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Found 8 results

  1. The Mining Guild Extraction of minerals The Mines of Urguan mines entrance can be found in the Smithing District. Citizens of Urguan are permitted to make use of the Forge, and additionally the Mines of Urguan, provided they register as kingdom miners. Kingdom miners: Have the right to enter and leave the mines as they please Are required to meet a weekly quota of minerals, to be deposited in a respective chest by the depot Have the right to retain any minerals dug up, so long as the weekly quota has been met Have the right to sell any surplus of minerals directly to the Kingdom To register, contact Yemekar’s Pick or The Foreman General. Failure to meet the weekly quota will result in denied access to the mines, until previous quota has been compensated for in equivalent value, in minerals or minas. Processing of minerals A percentage-based amount of minerals procured each week will be melted down and used in the forging of new tools and armaments, intended for the workforce and the Legion. To ensure quality of craftsmanship, only licensed smiths will be allowed to process kingdom resources. Licensed smiths will receive performance-related pay based on quality and quantity of their crafts. Any citizens with experience in the field of metallurgy and smithing may apply for a license. Apprentices are also welcome to partake in the processing, provided they have clearance from the Yemekar’s Pick. Thus, licensed smiths: Are granted access to minerals intended for processing Are expected to smith armaments and tools as requested by the Grand Kingdom Receive performance-related pay, based on amount and quality Licensed smiths risk losing their licence provided they are found guilty of stealing resources or crafts from the Grand Kingdom, or consecutively fails to uphold their responsibilities as full-time employees of the Grand Kingdom. The Positions/ Ranks Yemekar's Pick Yemekar's Pick is the leader of the Work Force. Yemekar's Pick is in charge of assigning quotas. Tharggus 'Golem Eye' Irongut ((Tharggus Irongut)) The Foreman General The Foreman General is the leader of the Guild. His word is considered law in the guild. He manages the day to day activities of the guild. And makes sure that everything runs smoothly. The Foreman General hands out materials for the other guild members to use to forge weapons, tools and armour for the Grand Kingdom. (Vacant) Kingdom Miners Are required to meet a weekly quota of minerals, to be deposited in a respective chest by the depot. Have the right to retain any minerals dug up, so long as the weekly quota has been met. Have the right to sell any surplus of minerals directly to the Kingdom. Have the right to enter the kingdom mines whenever they want. Licensed Smiths Are granted access to minerals intended for processing. Are expected to smith armaments and tools as requested by the Grand Kingdom. Receive performance-related pay, based on amount and quality based on the quota. Signed, Tharggus Irongut the official Yemekar's Pick of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- (All previous members are asked to reapply) ~Applications~ ((Applying here is mandatory to be accepted as well as finding myself or a Master rank in game to discuss joining in roleplay. All applications for higher ranks will be conducted in game.)) -=Application=- MC Name: RP Name: Are you applying for Mining, Smithing, or Both? What is your level in Mining?: What is your level in Smithing?: Skype name: Are you able to use Teamspeak?: What is your timezone?: Will you be able to fill your quota?
  2. Greetings LoTC Skinners I am looking to pay 4k mina for high quality skins, I expect the person/people working on this project to show a portfolio of their skins or some examples of their skins. Obviously i’m well aware the skins won’t look exactly the same as the examples provided but I expect them to look as close as possible. The 4k is for two skins, for each skin made i'll pay 2k. Said examples are attached below, i’m looking forward to having one or two of you working on said skins for me and my friends character. It is our hope to create a lot of RP with these characters and provide fun experiences for the community.
