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  1. A simple crack is all it took for Ailmar to look back down towards the now lifeless body of a Curonian noble, his blade still bloodied from slaying an Orenian soldier infront of Rubern. ”A waste of life perhaps, but their own fault.” Silently making his return to The Renelian Union, he stopped for a brief moment, glancing up at the dark night sky once more. ”Long live the Alliance, long live the Union! Oren shall soon fall, and their reign of terror shall end!”
  2. To the Mali’ker of the Onyx Sanctum Peace for our kind To Dak’ir Des’Nox, Primarch of the Onyx Sanctum, We have seen the missives of the Bortu towards you and your people, the grudges declared. The safety of your people is at risk, and your Sanctum compromised. We do not wish for any of our fellow Mali’ker to live in uncertainty, and to suffer in their own homes. Our people are strong willed and proud, but splintered. All across Arcas you find settlements with Mali’ker, but yet they are not unified. If we wish for our people to strive once more, we should start now. It is therefore that we, The Renelian Union extend you this invitation, so that we may talk about the future of our people. Meet us in our temple halls, so that we can see our people thrive once more. Signed, His Excellency, The Archon Aroen Velulaei’onn
  3. Ailmar Velulaei'onn shudders as he recalls the Orenian troops flying at the speed of light, warping around the battlefield and fleeing as soon as they laid eyes upon the Alliance forces. “Quite bold of this Emperor to turn down an offer which will end the suffering of his citizens and soldiers. Surely they too see they are outnumbered and suffering crippling defeats daily. Even at the steps of their own capital do they fail to repell our forces. Still bloodied from the recent fight, the Elf began cleaning his blade, knowing it would spill much more Orenian blood in the coming days.
  4. Who can we contact in regards to getting charter activity data and a potential upgrade when gm managers are not willing to hand it to us/don’t reply?

  5. Seated within the temple devoted to Luara, Ailmar Velulaei’onn looked up towards the massive glass dome, smiling brightly. ”The crimes of the dogs of Haense shall be paid for at last. No longer shall they and the Orenian cattle threaten the sovereignty of any of us. Praise Luara, praise Renelia and praise the Alliance!” Ailmar left the temple, and began to prepare for the battles to come.
  6. Ailmar Velulaie’onn stood at the base of the temple which overlooked the Renelian Union, smiling as he read over the missive. ”The Hanseni shall not get away with such a vile act, long live the Alliance!”
  7. Take care Func, sad to see you leave.
  8. Where do we apply for admin?

    1. Goblinberg
    2. Ave_victoriam


      If you can find Tythus IRL, you get admin on the spot

    3. Language


      Don’t doubt him, he can do it!

  9. The end of the dev team. Take care you all, remember we are still married @Tofuus
  10. A former Renatian General rolls in his grave.
  11. Wonder if there will be an admin response within the week

  12. Love this server!

    1. Lark


      And the creeps love you, if a bit too much.

  13. It's time gamers.





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