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Found 10 results

  1. The Library on Melon Street

    [!] Tucked away in in quiet lands of Dunshire, a small Library would provide reading material for the residents. Once entered, the smell of candles and old paper would penetrate the nose, giving the area a musty smell of comfort and the earth. The candles mounted above would flicker softly; no breeze being able to make them dance. The shelves would be piled up with various books. Poems, stories, guides, and other works could be found, organized in no clear manner. Many of the books are coated in a thin sheen of dust, while others bear the fingerprints and wear of heavy usage. A sunroof in the ceiling lets the silken light of the moon beam across the Library and point to here or there, while a carpet on the floor blankets the bare wood with a soft woolen cover. The floor would gently curve upwards to meet the walls, giving the room a rather circular impression. Eventually, the sun would begin to show it's face, peeking through the window and roof, showing the world it's glorious blue sky through the gaps of the tree leaves. The candle light would be contested by this new form of light, the orange light of the candles slowly being replaced by the golden light of 'morn. The dynamic of the library would begin to change with the sun's arrival. The peace of night gives way to the happiness of 'morn, and a place of nighttime reading becomes a place for chatting, a place for discussing, a place for the whispers of the halflings of Dunshire to contrast the quietness that had come before the sun. But, seeing as the sun is still new this day, the Library on Melon Street would still await it's user. It would wait patiently, as all things do.
  2. Ol' Black Croc

    The Sail of an Ol' Black Croc. Many moons ago, in a faraway land We met an old man with a hook for a hand He showed us a map that lead to treasure untold He said, "I'll give ye the map, if ye give me some gold" Not so far away, from the barren sees, where you cease to be, sails a boat with a message in it. Not a letter, or a note. Not a messenger giving a quote. A simple sign of a Santegian flag covered in blood. At the event of The Grand Harvest 10th, 1645, a group of outlaws broke into the docks of the city of Presa de Madera and crook one of the Santegian battle frigates. Unfortunately, there was no guard force to stop them, since the last and most loyal guard, Arhur the Half-Orc, was in the numbers of the thieves. The frigate with black sails raised up, and a crocodile skull on it's bow, plows the free waters of Atlas ocean. Loud and drunk shanty would be heard: "King is a Fool! We hate him so much, oh Devil, let Us step on his Hunch!". Sung the rebels and deserters of Santegia. The Black Sails were spotted at the sees near Norland and Haelun'or, recently. However, no one have seen them to moor anywhere else. Perhaps only The Brave ones would dare to find the crew of Ol' Black Croc!
  3. [Renatus 6.0 Dev Blog] Part 1: Getting Started! Hello, and welcome to the second Development Blog on the Renatus 6.0 Capital! I’m Senda - the person in charge of the construction team, and in today’s edition we’re going to delve into Housing and Development On behalf of everyone involved, I can tell you that we are all incredibly excited to finally start lifting a few of the curtains that will, for the most part, continue to block and obscure the full view of 6.0, till the eventual release. Housing Today we are taking a look at the planned housing in the Renatus capital. From the amount of houses (or plots) we are aiming to have, through the variations in size and shape, all the way to what the City Administration will allow inhabitants to change! Let's hop right in with a bombshell: We are going to allow inhabitants to change everything. First up, let's review the town plan, which has changed slightly: Housing is outlined in three sections: Light Blue - normal housing Red - Merchantile housing Yellow - Harbour housing This demarkation of different types of housing is less of a fixed thing, and more of a rough template of what will likely be the distribution of the different kinds of players and their interests within the city. Those with an interest in running a shop will likely try to congregate around the main avenue - running from the entrance of the city, underneath the Palatial arches, to the far end of the city. Those that simply want a place to live will likely settle beyond this 'hotspot' area, either deeper within the city, or at the waterfront of the harbour.. or they may be a group of criminals that want to keep a low profile and want a plot that is a little out of the way ..either way, the main point is that housing is a flexible thing, which we will accommodate. Here's a peak at the housing under construction: Who wants to score some nostalgia points? Development Right then, with the basic plan in place and construction underway.. let's tackle the whole 'inhabitants can change ANYTHING'-bombshell! Plots can be torn down and rebuilt When rebuilding, players need to adhere to the foundations of a plot for house dimensions City officials (Stewards) will administer a 'does not look like total crap'-check Foundations can be changed slightly - again, Stewards will administer this. We are building a city that aims to cater to players and their development, instead of constraining them. Won't this turn into a giant freebuilding ****-show? Not if we administer this properly. As ever, communication is key - simply sitting down with someone is often all it takes to work things out / offer help / make changes. There are a ton of reasons for the city administration to deny the initial request of a player to change something in the city.. and many more ways for us to communicate to explain the reasons behind our initial refusal. What follows is a discourse that will aim to accommodate the needs of the players, so we can move forward with their needs. What this approach will allow is players taking true ownership of plots within the city. Not simply paying tax, pointing at a prebuilt house and going 'that one is mine' - but true ownership. The kind you normally only get from constructing your own small town, with your own house-design. In this city, you can do just that - rent a plot, build your own house if you want! Entire districts could form in an organic manner - groups of players deciding they want a part of the city to look visually distinctive - imagine the possibilities. In conclusion of today's Dev Blog, we leave you with something else that is visually distinctive: See you all at the next one!
  4. Continuation/actual thread for what @zaezae's status update was going on about. I think guilds should try and find a way to be with cities, personally. Enough of the decentralized RP and having to trek around to find some private keep atop a mountain (that's not a nation-owned fortress) that's locked and has no one inside
  5. >when the server lags at 2:08 ._.
  6. [✗] new slave

