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Found 22 results

  1. Caelian Myth Contest HEY NERDS WANNA MAKE SOME MINA FOR DOING WORK WE ARE TO LAZY TO DO? IT WOULD BE TOTALLY RAD IF YOU MADE YOURSELF GO THROUGH HELL TO DO THIS Ave friends, Caelians, Countrymen If you are reading this you might be interested in roman and greek mythology and if you are then might I have an interesting proposal for you. Us here in Caelia™ are looking for people just like you to write us some myths. Now you might be asking yourself in your beautiful round head of yours what do I get out of this and I am glad you ask. The first place winner of this grand contest gets the prize of 300 300, 300 Mina now NOW! Now, the second place prize is 150 mina and the third place prize is 50 mina. Now sadly there are a few rules to this grand contest. I will list them all here You must use at least one Caelian god and/or one Caelian adjacent character Your entry must be at least one paragraph or longer Follow LOTC Rules and Guidelines Anyone using plagiarism or ai to write their story will be disqualified (AI Art is allowed) The Deadline in on March 31 at 11:59 EST To Join the contest post the link to your entry in the comments down below
  2. Why would you ever pay to upgrade from diamond to bedrock VIP, i see absolutely NO reason so WHY did you do it? (please only respond with clearly formulated arguments that do not consist of fallacys.)
  3. THE MARENO COMPANY Founded by Jace Mareno Since 28 SA Where there is a Mareno there is a coin to be had, and a bargain to be struck. Introducing the Mareno Company. From which the founder, Jace Mareno, has forged ahead against nearly each and every Company bound on Almaris. But why has the Mareno Company surmounted each of these companies? Not because of the trope characteristic traits of being humble; no no, they are hard workers from opportunist backgrounds. A job is a job and so is a deadline, something which the Mareno family prides themselves on both inside and outside of their company. So expect any order you might have to be promptly seen to. You see streets of merchant stalls with a singular item-of-need in display, yet none in stock, not ever. Is it really that hard to see a shelf be stacked? Mareno thinks not; an overflowing stall is a happy one. So what services does the Mareno Company offer? Ferrum Armour & Weaponry Ranged Weapons for shooty long range. Food for Almaris’ Warriors - steak - porkchop, the lot. Medicinal and Alchemical Herbs Building Materials An Abundant More to Come Shortly All of that is to be always stocked on our shelves, brimming to their rims. But wait, you think yourself as a big guy? Not only do we extend our stock to our stall-bound shops, if to be contacted we also extend our services in bulk. Be it a hundred armour sets delivered to the gates of your keep. Or as we do in Hanseti-Ruska, supply their military with a constant stock of ferrum armour and weaponry -- ranged weapons included. Our integrity and veracity ensures we are their main suppliers of the BSK. EAT SOME MEAT AND JOIN THE ELITE Do not confuse this name for something of the peculiar sort. We only intend to rid of this bread plague-- do you remember in times of old, when one would wake up to a hearty breakfast and not the three-for-one piece of bread. Bread for breakfast, bread for dinner, bread for supper. Why? The cattle farmers have grown stagnant, in their place; Mareno. We are now selling meat across all of our stores for the ridiculously cheap price of 0.3 mina per piece. Meat sustains you longer, and now competing at the same price as most bread merchants, it is certainly bargain for your mina. Drop that foul tasteless bread and eat some meat. Where are we? The City of Karosgrad -- The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. The Principality of Savoy - Corazon The Shipwreck Keep -- Roadside to Elysium Contact Us Bird Jace Mareno or Andronikos Mareno || dannyERP & the60th Leave a letter in our P.O Box at our Main Office in the Sea Maiden store located in Karosgrad, Hanseti-Ruska. Discord: danny 💸#2021 & The60th#5206 Alternatively, inbox me on forums.
  4. THE OFFICE OF THE ROYAL TREASURER KRUSAE ZWY KONGZEM Issued by the OFFICE OF THE TREASURER On this Ninth day of Vzmey and Hynk 358 ES The Office of the Treasurer (Naumariav: Ve Offiez i ve Aranyiaz) is the branch of His Majesty’s Aulic Government responsible for the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska’s fiscal and economic affairs. The Office of the Treasurer’s duties and trifold: to sustainably manage the Royal Treasury, maximize revenue and control expenditure; to promote and advertise employment opportunities within the Kingdom; and to manage, and where necessary distribute, the Kingdom’s resources. The Royal Treasurer As prescribed by Section 206 of the Haurul Caezk, the Royal Treasurer shall be the Kingdom’s foremost authority on monetary and economic matters. Their duties include calculating tax rates and property pricing within the City of Karosgrad, to arrange the payment of wages to public bodies such as the Haeseni Royal Army, and management of the Golden Crow Bank. The Royal Treasurer occupies a largely supervisory role generally regarded with seniority and trust as one of the few people with access to the Royal Treasury. As of the publishing of this missive, the Royal Treasurer is His Excellency, Edvard Amador. Auditors Employed as assistants to the Royal Treasurer, Auditors act as general advisors and aides who work on the core functions of the Office - such as management of the Golden Crow Bank, maintenance of ledgers and taxation - and various projects the