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  1. Saw one of these yesterday, and I have to say they would make an incredible animal/hybrid species. They can tear your intestines out in one kick. Let's make it happen.
  2. Why did you try to buy the server?
  3. Orcs are living in the Savannah!
  4. The Margim It was not the name he had been given at birth, but it was the one assigned to him later in his life. Margim meant exile, a name that suited an Orc with tusks as small as teeth, and skin so pale it would burn and scar within the Desert sands. His stature left much to be desired, and his glacial eyes were ruined by the suns vibrant rays. For this, he could not fight as his brethren, and for this, he was banished. As he left he felt his mind wander, to thoughts of snow and ice, a pull that did not feel his own. Perhaps it was best, for the frigid north could match the frosty sting of isolation. In the cold north he found solace. At least here he could eat, his skin a natural camouflage. In the depths of his cave, the crackling of his fire was disturbed only by the howling winds that swept outside. It was not long before it found its way into his abode, snuffing out his only source of warmth and light. As he struggled around in the darkness a voice began to emanate from the walls. It revealed itself to be Vost, a Spirit of Snow and Ice. It offered him power in exchange for servitude; that no other Spirit could be venerated. The anger and desperation in Margim’s heart struck out; not for his people, but for his own weakness. He accepted the deal, and he was forever changed. His tusks would develop, encased in precarious layers of ice. Pale skin grew fur, short but enough to suit the cold environment of the north. With eyes renewed and strength in his bones, he set out to find more that would turn. What are the the Margim? (Margim, the first of his kind) The Margim are Orcs who have accepted the gift of Vost, or those born of them. Most Margim have been born as such, and have always had the typical features of their kind. Features: Margim are typically white or grey, with short fur that matches this colouration. Their eyes are glacial blue, their tusks held together only with ice. As you would expect they are susceptible to heat, and take increased damage from these sources. They are near incapable of walking within the Desert for long periods, as this inevitably leads to death from heat exhaustion. In well lit areas, their sight is compromised and they often struggle with tasks such as hunting. Due to their adaptation to the cold, their veins are much smaller and they do not bleed out as quickly from wounds. In terms of Magic, they are incapable of using any elemental arts that do not relate to Water, though there are no specific limitations outside of this; for instance, they can still learn Blood Magic, et cetera. The strength that they receive from Vost only makes them equal to the average Orc, apart from the aforementioned weaknesses they have. For this reason, they are otherwise typical of an Orc when it comes to size, weight and general strength.
  5. With the rise in Orcish activity the time has come, the Frost Orcs will rise in the north. 

    1. Apocrypha


      Your souls will feed it..

      Edited by Apocrypha
    2. Pond


      im raiding u every chance i get if i see frost orcs

  6. Bloodsteel should be Raguk only. Debate me.

    1. Malgonious
    2. HortonHeardAWho


      I’ll erp for bloodsteel I beg bro c’mon

    3. PraiseTheLord
  7. Come on guys, it's not the end of the world...

  8. In light of everything I made some changes to be an upstanding citizen.
  9. It sets a precedent for others clans to follow if you ask me. We’ve put in years of work to flesh out Raguk and make it more interesting. Can you honestly say that in the span of 5-6 years having three actual lore approved, minor feats is circle-jerking? Let’s be fair you just dislike me and are clutching at straws like every other post dude. If one lore approved post (and two pending) is excessive then what about the absolutely enormous number of things Shamans can do? Quite frankly, it's a ridiculous assertion to say it takes away from Shamanism; it adds to it.
  10. “Boo-boo you're writing things for your clan and I'm not, therefore you shouldn't have anything!” is basically your argument at this point. That or “I want people to worship my Shaman status therefore no one else can interact with Spirits at all! Adore me! Stand around a campfire while I lay out a sprawl of text!" Grow up mate.
  11. What do you do? Highlight issues that aren't there, apparently. Calm down mate, a clan by its very concept is “circle jerk” and nothing stops anyone else from writing for their own clans.
  12. Bonemeal helps growth, which is what this is essentially doing. It doesn't exactly detract from the role when Shamans are required to even be able to get it. Don't you think that common Orcs should be able to get involved and see some semblance of actual interaction? Peasents to Priests do what they can to appease their Gods and to assist their lives. This is in a “real” context and should reflect that. Easy enough to remove if need be.
  13. I’m only writing for my clan. There's nothing stopping you, or anyone else from doing the same. Clans have physiological differences already, this is only about being a member of a clan. Have you ever used bonemeal in game? Of course it has relations to farming dude...? These are ultimately small feats. They still can't go to the Spirit Realm, control nature or heal/curse people, draw upon Ancestral powers et cetera... Shamans still have their place in society.
  14. Joining a clan is a choice, in all fairness. You could leave Lur and join Raguk and you've got it. I didn't say: "Redskin only”. Shamans do have to be involved in their initial interaction for it to become a feat.
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