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  1. Garrow looked up from his metalwork, the carefully crafted blade clattering to the ground. "No way. . ." he hurried off.
  2. Myrios smiles at the poster. "We do deserve some fun, especially with all the madness going on."
  3. Myrios perused the notice, smiling as he read the contents.
  4. "Ah," Myrios mused as he read the poster. "Perhaps I'll compete then. . . ." He looks at the item he was perusing before, a double-recurve bow, an heirloom of his family. "I hope they do archery. . . ." He puts the bow away and then becomes utterly engrossed in cooking food for his soon-approaching marriage party.
  5. Myrios Sarran, in his forge at the time, sifts through his various curiosities and treasures to uncover a vial of vampire blood. He uncaps the vial and pours a small amount of salt in. The red liquid boiled furiously as it makes contact with the white grain, and Myrios grins slightly, then closes the bottle and turns back to his metalwork.
  6. [!] A masked figure inspects the missive, a low hum of amusement heard. "Hehehe. . . . I'll have a looksee, then. . . ."
  7. [!] A masked figure, inspecting a poster put up by the workforce They tap their gloved hand on the dried parchment, then sweep off, blending into the darkling night.
  8. Narnias the place to be huh


  9. Myrios is eager to gain more 'worthless' mina, and quickly checks his stash for any suitable items of interest.
  10. [!]Copies of the following poster are put up around the Duchy of Minitz[!] The Union of Eloisee Roheisa and Myrios Sarran "There are many joys in life, and an important thing to do is to observe such times of happiness, even in the wake of tragedy, change or the loss of friends. As such, we invite those who wish to come, to observe the joining of hands between Eloisee Roheisa and Myrios Sarran, held inside the church of Minitz. There shall be a feast and party afterwards in the fields near the walls of Minitz, doubling as a celebration of the defeat of the accursed Glebites." "Food is provided, and party favours will be distributed, and a dance held, open to all. Come, and be merry as we celebrate together." [!] Personal invites have been sent to the following: Herzog Brandt Wilheim Barclay All members of Theoderic's Warband Sir Yvian Galken Siegfried Barclay Ottomar Von Alstreim Markward Orino [OOC] (The date and time are: 7:30pm EST Friday, 17/02/2023)
  11. This is interesting to an extreme. I love bartering for state secrets
  12. [!] A letter in claimant to the Starsteel longsword, with neat handwriting stating, " I would like to purchase the Starsteel Longsword, and shall contact you as soon as possible. Do please reserve it for me for when I can get to you." Signed, Myrios Sarran
  13. Myrios notices the letter, falling off his horse as he does so. Getting up and descrying the poster, he says, "Now this should be useful. . . ." Myrios proceeds to make his way to an aviary.
  14. Myrios Sarran submits his vote and proceeds to fall in a river
  15. Myrios Sarran sits atop his steed, observing the walls and the notice pinned outside the gates, conflicted as to his position regarding Pavia. Seeming to come to a decision, he departs.
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