Office may undertake, such as trading ventures. Additionally, a key role of Auditors is advisory in helping the Royal Treasurer think of new financial ventures to better the Kingdom’s finances. Owing to the complicated nature of the Kingdom’s coffers and economy, multiple opinions advising the Royal Treasurer on economic matters are essential. Kastellan of Resources As part of the Office of the Treasurer, the Kastellan of Resources is responsible for the collection, distribution, and overall management of the Treasury’s Resource Reserves. The Kastellan has a variety of important duties to ensure the Kingdom always has the necessary resources for various matters. The duties of the Kastellan of Resources are henceforth, ➔ To upkeep the relevant documents and manage matters relating to the Treasury’s Resources Reserves; ➔ To communicate with the Treasurer actively about the current state of the Treasury’s Resource Reserves; ➔ To hire workers to collect necessary resources based on a commission-based payment as needed; ➔ To ensure the Treasury has an ample amount of resources in excess; ➔ To ensure the smooth distribution of resources for Crown projects. Kastellan of Labour As part of the Office of the Treasurer’s cultivation of the Haeseni economy, the Kastellan of Labour assumes responsibility for promoting job opportunities and communicating with Haeseni businesses to ensure they do not face unnecessary hindrances. The duties of the Kastellan of Agriculture are henceforth, ➔ Communicating with the Aulic Government and Haeseni businesses to asses employment opportunities; ➔ Regularly publish a list of these jobs; ➔ Liaise with the Office of the Seneschal, and the Kastellan of Settlement, to help employ newcomers in Haense; ➔ Communicate with Haeseni businesses and relay any concerns or suggestions to the Royal Treasurer. Kastellan of Agriculture The Kastellan of Agriculture shall function as the Treasurer’s representative of agriculture related matters, and carry out the various duties as its head. The duties of the Kastellan of Agriculture are henceforth, ➔ To manage and upkeep the farmlands held by the Crown; ➔ To manage and upkeep the Treasury’s Agriculture storage; ➔ To hire farmers, and collect produce on a commission-based payment as needed; ➔ To sell farm produce to the Haeseni public. Signed, HIS EXCELLENCY, Sir Edvard Amador KML, Lord Treasurer of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska
  5. Khajiit Stolen painting of generic Kharajyr ((credit: google, deviantart and some russian)) Name: Khajiit Age: Forgotten Gender: Male Race: Kharajyr Status: Alive Birth: Unkown Description Height: 5’9’’ Weight: 180 lbs Body Type: Mesomorph Eyes: Blue Hair: Short Dreadlocks Skin: Kha’Tigrasi Fur Health: Average Personality: Passive, Patient Inventory: Questionable items from around Axios, unusual trash and common garbage. Further Details: A poor soul trying to survive a cruel world full of discrimination and violence. Life Style Alignment: True Neutral Alliance/Nation/Home: Homeless Job/Class: Wandering Merchant Title(s): None Profession(s): Trader Special Skill(s): Good prices Flaw(s): Many
  7. Fliers would be pinned amongst notice boards around Vailor “People of Vailor! I am in search of a blacksmith of high skill to produce goods for Vandoria. Iron will be provided for tou to work with and a smithy for you to work at as well as quarters. Pay is negotiable upon services preformed and volume of goods produced. As well, I am in search of several miners and a cook, preferably of decent skill. Please send word to the castle of Ard Ghorrock if interested.” John I, King of Vandoria Application: Name: Race: MC Name: Position Applying for (Cook, Miner, Smith): Skill in position: Will you be active to roleplay as well as craft?:
  8. * A team of Hobbits would be tasked with hanging posters across the lands, on various noticeboards, tree and rocks* *The poster reads* SELLING ITEMS OF THE LAND I can acquire items of your desire or need. Items that are so rare people have died looking for them. Or i can get items of a more common value such as your ores, woods, weapons and tools! Not only can i get this, i can also provide you with items from any profession at a cheap and reasonable price. Woodworking, Enchanting, Alchemy, Lumberjack, Mining, Stonemason, Fishing, and more... Any item is yours to buy Send me a bird or come and find me in my home town of Sutica *it would be signed Emily Headsted* [OOC] Send me a PM on the forums or in game! My MC name is _swannick_ and we can arrange to meet in RP or discuss a trade deal through ooc or the use of birds! Alternativley come to the town of Sutica, Located in the Caliphate. Take the Caliphate Wagon and the Blue one straight after it! Or for a Challenge, find me in game! edit: All prices are negotiable according to quantity and type of item.
  9. Hey so I'm playing Lord of the craft a lot lately but I don't know how to get Minas/Money in game or even a job. I'm probably just a huge noob and the answer is literally easy to figure out but... I spent most of my money on stuff I needed like food etc.. and now I'm basically asing or looking in chests (that are labeled Free food) to get it. Can you help me with that? Also, I've asked around about how to get a residence in Lauren'lin, people say find so and so and he/she will set you a home. but I don't know who that is.. Plus with the mina thing I don't think that I would be able to own a home there because I can't get minas to pay for it....... Sorry if this was in the wrong topic, I looked and couldn't find anything related to this. thanks for helping if you can! Love Lord of the Craft!
