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  1. Because nobody can say that their RP characters are better fighters than anyone and most people don’t have anything but the “win” mentality, isn’t making a super large character just an excuse to say “Because we have to be evenly matched in swordplay, I will win because of my better strength!” ?


    At least the people who don’t RP anything bad about being large. This doesn’t define every single person of course.

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    2. Sorcerio


      If I can click faster than you can type why bother? 😩

    3. Nozoa


      lol dont get me started about the halflings who are master swordsmen

    4. Bisscy


      6 hours ago, Nozoa said:

      lol dont get me started about the halflings who are master swordsmen

      Don’t go after the SugarFoots like that. 

  2. I don't have to read the lore to know it’ll be good. I’ll give a little background for anyone interested in the state of the current Paladin lore: When we set out to make it, at the time I was the one and only active Paladin on the server. I ended up gaining a few students, though before connections could begin, so did the lore games. I sat and waited, knowing that officially our lore was being written by a certain LT. But then he answered a question wrong. Then another, a third, so on so forth – Amounting to the point that my students and I were appalled that in every question from the beginning of the lore games, except for 1 or 2, we had been given incorrect information. We went to Flamboyant at the time, who agreed that it was dumb of an LT in charge of lore to seem to hardly know the lore at all, but nothing was really done about it. Whatever, right? We were making lore anyways... We thought. Beyond I believe one person, this LT in question refused to show a single person in the community the lore. He refused to answer anything but the most vague of questions. He said no to every single suggestion of something to add, without exception. At a point, we got tired of it and wrote our own lore. The LT in question dipped(until Telanir shot him and labelled it a suicide). The Lore itself was given a set of basic requirements from the get-go that were.. Less than satisfactory. But we’d make do. When we started, the LT in question deleted the Paladin chat out of spite. We wrote. It took the span of about 2 weeks to have it built from scratch, to forum-worthy. It looked good enough, but when votes came in and we got put on pending – massive amounts of the lore had to be changed. It was supposed to be anonymous, but the LT who wrote our needed changes was the very same LT who was initially writing the lore; who Flamboyant had told us was no longer allowed to touch our lore due to clear show of bias against us. The changes essentially.. shafted the lore. Bent it over a table and made ram ranch look tame. Spells from the previous rewrite that never had any issues, got nerfed to oblivion to the point of being hardly unusable. An ENTIRE section of the lore, got “nerfed,” before additionally getting “passed” and then made... Inaccessible by the players but still accepted? Yikes. This was the first wave. When we finished it, a second wave of necessary changes came that essentially ruined things more. They said we can’t even imply we are required to hunt spooks(we did it anyways lol) and essentially made us neutral over holy(grr). They also gave us so little spell-slots and asked for such high cost for each one that essentially casting a spell made you useless and hurt all over, and if you cast 4 spells you would be at risk of death(Old lore allowed for 5, I had allowed for 6). Oof. Alas, our savior came. Delmodan herself(I miss you). Pissed off by the clear antics of the LT in question from before(lets be real we all know who it was), she went to Flam and argued. She got a list of changes along with Archi here to make the lore even functionally playable. Barely. It worked for a time, but also, the issues never got really fixed beyond slight buffs/rebalancing. To the point that, since its passing, I’ve not once cast Paladinism. I was super excited for what we originally wrote, and almost none of it really went through beyond one oddly specific spell(Yes, only one). tldr: Current accepted Paladin lore got butt-fucked by an LT with a vendetta(the LT kept it secret that it was him who gave the necessary changes) to the point where it was hardly recognizable as the lore I had published, and has driven myself and a few others to essentially not even use the magic since then. Let me get a little personal from here on... Honestly I’ve been looking for a time and place to say what’s below for a while. It’s a little off topic, so bear with me. I hope it goes well @Archipelego
  3. The year is 2023. The current LT management are those who joined the server during the Voidal Incursion eventline. One of them goes, “I remember that Blundermore fellow, he was super cool when I first joined!!! Isn’t he in the veil?”


