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  1. Here we go again. Benbo's LT application.

  2. Beardmancy

    I can attest to the potency of beards, having spent many months growing one myself. I eagerly anticipate the integration of this in real life. It will come.
  3. The second iteration (Ish'Urkal) sat on the sidelines for ages before it was picked up and implemented, and began to work very well. Then, the LT decided they hated it, and it was changed into the bastardised and under powered iteration they have now. The intention here was to return it back to its origins- something that should have been done properly the first time. @Deano I think it would be easy to change one of the Ways to The Way of Strength, wherein you maintain your physical ability and have some other kind of drawback. If you want to work on it, message me or Lhindir on Discord and we can flesh something out.
  4. I live this in real life. It allows me to justify my existence. Help?
  5. Unfortunately the LT saw an issue with the last iteration in that it appeared to have too few weaknesses. In any case, I would consider all aspects of this to be productive to RP- which is the main aim. Ultimately, while a weakness is obviously detrimental to the character, it adds more RP possibilities for everyone involved. It will help us steer from the mentality of most people which seems to be to play to win. In reality, RP should be different from an OOC perspective.
  6. He's right. He means change Lutaumun for Farseer/Witch Doctor since the latter two deal with Immortal Spirits. Overlooked that bit on my part.
  7. It fits more easily because it isn't forced undeath, it's returning with a will to do it. with this lore in particular, it applies to Lesser Spirits and not Ancestrals so should be considered more acceptable.
  8. Muh Immersion