  10. Part of another Guide I made, which I will not be posting on the forums. Pasted from a google document. I may extend upon this in the future, but this is how LotC's current economy works in general. The Beginning: Understanding LotC’s Economy Basics: Sources of Income At the source of it all, LotC’s economy is driven by trade and skills. There are several sources of income a player can utilize. For the rest of this guide I will be using the standard price of skill tomes, a valued item of 1000 mina generally, as a benchmark to compare values. The ‘Voter’ The first source I will talk over is voting. Currently LotC’s system of voting allows the player to gather small amounts of income over time. This benefits the returning player who plays everyday as they get their chance to gain income over time. This is a very stable, but fluctuating source of income that does not show large amounts of yield to the player. With 14 days of voting, roughly half a month, a player can expect an equivalent of 600-800 mina. This, in comparison to skill tome, is a somewhat large sum of currency, but in comparison to a land charter, it is very minimal. Despite the average voter’s income being minimal, there are a wide range of possibilities they could spend their money on, such as equipment crafted by other skills which are directly in their income range. The ‘Crafter’ The second source of income I will talk about is trading of equipment, gear for PvP and tools. There are several professions that can craft gear for a player. There are 4 standard ones that are used heavily, which are Blacksmith, Enchanter, Woodworker, and Leatherworker. There are other skills which can craft things that can be utilized as equipment or things for PvP, but they are not as important as these few. All of these skills which craft items require a gathering profession to gather them materials for their crafts. This is where a clear pyramid of economy can be seen. The players who are of these crafting professions sell their wares to other players for Medium to Low prices. Ranging from 600 to as little as 20 mina. This is where the ‘voter’ who votes daily directs their flow of income to. These ‘crafters’ then gather their income from both voting and their clients shopping for their wares. Despite a large amount of income, they have to spend their money on others who gather them wares. The ‘crafter’s also can use skill tomes provided by ‘gatherer’s which makes their reliance even stronger. The ‘Gatherer’ The third source of income is the ‘gatherer’ professions. These professions or skills tend to be the very base of the pyramid, structuring the economy as they determine the price and rate of inflation. These gathering profession yield meager amounts of income as they sell large amounts of materials for low prices to the ‘crafters.’ Despite their low prices of which they sell wares, a dedicated crafter can be of the top tier professions as they have little cost compared to income, unlike the ‘crafter’ who has a high cost to income ratio. Along with this, they are always in high demand. The ‘gatherer’ is also a source of skill tomes for the crafting professions. The ‘Tax Collector’ The last source of income is the ‘tax collector.’ This role in the economy does not stem from skills or professions. The ‘tax collector’ is a player who owns land and provides housing for said ‘voters’, ‘crafters’, and ‘gatherers’. This role, if done efficiently is that of the very top of the economy. Even with it’s pros, it has many cons. The Pros of the ‘tax collector’ are that of yielding lots of income at a scaling rate, and having little to no cost besides building involved. The cons are very harsh though as a ‘tax collector’, because their income is directly related to their efficiency and ability to attract residents and have them to pay taxes. This role requires a lot of maintenance in comparison to a profession or the ‘voter’. They must maintain a stable player base that is active, this is a big series of problems for many. Summary of Income In an overview, LotC’s economy can be either very saturated in one portion, or dry in another ranging from player to player. This is due to the fact that those who are committed to their role and capitalize on the market fair much better than others. The driving factor of inflation, the dread of all economies, stems from the gathering professions and the amount of currency in ratio to goods produced. Hierarchical Analysis This hierarchy is determined by maximum efficiency and flow of income, if everything is working according to the best that it can. Top Tier : ‘Tax collector’ Top-Middle Tier : ‘Gatherer’ Middle Tier : ‘Crafter’ Bottom Tier : ‘Voter’ The ‘Tax collector’ is at the top, because of the low cost and high yield of income if efficient. It is very profitable in the middle and later stages of the economy. The ‘Gatherer’ is just below the top, because of the constant high demand, volatile market a ‘gatherer’ works in with low cost and medium yield of income if efficient. It is susceptible to terrible inflation compared to work in the later stages of the economy, but profitable in the early stages. The ‘Crafter’ is middle tier, because of the equal cost and yield of the profession. It has much potential in the middle stage of the economy, proving to be very important throughout the economy’s life. The ‘Voter’ is at the bottom, because of the fact of the lack of promise in the increase of the stable yield of currency over a set time period. It is better paired with all of the other roles as to give a bonus. Despite it’s lack of potential, it drives the amount of currency in the economy, rivalling the amount of materials in the market. Ratio Analysis There are several distinct ratios that can be seen in the market and economy. I will be presenting these ratios as that of a mathematical equation, just like a normal ratio in mathematics, followed by a short explanation. Formated as so: A / B = C ------ Currency in the market/Materials in the market = Inflation or value of currency This is the ratio of the value of currency. It is directly determined by the amount of currency in the market and the amount of materials in the market. This can easily be seen over the lifetime of a market or economy as a map changes on LotC. This is, because the markets are entirely wiped of currency and produce. At