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    Heyo! If it is not obvious by the title of this post, I am leaving. I just want to thank all the positive influences and leave this server on good terms. It's been five years, and in these five years I have grown a lot. In time we lose interest in things which we love, but the memories stay. So, I shall say my short and sweet goodbyes. I hope those who are on journeys discovering themselves find their peace. I hope those who are in times of hardships come out stronger than before. I just hope the best for everyone. There are a lot of people I can thank for making my time on this server amazing. If I listed every person, I’d be here for hours listing how they helped me in any hard times I experienced. As I leave, I want to say one thing, love yourself, know many love you, and know it's never too late to do whatever you want in your life, as it's only one life! So again, thank you to all who were friends to the end. I want to apologize for those who I considered friends for the suddenness of my but I knew it was time, I knew that waiting would only make my experience here miserable. I knew at the end, it was better to end it now then let my memories sour. Sending the good vibes one last time, Orlesian
  2. The irony that it starts on April fools! This has to be an April Fool's joke! 💚 Jokes aside! I am sending kindness to everyone! Also please take care of yourselves and stay kind! 💚 You matter and are loved!
  3. Empress Hectora Hector Hecoterine Beatrice Beatror Beactrine Helen Heltor Helentine Robecca Robector Robecatine Barbonov-Bhiar Novellen Alstion Stassion Barclay Sarkozic Freysson Edvardsson Eriksson Carrion Ivanovich Horen-Pertinax smiles the sun smile from the Non' Playerus' Characitucs' Empire. Soon the most 'PRETTY ICON' shall claim her throne and eventually follow the foot steps of her father-uncle and mother-aunt, Augustus and Helen with her brother-cousin consort.
  4. 💗 SENDING LOVE! 💗 Happy Trans Visibility Day! Hoorah!
  5. Short Stories by Leuven The Sheep Sisters "Sheep Sisters” by Yves Lysander de Falstaff Written by Eudoxia Leontina van Leuven The 21th day of Joma & Umund of 522 E.S. On a day like any other, where the sun shined brightly above the lively highlands and where the pastures were eternally green. Where sheep and all sorts of cattle roamed these prosperous lands where the sun seemed to never set, where the snow never fell, and all who wandered slept peacefully. The animals of the highlands would gather around a bustling creek, resting their heads and bodies under the loving warmth of the smiling sun, her joy endless and eternal like the life around them. However, on this particular day, all that was familiar would become foreign and new as the sun would begin to set. As the loving sun fled for the highest peak of the mountains, the cattle and wildlife began to panic. Whilst in the middle of panic, two sheep would approach the animals of the highlands. The sheep named Sel and Ese would calm down the crowd with soothing words filled with warmth like the sun which left them only minutes ago. Sel and Ese then promised all who were gathered near the creek and to the highlands itself that they would return the sun. The sheep sisters would then begin to prepare for their long and treacherous journey under the embrace of darkness and sorrow, the highlands plagued by all the terrors of the night. As the sisters finally finished and made way for the mountains and its highest peak, they looked back upon the now-empty lands. Despite this sadness and darkness, their hearts remained golden and their minds sharp as a blade. Finally, the sisters Sel and Ese would turn on their hoofs and begin their journey to return to the sun. As the sisters began their journey to the highest peak of the mountains to save their sun, they encountered a lonely bull named Erk. This bull was large, yet shy and skittish. Its fur was black as the night which plagued their homeland and its eyes were soft and gentle as the wool on the sheep sister’s back. Sel and Ese asked this lonely bull if it wished to join them on their journey to return the sun. Erk the bull questioned the sheep sisters on why it was good to return the sun when the sun revealed his small horns. Revealing his biggest embarrassment to all who gathered among the creek. The sheep sisters would then begin to comfort the bull before being interrupted by a pack of villainous monsters birthed by the shadows. Whilst the sheep sisters were corned, high above the pair would be a hive of wasps on a branch held by a thin thread. The bull with quick thinking and wit would grab a stick and throw it directly towards the thin thread which held up the hive. It was only seconds before the pair of sheep would meet their unfortunate end that they would be saved by the wits of this timid bull, the hive falling onto the grotesque monsters. As the hive landed onto the crowd of these villainous monsters, the irritated wasps would rise from the destroyed home, chasing these shadowy creatures off a cliff before they chased after, flying down the cliff. The bull took a sigh of relief while the sheep sisters rushed towards the bull, giving him a tight embrace of warmth. Explaining to this skittish and timid bull that it is not his physical strength that gives him power, but his wit and intelligence that save them in the end. With that, the sheep sisters with their new friend, Erk, would travel onward to save the sun. In the middle of their path, a mighty stag gently laid near a wilting rose, his eyes filled with tears while lowering his head. Despite his tears, the stag appeared to be powerful and intimidating with its high and sharp antlers, yet so beautiful and kind with its soft brown coat of fur. As the group approached this mournful stag and introduced themselves, the stag would remain silent in its mourning, only telling his name, Leu. The mournful stag would explain that the cause of his sorrow would be the death of his companion, his lover. This wilting rose was the only reminder of his deceased lover and as it wilted, his heart shattered piece by piece. Once again, as before, monsters approached the group. Fading into existence through the shadows. As the sheep sisters and the bull were cornered, the mighty stag would only turn its head away. Awaiting for their impending deaths before a memory would be played out in Leu’s mind. His lover, his beloved, reminds him of their dreams. Their dreams of peace and warmth, and so, the stag had risen where he laid and fended off the shadowy monsters, though, in