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Found 5 results

  1. THE ELYSIUM HOUSE OF KNOWLEDGE THE ELYSIUM UNIVERSITY AND LIBRARY Striving for knowledge is human nature, as is it for most creatures of Almaris. Curiosity is an instinct we cannot erase, so here we will help with the curiosity of the people of Elysium. Curiosity is what we wish to see in every man, woman and child within this Kingdom, to further prosperity and fortune within our lands. Knowledge is what pushes us all further to greater heights, and for that this House of Knowledge stands for. We stand to show our people a world of fantasy, history and understanding they may have not seen before. Our Mission All of us here at the House of Knowledge care for one thing and one thing only, educating all generations and spans of people. Educate them and show them truths and ideas they may have never heard or seen, to aid them in their own personal journey for knowledge and hopefully inspire the generations ahead to keep this dream alive and burning. Our Establishments The Clever Fox Library Our library, as of the 2nd of Sun's Smile, Year 63 S.A. holds nearly 200 books which have been collected through donations as well as personally collected by the library’s staff. We hold books of various topics, such as magic, religion, stories of fiction or truth, and many many more. Our librarians ensure all books are kept clear of dust and sorted within the right shelves, and are happy to answer any questions you may have. At the Library you can also purchase copies of books! We have copies of many, though for some we do not have the ability to give away a copy, and for those we are willing to transcribe them on demand! This would lead to an increase in price, so keep this in mind before requesting a transcribed book. The Elysium University The Elysium University is the place for all those interested in learning with the aid of a tutor can, as classes will be held for anyone wishing to attend. The University has various classrooms, as well as a dining/lounge area for all students to meet one another. Our teachers work hard to plan and hold classes, free for all students who wish to learn to attend. Our classes are vast in subjects, just like the Library within the same walls. Our Request With the above explained, we ask for anyone with a desire to either teach something they’re passionate about or those who simply want to lend a hand tending to the ever growing collection of books that find a home within the House of Knowledge to get in touch with the administration. We are always seeking more tutors to host classes within the University and share the knowledge of their unique subjects. Or perhaps a quieter role suits you? Then a position as a librarian would be just as important. If any of this interests you, please follow the instructions below! IGN: Name: Timezone (Optional): Personal letter: Write a letter to Solaine W. de Astrea ( @Mayaran) with your introduction, your interest and what position you would like. Your letter can be as short or as long as you’d like, though the letter will be taken into consideration during your application. Discord (Optional): You may also take contact directly through discord, if able.
  2. Liberation of a Library 12th of The First Seed, 1858 “The need for knowledge sprouts from us all.” An army of Elves, accompanied by volunteers and mercenaries would storm the Capital of the Illegitimate State of Haelunor, in an attempt to take control of the city. The goal, to show the power of the Silver Princedom and take control of the city. The mighty warriors would travel by boat, reaching the secluded isle with relative ease. Upon reaching the shores, they would climb the steps of the Capital, the gates drawn as they neared, allowing the troops to enter the city with no resistance. Not a single troop was in sight. The Liberators were welcomed, with no present citizens opposing the righteous takeover. As the men and women liberators entered the city, they spread out to seize all aspects of the city. Some of the notable targets seized were the Citadel, Tavern, Military District, and of course, the Eternal Library. The takeover of the Library was headed by Prince Frederick I of Sedan, alongside several others. With no resistance, the Library was completely under the control of Frederick