the start of a market, there is little currency in comparison to raw materials produced by ‘gatherer’s as they attempt to do what they do, and earn money, capitalizing on the new frontier that is the fresh, clean market. Toward the end of a market’s lifetime, the value of currency becomes more valued than raw materials as the market is saturated by more raw materials than currency. This can be explained as a chart Y Axis = Amount of Produce in the Market (Abundance of goods) X Axis = Lifetime of the Market (Time into the map) (Numbers of the chart are just benchmarks, no significant values) ------ Amount of Crafters / Amount of Gatherers = Price Inflation This is the ratio of the value of the prices of crafted items. It is directly determined by the the ratio of crafters to gatherers. This is best for choosing a profession to utilize in order to gain large amounts of income. Timing is key. The Beginning: Lifespan of the Economy Time: Map Resets On LotC, the life of the economy of any given map is marked by resets and new maps. Currently skills are said to be reset at the change of a map. Currency is always wiped also. This creates a fresh start for all at the beginning of a map and new markets dawn the horizon with a brand new, blank slate of an economy. This is the best time of any to capitalize on the market with an equal opportunity at wealth. Map resets are for the most part good. This is, because of the fact that when a map run’s its lifespan, it is too saturated with inflation that professions do not benefit for the amount of work put in place. Players are then deterred from leveling their skills as there are already people at the top dominating the market. A new map means new opportunity for those left at the bottom. An unsaturated market with high values for materials. This is the best time for a player to take on a gathering profession or start crafting to get a head start on the profession leader-board. Although, during certain periods of the map's lifespan different roles become more profitable. The Beginning: Utilizing LotC’s Economy Structure: Markets At the heart of LotC’s economy, there are the different markets of buying and selling the various goods which allows the flow of wealth to the different roles and the players of these roles more importantly. Storefronts For the longest time, LotC has boasted a shopping plugin which donors can utilize. This plugin is a market in its own for players. It allows the player to buy and sell without being present! Genious! This is heavily used by both all roles, even the ‘tax collector’ who sets up a storefront and a drop off location for tax collection. Store fronts are also the determining factor of inflation. This is where it occurs, because of the fact that primarily ‘gatherer’s attempt to gain more income by lowering their prices lower than their competitors, thus ‘crafter’s will shop at their store as it has a much lower price than that of someone else's. This trend sets the tone for the economy as the raw materials being sold at a store front are the standard price of the time, influencing the value of every other material and produce. Clients Another market, mostly used by ‘gatherer’s are clients. Clients are individual people who request a certain material on a daily in order to fund their trade. This tends to be the relationship between ‘crafter’ and ‘gatherer’ and the ‘crafter’ is dependent on the ‘gatherer’ to give them materials for crafting. The relationship is not always mutual. This kind of market is usually that which fares the best, as there will be a longer life span between a provider and a client than that of a volatile storefront. The Auction House A very important market in the economy of LotC is the auction house. The auction house lets anyone sell their wares at any given time without them being present, but presents wares in a very competitive market. Prices of items can easily be undermined by others. Despite these defects, the auction house is where the more valued items of LotC’s economy can be found, such as caskets, skill tomes, powerful gear, and the likes.
  11. I am selling a tome of the lumberjack, it gives you lumberjacking experience. I am auctionning it in the Felsen auctions for 2500. If you cannot pay with minas then i can take blocks of ferrum instead.
  12. Character Name Basic Information Nicknames: Kaharry Age: 149 Gender: Female Race: Kha'Pantera Status: Alive Description Height: 5'1 Weight: 158lbs Body Type: Slim-ish, somewhat chunky Eyes: Yellowish gray Hair: Long, gray hair Skin: Black fur Markings/Tattoos: N/A Health: Frail, blind, but for the most part healthy Personality: Distant, but can be motherly, and at times a bit eccentric Inventory: Carries a large birch staff with an oval shaped lapis crystal in the head, as well as often carrying around various herbs and spices for teas Further Details: Life Style Alignment: Chaotic Good Deity: Metztli Religion: Covenant of Metztli Alliance/Nation/Home Xerdali Isles Job/Class: Ja' Title(s): Priestess of Metztli, Former Tla'Tlanni, Former Truluk Profession(s): Baker, tea maker Special Skill(s): Gifted with moongazing Flaw(s): Completely blind, along with a frail old body. Unable to fight very well for herself, and often comes off as stand off-ish Magic Current Status: Priestess of Metztli Arch-type: Muun'trivazja Sub-Type: Twilight priest Lunar Harbinger Moongazing Rank: Priestess Weakness(es): Not Discussing Strength(s): Not discussing Current Spell(s): Moonfire Chronoshaping Moongazing Weaponry Fighting Style: N/A Trained Weapon: N/A Favored Weapon: N/A Archery: N/A Biography Parents: Qi'Raska, S'Aval Siblings: N/A Children: Ri'Zhikar, Astrawla Extended Family: Mukar's brothers/sisters Pet(s): N/A History Kaharal came from a family of hunters, mainly in wild animal hunting did they excel. Her father, Raska, would take her out hunting from time to time, though most times she would be locked away in her room, reading to herself. Her family had a small altar to Metztli, which the family would often make offerings to Metztli. Kaharal always felt paniced when the time came to give offerings to Metztli, feeling that her catches were lesser than her parent's and therefore Metztli would not look upon her with favor. When Kaharal was an adult, her first home was in the grand gift tot he Kharajyr, the floating isle of the