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  1. I might not have a soul but I can take you to heaven.
  2. I'm smiling.
  3. You only need Smawton.
  4. I am indeed teaching him.
  5. By definition of it spreading everywhere and having one source, and seemingly no variation between "hives" it's an overarching Antagonist. I'm not averse to it being somewhere, just not everywhere.
  6. Lord of the Craft - Premium RP Server
  7. Your best bet is to apply to the ET and attempt to implement it directly in some fashion. Leaving it in the hands of someone else will seldom transpire the way you would have hoped, and you will have little to no influence on it once/if it becomes implemented otherwise. It's not a bad concept by any means, but could be formatted a little better and elaborated on in some ways. When I proposed Orgon as the Antagonist I wrote about a variety of different ways in which land and people could be affected, characters and had a general plan of action. I'd suggest writing something like this on the side to present to the LT if they decide to approach you. On a side note, to any LT or ET that are reading this, I urge you not to proceed with an overarching, single entity as an Antagonist. We've seen a tremendous amount of evidence from past occasions that the team are incapable of pulling this off. Instead, you should create smaller Antagonists that can spread across the map, and could implement this submission by way of one of them. Please, don't include: -Dragons -Massive Beasts -Hooded Strangers -Cryptic Messages and ET selected circle-jerk characters -Anything that isn't Lore-Approved/Friendly -Liches/Undead (SWGR) -Dark Souls carbon copies -Anything that isn't relatable/doesn't have any character depth -Your Ego
  8. "Only a starving Wolf hungers for meat." Remarked Gijaak'Raguk, returning to his work and paying no further heed to the situation.
  9. I can confirm that the Book of Ixli is being used to burn otherwise incomprehensible knowledge into his mind.
  10. You should add small land masses/regions to explore, like Expansions in WoW. Have a theme, points of conquest, and an overarching Antagonist. Throw in some relics and **** and let it run for a few months, then move on.
  11. Shamanism Explained, Explained? Can a member of the LT explain to me in further detail why this clarification was denied, and how this allows for Spirits to attain more power than they need? Can you also provide links to existing canon that summarises this all in a concise point that I can use as future reference for my students/those interested in Shamanism and the Spirits?
  12. ((That's a lot of ranks.
  13. I'm going to use my extensive knowledge of this lore to shape and mold him into an unstoppable machine and there is absolutely nothing you can do to defeat me.
  14. IGN: Smawton IC Name: Gijaak'Raguk Skype: Y Clan Born: N