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    Domain of Jörmun

    The monster hunter Aerilith Oakenarrow blows his horn from the top of Oakenarrow manor, summoning his brothers to sail forth!
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    The Hand Of Justice

    Thanks, That means A lot to me
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    The Hand Of Justice

    The Hand Of Justice was created to follow three guidelines: protect the innocent and good, hunt the darkness, rebuild what was lost. To achieve maximum success the HOJ is split into three groups. The Arali are fearless knight who train to become master protectors as they train in hand to hand combat and a bit of archery if preffered. Outer circle ranks: -hooded squire -Squire captain Inner circle ranks: -Knight of justice -Enlightened The Rami are hunters who Focus on archery and A little bit of hand to hand, they take their target out before it can cause Harm. Outer circle ranks: -hooded yeoman -yeoman captain Inner circle ranks: -birch hawk -oaken hawk The samirians are the backbone of the order, they use workshops and stores to keep the guild alive. Some Samirians will help in combat or establish trade routes as side job. Outer circle ranks: -Gatherer -Artisan worker Inner circle ranks: -Artisan master -quartermaster The Inner circle are the ones leading the order as they keep track of every recruit, while they are allowed to join gatherings and help decide the fate of HOJ. Wish to join? msg Phoenixjump3 (char name: Aerilith Oakenarrow)
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    [✗] Aarakocra

    I have been on the server for a couple of weeks no, and this is the First time I wrote any lore So no Need to be sorry. I was Just experimenting on it however I would like to know what “kind” of things you mean. so I can work on it for when I post anything else.
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    [✗] Aarakocra