Ordium. There, she set up the Library of Metztli, where she would accept any book donations so long as they complied with her rules: Nothing praising Absyyl, no books on other praise of other deities, no books on voidal or dark magic, and nothing in any way blasphemous against Metztli. Often, she'd find books that went against the library's rules, which got her excited. That meant she'd get to burn books that would offend Metztli, and therefore she believed it would please Metztli. During this time, Kaharal took steps into becoming a Priestess of Metztli, otherwise known as Moongazers. She took on a strong connection to her teacher, Natayashi, seeing her as the mother figure Kaharal had always wanted, but never had. Sadly, though, this feeling was one sided. Kaharal was attuned to Metztli, and gained the ability to absorb the power of the Moonpool to use Metztli's gifts, though she did not make much progress before she left the Ordium. A few years later, Kaharal rebelled against Tla'Morthal's child, and joined the rogue Kharajyr known as the Va'Kha, Kharajyr who felt that the Ordium made them soft, losing their beastial nature, and thus betraying Metztli. However, during their rebellion, the sacred home fell to the ground, and horrid husks of Metztli's failed experiments to produce the Kharajyr were unleashed, and Metztli turned her back upon the Kharajyr, a dark silence that would last decades. Kaharal disapeared into the forest after the fall of the Ordium and Metztli's great silence, falling into a deep depression and feeling forlorn. In the world of Vailor, she finally decided it was time to return to the Kharajyr. After going to the Cloud Temple, Kaharal met with Mukar, an old friend and fellow student back in the Ordium. He had become a Sage in his time, and was named Aelkos of Faith. It was comforting to be reunited with an old friend. Mukar and a company of other Priests took Kaharal back to the Conclave of Krakatua, a massive temple near the Caliphate. There, Kaharal opened the Library of Metztli anew, and her bond with Mukar deepened greatly. Mukar trained Kaharal, along with a fresh new Priest, Tepah, who she became fast friends with, in the ways of Muun'trivazja. In this time, Kaharal met Mukar's adopted son, Zhikar, a mere cub at the time. She let slip that she was in love with Mukar, which was quickly told to Mukar by Zhikar. Embarassed and ashamed, Kaharal ran off, only to be followed by Mukar, who also confessed his feelings for her. Kaharal was soon named Truluk, Aelkos of Commerce, within Karakatua. She set up tax polocies, and worked along her Metz'al to help bring the Kharajyr to their feet. Though, this proved difficult, and straining on Kaharal and Mukar. As the Kharajyr movedto a new land off the coast of their former home, Kaharal's depression has returned, wondering if Metztli was still furious with her children. Suddenly, the moon split through the night, bathing Kaharal in glorious moonlight. Her black fur quickly fell from her body, being replaced by white fur. The great silence was broken, and Kaharal was the first Tlatlanni to be named by Metztli in generations. With the help of Mukar, Natayashi, Zhikar, and her new friend, Inaijo, Aelkos of War, many things were acomplished. The Kharajyr began to shift towards peace (Though this was not solidifed until the Tlatlanni after Kaharal's daughter instated the Way of Bayla), regained the Trident of Xerdun, returned Xerdun's remains from the sea and into a great pyre, and helped the Kharayr extend peace between the other races. However, in time, depression took her again, despairing the condition of the Kharajyr nation. Her daughter soon took over, who was then succeded by another. Now, Kaharal remains quiet when she can, blinded from moongazing, and exhausted from her work, she now dotes on her remaining son, as well as baking and brewing tea when she can, as well as doing her priestly duties. Artwork None yet
  13. ~Banking Opportunities Since 1517~ -~*=-=*~- "Enter, But Take Heed, For Those Who Have The Sin Of Greed And Wish To Take What Is Not Theirs, May Find Deep Beneath Our Floors Much More Than They Were Looking For" *~_-=-_~* The Valiant and Balk Bank is an multinational and multi-racial minas and item bank. Founded by Valiant Blake and Balk Goldhand, the bank was created to provide safe item storage and minas transactions to those who wish to keep their livelihood safe, no matter what happens outside of the banks walls. At Valiant and Balk, safety is top priority and many safeguards and systems are put in place to ensure full customer satisfaction. The Valiant and Balk Banks offer the following services: -Safe Item Storage- -Safe Minas Storage- -Minas Transactions- -Loans- We offer a multitude of storage options in varying sizes and security levels: ~Safety Deposit box: 200 minas~ ~Small Vault: 500 minas~ ~Large Vault: 1000 minas~ ~Deep Vault: 2000 minas~ ~High Security Vault: 5000 minas~ Current Bank Locations: -=Dwarven Capital=- (Under Construction) (Under Construction) We are now accepting applicants for guards(PVP skill/experience is preferred) and bank tellers(Must be V.I.P, IE: able to place locks). Each position will receive a varying minas payment every Stone Week. Please fill out this application and submit it for review if interested. If you have any questions, or want more information about the Bank send a bird to Balk Goldhand(bobo1998play) or go to one of our Banking locations.
  14. Flyers are distirbuted to as many different parts of Valior as is possible. They read as follows: BUILDERS REQUIRED! Percival Staunton requests as many able hands as is possible, to aid with the reconstruction of Port Vydrik and the County of Westmark. A large keep, a large city and a few ships are required. Further details regarding the county can be attained once a member on the building team. Payment of up to and including 2500 minae will be payed per builder, depending on the quality and amount that they have built. If you are interested in this, please contact Percival Staunton. Sketches of previous constructions are preferable, however, not required. Much of the resources that are required for building will be provided. I would hope to hear from you soon, Percival Staunton of Westmark. OOC: Post below or PM me on Skype, Joearomo for further details. Screenshots of previous builds send via Skype.
