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  1. "Yikes! How tragic to be a single mother. I am shocked they did not even try to cure their own peer. Truly curel!" Anna of Cascanova says while clutching her pearls, an expression of shock painted on her face. The woman would then ask a courier to send the Dowager a basket of Lemons, Lime, and Oranges fresh from the farms of Balian. Writing a small note of condolences for the woman's most tragic lost, signing the note in a golden ink.
  2. Favorite Color? *Also happy birthday! Yippie!
  3. "To think some would say God intended it to be man and woman, and not man and man or woman and woman. If God had intended this from the very start, mandated that all of humanity must do this. Then how come no person who is attracted to the same gender has been struck down by the mighty heavens itself? Only violence I see happen because of this is from fellow humans. Who are entitled to hurt others because of their delusional and fanatical beliefs.” Anna Cassiopeia states while taking a soft swig from a bottle of wine, letting out a small chuckle afterwards. Tucking herself to sleep with only good thoughts coursing through her brain.
  4. "A true queen of the People." An aging Lottie Fersen said, happy, unmarried, and rich.
  5. "Huzzah!" Lottie Fersen cheered while taking a large swig from her bottle of beer.
  6. "Blessed be the mighty House van Leuven!" The spirit of a murdered Falstaff teenager expressed with a bright smile while resting in the Seven Skies.
  7. "All it took was losing an eye . . ." The young Galbraith joked while letting out a small chuckle, looking at herself in the mirror while she combed her hair alone. Bags packed and filled with winter garments would be scattered across the room. Other types of garments would be seen on the floor, those for more hotter climates being left behind. Jewels of the arms and head being laid on her bed. All of this while the cool breeze flowed into her messy room while she sat in front of a vanity. "Though, you cannot leave me that quickly. Here I come to your wedding and a new land!" Anna Cassiopeia stated, letting out another small chuckle under her breath while she looked around her childhood bedroom one last time. Opening the door and ordering the Galbraith servantry to pack her bags within a carriage. The young Balianese noblewoman then walked out of her room and down the stairs, taking a look at all the family portraits, the unity and warmth once found in her home. Anna then finally entered the gardens, taking a deep breath as she'd close her eyes. A singular tear falling down her cheek as she reminisced. Opening her eyes to look at the rising sun, her lips opening as she'd begin to gently speak. "Here I come, to new adventures! I am so proud of you Chris, my older brother."
  8. "We did it! Victory!" The Ludovarian house guard cheered while taking a large swig from her bottle of wine.
  9. Loving these events and the history tidbits for these holidays celebrated across the world!
  10. "Perhaps . . ." The young lady Galbraith expressed while walking into the gates of the Haense palace, giving a courier a film.
  11. "I have a sneaking suspicion that this was not written with either approval of Heir and Lord. Let us hope that at least." The young Galbraith expressed in a confused tone to her handmaidens as they braided her auburn colored hair. Once the servants had finished braiding, Anna Cassiopeia turned her head to order the handmaidens to leave her presence. As they left, the young girl would speak to herself privately while adorning herself in accessories of the neck and ears. “Let us hope that is the case, as this would be most damaging to the House d’Arkent’s image. Let's hope this pettiness will be solved behind closed doors, unlike its beginning.”
  12. "Beautiful! Just absolutely beautiful!" Tthe Story-Teller of the Haense court expresses with a smile while eating her dinner within the Ludovar keep.
  13. "Leonid, crank that soldier boy." Lottie Fersen wrote in a letter mailed to the amazing War Poet of Haense.
  14. "Stassions never die, apparently! Though they will all die within the end of this year! Justice for the last Duke of the Raevir! Then if they don't! Hunt them all! Death to the line of the Orenians!" A tribeswoman of the scattered Stran people expressed in retirement while sipping on her ale, partaking within the funeral rites of the Wisewoman of Vaska. Burning all which the wisewoman held dear over the flames. Similar to the flames which shall consume the Stassion's keep, the same flames which shall melt the crown which the Prince of Nothing wears upon his skull.
  15. "Justice for the child king! They shall not escape this time, literally, shameful how they allowed him to slither away." Ines Llopis spoke from a far off land, knitting sweaters while she took a sip from her tea.
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