Currently played ~ matriarch Thalia Ortaure'na - Currently played Jassin Ortaure'na - 36 - 46 years you can start - needing player (brother) ~ Available Ayressa Ortaure'na - 10-19 years you can start - needing player (Sister) ~ Available
  6. OOC ((MC Name: Space_Gene )) ((Discord: Space_Gene#1997 )) ((Timezone: GMT+2 )) IN-CHARACTER What is your name? Amara Ortaure'na (aka Vanya Hileia) Why seek membership to the Mages Guild? I feel I can learn from a lot from the people of the mages guild. What arts, if any, do you currently practice? Conjuration and translocation What position do you desire to attain upon acceptance? Practicus When should you be contacted for an interview? Any time is good, I have all the time in the world (contact over discord before please, so I can fit times)
  7. Amara Ortaure'na Hears of the news, and would slam her hand on the table, angered by the scummy move that has taken place.
  8. Have a beautiful day people!

  9. Vanya sits along the Balcony of her long time friend's estate, lowering her cup of sweet tea, she'd place it on the table as her friend informs her of the Auction being hosted by her Mika. "I do like Auctions, Mika knows this.." she'd let out a faint chuckle before placing the thought at the back of her mind before preparing the necessary arrangements to seek out the location
  10. Ando-Alur is making a come back? nothing fishy I promise! >.>


  11. Vanya Hileia goes her travels down the road towards Vortice, seeing the small tiny arena outside, she'd take a long breath and exhale loudly ending with a sign. "I hope to not see any drunk guards this time" she'd inspect the tiny arena outside once more "Oh.... Shame"
  12. *Vanya Hileia would dry her clothing a few hours after risking her life to save the drowning woman who fell in just before her escape. a faint look of shame would appear on her face knowing something bad might happen over the coming months!
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