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Found 49 results

  1. Event Planners, MC Names: EbonsquireEvent Type: RP | ExplorationYour Timezone: EST -5, Midwest (Indiana)Affected Groups: It's open. Any group may come, though 6-8 people is the recommended amount.Event Location: Northwestern Coast of Asul Summation: The Helderenberg is a mighty vessel, built from burly, dark wood and strong ferrum nails. Love and sweat was put into this ship whose course was set for Balanak Peak, an island some ways away past Axios in the middle of the eastern ocean. The living quarters were of adequate quality, fitted with a desk for each crew member and relatively comfortable bedspreads. A good twenty rooms in all did the ship have just for the main crew. But they were nothing as grand as the captains quarters! A king-sized bed, a desk with enough area on the top for doing some heavy duty paperwork, a great view of the ocean, and other such amenities befitting a nobleman. But, oddly enough, there were twenty-six members on this ship, and not twenty-one. And twenty-six rooms. in total. Unfortunately, the Helderenberg managed to go completely off course and collided with the sun-scorched sands of northern Asul instead, that once wondrous ship becoming a capsized mess along the beaches. Well, not really. In fact, it managed to remain relatively intact after impact, tough as the damn thing was. But nothing stirred. And there were twenty-six rooms on the Helderenberg. And now there were five members, who similarly did not stir. Concept Images/Screenshots: What help do you require from the ET Actors or Builders?: I'll need help building the ship -- it shouldn't be too large or too small. Should have 4 larger quarters 20 small quarters, a storage room, and a captains quarters along with a few others for the crew at least. Will also need actors, which can be a combination of non-ET players and ET.
  2. ✗ ≬ ≬ ♏αɟεoℓog ≬ ≬ ✗

    ⊗ The Red Sun ⊗

    The Red Sun Raised in slavery the founders of the Red Sun understood one thing; The ones that are able to endure the greatest pains in life are the most worthy type of individual you can find. The Red Sun is a Slaver Organization that is formed mostly of ex-Slaves. When they capture slaves they divide them into two groups; the ones for sale or to use as servants, and the ones that have a chance at becoming members of the Red Sun. Loyalty: Members of the Red Sun are not loyal to anyone except their fellow brothers. From time to time they would fight in a war just to protect the ownership of the land they are currently inhabiting. Race: The Red Sun does not take into consideration the race of its members. No member would be treated differently based on their race. The most common races in the Red Sun tend to be the Uruks and the Humans. Religion: The members of the Red Son are free to worship any god they please, except for Iblees and other evil deities. Joining the Red Sun: When a slave shows interest in joining the Red Sun he/she is sent with a brother to capture another slave. Once the slave is captured the slave taking the trial has to take it back to the encampment. If the new slave is accepted the slave taking the trial has to eat the heart of the captured slave to show his/her dedication to the cause. Order of command: The Red Sun is commanded in secret by the Lord of Chains. The Lord of Chains sends his/her commands directly to the Voice; an individual elected by the brothers to connect to the Lord of Chains. Branding: Slaves of the Red Sun are branded with a hot iron an X inside a circle ; ⊗ ------------------------------------OOC--------------------------- If you are interested in joining just say so and we will come in contact with you.
  3. Disclaimer: A man rummaged through the remains of Berthold's demolished house, his eyes seeking something that would spur curiosity within him. He would climb up to the second floor of the cabin with what splintered wood allowed him a foothold and a method to rise. And it was there he found a journal laying atop the deranged dwarf's miraculously intact desk. When he opened it and attempted to read its contents, however, he would stumble upon an odd language. Spending days upon days attempting to decipher the text, his labor would finally reach fruition. The words carried a message. . . . Hooves of camels trudged forward and carried upon their backs a capable squad of men, adorning outfits worthy to withstand the scorching desert environment of the sand and shale they traversed through. Frequent stops were made, and every step after they dismounted from their camels was cautious. They were hunting, after all, and their prey was one which would not allow them to make mistakes. . . . The encampment was an utter mess. Tattered tent cloth and wooden spikes were strewn about the sand and bodies lay everywhere, wounds denoting that they all met their ends with different methods. Fortunately, one survivor barely holding on advanced towards the men, desperate. The inquisitor had been injured severely, and suffered from immense dehydration -- he would not last much longer, though he did manage to deliver unto the party a few helpful words that they would take back with them. Soon, a sandstorm made its presence known, a tremendous, yellow cloud peaking over the horizon and encroaching on their position. They were too far into the desert to escape it, and so the hardy men instead decided to brave the weather phenomenon. But not before spotting a figure atop a peak. Once the storm died down some and the grains of sand that flew about only became a mild annoyance, the men decided to retreat. They would not progress any further to follow the mysterious figure. . . . When they returned, they found another Aeldinic inquisitor idly standing at their gates, staring at them oddly with an expectant gaze. An exchange occurred, his face twisted into stone, and the danger which none wanted to face became a reality. . . . Wanted: Lilewyn aep Glythen, an Elven anti-establishment terrorist and mass murderer Threat level: Extremely High Suggested party number: Up to 20 competent individuals Description of beast(s): (Lilewyn aep Glythen, last captured portrait from six years ago. Apperance may have changed.) Having escaped the prison ship Helderenberg which arrived near the coast of 'Asul' approximately three Saint's years prior to the posting of this bounty, Lilewyn aep Glythen has been declared a fugitive that must once more be in the custody of the appropriate Aeldinic officials for interrogation. An important member of the Goya’tael in the Morce region. She was the second in command of her guerilla unit in charge of disrupting the Aeldinic Empire’s supply lines in the mountain passes east of Bourdon. Infamous for her cruelty, Lilewyn would boil her enemies alive in their armor and use her unnaturally gifted skills with pyromancy to torture those who surrender to death after gathering the information she needed. Her greatest crime was likely burning down handfuls of villages and a fewer number of towns of peasants who accepted help from the Empire and leaving no survivors. Lilewyn aep Glythen is responsible for the confirmed crimes listed below against the Aeldinic Empire and her people: The immolation of sixty-four adult men The immolation of forty-five adult women The immolation of twenty-six adolescent boys The immolation of eighteen adolescent girls The murder of twenty-three adult men The murder of two adult women The destruction of Blithiton, town The destruction of Oldpoint, town The destruction of Farysier, village The destruction of Loansk, village The destruction of Peatsland, village The destruction of Tunstead, village The destruction of Acomb, village The destruction of Roseborn, village Seventeen counts of petty thievery, costing the Empire hundreds total Eight counts of heisting, costing the Empire hundreds of thousands total Thirty-four counts of vandalism upon Empire property Note: It has been confirmed that she is being accompanied by a number of individuals, but the exact numerical count of her cohort and their identities are unknown. Tread with caution. Location: Northeast of the ruins of Bastion. How far she and her band has traveled in that direction is unknown. Reward: 3500 minas to be split among the bounty hunter party if captured alive, 400 if her head is brought instead. Schedule with Ebonsquire after finding the bounty site to determine a suitable time when the bounty will be carried out by your party.
  4. In Aeldin, a middle-aged man in a stone keep sat at a plain oak desk in a nondescript office, donning a formal uniform. A younger man adorning the same uniform abruptly barged into the room without a single knock and rapidly broke out into a muddled explanation, carrying in his hand a scroll of medium-size. Promptly, a few angry spats were released by the seated gentleman due to the intrusion, but it did nothing to deter the younger one’s approach. He set the scroll on the table and unfurled it, sharing a few firm words with his accomplice, who gradually began to settle down. A document’s particular details were shared with the jabbing of a finger at certain lines. Words, both fierce, panicked, and eventually fearful were shared. Both were stone-faced by the end of the exchange. A demanding phrase was uttered, a grim expression accommodating it. “Send notice.” And on his command, notices were indeed sent. Duos of men dressed in a familiar, foreign uniforms were sent on cruisers which followed the route of the Helderenberg before fanning out with dire, official business in mind. They arrived on the shores of many continents and scoured the lands they arrived on, though mainly kept to themselves. And a duo of curious lads found themselves at the shores of Axios. The men investigated, and from their investigations they learned quickly, picking up a map of Axios from a common general store and reading fliers and posters of all sorts across the many bulletin boards the land offered -- one composed by an individual known as ‘Elvira’ catching their eye in particular. Information was gathered and, when fully prepared, they set out for the alleged site of the Helderenberg. Both soon stood atop the hill, overlooking the marooned prison ship. They shared a concerned glance with each other before heading down the hill, to delve into the wrecked ship… An ugly sight, it all was. The prisoner’s belongings chests had been emptied. Things that shouldn’t have been broken, such as the the windows and ferrum barring near the rear of the vessel, were. There were corpses of things they couldn’t entirely discern, scorch marks marring both the interior and exterior of the ship, blood and refuse lining the walls, and two prisoners were confirmed deceased. They made their trip a short one, and exited with a disturbed brevity in their step. … Then, it was time to discuss between themselves what was to be done. Settled in a booth at a tavern within Al’Khaleed, the Aeldenic inquisitors reached an agreement that the dwarf -- and the other possibly living prisoner -- were far too dangerous to be left alive. Wanted: Berthold of Hachland, a deranged Dwed. Threat level: Extremely High Suggested party number: Eleven to twelve individuals of a competent nature. Description of beast(s): A tricky bastard of a Dwarf, having escaped the vessel imprisoning him a number of Saint’s days prior. The one known as Berthold of Hachland is responsible for the confirmed crimes listed below against Aeldin and its people: The murder of two Hexers The murder of forty-three adult men The murder of ten adult women The murder of sixteen adolescent boys The murder of twelve adolescent girls He is one highly versed in the art of Alchemy, grueling concoctions and Homunculi of an unknown composition are his forte; though even without these aids Berthold proves to be a great adversary nonetheless - tread with caution. Location: Last seen in northwestern region of Asul, within the dense forests. Rewards: 2100 Minas to be split evenly by those who partake, and being rid of a formidable threat to every citizens well-being. Message Skylez1 once the site is found to schedule a time when the bounty encounter will occur!
  5. Minecraft names: CloudsOnMars, OwOwotstis. Age: 16 Timezone: GMT+1 Skype/Discord: gustav.arentoft & GusanoArentonio#2557 What is your availability: Around 9+ hours on weekdays and more on weekends. Weekday hours are predominantly 3:00PM to 00:00AM (My time). Tell us an issue you currently experience on the server: The absolutely horror that is knowing who the primary region owner and tile owner are. It’s extremely messy and not a thing that’s properly kept track of. This is a huge problem for both staff and players, and it needs to be fixed very soon. How do you feel individual GMs should present themselves?: I don’t believe that GMs have to act overly professional around the playerbase. It’s better to portray yourself in a more casual way to the players, as to not make yourself seem like a corporate goon, and more like a real person. How do you feel the GM team collectively should present itself?: Mostly the same as above, the GM team should not present itself as overly professional corporate goons. They have to be casual with the players and actively seek out what issues the players have, where they also need to heavily listen to the players, the players will usually knows an issue better than staff simply due to them being the primary victims of it. The team also needs to work very well together for it to really properly function, without cooperation it won’t get anywhere. Please list three four players who will vouch for you: Angmarzku. Cablam. Kincaid. Cal has also volunteered for this wonderful thing. What is your relationship with the members of the current GM Team?: I have no disputes or disagreements with any of the current GMs, we got along just fine. And I believe I could work well with any GM honestly, though specifically I believe I would do fantastic work in the company of Ang. I only believe that my current relationship with the GM team will allow me to easily fit in with the team, and thus work with them. What are you finest and worst traits?: Patient: I’m very patient when it comes to most things, and will not get angry or stressed over any situation that should occur. It gives me the opportunity to get a clear judgement. Diligent: I work very hard, I always do my best to put out a good piece of work instead of something mediocre, even if it takes a huge amount of time. This and patience tend to go very well together, making it so I can provide my best work. Lax: I have a lax attitude. I am not very strict, I believe this helps me get a perspective from both sides before I make a judgement, instead of going strictly by the book without no understanding of the situation whatsoever. Overly worried: I have a tendency to become extremely worried after I’ve made a decision, usually about whether I did the right thing or not. This also leaves me to overthink decision before I make them. Easily distracted: I easily get distracted, even if I find the thing I’m doing extremely interesting, it’s likely that something will come by and steal my attention. Though, the former task can steal my attention back as easily as it was taken. Lacks seriousness: I don’t have a very serious attitude towards a lot of things, and tend to mostly joke about things than treat them seriously. It mostly tends to be things about myself, or things such as the recent GM purge. Tell us about your time on Lord of the Craft: I was invited onto the server by a friend, in March 2016, who I know from two other servers I’ve played on. I wouldn’t say that I’ve specifically played with one player group on the time I’ve been here, though the Warhawkes have been the most player group I’ve been in. When it comes to staff teams, I was accepted onto the Application Team in late August and promoted to Manager in October, I’ve also been on the Wiki Team (Though, I was rather inactive there), and finally I was on the GM team from November until very recently. Being staff has by far been some of the most memorable time on the server for me, I’ve honestly enjoyed helping people a lot, whether it was when I was on the AT or the GM team. What parts of the server are you most interested in?: Well, I’m very interested in helping the server and the players whenever needed. Doing their modreqs, working to improve the server, all of that. Another factor for me keeping my interest is primarily just the great friends that I have on this server. Other than yourself, who of the current applicants would you like to see on the GM Team? I would like to see most of my former comrades return, they're all good people. Link me a good song:
  6. Fimlin

