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  1. Realm PRO MC Name: CandleDragon Realm PRO Character Name: Dyonne Alusa Realm Name: The Isle of Nevaehlen Primary Realm Color: Green Proposed Tiles (Highlight 3 on the map): https://imgur.com/3L3KSMzhttps://imgur.com/3L3KSMz Realm Lore (could include previous roleplay posts showing involvement with the community) (1000 words minimum): In the realm of Elvenesse, a restlessness had begun to develop among the druids of the Father Circle. Disagreements over how well the nation was adhering to the principles of the Wild Green Faith had led to divisions, and the Circle decided to break away. The Bear, Lioness, and Shrike druids led the small band of druids and their families out of the nation to find a new home. On the 13th of Grand Harvest, 26 SA, the small collective found a home in the ruins of Vaelya, where they would remain until the fall of Almaris at the hand of the Mori. The abandoned city proved to be the perfect residence for the mali’ame. As they slowly returned the area to nature, people from all walks of life began finding a home behind their walls. The welcoming promise of a family was alluring for not only druids and druid hopefuls, but whitewashed orcs, lost mali’aheral, and aimless Norlanders, too. Together, united under the banner of the Wild Faith, these various groups worked tirelessly to protect their new home from the many threats that confronted it, from pirate attacks, necromantic incursions, and bandit assaults. One of the biggest threats the Vale faced was an attack by a well coordinated band of pirates who nearly burned the town to the ground. Despite the best efforts of the soldiers, the pirates were victorious and many of the residents of the city were mutilated or permanently scarred. Even despite this crushing blow, however, the residents rallied and actually rejoiced over the decay caused to their city, as it brought it closer to nature. Their wounds healed, nature regrew, and violent revenge was exacted on the pirates. All was well once again. During this time, however, the city of Ando Alur fell from the sky, dramatically scarring the landscape of the continent. The druids were horrified, naturally. While the battles to contain the horrors were fierce and many nations contributed, it was the Wicker Druid of Nevaehlen who led a band of heroes into the heart of the corruption. There, she sacrificed her sister, allowing the powers contained within the Aspect Stones to purify the land and put an end to the nightmare once and for all. Ominously watching over the event was the titanic moose mani, one unlike any mali had seen before. It was about this time that the Bear Druid began a restructure of the Vale’s leadership, with her as its absolute monarch. She appointed her future husband as her military general, or Valeseer, and retained the Wicker Druid as her right hand, or Eldarch. Eventually, she added a high elf, Dyonne Alusa, to her staff as the head of housing and stewardry, or the Keeper. This happened during an era of political upheaval on the world scene as elves in many other parts of the world began uniting anew under the flag of Malinor, a nation that was eager to annex Nevaehlen into their union. While the walls of Nevaehlen remained strong until the time Malinor collapsed, this external threat to the nation’s independence and cultural identity, along with the incident of the Matriarch’s own daughter inviting Azdrazi into their home, caused the sovereign of the Vale to start to develop a deep paranoia. Ally, outsider, and villager alike were viewed through a lens of intense scrutiny, with many travel bans issued on foreign nations and banishments of citizens taking place. Eventually, the unstoppable Mori force swept across the world, and the Vale was not exempt from their wrath. While a valiant effort was made by her residents, Nevaehlen fell, as had every other nation in Almaris. The people fled to a new home in Aevos, eventually settling in what seemed to be the decayed remains of a fishing village in the southern jungles. There, the people of the newly renamed Cove of Nevaehlen only enjoyed the shortest stint of peace before their lives were put in great peril. During a Norlandic coronation ceremony, the Valeseer, whose title was of course changed to Coveseer, ended up upsetting a dwarf who was attending the event. The ensuing altercation led to the Norlandic government issuing a punishment on the dwarf, removing his hand. The response of Urguan was swift and brutal, sending waves of soldiers to exact revenge upon the mali’ame of the Cove. Now with most of the strongest soldiers of the nation dead or banished, the citizens were unprepared for this assault. Many of the Matriarch’s most trusted soldiers abandoned her during this time, and thus, the nation was even less prepared for what was about to come next. Just south of Nevaehlen rested the Silver State of Haelun’or, which had just elected a new leader, who was, ironically, a distant relative of the Matriarch. The Keeper of Nevaehlen, being well aware of the behaviors of her former home, visited him to make an attempt at peaceful relations, offering her skills, knowledge, and alchemical discoveries in exchange for what the residents of her new home sorely needed: peace. While the citizenry of the