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  1. Aleksandr Audemar smiles brightly as the missive was published, proud of the hard work of all involved!
  2. A BULL’S LAMENT Aleksandr Kortrevich, or so he once called himself, found himself seated within one of the many, empty buildings situated within the Underdark. He had taken some time to explore the exotic depths of whichever desolate place he found himself in. He worried for the safety of his family;the safety of his betrothed and his own. He knew that he had failed to defend the Kongzem; he knew he wasn’t there to fight for those he held so dear. Aleksandr was no coward, but he was also one to avoid conflict whenever he could. When conflict breaks down the walls of the city you grew up in, however, there is no more running away. The siege of Savoy, the escape into the tunnels, Virgil’s death, Mariya’s betrayal. While it may not have been clear to those around him something had snapped within the future Baron of Mondstadt. He found himself contemplating what had just occurred. Was he unreasonable, did he truly think his cousin was bringing shame upon his family? Whatever he may have thought of it now, it mattered little. Aleksandr knew Ileana wanted to speak to him, but what she had done was beyond forgiveness now. No longer a Kortrevich, he was given the shame of a bastard name….and for what? Because he stood up against a foul, murderous man he once called coz? Whatever Ileana or Sergei wanted to say to him, the damage had been done. He would never forgive the Countess for what she had done, to a Kortrevich who had given the family his all. Aleksandr could no longer stand by idly, he could no longer bring himself to run away from whatever conflict was brought towards him. No longer would he choose the path of cowardice, of excuses. If he were to become a Baron, something would have to change. He took a look at his mace, a gift from Sterling. Aleksandr had never used a weapon until recently, he had never wanted to use one. Conflict worried him, the mere idea of being forced to harm another individual frightened him…at least, it used to. When he came face to face with Virgil, something truly snapped within him. He rose up, setting out to explore the vast Underdark as he had done many times before. The cool, although desolate environment offered him some peace of mind. Back in Jerovitz, Aleksandr would often find himself wandering around the vast fields surrounding the County. Nature always calmed him down, and the caverns surrounding him were no different. He sat himself down upon a nearby rock, looking down at the armor Nataliya had gifted him. He never expected himself to be donning blue, but he would never find himself wearing red again either. Perhaps Yankova was right after all. Perhaps Aleksandr was too invested in his family; perhaps he was too blind to see the injustices all around him. The Kortrevich name was no longer his, but soon Amador would be. That thought wasthe only thing still comforting a man who had pushed nearly all those dear to him away. He could no longer bring himself to speak to Ileana, nor would he ever call himself a Kortrevich ever again. Everything he had ever done he did with the best intent for his family, he had dedicated his whole life to caring and worrying about them. One by one, they vanished. One by one, Aleksandr lost those closest to his heart. He knew he had brought hurt upon Sergei, the things he said in a fit of rage intended not to hurt his cousin, but to protect his family in the wake of disaster. He knew he found himself at a crossroads, where a new life awaited him. Was he truly ready to be Baron, or would he find himself running back to old habits? Whatever changes he would have to make, he knew one thing. He knew where his new family was, and who truly cared for his well-being. Only time would tell what path Aleksandr would walk in the end. Within the desolate depths of the Underdark only one thing became certain, he would never consider himself a Kortrevich ever again. NOD PEPEL, ASERE PODNIMAT’SYA From Ashes, We Rise
  3. @HIGH_FIRE @__WaterFox__ absolutely based picks right there
  4. A NIGHT OF CELEBRATIONS: KORTREFEST The idyllic County of Jerovitz had recently seen the Debutante of our proud Countess hosted within its impressive keep: the ascension of Ileana Stefaniya, and a new generation of Kortreviches making themselves known within the Kongzem call for celebrations! Though the House would have delighted to host its Friends and Kin in our County Lands, matters of security mean we shall host in the Karosgrad gardens, as something of a precursor to the coming Ve Wyrsavest. Joust A joust will begin the festivities. Competitors are asked to speak to Lord Aleksandr Kortrevich prior to the start of events for registration. THIRD PLACE A hand-carved drinking flagon and fifty mina. SECOND PLACE A silver chalice, fine leather saddle, and a hundred mina. FIRST PLACE A golden goblet, the finest horse of Jerovitz’s stables, and one-hundred fifty mina. Tavern Night OPEN BAR & PASTRIES Goods and refreshments shall be imported from Jerovitz, with all drinks on the House. Pastries including macarons and papansi, will complement a proper, hearty dinner of stroganoff and braised cabbage. Performances courtesy of the Kortrevich family’s bardic-inclined kin will accompany games of Darts, Dice, and Cards. An artist’s depiction of the County of Jerovitz Individual invitations are sent out to the Haeseni King and peerage: His Royal Majesty, Georg I Barbanov, King of Hanseti-Ruska and his royal pedigree Her Grace, Roslin Baruch, Duchess of Valwyck and her noble pedigree His Grace, Wilheim Barclay, Duke of Reinmar and his noble pedigree His Grace, Aleksandr var Ruthern, Duke of Vidaus and his noble pedigree The Right Honourable, Henrik Ludovar, Count of Otistadt and his noble pedigree The Honourable, Carolus Colborn, Viscount of Venzia and his noble pedigree The Honourable, Audo Weiss, Viscount of Novkursain and his noble pedigree His Highness, Francisco de Pelear, Viceroy of Hyspia and his noble pedigree Her Ladyship, Alyona Godunov, Baroness of Verskaya and her noble pedigree Additional invitations are distributed to various friends and allies of House Kortrevich: Her Highness, Briar Pendraic of Barrowton Her Highness, Rosalind Katya of Norland The Rex, Ar-Borok’Akaal of Krugmar and his Horde His Lordship, John d’Arkent, Heir to Salia, and his noble pedigree Her Ladyship, Laetitia Henrietta, Mistress of the Robes, and Lady Blanca d’Azor Firress Nataliya Amador and House Amador Headmistress Inny Yuln’aher and the Vailu Valmiran Signed, His Lordship, Fabian Otto Kortrevich His Lordship, Aleksandr Kortrevich
  5. When the news reached Aleksandr Kortrevich, something broke within the man. Last he saw his cousin, they didn't leave on good terms. Even if he was not one to anger quickly, Mariya had broken something within him that fateful day. Now however, Aleksandr felt only regret. Regret for the time had not spent with her, for the time he could have taken to make up with her. Within his room in Jerovitz, he stared at the writ, muttering to himself . "Vy are nie Kortrevich, vy are nie Barbanov, vy are filth."
