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  1. We can assume in most cases that these creatures would simply assume any mana blob in their vision to be a threat. I could see this resulting in a lot of trigger happy confrontations which just wouldn't be fun for anyone. Really, arrows and the like aren't exactly a weakness in their inability to perceive them because it reads like they would do little to no harm to the creature anyway. It seems like you could shoot them with a barrage of arrows, but they wouldn't bleed out, they don't feel pain and they don't have the musculature to keel over. If as you stated in a later response they're held together magically (clearly) then what, besides from water (assuming submerging) would actually break them apart? A Ugr'sil with broken arms and legs, or even no appendages at all seems irrelevant to their overall ability to cause harm. I appreciate the blindness conveyed here and the agility being hindered by the aforementioned, but if they really do end up being bumbling creatures stumbling into everything then what RP would be gleaned from this? I can see it being largely ignored. This one was less a critique than a general enquiry to understand the lore. If they can speak and hear magically, why can't they smell and taste? Point being that there are some clear drawbacks here that could be expanded upon to make the creature more viable. Not being able to communicate traditionally, or even hear would be huge weaknesses. You could forgive many of the overpowered features in light of something like that. Let's be fair, they're just not. I've read through it and from what I understand there really aren't any weaknesses to this creature apart from blindness. It's far too immune to so many world aspects that tacking on the fact that they suffer all traditional void red lines just isn't sufficient.
  2. The formatting is brilliant, and the general idea and imagery follow suit. However, these appear to be horrendously overpowered. If I were to write a summary for such a creature, based on the various features presented here, we would have the following: ----- Ugr'sil are traditionally blind, skeletal creatures that do not feel pain. They are unharmed by swords, arrows and general sharp weaponry. Additionally, they do not need to breathe, are mostly fireproof, cannot bleed and are immune to poisons, diseases, venoms, voidal corruption, blight, taint and mana that would ordinarily harm or kill a descendant. These creatures have superhuman agility due to their light weight, allowing them to move one extra block in RP. Despite their lack of musculature, they are capable of wearing light plate armour and can wield weapons, often negating the drawbacks of their physical form. Despite being blind in the normal sense, they are capable of perceiving mana and therefore the descendants that inhabit the world. They are adept at using voidal magics, and can learn one extra voidal art over the average descendant. Due to their affinity for this magic type, they also do not need to emote a connection, hastening their offensive capabilities. ------ Basically what we have here are absolute units of magical proficiency that can only be harmed by crushing blows that they can avoid quite easily. I do have some questions and concerns which I hope can be answered here. - Although unable to see in the normal way, they can see mana and we can assume they can see descendants. If this is the case, they are more than capable of avoiding combat that would actually cause them harm; heightened agility and magical prowess. We can assume in the case of projectiles that most will cause little to no harm. - If Ugr'sil cannot taste or smell, why can they hear and communicate? - Apart from the blindness that has some clear loopholes, what real weaknesses do they present? In many ways they seem to have exceptional immunity to most mortal concerns. Considering they would have 6 magic slots available for voidal arts, is it really a drawback not to have access to other (most likely inferior) magics? - If voidal corruption is what causes their deterioration and consistent pain, why are they immune to it elsewhere?
  3. RP is a medium many use to escape the ills of the normal world; it's a fantasy setting of high intrigue and adventure. In the same way we avoid particular RP scenarios, I think the majority of mental illnesses should be avoided where possible. It just presents muddy, often ineffective roleplay. Do you RP a consistent knee pain? Do you RP hayfever? Some things are better left alone.
  4. Make lore simple again!

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      god please.
      im tired of english and literature masters students wanking themselves off in posts

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      @Shorsand100%, writing a thesis is a sure fire way to get your lore passed because no one wants to read (let alone critique) that ****.

  5. - Added end-game stage of corruption to Artists - Added section on becoming an Artist and possible process - Additional red lines introduced
  6. Like or hate the idea of parasitic, invisible Octopus creatures that control their hostsย and turn people into mindless zombies?


    Check my lore post for more information and tell me what you think.

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      So basically Ithilids?

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      Mind flayers?