    [Accepted] Fimlins app

    Minecraft Name: Worldiswar28 Skype ID: Fimlino Time-zone: EST Do you, or have you held, any other staff positions: I was an ET until the purge and am WT and was AT in Athera Where do you grab inspiration from: to help build areas for events as something to do when Im not in a basement grinding What type of building are you best with: I know how to do medieval and terraforming and the other parts of building on lotc What are some of your most treasured builds: http://i.imgur.com/fSqganL.png http://i.imgur.com/myzG4fq.png Are you capable of handling all aspects of a build: sì Pick three building styles and show us a build of yours that corresponds to each choice: Medieval (arockstar lost my italian city, all is left are pictures of baronies): http://imgur.com/a/mBdKg How long does it take for you to complete a build: For a normal event area I spread out the time within a week but large areas usually can take longer. Additional details: (Do you know voxel, world edit, redstone, etc.) everything but voxel, but i can accomplish nearly the same with WE Tell me a trick about building: You can use special commands to make armor stand rigs like this http://i.imgur.com/UDfvnHe.png How long do you plan to be able to work on the team: until the next purge Tell me a joke:
  7. Trial Application Minecraft name/s: Demographic Previous Application: Age: Older Time zone and availability: GMT, GMT + 1 Skype: harlold.middleton What is something you have always wanted to change on the server?: I've helped make a lot of change to the server already, the Feedback Group did some amazing work when it was active. I worked so hard on the Feedback Group, I burnt myself out last time around. I pushed so much change, I forgot to RP, I forgot to Moderate. I forgot to have fun, it became a chore. I really did enjoy being a GM and giving back to the server, and I think I maintained a professional demeanour throughout my stint on the team. I guess one thing I want to bring back to the team, is for players to know that there are unbiased GM's, and that I am entirely unbiased. I've played in pretty much every player base on the server, and have friends in the ones I haven't. Other changes I would like to see happen could include some managerial red flags I spotted before I left the team, and passed along before I left to the Admin team. I'd push for these to be trial implemented, hopefully bringing some better structure to the way we do things as staff. What is something you would like to change on the game moderator team?: I'd like to help possibly re-jig some of the documentation that gets taught to new GM's, for example, putting some more general customer relations guidance along with the GM Handbook. Little tweaks here and there, can go a long way to maintaining professionalism when dealing with difficult issues. What are your finest qualities?: I'm a hard worker. Anyone who plays with me will tell you that. I would also say i'm very decent RPer. Most people who have RPed with me would tell you that too. I also care about the community LoTC has; warts and all. I think most people would speak highly of me, some may not, but most would. At the end of the day, I set clear goals and I achieve them - some people don't like that. I can accept i'm wrong, when i'm wrong, I'll hold my hands up and apologize - but its the discussing things, making things happen - that's a solid asset to any team. A real team player. I also like to have a laugh, and people will tell you that too. I think it would also be very prudent to say that i'm also not easily rustled, I've put up with the LoTC community for five years and been through being made a meme once or twice. Nothing really phases me anymore. What are your worst qualities, and how could you improve these aspects?: I don't suffer idiots and I do piss people off due to some opinions I hold. If I know somebody isn't pulling their weight, I will tell them I think so if they ask. I don't sugar coat. If something isn't worth doing, then why do it at all? I'm a man of process, I like clear cut rules and logical thinking, cutting the queue is not something I abide and neither is favoritism or bias - if I see it i'll call it out and doesn't matter who you are. I'm an old fashioned dickhead, who likes getting the job done. Everything a teenager hates. What members of the current staff could you look to for guidance?: Most of the staff we have now, are great guys. Josh and me did trials at the same time, and I'd go to him in a heartbeat if I got into a pickle. Tahmas is also a good egg, and the boy knows his stuff so I can't fault him. Telanir is also an old friend, as is Ever and Will. Who do you not get along with on the current team?: I dont think there's anyone on the team im actively against at the moment, I had some digs at 501 a week or so ago for his condecending tone on a thread and some differences of opinion on warclaim seamlessness. I still respect him as an Admin, and an excellent coder. How much free time do you have? Will this change in the foreseeable future?: Enough to be an asset to the team and not let them down on quota, I know the requirements, and im not so bright eyed now. I know what im getting into here, and im not doing it lightly.
  8. Joe_Blackman

