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  1. Caterina was not the type to cheer, nor celebrate-- but she could not help but muster a smile at the idea of her father's legacy flourishing.
  2. Caterina received the idea's proposal with indifference. She had wasted over twenty years of her life wandering the lands of Balian, unknown, friendless, her presence almost like that of a ghost. Her beryl eyes narrowed on her brother, Kasimir, as she plainly said, "The Sarkozics did not belong in Balian regardless. We're Raev."
  3. Behind the dark, translucent veil which shrouded her gaunt visage- the widow of John Lothar d'Arkent, Caterina, could not help but resist an awfully cheery demeanor. Her scarlet-stained lips twisted into a wicked grin, which she concealed within the palm of her bony hands whilst feigning dramatic sobs.
  4. "It feels as if she were only a mere child yesterday. How lovely it is to see her grow into such a fair and agreeable woman," Justine mused to her husband, a coy smile playing 'pon the wings of her lips as she reminisced.
  5. Long had it been since Marina had found herself in the embrace of her family-- she had opted to estrange herself from her relatives on the mark of her sister's death. The youngest daughter of Olessya continued her spiritual trek across Aevos, completely unaware of the Amador household's recent misfortune, content with the idea that both her parents remained safe within the walls of Haense. . .
  6. A close in-law of the groom, Justine-Margaux applauded the young boy and his announcement! "Ah! Lovely! I knew you would find the perfect girl for you, Victor. I told you all you needed was patience."
  7. A faint smile of relief graced Justine's lips, merely relieved that after what seemed a lifetime of conflict- it had officially come to a close. There was an ache in her heart knowing that her sister, Cressida, had fought so hard only to not see the progress of her efforts and receive the heirlooms herself. At least she could rest in peace now. . .
  8. Ada's advisor, the Chamberlaine of the River Court Justine, dipped her head approvingly after her Dramaturge presented the new playwright of hers, "I love it! I love it! Great work, Ada."
  9. Justine thought that it would be positive news the day that the door was knocked upon. She enthusiastically greeted the Raevir pageboy, though once the notion wasn't returned, the Aldersberg knew something was off. Her irises darted towards the will in his hands, which he solemnly raised to present to her. She read the missive, and before she could even finished her fingers went limp- allowing the parchment to slowly drift to the ground. Gasps desperate for air emitted from her fragile figure as she immediately resorted to sobbing, unable to breath between such violent wails. Cressida, the strongest woman she knew, had passed in childbirth. The Dame would cry for a while, and even when all the tears had been shed, she would possibly never recover from such a loss.
  10. The youngest daughter to the former Viscount of Pompourelia, Caterina Alexandrina Sarkozic, was not known to be one to reveal much emotion. Her typical countenance was cold and unwavering, and she rarely ever shown any display of care or affection. Just this once, in the shroud of darkness that accompanied the loneliness within her room in the Sarkzoic estate, did she she weep. Her father, the man who had constantly doted over her and spoiled her from the very day of her birth, was gone. There would be no more tenderness from his verdant gaze, no more stories of old, no more love. This wasn't her first encounter with death, no, Milena and Georg had died long before- leaving her and Kasimir as the last two remaining children of Franz Sarkozic. There was an ache in her heart, where there was once an ounce of feeling, it was now replaced with an empty bitter sadness.
  11. [!] A letter, bearing the seal of House Halcourt, is distributed to all peers of the Petran realm. With great joy and utmost delight, we, Baron Yves Olivier Halcourt d'Artois and Dame Justine-Margaux Halcourt d'Artois, humbly announce the blessed arrival of our firstborn son and heir, Henri Alexandre Halcourt d'Artois @Nord. On this auspicious day, the seventh of Tobias’ Bounty in the year of our Lord 1932, our hearts overflow with immense happiness as we share this news with our cherished peers and the entirety of the Petra. Henri, a symbol of hope and promise, has been bestowed upon us as a divine blessing after a challenging pregnancy. His birth signifies the continuation of our noble lineage, and we are eternally grateful to the heavens for this precious gift. The ancestral legacy of the Halcourt d'Artois family flourishes in the form of our dear son, who shall carry forth our name and honor with utmost devotion. As proud parents, we cannot express our gratitude enough for the support, prayers, and well-wishes extended to us during this blessed time. We are overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and goodwill we have received from all corners of the realm. Your unwavering loyalty and benevolence assure us that Henri shall grow surrounded by a community of esteemed individuals, ready to guide him in the ways of valor, wisdom, and virtue. May this joyous occasion bring forth an era of prosperity, love, and harmony for all. THE HONOURABLE, Sir Yves Olivier Halcourt d’Artois The Baron of Artois, Chivaliyont of the Commonwealth, Knight Commander of the Sovereign Order of the Petrine Laurel, Ensign of the Riverguard, and Protector of the Auvergnians HER EXCELLENCY, Dame Justine-Margaux ‘The Eloquent’ Novellen-Aldersberg Chamberlaine of the River Court, Knight Captain of the Circle of Saint Emma, Joint-Owner of Auvergnian Alterations
  12. From within the confines of the Chamberlaine's office, Justine carefully read through the meticulous corrections of the proposed amendment. Seeing no fault then, she flashed the Count of Mies a smile before dipping her head approvingly.
  13. The Aldersberg's eyes lit up with delight upon receiving the news from her sister, Cressida. Her fingertips accidentally crunched the edges of the parchment, squeezing the sheet with excitement, "My little nephew is getting married? Oh my! They certainly do grow fast..."
  14. "Oh, what an ambitious youth," The Chamberlaine of the River Court uttered upon scanning the missive during one of her morning walks with Clynton. Her thin brows knitted together with concern, she had seen similar situations unfold several times... once within her own family.
  15. Justine frantically paces the floor of the Noufeille Valenstrata, her arms flooded with many potential decorative ornaments for the occasion. The arrival of her firstborn and the prospect of guests had set off an obsessive urge to have every minute detail perfect for the upcoming revelry!
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