and the other accompanied warriors. The man would proclaim himself the Head-Librarian of the Frederick Library, and rename the building accordingly. The sign out-front would be changed with all due haste to reflect such. With the Library gates taken over and entrances guarded, the Library was completely under control. Throughout the days and nights, the gates would be watched with a keen eye from the greatest of gatekeepers, Altheya Valin’dar. Over time, many fellow fighters would come by and visit the Library, reading the various texts and conversing. Truly this Reformed Library was a glorious place, one where the company of others and intriguing unique texts could keep one entertained for hours upon end. May the Glory, Knowledge, and Prosperity of the Frederick Library continue for all Time. Due to the recent events that have transpired, we hereby proclaim the following: I - The Eternal Library is hereby dissolved, effective immediately. II - The Frederick Library is hereby proclaimed as the official successor to the Eternal Library. III - All the assets, land, and building of the Predecessor Library are now transferred and belong to the Successor Library. IV - Frederick Stanimar de Joannes, First of his name is hereby proclaimed and recognized as the Founder and Head-Librarian of the newly established Frederick Library. V - Altheya Valin’dar is hereby appointed to the position of Gate Guard of the Library. VI - Durin Hammerforge is hereby appointed to the position of Head-Guard of the Library VII - All signatories may bear the title ‘Liberator of Libraries’ for their efforts in the acquisition of the Library. VIII - All signatories agree to rally in defense of the Library, should the need be deemed necessary. Signed, HIS SERENE HIGHNESS, Frederick I, By the Grace of God, Sovereign Prince of Sedan, Count of Louisville, Haverlock and Döbern, Viscount of Fauconberg, Baron of Ponce, Avoria and Pyrmont, Protector and Lord of the Valley of Goats, the Haikaprier, Head-Librarian and Founder of the Frederick Library, Liberator of Libraries THE KEEN EYE, Altheya Valin’dar, The Bookkeep, Gate Guard of the Ancients and Frederick Library, Keeper of Knowledge, Protector of Time, Liberator of Libraries THE MIGHTY SMITH, Durin Hammerforge, Forger of Monk Stavz, Handsome Dwarf among Handsome Dwarves, Champion of Eating Competitions, Veteran Potato Farmer, Ally of the Sedanite People, Loyal Head-Guard of the Frederick Library, Liberator of Libraries
  3. La Waevra Imports & Exports Introduction This business is located in Varhelm, Norland, at the far end of the commercial area turning left off of the Varhelm ferry from Elysium. Founded by Rebeka la Waevra, on the 9th of the Sun’s Smile in 30 S.A. The business carries a variety of different items, and can fill a wide variety of special orders, so long as they are associated with the wholesale of materials and resources. Products In the store, stocked consistently is Coral, sea pickles, and scutes from the Ocean side near Haelun’or. Quartz pieces from all over Almaris. Feathers, from all over Almaris. An array of different dyes, sourced from all over Almaris. Handmade leads, and golden carrots. Handmade notebooks, with thick leather bindings, thread with cotton string and smooth papers made in Norland. Handmade torches, with cotton top for easy lighting, built in with a coal top to keep it burning and flint for continuous uses. Homemade notes, and paper made in Norland. Glow stone dust, coming from areas near Elvenessee. Bones sourced from Sutica. Cigars made in Norland Oli’s Homemade Chocolate Chip cookies. Meat, raised and slain in Sutica. Buckets, handcrafted from stone in Norland. There are also homemade clocks, and compasses from a local crafter in Norland. Rebeka also works closely with a Sutican farmer, who breeds horses, and can sell them, for unreasonably low prices, lowest in all of Almaris! Above the shop is a little library, open to the public, and those who are willing to learn. There is knowledge there for anyone and it is ever-growing as the days go by. Rebeka’s love of books made her start this, and she uses the business to help collect more books to add to the collection. Because of this, she sells books and since she is an avid writer herself, having written and published books, she is very happy to have it available.
