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  1. Soul-split fi’hiiran’tanya(anti-magic) already toyed on the concept of splitting one’s soul, wherein the soul-stealing variant toyed with the concept of having a second. I’d stray from that. Additionally, 2 and a half months to T5 is almost HALF of the normally present time. Bring it to 4 months at minimum. Those are my only thoughts on the actual subject-matter of the lore. Additionally, I urge you to pay much greater mind to two things: Diction, and Formatting. Your Format just has so many minor hiccups and errors that it seems a bit jittery as a lore piece. And your word choice can at times bring confusion. I haven’t done a full thorough read through, but that’s my take after a few minutes of glancing around. Essentially, these two things form an instinctual, first-glance reaction to those reading it. Opinions will be formed in an instant before even bothering to read the content therein.
  2. Need someone to decorate a castle

  3. Not at all true to what sprites used to be. But also better than what sprites were. I’m pleasantly surprised. Good **** 👍
  4. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  5. Those around for/those subject to being cast on by a mental mage:


    Was the problem with mental magic the premise of what it did, or the fact that you pretty much couldn’t fight it and just got fucked over no matter what unless you yourself were also a mental mage and/or shade/cognat?

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. BonesOfTheEarth


      Merging mental magic with sensory makes about as much sense as merging translo with shifting; it only sounds decent to people who know nothing about how the magic actually works/didn’t actively practice it.


      Point seems to generally be “metagaming.”


      My thought on fixing it would be to buff mental barriers to be an actual conflict between a mental mage and target, and make them easier to get(not including wards). Have mental barriers able to come back up depending on if the mental mage tries to do certain things, rather than being a one-time weak way of attempting a defense.


      Though that doesn’t take into account the fact that you’re immediately considered suspect if you refuse to let your mind be looked through. So I pose my next question:


      If the intent was to write mental magic mostly true to its roots, what would be a way to stop people from demanding to check your head? I don’t particularly want to remove the ability to enter someone’s mind, but change how it works once inside.


      My idea would be to write in something like this: If you fight the mental mage, and lose(though you could very well win this as well), then you cannot give fake memories. This would then be added in with the fact that more mental barriers could be thrown up in cases of personal things being looked at, etc(mental barriers not just being a 1 trick anymore but a continuous). However, if you willingly accept them into your head, you would be considered calm and collected enough mentally in order to give a fake recollection of an event, making it infeasible to just demand to look inside your head. Of course, with added methods to prevent a “Let me in your head, but fight me with a barrier first so you can’t do fake memories!”

    3. _Hexe_


      the win or lose thing with barriers is good, i was thinking the same thing and then i realised you’d said it lol. though i think you should be able to get in with ease if they’re unconscious or incapacitated. something interesting could also be that you’re able to get in if they’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but all the mental **** you see is also affected by that.


      i definitely think if you straight up accept it and get rid of barriers, you should for sure be able to tell unwhole truths and whatever.


      tbh i think you’ve got this figured out and can definitely write some cool **** for it, obviously just make sure you don’t put in things that straight up fucks mental mages from doing anything whatsoever.

    4. BonesOfTheEarth


      I’m taking on mental magic as my next writing project. If anyone wants to help along with writing and/or see progress, add me on discord: BonesOfTheEarth#4173


      Can probably get it done in a week with my work pace.

