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  1. I would argue that the accepted Magics listed in this lore (which lead to visions already) legitimise them over general RP visions anyway. The argument that this would be superior is baseless; the Magics that grant visions are already at an advantage.
  2. Anyone in any active communities have a persona they need playing? Looking for something new.

    1. Heero


      I got you, Shaman boi

    2. SoulReapingWolf
    3. Ryloth


      Heero’s paladins are pretty lit

  3. Is there a Wonk Discord?

  4. Wonks are playable now? I like this, especially the application of it in making glass. Having something unique to a culture is really important and I’d love to see a Wonk village full of Tuma-Tuma’s with orange/amber windows.
  5. And perhaps most importantly, avoid joining any High Elven community.
  6. Can you overload these and use them as bombs? That’d be cool.
  7. That is already well established lore. The Goblin power of friendship.
  8. Saw one of these yesterday, and I have to say they would make an incredible animal/hybrid species. They can tear your intestines out in one kick. Let's make it happen.
  9. Why did you try to buy the server?
  10. Orcs are living in the Savannah!
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