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  1. "What Empire?" asked Aleksandr Renault.
  2. I think wether the blacklist was justified or not is not really relevant in this case, but what is relevant is the limitations it has put upon TrendE. By no means does taking away the ability to defend yourself promote dynamic rp, and although I am a supporter of the new conflict rules this is something I can not get behind. What this does is promote ooc targeting, as right now TrendE is a walking target dummy who can’t do anything else but run. I fully understand blacklisting people and preventing them from instigating conflict (like the old VB’s used to do) as it had a purpose. Taking away the ability for people to defend themselves in my opinion does nothing but ruin their experience on the server, wether it is justified or not.
  3. Do you wish to get more educated on combat roleplay, or the combat rules of Lord Of The Craft? Do not hesitate to request a Pots ‘n Pandits session with a /creq or a message to a member of the Community team!


    1. Evonpire


      Become educated or I will find you.

  4. I wouldn't mind Thomas taking my mineginity. @Thomas Again well done on the activity that's insane.
  5. ”Right back at square one, absolutely useless.” grunted a retired, aging Knight. ”How long before another rebellion breaks out?
  6. You’ll be wanting this folder, it contains almost all previous maps!
  7. Hey there Logarius, welcome to the server! If you have any questions or require help with something, please feel free to ask!
  8. Aleksandr Renault smiles the Sun’s Smile upon receiving word of the wedding!
  9. Rave_Cave_marb


    Your application has been: On behalf of the server and Community Team members, I’d like to welcome you to LOTC! Should you have any further questions, feel free to contact me here on the forums, through my discord (Rave_Cave_Marb#6279), or by /msg (marb121) in-game. You can find our New Player Guide right here. It contains all sorts of useful information, I highly recommend reading up on it as it will help you to get settled on the server much more easily! Be sure to visit the wiki and forums for more information on the servers lore, roleplay situations and much more! You can also join our New Player Discord – Where you can ask questions to our Community team, and meet other server players. Happy roleplaying!
  10. Rave_Cave_marb


    Changed Status to Pending
  11. Rave_Cave_marb


    Changed Status to Under Review Hello there! At this time your application has been placed on, For the following reason(s): Ø I want you to add an example to your metagaming definition. In this example I want you to show me how metagaming can be used in a roleplaying context. Ø Your powergaming definition is partially correct, but still missing something. Please visit the link below, and read the definition for powergaming used on Lord Of The Craft. Once you have a clear understanding of this term, expand upon your current definition, and provide an example! Metagaming & Powergaming You have 24 hours to make the requested changes. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me using the contact information below. You can join our New Player Discord– Where you can ask questions to our Community Team, and meet other server players. Be sure to read through the new player guide for more information on various rules, terms and the server itself! You can contact me here on the forums, through my discord (Rave_Cave_Marb#6279) or by /msg (marb121) in-game for any questions or concerns.
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