  6. Tristan isn’t all the greatest at PR, but his dedication to this lore and Tahariae has spanned throughout the entire time since Clerics were shelved. Not many others exist like that. His character Alrin, repeatedly seen in Haelun’or and other areas, has worshiped Tahariae as a cleric still and been an actively present character all this time. His RP may not bring him around your character, and thus you likely don’t see it yourself, but trying to argue that he doesn’t do this isn’t very fair or accurate. I’ll admit though, I myself am guilty of what you proclaim, mostly due to the fact that once Clerics vanished, and all the other followers left, there wasn’t much left for that character. I focused on playing Lefkos, and with him now MIA, my new character, because he has stuff actively going for him. That is an important bit about roleplaying a character; to retain interest in things, you need to be able to have character progression. Though magic shouldn’t be the main focus of any character, you had a lot of people who did make it their main deal. I’ll set about making a proper religion piece for Clerics/Tahariae myself, but – The AenguDaemon rewrite by LT for him still hasn’t come out, so be patient. Beyond that, looking at my past pieces, I think my work ethic speaks for itself on how quickly I can get it done. It’s rather my fault that the background/origin part of this lore is as short as it is regardless, as I urged Tristan not to include to much in what is intended to be a lore post for the mechanical aspect of Clerics.
  7. Incorrect actually! I’ll explain: https://gyazo.com/a764c65fb4d863bffc6d224ead8d39b1 As you can see in this screenshot, the mentioned interaction with shades and purging is, quite literally, a direct quote of the requirements: Written for anyone with purging abilities in general. Shade lore is not built to only respond to Paladins. Additionally, Paladins dont follow that and are therefore not exactly the same. The strength of Paladin spells is not directly proportional to tiers(A t3 casting a shield will have the same strength as a T5), and as such it was clarified in our lore to match that as “tier requirements” did not make sense. On the lore as a whole, Paladins are directly stated as neutral-deity now, whereas Clerics are holy. Paladins are melee-buff guys. Clerics are support spellcasters. I am also currently looking at a screenshot of your reply to Clerics being able to purge shades, in relation to this very lore post: https://gyazo.com/7cddf0f13dfdf148d0012e583f4e9ff4
  8. When do all the aenguls and daemons combine like power rangers back into the creator for a lame railroaded world event

