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  1. "To corrupt the inheritance of Krug is to abandon your people." Gijaak'Raguk would remark upon feeling a disturbance echo from Stargush'Stroh.
  2. What would you like me to do in your absence?
  3. Yeah sure.
  4. Make an alt application and mention the situation. I'd strongly recommend that you change the password, because if he gains access to an account you're using the repercussions will probably be set upon you.
  5. Arguably, even in product they're very similar. It's their mental state and origins that create a variation between the two. Seems like Gazigash would have most likely been responsible for this.
  6. Gijak means blood, yeah. These are basically Muyakelg though.
  7. You're using the wrong tool.
  8. Chicken, caramelised red onion, brocolli and tears.
  9. Hey, I can do the Mordring event series.

  10. Sexe is bringing up some valid points that people seem unable to recognise. Admittedly this is an irritating situation, especially for myself and the Orcs that have already advanced successfully upon the land. However, it looks like what started as a small event series has grown unexpectedly for those staff involved, and they're taking a step back to make it more interesting and smooth-running for the community when it is re-introduced. That being said, I'd be more than happy to take the reigns or assist Ang in progressing this story-line if he's feeling the pressure of it.
  11. An Arrival at the Uzg As night fell upon the Uzg, the skies bellowed in protest as bone-biting winds blew cold, hard rain violently across the land, cascading relentlessly upon San'Raakh, the Orcish citadel. The whip and crack of the thundering heavens would keep the otherwise slumbering Orcs awake as they barricaded their doors and windows, and settled down for struggle that was to come. Indeed, the life of the Orc was not an easy one, made more bitter by the tremendous weather that so often befell the Desert. And as the Uruk prepared for the night ahead, an incredible flash sent a wave of blinding light across the land, followed shortly by a shock wave that razed the weakest of the structures scattered among the Citadel. Where the once calm ocean ebbed and flowed against the sands of the Desert, an incredible wave now threw itself upon the dock and much of the path leading inland. It appeared as though an incredibly large object had collided with the waters just south of the Dock, ushered in by natures relentless orchestra. And when the sun rose, tearing apart the blanket of darkness that loomed in the sky, the piercing rays revealed that which had remained unseen. An enormous ship, with tattered sails and broken parts. It appeared near Ancient, offering no sign of functionality from its outward appearance, and indeed no semblance of activity for the silence on deck. It was lifeless and cold...
  12. Of course.
  13. Put Kharak as the Homepage Orc.