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  1. Woow.. such a great video, absolutely loved it. how are you getting your viewing distance so high on the server without the chunks unloading? (I have my render distance at hull still i cant capture the whole city of Heanse at once) +1 Sub +1 Like Keep up de good work!!
  2. as i always say i like nuggets the most ?
  3. Vighar


    I was born in Renatus, I had a good upbringing with 2 parents. I lived in a small house in the outskirts of the town, there we a lot of family members who have died in the army. I was always at home looking after my little sister. nearly every week I heard someone died we went to the church to pray for there family. There were a lot of members of my family that were forced to go into the army, they died because of the bad people that wanted our resources and money. after 10 years of living in that same house without any money, I wanted to go out and seek revenge for the peo
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