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  1. very nice, hopefully this will make the entire server and things associated with it safer.
  2. place block break block place block break block place blo

  3. The battle worn woman remained idle for a few minutes more, sat beside the body of a friend who's hand she still gently held. The silence which fell after death was not unfamiliar to her, yet the calmness was. There was a deep uncertainty within her core, death did not phase her for it was violent- it was bloody- and it was born of the battles she had been within for most her life. Yet passing of age brought unease and unfamiliarity, a life gently concluded rather than torn from its pages. The metallic hand which held the growing coldness of Nisreens tightened, tears welling within the eyes of the woman. A unshaken demeanor cracking and breaking in unison with her heart. Later that night, she would gently embrace the body of her friend as she carried her home. A body, a friend, lay to rest within sacred soil which held the allies and friends the pair had grown to know at each others side. "Thank you, Nisreen. You came to my side by chance, yet you never leaving it was something i truly strove for. We saw many years together, and i shall see many more without you." Her expression shifted once more, a usually stoic shiftless expression carrying a deep sadness to it. Tears tumbled down her cheek as she sat before her friends grave, speaking alone of memoires they shared.
  4. There was pause as a battle torn woman took hold of the parchment passed to her, a crimson gaze shifting across its contents fully yet finding itself returning to the line which bore her name. A deep sigh fell from her maw, perhaps one of exhaustion, perhaps one of grief. "Too many.." The warrior would mutter, a stern mind shifting through the memories of her deceased friends and family. Her mind continued forth, moving between memory to moment- and then she spoke. She knew her words would go unheeded, unheard, unknown- and perhaps this is why she spoke yet... perhaps part of her thought she was to speak to an old friend through such means. "I came to your nation, your home, a broken shell of the youth i once was. Forty years old and with little at my side but a stolen blade and memories of a family i once had. I never spoke of such, never finding a reason to, yet before i found myself staggered at your gates i had been admits the grasp of hidden figures i still fail to know the identity of. Fourteen years i spent trapped within a room not much larger than a cell." Something within her tugged, a indication to yield- to halt- after all, what was the point of stating this. There was no lotic to her doing this. Yet she kept speaking her truth to the stagnant caves air. "I was lost, and i stood admits rubble of the broken shell i was. You changed that, your home changed that. I was taken in as though i were one of your own, assisting where i could and through that i rebuilt myself. I healed, i grew, and i learnt." Kneeling beside the lake, Astrid placed down a flower folded of parchment- unable to reach a true flower in these lands, it would have to suffice. "And so i thank you, my old friend. My wildflower. Your kindness and support built me to the leader i am today, you gave me support, kindness, and the means to grow. My time with you may have concluded many years ago, yet what i earnt from those times never shall." The crafter flower was given a gentle push, dancing itself across the waters surface. "Rest well admits the embrace of death, for you have earnt your slumber."
  5. Endless amounts of work halted as a battle torn woman robbed of many nights sleep received a letter, one which she held within hands soon to tighten to fists. A deep sigh fell from the woman's maw, another she had knew yet not seen for so many years passing on. "Rest well, old friend." And thus, she placed aside work and letters alike before departing- her path set for the home of her dear niece.
  6. What aspect of your characters has changed the most since you first brought them to the world, and what caused that change? Did something about their morals, personality, view on the world, or appearance change and what's the story behind those changes
  7. What aspect of each of your characters story changed them the most? What moment, interaction, loss or realization molded them into the characters you play today.
  8. The woman's gaze rose from her notes, moving to scan the notes with a slight raise of a singular brow. "Oh, okay. That was unsuspected"
  9. What aspect of Garedyn has changed since you first started to play him, and what sparked that change?
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    i was held at gunpoint and forced to upvote this, +1
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