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  1. Anduin brings his palm up to the tacked parchment. His eyes briefly skim over it before his hand returns to his side. The parchment remained suspended by the quiet breeze for a few moments before returning to its resting spot upon the post. "Good luck t' ye, Astasel." Anduin utters to the quiet streets of Esbec before carrying on with his business.
  2. _ . _ ~ THE SIEGE OF THALOR ~ _____________________________________ Amidst the rolling hills and towering spruces sat a desolate city. The humble town evaded the ravaged civilizations of Arcas in the deep wilds. The wildlands had harbored the quaint town of Thalor since the Descendants’ arrival to Arcas. Its once-bustling streets have grown silent and now stands as a testament to times long past, times of simplicity and ease. Thalor remained as a sole reminder to nature and its ever-churning repossession of that which is done by the Descendants. Its towering walls crumbled under the oppressive weight of time, seen through its shattered bricks of stone; however, the presiding walls’ looming presence demanded reverence. The whistling breeze echoed through the crumbling buildings and windows, as it had for many decades. Patches of grass and weeds had sprouted up in the cracks between the cobbled roads as if a flower continuing to bloom. Thalor had returned itself to nature in a peaceful manner. Unkept, yet unbound. Thus, Thalor sat in eternal peace for many years to come. The reserved tranquility of nature and civilization’s coexistence was soon shattered by Descendant presence. The Blackhand gang brought themselves before the formidable walls of stone and moss. The intimidating walls of darkened stone were welcoming to the bandits, strangely enough. It was as if the wind had encouragingly pulled the bandits within the encampment solely out of the desire for civilization. The presence of the Blackhand gang was noted by the Brothers of Virtue. The Brotherhood gathered a party to remove the ruffians and allow for quietude to resurface in the ruinous city. Alas, no peaceful conclusion would be reached between the two parties. No peace would ever be found within the walls of Thalor again after such bloodshed. A party of soldiers had forcibly removed an equally aggressive group to preserve the peace. Perhaps it is best for Descendants to not reclaim that which nature has taken for itself. [OOC] This event has concluded. Thanks for one hell of an eventline, @Motherchild!
  3. A gentle crackling of fire was the only noise breaking the silence of Anduin's humble study, albeit one of little distraction. A dim, orange light was thrown before Anduin's desk, and atop it, a smooth rock. The foreign stone cast its own light over the desk, which rendered the fireplace's comforting hues unnecessary. Yet, the warmth was not present from the crackling flames, nor the Paladin's divine aura. A comforting heat was withheld beneath the surface of the odd stone. Harmony. Clairvoyance.
  4. Despite never personally meeting Lillith, Anduin couldn’t help but feel a great sorrow upon hearing such news. He’d prepare to send a letter to Flynn, offering his deepest condolences to the widower. F
  5. Covey

    Brothers of Virtue

    [!] Posted around the lands of Arcas, whether it be outside a tavern or on a roadside tree, would be flyers advertising the Brothers of Virtue. By briefly skimming over the flyer’s contents, one could quickly notice that the Brotherhood offers good work, great pay, and even greater drinking buddies. C A L L T O A R M S Brothers of Virtue Est. 16th of Malin’s Welcome, 1782 Take up arms, Brothers! May a common purpose guide our travels, leave us walking a path undivided. Rekindle the embers of long forgotten companionship amidst a world racked with grief, tainted by violence. Offer your hand to your fellow descendant as we bleed out upon the same soil. May our bounds to one another remain everlasting, eternal! The Brotherhood shall prevail! The Brothers of Virtue Purpose Brothers’ Creed Contracts Ranking OOC The Brothers of Virtue To forfeit ourselves to our fellow descendants and to bleed for their needs - The Brotherhood offers ourselves to your needs. For coin, of course. Clad in their pennants of yellow and white, the Brothers extend a hand to those in need of them. The Brotherhood is built upon a code that all its members serve upon. Honor, security, unity, justice, and virtue. Such principles are applied when Brothers are tasked with a contract - the system that the organization operates on. The Brotherhood hears out the needs of all, and to aid them, a contract will be written. In most cases, a group of three to five Brothers will be assigned to any given contract. It will be this group’s duty to uphold the Brotherhood’s end of the contract, and upon properly completing it, the group