    1. Callum


      Soon tm

  9. This was an ability called “Weapon Thievery” that you refer to, that no longer exists in this rewrite. What the Izkuthii seems to fail to have told you, is that they in doing this do not receive the weapon themselves, and nor do you lose it. 7 Emotes later(maybe 5? I don’t recall exactly), the weapon should have returned to your hand. No Izkuthii spell has ever allowed for someone to just take it from you like that permanently, and if someone did, I urge you to reach out to me on discord: BonesOfTheEarth#4173 Also please tell me who this was, in private PM’s at my aforementioned Discord. Any logs are appreciated. This much isn’t a problem with the lore, but one of the playerbase problems we can start actually filtering provided we now would have actually present leaders with this rewrite. Roleplay like what you described is poor. If you get gassed for being stupid, don’t just come back repeatedly to try and force people to do differently in their RP. This is a tough question, just on the fact that I’m not sure which ability you are referring to. If the lamp is feasibly small enough to be pickpocketed, it would need to be unlit and where your character wouldn’t notice its disappearance, thus invalidating the need to think about if it is or is not extinguished. That assumes the ability being used is deft hands. However, no ability exists to yeet this lamp into a pocket dimension in this rewrite. At least, not subtly. If you simply refer to Thieves’ Arsenal in the sense of placing it in such(again, it can’t be yeeted off your person into it. The Izkuthii must directly cast the spell and then place it inside themselves), and a lamp was lit, it would continue to burn inside of such until it eventually ran out of fuel. What’s on the other side of this portal? Inexplicable Llahir things. Maybe his red room? All in all your comment seems to reference 3 abilities in which are all being confused as one, that may have been powergamed against you. With the state of the old lore being so vastly confusing and convoluted, difficult to understand or even know up or down in, it makes sense to be confused from it. All in all though, appreciate the feedback; I’ll add in a redline to Thieves’ Arsenal stating the condition of lamps/torches put inside.
  10. (Ignore Zach on this one, he’s wrong. Love you zach) That Izkuthii should have died and bled out, no questions asked. I think I recall the situation. And as what was essentially the only “teacher” figure for them, told said Izkuthii they had to die. I wasn’t there and if they didn’t listen, I’ll be exceedingly annoyed. For reference, Izkuthii(in some states, most of which no longer exist within this lore as its made into 2 instead of ******* 6), don’t have any major organs to puncture/destroy beyond their brain when in their greater forms. But they bleed. Heavily. And die due to blood loss. Izkuthii are still people, with minds and souls and motives as such. The majority of Izkuthii RP happened in sutica(lmao ****) and was sub-par. But you must at least realize the situation we were put in: The Lore Admin was our “Leader,” the only one who could create new Izkuthii. The only one who could disconnect misbehaving izkuthii. The only one who could promote Izkuthii(Make them not useless fledglings incapable of actually performing anything without outing themselves). And let’s not forget – He could let Izkuthii just go around attacking others and forgive them for creed breaking because no other ancients existed to stop him. Izkuthii are intended to provide a niche of rp through trickery/thievery, but day to day “haha you got pranked” rp on people isn’t how an Izkuthii should be RP’d(Though pranking can be a part of it, it falls to a question of the player’s ability to provide something fun. And just pranks, are not fun. Other methods exist). Additionally, Izkuthii were random-encounters in the sense that there existed no actual coven. Everyone adhered to Caleb but the man never logged on, and thus no “group” of these creatures actually existed. I did my best to call people retarded(Blood mage izkuthii ?), but only so much can be done by a man incapable of either creating more Izkuthii or deleting problem Izkuthii. @Mojo and @Lhindir_ I urge you to, instead of finding ways to deny their validity as a creature, help find ways to further fix problems that aren’t already defined within this lore. Izkuthii took the deal for an LT-Aided rewrite, and regardless of if this piece is the one that passes, they should return at a point. My intent is to make that return as smooth as possible and in a way that allows for them to actually flourish and accomplish better than sitting out somewhere doing fuckall. No creature is inherently “useless” unless its just a repeat of an already present niche.
  11. The problem was that Caleb was the only ancient out of 3, the only one who could connect or disconnect, and for 2 years he held this position where he was the only one capable of doing anything. To make new Izkuthii, we had to get him online and to agree to it. This post allows for Runuurii to serve as teachers and create/post more, and also pushes out the maximum amount of Ancient Izkuthii at any given time so one can’t just refuse to make more.
  12. God have mercy. 40 pages of lore in under 2 days, and that was cutting out a lot of old useless stuff.