    hi i want to be a slave and i love this server m0llym0
  7. Minecraft Name: AnotherDay_Discord: You have it.Time-zone: GMT +0Do you, or have you held, any other staff positions?: ET actor, Wiki team. ⤷ Student on MessyMedieval and so learning mm too. Where do you grab inspiration from?: Reference images on google, books, other games (including reference images from games).What type of building are you best with?: Medieval & interiors as well as some things in fantasy/high fantasy.What are some of your most treasured builds?: • Norman Keep ⤷ Norman Keep Interior • Fantasy Boot Are you capable of handling all aspects of a build?: I believe I am capable if I put in enough time and effort. On the side, I'll say terraforming is not my favourite pick when building but if needed I'll do it.Pick three building styles and show us a build of yours that corresponds to each choice: Medieval: • Norman Keep ⤷ Norman Keep Interior • Generic Wall w/ little terraforming/rock formations. • Run down city facades. Fantasy: • Fantasy Boot Organic/Underground: • Tree • Cave Scene How long does it take for you to complete a build?: As most people say, it all comes down to the size and complexity of the build, larger and more complex builds obviously taking longer periods of time, whilst smaller ones take less. I am happy to spend as much time as is wanted on a build in order to make it as best as possible.Additional details: World edit and a little bit of redstone.Tell me a trick about building: Placing string under carpets allows them to look as though they are floating. Tell me a joke: My activity as an ET actor. @Sug digs it. Please tell me if you want anything else added.
  8. Daelish Culture