  3. *Posters are hung up in populated towns and cities* " Auctioning this item, it comes with a bonus of 64 Fireworks so you can fly forever. Follow Auction rules, any responses that do not follow the Auction rules will be removed. 1. Starting Price is set at 5000 Mina 2. Bidding must increase by at least 100 Mina 3. Mina bids ONLY 4. Auction will last 24 hours Happy bidding. "
  4. Slave with Great Potential for Sale! BIDS STARTING AT 1000 MINA! -Signed, Damian
  5. Khajiit Stolen painting of generic Kharajyr ((credit: google, deviantart and some russian)) Name: Khajiit Age: Forgotten Gender: Male Race: Kharajyr Status: Alive Birth: Unkown Description Height: 5’9’’ Weight: 180 lbs Body Type: Mesomorph Eyes: Blue Hair: Short Dreadlocks Skin: Kha’Tigrasi Fur Health: Average Personality: Passive, Patient Inventory: Questionable items from around Axios, unusual trash and common garbage. Further Details: A poor soul trying to survive a cruel world full of discrimination and violence. Life Style Alignment: True Neutral Alliance/Nation/Home: Homeless Job/Class: Wandering Merchant Title(s): None Profession(s): Trader Special Skill(s): Good prices Flaw(s): Many
  6. Part of another Guide I made, which I will not be posting on the forums. Pasted from a google document. I may extend upon this in the future, but this is how LotC's current economy works in general. The Beginning: Understanding LotC’s Economy Basics: Sources of Income At the source of it all, LotC’s economy is driven by trade and skills. There are several sources of income a player can utilize. For the rest of this guide I will be using the standard price of skill tomes, a valued item of 1000 mina generally, as a benchmark to compare values. The ‘Voter’ The first source I will talk over is voting. Currently LotC’s system of voting allows the player to gather small amounts of income over time. This benefits the returning player who plays everyday as they get their chance to gain income over time. This is a very stable, but fluctuating source of income that does not show large amounts of yield to the player. With 14 days of voting, roughly half a month, a player can expect an equivalent of 600-800 mina. This, in comparison to skill tome, is a somewhat large sum of currency, but in comparison to a land charter, it is very minimal. Despite the average voter’s income being minimal, there are a wide range of possibilities they could spend their money on, such as equipment crafted by other skills which are directly in their income range. The ‘Crafter’ The second source of income I will talk about is trading of equipment, gear for PvP and tools. There are several professions that can craft gear for a player. There are 4 standard ones that are used heavily, which are Blacksmith, Enchanter, Woodworker, and Leatherworker. There are other skills which can craft things that can be utilized as equipment or things for PvP, but they are not as important as these few. All of these skills which craft items require a gathering profession to gather them materials for their crafts. This is where a clear pyramid of economy can be seen. The players who are of these crafting professions sell their wares to other players for Medium to Low prices. Ranging from 600 to as little as 20 mina. This is where the ‘voter’ who votes daily directs their flow of income to. These ‘crafters’ then gather their income from both voting and their clients shopping for their wares. Despite a large amount of income, they have to spend their money on others who gather them wares. The ‘crafter’s also can use skill tomes provided by ‘gatherer’s which makes their reliance even stronger. The ‘Gatherer’ The third source of income is the ‘gatherer’ professions. These professions or skills tend to be the very base of the pyramid, structuring the economy as they determine the price and rate of inflation. These gathering profession yield meager amounts of income as they sell large amounts of materials for low prices to the ‘crafters.’ Despite their low prices of which they sell wares, a dedicated crafter can be of the top tier professions as they have little cost compared to income, unlike the ‘crafter’ who has a high cost to income ratio. Along with this, they are always in high demand. The ‘gatherer’ is also a source of skill tomes for the crafting professions. The ‘Tax Collector’ The last source of income is the ‘tax collector.’ This role in the economy does not stem from skills or professions. The ‘tax collector’ is a player who owns land and provides housing for said ‘voters’, ‘crafters’, and ‘gatherers’. This role, if done efficiently is that of the very top of the economy. Even with it’s pros, it has many cons. The Pros of the ‘tax collector’ are that of yielding lots of income at a scaling rate, and having little to no cost besides building involved. The cons are very harsh though as a ‘tax collector’, because their income is directly related to their efficiency and ability to attract residents and have them to pay taxes. This role requires a lot of maintenance in comparison to a profession or the ‘voter’. They must maintain a stable player base that is active, this is a big series of problems for many. Summary of Income In an overview, LotC’s economy can be either very saturated in one portion, or dry in another ranging from player to player. This is due to the fact that those who are committed to their role and capitalize on the market fair much better than others. The driving factor of inflation, the dread of all economies, stems from the gathering professions and the amount of currency in ratio to goods produced. Hierarchical Analysis This hierarchy is determined by maximum efficiency and flow of income, if everything is working according to the best that it can. Top Tier : ‘Tax collector’ Top-Middle Tier : ‘Gatherer’ Middle Tier : ‘Crafter’ Bottom Tier : ‘Voter’ The ‘Tax collector’ is at the top, because of the low cost and high yield of income if efficient. It is very profitable in the middle and later stages of the economy. The ‘Gatherer’ is just below the top, because of the constant high demand, volatile market a ‘gatherer’ works in with low cost and medium yield of income if efficient. It is susceptible to terrible inflation compared to work in the later stages of the economy, but profitable in the early stages. The ‘Crafter’ is middle tier, because of the equal cost and yield of the profession. It has much potential in the middle stage of the economy, proving to be very important throughout the economy’s life. The ‘Voter’ is at the bottom, because of the fact of the lack of promise in the increase of the stable yield of currency over a set time period. It is better paired with all of the other roles as to give a bonus. Despite it’s lack of potential, it drives the amount of currency in the economy, rivalling the amount of materials in the market. Ratio Analysis There are several distinct ratios that can be seen in the market and economy. I will be presenting these ratios as that of a mathematical equation, just like a normal ratio in mathematics, followed by a short explanation. Formated as so: A / B = C ------ Currency in the market/Materials in the market = Inflation or value of currency This is the ratio of the value of currency. It is directly determined by the amount of currency in the market and the amount of materials in the market. This can easily be seen over the lifetime of a market or economy as a map changes on LotC. This is, because the markets are entirely wiped of currency and produce. At the start of a market, there is little currency in comparison to raw materials produced by ‘gatherer’s as they attempt to do what they do, and earn money, capitalizing on the new frontier that is the fresh, clean market. Toward the end of a market’s lifetime, the value of currency becomes more valued than raw materials as the market is saturated by more raw materials than currency. This can be explained as a chart Y Axis = Amount of Produce in the Market (Abundance of goods) X Axis = Lifetime of the Market (Time into the map) (Numbers of the chart are just benchmarks, no significant values) ------ Amount of Crafters / Amount of Gatherers = Price Inflation This is the ratio of the value of the prices of crafted items. It is directly determined by the the ratio of crafters to gatherers. This is best for choosing a profession to utilize in order to gain large amounts of income. Timing is key. The Beginning: Lifespan of the Economy Time: Map Resets On LotC, the life of the economy of any given map is marked by resets and new maps. Currently skills are said to be reset at the change of a map. Currency is always wiped also. This creates a fresh start for all at the beginning of a map and new markets dawn the horizon with a brand new, blank slate of an economy. This is the best time of any to capitalize on the market with an equal opportunity at wealth. Map resets are for the most part good. This is, because of the fact that when a map run’s its lifespan, it is too saturated with inflation that professions do not benefit for the amount of work put in place. Players are then deterred from leveling their skills as there are already people at the top dominating the market. A new map means new opportunity for those left at the bottom. An unsaturated market with high values for materials. This is the best time for a player to take on a gathering profession or start crafting to get a head start on the profession leader-board. Although, during certain periods of the map's lifespan different roles become more profitable. The Beginning: Utilizing LotC’s Economy Structure: Markets At the heart of LotC’s economy, there are the different markets of buying and selling the various goods which allows the flow of wealth to the different roles and the players of these roles more importantly. Storefronts For the longest time, LotC has boasted a shopping plugin