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  1. Take care Zach, it’s been great having you around and working with you. I’ll miss you
  2. Good job people of the Community team!
  3. ”Why exactly was this man made Duke?” wondered Aleksandr, scratching his head at the missive.
  4. Arden Aldin prepares to spend many a night in the tavern, to pour excessive amounts of wine down his throat!
  5. As he walked past the burnt fields, Aleksandr Renault was filled with a feeling of dread. The stench of the dead causing him to gag. ”Even during times of peace, violence and destruction are ever present.” He sighed, unable to get the sight of his new home in chaos out of his head.
  6. Aleksandr Renault had trouble staying awake as he had to hold onto Ide for the duration of the entire trial, standing still and doing nothing else.
  7. I blame @Ivoryyy_ for being bad at timing, either was gg, enjoy the skin 😄
  8. @Sporan Sorry buddy few seconds late 😉 Edit: nvm Ivory sucks at timing
  9. Discord: You have it. Skin: Generic Noble. Bid: 6000
  10. Discord: You have it. Skin: Generic Noble. Bid: 5250.
  11. Discord: You know it. Skin: Generic Noble. Bid: 3250.
  12. Discord: You have it. Skin: Generic Nobleman #1. Bid: 1500 Minas.
  13. How is your post/rep ratio worse than mine...
  14. Paying minas to whoever +1’s all of my posts, help me fix my rep ratio pls tyvm

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      10 rep a day limit.... Yikes sorry marb


      ill +1 your status update to help you out tho

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      lol your cringy af

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      I hate all of you.

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