  4. The Maehr’evar Order The Guardians of Knowledge Overview The long lives of the Elves tend to draw them to scholarly pursuits, either to fill a want for adventure, so they may improve their own knowledge and wisdom, or so they can protect knowledge and the world for future generations. The Maehr’evar seeks to be a place for the Elves who seek to learn, research, write, teach, and explore. Their duties are as varied as they are important. Headquartered in the Great Athenaeum of Elvenesse, this group of scholars and adventurers are always seeking new recruits to improve both the nation of Elvenesse and the world at large. Structure The Maehr’evar are organized in a loose but effective structure, which tends to serve their purposes well. The ranks of the order are as follows: Grandmaster The Grandmaster of the Maehr’evar has the duty of keeping tabs on those below him in the order and allotting resources to different projects. It is he who organizes meetings of members, calls major expeditions, maintains the library and its collection, and who deals with both foreign scholarly guilds and the Council of Elvenesse. The position is currently held by Elros Silma. Masters of the Order Masters of the Order are those who are experienced at their craft and can serve as a bridge between the Grandmaster and the Ordermen. Generally, there is to be a Lorekeeper, who is to coordinate the librarians, writers, and teachers of the order, and the Scoutmaster, who focuses more on expeditions, adventurers, and cartographers. Ordermen The Ordermen of the Maehr’evar is the rank and file position of the guild. They are all considered equal scholars and adventurers of repute. They may lead their own projects, write their own books, and teach their own lessons as they will, and they may help each other on larger projects when needed. Journeymen The Journeymen are those who just joined the Order and seek to become Ordermen. They are to hold an apprenticeship under a current member of the Order, preferably one with similar interests, in order to learn our ways, tenets, and procedures. Once deemed ready to start their own projects by the one whom they are shadowing, they are inducted into the order as full Ordermen. Duties The members of the Maehr’evar can be anything they want within the wider category of scholars, and may determine their own projects. They may freely move between any field they have interest in. However, many projects will tend towards a few areas, broadly categorized as writing, research, teaching, and exploration. Writing An imperative part of preserving knowledge and enhancing culture is to create new works, both artistic and educational in nature. The Maehr’evar will encourage and sponsor works of create and non-fiction writing among the people of Elvenesse, in order to expand our collection and enhance our peoples culture and knowledge. Research In order to learn and to record knowledge, one must seek it out. This may be through visiting other libraries to read or purchase copies of new books, by looking at ruins found by explorers, or by looking into the powers and effects of the less dangerous artifacts within our possession. Teaching It is no use to horde knowledge if you do not pass it on to future generations. Hence, teachers and librarians who organize lessons and help people find the books and knowledge they seek are another important facet of the order. Exploration The final major task of the Maehr’evar is the exploration of the world to find ruins to explore, monsters to fight, and dark cults and covens to exterminate. We seek to map the world, note where places of interest are, and deal with them as necessary, independently or with the help of other, more combat focused groups. The Maehr’evar Code The Ordermen swear to uphold this code upon entry to the guild, the four rules of the Maehr’evar Order. Breaking these rules bring you under the mercy of the Grandmaster, and can warrant anything from a warning to expulsion from the order. I. Unwarranted Harm Or Death Should Be Avoided At All Costs. We’re here to codify the world, not turn it into a pile of ash and bones. II. The Sovereignty Of Nations Shall Be Respected At All Times. While it pains us to allow knowledge to go unrecorded, or worse, for dangerous knowledge to run amuck, it is not our place to supercede any nation. It is best to not become criminals in the eyes of the world. III. Knowledge Should Be Treated With Respect And Care. It is difficult to index burnt books, or to categorize a destroyed relic. Obviously not everything we attempt to collect will survive it’s travel to the guildhall, but try to not willingly break things. Nothing is worse than lost knowledge. IV. Power Merits Respect. Along with the mundane, we may often collect pieces of extraordinary danger. Proper respect should be given to such things, and they should never be trifled with. Understand that pieces that have been deemed ‘restricted’ are not toys we horde for ourselves, but are items we guard the world from. The Great Seals The Maehr’evar Order grades every piece of knowledge in their possession with a seal. The seals are red-wax, and the individual stamps are in the possession of the Grandmaster. Each Seal is stamped with a piece of parchment which gives a brief detail of the object, and any needed information. There are four seals in total: Mundane, Guarded, Prohibited, & B.C. The Mundane Seal is the most common, and identifies this piece as typical knowledge, giving