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  1. Rave_Cave_marb


    Full Name: Aldis Year of Birth: 1665 City of Primary Residency: Carolustadt ((MC Name: marb121))
  2. Rave_Cave_marb

    The Contraband Control Act, 9th of the Amber Cold, 1697

    Aldis grabs his bag of grapefruits and starts making his way to Curon, going to see if he can get executed for trading them on street corners.
  3. Rave_Cave_marb

    A Message From a Family, To the Heads of the Community

    I in all honesty have never (as far as I'm aware of) interacted with you guys but you deserve the plot, this is honestly bullshit. +1
  4. Rave_Cave_marb

    ♥ This Little Sprite of Mine ♥ - Sprite Shop - Reopened

    MC ▫ Name ≎ marb121 Sprite ▫ Type ≎ Complicated card Character ▫ Name ≎ Aldis Character ▫ Race ≎ Human Character ▫ Status ≎ (card only) Alive Mini ▫ Sprite ≎ (card only - Heart, weapon, whatever to express character. If its too complicated I reserve the right to adjust it) A sword Reference ▫ Picture(s) ≎
  5. Rave_Cave_marb

    The Firelands Campaign: Missive

    IGN: marb121 Character Name: Aldis Nation/Group Representing: Member of the Imperial Legion Are you a leader of this group (If Yes, please list your discord information below): No Cause for joining the Campaign: Stumbled upon the start of the campaign in CT Previously Interacted RP (Malevolence - Firelands p3): Only the first part, Malevolence(?)
  6. Rave_Cave_marb

    Valkrae's Event Team Actor application

    +1 Events more focussed on entertaining more casual roleplayers is always fun. It’s a nice way of keeping things alive and fresh and can provide a lot of run RP. Also for the brief amount of time I have played with him have been very enjoyable, would love to see him as an ET actor!