will be compensated nicely. Purpose When a system fails to protect those it was made to serve, it is in the hands of the people to serve themselves. Take the hand of Virtue, we offer you our service. The cause of the Brothers of Virtue is quite simple, holding no beginning and no end. It is not built upon any primary goal or objective, instead created to aid those who can not do so for themselves. Our purpose is to take on contracts in exchange for a monetary payment. The Brothers of Virtue will take up arms, blade in hand, just as easily as they will oversee a diplomatic conference. Our work is not solely limited to sellswords, as Brothers serve for more esteemed, honorable causes. While we are willing to serve by blade, the Brotherhood does hold the right to deny contracts. The Brothers of Virtue are not assassins. Brothers’ Creed To serve for a cause greater than oneself is honorable, but to serve alongside those one trusts is memorable. The Brotherhood can be defined by five words, each representative of its core principles. Honor Security Unity Justice Virtue Article I - Honor Simply put, to remain honorable is to provide a hallowed respect to the contextualized subject. The cause of the Brothers of Virtue is one of deep respect, not only towards those we serve, but towards those we serve alongside. Respect is to be offered and recognized, and to be a Brother is to embrace Honor. Article II - Security The assurance of peace is a blessing, a rare fortune possessed by few. To be a Brother is to offer security to a stranger, willing to extend your aid to any in need of protection. The virtuous nature of a Brother undoubtedly compels them to offer guardianship to the defeated and damaged. Extending a hand to the unfortunate is always necessary, and to be a Brother is to embrace Security Article III - Unity Bound by our values and goals, we stand as one. Our exteriors may vary, but we fly the same banner - that of the Brotherhood! Unified as a redeemed tribe, to be a Brother is to embrace Unity. Article IV - Justice Justice is a fickle topic considering its many interpretations and subjectivity. However, Brothers mutually understand the principles of retributive justice - eye for an eye. The actions of anybody are deserving of justice, but wretched, immoral decisions are to be acted upon. Embracing the consequences of one’s actions is understanding the principles of justice, as to be a Brother is to embrace Justice. Article V - Virtue To define a guild by a particular word only emphasizes its importance in the group. Virtue is no exception, as the characteristic is a principle the Brotherhood embraces. To be virtuous is to live by your morals and to allow a well-ordered mind to direct you. Brothers understand their cause and do their work in an esteemed manner. We are not crooks or mercenaries, but instead, common folk dedicated to a cause of virtue. To be a Brother is to embrace Virtue. Contracts Unlike the common word, the price of a man is not determined by the quantity of mina he might accept. It is through the use of contracts that the Brotherhood aids those in need of their services. The Brothers of Virtue can serve a wide range of jobs (excluding murder, tortue, or excessive violence). Nearly any job will be accepted by the Brotherhood, but the Brotherhood still possesses the right to decline any contract they deem unfit. To employ the Brotherhood, a client must seek out a Brotherhood contractor or visit one of their locations. Upon finding one, they are to formally make a Contract Request with the following format. Client Name Allegiance Occupation Contract Brief Description Particular Information Other Information Following the submission of a Contract Request, a Justiciar will be arranged to meet with the client. They will convene and will discuss the contract’s details, including specific information, reason for needing the Brotherhood, and the payment for the job. If the contract is accepted... The Brotherhood will require the client to pay half of the fee upfront and pay the rest once the job is completed. The contract will be posted to the Brotherhood. There are two options in how the contract may be accepted - Either a group within the Brotherhood will convene to directly accept the contract or the contract will be assigned to a predetermined group. Following the contract’s acceptance, the group will complete the needs of the client. Upon completion, a brief meeting will be called between the client and the Justiciar to finalize the payment and provide assurance of the contract’s completion. In the event a group fails to complete the contract, it will be reassigned to a new group. The Brotherhood reserves the right to deny or disband any contracts, even after its acceptance, but forfeit the payment, of course. If a contract is denied... The Justiciar will politely refuse and send