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      I just looked up Ithilids, theyโ€™re so cool.ย 

  7. - Added abilities to some of the stages of corruption, as well as the Shambler concept.
  8. The Artists & Shamblers (A depiction of an Artist's true painting) In all reaches of the world, the Kabalees keep a watchful eye on the events that unfold within the mortal realm. In the mountains and the toiled fields and amidst the deserts of sand and snow they have observed civilisations rise to power and crumble beneath their own weight. It is understood that there is always a threat on the horizon worthy of a watcher. However, the many oceans of the world seldom offer cause for concern. These vast and untamed seas, wholly devoid of intelligent life; save for the fragile Descendant ilk who could not dwell there lest ships bore the weight of their shortcomings. It was here that the Kabalees would conspire. For though decreed to observe all corners of the world, they were not told how to do so, or to what extent. Her Origins Ghorigbulag started life as humble as any natural creature. She was an Octopus of average size and shape. She swam through the seas locating food and safety in equal parts, with little intelligence or ability for anything else. Perhaps it was in her familiar form that the Kabalees saw potential. If one could see them, they would not find it amiss to associate her with their kin. Whatever the case was, it would not be long before they had befouled her of mind and spirit. As if some terrible creature balanced on a fine point between mortal and other she had been born anew. Her form had been warped and changed to suit her new purpose. Her skin had turned immaterial, yet black as her ink when she rose above the waves. Where once suction cups had lined the creatures' tentacles there were now myriad eyes, with which to observe for all eternity. She had the mind of Man and Mer alike, a contemplative imagination that kept her from ever leaving her prison beneath the depths. A prison it was, for the Kabalees had made it so. Even if she had wished to, she could never have explored the surface without being exposed for the abomination she had become. Ghorigbulag would be fit for nout but to explore the oceans, her unlimited life span sustained by the abhorrent energies that pervaded her very essence. Her Children As with all creatures of unnatural origin, it was not long before she began to show unexpected traits. In time it was revealed that she was capable of self-replication, children birthed from the ink she released in moments of panic. The Kabalees had not expected this, yet their curiosity cessated any will to action they might have had. Over the centuries, Ghorigbulag would birth an incredible number of children. They too scoured the oceans with watchful eyes, yet in them was yet another bastardised concoction of mortal and daemon. They were small like their mother, yet they were only capable of growing three or four tentacles, all without eyes or the suction cups that they might have replaced. Their skin was black as the stygian depths they roamed, yet out of the seas they were completely invisible, a stark and intriguing contrast to their mother. They were curious of mind, yet less fearful than their parent or those that had spurned their existence. In their years they came to observe the nature of the Descendants, who would wage wars upon the seas, and ravage the oceans of its inhabitants. Perhaps it was their batardizes nature that set them off the original course the Kabalees had bestowed unto Ghorigbulag, or perhaps it was her quiet plan. Whatever the cause, the children yearned to discover more of the world, and had found in the Descendants a tool through which to satisfy their starving minds. Under the blanket of the night sky the children crawl from the depths, their forms invisible outside of the waters. They most often meander into nearby fishing villages, affixing themselves to the slumbering Men and Elves who appear not to have the luck of sailors. They are also known to leap from beneath the waters on dazzled prey, manipulating their forms to draw attention. However it is that they make their way, it is on the very first touch to the cranium that the children take hold of their hosts. It is already too late. The Artists When a host is claimed, their mind becomes one with the energies that mold the Artists. They can be felt to the touch and exposed with water or holy light, but are otherwise invisible to onlookers; save for the Seers of the world familiar with Vaasekโ€™s touch. In this form the Artists pursue their specific curiosities with diligence. Whether Herbalism, Magical Arts or even Flint Knapping it does not matter. They risk the life and limb of their host for their perverse obsessions, and this is often shown in their actions. As an example, they may ingest poisonous plants to the detriment of their host in order to gain a better understanding of them. In many cases they will even force them upon others with no concept of remorse. Through their keen abilities, they allow their host's personality to spill through into their