  13. Izkuthii A Representation of three Ancient Izkuthii and their masks (Credit to Amayonnaise ❤) Forenote: Due to the exact nature of this creature, the lore is being formatted using the Magic-Lore formatting(with slight edits) so that it is easily understood by anyone reading it. However, it is still a Creature Application and not a Magic. Also here’s a Google Doc Version. Table of Contents: - Background/Origin - Creature Explanation - Mortal Abilities - Immortal Abilities - Red Lines - An Izkuthii’s Growth(Tier Progression) - Purpose - Cited Sources Background/Origin Izkuthii are born creations of Llahir, Daemon of Trickery, Thievery, and Luck. They exist as agents of his will, known as the “Trickster’s Code,” left to their own devices upon the mortal realm. He did leave the Izkuthii however, with a growing urge throughout their time in this world, to commit acts he finds amusing. He grants them boons and abilities based on the titles he claims, and watches from a distance to see what they do in his name. Throughout their growth, Izkuthii attain a third eye and horns to be representative of their curse, as well as their connection to Llahir. Creature Explanation Llahir’s Will - A Trickster’s Code Izkuthii Creation/Disconnection Izkuthii Tiers/Growth Izkuthii Specializations/Mentality Mortal vs. Immortal Form Izkuthii Feeding The Izkuthii Temptations Izkuthii may gain what are known as Temptations throughout their growth, granting them specific boons along with additional drawbacks related to such. These are created by an Ancient through the same process as their Imbuement ability, though with the added difference that the Izkuthii gaining such must be present and offering their aid(Unless the Ancient is crafting for themselves). In doing this, the Ancient binds the Temptation to the Izkuthii, so that no others - not even other Izkuthii or themselves - may make use of it. A Fledgling Izkuthii may have zero Temptations. An adult Izkuthii may have one. A Specialized may have two. A Runuurii may have three. And an Ancient may have all five. The negative downsides of each will stack on top of eachother, and remain even should the temptation be stolen from them or broken. Lastly, each item has up to four granted boons - a Normal Boon, a Luck Boon, a Thievery Boon, and a Trickery Boon. All items have the Normal Boon constantly, and any others are based around the granted specializations of the Izkuthii. Not all items have multiple Boons however. All have a curse as well that supersedes any granted Boon. The appearance of these Temptations are based entirely upon what item was granted Imbuement, and can be anything from plain and simple designs to extraordinarily complex ones. Any Temptation requires a MArt Application to create. This is for logging purposes, and should be accepted so long as the lore and creation process is written properly. Additionally, an Izkuthii may opt to create their own Temptation rather than one listed as present - however, this will take up one of their given Temptation slots, and will be judged as any other MArt rather than being assumably accepted off the bat like the others. Should an Izkuthii temptation be stolen or broken, they may have one of the three Ancients reforge them. This is costly however, and as a punishment the Izkuthii will be locked into their Mortal Form with only the ability to feed and shapeshift for 2 IRL weeks per broken/lost temptation. The Tome of Wonders The Sword of Wonders The Seed of Wonders The Ring of Wonders The Necklace of Wonders Red Lines: Should a Temptation break or become lost, an Izkuthii may lose most of their abilities for 2 IRL weeks per temptation lost, and have one reforged. The original item must be destroyed, and a comment on the MArt must be made. In the case of the Sword of Wonders and the Thievery Boon/Curse, if the weapon is lost the MArt application must be denied and a new one made, with new spells if any. Temptations give their curses at all times, regardless of if they are held in the Izkuthii’s posession, unless the Temptation has been broken. Curses stack. In the case of the Tome and Sword, you can have all 3 from one. If an Ancient has all 5 items, they will gain all 9 curses. A MArt is needed for documentation purposes only, for each Temptation made. With the Sword of Wonders and Spell-Thievery, the one who provided the spells and informed the Izkuthii of their use must comment on the MArt. When using the Necklace of Wonders, the 3 people must remain the same for all 3 statements. The Necklace of Wonders does not force people to behave a certain way. For example, should you say in court to the judge “I am innocent!” and little be done to disprove such, he would believe it. But that does not mean he would judge you as innocent if the jury decreed you as guilty. Mortal Abilities Shapeshifting | Non-Combative(Passive Ability) | Fledgling Emote Requirements: 1-4 Emotes Cooldown: N/A [Feeding]Mark of Discord | Non-Combative | Fledgling Emote Requirements: (1 Connect+1 Cast) Cooldown: 3 Emotes Illusionary World | Non-Combative | Fledgling Emote Requirements: (1 Connect+3 Cast) Cooldown: 5 Emotes Swarm | Non-Combative | Adult Emote Requirements: (1 Connect+1 Cast) Cooldown: 4 Emotes Color Spray | Combative | Adult Emote Requirements: (1 Connect+1 Cast) Cooldown: 1 Emote Cloak of Shadows | Non-Combative | Adult Emote Requirements: (1 Connect+2 Cast) Cooldown: 5 Minutes IRP Llahir’s Gamble | Non-Combative | Adult Emote Requirements: (1 Connect+1 Cast) Cooldown: 1 Emote [Feeding]Notes of Chaos | Non-Combative | Specialized Emote Requirements: (1 Connect+2 Cast) Cooldown: 1 Emote Daemonic Pact | Non-Combative | Trickster Emote Requirements: (1 Connect+5 Cast) Cooldown: 1 Hour IRP Wordless Omen | Non-Combative | Trickster Emote Requirements: (1 Connect+1 Cast) Cooldown: 5 Emotes Phase Shift | Combative | Trickster Emote Requirements: (1 Connect+2 Cast) Cooldown: 7 Emotes Thief’s Arsenal | Non-Combative | Thief Emote Requirements: (1 Connect + 1 Cast) Cooldown: 1 Emote Emotion Thievery | Non-Combative | Thief Emote Requirements: (1 Connection+2 Cast) Cooldown: 3 Emotes Deft Hands | Non-Combative | Thief Emote Requirements: (1 Connection+2 Cast) Cooldown: N/A Llahir’s Judge | Non-Combative(Passive) | Luck Emote Requirements: N/A Cooldown: N/A Soul’s Gamble | Non-Combative | Luck Emote Requirements: (1 Connect+1 Cast) Cooldown: 1 Hour Retribution | Non-Combative | Luck Emote Requirements: (1 Connect+1 Cast) Cooldown: 2 Emotes Shrine of Llahir | Non-Combative | Runuurii Emote Requirements: (5 Minute Cast) Cooldown: N/A Realistic Illusionary World | Non-Combative | Runuurii Emote Requirements: (1 Connection+4 Cast) Cooldown: 10 Emotes Illusionary World Beacon | Non-Combative | Runuurii Emote Requirements: (5 Minute Cast) Cooldown: Special Pools of Llahir | Non-Combative | Ancient Emote Requirements: (1 Hour Cast IRP) Cooldown: 1 Day IRL Immortal Abilities Increased Shapeshifting | Mixed | Fledgling Emote Requirements: Passive Ability | 1-4 Emotes Cooldown: N/A Repairing of the Mask | Non-Combative | Fledgling Emote Requirements: (1 Hour RP Cast) Cooldown: 1 Day IRL Imbuement | Non-Combative | Adult Emote Requirements: (10 Minutes IRP Cast) Cooldown: 1 Hour IRL Fancy Escape | Combative | Adult Emote Requirements: (1 Connection+2 Cast) Cooldown: 5 Emotes Doubles | Combative | Trickster Emote Requirements: (1 Connection+2 Cast) Cooldown: 3 Emotes Spell Thievery | Combative | Thief Emote Requirements: (1 Connect+2 Cast+Special) Cooldown: 5 Emotes Judgment | Combative | Luck Emote Requirements: (1 Connection+1 Reaction/Action Cast) Cooldown: 4 Emotes Forging of the Mask | Non-Combative | Runuurii Emote Requirements: (1 Minute IRP) Cooldown: 1 Day IRL Miracle | Non-Combative | Runuurii Emote Requirements: (1 Connection+1 Cast) Cooldown: 1 Day IRL Llahir’s Advancement | Non-Combative | Runuurii Emote Requirements: (5 Minutes IRP) Cooldown: 1 Day IRL Disconnection | Non-Combative | Ancient Emote Requirements: (1 Connection+4 Cast) Cooldown: 10 Emotes Llahir’s Forgiveness: Consecration | Non-Combative | Ancient Emote Requirements: (1 Connection+4 Cast) Cooldown: 10 Emotes Aspect of the Daemon | Combative | Ancient Emote Requirements: (1 Connect+2 Cast) Cooldown: Special Red Lines An Izkuthii’s Growth - Tier Progression Fledgling - “Tier 1” Adult - “Tier 2” Specialized - “Tier 3” Runuurii - “Tier 4” Ancient - “Tier 5” Purpose Izkuthii are a long-standing creature on LOTC with a poor history of use. For the vast majority of their time in existence, there existed only a singular out of 3 possible Ancients, who refused to allow for more to be made - and there was no system to create more. Izkuthii took the Lore Games deal, and here we are. This lore is intended to fix a whole schlew of different issues present within Izkuthii that overcomplicated their lore and made it nothing but a massive, confusing mess to both the readers and the Izkuthii themselves. Prior, there were 5(6, arguably) different “forms” an Izkuthii could be in, each with a different set of abilities and each being rather confusing to keep track of. This lore consolidates them into two, as well as officially adds Llahir’s third and FINAL element to the Izkuthii - Luck. My personal favorite. A fair number of the confusing abilities have been fleshed out, over half have been nerfed, and some have been removed entirely. In turn, a few new abilities have been added. Most of the Izkuthii abilities have been made to either be non-combative, or in the cases of combative be based more so upon fleeing and defending rather than attacking anyone else, other than a singular ancient-ability. Lastly, Ancients no longer rely on each other to function. 1 Ancient can do everything, and technically could do it just as well if they never even saw the other Ancients, whereas the old Lore had to have all 3 agree on every single thing, including the creation of new Izkuthii. With this change, as well as allowing Runuurii to teach, we hope to get rid of the forced circlejerk we had before. Lastly, any previous Izkuthii will be required to repost their CA’s, though “grandfathered” in. They will be allowed to pick a specialization as they please. Any past Runuurii will maintain their status. Three Ancients will be grandfathered in. This is the Lore Games rewrite for them, and no Izkuthii will be required to lose their CA’s in general or be made lower than where they were. Cited Sources - Llahir Lore - Previous Izkuthii Lore Credits: FURY_FIRE: Co-Author in writing this lore. AMAYONNoISE: Co-Author in writing this lore. FAEWILDS: Co-Author in writing this lore. ZACHOSNACKO: Helped some. Mental support. SLIC3MAN: Played Bannerlord in the background and streamed it. Changelog: [April 16, 2020] Finished the Mark of Discord feeding ability. Half of it was left out.
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