    [✗] [Magic Lore] Vocomancy

    The Nether's Boon It is known that the Dark Arts are seen as repulsive in the eyes of many. It causes some to writhe with hatred or spit at the surface by simply having a name of a grotesque magic be uttered into their ears. It breeds conflict if one were to publicly mention their support of it, a man who was once tranquil may even lose their sincere state of mind if they were to stand before a proponent of the Dark Arts. Even the most content among men will find their lust tempting them to tap into such prohibited practices. Shades, necromancers and those alike have all been tempted through either weak minded thoughts, pursuits of power, or reasons that they themselves don’t know. The Dark Arts were passed down from the loathed Iblees to mortal men, spreading from troubled minds to pure souls, evolving and advancing one step further when one generates an interdicted spell. With each passing year, magic from the minds of the ill grow stronger and newfangled arts sprawl from the minds of the great and the unhealthily curious. Yet, as the more fiendish side of the Descendant races continue to expand their wicked arts, some older arts tend to die. These old arts were buried among other arts void of practitioners. Even the eldest Art that had greatly influenced other taboo practices was a victim of this cycle. However, there do exist minds so curious, that they seek to traverse back to the source that sparked this domino effect, for reasons that may grant them fine power, additional wisdom, and prime knowledge. ------------------ The Undead were a malignant group. They had utilised the great and substantial powers of their figurative father, Iblees. They brought twisted horrors into the mortal realm with little consideration of the consequences. Repercussions were null to them as long as they pleased the entity of the hand that fed them. Each Undead carried out individual tasks in an endeavor to please the Defiler. None, bar a certain few, had disappointed their leader. The Undead shared havoc with the Descendants when they were nearing the end of their reign, this led to the amounted peak of their conclusion. In a march towards the Druid’s Grove, the remaining Undead and The Deific Shadow tossed aside the druids that made themselves present in an attempt to defend their once pure terrain. With struggle and livid determination, the Undead managed to infiltrate the Father Tree. Within the grand organism, a manifested Iblees conjured the Axe of Krug into his midst and had it meet the body of Lillith Winterleaf. This divine instrument which met sinful hands, soon came into contact with the Aspect Stone. Once the distinctive weapon having connected with the special stone, the object promptly crumbled before the might of Iblees. Though the Undead did leave their mark of grotesque taint upon the Druid’s Grove, it came with the cost of their once admirable power. Fortunately for the descendants, what they knew as baleful agents of Iblees, all eroded back to their petty mortal forms. The loyal servants of the Betrayer had lost all memory of their ignoble drudgery. Though, two individuals were free from this downside -- two of Iblees’ highest soldiers. Joseph and the ***** Sprat were gifted the boon of recalling vague occurrences during their unlife. Within the foundations of the soul of the accursed ex-Prophet, lay a very delicate correspondence to him and the infernal underworld known as the “Nether”. The frail Elf was quite oblivious to his relationship with the hellish plane, an indirect link to the infernal regions lurked in cryptic regions of Joseph’s knowledge. For weeks, Joseph was riddled with despondency thanks to his peer’s death. In his state of dejection, he went to hiding in a location that was not known much to the public. In the noiseless vicinity, Joseph scratched at the walls of mystery for weeks in attempt to fathom what ghastly soot stained his soul. Incoherent exasperation filled his mind. However, he eventually came to the realisation that such emotions were developing fissures in the highway that led him to his objective. He concluded that he must commit himself to days free of distraction emotions in order to dissect what clutched at the core of his being. Meditating, pondering and theorizing consumed most of his days -- Fortunately, his efforts bred results. This watery relationship he had with the Nether soon evolved into something viscous, something that held density but did not easily remain in Joseph’s grasp. Akin to an unannounced bolt of lightning, during his meditation, Joseph had witnessed a virtually indescribable region of the Nether. The murky, twisted environs that filled his eyesight were essentially unidentifiable. The diabolical and distorted landscape broadened Joseph’s cognitive horizons. The visions brought nostalgia to him, both longing and joy befell him. However, before he could completely relish in what his patience delivered, a boundless amount of memories flooded the entrance to his mind. The mass experiences that all occurred in a rapid succession within his mind was far too overwhelming for him to handle. Similar to a household being loaded with copious amounts water, some portions of those memories remained (despite being unwelcomed), while other portions were forced to exit the construction that was Joseph’s psyche. With this bizarre happening, he was quickly broken down into a comatose state. Unexpectedly, after regaining his sense of self, he had garnered the ability to fully recall his nefarious doings from his time as an Undead grunt, to a Zealot and finally to a short lived Prophet of Iblees. The isolated Elf was practically reborn in mind and soul, an ever-burning and eccentric sensation flickered in many areas of his form. Fiendish knowledge which was lost to him, found its way back to the ex-Undead. Despite his efforts, he still wasn’t satisfied due to the fact there existed no confirmation of the deity he still remained devout to being present. Regardless of discovering his newfound prowess, he was still concerned for the confirmation of Iblees being existent. He had wasted time wondering whether if his deity had been deceased or vanquished from his own realm; for he could comprehend a connection to the Nether, but not Iblees himself. Joseph was brought to a perplexed state, he wanted to serve what provided him a purpose. Yet, the alienated Elf was not sure if the Defiler would even approve of his actions of tampering with the Nether. With his concrete link to the hellish underworld, he tried to delve further into the ominous realm. His mind was beating about in its place as he continued to expand his eccentric endeavour. He desired to locate the whereabouts of his praised and fallen Daemon. But, with his limited connection, he was only able to pick on Iblees’ existence on a metaphysical level. Though, that was he assumed to be Iblees due to the immense and overwhelming clutch that held a vague yet wicked grip Joseph’s limited mind. Visibly, he couldn’t notice him. But on a level of abstract comprehension, he was capable of pinpointing his existence. And beyond the Defiler’s existence, Joseph gathered information of other entities that were inhabiting the Nether -- weaker, yet still sturdy beings. The grim vibe these underlings of the Nether set a familiar taste to Joseph’s buds of thought, their souls were stagnant in the the unholy grounds of the Nether, the nigh-spectral lifeforms were seemingly untampered with. After being worn and well aware of multiple existences in the Nether, he grew satisfied with this experience to take note of and promptly he cut his tether to the underworld. It was until the next day, the Elf was approached by another entity that was ethereal, it was far too familiar. No mistake was open to be made. There was something he had felt before, which had clutched at his mind, it bore the power to pluck away at the strings that held his mind together. However, this recognisable, antagonistic force did not do such things. Instead, it spoke. A misanthropic weight clung to these words which fell upon the Elf’s befuddled mind. The voice that resonated in his head was none other than the being which Joseph had proudly served. The voice, that resounded throughout Joseph’s mind held such an iron hand that it pinned down the bewildered Elf in place. No external forces prevented Joseph from trying to move, it was merely the voice of malignant influence that weighed him down. The words that were spoken left acidic spittle of turpitude that seeped through the confines of Joseph’s mind, it instructed him to submit to this force. Be one with it. Accept it. Understand it. Any form of resistance Joseph tried to put up was crushed by the words that carried such an unchallenged strength to them. Not only the words of great influence affect his mind, but it chipped away at the foundations of his soul. The soul of the man, who drowned in the abysmal waters of consternation, was being dislodged. Joseph no longer owned what made him ‘pure’, such an invaluable possession now belonged to The Defiler. The renewal of a forgotten art. This reformation of first generation necromancy has finally stepped foot into land for a second time. The unholy practices under the name of The Betrayer has spawned to offer wicked events in the mortal realm. The art, while considered an ungodly force from such a great being, does not leave its user without any harrowing consequences. While bearing the name “first generation necromancy”, one would expect it to carry a propensity for having more power than Second Generation Necromancy. However, that is not truly the case. Second Generation Necromancy and First Generation Necromancy may seem similar in some aspects, but the pair do share very different ways of functioning. The Summoning/Connection process. 1. The Vocomancer summons taint from the Nether (through the proper channels) to open the Nexus. 2. The Vocomancer then enters the domain of Iblees, utilising their link to Iblees as aid to garner their required tools from the Nether (essentially taint). 3. After mustering enough taint required from The Betrayer, the Vocomancer then makes use of the The Betrayer’s boon in order to bring forth something of their desire within their own power. 4. The Vocomancer will then release whatever power they have manifested into the mortal realm, as a product of Iblees. 5. Once the product of taint is released, the Vocomancer is free to do as they please with their spawn or creation. However, the user must bear in mind they do not have complete, direct control over their ethereal entities; for unlike SGN, the minions of Vocomancy are not a product of life force which is from the user’s self, but a product of the Nether -- a realm which is constructed by Iblees. Mechanics: The magic’s ability is to summon most products of taint from the underworld. Imagine the performance of Vocomancy as a blind person painting. The FG Necromancer doesn’t understand what exactly they are doing or how, just as a blind person cannot see what they are painting and are unaware of what they are producing, however they know they are doing it and are given instructions on what to do. These instructions come from Iblees himself, functioning as a pseudo-canvas and Taint functions as the ‘paint’. When the user is done with their ‘painting’, they can finally bring it into their for all to see Additionally, a Vocomancer can prepare rituals for Iblees’ gain. The source of the hand that feeds them cannot go unrewarded for what marvelous strength it provides. By arranging a ritual, an unfortunate soul can be sacrificed for Iblees’ benefit. A ritual can be prepped in any desired location of a Vocomancer. If an individual is slain as a result of the ritual process, then it is up to the player of the victim to decide whether their death is to be a PK or not. If a perma-kill occurs, then their soul is to successfully be set in the hands of Iblees. This magic consists of a blend of spells from the three branches of the Undead, the Devourer branch, the Obliterator branch and the Blighter branch. The user will be capable of spawning beings from the Underworld, make use of Iblees’ wrath in the form of bolts being hailed from the sky, manipulate deathly miasma and flames from the Nether and soothe the wounds of others. Unlike before, this style of Vocomancy does not entirely focus on the utter, senseless destruction of the Descendants. Because of this, there now exists only two branches: The Priests of Iblees and The Soldiers of Iblees. The Priests of Iblees are the ones that bear the potential to alter the opinions of those who originally loathed the Daemon thanks to their given prowess. They are mostly provided with the spells from the Undead’s Blighter branch. They are gifted with mending the wounds of those who are tainted, or fall under the definition of ‘tainted’. They are capable of manifesting miasma and summoning only a fair amount of entities from the Nether. They are not fighters. Akin to the Blighter Branch, they only exist to wile others into finding trust and keeping trust in Iblees. The Soldiers of Iblees are those who possess formidable strength, they are examples of Iblees’ prowess. They may not be capable of swaying others into following Iblees so easily, unlike the Priests of Iblees, but with their strength alone they are able to give others a taste of what happens if one were to oppose Iblees. They are capable of summoning a fearful number of beings or a fearful being from the Nether. They are gifted with casting dreadful lightning from the sky and are able to produce vehement flames from the Nether which consume the life of opposers. Similar to the Obliterator branch and Devourer branch, they only exist to display Iblees’ power, fending off any who are seen as adversaries and protecting those who are seen as allies. ‘Taint’ Mending (Exclusive to the Priests of Iblees): The Priests of Iblees are granted this altered and watered-down Blighter branch spell, which was originally used in order to keep the forces of Iblees alive. Now, such a spell exists to not only benefit Iblees' wounded acolytes, those who are 'tainted' as well can fall under the effects of this modified Blighter branch spell. Additionally, no agent of Iblees would be able to effectively convince others to follow the will of their overseer, without being able to display that their deity now has but a tinge of being capable of lending aid in the most efficient form. Individuals who are ‘tainted’ are the only ones who can mended by this spell. In order for a Priest