Silver State rejoiced at the opportunity to engage in the interchange of knowledge, their leader had other plans. Just as Dyonne feared, they assaulted the Cove, slaughtering, kidnapping, and destroying. It was during the ensuing battles that the Matriarch would vanish, leaving nothing more than written instructions for her son, his wife, and a few others to carry on after her. While the pair attempted to lead the nation to victory, the years of Nevahlen’s isolation had left them with only one ally, the distant nation of Norland. It was not enough. The Silver Empire of Haelun’or was born from the ashes of Nevaehlen’s defeat and the surviving villagers fled to Norland or scattered about to the corners of the world. It would be at this time that the new Matriarch would give up all as lost, leaving the son of the Bear Druid to guide the people now that they were without a home. However, he, too, saw the mission as fruitless. Doubting the unity and determination of the people, he announced their disbanding, only to be met with a firm reply from the survivors that they would simply continue without him. With that, the people of Nevaehlen turned their sights west to the abandoned city of Talar’nor, intending to return to their roots of freedom, reclamation, and kinship that had brought them together in the first place. Realm Government Structure Explanation: Nevaehlen, long having been under a stranglehold of overbearing and absolute authority, has elected to minimize the government power in their lives. Between the travel restrictions, which separated many citizens from their families and friends and made their druidic duties difficult, and the unilateral decisions made by both the first matriarch and her prodigy, the residents felt the freedom that came with being one with nature had been sorely lacking. They have concluded that a form of meritocracy would best represent their interests, with a select group of highly contributing elders being both the face of the nation and the ones whose duty it is to bring issues to the public for communal rulings to be made. The selected leading elders will then have the authority to make decisions based on the will of the people. Capital Builds (photos required): The people of Nevaehlen build upon the ruins of other civilizations, not wanting to disturb nature's balance with their presence any more than what descendants have already done. Below are examples of the sorts of changes that will happen organically and IRP through the actions of the Father Circle Druids and their allies. (Credit for original buildings goes to VoxyNoir and Laeonathan. Thank you for letting us use a piece of your work to push the server narrative forward!) https://imgur.com/iNmVbsS https://imgur.com/JhOyCCV https://imgur.com/bzYrtmE How does this settlement offer a unique niche not already found in an existing polity on the server?: While Nevaehlen may have lost its way as a community in recent months, the new settlement is a return to form, bringing back the original purpose of the community that attracted so many of us in the first place: a wild, untamed, and tribal fantasy unlike any other on the server. Haunting ruins, caves, and forests, playing as a part of this community allows for an uncanny aesthetic that is usually only available to those willing to play antagonistic personas, such as so called “spooks” or dark mages. With freedom from the usual posh hierarchy of most elven groups, the people of this group enjoy rites and rituals that to the uninformed observer may seem perplexing and animalistic, while under the surface offering a strong communal tribalism that emphasizes the firm unity of the community above all else. How does your settlement tie to the greater lore and narrative set by the community on LotC?: Ever since the days of Phaedrus, wood elves have longed to practice their resurrected culture and faith undisturbed, but only some have taken the step of removing themselves from the nations that make up the rest of the world to do it. One of them was Nevaehlen. Now a long time feature of the server, coming up on three years as a distinct and separate community, the Vale has been tied into the lore of many events, like the Ando Alur blight, and many nations’ history, such as Amathea, Urguan, Norland, and Haelunor. It is the home of the Father Circle, which is a historically notable part of the druidic community. Have you ever run a settlement on LoTC before and what experience do you have with leadership within roleplay communities among the current groups of players?: Not directly. However, I have been in a government position on what was called “The Eternal Concord”, which served directly under the Matriarch in Nevaehlen and a RO in this community for well over a year now. Do you understand the metrics for maintaining activity and the grounds for settlement removal, along with the standing polity cap? Yes Please have your 15 signatories reply to the post with their MC Name, RP Name, and Persona ID (the 4-6 digit number at the top of /card). MC Name: CandleDragon RP Name: Dyonne Alusa Persona ID: 72995
  2. I hope to meet you IC some time, I have read your application and found it very entertaining. Also the name "Candle" has some personal affection for me.

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