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Found 2 results

  1. Khajiit Stolen painting of generic Kharajyr ((credit: google, deviantart and some russian)) Name: Khajiit Age: Forgotten Gender: Male Race: Kharajyr Status: Alive Birth: Unkown Description Height: 5’9’’ Weight: 180 lbs Body Type: Mesomorph Eyes: Blue Hair: Short Dreadlocks Skin: Kha’Tigrasi Fur Health: Average Personality: Passive, Patient Inventory: Questionable items from around Axios, unusual trash and common garbage. Further Details: A poor soul trying to survive a cruel world full of discrimination and violence. Life Style Alignment: True Neutral Alliance/Nation/Home: Homeless Job/Class: Wandering Merchant Title(s): None Profession(s): Trader Special Skill(s): Good prices Flaw(s): Many
  2. The Marked OOC Purpose The Purpose of the Marked, is event driven RP that focuses on Monster Hunting, the eradication of ‘Rogue Mages’ and the study of all things considered abnormal or abomination as well as the encouragement of folklore driven RP. ---- Short Description The Marked are an organization of monster hunters for hire. Originally founded in Anthos under the guidance and studies of Adeon of Rhoswen and Temp Thersist. The group originally acted as a unit for gathering intelligence and scouting potential weak points for future siege. Eventually introduced to various beasts and repeatedly forced to combat mages, the unit was repurposed to specialize in the removal of what had simply been referred to as ‘Monsters.’ Majority of the Marked’s early life was spent simply eliminating lesser creatures such as the common Vodnik and Harpy. It wasn’t until the Cockatrice incident that the Marked were given any form of recognition within the Rose and the Orenian Empire. Even after the incident, Notoriety of the Marked was generally contained within the Rose and all actions taken by the Marked were simply considered actions of White Rose. The Exodus placed the Marked in an odd position, the Rose had been disbanded as the men took to Aeldin and the group had simply become an Imperial Organization. The Master of the Guild was given a spot on the Privy Council and was considered the ‘Go to’ for matters of the unknown. For years, the group expanded and various splinter organizations began to spring up, thus resulting in an internal power struggle, eventually eradicating 654 of the remaining 712 members, only 32 of which were considered field effective and were of age for Imperial services. Given Order by the Imperial Council, the Headmaster returned to lands of Old and made way for Imperial Return. A few years in, most of the Marked returned to the Old world, carrying news of the Organization’s falling. The Isle that had housed the Marked was a breeding ground for many abominations and the location was an intentional training ground. Unknown to them, it had also housed a large Silver Drake, considered dormant by the locals. For reasons unknown, the Drake not only became active, it seemed to actively assault the strong points held by Imperial forces along the isle and within surrounding lands. In full retreat, the remaining Marked fled the isle, returning to lands of Old and hoping to establish themselves once more. Once there, the number of surviving members was greatly diminished due to pogroms which cost the lives of many of the initiates and mages among the group, because of this, only four remained. The four created a strict code of ethics modeled off of the Knights', both for the preservation of the Marked traditions as well as to ensure the group is never targeted again. -Steel for men, Aurum for monsters- -Never to marry.- -Never to produce offspring.- -Never to ascend beyond the status of a commoner.- -To remain loyal to the code.- -To remain neutral when possible.- -To never fight in a war between men.- -To not solve with swords what can be solved with words- -To protect the mundane and innocent.- -To persevere to the end in any hunt begun.- -To slay those who refuse payment.- To defend your life when it is threatened.- -To take responsibility for personal actions.- -To not choose between a lesser or greater evil.- --- After recent events, the Marked Men are now a completely neutral organisation, allied with no nation whatsoever and involving themselves in no international conflicts or politics. --- Completed Large / Grand Hunts https://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/111012-a-beast-put-to-rest/?hl=hippogriff ((Gonna take some digging to find these so, give me a few days.)) Cave demon- (Post Pending) Hydra- (Post Pending) Kayran- (Post pending) Blood Mages- https://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/121393-maelstrom-of-blood/ --- Ranking of The Marked Master The Leader of the Marked. Has final say in all matters. Adeon of Rhoswen (Sode1) Veteran Tried and tested many times, the Marked's senior members are now recognized as Veterans. Marked The Fully trained and bulk force of the Marked, these men attend Hunts, gather required resources and function under the guidance / teachings of the Marked. Initiates These people are untrained, inexperienced and are considered absolutely useless in combat. Typically very young, these are the recruits of the Marked. These people are given the general training of the marked and are expected to specialize within a particular branch of training, be it Medical, Magical or something else entirely. --- Honorary Titles These titles command a certain amount of respect but do not give men any command above the standard rank. The titles are purely cosmetic and will be difficult to obtain. Master of Arms The Master at Arms creates the arms and armor used by the marked. He is responsible for assigning proper arms and armor to match the talents of each man within the organization. Master of the Arcane The Master of the Arcane knows a great deal about all things considered magical in nature. Furthermore, this figure is expected to be an experienced mage and possess significant knowledge on how to neutralize magical threats. Lorekeeper The Lorekeeper is in control of all matters involving the study of unknown plants, creatures and substances. They will be expected to maintain the private libraries. They will also be expected to have an in depth knowledge of all known creatures, herbs and folklore. ---- With Minor research into the Marked, a common location is mentioned across each rumor and kill, a small Chapel in Aldersberg. Should you pursue the minor bit of information that you've been given and approach the chapel, you'd spot a crude carving of an Ouroboros in the Church entry hall, on the left wall just below a support. Should you continue in, 3 men, each wearing identical garb and with a longsword across their laps would be seated within the pews. ((For the RP Environment involved with the application or contract)) Application Format MC Name: IC Name: Age: Race: Minor Backstory: --- Contract Format MC Name of Contract Writer: IC Name of Contract Writer: Creature of Hunt: Requested Proof of Kill: Payment upon Completion: ((There will be Edits to this post, containing Images and Etc.))
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