    Ooc explanation: This idea came from me and A friend who wanted to start our own order, as we thought about special features for the order when we came up with this. Story: As the darkness consumed the ruins and the moon was covered by a thick curtain of clouds a Dark silhouet arose in front of the stone table. The three adventurers, slightly surprised, made their move on the Dark figure. As they surrounded the man while muttering prayers the shadow started to laugh. The three heroes were pinned to the ground as Old rotten hands grasped their feet. While the black figure opened his arms as he set one foot towards A trapped human. The woman screamed as the hands started tearing the flesh from her bones. “You will serve me Well.” It said while the hands started grabbing their upper legs. A screech answered the painful screaming. As something started circle around the Old Temple with an incredible speed. Then all of a sudden it stopped and looked straight at the Dark sorcerer. Two Sulfur tinted eyes stared straight through the night, as if it saw through the Dark figure’s soul. The sorcerer fired dozens of spells at the Unknown beast but missed every time. It started screaming into the night, threatening the monster when it showed its eyes again. Everyone could see That the long black robes started shivering as the undead flesh slowly started to lose strenght. The creature screamed once more, but the man couldn’t answer this intimidating sound as another Shape fell from the skies and stuck A Spear straight through his skull, all the way down into his stumach. The adventurers watched the corpse hit the ground in fear. The beast would look around the ruins from under his cowl and spread its huge wings once more. It flew back into the dark night, and the two eyes dissapeared in the woods. Creation: The Aarakocra were not always birdlike humanoids, First they were men and women from all other races. Most of them were exiles looking for a place to stay, as they were found by one elf ranger who wished to do good for others. As he gathered more men he decided to create his own order. He trained the exiles So they could help him protect the innocents, revealing their intentions to the people. One day they found A strange white stag with silver horns that would cassualy walk into their gardens and wander around. When the creature entered the garden however, all the plants around him started to blossom. The elven hunter was fascinated by the creature and when the stag would walk up to the garden he would carefully watch it walk around. He started to place down small offerings for the majestic creature, it was clearly satisfied with the attention and kept playing visits every month. However one of the younger hunters wanted to trap the creature So the plants would stay in blossom. But when the stag was captured, it started to smash its cage on every side. The proud boy presented its prey in their guild hall but Everyone looked in despair as the animal tried to fight its way out of the cage. The boy was banished for what he did but he demanded the skin of its prey. when he cut the stag and the blood started flowing over the town halls the Horns catched fire. As of then, al the people started to turn into feathered monsters. Their feathers would grow out of their skin and their mouths would turn into big beaks. The spirit of the stag stood over his body and spoke to the people. “You took my body as a trophy, like animals. Then I will turn you into animals. From now on only the hunt will silene your soul.” Since then the Aarakocra became the feral hunters of A nature spirit, as they must exterminate the darkness to apease their master. After A few years the spirit was satisfied by the deeds his minions have done and decided to forfeit their contract as eternal hunters. Now Some still worship the nature spirit as A sign of loyalty to their creator. Appearance: Most of these creatures are wingless as they aren’t seen as true hunters, Most of their leaders however are blessed with this gift and are allowed to pass it over to the worthy. Aarakocra can be sorted in four differen types: -The Acoro Is blessed with the knowledge and wisdom of an owl, they tend to wear robes as most of them are either mages, priests or scholars. These Aarakocra are not very strong and Sometimes tend to get too attached to their books. -The Analoi are the fiercest of them all, as they share characteristics with a strong eagle, these creatures are the strongest so most of them dedicate themselves to combat. As they may be strong they have a lot of pride So if they Get angry they are most likely to pick A fight. -The Nulac tends to turn his mind to money as their black raven feathers are perfect for sneaking around at night or show of in performances, they make good performers, traders and Thieves. But their obsession for gold is often very unhealthy. -Icirai are agile and precise, their keen hawk eyes make them perfect archers, Icirai Also have a fair amount of strength. Lots of hawkfolk live between other races as they love a good Conversation. However they hate to be alone and often put faith in the wrong people. Language: While there are different types of featherfolk, they all speak the same language. The only difference lies in the way they speak it: -Analoi and Icirai speak very screeching as the letter “A” is most common in their Dialect. -Acoro have a more polite way of speech as they use common language A lot but instead of “O” they use “OE”. -Nulac often drops the letter “E” At the end of a word and add“Aah” to it. Other traits: -All Aarakocra have Sharp nails on their toes and hands which do grow back if they would ever break. -Featherfolk communicate with eachother by either screeching or using the dialects mentioned before. -Men are often darker colored while women are more likely to have light feathers. -As predators they like to eat meat and fish but they won’t say no to any fruits or vegtables. -They can communicate with birds of their own species. Procreation: As featherfolk shares the characteristics of both birds and zoatier you could argue about How A baby is Born. Featherfolk lay eggs as it is in their primal genes. Red lines: -Wings can only be granted By the inner circle, as Aarakocra aren’t Born with them. -Featherfolk are unable to perform any type of Dark magic as their kind is sword against it. -They can ONLY communicate with birds of their own kind, no other animals. -Their feathers reach over their whole body (so no half human nudist stuff) -Featherfolk CAN procreate with other races but That child will either be fully Aarakocra Or fully human (for example). -The colors of An Aarakocra are natural, unless the player is an Icirai and takes A blood oath for the inner circle, then he may change into A bloodhawk.
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    I forgot to add that Aerilith doesn't believe in any gods due to his losses in life.
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    Born and raised in the forests of the Dominion, trained by wood elves to become a protector of the wilderness, left behind by his hunting party in the middle of nowhere and now wandering around as a mercenary. While he hunts bandits and protects his employers, he does show a weakness for innocent people. Deep inside Oakenarrow wishes for only one thing, a party of friends that will stand with him against the darkness. He is prepared to do anything for the greater good, even give his own life to save another. When he finds someone who he can travel with he takes an oath of protection for them, meaning that he will not part ways with him/her until the person is either safe or doesn't wish his presence anymore. At this moment Aerilith wanders around, setting up camp where he doesn't disturb anyone, waiting for a person to break the silence of his life. Childhood event: He lost his parents at a young age when they tried to protect a human village from a bandit attack. For this reason Aerilith desires to protect innocents and show that bloodshed is often unnecesary.