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  1. Feedback: Ioannis & DDOSing

    This is a Minecraft server.
  2. Revival Zaniil Isilioleth took to the platform for his speech, the ruby of his eyes motioning across the crowd in front of him. A smile formed where he saw clan and general populace alike. Look what we have brought to this district in such a short time, where other candidates have lived here for many years without leaving so much as a stain from their boot. I do not speak to influence those around me, for any fool may spout false promises. I show my dedication to improving this district through my actions instead. You have seen how many more flock to our district with the renovation of the Twilight Bloom. You see the Isilioleth bustle on the streets, tending to the neglected flora that once hunched over in defeat. You see all that has been invigorated, and will continue to under the banner of Isilioleth... Take pride in your people and choose me for district rep. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScuSkDUiJJFOOApcUnrag-9aSqFJD1kHiUT5ib45XaQjLKgJQ/viewform
  3. There's only one choice when it comes to making a Dark Elf.




    1. TJBMinecraft
    2. Smaw


      That made me laugh more than it should have, ngl

  4. Our District Now

    The Isilioleth District Zaniil Isilioleth approached the flag he had placed days ago. There seemed no contestation from any other clans, nor any word of protest carried in the air. It seemed the domain of the Isilioleth was unquestionable, and with this the old flags were replaced with fresh ones, of scarlet and grey hue. When this process had been finished, the Clan Elder took to making his speech. No refute? It appears the decision has been made for us, fellow Ker. The District of Velunor is ours, under the banner of the Isilioleth. It is with this newfound recognition that we intend to make changes around here, and continue in our quest toward prominence. All are welcome, still, but they will find that our fine district will undergo much refurbishment in the weeks to come. We are here to do what no Ker has been capable of for decades. We will rise from the ashes, and assert our influence on this world. Join us...
  5. Magic Teach Apply

    Give this man what he needs to for protecc us all.
  6. The Dominion Insider

    Zaniil thinks the reporter should look into the happenings of the entire city next time.
  7. ImCookiie's Trial-GM Application !

    Cookie shows a lot of dedication and passion for pursuits of interest, so I have no reason to think the same wouldn't apply to this position. Pretty chill too, which is always a massive boon for any GM to have.
  8. The Banner of Isilioleth Zaniil descended from the clan hall, his vision obscured by the flag that wafted in the sea air, sat upon his shoulder. Several other Isilioleth were waiting to greet him, walking as one across the cobbled stone path of Velunor. Before long they arrived at the platform in front of the tavern. With some effort, Zaniil plunged his banner into the ground, the colours of Isilioleth wafting in the breeze. The Ker stood for a moment, looking out upon the district of Velunor to see only his own blood amassed around him, no other clan in sight. After some reflection, he nodded to himself, procured a small note, and pinned it beneath the flag. *** It is by this declaration and the placement of this banner that we assert ourselves the dominant clan of this district. Should it lay uncontested, we shall consider this an act of submission from the other clans. It is time for the Mali'ker to rise once again, under a leadership that will bring our name to the farthest reaches. The Isilioleth * A chest sits beneath the banner, a place through which members of the community may express their support, or disapproval.
  9. With the Dark Elven district under reconstruction, now is a perfect time to get involved. 


    A new kind of Dark Elf has moved in- and they're taking over. Be part of the change, and restore activity to the forgotten Elves.




    If you're curious but don't yet wish to apply, join the Discord for more information:



  10. ChonGojDragonski's Lore Team Application

  11. I Could Have Died

    Well done, brother. You're a man now.
  12. Creative Wizard Tag

    Make it purple