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  1. Bianca de Pelear likes this a lot, “BLESS DIOS AND GRAND KINGDOM URGUAN!”
  2. Nadia Buckfort pounded on the walls of her brain. Seeing everyone, hearing herself speak to them yet not her words or actions. She screamed and pounded and yelled and no one could hear her. Suddenly so, she is free. Stumbling and falling and she sees Dante, looking in rather rough shape. “are you okay? Is it… over?”
  3. Leyna Kazimir reads the missive aloud to her clansmen, and the spirit of her dead father, “We have been invited to a party! Let’s congratulate them on this and invite them to ours too!”
  4. Nadia Buckfort wanders all over, through doors every which way and windows, and paths. She grows tired, and frustrated and takes a seat on the ground. Except it is not ground. She begins falling, slowly and wakes up suddenly, seeing everything in real view. Frightened, and disoriented she looks around, not quite sure what is happening at this point in time.
  5. Leyna Edvardsson frowns, an angry glare upon her face, "Whoever dare do this to a child deserves punishment. I am glad she is safe, and will do my best to aid in the capture of this deranged criminal."
  6. Nadia Buckfort shivers, taking a rather large breath and audibly choking on it. After coughing for a minute, she settles, looking at this cold twisted man, "Well... I guess it depends on how you mean? My life is rather fine... nothing amazing. I stay in Rozania forever, with no friends to keep me company. My father and mother are dead, my family..." She huffs, getting emotional, "I don't know. It is MUNDANE. I live a rather boring life, and have basically no one. No husband, no kids. No... nothing. Why do you ask? Why do you CARE?! Why am I even here?" She glances around this 'place' in her mind, getting obviously upset and slightly full of rage, "What is this place?"
  7. Nadia Buckfort marks the date with a grin, “Oh, I just can’t wait to see this.”
  8. “Dear Ser Doctor Brawly Scath, @Tk4522 I write to you today, to commend your honor and give you my gratuity for your continuous service to The Duchy of Rozania. Times are trying, and in this, you have done great work, to not only take care of Rozania, but the Buckfort family, and my departed father, William Buckfort. I appreciate your family for staying in The Duchy of Rozania, even during the many attacks upon us. I appreciate you for burying our dead, and laying them to rest properly. I also appreciate your work as a doctor, not only for The Duchy of Rozania, but also to my mother, may she rest, as her clan medic. You have given your life to us, and for that, I am grateful. With this said, I give you the title of Lord, and shall you and your family ever reside in Rozania again, you shall be welcomed with open arms. Thank you Brawly for your service. Shall we forever remain friends. Sincerely, Nadia Buckfort, Duchess of Rozania
  9. Nadia cringes. “Daddddd, your embarrassing me.” Ooc: I am LITERALLY cackling so hard
  10. Nadia Buckfort received a letter, more than once regarding this man, "Perhaps this is the one... yes. I shall contact him at once." She began to pen a letter, then realizing she had no clue where to send it. "Unless someone else is interested..." She remarks, looking over the other applicants.
  11. A letter has been pinned to every board and sent to every bachelor. Are you single? Are you looking for love? Are you rich? Are you wanting a wife? Look no further. Nadia Buckfort is looking for a man, one of romance. Now you may be wondering who is Nadia? Nadia is one of the Duchesses of Rozania, age 19. The daughter of William Buckfort and Rebeka la Waevra. She is a good canonist, and currently resides in Rozania. Unfortunately, she is not a good soup enjoyer. She spends most of her time writing documents for Rozania, and writes some books on how to make soup. She can be snarky. She is 5’8. She has a past of living in a halfling village. She enjoys wearing checked clothing. She is human. “To all Bachelors out there, I am looking for a man. Preferably one who knows his way around a sword and a ballroom. My likes: The color green, and I also like flowers. My dislikes: Soup Men who steal carrots. If this sounds like you, please contact me.” Signed, Duchess of Rozania, Nadia Buckfort” Prospective Bachelor Form IGN: Name: Age: Place of residency: Bank account balance: Hobbies: One interesting fact about yourself:
  12. "Zhis ist vhat ve need." She begins to pen a letter, grinning in excitement.
  13. and Nadia ran. Fast and hard, sweat pouring down her face, arriving in Rozania. The sets of armor practically flooding the streets. Then seeing Dante, poor Dante… “are you okay? Do you need anything? What… what are you saying?”
  14. You as always, put things into words better than the rest. Ooc toxicity… it’s honestly heart breaking, because you end up hurting other people, and for what? To win? It’s not like playing Call of Duty where at the end the one with the most kills win, you move into another lobby and that kid swearing is a million miles away and you’ll never speak to them again. This is a constant group of people, revolving but many of us constant and taking a lot of pride in our characters. Now the thing about character bleed is tough, because I care about my characters and I care about LOTC and other people, but it happens to the best of us. We put effort and time into our personas, and we don’t want them to take the brunt of something that will mess them up. However, making someone hurt or being rude or a slew of other hateful terms to someone, is just awful. It doesn’t make you a winner and it definitely doesn’t make you a good player. There have been many instances in which people have been toxic as to “win” something. War claims, raids and such, are all in good fun in moderation. On LOTC I have a bandit character, and I don’t go out of my way to ruins someone’s day in roleplay. I do if occasionally for the fun of being a “bad guy”, but not to hurt others and I don’t persistently go after the same person or group of people as to cause them problems. I also know on my other personas, that eventually it will happen to me. One of my personas recently was kidnapped. The kidnapper and I discussed stuff oocly, and we have become friends because of it and are making it into a bigger story for more people to be apart of. It’s a game at the end of the day, and it’s storytelling. Let’s be apart of something that even if we “win or lose” we are still proud of it. Thank you Quacken for writing this. Much appreciation.
  15. Nadia Buckfort bobs her head, “I won’t try anything, just… don’t kill us. That’s all. Just please don’t kill us all.” Inside her head, flashes of the past events. Eliza… rather Nathaniel’s words, knife on a throat, running, sitting in the cold. All of these events.. leading up to what?
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