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Found 2 results

  1. WARTIME EDICT OF TAXATION, 1857 The 23rd of Godfrey's Triumph, 1857 ISSUED AND CONFIRMED BY HIS SERENE HIGHNESS THE PRINCE OF SEDAN, To all citizens of Sedan, The war with the Empire continues to wage on, as it has for many years now. Due to this, it is within the interest of the Crown of Sedan to proclaim the temporary suspension of taxation within the Realm. This suspension is to act as a motivator for new citizens to migrate and for pre-existing families within the land to expand and thrive, despite the ongoing conflict. The Crown also does not wish to burden its citizens with tax during this time of strife, for such funds should remain with the people for any additional costs that this conflict may cause. This edict shall remain in effect until the end of the war, when a peace treaty is signed. His Excellency, the High Steward, Dr. Benedict Green shall ensure that all the necessary paperwork and arrangements are made to see to this temporary transition. May Godan watch over you all and ensure our victory over the Excommunicated Heathens. Signed, HIS SERENE HIGHNESS, Frederick I, By the Grace of God, Sovereign Prince of Sedan, Count of Louisville, Haverlock and Döbern, Viscount of Fauconberg, Baron of Ponce, Avoria and Pyrmont, Protector and Lord of the Valley of Goats and the Haikaprier HIS EXCELLENCY, Doctor Benedict Green, High Steward of Sedan
  2. ~-The Crimson Edict-~ ~-~⚔~-~ A parchment flutters on the wind, coming to rest at your feet. If you are curious enough to pick up this mysterious parchment, you would find a letter of recruitment for “The Crimson Edict”. “Greetings, This letter makes its way to you with the purpose of recruitment into the Crimson Edict. Our order aims for self-sufficiency and is comprised of many venerable warriors and skilled professionals. Pledging their lives under oath, all races and walks of life can find safety and kinship within our ranks; bound by battle and bloodshed as brothers and sisters. The Edict has stood for the betterment of the realm since the times of Asulon, opposing atrocities such as slavery, racism, and necromancy-- by any means necessary. We can act as your asylum if you are not ready to take the oath, providing board and protection in times of need. And for our brothers and sisters, we can provide housing, materials, and a place to practice your profession, along with the promise that the men-at-arms at your side would die to protect you. Tenets of the Edict No slavery. Although we have former slavers in our ranks, we do not condone the act of slavery in any shape or form. No supporting racism or oppression. As our organization works hard to eliminate such things, being found to support such actions or behavior will be addressed immediately and dealt with severely. Necromancy or other such harmful magics are strictly forbidden. The lack of consent to these magics turns the dead as unwitting slaves and the living as chattel for the sorcerer. As such, their usage is against our tenants. Never betray your brothers and sisters in the Edict. This is the most central of our rules. You must protect your fellow Edict members, and you may expect the same from them. This does not mean you must fight on their behalf, for there is room for pacifists in our ranks, but it does mean your loyalty is expected, and the severing of this loyalty is dealt with most harshly. This does not mean you cannot be a part of other organizations, however, so long as there are no conflicts of interest. Breaking these rules will result in punitive action, up to and including execution or expulsion. RANKING AND STRUCTURE Konungr Ranks Baldr The Baldr (Master) is the supreme commander of the Edict, his/her word is law. Stýrimaðr The Stýrimaðr (Captain) is the mate of the Master, he/she is second only to the Master. Félagi The Félagi (Companion) is the Master’s most trusted adviser and their right hand in matters of both diplomacy and war. He/she works directly with the officers and members, reporting directly to the Baldr (or Stýrimaðr in the case that the Baldr is absent). Officer Ranks Hersir Hersirs lead Hafnas, reporting directly to the senior officers. They oversee the operations and training of their Hafna. Hersirs are the only non-Konungr rank with the ability to give the oath. Hersirs may promote Drengr to Thegns, along with appointing Aesirs within their Hafnas. Hersirs may also recommend members to be promoted to Radningar. Radningar Radningars are junior officers with the role of supporting the Hersirs. They may take temporary control of the Hafna when their Hersir is absent. Radningars may also oversee trainings, helping the Aesirs keep their men in fighting shape. Radningars may also be given special permission to give the oath, if they are deemed worthy. Non-Officer Ranks Aesir Aesirs are highly experienced and competent members of the Edict. Hardened by years of tireless service to their oath-kin, they have earned the distinction of their title. Aesirs act like sergeants, commanding a small team of their oath-kin. Aesirs are responsible for keeping the needs of their team met; including requisitioning weapons and armour, conducting trainings, and more. Thegn Thegns are the backbone of the Edict, competent warriors and accomplished professionals. They report to their Aesirs or Radningars. Thegns are encouraged to mentor the Drengr, teaching them the ways of the Edict. Drengr The Drengr are the initiates of the Edict, inducted members who have yet to earn their stripes among our ranks. Drengr are encouraged to seek knowledge of the Edict and its traditions from their more experienced oath-kin. Tal'Ardoth The newly constructed fortress of the Edict, Tal'Ardoth boasts all that the Edict could ever need. A tavern, barracks, mead hall, smithy, infirmary, and even a specially made grove, to support Druidic residents. Those who wish to join may send a bird to the Félagi, Sentis, in Tal'Ardoth with the following information: APPLICATION Your Name: Your Race: Your Age: Your Professions/ Skills: Do you have others that will be coming with you?: Any information not mentioned above may be sought by once again contacting the Félagi. ((Sentis))” ((OOC)) MC Name: Time Zone: Do you Have Skype? (If so please provide your Skype name or PM me): Oath Breaking There is no PK clause for the Crimson Edict; however, in RP, the oath you take to join is a life-oath. Breaking it is dealt with severely in RP and you could expect to be hunted, tortured, or otherwise punished for purposes of roleplay.
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