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  1. The young knight, Sir Wilhelm Barclay, Ritter von Minitz await for this great council and prepares to sit next to his fellow knights
  2. Wilhelm Barclay smiled and said “sounds like a Barclay Bargain”
  3. What is in your opinion the most fun you’ve had on the server and then the least fun you’ve had? If you feel comfortable with sharing
  4. Ser Reinhardt Barclay, prepares to drive down his competitors business with the B&B Mercantile fleet. He summons an assistant and scribes a letter to his fleet captain, Captain Wilheim Johann Mackenson to prepare fleet.
  5. Wilhelm Ritter von Barclay prepares his best armor and weapons for the march north to aid his cousins in Reinmar
  6. Wilhelm Ritter von Barclay, newly anointed knight of Minitz prepares to march onward to helm his fellow brothers in Canonism slay a dragon
  7. Wilhelm Barclay wonders why he wasn’t invited to this wedding… @Ztrog
  8. Ser Reinhardt Barclay lamented the loss of his big chinned Antonite cousin, he hoped he found peace in the last years of his life as a monk. “Rest easy, Gunter, say hello to mein Bruder for mich @Fionn__TWG
  9. Ser Reinhardt’s bloodlines have entered the great grandchildren territory now so ig that’s good
  10. Wilhelm Barclay prays for cooler heads to prevail
  11. Ser Reinhardt Barclay sighed as another one of his friends had passed on the seven skies. The knight wandered to the Cathedral of Saint Tylos in Reinmar and knelt in prayer for Iulius “May du finally get the rest du deserved, mein fruend..”
  12. Ser Reinhardt Barclay smiles as he reads the royal announcement, and goes to find the newly appointed Knight Paramount. He offered him a ice cold beer “Congratulations Ser Conrad @ColdestPepsi, du have come along way from that wiry boy who had one hell of throwing arm, ich pray for success in dein tenure.”
  13. The squire of Minitz, Wilhelm “Bill” Barclay sat on bench in his home of the County of Minitz as he sharpened his longsword for the coming battles. As the young man worked he sang an old song in his native tongue of Waldenian.
  14. Ser Reinhardt Barclay read the resignation letter and stood himself up to summon his servant. The old knight summoned his servant to help him dawn his ceremonial battle plate and help him to the stables, where he could mount his iron grey Ardennes horse. Once he’d mounted the steed, he rode out to find his old friend so to share a drink with the now retired knight commander.
  15. Squire Bilhelm Barclay prepares to put any rebel lords to the sword and put their castles to the torch for their act of treason “Looks like ich get to use mein new warhammer after all…”
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