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  1. Hey, that's pretty neat. Thanks for reassuring me that LotC isn't cringe B)
  2. If you could personally shelve one piece of lore, what would it be and why?
  3. "Lad's got heart 'tleast." A certain 'ame dismissively comments in passing before continuing on with his business.
  4. goodbye microwave man It'll be a bummer not having you join vc at 3 or 4 am. hope life treats you well! What was your last rp on lotc before deciding to leave? Was it one you consider memorable and conclusive?
  5. RP Name: Anduin Rhys DeringMC Name: PalladaddyVoted: Yes :|
  6. Get a load from this guy

    1. Sorcerio


      You f*cking wish 

    2. altiar1011


      Kinda lewd man

  7. "Neat." A certain 'ame comments in response to the proclamation.
  8. After being on LotC for seven months, you're very involved in lore and the community surrounding it. I've read a handful of your lore applications and heard about some other ideas you have planned (very neat btw). My question is: What is one piece of lore in LotC that you find to be creative, innovative, or interesting?
  9. Covey

    Purchase a Cannon

    A particular boomer elf grumbles something about the "youth" and their "cannons".
  10. Late into an Orenian evening, with a grayed smog periodically clouding the moon, Anduin's figure leaned against the balcony that overlooked Pompourelia Street. Silence lingered over the straightened, orderly street save for a soft crinkling of parchment. Within Anduin's loose hold was an article titled Virtue and Vice. He had already read over the missive, though he now engrossed himself with reflection. Yet, he wouldn't dare announce his thoughts to the barren alley in the Orenian Capital. There was nobody to hear them, after all. The 'ame raised the cracking clay mug at his si
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