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  1. "Ah da, ve Heartlander accord....that alliance with all its member signing individual pacts to undermine their original pact." Remarked Gabriel Amador, tidying up his BSK uniform!
  2. Gabriel Amador took note of his family's invitation, waving it out in front of his mother and siblings alike! "We are all going, right?"
  3. ALL THAT COULD HAVE BEEN Within the Kortrevich manor, an aged bull found himself alone in his room. The dimly lit space was cluttered with empty bottles and torn pages. It was late at night as Aleksandr was seated at his desk, penning various letters. He had been sitting there for hours now, wide awake, tormented by his thoughts. Aleksandr had never been easy to handle, let alone reasonable. The death of his wife, however, snapped something within the man. He could no longer love, no longer smile, no longer feel joy. He remembered the nights he spent with Nataliya atop the Jerovitz towers, enjoying the sunsets. Those moments of serenity were something he had long been craving for. One by one he saw those dearest to him fall, either through his own doing or events beyond his control. What little he had left he felt slipping from his grasp. His own children he no longer saw as his own, the family he had once helped lead estranged completely. Perhaps Aleksandr was never destined to succeed, perhaps he failed so that others may learn from his mistakes. He knew all too well he had burned the bridges he still had left. The Kortrevich flock he cared for so dearly saw him as nothing more than a crazed man filled with nothing but rage and contempt. What legacy would he leave behind? Would anyone remember him for the good he had achieved? For the times he spent with his family, for his reign as Baron of Mondstadt? He doubted such, as if it mattered little in the end. He knew that he had pushed everyone around him away for good, his relations damaged beyond repair. He eyed the papers before him, contemplating what to do with the unfinished writings. Was it even worth it at this point? In the middle of the night Aleksandr, carrying with him the letters. As he turned to shut the door of the Kortrevich manor one last time he paused, memories flooding to him. Ileana, Yankova, Anastasia, Fabian, Sergei, Irena, Elena, Leonid, Larissa, Dimitri. He could hear them all, for a moment wondering if it was too late to fix things. In the distance he spotted the blue columns of the Amador storefront. Nataliya, Liridona, Magnus, Albus, Henrik, Poppiya, Karl, Magnus, Matyas, Theodosya. He once abandoned the Kortrevich name for House Amador, in the end unsure if it was ever worth it. He would set out to leave Valdev behind one final time, knowing that wherever he was going, he would soon again meet those he had been missing so dearly. A single letter, found within the Kortrevich manor was all that would remain of him. To whoever may find this, an apology is all I can give. I failed you all as an uncle, a cousin, a nephew. Hurt has been all I brought upon this family in the end, and I can no longer live with the guilt that has been eating away at me. Wherever I may go, never will I forget House Kortrevich. You have always been, and always will be my one true family. The future is bright for all of you, but it is a future you will have to face without me. I don’t wish for anyone to mourn me, for I am not worth grieving over. Take good care of yourselves and of Irena especially. “Tiz Dzuty, Triek Caezk” -Aleksandr Kortrevich
  4. Dad please come home the children miss you

  5. It had been quite some time since the now aged Kortrevich had felt something like this, he thought he had grown accustomed to the feeling. Ileana and didn't always see eye to eye, and he had treated her poorly in the past, making unreasonable demands and throwing tantrums where it was simply not needed. For the first time in many years, decades even Aleksandr Kortrevich felt something he thought he never would again, grief. He retreated to the Kortrevich manor, where had isolated himself after the death of his wife just the same. Would he let this grief consume and change him like it had before, or would he change himself for the better? From high up in the Seven Skies, the founder of Jerovitz, Count Jan Otto 'The Envoy' Kortrevich smiled as he welcomed his great-granddaughter with open arms. "You did well, Ileana, you're getting the rest you deserve now."
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  7. "Always knew the idiot would mess up eventually, Godan save his pitiful soul." Muttered Aleksandr Kortrevich in passing, brushing off the disownment of his former cousin in-law
  8. TO CALL THE LOST BULLS House Kortrevich has found itself at the dawn of a new resurgence, its members once more becoming a present sight within the streets of Valdev. It is therefore that we seek out the bulls that have long been separated from their kin in Haense. To all who claim the Kortrevich name, We ask that you make yourselves known to your kin once again, so that we may find our lost brothers and sisters and re-unite once more. Write the Countess a signed letter with your name, date of birth and those of your parents so that we may verify you to be a true Koravian. Any previously documented Kortrevich presumed to be alive, that fail to identify themselves within 3 years, shall be presumed dead and, if found to be alive, disowned from the House and given the name of Kort. Those who wish to rejoin House Kortrevich but failed to make themselves known to us in time, are to present themselves in front of the Countess in person. The names of those who provide writ and who’s lineage can be proven shall be recorded in the family lines of the House, and those who can prove descent from the lines of Jan Otto, Count of Jerovitz, shall have their names sealed in the annals of the Books of Blood as true Koravians of the Comital Line. SIGNÉE PAR, THE RIGHT HONOURABLE, Ileana Stefaniya Kortrevich, Countess of Jerovitz, Viscountess of Krusev and Baroness of Koravia HIS EXCELLENCY, Fabian Otto d’Arkent-Kortrevich, Archivist to the House HIS LORDSHIP, Aleksandr Audemar Kortrevich “Tiz Dzuty, Triek Caezk” “With duty, comes honor”
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