communication, making them rather difficult to notice with otherwise untoward behaviour. This is a form of passive control that allows them to hide among the Descendants, as any forced communication would convey their unfeeling nature. In the absence of any onlookers, or in the company of other Artists or Seers they recognise, they may speak in their natural, robotic manner. Of course, the stages of the host's corruption will influence how consistent or even possible many of the features listed above are. Stages of Corruption (An Artist of 4 weeks progression) Any Stage The Kabalees do not consider the Artists to be any considerable threat to Vaasek or his nature, and see them as disposable pawns in a larger game. They may approach them in either an antagonistic or helpful nature, and this depends entirely on the event actor playing the Kabalees at the time. An event team member may appear at any moment as a Kabalees, in order to toy with the Artist. They may create any manner of illusion in the area, or may even expose the hostโ€™s true appearance to onlookers. They may also assist the Artist in times of duress, maintaining its illusion even when exposed to water or holy light. - Artists will always be felt when touched; either on the head in early forms or the entire body in later stages. They will always be exposed by water, holy light and the vision of Seers; they are not harmed or influenced by aurum. 0 - 2 Weeks At this point, the Artist has taken hold of the host's mind and is coming to terms with how to navigate in the world. Due to this, there are times where the host may break through. For every hour of active RP, a /roll 20 will determine whether or not the host may plead for help. This does not necessarily have to be an obvious message, but any roll below 11 will result in either spurts of random nonsense, or sincere cries for assistance; this depends on how the player wishes to progress with the affliction. Due to the Artist's new connection to the host, they will be unable to use any Magic the host had known/will be incapable of learning or utilising any Magic until their connection is complete at the 6+ week period. During this period, the Artist will have no concept of protective clothing, and will be exposed to the elements. In the case of rain falling upon them, or any water making contact, the area will expose their black skin to onlookers. 2 - 4 Weeks The Artist will have better control over their host's mind, and they will no longer be able to communicate for themselves in moments of anguish. The energies latent to the Artist will begin to corrupt the host, and the lack of sleep and nutrition will begin to show in the body as the bones and muscles weaken, eyes sag and skin turns pale. Additionally, hair will begin to fall out of the host and fingernails will begin to rot. At this point the Artist will become aware of the need for protection and clothing, and will try to cover the host as fully as possible. This is often achieved through sprawling robes, gloves and other materials that do not impede upon the Artist; hosts cannot wear helmets for clear reasons. Generally the Artist will not have the capacity to use illusion of any significance at this stage. The need for clothing serves not only a protective purpose, but also to hide the clear illness and decay of the host while the symbiosis continues. Furthermore, the Artist is capable of recognising the influence of Vaasek in a Seer, and may attempt to communicate with them. They will be able to read any of the writings that Seers use to communicate with one another as well. As the keen perceptions of the Artist develop, they are capable of seeing other clandestine figures in the world, particularly, they may perceive Ghosts and other Spectres. Abilities The Artist will develop the need to create Art and the ink required for such a process. This will be expanded upon in a later section. This ink is used for the express purpose of illusion and does not have the same qualities as the ink produced by 4+ week hosts as detailed below. 4- 6 Weeks As if healed from some terrible sickness, the host will appear healthy to the general population as the Artist has developed the ability to manipulate their host's appearance. In reality, their skin has turned the feel of an Octopus, and their arms have been replaced by horrible tentacles; all of which can clearly be exposed by previously mentioned means. This would have clear implications in the way they interact with the world. If someone were to throw an item at them, they would be unable to catch it and would fumble quite clearly. Such an action would distort the illusion momentarily, and an onlooker would see a blur where the hand would once have been. This level of corruption would mean that the Host would have a constant and faint smelling miasma, one that they could cover with excessive perfumes; however, this level of masking would need to be noted very clearly in RP. Abilities At this point the Host would be capable of producing an ink from their corrupted arms that can temporarily blind the target. This can be fired a distance of three in-game blocks