which donors can utilize. This plugin is a market in its own for players. It allows the player to buy and sell without being present! Genious! This is heavily used by both all roles, even the ‘tax collector’ who sets up a storefront and a drop off location for tax collection. Store fronts are also the determining factor of inflation. This is where it occurs, because of the fact that primarily ‘gatherer’s attempt to gain more income by lowering their prices lower than their competitors, thus ‘crafter’s will shop at their store as it has a much lower price than that of someone else's. This trend sets the tone for the economy as the raw materials being sold at a store front are the standard price of the time, influencing the value of every other material and produce. Clients Another market, mostly used by ‘gatherer’s are clients. Clients are individual people who request a certain material on a daily in order to fund their trade. This tends to be the relationship between ‘crafter’ and ‘gatherer’ and the ‘crafter’ is dependent on the ‘gatherer’ to give them materials for crafting. The relationship is not always mutual. This kind of market is usually that which fares the best, as there will be a longer life span between a provider and a client than that of a volatile storefront. The Auction House A very important market in the economy of LotC is the auction house. The auction house lets anyone sell their wares at any given time without them being present, but presents wares in a very competitive market. Prices of items can easily be undermined by others. Despite these defects, the auction house is where the more valued items of LotC’s economy can be found, such as caskets, skill tomes, powerful gear, and the likes.
  7. A small sign is posted on a wall in Cloud Temple, it reads... I have no large amounts of mina but i am a masterfull farmer. My home was robbed and the theif has said that they will return my precious belongings if i give them two blueprints. I cant offer much but crops in return for a blueprint but i would also offer my services in exchange for one or two. If your feeling like you need to do a good need and have some extra lying around... or you need alot of crops, or maybe some land farmed. Send bird to Jace (squishybear7) if youd like my work or wish to help me out,
  8. *rough pieces of parchment are scattered around multiples cities notice boards, including the various cities of Oren, Malinor and Urguan as well as some in Lenfarthing for the more adventurous hobbits. There are even a few in the Cloud Temple. Each one is written in plain ink and has some peculiar symbol painted on the top. It is quite obvious there were written in large numbers -- Style and beauty was not the intention of the writer. Some are even posted daringly close to the fresh and crisp Oren Navy recruitment posters* “The Pirates Of Red Sun Cove” Do you want riches? We have them Do you want wenches? We have them Do you want adventure? We have it Do you want blood? We have it The Red Sun Pirates are looking are looking for sea rats to man their great warships. If you want any of the above listed then you are our man..or woman. Any race and gender is welcome to join the Pirates, in their search for gold. If you have no experience you shall be taught. All plunder shall be shared between the crew and any disobedience will be severely punished. If you wish to join us you shall obey your captains and higher ranking members or be punished. You shall be allowed to live how you will and where you will, but should you seek safety we shall provide. To join the pirates you must contact Captain FireStorm by leaving a notice near to this notice. “Burn it in the name of gold.” To all of thee with little interest in joining us, but who see the potential of such a group, we shall gladly sell our services to you as Corsairs or simply Seafaring mercenaries in exchange for immunity in your lands and a hefty sum of gold or various other valuables. ((OOC)) Application MC Name: Rp Name: Skype name: What do you want to play as? (Bosun, First Mate, etc...): Do you have experience in sailing RP?: Will you obey the OOC rules?: Do you accept to not be an a-hole?: OOC Rules: -Don’t be stupid -Be pleasant -Don’t PG, etc... -Post your app here, as an OOC addition to an RP post with a note professing your interest in meeting me. Notice: -The Island itself is in the process of being rebuilt, don’t expect it to look awe inspiring at the moment. -If you join, try to be pleasant company and be ready to accept tips about RP etc, however this goes both ways and I (and the others I hope) Will welcome any tips you may have. But I’ll be glad to help newer people learn. Have fun! -This might be edited with more details or information as time goes by. ((OOC END)) *Some people mill about certain notice boards, apparently inconspicuous, but discreetly watching said boards carefully*
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