  6. Aleksandr Kortrevich, as he was about to leave for Jerovitz stumbled upon the missive. Usually he wouldn't pay much attention to such events, until the Kortrevich spotted his name at the bottom. "Oh mea, ea've never been invited to anything!" He exclaimed, probably loud enough for someone to overhear. Excitedly het left for his homestead, eager to show his sister the invitation!
  7. No get out stop coming back

  8. A KORAVIAN CHILL A simple cough was nothing to worry about, or so a Kortrevich told himself. Alek had been used to feeling under the weather by now, it was no big deal to the Kortrevich. For a few days, things worsened, however. A feverish Aleksandr would now be roaming the Karosgrad square. Was it his endless conversations with his sister in the rain that made him ill? Perhaps it was the endless amounts of stress he brought upon himself. Aleksandr, as usual, ended his day by returning to Jerovitz, the beautiful Kortrevich estate. He often favored walking there instead of taking the carts. The scenery gave him some peace of mind, something he needed now more than anything. He worried about the war, his sister, all his relatives. Yankova had been out of Karosgrad for months, making him feel uneasy. Unlike his relatives, however, Alek chose to isolate himself within the Kongzem. It made him feel safe, albeit lonely. All this combined had been weighing heavily on his shoulders, and Aleksandr convinced himself this was the cause of his supposed illness. The journey he had embarked on so many times before proved far more difficult this time, however. In the distance, he could make out the towers of his home, but they didn’t seem to grow any closer. Aleksandr, no longer able to continue, collapsed on the path leading up to Jerovitz. An artist’s depiction of the County of Jerovitz He woke up many hours later, only to find himself surrounded by servants of the County. It wouldn’t take long until he passed out once more, remaining bed-bound within the walls that he had only recently left. Isolation once again his best friend. Word would soon reach the other Kortreviches, servants telling them of their relative's condition.
  9. Aleksandr Kortrevich had just taken a lovely nap in Jerovitz. His day was had been going perfectly up until that point. In Karosgrad he stumbled upon a very odd poster! "Yankova vy absolute cretin." Knowing his social life and status had been brought to ruin Aleksandr ran straight back towards Jerovitz, locking himself up with a feeling of indescribable shame overcoming him. His day was ruined.
  10. Feedback noted. (my last one got removed) To add to that, this is one of the weakest, spineless verdicts this administration could have given. If you actually pride yourself in wanting to make lotc a safer space then actually tackle issues instead of saying "yeah you don't need to forgive someone". We all slip up and say things that were said or sent in a burst of anger, but there's a clear line between that and gross harassment. This line was crossed and nothing has been done about it other than giving the community a weak explanation of how you don't tolerate harassment but also won't do anything about it. Good job admins, proved us all right again
  11. Heinrik Ratispora, wandering around without purpose in the now barricaded city of Velec sighed deeply. "For what reason did this war even start? Has there ever been any declarations by Aaun or even the slightest hint at hostile intentions? For what reason did Heinrik decide to lock down our city, scare away its populace and replace them with mercenaries we barely even know? Ea used to like vy Heinrik, vy took eam in and gave eam a home in a city ea used to care about greatly. Now vy have turned it into a soon to be war-torn wasteland, where only weaponry and armour are seen. Long gone are the days of joyful conversation and worry-free laughter in the streets. Even if vy win this war, the death of Adria will be on vyr hands alone." The Ratispora went home one last time to pack his belongings and depart. Velec was no longer his home.
  12. Aleksandr Kortrevich, as he had finally ended his hermit-like lifestyle in Jerovitz stumbled across the missive while wandering through the streets of Karosgrad. "How dobry, well done coz!"
  13. I take back calling you incompetent a year ago you're now my favourite admin
  14. THE OTHER HEINRIK Adria has not been my home for many years, nor was I ever familiar with the Duchy’s history or cultural values. I’ve regarded Duke Heinrik as a friend for many years now, he was the first to welcome me into Adria and the one that gave me many chances to make Velec my home. I can not however stand by and support someone accused of such heinous crimes, nor do I wish to support the coup planned by those who once sat on the Council of Orel together with me. It is therefore that I, Heinrik Ratispora formally retire from my position as Magistrate of the Duchy of Adria. I pray for a quick end to this conflict, and that the many peaceful citizens of the Duchy will not be caught in the middle of this violence soon to come. Signed Heinrik Ratispora
  15. "Hopefully they don't pick the wrong Heinrik". Said Heinrik Ratispora, who was now considering moving elsewhere or boarding up his doors and windows.
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