    Queue Blundermore’s ascension to the God of Magic as he consumes all worldly magic

    1. Zacho


      imma write blundermore voidal god lore

  4. Yo I still don’t have my vault from this map
  5. Tam’naeuth Terin taps his fingers along the table, already present in Aegrothond, with nothing to do but to wait.
  6. “usInG THe NAme Of tHe LoRe PieCE Is mETAgaMIng” Why name the creature siliti if you have the redline that using that name is metagaming? I like the lore but that’s stupid.
  7. “usInG THe NAme Of tHe LoRe PieCE Is mETAgaMIng” Why name the creature siliti if you have the redline that using that name is metagaming? I like the lore but that’s stupid.
  8. Read the first sentence of magic explanation. Nowhere in the lore does it claim Shade to be a deity magic. Arun’asna is not an aengudaemon and not classified as such. Afaik, her lore marks her as on their same class/level, but she doesn’t have the title herself. She’s just a stronk patron inevitably born of Iblees. Shade is a Dark Magic. Calling it deity is small brain. Good **** tho. Up to Sam to toy around w/ that feedback come morning.
  9. Soul-split fi’hiiran’tanya(anti-magic) already toyed on the concept of splitting one’s soul, wherein the soul-stealing variant toyed with the concept of having a second. I’d stray from that. Additionally, 2 and a half months to T5 is almost HALF of the normally present time. Bring it to 4 months at minimum. Those are my only thoughts on the actual subject-matter of the lore. Additionally, I urge you to pay much greater mind to two things: Diction, and Formatting. Your Format just has so many minor hiccups and errors that it seems a bit jittery as a lore piece. And your word choice can at times bring confusion. I haven’t done a full thorough read through, but that’s my take after a few minutes of glancing around. Essentially, these two things form an instinctual, first-glance reaction to those reading it. Opinions will be formed in an instant before even bothering to read the content therein.
  10. Need someone to decorate a castle

  11. Not at all true to what sprites used to be. But also better than what sprites were. I’m pleasantly surprised. Good **** 👍
  12. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  13. Those around for/those subject to being cast on by a mental mage:


    Was the problem with mental magic the premise of what it did, or the fact that you pretty much couldn’t fight it and just got fucked over no matter what unless you yourself were also a mental mage and/or shade/cognat?

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    2. BonesOfTheEarth


      Merging mental magic with sensory makes about as much sense as merging translo with shifting; it only sounds decent to people who know nothing about how the magic actually works/didn’t actively practice it.


      Point seems to generally be “metagaming.”


      My thought on fixing it would be to buff mental barriers to be an actual conflict between a mental mage and target, and make them easier to get(not including wards). Have mental barriers able to come back up depending on if the mental mage tries to do certain things, rather than being a one-time weak way of attempting a defense.


      Though that doesn’t take into account the fact that you’re immediately considered suspect if you refuse to let your mind be looked through. So I pose my next question:


      If the intent was to write mental magic mostly true to its roots, what would be a way to stop people from demanding to check your head? I don’t particularly want to remove the ability to enter someone’s mind, but change how it works once inside.


      My idea would be to write in something like this: If you fight the mental mage, and lose(though you could very well win this as well), then you cannot give fake memories. This would then be added in with the fact that more mental barriers could be thrown up in cases of personal things being looked at, etc(mental barriers not just being a 1 trick anymore but a continuous). However, if you willingly accept them into your head, you would be considered calm and collected enough mentally in order to give a fake recollection of an event, making it infeasible to just demand to look inside your head. Of course, with added methods to prevent a “Let me in your head, but fight me with a barrier first so you can’t do fake memories!”

    3. _Hexe_


      the win or lose thing with barriers is good, i was thinking the same thing and then i realised you’d said it lol. though i think you should be able to get in with ease if they’re unconscious or incapacitated. something interesting could also be that you’re able to get in if they’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but all the mental **** you see is also affected by that.


      i definitely think if you straight up accept it and get rid of barriers, you should for sure be able to tell unwhole truths and whatever.


      tbh i think you’ve got this figured out and can definitely write some cool **** for it, obviously just make sure you don’t put in things that straight up fucks mental mages from doing anything whatsoever.

    4. BonesOfTheEarth


      I’m taking on mental magic as my next writing project. If anyone wants to help along with writing and/or see progress, add me on discord: BonesOfTheEarth#4173


      Can probably get it done in a week with my work pace.

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