    My god, we might end up actually saving this server.
  9. Why you should make an Orc for 6.0 So, Atlas is on the way, and we can expect a lot of new things. With the new map comes a new perspective and a fresh start, and what better time than to create a new character? I would submit that most people reading this thread will have never made an Orc, for one reason or another. It could be that the culture has never appealed, or you don't quite get them. Perhaps you've thought about it but were put off by a bad experience, or perhaps you're intimidated by blah. Maybe, you just hate green... Whatever the reason, I'm here to tell you about the many benefits that come with playing an Orc. Allow me to paint a picture for you, with a palette of words; and uh... blood and guts. Flexing those Muscles (Orcs have replaced Candy Crush with Skull Crush, a fun and interactive experience for the whole family!) So, you've been involved in some higher-end events, you've got a good grasp of vocabulary and you can string a sentence together well. Perhaps you know a hundred ways to describe a silent fart, and you might even be a member of the Event Team. But, what's this? You've never played an Orc? Amateur. Ultimately, this server exists to pander to your RP needs. If you're serious about role-play, and would like to expand your skill set, there is no better means than through investing time into an Orcish character. The things you will learn and the skills you will hone will be carried across the board, into all persona slots. Think I'm lying? Fight me. I had been role-playing for about four years before I decided to take the plunge and make an Orc character, and I can say I did more in those 6 months than all of my prior experience combined. Why? Because the environment for Orcish role-play is unparalleled. Nowhere are you more free to explore the world around you. Nowhere are you more capable of interacting with your environment. There are fewer places where you can rise to the top with sheer tenacity alone. The amount of work you put in corresponds completely to how much you get back. The True Heroes of LoTC "But Smawton, Orcs are ugly and always want to fight. How could they possibly be heroes?" Listen, they might be the archetypal villains you would see across many fictional platforms, but they operate a little differently in this world. See, everyone knows of Iblees, and the trickery he beset upon the Four Brothers. We all know that if it were not for Krug, Father of Orc-kind, we would all be under world-subjugation. Happily, we live in an altogether messed up, but free world because Krug was not so easily tricked, and fought against the Daemon. He was intelligent, courageous, and strong enough to withstand the initial onslaught. Of course, the flames of Iblees scarred his form and made him ugly, and this was passed down to all of the present day Orcs. Despite this, he and his people pressed on. They fought tooth and nail, lost many along the way, but ultimately emerged victorious alongside the other descendants. When all was said and done, the Orcs had been cursed with an intense bloodlust and abandoned for their part in saving the world. Despite this, a sense of honour rings through the community. A glimmer of hope was rewarded to them and it is one that allows them to teeter on the verge of destruction. They are haunted by their endless anger, but they have the tools to reign it in. For this reason, there are many Orcs who are compelled to the code of honour. It allows for very interesting RP in which actions are challenged, and everyone is held to a high standard within the Rexdom. From here, we have three options for making your character: 1) An Orc that lives by a strong code of honour, and strives at every opportunity to improve the world around him that could break at any moment without this foundation. 2) A morally grey Orc that battles with both aspects of his personality (Bloodlust & Honour) and lives within a constant ebb and flow of consequences that come of that lifestyle. 3) An Orc that has surrendered to his blood rage, is angered at the world for abandoning his people, and wants to enact bloody vengeance. Ideally, you will allow your character to be shaped by his experiences, but it always helps to know where you want to stand at first. The Diversity (Completely harmless Orcs kindly sharing the warmth of their fire with some Humans) So you're probably on this server because you're a creative person, and with that comes a need for an outlet. A RP environment allows you to reach those goals with ease. But when it comes down to sheer character options, there is no community as diverse as the Orcs. Let's start with the basics: At the very moment that you decide to make an Orc you're met with three options. You can become one of the three sub-races that exist within the Orcish world: Ologs - Enormous, brutish creatures that lack in intelligence what they make up for in size. Uruk - The typical idea of an Orc. Intelligent, reasonably powerful and altogether the most functional of the three groups. Goblins - Typically smaller and less powerful than the others, he represents the antithesis of an Olog- small but very intelligent. All three of these possibilities come with a vast number of colourations to choose from, as well as aesthetic markers such as tusks, horns and plausible scars. Once you have decided on your sub-race, you have the vast tapestry of clans to choose from, all of which follow different guidelines, life styles, cultures and pursuits. I won't list them all here, because half of the fun comes from research or jumping right into the RP and learning about them. Either way, making an Orc is the equivalent of a kid running into a candy shop. The Community (Shreck'Lak, about to drop the hottest mix-chant of 6.0) Really and truly, this point should be at the top. When it comes to my OOC experience on the server, I can honestly say that nowhere have I felt more at ease and more involved than within the Orcish community. There is a lot of room for growth, banter, and a lot less room for judgement. As a complete opposite to many of the brutish characters they portray, many of the Orcs who play today are some of the warmest, most down to earth people you could come to know during your time on LOTC. Everyone is out to help each-other, and the interest of the community really comes to the forefront. There is a strong effort to ensure that everyone is involved in the daily activities, and perhaps best of all, the loot is equally shared. No longer do you need to worry about missing out on that High Elven head that you need to complete your collection. It's yours! Become a Legend Come on now, don't be shy. I know you have a yankering for power. I know you want to be infamous. All Orcs do, and they strive for remembrance in Stargush'Stroh. What is Stargush'Stroh, you ask? Well, it's Valhalla on steroids. I don't intend to get into the Spirits in this small guide, but I will say that with hard work and dedication, you can achieve feats that will earn you a spot in Orcish legend. That is to say, if you manage something particularly considerable, your character can reach the level of a Greater Spirit. There is no higher honour in the community, and it is very tangible. The best thing about this is that you can achieve such a feat in an unimaginable number of ways. There really are no limits, you just have to be the best. For this reason, many Orcs decide to adopt a life path that will ensure mastery and recognition. Let me show you some examples of this. Becoming the Greatest: - Hunter - Smith - Explorer - Warrior - Shaman - Leader - Murderer - Thief - Strategist - Eater - Dancer - Scholar - Teacher - And so many more... Many people complain that there is little to do as an Orc, but that is because they do not allow them the same level of depth that they would attribute to any other character. When it comes down to it, Orcs are just as intelligent or creative as Humans, just as Spiritual as Elves and as hardy and as resourceful as Dwarves. All it takes is a foundation from which to start. Here's how I developed the plan for my character when I made an Orc: I decided upon the clan that I wanted to be involved in, and based my progression on their core beliefs. I then began to branch out after mastering my profession, and tried to become the best raider I could be. This lead to more opportunities, which then lead to further leadership positions. Nowhere in my character creation did I diminish his intelligence or his qualities. I gave him strengths and weaknesses, interests and dislikes, and everything in between that makes a character something more real and relatable. The idea here is to be hungry. Adopt the mentality of all Orcs. In Orcish society Heaven is not an equal place where all can relax, it's a place to show off and boast about all of your achievements. All Orcs should be absolutely unrelenting in their pursuit of greatness, and should always be striving from one accomplishment to the next. Do not allow mediocrity. If you can do this, your RP opportunities will never lessen. You will always have something to do. Remember to treat your Orc as a personality, first and foremost. Desires and goals, likes and dislikes, and so on... Final Notes - If you're looking for a refreshing change, making an Orc is that. - If you're looking for more opportunities for growth, character development and success, making an Orc is where you'll find it. - If you're looking for community and supportive peers, the Orcs are where you'll find them. - If you want to make your character a legend within the story of LoTC, you'll have many paths within the Orcish community. - If you're troubled by the idea of blah, you don't have to follow it! Instead, use what I would consider a cockney accent. - If you want to delve into the vast and unending lore of the Spirits, you'll find it with the Orcs. - If you care about improve the quality of your RP, you'll do it with the Orcs. - If you want to explore the world of Atlas in a new way, you'll do that with the Orcs. And ultimately, if you want to take the plunge, I can promise you'll be rewarded. Final: If you have any questions regarding making an Orc, please post below or message me privately. I'm more than happy to help and guide you in the right direction. If any existing Orcs have any suggestions to add, I will implement them into the thread.
  10. Ramakhet has depth, (and wasn't created by me, might I add) but I didn't go into it because I don't think it generally needs to be here as a creature submission. This is a brief explanation from Food in a Skype chat: "Or'ta created original Dark Shamanism from excerpts of Dom's diaries, aided in part by the rogue Spirit Ramakhet, who was later banished for his part and forced to destroy all mortal life for the power he gave them over the Spirits (ie True Names)"
  11. Your View: Techlock

    Keep the lock. Honestly, opening it up is a terrible idea.
  12. This really has nothing to do with Shamanism...
  13. It was only really this point I had issue with, because I don't want people to start assuming that this is true for all things. I'm not suggesting that they PK upon first death, nor do I think that to be reasonable. It would be better to say that a tether can be made wherever their host is consumed -perhaps made of the hosts bones, which might explain their more fluid forms-, and that in times of significant injury (when they are defeated) these Imps dematerialise and return to Veists realm in order to recuperate. However, I would argue that a Farseer should be able to PK an Imp if a ritual is followed. Having to have permission for such a feat is to basically render a Shaman useless; and leads to very irritating situations.