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  1. @Tythusaye yo bruh can i get some of that pepsi

    1. rukio


      Two emps war btw 

  2. ST making updates to server rules... My theory of them taking over the server is coming true... Admit it, green tags - You've been found out and your days are numbered!
  3. What's the current drama?

    1. VonAulus


      wiki team lol

    2. snoopie12


      Wiki Team yeah

    3. TJBMinecraft


      There is no drama 😃

  4. You get fined for having money now? lol

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      server not what it used to be

    2. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      Its very easy to circunvent this, just have a persona holding money when the bank fine ticks

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      @Man of Respectcan only hold 500 minas on your persona outside of the bank too.


      and eventually u run out of storage personas. 


      The best way to cheese it is to be NL or friends with NL and abuse national bank like its ur personal account.

  5. no no no no no no
  6. Thought I don't play anymore I do like to keep my eye on the forums. In regards to this.. There was once a time where a dark mage was enough of a threat that instant death on capturing was justified, because capturing one was no easy feat. Likewise, in this same time, a voidal or holy mage was diverse and useful enough to be actively sought out. You fought magic with magic, not brawn - unless in greater numbers. Now, I genuinely believe a good swordsman could beat any magic wielder. I'm not saying what should or should not be the case, I'm not saying to go back to the old days, but it's important to realize that the view on what you do to a dark/villainous character has never changed. The change occurred in the strengths and skills of those playing these characters, and the increasing boldness of those non-magic folk who are realizing... That these great threats aren't threats any longer. Perhaps not an active thought in their mind, but one slowly invading everyone who comes to face these once-threats. TLDR; Something hits different about shades when half the playerbase use their tendrils for an uwu tail/erp and half try and be dark overlords. They stop being scary. Other magics too. Not to mention the mechanical restrictions as magic over time slowly becomes more streamlined and less guidelined. For villainy as a whole, I've never really fallen into trouble with anyone I've ever actually been a villain towards. People unrelated to it have complained, called names, tried to say it was "poor rp" despite never being present to begin with. But anyone I've ever actually threatened, swung a sword at, or even killed, generally tends to compliment the RP and thought behind the actions. In my brief tenure as a shade rampaging around Atlas, everyone that died to him PK'd before I stopped due to people unrelated to the RP not wanting me to play a villain that killed people. I bitched out, and to those who would do the same I say - If you are a villain, direct your audience to those who appreciate it. If others complain or come for you, damn them and continue on your way.
  7. I swore I wouldn't write one of these, but here I am. I feel there's a few things still weighing on my shoulders that I need to let go of - I'll begin by saying that I don't want to declare LoTC as a terrible, horrible server. Nor do I want to declare it a wonderful experience. It simply is. It exists, I played it. It is a game like any other; a way of passing the time, frustrating at times and enjoyable at others. I will say however, that I resigned myself to eventually leave when I was something like fifteen or sixteen years old. For years I told myself that the moment I turned eighteen, I would be too old to continue playing and would have to move onto other parts of my life. I joined at fourteen years of age. Now, I'm nearly twenty. I found myself attempting to try and right wrongs in the time I was on the server, to change perceptions and outlooks. Why? I'm not too certain, but lo' and behold, the time has come. I'll be departing LoTC; weep, pray, do whatever you please. That's the majority of it right there. I'm departing, it's nothing explicitly to do with the server itself, though a few players did play a part. One could safely sum up my departure to.. growing up, however. No need to pick anything apart. If anyone is interested in the weights I carry and the reasons I make this a post, read below and come to your own conclusions: With that tale over, I would like to leave @ScreamingDingo, @SquakHawk, and @Malaise an apology for lashing out a few months ago. That was immature. I leave the three of you with this however: Imagine if you stood by a doorway, and one person who passed you insulted you once. You ignore it, right? If it's the same person repeatedly, you have them thrown out, removed, etc. If it's one, it's a standalone case. Besides, you need to have thick skin to play LoTC. But imagine if every third person insulted you, also a single time. People who, sometimes, you do not know. People who have never heard you speak, never met you. How many insults do you take before you cave? How many cuts does it take for your thick skin to bleed? And when you do break, who do you lash out at? Who do you aim your frustrations to, when each person's action individually was small? So small that you are just whining to complain about it? I envy the three of you, able to take heat seemingly endlessly with no outright backlash from you to others. I don't mean to insinuate a lack of emotion, but instead a great amount of control. Again, I envy you. But understand that I, and perhaps others, have limits vastly lower. I apologize that my frustrations then were aimed at you when they should not have been. I understand some of you in particular already go under a lot more stress and did not need that added on top. And do not let this be misconstrued with why I am departing; I have grown, and merely decided it is time to close this door. I've a career to pursue, a life now. A plan. I'm not so conceited as to leave while pinning blame or hiding my mistakes. Lastly, and truly lastly, a few parting words to a few I may not speak with as often from now on: I'm still contactable over discord for those interested. And please don't deny my magic students I'll try and find them new teachers and keep you updated. See you folks later
  8. League or LoTC

    1. Cordial__
    2. UnBaed


      you have an addiction, return to monke


  9. I hate diamond VIPs

    1. Nug


      whatever ugly stinky

  10. Man elves in this city got killed if they so much as accidentally offended a human Bring it back that was good racism
  11. Does telekinesis exist yet

  12. Mfw you get a warning point for a funny me-me :c

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      “Low effort RP”

      more like not even RP 😎

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      tbh ur not wrong

    4. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      @Elad™ please look at this he posted something illegal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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