    -= The Daelish =- The Daelish people are a subculture of the Highlander race, they are much more brutish and “less developed” than the majority of Highlanders. Preferring town life to that of city life like others. They are distinguishable by their unique and stark clothing compared to others. The Daelish males don a kilt representing their clans tartan while the females wear their clans tartan as other accessories such as a shawl, hat or leggings. Clan Life Clan life is an important part of the Daelish culture, Daelish are either born into a clan or adopted by a clan at a later stage in their life. Clans enforce a competitive atmosphere within the Daelish. Each clan striving to be better than the next, many activities are done within your clan and clan brawls are a common occurrence to occur to show a clan's strength over the other. Each clan teaches its members to do certain things in specific, something which the clan focuses on. This could be mining, woodcutting or anything really. This way if clans are unified in a society then they can be self sufficient without having to rely on others and outsiders to source them materials, work or help. The current known Daelish clans which are unified under the Cyning Callan Gromach: Clan Gromach - The current leading clan, lead by Callan Gromach who unified the Daelish clans all under him. The clan rarely adopt anyone into their ranks, only furthering their clan by births. Their side-focus is on mining, with of course their main role being to lead and continue to unify and improve the Daelish and their standing in Tahn. Clan Ferguson - Ferguson is a clan that is responsible for feeding and keeping a constant flow of minas into the society. It is a fairly old clan filled with competent traders and farmers. Clan Guthrie - Clan Guthrie is a relatively new clan compared to the rest, being recently birthed by a strong daelishman. Their focus is on a variety of things: Tinkering, Fishing and Woodcutting. They are some of the more intelligent Daelish and have recently been tasked with creating the mechanisms scattered across their towns to slow attacks from raiders. Clan Drummond - Clan Drummond is one of the oldest existing clans and its primary focus is on mining and smithing, providing ores and equipment to the Daelish. However, one thing different about this clan is they have a duo leadership which is maintained by a sister and brother of the clan. Music The well-known bagpipe music is a core part of Daelish culture. It's famous for it's extraordinary sounds that many hate or love. Aside from their bagpipes, the Daelish aren't great fans of other forms of music, never really learning any other music or partaking in other forms of music other than their traditional bagpipe music. Religion The Daelish are open to any religion, with some being of the usual canonist faith, however a good majority have formed under the Cantyrist faith as Cathal of the Daeland has created the faith and preached it to their society, converting many. The Cantyrist Faith believes that The Creator is a enigmatic craftsman of life, going under many aliases and titles troughout culture, Cantyrism believes that The Creator does not directly intervene but instead grant mortals the ability to manipulate and change the world around them. The Cantyrist church thrives off conflict and competition. It believes that the mortal races are at their best when they are in competition of one and another. The Clergy of the Cantyrist Church are known as warrior priests, they are expected to wear armor, and fight in wars like the soldiers they represent. It holds a religious importance for the concept of War, battle, and honor. Teaching that men and women need to fight to keep what is theirs and that actions speak louder than words. Voidal magic is allowed by the church, with the exception being Illusion, which is frowned upon. The Clergy are structured like a military instead of a religious order, with rank determined by merit and ability on the battlefield as well as religious piety. Instead of venerating and strictly following the Holy Scrolls of Canonism, the Cantyrist Church has their own sacred book simply titled "The Book of Trials". Which details the eight Tenets of Cantyrism and their importance, as well as the accomplishments of mortals. The book venerates mortal willpower and their ability to change history around them, with every member of the Clergy given a copy of the book, in order to add more legends and heroes to the growing chapters of the Book of Trials. Government The government of the Daelish is kept rather simple, with only a handful of ranks within the government being on offer. These are: Cyning - The Cyning is the leader of the Daelish, they have the most authority out of everyone in the Daelish and the cyning is the one to make the most important decisions and is the one to appoint other members of the government. Ealdormen - The Ealdormen is a council that doesn't have a fixed number, it can range anywhere between 2 to 5 people. They are advisors who the Cyning confides in and gets their opinion. Some cynings have been known to use a voting system with their Ealdormen to pass certain decisions. Gesith - A Gesith is a personal assistant of a Cyning or Ealdormen, whether their assistance being in advisory, guarding or cooking. They tend to be very good at their role in assisting the person in question. Earl - An Earl is a landholder within the Daelish lands, they normally hold a large portion of land and/or have Thegns underneath him. Thegn - A Thegn is a landholder within the Daelish lands, they normally have a small portion of land. The current holdings within the Daeland are as followed: -Ponce Ponce is a small town located west of Metz, it is currently owned by the Flays after their campaign against Lorraine years ago. Where they managed to succeed and claim all lands owned by Lorraine that are west of their capital, Metz. The town has been expanded greatly under Daelish leadership to suit for all its populace, it has become a good attraction to many as they seem intrigued by the Daelish and their different personality.
  9. Minecraft Name: Dasdi Skype ID: PM me, though I think you might have it. Time-zone: Eastern Do you, or have you held, any other staff positions: I was head builder and an ET on Darais, a small RP server (Now Closed), I was a builder on the World Of Keralis Server. Sadly, I have not held any positions here on LOTC, but hopefully this application will change that! Where do you grab inspiration from: I enjoy taking inspiration from many different places, whether it be a game, TV show, or even a place I visit in real life. I don't mean to sound cliché, but I take some inspiration from Skyrim, and Game of Thrones. I also get lot of inspiration from the things other players have created, here on LOTC. The Witcher and Assassin's Creed games are another source of inspiration for me. What type of building are you best with: I am best with small builds, like homes, and other things of the sorts, but I do enjoy spending my time on bigger builds. What are some of your most treasured builds: My most treasured build is my recreation of The Cathedral of Saint Peter of Beauvais. Though sadly, it was lost when my HDD failed. Are you capable of handling all aspects of a build: Yes. Pick three building styles and show us a build of yours that corresponds to each choice: Medieval _________________________ This is a Castle that Pork and I made. Le Touraine's Winery. A small market place, beside the ruins of a watch tower. Cathedral of Amiens. Honorable Mentions. Terraforming and Organics (I grouped these due to the reason that the pictures represent a mixture of both categories) _________________________ The vineyards of Amiens. A cute little pond type thing. A simple atmospheric stream. (Props to Pork for the nice shrine thing to the left) Le Touraine's Winery Garden. Interiors (This was't a category, but I think its important.) _________________________ All of the interiors for the builds above. How long does it take for you to complete a build: All depends on size, detail, and style. Though, I usually am able to finish a build with in a few days to a few weeks at most. Terraforming, for example, can take several hours, while other things like a keep can take several days to a few weeks. Additional details: I can use Worldedit, I know the basics of Voxel (I like worldedit better tho), I'm by no means a redstone master, but Youtube is a good friend of mine. Tell me a trick about building: Custom Heads could be achieved with a few simple commands. Tell me a joke: Gigi Hadid's Runway Walk......(I love her, but that walk, hun)
  10. The current Wilds Island is filled up. My friend and I want to build a fortress and start a group based around creating peace. It would be called Hileia'sae, or 'spreading peace' in elven. We have built it in creative mode and it is really cool, but there is no place to build it. We've done a lot of planning that is specific to this server and I'm certain that it will create many roleplaying opportunities. We would love to have a place for it on the server, but we searched for hours upon hours in the wilds and there is no space. Ideally, it would be 142 by 112, but it could be as small as 111 by 91 blocks. Thanks for your support. I love this server and have recommended it to many friends. I can't wait for (maybe) this opportunity to get into even more of the roleplaying! :)