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Found 4 results

  1. Preface: History of the Orcs "Betrayed! Betrayed and abandoned because we foresaw the doom? Betrayed though we suffered the most at the hands of Iblees... This... They would turn and run in the face of our adversity? Cowards. We will bring it to them. Yes, we will show them our suffering!" - Agzal the Titan The fires crackled around Krug’s ivory throne as he sat there slouched, his hair black as the sky above and his form bulky and strong, a stark contrast to the man before him. “Your Brothers have all accepted
  2. The Harvest Militant ~The Army of the Grand Duchy~ Halflings in uniforms stand in line, shovels at their side to their shoulders, standing stout not moving a muscle. A platform stands before them, raised with carves pumpkins displaying their fearless leader Phillip Norfoot. And alas, the fearless leader comes to stage, a stout expression on his face. He smirks to the men and says "Soon lads! We will ta'e over those panseh little shites, 'iding in their closed off grove! We'll show 'em our powah! The powah all 'Alflins should posses!" The lads cheer and raise their shovels, rejoicin
  3. *posters are pinned all throughout Anthos* "Hello all! Tanriz Tovalin speaking on behalf of myself and the organization to capture and maybe kill King Heinrik of Oren. Taking all who wish to join as this may or may not take quite a lot of people to succeed. If you wish to join with me send a bird to me! Tanriz Tovalin, "The Shadow" (arfavero1)." *a heart is drawn on the bottom of the poster*
  4. Hello, LoTC. In the advent of the wipe for the upcoming 3.5.5 map, I would like to show you all how to easily save your precious literature, and perhaps later use this for maniacal book-duplication schemes book-related RP. All this requires is a little time, a lot of books, and World Downloader. If you would like to learn how to install this, I shall include a tutorial video here: Log onto LoTC with world downloader, put all the books in your possession in your inventory, (Important!) and download the world. Now, you will need to download NBTExplorer or another NBT editing utilit
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