  15. Northern Orenian Company [NOC] Company Words : “For A Fee” *A Form is pinned the the NOC Felsen news Board The Northern Orenian Company has recently moved into the locations of Felsen and Port. We have stalls in each, selling a many of goods. NOC offices can be found near Port Vydrik or in Felsen The Northern Orenian Company’s Branches Whole Sale Ore Foodstuffs Building Materials Ingredients Finance Investment Insurance Property Animals Land Equipment The Northern Orenian Company is now hiring workers, applicants are advised to fill out the form below beginning pay is 250 minas a week *A form is attached https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1NrJw2ILAx3p6xB_UkXdxlsm9KfZgI4yDxHeY1zvwGjQ/viewform
  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdNHYCUjDCk Sitting in a dim lit room around a strategic map are an assortment of soldiers, tradesman, and scholars. All of them wearing a crimson banner over their shoulders with the Blackwood sigil marked onto the front. Here they talk of strategy, trade, war and expertise. The Blackwood Company was forged when different races from around the lands came together, wanting to become rich, find brotherhood, family, and survive battles to tell the tale with their brothers and sisters in arms, build a towering fort to sing songs of the most greatest warriors and their most greatest battles. They came together to build their dream, their home. Across Vailor, Blackwood Company’s reach knows no bounds. Ensuring discipline, quality and assurance to our trade. What is Blackwood Company? =============================================== We like to call ourselves tradesman, serviceman, and sellswords. Need a shipment transported that you cannot manage yourself? Are you a Baron that cannot obtain vast resources on your own? Or perhaps you have assassin’s stalking you in the night? Whatever the situation, whatever the need, Blackwood Company can and will cover it...for a price. Send Kelian Dawnstrider, Manager of Internal and External affairs a bird if you’re interested in doing business. We’re always ready. (xRedVengeance) ================================================ Are you interested in joining the Company? Blackwood Company prides itself upon ensuring the quality of what we do is maintained to a maximum standard, if you think you can uphold such quality there is a few other things to know about us. =============================================================== Tradesman Our tradesman job is rather simple, obtain the requested cargo/shipment and deliver it to the provided location. Come back home, and take your pay. For example, Haelun’or wants a shipment of fine wines, one-hundred and seventy-two to be precise. We provide the cargo through various means and you transport it. We give you the full amount that we the Company and Haelun’or agree upon. A fee for the cargo, and a fee for the transportation. We receive the cargo payment, you receive the transportation payment. =============================================================== Serviceman The duty of a serviceman varies from personal profession. Some may call upon the Company for a large quantity of wood, or maybe to build a house out of said wood. Your job is to gather the materials requested, and upon completion, you will be paid a pre-determined amount. For example, Vanaheim needs a shipment of Dark Oak, specifically sixty-five. Your job is to go out, and obtain said Dark Oak regardless of your various methods and bring it back, where we will then transport it to Vanaheim and you will receive your pay. Another example, Felsen requests a suit of ferrum armor. Your job is to craft said armor, with materials given to you by the Company. When the items are shipped to Felsen, you will receive your pay. (We ask you wait until the items are delivered before pay to ensure quality) =============================================================== Sellswords The job of a sellsword is very difficult and rather discreet within the Company. You may be called to be a Bodyguard, or escort a Trader through perilous territory. Or perhaps….jobs of a rather massive scale.. You’ll be paid well, but the Company requests a 20% cut to each job. You’ll be paid after each mission. Come back unsuccessful and you won’t receive pay. Because we won’t. Start making it a habit and you will be asked not to come back at all. Don’t make us use force. For example, you are sent to Adria to guard a Vladov from any who may oppose him/her. You are to follow their orders TO THE LETTER. Within reason of course..don’t get killed. Finish the job, we will verify and you’ll get a nice lump sum of coin. Disclaimer: Blackwood Company reserves the right to deny any Sellsword contract before and during the mission. Blackwood Company prides itself in ensuring that it doesn’t get caught up in YOUR dirty work. JOINING BLACKWOOD COMPANY If you still think you'd like to join Blackwood Company..Please fill this out Note: All recruits are considered by the Council. OOC: MC Name: Skype Name: Do you have TeamSpeak? If not, are you willing to get it? In-Character [!]You stand before the Company crier clad in crimson and a scruff beard weathered from the ages, he takes out a document. "Interested in the Company eh? I'll need some information for the Council." "Your name lad/lass?": "Where are yah from?": "What sect are you applyin' for? Sellsword? Service or Trade?": "What are yah expectin' from the Company?": "What is yer skills?": "Lastly boy/girl, be sure to bring warm clothes, it's fokin cold at base." The Company-man takes your information down on his document, nods to you and turns to the next son beside you.[!]
  17. Main Theme Alternative Theme In-game Banner A fine parchment is nailed over a older, sun baked leaflet. It's sides adorned with detailed decorations and the top with a immaculate "S". The paper abhors a sense of work, wealth, power and knowledge, all four of which are the founding ideals of the new and reformed Syndicate. Written upon it ornately: “To those who dare take the risk of entrepreneurship, To those who find solace in a good days work, To those who strive to better hone their skills, And to they who long for opportunity, discipline and adventure… The Syndicate Beckons." ~/The Syndicate\~ Have you wandered to the South? Have you witnessed the sights to behold? It is magnificent, it perpetuates grace, beauty and opportunity! All that lies in the fertile lands of the South is ripe for pickings to those with an eye for minas and invention. The very land itself cries for development, nay a war or purge, but for the amplification of it’s beauty by the magnificent work of those who care for the realm. The very people who grasp this opportunity are those who form the Syndicate’s rank. These men and women devote themselves to upholding the core values of the High Overseer and the ideals of the Syndicate. Here is what the Syndicate does: it takes the resources (whether human or natural capital) that it has at its disposal and refines them to be the very best. The