to execute this spell, they must make contact or be extremely close to making contact with the being of ‘taint’ they wish to aid. A viscous liquid that resembles the ichor of Iblees will be formulated from a Priest’s hand, if the ichor meets the desired target of the Priest, then the rich ‘blood’ of Iblees will alter its form to match the original lost body parts of the victim that bears 'taint'. If a hand of a tainted being were to be lost, then the ichor of Iblees will function in a sentient manner once it comes into contact with the severed hand. The liquid will try to imitate what the lost limb once was, it will firstly assume the shape of the lost portions of the hand in its liquid form, then it will begin to alter its substance to resemble that of flesh. This will require the priest to continue producing more of Iblees' ichor until the hand has fully recovered. If a tainted individual were to be harmed by Holy Fire, then consuming the ichor will be most suited, as it is taint given form. The victim of lost taint will not be promptly rejuvenated, but the speed at which they recover their taint will be heightened. Additionally, ruptured organs cannot be mended by this spell, poison and other deadly toxins cannot be removed the system of a tainted being and mental impairments cannot be repaired. Those healed will be left with slightly grotesque welts and minor bruises that will recover over time, this indicates that Iblees is not the one to be especially relied on for aiding those incompetent enough to end up hurt and all those that are lent his aid will also experience his affliction. However, much like oil meeting water, the ichor will simply run off the body of an injured victim who is free of 'taint', refusing to blend with the pure being. An example of those who fit the definition of ‘taint’ goes as follows: Wraiths Dread Knights Wights Those who have certain noteworthy intent that may appease The Betrayer Necromancers Ghouls (Please note, this is merely an example of what kinds of individuals can be mended. Those who actually bear any form of actual taint, can fall under the effect of this spell.) At tier 1, a Priest of Iblees will only be capable of healing extremely minor cuts. Up to tier 5, a Priest will be capable of recovering a lost hand. Nether Spawns (Usable by both sects): Nether spawns are beastly fiends which reside within the Nether. They are very frequently abnormal or misshapen creatures, never the same as the last and, unlike any other summoning magic, cannot be controlled. Nether spawns are quite literally Taint given form. They are ravenous, unruly, and mad monstrosities that raze and ravage. But just as the other effects of Vocomancy, they do not harm those which are tainted or that which is comprised of Taint just as it does not harm them. They are blind to their summoner and spawned brethren, only seeing them as other products of the Nether. They do not outright harm their ‘allies’ but are definitely not ones to be careful either. Their eldritch bodies are their weapons and what which isn’t corrupted by Taint is their target. Novices who decide to spawn horrific entities from the Nether will only be able to bring forth something as insignificant as an inchworm or insect, unlike a novice Second Generation Necromancer, who can raise something larger such as a dead rat. (A 'tier 5' Vocomancer user can summon a maximum of 5-7 humanoid beings or one large abomination of flesh from the Nether, whereas a 'tier 5' SGN user can raise 12 humanoid beings. A Vocomancer user can summon beings on a whim, whereas a SGN user will have to kill the living to actually garner 12 corpses. This is why a Vocomancer can summon less than a SGN user, for the sake of fairness.) Additionally, much like a Conjuration user summoning a Primordial, both Priests and Soldiers of Iblees can bring forth creatures that bear properties of the Nether. A standard summon of a creature from the Nether might be maintaining decayed flesh and nothing more. However, advanced acolytes of Iblees can go further than just mere flesh sustaining their creatures. They can be capable of having their summons bear 'flesh' of any compatible material from the Nether. This will of course, be more of a demanding spell for Iblees' acolytes. For example, beings of netherrack can be set ablaze by any fire present that makes contact with their skin, though due to the properties of netherrack, the creatures made of this hellish material are bound to be slightly more fragile than their flesh ridden counterparts. Beings that bear the properties of soulsand become much harder to slay, yet their destructive prowess is not as intimidating as beings of netherrack or actual creatures of flesh. It is worth noting that Priests of Iblees can only summon a maximum of 5 humanoid entities from the Nether, while Soldiers of Iblees can summon a maximum of 7 (The larger the body, the smaller the number. The smaller the body, the higher the number). The numbers become lessened if they were to produce organisms that hold properties of the Nether's materials. The cast time of this spell is akin to the time it takes for a conjuration user to summon an entity from the Void, roughly 3-6 emotes will be required for a satisfactory spell attempt. Nether’s Flame (Exclusive to the Soldiers of Iblees) Similar to that of a pyromancer, the flames created from the sheer hatred of Iblees alone are channeled towards the user. It is up to the user to decide where they redirect this embodiment of The Defiler’s loathing towards. The flames that are spawned from Iblees act in a way which can be considered Holy Fire’s polar opposite. Instead of seeking to eviscerate taint like its counterpart, the flames from the Nether ignore such things and instead aim to use its own tainted properties in order to devour the lifeforce of a victim’s body. The flames will persist until its target is utterly void of lifeforce. It can only ‘burn’ organic matter, which causes decay and emits a substance akin to smoke due to the evisceration of lifeforce. Once it comes into contact with non-organic material, it causes it to dwindle and wither away into ash. However, more sturdy materials such as stone won’t be broken down at all. Depending on the limb the flames have taken a liking to consuming the life force from, the skin is likely to blacken to the point where it resembles an ebony black pigment. The afflicted limb may be rendered permanently disabled if the victim were to survive a continued assault of the hellfire, for the life force from the victim has been forcibly eviscerated. Healing from Clerics/Paladins/Ascended can undo the damage. The cast time for this spell is similar to that of a Fire Evocation spell. Roughly 2-4 emotes are needed for a satisfactory spell execution. Iblees’ Lightning (Exclusive to the Soldiers of Iblees) Bolts come down from a baleful sky once an agent of Iblees makes use of this spell. When a Soldier of Iblees calls forth for the clouds to gather, the once uncontaminated sky becomes populated with a mass of opaque, ebony clouds. Compared to the rest of the tools at a Necromancer’s disposal, this spell is fairly simple. If successful, an array of bolts will descend towards the surface they are directed to, leaving behind a mark that indicates the ire of The Betrayer. It is worth nothing these bolts are not attracted to metal or water, but instead the flesh of Descendants. These are bolts that come from The Defiler and anything that is spawned from his domain is known to seek out the demise 3-5 emotes will be required to execute a satisfactory spell. Miasma (Exclusive to the Priests of Iblees): Miasma is a thick, cloudy haze of lime green and black mists. Its foggy consistency makes it nearly opaque, the miasma acts like a harming smokescreen and therefore cannot be controlled, only directed. It is most fatal when inhaled, but can also be damaging if it makes contact with skin. It of course, saps life force, the rate at which it consumes life force is determined by how much miasma is coating the victim. It varies from being nearly useless to causing its victim to simply be uncomfortable at ‘tier 1’. Though, with more practice over time, the cloud of miasma will be capable of causing immense pain, minor paralysis, and bleaches the skin and scars with causing ulcers and blisters. (This will not be as powerful as Undead Miasma, it will be akin to a necromancer’s drain, without any benefit to user. It can only reach a maximum of roughly 4 metres) This spell should be treated much like a Necromancer's drain. 2-4 emotes will be required to execute a miasma spell properly. Soul displacement (Usable by both sects): Through aptly manipulating taint and the link to the nether, a user becomes capable of generating a ritual to further Iblees’ goal and his prowess. This will require the aid of other Vocomancers that are also adequate in performing this spell. If enough space is present, the user will be formulating a crooked shape of abnormal proportions with an outline bearing a lime-green pigment tainted with hues of ebony black. The area surrounded by the peculiar shape will, over time, have its appearance be distorted to represent the likes of the Nether. Sand and its delicate texture will turn to malformed soul sand, wood will have its appearance altered to look much like obsidian, dirt and grass will have its aspects degraded to netherrack and so forth. It is much like tearing a vicinity of the Nether itself into the mortal realm, the specific vicinity is a place where only Iblees can act. If someone, a sacrifice, were placed within this corrupting shape, their souls will be ripped from their being by The Defiler himself, soon relocating itself in the hands of Iblees. If Iblees does not obtain a sacrifice within a certain period of time, the Vocomancer is at risk of having their connection with Iblees severed. Approximately 7-12 emotes will be required to make a satisfactory execution of this spell. Sever (Usable by both sects): Severing is the act of a master Vocomancer severing the connection of a Vocomancer to the The Betrayer. In a similar act of Shade magic, only a skilled tutor may disconnect ineffective soldiers of Iblees. Through the approval of The Betrayer himself, the experienced Vocomancer is capable of disconnecting those who prove to not aid anyone. Roughly 4-7 emotes will be required in order to execute this spell. A Vocomancer's (expected) endgame: A Vocomancer must adhere to Iblees’ code of conduct. He is the one supplying them with his power in the end and therefore as a cult to an aengudaemon they must serve their master with the intent to achieve his goal for him. Ater Caelum is Iblees’ end goal, meaning Vocomancers are merely pawns for Iblees to fulfill his goals. One who betrays the efforts of Iblees will be an marked an enemy, be it a Vocomancer user, a cleric, or an everyday commoner, they will perish under the name of Iblees. Note: This is a deity magic. Red Lines - As it is known, taint does not affect tainted beings. This means that Nether spawns and spells alike will not harm tainted entities such as Wraiths, Dread Knights, Shades, etc... However, Nether spawns can be commanded directly by their summoners to harm specific individuals. - Exceeding the limit and/or size of nether spawns is powergaming, even if it were to occur in-character, the user will most likely be under a mass of stress. - Vocomancers are tainted, they must react properly when coming into contact with holy magic. The player of a Vocomancer mustn't treat Holy Fire lightly, since it will eat away at their tainted being. - The one rule that applies to all magic also applies to this magic, if someone were to significantly interrupt a Vocomancer during the preparation of their spell, then the manifestation of their spell will come to an abrupt end. - Edit - Ater Caelum "This is the name for Iblees’ end game goal. “Ultimate Goal: Iblees wants to overthrow the Aenguls and Daemons. He wants to corrupt, rule over, and bend them to his will. The mortals are just in the way. Iblees wants to become the Arch-Soul, the Prime God over the Archdaemons and Archaenguls. Essentially he wants to become the Creator and all powerful by making all the Archaenguls and Archdaemons underneath him. Iblees believes it's what the gods do; they want to be stronger than the rest around them so they can be safe above others. Divine survivability. And as Archdaemon of Ruin, this appeals to his desire for ruination. To dissolve the established order (or lack therein) of aengudaemons with their own will and their own purpose. Iblees would degrade this and bring them all under himself. But, note, Iblees is the ‘villain’ of our tale and is likely to never succeed in this goal, albeit it is possible should we wish for some form of lore-wipe where numerous things disappear or change. This being his take on the truth, Iblees wants to become the Creator / Arch-Soul / Prime God to ensure his own success but the implications of that are far from what most other aengudaemons believe, thus their frequent opposing standing. Should this come to be and all the Aenguls and Daemons are under Iblees, there would be no cataclysm or apocalypse for all existence. He doesn’t want the death of everyone and thing, he wants power to have his way, and his way once in that position would be rather peaceful. There’d be no inter-deity squabbles, no fighting divine factions. He’d probably leave the mortal beings alone entirely, likely moving away to make his own mortals with his own interpretation. Iblees intends on achieving the throne by persuading fellow deities, beginning with relatively smaller ones he can manage to turn alone, via corruption." Iblees would sit down with them one-on-one and have a lengthy discussion. "This discussion would be over the matters of how their kind always have a struggle amongst one another that leads to chaos and damage; Iblees means to make one final fight to end them all to instill everlasting order (truly primal chaos, Iblees would just be a bullying superpower) among the gods (if he is to keep them to begin with. Iblees may want to wipe the slate clean than have to deal with those who once opposed him) by any means necessary..." "Corruption is used in the sense that they are turning to Iblees’ side and we are the ones (mortals too) who paint Iblees as evil and vile. As for those who utterly oppose Iblees and say that they will never join his cause, they will meet enslavement or eternal banishment.” (Source: Old Vocomancy lore)
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    Fimlins WT app

