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  1. [!] Missives have been spread throughout the lands of Almaris to promote the upcoming celebration within the Golden Vale! ℌ𝔞𝔯𝔳𝔢𝔰𝔱'𝔰 ℭ𝔩𝔬𝔰𝔢 𝔉𝔢𝔰𝔱𝔦𝔳𝔞𝔩 20th of the Second Age Since Veritas’ settlement, the roadside village has witnessed generous yields of produce from the Golden Vale’s abundantly rich soil. To celebrate the season’s massively successful bounty, Veritas is hosting a celebration to conclude The Grand Harvest in a memorable way— The Harvest’s Close Festival. The suitable surplus of crops and goods will sustain Veritas through the up
  2. Veritas THE CROSSROADS BOROUGH Overview Nestled upon the ingress to Urguan’s mountainous spires is the Golden Vale— a rich plain of prosperous, tawny wheat that is guardedly housed by the sprawling pillars of sedimentary foundation. The expansive mountains that comfortably surround the Vale provide natural security to its livestock, crops, and residents. Only fierce breezes and mischievous hares manage to uproot the linear farming lifestyle that persisted since the colonization of this village. Upon a like-minded treaty between the Brothers of Vi
  3. Left upon the doorstep of the Syrivir residence in Talon’s Port was an unexpected delivery. As if it had witnessed many passing storms and countless drops upon the ground, a yellowed, battered envelope sat atop a poorly-wrapped parcel. The sickly gray parchment that concealed the delivery was equally damaged; however, it could merely result from poor wrapping abilities on behalf of the sender. Atop the package poked a singular, frayed note reading 'Kallian Syrivir'. Kallian, I may only express words of apology, given recent happenings. There is no need for details. You know wh
  4. Elnaril Vallei'onn lazily glanced over the missive, but forcibly did a double take upon the mention of darts! Visibly intrigued, he pulled one of the posters from where it sat and pocketed it for further reading.
  5. Erfseig curls a keen smile as he reads the rule pamphlet.
  6. The Brothers of Virtue Hierarchy of the Brotherhood Initiate Description An Initiate to the Brothers of Virtue is an individual seeking to aid in the endeavors of the Brotherhood. Whether it be for coin, honor, or the thrill of adventure, an Initiate serves to fulfill much of the Brotherhood’s grunt work until being recognized. Despite the lack of prestige offered to an Initiate, they are stately welcomed at their Brothers’ sides. Initiates do not have specific, set requirements to meet before joining. The only expectation is that the
  7. In your opinion, what makes a character interesting and engaging? Have you found any common attributes among your characters that encourages you to stick with them?
  8. Covey

    [PK] Adelaide

    Only the curls of flame provided illumination within the darkened hovel, poised against the moonlit hills of wheat and produce. The grand hearth, composed of roughly carved stone and clay, roared with its daunting flame. As if dancing to an unheard melody of victory, the blaze warped around the stone that contained it. A sole figure sat before the extensive conflagration that tormented his callow mind. The fire refused to shed its light upon the room's bitter darkness, leaving the hunched body in an isolated murk. With the shreds of light that persisted, the figure’s upright form sho
  9. Anduin cracks a smile as he scrawls his name against the parchment. Following his signing of the missive, he proceeds to stock the tavern with drinks for the Assembly.
  10. Upon Oddwig’s arrival, an ‘ame and another warhound— stockier and larger, but older by comparison— approach the familiar beast. A shrouded hand extends to seize the delivered letter. The figure curls a grip against the letter, before turning and sauntering to where he previously sat. In the meantime, the two hounds busied themselves with a reunion. A disheveled sigh parts the ‘ame’s pursed lips as he broodingly set the letter aside. Deep concern burrowed beneath his scarred complexion, only shown through the scowl that now rested upon his features. With a troublesome rasp, the ‘ame
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