Syndicate strives for efficiency in all it does, a better market, a maximum of profit and a minimum of loss. But the Syndicate shall not forget it’s own members while fulfilling its purpose. Every individual is fuel, a gear in the large machine that is the economy of the realm. Thus said, each member is prized, groomed and pampered under the parental wings of the Syndicate and all of it’s associates. Business is the cornerstone of the Syndicate, thus what is good for business is also good for the Syndicate. The companies, valaise and merchants that all take up the mark of the Syndicate reap the rewards that are offered to them wholeheartedly, as the only way to stay successful in Syndicate economics is to grow, and grow they shall. -Divisions- Administration & Workforce (or A&W)- Consider it the head and bones of the Syndicate. The Administration is the link that ties the workforce, resources and ect. to the other divisions as well as having to function as the entity that ensures Syndicate economics will prosper. The Workforce is the Administrations right hand in all of this, providing good labor and budding opportunities to the Valaise and Institute. Valaise - The organs. Valaise is a flamboyant Salvian word for companies, the Syndicate has adopted it to mean all companies, Syndics or the conglomerate. The driving force of Syndicate growth, the companies focus on the production of minas while the rest of the Syndicate focuses on helping them grow. The wants of the Syndics are taken to a high accord. Institute - The Institute is, at last, the fancy clothing. Using the Institute, the Valaise and A&W have access to powerful minds dedicated to the innovation of a companies business practices and other tasks which would benefit the Syndicate over all. Prestigious and elite, all members of the Institute must swear an oath to an Overseer to enter. -Deals- To Salvus - Under contract to supply job opportunities to it’s people. To Tahu’nor - Obliterated, It's name and politic is now defaulted to the Syndicate. To Sylverport - Friendly delegations of co-operation. To Urguan - Mentorship of workers in the field of metallurgy. Nation/Organization benefits: Influx of workers and jobs. Eligibility of supply deals. Eligibility of development deals. Eligibility of Syndicate meetings and event hostings. Access to Institute discoveries and library. -/Research & Development\- ~The Institute~ -/Personnel\- ~Administration & Workforce~ -/Valaise\- ~Companies and Merchants~ ~/Current Membership\~ High Overseer: Tyrell Blavier ((HandCookedTires)) Overseer: Ishmael ((Porkour)) Head Envoy: Josiah Elendil ((AxlRose)) Overseer (In training): Roopak Khalin ((Roopak)) Advisorship: Alexander Bedevere Syndic of the Iron Corps. [5 workers] - Ehsan Mubdee ((DrMechy)) Syndic of Khalin Agriculture [4 workers]- Roopak Khalin ((Roopak)) Syndic of the Free Khamasons [2 workers]- Camo Shadd ((mrdurkin)) Syndic of the RH Company [2 workers]- Sam Hjenir ((ben127127)) Syndic of The Golden Glyph [5 workers] - Mark Volare ((xXMark123Xx)) Syndic of Elendil Deconstruction [2 workers] - Arnorian Elendil ((Radahan)) Syndic of the Salvian Bakery - Zane Luca Capette ((Dannybrine)) If you are interested in linking a company to the Syndicate, the Overseers would be happy to help. Researchers: Merchants: Positions abolished and being reworked. Workforce: Hiring! ~/Joining us\~ As with any order with order, there are rules and guidelines: - Do not spread trade secrets and guild research to other guilds or nations, period. - Do not hamper or impede the progress of the guild or a Valaise within the guild whatsoever. - Embezzlement of resources, a discovery or money is highly punishable to any person. If a Valaise or person of high status is expected to have done this a tribunal will be held. - We are not held accountable to any injury you suffer on job. -Follow the commands of the High Overseer and in command over you rigorously. Any questions or clarification of rules should be taken to Overseers only. -Job Index- Application
  18. The Siegrad Warehouse Established by Lord Barbanov Led by the Ruthills The cries of the poor commoners could no longer be ignored. Day by day they grew louder and louder, until even the good Lord Barbanov heard them. Being a fair, kind and honorable person he immediately established the Siegrad Warehouse. As the news spread, armies of commoners from all over the North flocked to the Warehouse, looking for a good paying job. And as they received their deposit chest, they knew they had found it! The Siegrad Warehouse is built upon the principal that every man and woman is good at something and is therefore valuable to Society. Keeping this policy in mind, the young Robert Ruthill set out to make the most productive Warehouse in the entire region. He standardized chest names, organized the wares and introduced the 'bond' system of payment. With these new changes and improvements, the Siegrad Warehouse was gathering more resources than ever before and paying more people than was ever thought possible. -How it Works- Find Robert Ruthill, or send him an application requesting work at the Siegrad Warehouse. Upon being hired, you will be given a chest with a number on it. This is your 'deposit' chest. ​ Gather ANYTHING and place it in your deposit chest. ​ On Sunday, your Deposit chest shall be emptied and in it you will find some Mina Bonds. ​ Remove the Mina bond and make your way to the Lord's Fort. As you enter the courtyard, take a right and you will find the banker. Here you may exchange your Mina Bonds for real Minas. ​ (( To sell your Mina Bond you need to enter the number corresponding to your note. If its a 50 Mina Bond its 1. If its a 20 Mina Bond its 2. If its a 10 Mina Bond its 3. If its a 5 Mina Bond its 4. Then, depending on how many of the bonds you wish to cash in, you enter that number with a minus in front of it. In my case I had one 50 Mina Bond. So I would've typed in, after right clicking the slab; 1 and then -1. I would've gotten 50 minas then. Easy! )) ​ -Application- -OOC- MC Name: Time Zone: Skype: -RP- Name: Age: Do you live in Siegrad? This is a requirement in order to be hired!:
  19. The Avenese Bank Your money, Your interests, Your bank. The Avenese Bank is a corporation, privately-run, that provides loans to any who are in need of money. The Bank works closely on an individual to individual basis as a method to ensure that each person who comes to visit the bank is met with personally and their needs are met at an affordable and manageable interest rate: the bank offers loans for things that range from opening up a business to financing a mercenary group all the way to supporting fledgling cities’ economies. Equality is a principle held close to the core of the policies of the Bank, and it is with such at the forefront of their minds that they offer a policy described best as ‘equal-loans’, promising to offer a loan to anyone, providing that the Bank can be sure that they will receive the amount and interest later. One of the key components of the Avenese Bank’s trading plan is a service it offers: insurance. For a small sum each year, the Avenese Bank will be willing to buy back property of yours that is repossessed if you are unable to pay taxes! This insurance policy allows citizens of every nation to rest easy, knowing that if their business flags for one month they will have the security of this fall-back. Forever interested in expanding its horizons, the Bank is always looking for investments to make. If your company is interested in getting a boost to its cash flow, the Bank would be interested in investing in your company. Likewise, the Bank itself is up for investment and any who wish to buy a share in the company to share in its profits is welcome too. Currently partnered with the Dalavician Company, and under the ownership of Charles Fournier, the company is actively recruiting scribes and clerks to aid in the process of administration and bureaucracy. Any interested in pursuing employment, a loan, or investment should make an effort to contact Charles. Multiple flyers are pinned beneath, ready to be filled in! Loan Application Insurance Application Charles Fournier
  20. ( because i think its relevant ) **Posters are hung all around Athera, on doors, rocks, trees and notice boards. The only to not see one is if you are dead and even then one might be in your tomb** ~Recruiting The Falken Order~ The Falken Order is recruiting for its Guard and Peace Keeping teams We offer the chance to socialise with new people and to earn an honest wage. Perks of the job? Well first off you get to come live in Werdenberg with huge fields of food, we also offer you the promise of a living quaters and to become part of a community. Finally we offer decent pay of 100 mina to any guard. Of Course! We also need non combatants, Wood workers, chefs, breeders and much more! All of these will be paid depending on how much they produce ** The poster has tabs on the bottom with forms to be filled out, each poster will be checked daily and updated if tabs are taken ** (( want more information? Check out this post on the order here! )) ~Recruitment Form~ [OOC] MC Name - Age (Not Necessary) - Do you have Skype/TS (Skype required, both reccomended) - ------------------- Full Name - Why do you wish to join? - What section would you prefer? (If Non combatant, specify a proffession) - Why should you be accepted? -
  21. Trier Garrison The Trier Garrison is the soldiers located within in the County of Trier, who are housed, trained, and fed there. They act as a support role for the Royal Oren Army, providing assistance in various jobs such as siege-works infantry, and anything else needed. Soldiers are trained in the use of longswords, crossbows or longbows, halberds, shieldwork, and siege weapons. Specialists can be trained in other weapons, or if they are proficient with a weapon or style, they are free to use that, such as two handed swords, or axes. Armor and weaponry are given, along with boarding and food. It's within walking distance to the Capital, meaning easy access to the pubs and taverns, or shops. Duties of the Garrison when not in battle, it patrols, scouting, and keeping the peace around Trir, and the area surrounding the Capital, and other special jobs, such as raiding bandit groups, or other unsatisfactory factions. Recruit: Newly recruited soldiers who have little to no battle experience. They receive training and armor and weaponry upon proving battle competence, which would elevate them to a Footman. Footman: Those who have been promoted from Recruit, or have proven they are battle tested and competent fighters. They are given armor, assigned to a unit, and weaponry. Usually chain armor with plate mixed in, depending on current stocks. They are given armor and weapons on request. Sergeant: Sergeants lead units, and are in charge of giving orders to Footmen and recruits during operations and missions, or even patrol. They are given plate armor, weaponry, and supplies upon request, depending on current stocks. They take orders from captains, and have proven their worth as a leader, and veteran soldier. Captain: Captains are usually part of the Heinzreich family, or those who have outshone their others, and proven to be model warriors, and astounding leaders. They give orders and assignments to Units, and report to the Count of Trier directly. They have unlimited access to supplies, and private quarters.
  22. *rough pieces of parchment are scattered around multiples cities notice boards, including the various cities of Oren, Malinor and Urguan as well as some in Lenfarthing for the more adventurous hobbits. There are even a few in the Cloud Temple. Each one is written in plain ink and has some peculiar symbol painted on the top. It is quite obvious there were written in large numbers -- Style and beauty was not the intention of the writer. Some are even posted daringly close to the fresh and crisp Oren Navy recruitment posters* “The Pirates Of Red Sun Cove” Do you want riches? We have them Do you want wenches? We have them Do you want adventure? We have it Do you want blood? We have it The Red Sun Pirates are looking are looking for sea rats to man their great warships. If you want any of the above listed then you are our man..or woman. Any race and gender is welcome to join the Pirates, in their search for gold. If you have no experience you shall be taught. All plunder shall be shared between the crew and any disobedience will be severely punished. If you wish to join us you shall obey your captains and higher ranking members or be punished. You shall be allowed to live how you will and where you will, but should you seek safety we shall provide. To join the pirates you must contact Captain FireStorm by leaving a notice near to this notice. “Burn it in the name of gold.” To all of thee with little interest in joining us, but who see the potential of such a group, we shall gladly sell our services to you as Corsairs or simply Seafaring mercenaries in exchange for immunity in your lands and a hefty sum of gold or various other valuables. ((OOC)) Application MC Name: Rp Name: Skype name: What do you want to play as? (Bosun, First Mate, etc...): Do you have experience in sailing RP?: Will you obey the OOC rules?: Do you accept to not be an a-hole?: OOC Rules: -Don’t be stupid -Be pleasant -Don’t PG, etc... -Post your app here, as an OOC addition to an RP post with a note professing your interest in meeting me. Notice: -The Island itself is in the process of being rebuilt, don’t expect it to look awe inspiring at the moment. -If you join, try to be pleasant company and be ready to accept tips about RP etc, however this goes both ways and I (and the others I hope) Will welcome any tips you may have. But I’ll be glad to help newer people learn. Have fun! -This might be edited with more details or information as time goes by. ((OOC END)) *Some people mill about certain notice boards, apparently inconspicuous, but discreetly watching said boards carefully*
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