    MC name: Worldiswar28 Forum name: Fimlin Skype Name: Worldiswar28 (Bloop) What is your timezone? EST How do you wish to work on the wiki? (Media, proof checking, writing, etc): writing and fixing history/dwarf history Have you worked on the, or any wiki before?: I've made a few edits and contributions in Anthos for the dwarves, but most of the history/lore is on the forums itself, like part of the mega dwarf history thread, the Grandaxe Clan Post and various other posts Which lore are you most familiar with? history/dwarf history Please showcase your abilities with either: Here is one thing I've wrote that I meant to post but realised I couldn't make an account The Grandaxe Exodus was a national event in the Dwarven Kingdom that ended up revising the entire government to root out corruption for good. After the reign of Fimlin Grandaxe the Grandaxe Clan had faced prejudice from the government, starting with a conflict with Grand King Vorstag Ireheart about the joint Grandaxe-Irongrinder naval hold Ote'Kathaz. Vorstag's reign did not last long and Zahrer Irongrinder was elected after, and gave the Grandaxes the newly conquered land from the Undead known as Ash Castle, once known as Hanseti. In its place the Grandaxes built a hold named Kal'Bogrin after their founder, constructing a small village along a keep built into the mountain. North of Kal'Bogrin a fort was constructed and named Kaz'ad Rum The initial conflict between tech Grandaxes and the council was started when Grand King Zahrer tried to re-institute the Lord's Council he was once part of, the amendment was blocked by the Grandaxes and the Frostbeards but the other three thanes, Uldar Irongut, Lori Ireheart, and Lathros Irongrinder removed the Frostbeards from Thaneship and replaced them with the Doomforged who passed the amendment. This sparked outrage amongst the Grandaxes, and thus the Lords were appointed from those that approved the passing and none to the Grandaxes or others. The situation only worsened from there, the tension rose until Jörik Grandaxe was accused of slaying an elf. Grand King Zahrer and the new Lords Council met to determine his banishment, but the Lords Council wanted to banish the entire Grandaxe clan because of their opposition. Grand King Zahrer vetoed the decision but was removed from King and the Grandaxes left for the safety of Kal'Bogrin with all their belongings. The Grandaxes thus seceded from Urguan and became indeed entry lead by the Grandaxe leaders Fili Grandaxe, Fimlin Grandaxe, and Jörik Grandaxe. Seeing the opportune moment to attack the dwarves the newly reformed Kingdom of Oren marched for the Irongut hold of Hiebenhall. Knowing the importance of maintaining the Grand Kingdom the Grandaxes prepared for war to protect it despite not receiving the same from the Lords Council. However it came to be that all the dwarves who were against the Lords Council moved in with the Grandaxes and eventually collapsed the Grand Kingdom and allowed for the Grandaxes to liberate it. As a result the only candidate for Grand King left was Hodir Doomforged and he was elected Grand King and made a new government where a loose senate was the only opposition to the King and thus removing the corruption of the Lords and Thanes Council once and for all. Leaders of Kal'Bogrin: Fili Grandaxe (Clan Father) Fimlin Grandaxe (Clan Elder) Jörik Grandaxe (Clan Elder) Deposed Lords: Uldar Irongut Lathros Irongrinder Lori Ireheart
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    Minecraft name/s: hotboss_monk Age: 15 Time zone and availability: EST, 12-6pm Skype: Hotboss What is something you have always wanted to change on the server?: The defender gets to choose whether or not a raid will be pvp or not. What are your finest qualities?: I have fine luscious hair. I get along with everyone on the server pretty much and I never have problems with anyone. What are your worst qualities, and how could you improve these aspects?: At times I can get annoyed with people if they ask the dumbest things or act like a complete idiot. I could become more tolerant with people like that and learn to help not be so annoying. What members of the Staff could you look to for guidance?: Dibliusmaximus, __fireheart__, Telanir Who do you not get along with on the current team?: I don't have any problems with any current members on the team. How much free time do you have? Will this change in the foreseeable future?: I have quite a bit of free time, like 3-5 hours and and it probably won't change until September.
  11. In the year of our Lord, 1561, let it be known throughout the lands that the Aesterwaldian Halfling / Farfolk Gospel Choir has been formed. As devout followers of Harringtonism, as founded by Prophet Ford Harrington, when God was revealed to him in the sewers of Felsen. The Church is against violence. The Prophet Harrington realised that Religious Experienced could be induced through the use of, what the Church deems to be, 'holy white powder'." The Gospel Choir rejects the God of Canonism and the authority of the Church, seeing it as a political power created for the purpose of attaining money, rather than a religious power. The Church of Harrington, however, believes that religion should not play a part in politics and should not be incentivised by money. All donations to fund the expansion of the Church should be sent to High Prophet Ford Harrington. The Church regularly patrols the streets singing the Gospel of Prophet Ford, baring arms against everyone who opposes them. The Church favours violence. To sign up, please fill in the form at the bottom of the poster. Name: Race (Farfolk of Halfling?) : Age : Reason for converting to Harringtonism : Would you be willing to support the Church financially to ensure that financial corruption can be brought to an end? ((OOC)) MC Username: Skype:
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    Minecraft name/s: Croleo676 Age: 17 Time zone and availability: Gmt +1, if I’m not in school and I’m on my laptop, I’m 90% of the time available. Skype: croleo676 What is something you have always wanted to change on the server?: Honestly? The sources of informations. As a WT member, I have done my best to try to improve the wikipedia in any way possible, and will continue to fix and update it until it’s in semi-decent shape. I wish for the Wiki Team to grow into a full time team, and update the wiki on the regular with not only textual info, but with technical updates and art. And I wish to work with those people and see their perspective on the server, not only wiki. If I see their view, mine will extend to see new things that the old perspective newer could. I would also try to thnk of a more stable and relaxed way of communication between the “forum” side of the staff team (LM, FM, AT, WT), to ensure that they can work together without barriers that could prevent them from ensuring the informational part of the server keeps a standard. I don’t think anything on the server would need a drastic change as much as it would just need steady work on it. What are your finest qualities?: I most usually extremly care about the people I work with, and I try to make sure they are doing their job correctly and actively, as well as check on them with understandance with any of their issue. Working with the AT has also increasead my patience with people struggling with an issue, so I can also say I’m pretty decent at communicating with people. I also give deep care towards most of my projects, but due to my tiny work insecurity, I do check my work with my collagues and managers to see if I’m on the right path constantly, so I don’t stray from people’s ideas. This does not mean that I’m scared to express my opinions, on the contrary, I try to speak my mind as long as it doesn’t offend people as much as possible, but I also care about what other people not connected with the situation or the project the same way I am. What are your worst qualities, and how could you improve these aspects?: As I mentioned before, I do tend to feel insecure with plenty of my actions and work, while I tend to either wait to get a positive comment on my work or wait for somebody else’s agreement on the situation. This has been a serious issue for me, but I have fixed greatly from what I was before and I will continue working on it. I also sometimes tend to be quite cynical sarcastic and harsh at times, although I am somewhat trying to fix that. What members of the Staff could you look to for guidance?: Fireheart, James and Tau for sure, been working with them for quite a while (not with James tho, not an actual AT) and they were the ones that somewhat made me consider being a GM. Tahmas, Wrynn and Ski to a lesser extent. Who do you not get along with on the current team?: Honestly, most of the people on the current team are actually managable, so I can’t say I really don’t get along, to think of them as bad people. How much free time do you have? Will this change in the foreseeable future?: I’m usually on the computer pretty often, so unless my PC dies (again) I’ll have plenty of free time to work along with my WT and AT managing.
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    mjsc88 Ban Appeal