return, the rose had finally fully wilted away. At this loss the stag would turn towards the group, explaining his newfound purpose with teary eyes as he looked down at the fully wilted rose. Promising his life and fullest devotion to helping these sisters bring the sun back to the highlands. Yet, the sisters only approached the stag, giving him a tight and warm embrace. Comforting the mournful stag with bright smiles like the ever-so-foreign sun. The pair of sisters alongside Erk and Leu would continue their journey to the highest peak. The high peaks of the mountains seem closer and closer than before. Yet, no sign of the fleeting sun. As the group made their final steps to the high peaks of the mountains, they would have a sudden realization that there was no sun in sight. Only darkness and sorrow, a vast emptiness which couldn’t be filled. At this discovery, the sheep sisters would fall upon their knees, their hope fleeting like the sun minutes ago. The stag and bull went onwards to comfort the sisters before noticing a bright light of warmth and comfort emitting from a cave only a few steps away. Cries of sadness would be heard coming from this damp and murky cave, as the sisters stood themselves up from the cold stone and approached the cave with their new friends. They would notice a singular raven, standing in front of a lonely flame. This flame was as small as the nearest pebble, barely staying alive with it only being fed twigs. The group then asked this stranger if she knew where the sun had fled to, where is the sun if not up atop this mountain. The raven with its dark feathers which only consumed the light emitted from the flames would reveal she was the sun, the sun which fled. Only a few seconds later, not even allowing the group to comprehend this discovery, a horde of these shadowy monsters would surround the cave. However, instead of attacking, these monsters would begin to insult the lonely raven. It was then that it was realized that these shadows were the embodiment of the insecurities of the sun. All her sorrows and pains. Alone while resting up above all who flourished under her light. The shadows would then begin to insult and control the minds of the group, telling the bull that it was weak, the stag that it was useless, and then the sheep sisters that they had failed. While the group would succumb to these trances, the raven would only turn its head away while the flames of the fire would begin to flicker away. Erk the bull would return to reality, remembering the words spoken by Sel and Ese. Reminding the sisters while they were deep in their trances that without the both of them, he would never be able to realize his worth through intelligence. Leu the stag would then follow along in the steps of Erk and return to reality. Shouting to the possessed sisters that without them, he would never remember the dreams of his lover, a dream of peace. Finally, the sisters would escape the trance placed on them by these shadowy creatures, comforting the raven. Sel and Ese then explained that without the support of the sun, there would be no light and warmth. Despite the few complaints and injuries to one’s confidence, there are many more who care and value the sun. With this, the raven would turn its head, looking towards the group before hopping down to lift the flames with its talons and fly up to the sky. Passing by both the group and shadows. Yet, the shadows chased after the raven while it flew up into the empty skies, the flame held onto its talons growing brighter and brighter before filling the sky up with warmth and light once again. The shadows would then fade from existence as the sun returned to the sky. The group then left the darkness of the cave, their eyes focused on the bright sun as it shined once again. Her comfort and warmth embraced all who rested below her. The group of animals would eventually return down from the mountain and back to the creek, and the highlands were saved. Not from a classically strong and violent hero, but by the golden hearts of a pair of good sisters. It was not violence but compassion and harmony which triumphed in the end.
  6. "Someone tried to KIDNAP!? Me sestra? Niet! I will kick their kneecaps!" The extremely angry five-year-old expressed with a stoic tone, her face soured by the news of the attempted kidnapping. However, the small Leuven child’s rage was short-lived when handed milk and cookies by the legal guardians of this small and bright-eyed child of House van Leuven. Whilst resting within the common area of the Kortrevich Keep. Eudoxia's rage was tamed as she showcased a smile, letting out a few chuckles every once and a while. Yet, the child’s mind pondered on what could have been, and what could have occurred if this attempted kidnapping was successful. Rest evaded the young child upon this frigid and murky night. Fears of the dangers of the unknown, tormented her mind.
  7. Lottie Fersen, member of the Ludovar House Guard. The prestigious Golden Hussars. Welcomes her mighty lord to the seven skies with cheers and shouts of pride and joy alongside fellow fallen Golden Hussars.
  8. "They still exist?" A dead Haense soldier expressed from the depths of the void.
  9. "Yikes! How tragic to be a single mother. I am shocked they did not even try to cure their own peer. Truly curel!" Anna of Cascanova says while clutching her pearls, an expression of shock painted on her face. The woman would then ask a courier to send the Dowager a basket of Lemons, Lime, and Oranges fresh from the farms of Balian. Writing a small note of condolences for the woman's most tragic lost, signing the note in a golden ink.
  10. Favorite Color? *Also happy birthday! Yippie!
  11. "To think some would say God intended it to be man and woman, and not man and man or woman and woman. If God had intended this from the very start, mandated that all of humanity must do this. Then how come no person who is attracted to the same gender has been struck down by the mighty heavens itself? Only violence I see happen because of this is from fellow humans. Who are entitled to hurt others because of their delusional and fanatical beliefs.” Anna Cassiopeia states while taking a soft swig from a bottle of wine, letting out a small chuckle afterwards. Tucking herself to sleep with only good thoughts coursing through her brain.
  12. "A true queen of the People." An aging Lottie Fersen said, happy, unmarried, and rich.
  13. "Huzzah!" Lottie Fersen cheered while taking a large swig from her bottle of beer.
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