in any direction, but can only be used twice per day. The ink produced at this stage in the hosts development contains some of the latent energies of The Artist they are attached to. It does not have the capacity to fully form into another Artist, nor the ability to produce illusion, but it does have corrupting potential. This ink can seep into the skin of the victim if it is not cleaned within the first 60 minutes. If the ink is absorbed, it will twist and taint them into a creature referred to as a Shambler; this will be mentioned in the following section. Additionally, the Artist may tap into its natural abilities to change the appearance of the host entirely, though this too can be exposed in the same vein as previously mentioned. This is limited to a duration of 30 minutes and cannot be used more than once per day. Late Stage - 6+ Weeks In this final stage of corruption, the host and the Artist have fused completely, to a point that is irreversible. It is here that the hosts hands return to a humanoid appearance, more prehensile than they were in the stage prior. In their palms would sit a beak, similar to the mouth found in an Octopus. This would now become the source of their inky corruption. Strangely it would also serve as a retractable feature, allowing the Artist to ball a fist or hold traditional weaponry if the need should arise. The hosts blood would now turn into an inky substance similar to the Shamblers. Due to the complete symbiosis of host and Artist, this would not cause the creature to slow in movement, but would allow the benefit of not bleeding to death or dying from amputation; aside from cutting off the head. Additionally, the Artist is now capable of using any Magic the host may have had, and may indeed learn new forms of Magic as their connection to the body is now complete. Artists will not be compatible with any Magics that change the physique of the player; such as Vampirism. Shamblers Those unfortunate enough to come across an Artist and suffer an attack may be afflicted by a tainting of the blood, causing them to turn into a Shambler. This heinous debilitation occurs when an Artist of 4+ weeks of progression sprays ink directly onto their skin, which is then absorbed after a period of 60 minutes if not wiped or washed away. This ink and the latent energies within it begin to corrupt the organs of the victim, eventually replacing their blood with a thick, inky substance. Naturally, this darkens the appearance of the Shambler, and causes their movements and thoughts to slow considerably. As their name suggests, they are typically found walking awkwardly and in a languid fashion. When they do attempt to communicate, they do so in a slow and often nonsensical manner. For all intents and purposes they become a mindless husk, their only will inherited from the particular Artist who turned them. This means that they take on the obsession that the Artist has, and in many cases they have been witnessed serving as thrallโ€™s to them. Shamblers cannot be cured by typical means as their corruption is so intrinsically tied to their survival. There is no recovery or respite outside of death, and they can be killed in the same manner as an Artist. Due to their slow and stygian blood however, they are incapable of bleeding to death and can survive most amputations outside of removing the head. If a Descendant suffering from the illness is killed, the Monks are capable of remaking them prior to their affliction. The Art After 2 weeks of corruption, the Artist will feel compelled to produce works of art. It achieves this by painting or writing with the ink that it produces. This ink appears completely as normal to the general population, often as beautiful works of art and poems of intrigue. In reality, however, this ink forms horrible images and sentences that confuse the minds of Descendants and slowly lull them into madness, anxiety, depression or any combination of the three. It is unknown where this compulsion comes from, but the Artists will create at least one piece of work per week, which they will attempt to peddle until it has been passed on. When these paintings or poems/stories are made, they must have their general description or wording, as well as the corrupted form and its ill effects for the purpose of RP. Art that is hung in the home will begin to cast an illusion on the rest of the interior. A home may fall into disrepair and clutter without the inhabitants being aware at all. Eventually the occupants of the home will stare into the paintings during their entire time they are home, only moving or leaving when other duties call for them; working etc. They will often forgo sleep and food when at home, but will be more capable of this outside of the Arts sphere of influence. Seers who look upon the Art will see it for its true nature, and water and holy light will expose it as well. Any writing will begin to enrapture the minds of those who read it. They will find themselves turning back to the book or poem several times over until they begin only to speak in the sentences found on the pages. At first they will speak the typical words, but