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  1. Flushed Florals - 250 mina ;) Disc: Ohbother1#0723
  2. Adelina Bishop chuckles, wiping a blade clean, glancing at her husband, Erwin, "Do sie zhink zhat zhe Orenians zhough zhat zhe Ferrymen Keep vas Karosgrad? Zhey ran zhere quickly... perhaps zhey need ein map." @Lomiei
  3. Some ppl do. Bleh... its gross tbh, it should just be a conversation you know, but some people do rp it out on discord, or even on the server.
  4. Petition: In order to FTB you must have two wheat on you like animals. You can emote hearts flying, like how is is when you have animals. Could just get rid of FTB all together, but it is good for death scenes, or doctor scenes or anything else. If you say you have to have wheat, you can just emote hearts flying and a stork dropping off a baby. Would be a cool idea.
  5. Leyna Edvardsson blinks rapidly seeing the title, a chuckle escaping her lips, “Another Edvardsson… no… not a common name. Won’t Alric be so intrigued to know someone is pretending to be him. I didn’t know my husband was so popular in Oren.” @Qaz_The_Great
  6. Leyna Edvardsson sat in Krew, reading it over, “He is lucky to be alive… stubborn man… nevertheless, I am glad he is fairing well.”
  7. Adelina Bishop frowned terrible, a tear falling down her cheek, looking at her husband laying in a bed, "Du vill heal vell soon, ich know. Ich love du."
  8. [!] A missive is posted to every board of Varhelm, and around various parts of Norland. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Case of the Missing Alcohol The Ashwood Tavern in Varhelm, Norland has a thief! Most of the drinks in the barrels have gone missing, very few clues point to whom “done-it”! The menu was scribbled all over, with the words ‘No Alkohole” on it. After looking around the tavern, the thief has made their case clear that they wish to rid Varhelm of our alcohol! The alcohol has been replaced by apple juice. The criminal has a tendency to use blue crayon, as seen around the tavern. If anyone has any leads, please contact the Ashguard or Leyna Edvardsson so that we may bring this criminal to justice! Signed, ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. Thank you for doing your best while you were admin, everyone appreciates your work. :)
  10. Nadia Grandheart grinned, signing the page with fluidity, "Thank you Kane, I appreciate this." She went home, packing her things for the move to Huaven.
  11. Erica Aven sat peacefully, thinking of her child, and her late boyfriend. She had waited for this, for him to finally.. .well.. pass. She loved him, and her death was just a sad cry for help. Help from him, however... obviously she was dead and could not fix that now. She looked down from the seven skies, hearing his last words, and hoping to herself, he would come back to her. She would see his soul again, and they could rest at last. Rebeka la Waevra sat in the seven skies, looking at Lomiei and noticing a glow in Dunrath. "Oh, our good friend, he is making his peace." She smiled to herself, "Rest my good friend, you have worked too hard." @Lomiei
  12. Leyna Edvardsson chuckled, looking around at her WHOLE family, “I assume you are all coming too? Cannot pass up a good meal!” @Firelight9 @JudgedKitty @Roria@HogoBojo @Lionbileti @Qaz_The_Great@Diogen
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