it the lowest rating of danger/power. All pieces which are open for public viewing, such as the books in the public library, are stamped with Mundane Seals. Mundane seals are given the mark ‘M’. An item with a Guarded Seal means that this item is normally only to be handled by Ordermen. These items are considered a bit too dangerous to be shown to the public, but on request may be taken from the reliquary to be studied or used by outside forces. This seal is marked with a ‘III’ symbol. The Prohibited Seal signifies that this item is of immense power or otherwise value, and should never leave the reliquary under any circumstances. These are pieces which are kept away from the world due to high risk of abuse. Even Ordermen are disallowed from viewing these pieces, and need the express permission, as well as chaperoneship of, the Grandmaster. The mark of this charm seal is a bolded ‘X’. Finally, the B.C. Seal is the most important of all the graded seals, and is given independent of the others. This means a piece can have both the B.C. Seal as well as one of three previous seals.. Standing for ‘Black Contingency’, any item with this seal is to be destroyed if at risk of falling into outside hands. Obviously, only items which are deemed as near cataclysmic are ever given this charm seal. The B.C. Seal is the only time any piece of Knowledge is marked for destruction, and holds a rather powerful and somber place in the Order’s culture. It’s mark is a ‘Skull’ symbol. How to Join In order to join the Maehr’evar, a candidate should seek out the Grandmaster in person or start a correspondence via bird. The Grandmaster will then set up a short interview with potential candidates to gauge their interests and disposition so he can match them with an Orderman to study under. Once deemed ready, the Grandmaster will give the Journeyman the Oath, at which point they will become a full Ordermen of the Maehr’evar. As a note, those seeking to join must be citizens of Elvenesse, or at least able to enter the city. OOC Notes
  5. -- == + The Library of Dragur + == -- The Library of Dragur from Athera to Axios The Library of Dragur as it is know was founded in Vailor by Orithur, however, it was originally founded in Athera by a Dragaar named Aedrex and a Harbinger named Orithur. Throughout Athera, the Library remained a secret to most of the world save a very small group of people including some of the world leaders and the scholars that were recruited by Aedrex and Orithur to assist in the Library’s growth. Aedrex, Orithur and the scholars went throughout the world, scouring every corner of Athera in search of new books and the Library of Dragur became the largest collection of books known to the descendants despite its secrecy. After a series of catastrophic events in late Athera including the destruction of the well hidden Library, Aedrex left the Library in Orithur’s most capable hands. The existing roster of scholars was disbanded and the remains of the original Library of Dragur sealed for good. After much deliberation, Orithur decided that the Library was to no longer remain locked up in halls accessible to few but rather to be open to all. And so in Vailor the construction of the Library began. Once construction was complete the doors to the largest library known to the descendants opened. The Library found great success, procuring many donations over the years while providing everyone with access to an ever-growing pool of knowledge. Orithur also began recruiting new scholars to assist him in managing the Library as well as producing new books to stock the shelves. Throughout the Library’s stay in Vailor many new books were acquired and placed upon the shelves under Orithur’s watch and despite this he deemed it fit that he were to depart the Library, leaving it in the hands of an elf named Lyeth who is the Librarian of the Library of Dragur to this day. Under Lyeth’s watchful gaze the Library continued to grow much like it did under Orithur as she prepared the Library for evacuation should disaster strike, and strike it did. Orgon, the Spirit of Disease, Pestilence and Failure, descended upon the realm and so the Scholars of the Library of Dragur took to the seas on their boat which Lyeth made named ‘The Archivist’. Once landed upon the shores of the Isles of Axios, the scholars set out to find a suitable location for the Library. After much searching, they decided upon a clearing on the Southern shores of the Isle of Tahn and construction began. Once construction was complete and the shelves filled with books, the Library of Dragur was reopened to the public. The Library of Dragur’s Purpose “Within our world exists an eternal, unquestionable constant, and it is named ‘Time’. This variable is the single most destructive thing any reality may ever hope to observe. Time withers trees, it crumbles rock, and it takes lives. But time brings about discovery and new life, it ushers existence itself. And while time will forever establish events as inevitable, it can never entirely control them. This, remains up to us. Whether Dwarf, Orc, Human or Elf the path is never fully laid for us, and it is our combined efforts that see the future carved in our image.” - Orithur, Founder of the Library of Dragur The Library of Dragur’s purpose is to provide readily available knowledge that is accessible to all. By doing this the Library allows the descendants to shape the world around them for the better. The way the Library goes about