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  1. let's ******* goooo, can't wait for those extra d6's in CRP
  2. A paladin frowns :(
  3. Having conceded to a wooden rocking chair set before a grand hearth, the scruffy frame of Anduin held the parcel sent out by Revas. It was neatly folded in half, pinched between the man’s pointer and thumb. His countenance reflected pensive rumination as he pulled lamenting sips from a clay mug. With mourn and regret in his sage voice, he considered what was left unsaid. To none, the man spoke. “Did I ever tell her how proud I was?” Only a bitter aroma would quell such thoughts as Anduin reminisced.
  4. do you want to join pund goon and i for RoR2
  5. This is actually really helpful. Now I can metagame ! :D
  6. Anduin glances back. "What an odd thing to say." He'd remark, unsure what evoked such a statement. He continues with his peaceful ignorance for the remainder of the day!
  7. [!] Missives have been spread throughout the lands of Almaris to promote the upcoming celebration within the Golden Vale! ℌ𝔞𝔯𝔳𝔢𝔰𝔱'𝔰 ℭ𝔩𝔬𝔰𝔢 𝔉𝔢𝔰𝔱𝔦𝔳𝔞𝔩 20th of the Second Age Since Veritas’ settlement, the roadside village has witnessed generous yields of produce from the Golden Vale’s abundantly rich soil. To celebrate the season’s massively successful bounty, Veritas is hosting a celebration to conclude The Grand Harvest in a memorable way— The Harvest’s Close Festival. The suitable surplus of crops and goods will sustain Veritas through the upcoming autumn and winter months, but production was much more sizable than expected. With the village’s surplus of produce, it is only fitting to celebrate the occasion. Faces old and new are invited to partake in the Harvest’s Close Festival! Festivities The Harvest's Close Festival will begin within the town’s market, and the festivities will start at the close of the Saint’s Day. Market stalls, operated by Veritas merchants and foreign sales groups alike, will sell goods and imports to promote exchange. Notable attractions of the evening will include: Marksman’s Pride Archery Tournament Rolling Wheat Raffle Brothers of Virtue Recruitment Drive First Annual Prize Produce Gallery Closing Ceremony Marksman’s Pride With a keen eye and a knack for sharpshooting, visitors are invited to compete in the Marksman’s Pride Tournament! Stand over the hills of Veritas and hone your focus as you attempt to out-shoot the other competitors! Several mismatched scarecrows have been posted within the sprawling fields of the Golden Vale. A measly three mina is the participation fee. Each participant is given three shots with a longbow or shortbow, aiming at whichever scarecrow they may choose. Arrows and bows will be provided to participants. The victor will be rewarded a pot of mina and a custom-crafted longbow, shortbow, or crossbow matching their desired specifications— courtesy of Dering Smithworks. Rolling Wheat Raffle For a meager five mina, you can reserve yourself a ticket within the Rolling Wheat Raffle! Five mina secures an entry within the raffle’s pot, with the chance of winning half of the total mina donated. The other half of the mina will be funded to Veritas’ treasury to promote future events and the inevitable winter season. Each competitor pulls a hay strand from a bale and ties a note with their name around it. Every hay strand purchased will be placed within a barrel that contains a large funnel within its interior. The barrel will be rolled down Veritas’ street, ensuring that all entries are properly shuffled. By the time the container rolls to the hill’s end, a single strand of hay will have protruded the barrel’s nozzle, as a result of the funnel. The hay strand’s owner will be rewarded half of the raffle’s pool and additional bragging rights! Brothers of Virtue Recruitment Drive Within the yellow and gray tent near Veritas’ entrance are promises of adventure, honor, and camaraderie! The Brothers of Virtue are recruiting! Join the Brotherhood for proud service in the pursuit of discovery and upholding moral righteousness. Alongside the natural companionship found within this tightly-knit organization is the reassurance of equipment, room, and meals when not serving Veritas and the Brotherhood’s clients! Be sure to visit the Brotherhood’s yellow and gray tent beside the Marksman’s Pride Tournament to understand the Brotherhood’s Precepts and learn more about the organization! First Annual Prize Produce Gallery Centered in the town square will be Veritas’ First Annual Prize Produce Gallery! For only three mina, Veritas farmers and the festival’s visitors can submit their greatest and most unique crops of the season. There are three separate divisions of the competition that will be separately judged. Each winner will be awarded a celebratory medal of their victory within Veritas’s First Produce Gallery! Biggest Pumpkin Tallest Cornstalk Reddest Tomato Closing Ceremony As the attractions quiet down and the drunkards start to stir from their stupor, the Harvest’s Close Festival will gather its participants for a Closing Ceremony. The Closing Ceremony will be held by the Veritian Legislature, where