this will progress into them speaking the tainted language. The tained language merely changes the vowels as listed below, as well as with an example: A - Hest E - Zos I - Ong O - Prak U - Bliir Illusion: The clouds have covered the stars. Actual: Thzos clprakbliirds hhestvzos cprakvzosrzosd thzos sthestrs. Becoming an Artist In order of fairness, I personally believe that the circumstance through which one could be afflicted by an Artist should be dictated by both the event team and an application process. Preceding the affliction that comes with an Artist attaching to a host, the Artist should be played by an approved staff member. It should not be possible for a player to uncover an Artist through their own means, such as scouring the ocean for the possibility of being attacked or sleeping on the coast. In a similar manner to a magic application under tutelage, I believe a player with an approved CA should follow a process of recording their RP and the requirements therein of each stage of corruption before moving onto the next stage. This would mean that a designated member of staff would effectively serve as the teacher. An example of this during weeks 0 - 2 would be proving that they have /rolled 20 and have practiced any subsequent RP that would ensue during a failed check; rolling less than 11. I will provide an application format below that I think would be applicable in the event that an event is experienced by a player: ----------------------------- Name: Joe Bloggs Artist Name: Boe Jloggs IGN: Smawton Artist Obsession: Herbalism Summary of Lore: Octopus guys and such.... Event Actor: Eventguy666 Event: Eventguy666, playing as the Artist, jumped out at my fisherman character and I became a host! ----------------------------- Becoming a Shambler In a similar vein to becoming an Artist, a Shambler is made through a specific set of events. However, in the case of the Shambler this is done through player interaction. I would suggest that it is decided during the application process whether the Shambler in question will become a thrall to the Artist, or an independent body. It is incredibly likely that the lifespan of a Shambler consists of a few hours or days if left to their own devises. Example: ----------------------------- Name: Joe Shambler Creator: Boe Jloggs Dependency: Independent or Thrall; in this case, Thrall Obsession: Herbalism Summary of Lore: Shambolic Lore... Scenario: Boe Jloggs captured Joe Shambler and sprayed him. He did not remove the ink and subsequently became a Thrall to Boe. ----------------------------- Weakness & Red Lines - The Artists are fragile creatures that can be torn from their hosts with considerable force prior to their 6+ week fusion. Their tentacles have a good strength to them, however the creatures themselves can be killed with the ease of any other animal. Pulling them from a host causes them to die within an hour unless they latch onto another host. - Artists will always be felt when touched, either on the head in early forms or the entire body in later stages. Both themselves and their art will always be exposed by water, holy light and the vision of Seers. However, only water and holy light can expose their appearance to others; this includes paintings and writing. - They are not harmed or influenced by aurum. - The Artists are self-sustained and after 4 weeks the hosts too are self-sustained, requiring no food or sleep to function. - All Art must have both their illusionary descriptions/wording AND tainted versions, as well as their ill effects for the purpose of RP. - The Artistsโ€™ late stage illusions may only last for a maximum of 30 minutes and cannot be used more than once per day. - In stages 0 -2 weeks, for every hour of active RP, a /roll 20 will determine whether or not the host may plead for help. This does not necessarily have to be an obvious message, but any roll below 11 will result in either spurts of random nonsense, or sincere cries for assistance; this depends on how the player wishes to progress with the affliction. - Artists do not know of the Kabalees or of Vaasek, nor can they perceive the Kabalees. - Any knowledge, memories, skills or magics learned by The Artist do not translate to the host if the Artist is removed, and the Artist cannot transfer magical affinity to another host; they must start again. - Due to the Artist's new connection to the host, they will be unable to use any Magic the host had known/will be incapable of learning or utilising any Magic until their connection is complete at the 6+ week period. - Artists and Shamblers can generally be killed in the same vein as any mortal. Shamblers however are not capable of bleeding, nor Artists of 6+ weeks progression. - Seers are not compatible with Artists and may not become hosts to them. - Seers cannot be corrupted by any art and cannot become Shamblers. - Artists will not be compatible with any Magics that change the physique of the player; such as Vampirism. - Artists cannot create more Artists. Sources & References:
  9. RP serves as an escape from the real world. The aforementioned already has taxation. Remove taxation here!