    Ban Report/Banning GM (if applicable, please provide a link): Unknown Minecraft Name(s) (at the time of your ban): mjsc88 Rule Broken/Disputed (multikilling, Griefing, Xray, ect. Be specific): Too many forum warning points Character Witnesses (Name(s)): - Event Details (reason for actions, apology, ect): I am sorry for getting too many forum warning points. As I was gaining those points (accidentally), I was in mid forum PM with my past forum warning FMs. Screenshots/Vids (Link): -
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    Wiki Application

    MC name: nathanbarnett36 Forum name: nathan_barnett36 Skype Name: I'll pm you it. What is your timezone? GMT How do you wish to work on the wiki? (Media, proof checking, writing, etc): I can help out where ever it is needed. I would prefer to do proof checking and writing instead of media related things. Have you worked on the wiki before?: No Do you have a basic understanding of lore?: Yes
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    Noobman's Appeal [James]

    Ban Report/Banning GM (if applicable, please provide a link): James banned me, no report Minecraft Name(s) (at the time of your ban): Cpt_Noobman Rule Broken/Disputed (multikilling, Griefing, Xray, ect. Be specific): Trolly/Unacceptable RP Character Witnesses (Name(s)): A bunch of people saw me, I'm not sure who requested my ban. Event Details (reason for actions, apology, ect): I put on a bat-dwarf skin on Friday and stood around the rooftops looking down at people's RP. Eventually I noticed they were killing rockstar, so I decided to jump down and try to save him, then when I failed I damaged 50. Now looking back on it, it was a pretty stupid idea, and I shouldn't have done it. At the time, I didn't really realize that people would get upset from it, I just thought it was funny, and the few pm's I got from people were approving so I kept going with it. In the future I promise it won't happen again, I've already had a few minor bans this map and I think it's really starting to hurt my reputation as a player, so I'll do my best to keep my nose clean more than I have been. Screenshots/Vids (Link): N/A
  16. ((Ambient Music!)) The Order of Mubarizuns A family crest adorned with the an angled crescent moon and star. Purpose Called upon by the Caliph to protect the Children of Allah and the Jewel of the Caliphate, the Mubarizun are the champions of the City of Al-Wakhrah. They stand as role models for the Qalasheen and must be willing to risk their lives for the greater good. The Mubarizun offers those with bravery and skill to put their skills to a noble cause albeit strength alone is not necessarily required to be oathed. While individual strength is important, the Mubarizun push themselves to learn as much as they can - whether that be in the realms of politics, culture, language, or science. While off duty, a guard of the Mubarizun might be in Al-Wakhrah library studying or enjoying a smoke at the lounge among comrades and citizens. The Mubarizun follows a strict code once oathed. Virtues of the Qalasheen To protect the Qalasheen from interior and exterior threats. To protect the Caliph, Allah’s appointed leader for the Qalasheen. To protect and share knowledge gathered for the benefit of the Qalasheen. To show no fear when facing a foe. To respect those in command. To know restraint when dealing with the foolish. To take personal responsibility for any wrong doings. To present one’s self in the best way possible. To pursue knowledge into old age. To know humility. To avoid the gossip of prideful men. The High Command Caliph The Religious and Nation Leader of The Caliphate of Khalestine. The Caliph guides holds divine right to the ruling of Khalestine and has absolute power over everything within the Caliphate. The Caliph is the one that chooses the direction of The Order of Mubarizuns. His soldier will offer their loyalty and respect towards him. His involvement is generally indirect however and is typically handled by his Amir. Sultan The Sultan acts as a secondary nation leader, focused to serve the nation internally. Generally holds the same power as the Caliph, but may have any motions he carries out to be overruled by the Caliph. The Sultan will act as a regent if the Caliph is absent. The power of Sultan is assigned by the Caliph. Amir An Amir is appointed by the Caliph to run the Mubarizuns as the overall General/Commander. The Amir is responsible for running the military and city guard, protecting the city and civilians, protecting the Caliph, and ensuring order is kept within the city and land holdings. The Amir also advises the Caliph on matters of war and conflict. An Amir may hold trial against an person if accused of a crime. If the accused is foreign and of importance value to another nation, the Caliph or Sultan will hold the trial. Low Command Naqib A Naqib is a senior officer with many years of experience within The Order of Mubarizuns and chosen for his amazing prowess in combat and leadership. Appointed by the Amir to command a group of muharib and jundi during military expeditions. Many are often given the tasks of recruiter and drill master. Raqib A Raqib is a Muharib who not only showed skills in battle, but, also skills in leadership. He will be trained in the arts of leadership by a Naqib or by the Amir self. A Raqib will test it’s leadership skills as an acting leader of the city guard division of the Mubarizuns. On military expeditions a Raqib will always support a Naqib. The Enlisted Muharib The Muharib are the most devoted and steadfast soldiers of the main force. The men are experienced with fighting battles and are the well-disciplined fighting elites. Jundi The Jundi is the vast majority of the Mubarizuns force. They are the footmen and militiamen who serve as the primary protectors of the Caliphate and the bulk of the battlefield during war. Alwafid The Alwafid are the new unoathed recruits of the Mubarizuns and are required to be oathed by the oathing standards set. If the Alwafid is not oathed, they may not receive any additional ranking. Alwafid who are looking to work around the foreign tax must wait to be oathed. Sub-Rankings Mwahtemed (Quartermaster) The Mwahtemed is an title given to those who show capability of doing such jobs as making sure the other soldiers are equipped enough to do their tasks. Specializing in the organization of arms, ranging from weaponry to armor, the task of the Mwahtemed is to assure that their fellow soldiers are equipped. Muhandis (Engineer) The Muhandis specializes in the use of military siege weaponry, such as siege crossbows, battering rams, catapults, and trebuchets. Jarraah (Surgeon) The Jarraah is the lifeline of the military by making sure the injured and wounded do not die with the use of advanced medical knowledge, vital to the job. Mutadarrib (Trainee) The Almutadarrib is an oathed recruit, they will be taught all the professions, however they will eventually professionalize on one subject. Application ((OOC)) MC Name : Do you have Teamspeak?/Are you willing to download it? : Timezone : Do you have a Skype? If yes, please PM it to me : ((RP)) Name : Age : Gender: Reason for wanting to join the Mubarizuns?: Are you a citizen of the Caliphate or willing to become one?: Please give us a little bit of your background ((A short paragraph )) :
  17. MrJoshy

    [Denied]MrJoshy's GM App

    Minecraft name/s: Formerly MrJoshy, now _Savag3_. Age: 17. Time zone and availability: EST. I am available anytime after 5 PM EST, and on weekends upwards of 10 hours a day. Skype: bebopxxx What is something you have always wanted to change on the server?: How smoothly ban reports and the like are to go through. There's more often than not a sort of roughness around the edges with them, and how they're done. There needs to be a better system implemented, and I've always wanted to get that done. What are your finest qualities?: My determination when it comes to finishing a project I've been assigned. I'm a fast worker, often getting the desired results within the allocated time if I am working alone. I tend to get along with others quite well, and I favor myself amiable. If there's a discrepancy between others and myself, I work to mediate the problem to a more healthy and relaxing situation, so that the work can get done (implying that within the situation there's work to be had). I am a strong leader on projects, and I often take charge on something that I believe needs to be done. What are your worst qualities, and how could you improve these aspects?: Miscommunication and forgetfulness, and perhaps bullheadedness. More often than not when it comes to working with many others, I look to others to do the communicating for me, instead of doing it solely and making sure everyone knows the get-go, and if I mean to, I can easily forget it. I'm trying to improve this by writing down all the things in a planner, and on my calendar so that everything goes according to plan, as well as hanging up sticky notes and writing things down on a whiteboard. This all so I have the least chance to possibly forget something. To address my last point, what I mean by "bullheadedness" is my stubbornness when it comes to something that needs to be done. I've always felt that there's pretty much a clear line between the "efficient way," the "right way," and the "wrong way." I try to take the most efficient fix to something, without considering other options a lot of the time that could be a better way to do it. It's something I really do struggle with, and it sometimes takes a one on one talk with me to get me to realize it. I'm trying to let it down by letting others speak before me, so that I can see how they're thinking of the situation, before I can even input my thoughts. What members of the Staff could you look to for guidance?: I'd say Readicti, Kalamoot, Raelplayer, and Freema. These are the staff members in my eyes that've done things none others have done, and are the most experienced in their positions at the moment. But other then them, I would say any of the current full fledged staff members. They donate their time, and there's always someone to learn from, to talk to, and to teach as well. Who do you not get along with on the current team?: Nobody, really. I like to think that I get along with mostly everyone, and if not, I try to get along with them to my best. How much free time do you have? Will this change in the foreseeable future?: Currently my schedule is a bit tight most of the time, spare evenings and late nights when I need to work and study, and when I RP. Other than that, weekends are fully open, and the afternoon is mostly open. This is set to change to much more free time after October 3rd, when my sport season ends.
  18. oblivionsbane

