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  1. William Carolus had heard for Ser Brandt’s end from Fionn upon his return home, William was devoid of breath, feeling like the wind had been knocked out of him. He felt the tears run down his face, he thought of how he had his last conversation with Ser Brandt earlier that saints day, and he remembered that he never actually got a chance to say goodbye. He remembered how Brandt and Jackson had been like father figures to him when he first joined the army in his 15th year. He thought back to how he had gone to Brandt for polearm training, teaching him in the ways being a proper soldier during h
  2. *William Carolus hears Fionn crying from in the basement, goes to find out what’s wrong and learns of Rabbit’s death. He remembers meeting the kid, feeling sad about the loss. He tears up goes and swipes a bottle of Fionn’s scotch from the cupboard, and downs the bottle in grief. Before beginning the bottle, he pours one out for Rabbit.*
  3. IGN: Capt_Chief26 Character Name: William Carolus Age: 26 Place of Residence / Street Address: koenas striet II Position: (Alderman or Maer) Alderman William would think to himself “why not run for duma, been putting that off for a couple years now, worst that could happen is I lose, not like I’d lose my job in medicine” he shrugged to himself and signed his name on the list
  4. “Wow....” - William Carolus
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    William Carolus is the 3rd born son of the Carolus Family, a family of moderate status comprising of lawyers and military personnel. His grandfather taught William how to wield a sword from the age of 10, much like how he had taught his uncles, and Williams' father is a lawyer, and insisted that his 6 children all be educated, sons and daughters alike and all were tutored by their parents and tutors. Williams' older brothers followed in their father's footsteps and became lawyers, but William had little interest in following this line of work, he craved adventure, he wanted to prove himself t
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