accomplishing this is not only maintaining and growing the largest collection of books known to the descendants in the main Library, but by also setting up sister libraries spread across Axios. Throughout Vailor three sister libraries were established in Felsen, Celein and Willow Hollow. The Library of Dragur seeks to increase the number of sister libraries throughout her time in Axios and details on how to request a sister library in a city can be found below. In order to make knowledge available to all the Library must practice and maintain her neutrality among the peoples of Axios. Sister Libraries The sister libraries exist to allow the Library of Dragur to spread knowledge to those who would otherwise not have access to it. Whether they don't wish to make the trip to the main library or it being too dangerous to do so the sister library is there to accommodate. In order to have a sister library built within your city an agreement and a set of terms must be met and kept. These being: The sister library is to be stocked and maintained by a scholar of the Library of Dragur and they are to maintain possession of any books procured by the sister library throughout its stay. All book donations to the sister library must have a copy sent to the main Library as well as being stocked upon the shelves of the sister library. No harm is to be brought upon the sister library intentionally by the people or government of the city it resides in. If this becomes an ongoing issue then the city will lose its right to a sister library. In return for meeting these requirements the city shall receive: A fully capable scholar whose additional duties involve maintaining the sister library. An initial loan of 20 books from the main library chosen by either the city leaders or the scholar who will be maintaining the sister library. If the sister library continues to flourish addititional loans from the main library will occur with the maximum amount of books loaned capping at 60. To further discuss the possibility of receiving a sister library please contact either the Librarian or Assistant Librarian. -- == + == -- Current Sister Libraries: - Halfling Library Librarian: Armin Assistant Librarian: Mirabelle Peregrin -- == + == -- The Library’s Facilities The Library of Dragur has more than just books available to patrons. In its Northeast and Southeast towers there are public labs available for use by the public to conduct basic experiments as well as meeting rooms and classrooms that are available for temporary use upon request. To request one of these facilities for use please ask a scholar of the Library. Additionally, there is a tea shop in the Southwest tower that is run by Mirabelle Peregrin. Donations and Acquiring Copies -- == + Current book count: 940 + == -- The Library of Dragur always accepts donations of books or relics for us to display upon our shelves. The donation can be left in the donation bin at the front of the Library’s desk or given directly to a scholar. In order to get a copy of a book on the shelves you must donate a book that we currently do not have. This book can be your own work of someone else’s that you have come into possession of. In order to request a copy of a book, place the book that you are donating that we do not have into the bin labeled ‘Book Copy Requests’ in the main Library. Along with this book you must submit a signed book in the same bin with the following details: Your name The date ((/date)) The book you have donated The book you wish to obtain a copy of To pickup your copy you must come into the library and ask one of the librarians or scholars. If the copy has been made they will give it to you. Note: In order to request a copy the donated book must be approved by either the librarian or assistant librarian. Additionally, we do not loan or sell books. The Scholars of Dragur The scholars of the Library of Dragur exist to help maintain the Library and her facilities as well as to generate additional writings and discoveries throughout their stay. The current roster of the Library of Dragur is as follows: -- == + == -- Librarian: - Lyeth Assistant Librarian: - Armin - Nemir Relic Curator: - Artemis Scholars: - Sarrion - Maaz - Lefkos - Nemir - Bell - Marroc - Elwrick - Crumena - Mark - Steven - Beranabus - Glacio - Quinton - Daniel - Dirk -- == + == -- In order to join the ranks of scholar at the Library of Dragur one must apply during a designated application period. Notices will be posted when one of these application periods begins. The application for the library must contain the following: An original work in written form. If the work was written by another or plagiarized immediate voiding of the application will occur. An interview must be conducted with at least the one handling the hiring process (will be specified on the notice). 3 people must come and vouch for the applicant ensuring the Library's staff that the applicant is a trustworthy, hardworking and reliable individual as well as answering some other questions. Vouchers can be given to any existing staff of the Library of Dragur. Duties of scholars include but are not limited to: Writing books to be displayed on the shelves Manning the front desk Assisting and answering questions guests may have General upkeep of the Library's facilities Note: there is no pay for being a scholar of the Library of Dragur. ((Credit to @Chamo for the screenshot of the library))
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