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  1. Aerilith was drawn to the encampment a final time, he had spent days looking for his bard brother though when he found the lad it was already too late. With tears in his eyes the Mali would set himself next to the tent and look at the shell of Timothee’s undying spirit. He wept and groaned while grasping onto the grass around him. For the one man that changed his life had departed from his side. “Timo.. ami….merde I-I’ll miss you…” Several moments passed him weeping before in a shaking tone he’d sing for the golden bard. “In a time long forgotten, we were scared and alone.
  2. Aerilith Oakenarrow blows his family’s hunting horn for his fallen brother when he heard the news, looking out for the sea he’d mutter “You found your peace llir.... and it was well worth it... goodbye mal’onn.”
  3. (( MC name: Phoenixshot3)) Name: Kaelindir Vote for Sohaer: ( XX ) Nelgauth Maehr'tehral ( ) Anethra Uradir ( ) Abstain
  4. (( MC name: Phoenixshot3 )) Name: Kaelindir Vote for Okarir’tir: ( ) Kaelan Aldin ( XX ) Alluin Miravaris Vote for Okarir’hiylun: ( ) Silvyr Uradir ( XX ) Dele Seregon ( ) Farandil Aldin
  5. Phoenixshot3

    Elven Songs

    gud songs honestly!
  6. -=Roleplay=- Name: Aerilith Oakenarrow Race: Wood Elf Age: 175 Are you a citizen of Elvenesse: Yes Previous military experience (Not necessary): Alibaba guard, Curonian guard, Oakenarrow Sentinels -=OOC=- MCname: Phoenixshot3 Discord (Required): Phoenixshot3#8669
  7. You’ve got a valid point there, I always saw LoTC magic like something that could be countered by being smart, using different types of weapons or just smacking a mage before they did cast something. My general question now is how do you counter a rifle regardless of what type it is? How can a non-magical or non-rifleman oppose it?
  8. My question for this is how is LoTC going to keep that from happening, sure we dont have to spend years training ourselves because its just rp but what WILL keep us from going down that same path? having the knowledge or useage of it for a select group of people like some magics circlejerked before?
  9. Of course I knew there was a period where they coexisted, my concern is merely that if we let guns come through now it might evolve into the era where they do go extinct. Once the step is taken some people will just continue to fight over it until it will become like the colonial ages.
  10. I personally am not a big fan of the idea of gunpowder or handheld firearms in LoTC due to the fact that it could be exploited so easily. Imagine someone walking around with ten flintlock pistols strapped onto their body and just starting to fire in any direction. Of course the debate here is what types of firearms would be allowed and how they’d work. Firearms are cool and I get that but they are the exact reason why plate armour became useless in history. So yes we would be able to make new characters based on gunpowder but at the same time you’d make people such as knights usele
  11. Aerilith Oakenarrow looks at the open letter with surprise, reading every word with more and more interest in the situation, he’d write a note to his ancient brother in arms soon after finishing the reading. “You continue to be the wisest of the pack llir, this is why you are one of few Mali’Fenn to be able to call themselves worthy for a Sentinel trial. you bring me in awe and inspire me, thank you for being my brother.”
  12. Aerilith Oakenarrow, former Grand Huntmaster and Grand Advisor took the note in his hands with a sigh. gazing upon the royal bullshit that was bestowed upon his friend “Why do royalty always have to do stupid things only for more experienced people to react as furiously.... Well it seems like picking sides will once again result in hate.... If only one of them was Oakenarrow....” He grunts before heading back to his tavern, putting on his smiling mask once more to make his customers feel like nothing is wrong.
  13. MC name: Phoenixshot3 Discord: Phoenixshot3#8669 Character: Aerilith Oakenarrow Age: 170 Race: Wood Elf Reason for joining: Create potions that prove valuable in the protection and recovery of friends. Experiment with brews to aid in hunts.
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