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      taxation more like THEFT

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      the tax plugin(like many things) is currently broken. Hopefully they never fix it

  10. Law? In a medieval fantasy setting? I wonโ€™t have it.
  11. Zaniil Isilioleth would shake his head in amused disbelief, tossing the paper into a nearby puddle. โ€What a horrid weakness.โ€ He said in passing.
  12. Okay, but can we remove tax first?
  13. A Dream of Ikuras Craft With the smell of salt did he awaken, his clothes soaked in days old perspiration. Gubbin threw his sheets aside as he rose from his bed, pulling his damp hair back and out of his face. As he stood the same scent as before pervaded him; he could smell and taste salt, and feel it on his skin. By some strange inclination he was drawn to the nearby shore. Perhaps it was a sign, that the coastal air would offer some respite from the illness that had shaken his core of recent days. He pulled off his shoes and sunk his feet into the sand, the swirling hues of red and orange on the horizon lulling him from his discomfort. In those moments his senses dulled as his body guided a mind that could no longer think but could only observe. He saw the sun set upon the waters afar, an attraction that pulled Gubbin forward and into the sea. It was warm and light and Gubbin felt no need to exert any force as he swam toward the horizon. For what felt like hours his body carried him through the waters as he fixated on the eventide. At some point in his journey he stopped, his body floating in the endless expanse around him. Suddenly the star before him sank below the ocean and colour departed. As quickly as the world around him had fallen to darkness, his senses began to return. He could feel the cold waters on his skin and the tension in his muscles as he worked to keep himself afloat. He felt his heart awaken from it's slumber, his eyes darting for anything at all to focus on. Before long the moon rose and in its presence offered not solace but despair. Gubbin recognised in the dull light the endless waters to his left and to his right and far below. The waters themselves did not crash and dance as usual, but were smooth and still. A fright and anticipation rattled his nerves as his mind began to race. He conjured images of what may lurk below in the darkness, a sense that at any moment he could be pulled beneath. Yet little happened outside of his own internal chattering and churning. The ocean was so deathly silent that Gubbin could hear nout but his own beating heart. At last something occurred before him, albeit confusing, and unbeknownst to him some phenomenon not yet recorded. The waters began to rise slowly at first, individual drops reaching for the sky, followed by marine life of all shape and size. It was not long before the sea level itself began to rise, though Gubbin himself did not follow suit. He could move his body, yet could not swim up to match the waters. The cold sea soon enveloped Gubbin as he felt it rush past him, and in those moments he began to drown. He felt the desperate need to breathe tug at him as the waters continued to swathe over him. For many hours did they wash over Gubbin and for many hours did he suffer an endless torture between life and death. All of a sudden he felt his legs swing free, and turned his body in a horrible disorientation. His head broke the surface of the water that was below him as he gasped to breathe. As life swelled once more within him, he saw before him the endless ocean floor without its water, where the sun that had escaped him before was present and blinding white. It was not long before whichever force had held his body in place released him, and he crashed down into the open expanse. A fall that would kill an ordinary man had offered no injury to Gubbin as he sunk into the sands around him. As he rose to his feet he saw abound a graveyard of ships and wrecks, and noted a silence so pervasive that his brain offered a ringing in his ears to abate its terrible overwhelm. The blinding environment offered a stark contrast to the black ocean that hung above him in place of the sky, where fish broke the surface only to fall back in. The sands at his feet seared at his flesh, his tongue and eyes drying as he looked desperately around him for some semblance of normality in this Desert beneath the sea. Yet nestled in the wrecks around him he saw only writhing organisms of flesh and nerve so confusing that he had little response aside from vomiting and shaking in a terrible cycle. Some were purely bundles of nerves that dragged themselves around, where others were horrid, blistering mounds of flesh with arms and legs so numerous they could skitter along the sands at incredible speed. Before Gubbin could make sense of what was happening, the ocean above descended onto the landscape. He felt only weight and pain and a deep cold before his head broke through the water and he was once again on the oceans surface. The moon revealed once more the endless expanse, which slowly filled with the writhing nerves from below that seemed to float now like nightmarish jellyfish. They soon were so numerous that it was difficult to see the water they were wading in; so numerous that before long the reaching tendrils of nerves enveloped Gubbin as he was torn and made one with them.
  14. 27, married, like to check the forums occasionally. I assumed most people would be 20+ now since we grew up with the release of the game. Iโ€™m surprised Minecraft still brings people in; especially younger generations.
  15. Boycott the staff. Stop taxing nations now!

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