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  1. The newly appointed Regent of Talentine, Henri de Lewes, nodded his head, patiently relaying the requests and information in neat ink and quill. The Baron, notoriously awful in regards to the treatment of children and fatherhood, seemingly had a change of heart. Perhaps the young Count Leon was what he wished his own heir to have been.
  2. ELECTOR NAME: Yustina Anastasya Sarkozic var Aaun. ELECTOR HOUSE: Sarkozic var Aaun. VOTE CAST: Da!
  3. "Mother obviously didn't give Mikhail enough attention as a baby," Yustina remarked to her two remaining brothers, Artyom and Aleksey, after reading.
  4. THE KINDERFESTE OF REVEDIN The Rite of Maturity of the Countess of Revedin, Konstancja Illena Konstancja Illena, Circa. 1972 Written by THE MARCH OF VELEN After years of study abroad, the Countess of Revedin is to return home to the Velenic Plateau, and at the whim of the Margravial Seat of Velen, a Kinderfeste shall be hosted in her honor. _________________ TIMETABLE Firstly, a bonfire will be prepared from the Aschenwald wood and ignited to mark Konstancja’s transition into adulthood. She shall throw a few cherished items into the flames to mark her passage into adulthood accompanied by a speech from herself and her parents. Secondly, classical Waldenian music will be played as guests are allowed to mingle and congratulate the individual. Finally, Konstancja will be officially invested by her parents as the Countess of Revedin as is customary. _________________ INVITATIONS Personal Invitations of the Countess are sent to; His Royal Highness, Charles Reman of Aaun Her Royal Highness, Josephine Florentia of Aaun His Lordship, Guy de Lewes of Virdain Her Ladyship, Hedwig of Warsovia Miss Winifred Adelia Barclay To the Peerage of Aaun; His Royal Majesty, John I, King of Aaun, and his noble pedigree His Highness, Johannes von Alstreim, Prince of Merryweather, and his noble pedigree Her Ladyship, Olympe-Regina Dieuxmont de Rosius, The Marchioness of Haute-Epine, and her noble pedigree His Lordship, Krzysztof Jazlowiecki, The Count of Warsovia, and his noble pedigree His Lordship, Léon Henri, The Count of Talentine, and his noble pedigree His Lordship, Grzmichuj Jazlowiecki, The Baron of Triglav, and his noble pedigree His Lordship, Henri de Lewes, The Baron of Virdain, and his noble pedigree His Lordship, Emilio Varoche, The Baron of Napoliza, and his noble pedigree To the Waldenic Diet; His Royal Highness, Alfred, Prince in Reinmar and of Sutica, Elector of Reinmar His Royal Highness, Leon, Prince in Reinmar and of Minitz, Elector of Minitz The Right Honourable, Aurel von Theonus, Elector of Marignan The Right Honourable, Friedrich von Augusten, Elector of Hohengarten Sir Daris Verethi Teres, Syndicate Envoy to the Waldenic Diet And all others, of Waldenic Heritage SIGNED, His Excellency, Siegmund I, RKTVOOBE, ROKSG, Margrave of Velen, Count of Cantal, Viscount of the Aschenwald, Baron Mons Velena, Alsace, and the Arentania, Lord of Kostritz, Patriarch of the House von Reuss, Elector of Velen, Protector of the Aschenwald peoples, Vice-Chancellor of Aaun Her Ladyship, Marlene of Merryweather, Margravine-consort of Velen, Countess-consort of Cantal, Viscountess-Consort of the Aschenwald, Baroness-consort of Mons Velena, Alsace, and the Arentania, Lady of Kostritz, Protectress of the Aschenwald peoples Her Ladyship, Konstancja von Reuss, Countess of Revedin, Heir to the Margravate of Velen OOC:
  5. AN ANNOUNCEMENT OF ABDICATION Penned by Ser Henri de Lewes of Virdain On the 6th of Owyn’s Flame, 1961 For a sum of forty-seven years, Baron Fernand Auguste Ashford de Lewes served the Kingdom of Aaun and Virdain. In the duration of which he had served as the Mayor of Whitespire, The Chancellor of Aaun and much more. Lord Fernand sponsored the establishment of the Barony of Virdain in 1914 and has since then been the first and only to hold its title. Not only has he been a loyal courtier, but a husband and father as well. Now, finally content with his life’s achievements, the Baron has now formally decided to step back and enjoy the remainder of his life with his wife without the responsibilities he has carried. In doing so, he hereby surrenders the Barony of Virdain and the ownership of Cors-Midden to his rightful heir - Ser Henri Leufroy Sigismond Ashford de Lewes. May GOD bless the Baron and the family of Ashford de Lewes. SIGNED, HIS LORDSHIP, Fernand Auguste Ashford de Lewes HIS LORDSHIP, Ser Henri Leufroy Sigismond Ashford de Lewes Baron of Virdain OOC
  6. sondher


    THE DUCHY OF REINMAR DONATES Issued by the Duchess Theodosia of the Duchy of Reinmar On the 9th of Sun’s Smile, 513 Ehr Sigmunda OR years have I, Theodosia Helen Barclay, listened to the people of Reinmar. For years have I searched for a way to give back to the good citizens that have so willingly assisted my husband. Since my youth I have yearned to follow the Lord’s mission and feed the hungry, clothe the naked and shelter the needy. Though my roots aren’t necessarily Waldenic, I have studied the culture and tried to assimilate as briskly as possible, to understand the citizen’s of Alfred’s realm. In my studies, I have grown a fond interest in the styles that the men and women of Reinmar alike choose to wear. I have decided to take it upon myself to replicate such fashion with my newfound interest in sewing. You may be wondering, if you are still reading, how my interests and hobbies have any association with you? Well, quite a lot, in truth. All I seek is to improve the lives of others, and with such a reason - I present, to those who are in need of a new wardrobe, FREE GOWNS AND GARBS! For the ladies I have an assembly of two practical, modest outfits that represent both Waldenic culture and Reinmaren pride. BEHOLD. REINMAREN DAMSEL REINMAREN FARMER DAMSEL Unfortunately for the gentlemen, I did not possess the same creativity. I made a singular casual outfit in two different colour variations, blue and green. BLUE REINMAREN MANN GREEN REINMAREN MANN Thank you Reinmarens and Minitzers alike for your generous aid over the years, you have not gone unnoticed. SIGNED HER PRINCELY GRACE, Theodosia Helen Barclay, Princess-Consort of Sutica, Duchess-Consort of Reinmar, Countess-Consort of Freimark and Kretzen, Baroness-Consort of Madvon and Freising, Lady of Sankt Johannsburg OOC:
  7. IGN: sondher RP NAME: Theodosia Barclay PERSONA ID: 55747
  8. The Duchess of Reinmar, Theodosia, received the news with great anticipation, beaming with pride upon hearing the words from the Duke. "Finally," She exhaled a soft sigh of relief, "The efforts of your people have been acknowledged, Alfie." Despite her initial happiness, a shadow of worry clouded her porcelain features, an unwavering feeling that instinctively made her palms clasp in prayer for the future of her family and peace.