gratitude is given to all in attendance. The winners of the evening’s attractions will be congratulated on their respective prizes and the festivities will conclude. Even though the competitions have concluded, The Lumpy Pumpkin will remain open to those who wish to stay in the Golden Vale for the rest of the evening. All are welcomed to attend the town’s celebration of a successful season! Join townsfolk and travelers to commemorate the end of a fortunate Grand Harvest! OOC The Harvest’s Close Festival and aims to promote roleplay opportunities beyond Veritas' traditional farming village culture. A variety of shops with roleplay items will be present and there will be some available for rent. In addition to the shops, all are welcome to join in on the Festival’s many attractions and competitions. Good vibes all around. Veritas is located in the East Hub, towards Urguan, at the beginning of the road that branches off to Yong Ping! [X- 1558, Z- 541] Saturday, April 17th - 7:30 EST
  8. Veritas THE CROSSROADS BOROUGH Overview Nestled upon the ingress to Urguan’s mountainous spires is the Golden Vale— a rich plain of prosperous, tawny wheat that is guardedly housed by the sprawling pillars of sedimentary foundation. The expansive mountains that comfortably surround the Vale provide natural security to its livestock, crops, and residents. Only fierce breezes and mischievous hares manage to uproot the linear farming lifestyle that persisted since the colonization of this village. Upon a like-minded treaty between the Brothers of Virtue and the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, the coalition settled the Golden Vale with the intent of establishing a guildhall for the Brotherhood. However, the soil’s natural fertility and abundance of life encouraged the group to cultivate the lands for necessity and profit. The Brotherhood surveyed the Vale, settled the lands, and offered sufficient plots to farmers that sought to cultivate the soil. The collection of homesteads and farmhouses that settled around the Brotherhood’s hall became known as Veritas, The Crossroads Borough. As common folk seeking honest work began to settle the Vale with the Brotherhood’s aid, the small village became notable for its production of necessary goods like common crops, tools, and other essentials that support everyday life. Merchants and travelers frequent the crossroad village for exchanging goods, seeking apprenticeship on trades, or desiring work from the Brotherhood. However, many visitors continue to return for the town's peaceful and kind-natured community. At present, Veritas stands just as it did upon its recent founding— An isolated hamlet composed of shambly homes, but remains built upon a strong sense of labor and neighborhood. As time and change continue for all Descendants, the humble village retains the quiet and interconnected community it had kindled since its founding. History Veritas was established on The Amber’s Cold during Year 10 of the Second Age between the current Grand King of Urguan, Norli Starbreaker, and the Brotherhood’s Grand Justiciar, Anduin Rhys Dering. The Brotherhood’s representative approached the Grand King with the request of simple acreage for the organization to settle. The Grand King willingly agreed to the guild’s request, and with brief negotiations, signed a document acknowledging Veritas’ legitimacy under the Kingdom of Urguan. The Brotherhood colonized the Golden Vale and the crossroads leading to Urguan. The Golden Vale received its name for its security between Urguan’s grand mountains and the rolling fields of wheat, which retain a golden coloration during the harvest season. Upon establishment, the settlers of the Vale discovered the soil’s abundance of possibility. The natural vegetation that once grew without limitation was quickly flattened by large fields of wheat and grain. The Brotherhood was opportunistic and expanded beyond their singular building. Guild members within the organization were offered land to settle and cultivate, so long as they contributed a portion of their labor to the group’s collective pool of resources. As Veritas neared its construction, numerous homesteads had sprouted around the Brothers of Virtue’s hall to create a humble village of honest workers and laborers. The collective conjunction of buildings and farmhouses was soon regarded as a village of its own, rather than a settlement by the Brothers of Virtue. Upon its rolling hills of resplendent grain, Veritas quietly rests— not having grown dissimilar from its founding nature. Culture Veritas’ culture remains quite separated from the everyday events of other towns and nations. Veritas has no established class system or hierarchy, as the town consists of an incredibly small population of a few families. There is no social prestige or worthiness to be found within Veritas and its cluster of cottages and homesteads, as the loose social structure that does exist is centered around necessity and interconnectedness. By day, Veritas is most notable for its workers in the fields or places of construction. While the laborers of these goods may decide