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  1. [!] The very reflection of The Brutal Baron himself, Distrugebot PRIME finished it's recanting of the heinous message and stepped aside to reveal the convergence of the Baron's Flock. The whir of machinery drew silent as every faux-eye was laid upon the one true DISTRUGERE, minds intent on enacting his will. Though as words came to a close, PRIME called out among the IRON LEGION "May heel crush snow until the blasphemer is found."
  2. Deep within a catacomb did Distrugebot Prime lurk, scanning tomes, scrolls, and etchings alike. And so Prime, first of its many brethren, GREW.
  3. From within one of his many homes, the graceful Lorien Len'thilln unfurled his letter. A paperweight and dagger placed on either end of the scroll kept it open, that his eyes may search it's contents in the dim candlelight. A dolorous ringing emanated from him as the note's content was divulged, and he uttered: ---------------- "Naught but tutelage did I grant her. The contempt was always her own reflection." ------------- With the gentle touch of his finger and a flash of energy-turned-flame, the note was thusly incinerated and gone from the world. How germane...
  4. And blood-black nothingness began to spin.
  5. I can see why this is an issue, and it brings it once more to the attacker side of reaction. In the event of an individual being willing to continue the story, there should be a certain recognition by the attacker to perhaps do the same on their end. For instance, a Silit could get a perfectly full feeding from drinking only enough blood to knock someone out/make em woozy, but could also overfeed and kill the individual (To no additional benefit). If the person is willing to contribute meaningful flaw roleplay, it should say something to the attacker OOCly that they should support the narrative building, rather than "Hurr durr if I kill them they forget everything". If you're worried about someone knowing what/who you are, you should show that irply. Have face coverings due to paranoia, and allow that very same affliction to peek through into your non-disguised rp. Give an individual who has given you the olive branch of meaningful rp the chance to continue it. [And to be clear, by "You" I do not mean anyone in particular, I mean it as an example.]
  6. I feel as if a good portion of this dilemma also comes in the opposition of attacks. Defending against an attack (regardless of intensity/stage of crp and exhaustion), is rarely met with a true "I'm beaten" type of thing, such as falling to the ground or being disarmed. Few people wish for this to happen, and instead remain standing and defending until one blow finally crashes through and kills the individual in one fell swoop. [More often than not, the individuals that emote themselves being knocked out in one hit do so in bad faith and pepper the rp with rude comments oocly.] This makes it increasingly difficult for an attacker to gauge just when to cease their onslaught in order to promote good, non-killing rp. [I've not had this personally happen to me, but have witnessed multiple instances of it occur.] Perhaps a good start can be approached from all parties involved, but of course that is a dream.
  7. My first character, still active. This is my 800th day on him. How far I have fallen..
  8. This can be said for any magic. They all have stupid ways to use them, but outright removal of the spell doesn't really change that in this case. With this same spell, you can have dramatic moments of intimidation or even well planned subterfuge and framing, among other things.
  9. I feel that the Auction House has ruined several rp niches already, and should be removed from rp influence. (Vanilla blocks and materials pose no problem, in my opinion.) Availability: AH is accessible worldwide, making merchant town schemes ineffective when compared to extremely locked down and fortified PVP cities. This lack of archetypes removes the lively feeling of nations, as well as removes the benefit of allying with other nations for reasons other than PVP numbers. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RP Flavor: There are several neat things that can lend flavor to a merchant that simply cant be conducted via Auction House. Descriptions on items are nice and all, but there is no story behind the item through such an interaction-free medium. There is no difference between a natural boutique sourcing finely woven clothing from local wool and someone with free edit tokens and an underground 2x8 sheep farm. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Non-Standard Currency: This is one of the more glaring issues, being the lack of bartering. Through AH, you can only exchange an item for mina rather than for another item, information, or other means. Due to its superior availability and concept of hassle-free sourcing, people tend to pander more towards AH than the few surviving merchants. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Uncharacteristic Outcomes: With the lack of moral monitoring in the AH, you can often see things like 6 year old children walking around with weapons of mass destruction with no rp backing whatsoever, just because they found a good deal on AH for their free 100 mina when they start a character. Additionally, Mina is often exchanged OOCly, which only worsens this. People can mule mina from their wealthy noble, through a friend, and back into their fresh character. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm sure there are reasons this outcome was chosen to begin with, and I'd like to see those if anyone has them, I just cant envision many reasons it would be beneficial in remaining.
  10. "A fool is he who would willingly oppose his betters. Let us hope the prince is not so naive." lulled a solitary figure of darkened skin, the grit of an old blade now refined ringing among the trees of Elysium's forest.
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