  9. Konstancja was so excited that her father was finally employed !
  10. Konstancja von Reuss readied her finest bow and trained accordingly with the assistance of her mother, Marlene.
  11. The rather impatient Ayrikivian, Theodosia, rolled her eyes, expecting such a request from her wounded husband (@Gandhi) , "Who am ah tae deny ye a weddin'? Ah pray this time ye willnae get 'urt fer once..." She murmured, bracing herself to assist the Barclay.
  12. Theodosia, the wife of Alfred, received his recount with tearful pride. A sigh of relief escaped her lips, her worried features softening at the news of the Covenant's success, "God is with us..."
  13. Konstancja, though she could not read yet, was proud of not only her mother - but her family as well.
  14. AN AAUNIC TRIPLE NAMEDAY EXTRAVAGANZA [!] The Coat of Arms for each birthday boy and girl was scribbled in crayon. [Artist: Konstancja Illena von Reuss, Countess of Revedin] Three children of houses across the Aaunic realm unite to celebrate their fifth nameday’s which shall take place within the same month. The eldest of the three, Countess Konstancja von Reuss, proposed that they should all celebrate within the walls of the newly-constructed keep in Velen. The other celebrants are notably Guy de Lewes, the anticipated heir of Virdain and Lady Winifred Barclay. TIMETABLE GAMES IN THE GARDEN As the guests gather, the children will have a variety of their favorite games for the attendees to participate in. A message from the Reuss, Lewes and Barclay trio: “YOU MUST PLAY THE GAMES IF WE TELL YOU TO.” CAKE AND FEASTING The Ladies of Reuss and Lewes, along with their respective servants, put together a fantastic meal consisting of the youth’s favorite dishes and a cake of both chocolate and vanilla flavor, since the children could not come to an agreement on which they should have for their special day. GIFT OPENING Those who were kind enough to bring gifts may present their presents to the children. Konstancja favors art supplies and toy weapons, Guy de Lewes also expresses a fondness for weapons, and Winifred is happy with whatever - either it be small animals or new ribbons and a dress. SPECIAL INVITATIONS Though all allies of the Covenant are invited and encouraged to attend, the Countess of Revedin extends special invitations to: HRM, King of the United Kingdom of Aaun, John I and his royal pedigree: -HRH, Prince of Aaun and Lord of Alba, Charles Reman Alstion -HRH, Princess of Aaun, Josephine Florentia Alstion Along with the rest of the Royal Household of Alstion HIS SERENE HIGHNESS, The Grand Prince of Minitz, Leon I And the Princely Household of Barclay HIS HIGHNESS, The Prince of Merryweather, Johannes I And the Princely Household of Alstreim HIS LORDSHIP, The Margrave of Velen, Siegmund von Reuss And the Margravial Household of Reuss HER LADYSHIP, The Marchioness of Haute-Epine, Olympe-Regina de Rosius And the Margravial Household of Rosius HIS LORDSHIP, The Baron of Virdain, Fernand de Lewes And the Baronial Household of Lewes HIS LORDSHIP, The Baron of Napoliza, Emilio Varoche And the Baronial Household of Varoche SIR Ludolf Ritter von Minitz and his pedigree SIR Leutwin Barclay and his pedigree SIGNED THE RIGHT HONOURABLE, Konstancja Illena von Reuss, Countess of Revedin Heir to the Margravate of Velen HIS LORDSHIP, Guy Olivier Alexandre Ashford de Lewes HER LADYSHIP, Winifred Adelia Barclay OOC:
  15. "Any Sarkozic who appears after all this time and presents themselves to the Prince as a contestant is not an ally - but a mere crow pecking at any shiny thing it can find. Then again, I suppose that would make the claimant more of a likely friend to Stassion due to their similarities - they both cling to any title they may have the slightest of ties to. Though it would be beneficial in the short term, a mutual pining for power is not a lasting alliance - Kasimir's descendants found that out for themselves. It'd be in the Prince's best interest to listen to Markus Sarkozic of all people," Caterina Sarkozic mused to herself whilst examining the beds of her nails.
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