the client on their way. It is possible to renegotiate the contract following its decline. The Brotherhood will immediately decline jobs that entail murder, tortue, or excessive violence. Nearly any other job would be accepted by the Brothers of Virtue. Ranks It is not a ranking that provides for authority, but instead, the trust and honor that has been displayed. Initiate An initiate is the entry level position into the guild. Despite being new, initiates are instantly welcomed. Initiates are to accompany Brothers and Justiciars on contracts, and with enough experience, will be granted the title of Brother. Initiates are granted a gray tatter, recognizing their hazy, grayed future regarding the Brotherhood. Brother When their achievements and dedication have been recognized, an initiate will be welcomed as a Brother amongst the guild. Alongside the recognition of being a Brother, the opportunity to live in Brotherhood guildhalls is available, as well as the chance to aid in guildhall management, if so desired. To be a Brother is accepting the Brothers’ Creed and taking up arms alongside their companions. Brothers wear a yellow tatter upon receiving membership, reflective of their position as a Brother of Virtue. In the guild’s terms, yellow perfectly resembles their cause. Just, noble, and virtuous, yellow carries the properties that are instilled in each Brother’s morality. Grand Brother Grand Brothers, although holding the same status as a Brother, receive a greater title for their noble service and sacrifice for the guild. Grand Brothers are not to be held above their fellow Brothers. However, the title is used to properly recognize them for their achievements. Grand Brothers wear a bronze tatter, which still resembles their previous yellow tatter. The new shade of their tatter is simply to recognize their commitment. Justiciar Justiciars act as the leaders of the Brotherhood, being a collective group with assigned roles for managing the guild’s affairs. The roles assigned to each Justiciar may vary depending on how their fellow Justiciars see fit. The job of a Justiciar, within the Brothers of Virtue, is to aid in the management of the guild, alongside directing and leading their fellow Brothers. Although they hold a title recognizing their power within the group, Justiciars remains Brothers at heart. They are not to order their Brothers around unless leading a contract or settling a violent dispute. Justiciars may be appointed by the Grand Justiciar and the other Justiciars, but can be removed from the title as well. The politics of the Brotherhood’s leadership will not be described here, but it is important to note that new Justiciars are welcomed with a consensus from the existing Justiciars. Justiciars carry a tatter of red to discern their position from their fellow Brothers, despite being of the same code. Red, in particular, is representative of the blood a Justiciar is willing to spill for their Brothers and the cause. Grand Justiciar While formally carrying the title of the Brotherhood’s guildmaster, the Grand Justiciar is not to uphold their authority with an overbearing presence. After all, they remain as a Brother, just as their fellow companions do. The Grand Justiciar acts as the head of all Justiciars, offering guidance and direction to the guild as a whole, rather than a particular aspect of it. The Grand Justiciar may aid the Justiciars in their assigned aspects while possessing the role of guildmaster. The Grand Justiciar does not hold an absolute, undeniable word on guild affairs. Alongside Justiciars, Brothers may raise objections to decisions the Grand Justiciar might make. Regardless of the title, we all remain Brothers, each with an equal voice. The Grand Justiciar is granted the tatter of amber, a callback to their humble beginnings as a Brother of yellow. Within the deep color of amber lies the principles the guild was founded upon. OOC Thank you for taking the time to read through this post regarding the Brothers of Virtue! I will keep the OOC section brief, considering how long the other sections were. The Brothers of Virtue is meant to be a welcoming group on LotC that can create adventurous, enjoyable roleplay encounters for those looking to be involved in them! We use our contracts to initiate role play situations with other players, as well as creating private events of our own. These event-based contracts usually take form in investigations and monster hunting. To apply for enlistment in the Brothers of Virtue, reply with the following format: Username - Character Name - Proficiencies/specialities (i.e. lockpicking, swordsmanship, persuasion) -
  6. Anduin is entirely prepared to empty his bank on fish.
  7. In preparation for the drinking contest, Anduin begins stocking the tavern’s shelves to the brim!
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