to sell their work, many opt to return it to the town and their neighbors. The village is regarded for its ideals of self-sufficiency, where the town internally provides for itself without reliance on external goods and exchange. However, that does not deter many trade and merchant groups from visiting Veritas to purchase cheap, quality goods. As the sun falls beneath the mountains surrounding Veritas, a new atmosphere seems to overtake the once-quiet town. As the night grows still and the winds grow cooler, Veritas’ houses illuminate with greater warmth and sounds of commotion and camaraderie. As a day’s work concludes, citizens of Veritas spend the rest of their evening gathering and celebrating the conclusion of another tiresome day, whether it be among friends in the square or at a booth in the tavern! Self-Sufficiency The goods produced within Veritas are to maintain a comfortable living for the remainder of each season. Produce, materials, and all products are harvested with the intent of surviving an imminent winter— only to resume the labor cycle at the start of the following spring. Spare goods that create a surplus within the town’s stock are often sold as exports to frequent merchants and travelers. That being said, Veritas does not rely upon exports from merchants, nor supplies from the Kingdom of Urguan. Residents survive solely upon their labor and work within the village. Each resident serves a particular role in the effective function and upkeep of the Crossroads Borough. Isolationism Veritas, even as a vassal under the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, remains absent from the greater influence within the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and Eastfleet’s bordering nations. The farming village keeps its culture and principles to itself, rather than attempting to expand its presence beyond the confines of the Vale. The belief in “peace through seclusion” is integral to how the village operates. It discerns its position from affiliation with other nations— aside from a standing vassal under Urguan— to preserve its methods and faiths of a peaceful life. Intertwined Community As a result of the town’s content reliance on goods and produce that is harvested and refined internally, the village expects new settlers to acquaint themselves with the culture of an intertwined community. Each individual within Veritas has a job to serve for the sake of the town’s upkeep and the betterment of its residents. Despite The Vale’s abundant profitability in farming, folk other than ranchers find refuge in the quiet town. Residents host a skill of proficiencies and skills to aid in contribution to the roadside village. Blacksmiths, apothecaries, and other individuals help maintain the town, rather than individual farmers comprising the population. This integral requirement of engaged citizenship maintains stability within Veritas’ means of functioning. Residents should be capable of providing and aiding their neighbors, just as their neighbors should to them. Labor and Leisure Those who work in Veritas— whether it be in the fields, forge, or market— understand the importance of their work. Therefore, days are often long and tiresome as residents pour over their crafts. However, when the sun clears the horizon of Urguan’s hills, the residents of Veritas retire to their hovels and abodes for a time of rest. Just as quickly as laborers retire after an extended day of work, they return to the village’s places of bustle and business for an eventful evening. Many residents spend the remainder of their nights in the tavern or the marketplace, where the exchanging of drinks, goods, and conversation transpires. Following a day’s work of worthwhile labor, the denizens of Veritas host several events and festivals to celebrate an accomplished day. Much of the strenuous labor Veritas’s citizens endure is relieved upon the evening’s mark, as candles flicker brighter and cheers grow louder. The tavern often bustles with life, as do the streets, while villagers boast a much lighter attitude. Alas, when the festivities conclude and the partygoers find concede to their exhaustion, they are adequately rested and prepared for another day of work and eventual celebration. Days within the Vale are long and industrious but are rewarded by long nights of festivities and celebration among neighbors. Governance The small farming village of Veritas possesses little political influence within the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, but it has no desire to possess further governance beyond what it has. Veritian Legislature The Veritian Legislature is a collective town council composed of upstanding residents. There are no predetermined amount of seats within the Legislature, but they are introduced and removed to accommodate needs within the town. Each seat within the town council serves an individual purpose while the Legislature collectively unities to address universal platforms within the village. Brothers of Virtue The Brothers of Virtue, a morally driven band of sword-arms, scholars, and tradesmen, settled the Golden Vale with a desire