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  1. I would argue that all Spirit Smithed items should be accepted through this means, in order to properly validate them, organise them and ensure that only those qualified to are making them. And yes, Gijaak did make this and pass it on in celebration of Oren's defeat.
  2. Yeah boy, I suggested this months ago and still nothing. GMs please.
  3. Oh yeah, forgot about this. Now THIS is the last one.
  4. Of course.
  5. This is the last one I will be accepting until further notice.
  6. Mmhmm.
  7. Pretty good, for a bogan.
  8. The proposal being that the Lingerers are consumed. They have next to no relevancy anymore.
  9. >tfw Make Smawton Admin.

  10. Sing for Wud. #WudGate


  11. #SmawtonforAdmin #FreeWud #WudGate

    1. Xi'dius



  12. Alright, but can you expand further? I'm curious as to what in the lore explains this process, as I've never really seen a Mage mention their aura or what it might be indicative of.
  13. How do auras work exactly? And who can see them? Got a reference link I could look at?