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  1. Flushed Florals - 250 mina ;) Disc: Ohbother1#0723
  2. Bianca de Pelear went to her room after hearing of her fathers death. She cried for hours, and when the tears ran dry, she went to look for her brothers. Upon finding them, she vomited on their shoes due to her distress. She felt terribly sorry, but not as sorry as she felt for the loss of her father. “Te quiero papa. I wish I spent more time with you, may DIOS bless us soon, and you shall rest easy now in the seven skies.”
  3. Adelina Bishop chuckles, wiping a blade clean, glancing at her husband, Erwin, "Do sie zhink zhat zhe Orenians zhough zhat zhe Ferrymen Keep vas Karosgrad? Zhey ran zhere quickly... perhaps zhey need ein map." @Lomiei
  4. [!] A letter is sent out to many around the realm, including any remaining Buckforts and those who were citizens of Rozania. The Funeral of Lord Aldigar Buckfort and Lady Matilda Buckfort The first born son of William Buckfort and Ivette Taylor in the Buckfort Family, Lord Aldigar Buckfort, has sadly passed away– quite literally even, off a ledge. He was 62 when he passed, so young, and so much left to live… We shall be honoring him for his time here and his effort for Krew and Rozania. Matilda Buckfort, sister to William Buckfort will also be honored during this time. All are welcome to attend. Special Invitations to any member of the Buckfort Family.
  5. Nadia Grandheart laughed, actually spat water out of her mouth upon hearing the news, "This a joke, right?" She sent birds out to the following people, @Qaz_The_Great "Alric Edvardsson, Pinemaw has claimed for long they were the successor state to Rozania, as your barony truly is, and now they side with Oren. Do not let them ruin my families name." @Robin01_boy "Kane, you see the vassals the King has, and you run one, please... don't fail Urguan too..." @mika1278 "MIKA, DID YOU SEE THIS FOOKIN' SHITE?! TELL ME LUBBA ISN'T LEAVING TOO! "
  6. Some ppl do. Bleh... its gross tbh, it should just be a conversation you know, but some people do rp it out on discord, or even on the server.
  7. Petition: In order to FTB you must have two wheat on you like animals. You can emote hearts flying, like how is is when you have animals. Could just get rid of FTB all together, but it is good for death scenes, or doctor scenes or anything else. If you say you have to have wheat, you can just emote hearts flying and a stork dropping off a baby. Would be a cool idea.
  8. [!] Posters are hung around different parts of Almaris, especially in areas of scholarly impact. Book Competition A competition of academia, writers, and collectors. In the Barony of Krew, in Norland, a new library sits beneath the foundation, most of the shelves bare. This competition is important for those who wish for knowledge, to share and learn themselves. Prize: Three prizes of 100 minas The competition: The person who brings the most original books, will get a prize of 100 minas The person who brings the most useful, authentic book will get a prize of 100 minas. We will have an additional contest regarding any books made in previous years, also original, and the oldest book will win 100 minas. Rules: Any original books, dated within the current year, or past years to, 59 S.A. are acceptable, except the oldest book competition. Each book will be judged on usefulness, authenticity, and substance. Each book must have at least 5 pages, with a cover page including the date written. The academic’s guild will look over the books, rating them all, and pronounce the winner. All books will be donated and shown in the grand opening of the Barony of Krew library in 65 S.A. A donation bin will be placed in the Barony of Krew library, and you may drop off any books you have, as well as any of the original ones for the competition. OOC:
  9. Nadia Buckfort stood at the gates, watching the fighting pair. She turned back to the others, rolling her eyes, "Damn gates..." Thinking for some time, and glancing around, she remarked, "Well, there are those hidden tunnels... the ones the Governor set up. Let's use those..." She walked to the rusty trap door leading underneath the city, wiping off some soot, "I haven't been down here much, but I found them a long time ago..." With that, she jumped on the trap door, letting it break away to the depths beneath, and began her journey down the busted ladders, motioning the others along.
  10. Leyna Edvardsson blinks rapidly seeing the title, a chuckle escaping her lips, “Another Edvardsson… no… not a common name. Won’t Alric be so intrigued to know someone is pretending to be him. I didn’t know my husband was so popular in Oren.” @Qaz_The_Great
  11. Nadia chuckled, perhaps too enthusiastically at Peralien's remark, "I was thinking the same thing... party to hell anyone?"
  12. Nadia looks to Dante Lo, then to Peralien, then to Dante again, "Oh... Dante? It is just me and Pera here right now. I dunno where everyone else is." She glances back to Peralien, "So, the Calding family... they need to be gone. They have caused FAR too much trouble, and I have head it up to my head in it." She looks back to Dante, not answering to him directly, and then to Peralien, "I am supposed to go to Rozania. But why in this realm would I go there, it is literally a pile of ashes."
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