suitable land to establish a guildhall. Following an amicable agreement between the Grand King of Urguan and the Brotherhood’s Grand Justiciar, the guild established themselves within the Vale. The plains would serve the Brotherhood’s needs of a centralized, definitive location to operate. The Brotherhood witnessed Veritas' quaint homesteads spring up from around its hall. The Brothers of Virtue serve as surveyors to the lands encompassed by mountainous peaks. Additionally, the Brothers of Virtue bear reasonable influence on the village’s small scope of politics and direction. Despite this, the Brothers of Virtue do not actively seek control over the humble town settled around their hall. Although the Brotherhood and Veritas are closely associated, they are acknowledged as two separate factions to ensure that Brotherhood affairs do not interfere with the town and its function. Through its notable presence within Veritas, the Brotherhood serves the town that grew around it. Veritas’ interconnected, self-operating community parallels the camaraderie witnessed within the ranks of the Brotherhood. As a result, the guild has effectively integrated itself within Veritas culture and society. The Brothers of Virtue continues to keep a notable presence within Veritas, as it serves the Crossroads Borough, just as it would a client. Those seeking the Brotherhood and its services often visit the Golden Vale to establish contracts but may find themselves enticed by the peaceful simplicity that persists in Veritas’ ways of life. The interconnected, self-operating community that spans Veritas’s minuscule population continues to promote the Brotherhood’s operation and position within the town while remaining true to its passive principles. OOC As with many traditional farming towns found in DnD or other medieval fantasy settings, Veritas serves as the generic sidequest town, given its quaint nature and passive ideals. Veritas is a good place for new and old players to get involved in a welcoming, down-to-earth community. Veritas is meant to serve as a possible place for new players to get engaged and experienced with Lord of the Craft while providing a quality community for experienced players of the server. The small farming village atmosphere accurately fits the traditional “my character lived in a small farming town” that many new players apply with on their application for their first character. Veritas’ location is very close to Eastfleet’s central hub, meaning it can act as an easy location to acquaint new players with a community and Lord of the Craft’s roleplay. Roleplay aspects like professions and communities can be introduced to new players that stop by, as well as offering many opportunities to get involved in said community. Veritas was founded with the idea of a roadside farming town in mind. The settlement aims to encourage both profession and merchant roleplay to a degree beyond the traditional standards. Veritas and its labor-driven culture are built upon the idea of profession roleplay being more prevalent within the Lord of the Craft community. The idea of time-reward roleplay on a small scale is the founding idea upon Veritas, though set on a much smaller format under the guise of lowly farmers. Professions that require roleplay methods of crafting and construction are highly encouraged, as it’s a niche within most groups (with many exceptions, of course)! As a result, commerce and exchange are integrated on a level that exceeds the traditional standard. Furthermore, Veritas opens up the opportunity of apprenticeship to people wanting to learn trades through roleplay.
  9. Left upon the doorstep of the Syrivir residence in Talon’s Port was an unexpected delivery. As if it had witnessed many passing storms and countless drops upon the ground, a yellowed, battered envelope sat atop a poorly-wrapped parcel. The sickly gray parchment that concealed the delivery was equally damaged; however, it could merely result from poor wrapping abilities on behalf of the sender. Atop the package poked a singular, frayed note reading 'Kallian Syrivir'. Kallian, I may only express words of apology, given recent happenings. There is no need for details. You know what happened, as do I. This gift is not a personal attempt at seeking a return to normalcy, nor the previous brotherhood we once held. I understand any ill feelings held in my regard. They are justified. I would not discourage you from letting them go so quickly. I may only hope that you may come to understand in time. Should you wish to speak further, do not hesitate to write. You know where to find me. Sincerely, An old friend Enclosed within the accompanying package was a small amulet. It was wrought with fine silver and absent of blemishes or scars upon its polished surface. A grand spiraling crescent composes a majority of the charm’s shape. Ornate, unnamed runes contrive much of the detailing upon the keepsake— excluding its most defining quality. A peculiar stone sat within the center of the trinket, which occasionally pulsed with dim light. What an odd gift.
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