    [Denied]Oblivionsbane's GM Application

    #Minecraft name/s: oblivionsbane #Age: 20, man, I'm old #Time zone and availability: EST, most of the time #Skype: It has my name in it so I never post it on the forums, or at least I try not to. Will tell in a message. #What is something you have always wanted to change on the server?: The server changes enough as it is. Problems go away and new ones come forward. If I could change anything right now it would probably just be using my wide range of availability to do modreqs. I have had really bad experiences with modreqs recently with a lot of them taking hours to be claimed. If I could change anything at the moment I'd like to be able to complement the modreq force. #What are your finest qualities?: No idea, that's really something other people should comment on, not me. If I had to say it though, it'd probably be that I am a perfectionist. I always strive to have things running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. It has its downsides though since I sometimes go overboard, making things needlessly complicated. Oh yeah, I can sorta write and have good grammar. #What are your worst qualities, and how could you improve these aspects?: It's a lot easier for someone to point out the bad qualities about them, so I have a few. My biggest one and honestly the one that makes me most unfit for GM is the fact that I am not good at communicating through text to people. What I mean by that is I can absolutely get morbidly angry at people because I think they say something with a tone they never had. It's happened several times and it's never been a good thing. I also have a bit of a temper that goes along with that, but all in all I am pretty good at managing it unless I get backed into a corner or something. Second worst one is probably the most overall bad quality of mine. I need a lot of drive to do something, and when I get it i can do some genuinely great things such as the good skins I have made for my characters and my giant ship I designed. The problem is if I don't have that drive I can say, "Oh yeah, I am going to do that!" Then the next day start on it and realize it's not as fun as I thought it'd be and drop the project. Although, there are exceptions where I might get the drive from responsibility or constant reminding, but that rarely happens. There are likely more, but I believe those to be the big ones. #What members of the Staff could you look to for guidance?: All of them, LotC GMs deal with more junk than most other servers, I'd wager. #Who do you not get along with on the current team?: Everyone I guess, but I've always tried to stay positive and supporting of the staff as often as I can. #How much free time do you have? Will this change in the foreseeable future?: A lot, I have class on Monday and Thursday, and other than that, I am basically free. I may soonish try and get a job, but that's just a possibility. Otherwise, my schedule basically won't change even into the next semester; I will still have class on Monday and Thursday except more classes, but the driving isn't going to be as bad so it's about even
  19. Wolf Druid Ouity

    Ouity's et actor application

    Disclaimer: The admin team in their infinite mercy have partially lifted my staff blacklist, allowing my to apply for the position of Event Team Actor. Minecraft name(s): Ouity Skype ID: george.rohn1 Time zone: EST -5 Have you ever been banned or received a strike? If so, link the report: Oh, you know it baby. Do you hold / have you held any other staff positions?: In the past, I led the Event Team. What MMORPG/video games have you / do you play? (Past and Present): This question is designed to evaluate where my creative inspirations and tenancies lie. As it happens, I have always been a very big fan of Kerbal Space Program and League of Legends. What are your characters? Are you willing to sacrifice any to become a Event member?: I only have one character who sees little play. His story has been completed for some time. You guys have a typo in this section of the application. What race / group do you think your events would best cater to? If none in particular, give an example of the type of group that your events would entertain.: In the past, I did very well playing for every race. I never felt any particular bias or inclination to any particular race, only to whatever group seemed to have the most people online at the time. What do you believe are key factors for a successful event?: -Interest. An event needs to be able to draw in the attention of a player. Expecting people to take notice of an event simply because it says [ET] next to your name when you type isn’t feasible. A player’s attention needs to be captured through intrigue, or though some circumstance which makes it pertain specifically to the characters of your target audience. Dumb example- a meteor falling on Oren, for example, means that the people of Oren will have a vested interested in the event, if only because they’re worried about their city on some level. From here, you have the lasso over their heads, and you can draw them deeper into the event. -Application. An event should be able to be applied to some way to some existing entity or phenomena of LoTC. In this way, a bright player can string together events, draw conclusions, and explore LoTC at a depth unachievable by just that player alone, or even players banding together. As staff, we have a unique opportunity to utilize discarded, forgotten, or underused lore or creatures to suit our needs whilst breathing life into our dusty wiki. It brings continuity, and who doesn’t like that? -Thinking realistically. Are 30 people really going to stop and listen politely as you type out a 5 line emote detailing the atmosphere of the cave you’ve uncovered? While you’re typing, they’ve just broken your puzzle, jumped through all the hoops, and are walking out with your loot before you even /vanish’d to reveal the bad guy. An event must have a huge margain for error to salvage it from the actions of players, and must be realistically constructed and coordinated for the amount of people it intends to cater to. On the other side of a coin, asking three people to fight 100 zombies is infeasible, and I’ve seen it more than once where an ET will go overboard and obliterate a small group of players before they even realized what was happening. When was the last time you saw a event?: Not once since my return. What strengths could you contribute to the Event Team?: Are you knowledgeable in lore or great at organizing?: I guess I was technically an LM at one point, though I only joined so I could see all the information on the subforum. At any rate, yes. I have extensive knowledge of the lore, and I have always had a particular knack for large-scale events. I enjoy the pandemonium so many other actors seemed to despise, and thinking on the fly to make something so insane work out well always gave me a thrill. My strength is primarily in that I have always worked hard to make my events have a huge impact, because I believe that an event team member should use the tools he has to their maximum potential. Why do you want to be part of the ET?: I love to tell stories. Be it of my own experiences, one passed on to me, or one I have created myself. It was this hunger that drove me to come back to LOTC, and it is the reason I would like to return to my ranks of the ET. My character’s story, as I said above, is over. He has grown all that he can, and he himself is more of an “event character” than a regular one at this point. I use him to catalyze interest or controversy within the order, because this will bring the most interest and controversy to the players inside of it. It’s a fun game to play, but not one that retains my attention. I wish to return my focus to more broad groups of players, using the tools that will help me bring as much enjoyment to them as I can. Create three distinct RP scenarios/events based on LOTC lore that you would organize. These are pitches to the Managers and Raelplayer, not to the community. Note: Not all of the group must be handled at once. Eg: 20+ people via 5 person increments in a dungeon. 1) For 1-3 person Bear in mind, I usually try not to do events for 1-3 people. I generally thought they were a waste of time when I could have a group of 10. With that in mind, I would rather display several events that could be run with 20+ people- either based on events I have already run with tweaks to make them better, or never got a chance to run. 3) For a group of 20+ Dread’s Mask A strange and powerful artifact, glimpsed once or twice throughout history, last seen in the land of the Fringe. It draws the user with a strange compulsion to wear it, and is rumored to hold immense power- perhaps even a mind of its own. The magics it is imbued with are a mystery to magical theory as it is known. What is known is that those who wear it bring the cost upon their fellows, for at the price of this power comes relentless attack by innumerable creatures of Dread. Rumor and fable point to some work of Setherin which brought the mask into existence, though for what purpose, or if even for purpose remains shrouded in mystery. Players who attempt to interact with the Mask must discern its properties and weaknesses whilst fighting off hordes of mobs. PVE with an element of story. The Labyrinth Perhaps the event line I have most wanted to create, the Labyrinth. A sprawling, underground network utilizing warp gates, craftbook (if we even still have it), traps, riddles, and corridors which can be opened and closed at the whim of the ET controller, the labyrinth could be built anywhere to do anything- from redstone puzzles to epic encounters. Corridors would be opened and closed by ET based on the number of people participating in the adventure, each with their own twists and flavors that fit the ET’s mood. The idea was origionally created based on the idea of having the ET create places which are notorious or foreboding. Any ET builder could tack on whatever they liked, and any ET member could run it. An event should create impact, and having something like this even mildly active, word would quickly spread to players. It is extremely versatile in its applications, and the lack of a concrete motivation or intelligence (IE, it’s just, as far as my current brainstorm goes, a mindless magical entity) it does not have to be bound by a certain behavior , morale code, or overall purpose, meaning it can behave totally unpredictably- leaving room for creative flair. End One of my personal favorite events to run was conducted in the End, between regular players aided by “Jack,” a mysterious and powerful being, and Gazardiael. It was basically an all out brawl in the End, in which players received powerful weapons and armor for the duration to do battle against an Aengul. While the premise at the time was shaky, the actually, mechanical event worked extremely well, and we were more than happy with the result. It’s an idea that I’ve wanted to fine tune for ages. Although I generally try to stick to lore, having a nameless and powerful being that might, at a moment’s notice, suck players into its realm is one that is extremely appealing, and with the aid of GMs, players will be able to both participate in an epic boss battle and team up with a member of the staff- an interaction most people normally never get to experience. It’s a cool double-whammy, and responses to it when we tested the concept were extremely positive. How long do you plan to stay in the ET?: Yes Tell me a joke: The previous question. Which, looking back on it, I left in the application too.
  20. Ban Report/Banning GM: there is no name or report Minecraft Name(s) (at the time of your ban): Nobody reported me to my knowledge Rule Broken/Disputed (multikilling, Griefing, Xray, ect. Be specific): 'Griefing' Character Witnesses (Name(s)): NARTHOK, SAPPHIRESHARD, CRACKER, THE ENTIRETY OF THE FELSEN GOVERNMENT AND GUARD AND PROBABLY MOST OF OREN Event Details (reason for actions, apology, ect): I am part of the Felsen Deconstruction Team, taking down all the buildings in the city to make room for the new city. This authority to tear down buildings has been granted ICly, and OOCly by the rulers of Felsen, and I believe, I am subject to those permissions. Screenshots/Vids (Link): https://gyazo.com/49a564212c1c394502a690f70387cd6c Question - Arn't GMs supposed to put the their name in the ban thingy so other GMs know who did it?
  21. GloriaPreussens

    Saltstone Levy

    The Levy Force of Saltstone-by-the-Sea The Levy are the trained soldiers and guards of the Province and receive free food beds and supplies upon enlistment. They serve Ser Garahel Varodyr (Raptorious/Royim) in both war and peace, as soldiers or guards. They are expected to keep up in training and be loyal to a man They are armed with the best equipment the Province can provide, and training seen only in smaller and more elite armed forces to keep them relevant and useful to the Realm rather than become a burden to maintain full time as Levy forces can be. A small force of soldiers stationed within the castle, charged with keeping the King's peace in the surrounding lands. Bearing the banners of Varodyr, they are a smaller force yet well equipped and well trained. They are both well trained in combat and peacekeeping, serving as guards and soldiers as the needs of the Province and Kingdom arise. -Sentinel of Saltstone-by-the-Sea- The force commander of the fortress, the Sentinel has overall command of the soldiers and distributes assignment, pay, and equipment. He is expected to maintain the professionalism and fitness of the standing force at all times. As part of his regalia, the Sentinel carries a thick ring of keys upon his belt which are said to unlock every door in the castle, as well as parts forgotten and in decay. -Sergeant- The Sergeant is responsible for maintaining troop formations in combat, and leading small groups of soldiers in patrols and such. They are veteran warriors and very skilled in combat. They have the honor of carrying the House Banner. Equipment: Half-plate, helm, pauldrons, gauntlets, greaves, tabard, shield, longsword, dagger, banner, fur cloak -Armsman- An Armsman is the basic foot levy of the force. Tasked with keeping the peace, defending the castle and the Night Gate, they are fairly well equipped and trained well to make up for the relatively small size of the levy. Receiving extensive training, Armsmen are skilled with both swords and spears with a basic understanding of shortbows in dire circumstances. Equipment: Chainmail, helm, single pauldron, mail mittens, greaves, tabard, shield, Longsword, dagger, fur cloak, shortbow, arrows, tar, matches -Archers- Archers are bowmen who have dedicated years of training to proper use of a longbow. They are very accurate and very deadly due to the skill required in proper use of a longbow. Due to their training needs, outside contractors are often hired to train new recruits or help keep the troops in good condition. Equipment: Chainmail and leather, helm, leather gloves, bracers, leather boots, shortsword, Longbow, arrows, rags, tar, matches, fur cloak OOC MC Name: Skype Name: Do you have/can obtain Teamspeak 3?: Professions?: Past RP achievements/events you are proud of?: IC Name: Age(roughly): Race: Skills (professions): Are you prepared to swear a binding oath of fealty?:
  22. Elad™

    Elad The Good Lad's App

    What is your Minecraft Account Name?: _Elad_, TheGoldenOwl, and sandqu33n How long have you played on LotC?: Two years. How many hours per day/week are you available?: Approx. 8-10 hours a day, give or take. What lore do you know best on LotC: Magic! Arcane, Dark Arts, Cleric, Shaman. Magical constructs and races too. Give a Summary of any Staff/Lead positions you’ve held on any Minecraft Server in the past: To keep things just within the binds of LoTC, i've been a Media Team member and an Application Team member in the past. I currently hold a position on the Event Team. Do you have a Skype account? You may post it here, or choose to keep it private until you are asked for it. Note; Skype is required to communicate with the team and unless you have an account and the program it you will be incapable of joining the team: elad.lotc Have you ever written any lore for LotC? We are looking for LKs who either know a lot, have a lot of ideas— or preferabl both. So lets see what you have done. If you want a part of the app to pay most attention to-- pick this one: I'm afraid to say I have not. While I may have helped collaborate slightly on some lore in the past, or merely given my two cents on it, I haven't formally written any for the server myself. I am however confident that i'm full of ideas, and can use the vast lore knowledge of the server to my advantage if given the chance. Have you ever received a Magical Blacklist, ban or other blacklist if so, please link it: I have not.
  23. -snip-
  24. cvm88888

    [✗] The Great Flood

    Event Planners, MC Names: TheCreatorzWink Event Type: Global Event. Event Date: Any time you wish. Factions/Nations effected by the event: Potentially any if they are close enough to the ocean. Event Location: Potentially anywhere if they are close enough to the ocean. Summary: Another peaceful day in Athera. Another fun time. Soon that it when it starts. A day on the beach seems nice but no. Slowly the tides rise and rise and rise slowly. They may say it's a coincidence that it's a little higher but no. The water won't go lower. Every day it keeps going higher and higher and higher. That is when is gets suspicious. The water is never that high. Slowly the water starts going away from the ocean and onto the land. By the time people feel as if they are in danger, it is too late, the water has already reached at a state of no return. The water shall keep rising until the end off the flood. Concept Images/Screenshots: http://i.guim.co.uk/static/w-620/h--/q-95/sys-images/Guardian/Pix/pictures/2014/2/13/1392311465842/Flooding-In-England-008.jpg http://prntscr.com/6x3ras Other Information: Basically what is happening is the water is slowly coming from the ocean and rising. Do you need the Event Team's assistance?: Of course. If so, do you require actors and/or builders?: Perhaps some builders to help pour the water to make the water rise.
  25. RatKiller

    The Sons Of The North

    The Sons of the North “For the Pride.” ((Credit to jjac319 for writing this)) ((Credit to LukyLucaz for skins)) Purpose The Sons of the North are band of veteran fighters that have left their pasts behind to form a free democratic society free from loyalty to any but themselves. They are skilled mercenary group residing in their castle of Drakenburgh. They serve any man, nation or group that requires their services for the right price. History The Polar Guard fled after the battle of Angren in which the Carrion forces attempted to attack the Storm King. The kingdom of Norlund under the rule of King Thoromir Armack aided the Carrion forces with their cavalry. The allied forces were defeated and routed by the opposing forces. Shortly after signs of a counter attack were visible. Thoromir then lead the exodus of Polaris (the Norlund capital) and fled north with his loyal men and brother Ingvar Armack. With the kingdom of Norlund now lost a new page was created in the history of the Armack family. Thoromir Armack lost faith in the lines of nobility in Athera and decided to create an independant band of his most veteraned and loyal fighters. Instead of being under a single man’s rule Thoromir proposed a democratic state of mind in which all men part of the brotherhood had equal say in its decisions in order to maximize the benefit to the society. With the small yet experienced force of men The Sons were able to reclaim the ruins of the Bastion renaming it Castle Drakenburgh. With a safe haven the group was able to begin expanding strictly as a mercenary group of fighters. Ingvar Armack proposed a sigil of unity, a white lion. It is said that in the northern mountains a powerful lion with a coat of gold sleeps alone in the wild north,serving only itself. It feeds off the weak in the mountain ranges and is said to be the king of its own domain. The men of the company approved of the sigil giving birth to the Sons of the North. Organization The Sons are band of mercenary fighters believing that all men of might and courage are equal in opinion and choice. Although a new member of the white lions may have as much say as a veteran fighter, the level of respect is much different. These are the following levels of the white lions. Much like a group of lions The Sons refer to their band as "the pride" consisting of various levels of respect within it. Initiates- Initiates are members who have joined The Sons. With no authority in the group initiates must earn their place within the ranks of the lions. They are responsible for basic tasks of labour given by veteransInitiates bear the tabard of the Lion Brothers- Brothers members are trained fighters who have seen combat. They have proven their worth and mettle on the fields of battle They partake in labour for the group as do all members yet they are respected more than initiates. Brothers are allowed to partake in the votings of The Sons as they have earned the say through their time and service. They wear the lion tabard over or under their armour depending on their preference. Veterans- Veterans are the longest serving of The Sons and are the most respected members. They are skilled fighters who have seen combat, some even served at the battle of Angren. Although they are seen as respected men of the pride they still contribute to The Sons through selected skills learned through their time in Drakenburgh. These can be blacksmithing,enchanting,cooking and masonry. They usually take the most vocal role in discussions as they debate courses of action and negotiate contracts. They bear more intricate armour complete with a resplendent red cape to identify their authority, experience and commanding presence on the battle field. Philosophies The Sons are not lead by a single individual but instead lead in their own utilitarian state. Each member of the group that is either a Brother or Veteran is allowed to cast a vote when a decision arises in the group. The Sons refer to the band as "the pride" symbolizing that of a group of lions. Even if an individual has come from a peasant farm, they have the right to express their say as much as a man from noble blood.In order for a decision to go through the voting process it must be tabled by at least 1 veteran supporting it. Here the pride will meet in the mead hall of Drakenburgh and conduct what is known as "the roaring". Here in a formalized manner the men of the pride will discuss and debate the topic. After the points by the proposers and opposers are made,a vote is made by the group. In terms of their mercenary policies The Sons do not sign treaty's that swear allegiance without an expiration date. In order for a contract to be signed by The Sons it must first pass a voting or "roaring". After this (if successful) a Veteran will be given the honour to sign the contract stamping it with the lions sigil. The criteria of a contract to the lions must have two things. An agreed upon reward and an expiration of service. Any contract that does not have both will not be passed by the pride. Laws The white lions have simple policies when it comes to regulating their ranks. ___________________ The Lions Code Respect the Pride Do not kill a Son Do not steal from a Son Contribute to the Pride _______________________ All members are required to follow these rules and are punishable by the decree of the pride. If a member breaks one of these rules the entire group or "pride" decides on the accused's fate. Recruitment ___________________ Username: Skype: Do you have TS?: Name: Experience: Profession: Are you willing to take the Order’s Oath?: