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  1. More than talent, you need perseverance.
  2. For all intents and purposes they'd be new to the world during their introduction.
  3. The Igbagaraal (Ig-bag-aah-raal) Reference: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/156898-✓-the-mortal-shadow-lataumancy-addition/#comment-1484192 They had no means of influencing the world, for they were separate from it. Indeed, it is hard for that which does not "exist" to encroach upon the realm of the material. Yet from the moment that the Creator became, they observed in reticent anguish. As an aspect that contradicted their very nature, material and life spewed from it with an unrelenting odour, filling the Universe with density and weight. They were helpless but to observe as their world became a blinding mess of entropy and chaos and sound, reverberating across existence with a defiant cry toward the immaterial. However, it would not last against the enduring darkness, of this they were sure. And so it came to be, as the Spirit of Shadows meddled within his domain, creating The Mortal Shadow, a domain that sits at the cusp of the eternal dark, the latent powers within looming at its the very edge, clutching onto that which comes close in an attempt to spread. An untold and mysterious energy that has always existed, its cold, removing reach calculating against the life that had trampled upon its territory. Indeed, a bridge had been opened. A point through which the darkness could spread, a realm between existence and its antihesis. It was here that the creatures of the unspeakable dark would meddle. (An Elven Host corrupted and weakened by an Igbagaraal) The Igbagaraal are creatures of the darkness, the companion to the material that has watched the theatrics of life play over in endless cycles of chaos and the illusion of order. For time immemorial they have yearned for the chance to encroach upon the material world and tear it asunder, returning the Universe to a state of tranquil inactivity. With the Mortal Shadow in the world, the Igbagaraal have a chance to enact their vengeance upon the world. Indeed, it serves as a gateway through which the Igbagaraal may work, because they can only exist in darkness. When one of these creatures enters the Mortal Shadow, they seek the Shamans there in an attempt to possess them. It is once their victims have been possessed that they can begin to take advantage of the waypoints to the Mortal Realm that exist within this domain. The main goal of an Igbagaraal is to emerge within the Mortal Realm and draw as much as they can back into the darkness. They are incredibly powerful creatures, but run on borrowed time as the hosts they inhabit wither away and contort in horribly painful ways. Their capabilities extend to the point of enshrouding material in a blanket of darkness, which slowly works to remove it from existence. When this is achieved, nout but a void forms in its wake, which quickly becomes a state of volatile energy as the world is bent to fill the space made. (An Igbagaraal using the Shadows to emerge in the Mortal Realm) These creatures may only function in darkness, and for this reason it is necessary for them to have a host through which to react with the world. On their own, they are entirely useless entities that cannot exist at all without some form of anchoring to the world. Due to this, their host form is weakened to light and withers away as their latent energies begin to deconstruct the cells of the person or beast they have possessed. For when the Igbagaraal is in the world, it may transfer from one host to another under the shroud of the night sky, and uses this period to its full advantage. These creatures are weakened during the day, and prefer to hide within clandestine quarters as they wait out the passing of time in their stygian hideouts. It is here that they shuffle and meander, attempting to grow accustomed to the vessel they are in, which changes and morphs into a terrible aesthetic as they continue to possess it. They are quite incapable of speech, and indeed any advanced function. They cannot run, fight or lift when they are within a host, and instead rely on their own energetic influence to react with the world. The Igbagaraal are only capable of a handful of feats, which will be listed below. (An Igbagaraal assimilated with Knives) Possession: These creatures may possess anything that exists, but of course that which cannot move will remain immovable. It is entirely pointless to possess a rock, and so the Igbagaraal are mostly interested in that which lives, for life itself is the ultimate enemy of these creatures. This includes people, animals and also plants, which all wither and distort with every moment they continue to be possessed. These effects are irreversible by any means, and all damage is permanent. Removal: The Igbagaraal enshroud a chosen area in darkness, induced by their terrible aurus. When it is covered, it begins to deconstruct and decay over the passing days that this process occurs. When the chosen area has completely been removed, only an extremely perplexing state of darkness will exist there, which cannot be interacted with save for the influence of Muun Magic, which may reverse the process itself. These fields of shadow can be used as a defence mechanism, and all who step onto them will find their bodies considerably weakened and susceptible to puppeteering. However, they can also be removed in their active states by the influence of Holy Light. Puppeteering: If these creatures can access the shadow at the foot of a creature, they may begin to influence them and force them into performing actions, as if in a state of mimicry. This is only possible through the Igbagaraal extending its energies, and causes a mist to permeate the environment. If this is allowed to reach the target, then they will be under the influence of the creature. Assimilation: These entities may draw objects onto their possessed form in order to "repair" it, in an attempt to further shroud their forms from the pervading light of the Mortal Realm. All materials and limbs may be absorbed by the skin and attached to the host, including mixing the limbs of animals and Descendants. Weaknesses and Red Lines: - Weak to Holy Magic and intense levels of light, which will blind the host - Weak Mortal Forms, which may be cut and stabbed; killing the host will cause the Igbagaraal to also die as it is released - Weak to the passing of time, and may not exist for more than two IRL months as eventually their bodies will be incapable of movement and will degrade and rot - Cannot be played unless by an ET - Cannot run, speak, fight or perform any considerable physical actions
  4. Is this the kind of **** tier humour we've degraded to? Pun intended.
  5. MC Name: Smawton RP Name: Gijaak'Raguk Position: You decide Types: Spirit Smithing and Elementalism
  6. Not entirely possible unless through the means of Spirit Smithing. If you can elaborate on that and allow for the usual constraints we set with items of the aforementioned design then this should be easily passable.
  7. MC Name: Smawton Character's Name: Gijaak'Raguk Character's Age: 113 Character's Race: Uruk Link to your accepted MA: What magic will you be teaching?: Shamanism - Elementalism, Metal, Fire & Earth; if possible, otherwise simply Metal Elementalism. Summarise the Lore of this Magic: Elementalists are Shamans that deal with the Elemental Plane of the Spirit Realm, in which exist the Elemental Spirits who reign over the Elements of the Universe. In particular, the most notable of these Elements are able to be utilised by the Shamans; these being metal, fire, earth, water, air and electricity. The Shaman must begin by making a pact with a Lesser Elemental Spirit as the Greater Elementals are far too powerful to even notice the Shamans, let alone care for their intentions. When a pact is made, a Shaman may call upon this Spirit, who will assign energy to a dormant Spirit that exists in the elements found across the mortal realm. This will awaken an energy in the element that allows it to be manipulated through the Shamans mana resource. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student: Gijaak would begin by explaining the complex nature of the Spirit Realm in simple terms, gathering an array of items that represent the elements and the Spiritual planes. Once the student has understood the nature of the realms, he will show them how this concept is applied by demonstrating his Elemental ability. He will ask the prospective Shaman which Element they would like to learn, and will tell them to grow accustomed to it and experience it in its many forms; whether it be water, ice and steam, or fire and lava and how it operates. Once the student has a keen awareness of the Element, Gijaak will induce a deep meditative state in them and take them on a journey through the Elemental planes in order for them to further understand this Element and the importance it plays in the Universe. Do you have a magic you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Nope. Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Sure. Have you applied to teach this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Nope.
  8. This shouldn't even require LT approval, since the Spirits are far reaching and without limits.
  9. Krug was cursed with Bloodlust, which would make him and his descendants "ugly" in the sense of how they behaved. The fact that Krug was corrupted and morphed was a byproduct of being the first to initiate combat, unarmed, and has nothing to do with anything else. Good meme though.
  10. Pie is a well meaning individual that I think would be quite pro-active within the team. Just... don't ever use his TS. +1
  11. The Isilioleth Written by Smawton & Aelesh (To be expanded upon) The Recent History of the Isilioleth When the putrid aura of Orgon had swept into every aspect of the world around them, the Isilioleth knew that only destruction and decay would await those that remained on the doomed continent of Vailor. With this is mind, they made haste toward the boat that the clan had prepared for such instances; for an element made most clear in the clan is one of preparedness, whether it be for life or death. As the gathering of Mali’ker scrambled for their escape, the creatures of rot and destruction began to emerge from the fetid swamps around them, striking the slower of the Isilioleth that were lagging at the back of the crowd. Alas, with little time to spare the clan had no choice but to press on against the swathe of disease and entrapment that sought to ensnare them in their rotting fingers. As the enormous portal at the Docks opened up on the horizon, the Isilioleth knew that they would have to leave as soon as they could; and such little time they had, that they were forced to prematurely depart from the docks, leaving behind a number of Mali’ker that fought to the bitter end against Orgon’s army. Indeed, it appeared as though only the youngest and most agile of the family had made it onboard, as well as a few lingering creatures that had found their way through patches of decayed wood. As the clan fought against the remainder of these beasts, they made their way through the Spirit Realm that presented itself, absorbing the experience with adrenaline fuelled awareness. Yet in their attempt to understand the strange world they found around them, they failed to notice the point at which they emerged in Axios, crashing into a nearby coast and scattering the survivors who woke at different times of the day; if indeed they woke at all. It appeared the Isilioleth were not as prepared for the unknown as they had thought, a notion that would plague them in their desperate search to find one another. The Isilioleth (Zaniil Isilioleth) The Isilioleth are a clan of Mali’ker that have existed for many centuries, mostly in intentional seclusion. They do not consider themselves akin to those that share their racial heritage, and consider their counterparts to inherit flawed qualities and philosophies. While this factor is an important part of life as an Isilioleth, it does not induce hatred or hostility in them, and is instead used as a means of separating themselves from those they deem unnatural or distracted from the path that life sets before them; one that is guided by the consideration of all senses, gifted to them by the energies that be. Perhaps more tribal in nature, they do not place particular importance on features of propriety found elsewhere, and instead have their own brand with the consideration of their bodies and minds as vessels of expression, wherein it is important to allow your emotions to flow through you and influence the world as they were meant to; where not in such lengths as to be extremely destructive or overbearing. Physically, the Isilioleth are quite similar to all Mali’ker, with the exception of their lineage having less variety than their far reaching cousins. For this reason, it is impossible to find an Isilioleth with silver hair; which is considered a representation of inferiority. Philosophy The Senses and the Soul; the Soul is said to have a great many pathways that lead into it, five of which are the senses that we all know and use on a daily basis. The sixth sense is that of magic, and beyond that there are said to be innumerable ways and methods of knowing the world that go beyond what the physical body can offer. Sight, is the hated sense upon which so many rely and none can divorce themselves. The five standard senses are all disliked in some way, though none as much as sight. Shadow; contrary to popular representation, Shadow is portrayed as the harbinger of Truth. Light requires one to rely on their sight, a single sense among a great many others that one should be attempting to utilize. Darkness forces one to turn to their other, greater senses to feel their way through whatever predicament they may find themselves in. Illumination; normally symbolized as chains or a prison of some other description that prevents one from understanding the world as it truly is. Light is its principle messenger, a force hated by the Isilioleth. Fire; representation of ambition Earth; representation of trust, stability Wind; representation of adaptability Water; representation of empathy Each of the elements have associated pathways to the soul/senses by which these basic essences can be found and manipulated. There is an ‘empathic sense’ that everyone has, but few use over the standard five, as well as a sense for adaptability, and so on and so forth. When the Mali’ker come of age, they are presented with a series of trials in order to enhance and draw from these senses, and are placed in situations relating to the elements above, so that they may understand their representative values, and draw from these feelings that will be produced within them. With each generation, they are aligned to one element in particular, and come to council over that and the idea that it represents. For instance, a generation of fire may be thrown into a blazing forest, in which they will have to collectively draw on their ambition, trust, adaptability and ultimately empathy in order to make it through. When an Isilioleth is assigned to their Element, they must decide upon what path their life will take than can best represent that. For this reason, there are four sects within the clan that focus on professions and skills that relate more specifically to their aligned element. While an Isilioleth can come to represent any element that feature that is most prominent within their natural personalities, they will also have duties to fulfil that pertain to the challenges they have had to undergo Fire; those of a more Academic and Vocal path Earth; those of Political and Economical duties Wind; those of a more Militaristic and Protective lifestyle Water; those of Healing, Production and Gardening Symbology & Colours Within Isilioleth culture, a paramount importance is placed on the use of symbology and colours as a combined force, and indeed, great thought must be put into how you wish to present yourself to the world. For the senses govern all, and while the Isilioleth try to place more focus into the enhancement of those senses which exist outside of the realm of sight, they understand the balance of all things, and consider colours to hold a particular importance and energy in the realm. For this reason, each colour has come to represent an emotion and an effect on the world. When a child is born, the parents may adorn them in paints, a symbol of having attempted to paint a path that the colours upon them will draw out of their children. Black/Gray - the symbol of unlimited potential and depth, the Isilioleth believe that the reason they have exclusively black hair is because they are born with the ability to do all things, and consider it the reason they have such a philosophical outlook on life. To paint your child black, or to adorn yourself in black markings or tattoos is to attempt to draw out the potential inherent in you, and express yourself as a being of influence. White/Silver - the symbol of constraint and control, it is the colour that holds all colour in a tight lock, one that defies unlimited potential. Indeed, to paint a white hand upon the door of your neighbour is to mark him with the greatest of insults. It is inconceivable to willingly adorn yourself in white, and is instead a punishment in the form of a ring circled around the ankles of prisoners. Yellow/Gold - the symbol of individualism, it is one of the rarest of metals to come across, and for this reason is associated with being unique. Being painted gold or wearing gold is indicative or someone who considers themselves unique, or wishes to promote a charismatic personality. Blue - the symbol of cleansing and purity, it is the colours of the rain and the water, something that will calm the mind and soothe the soul is allowed to. It is completely adaptable to the environment around it and offers a sensation of relaxation. To adorn yourself in blue or to paint your child blue is to wish for a state free of anxiety and purity. Red - the symbol of ambition, the Isilioleth believe that their eyes offer a crimson colouration because their blood runs through them; a symbol of the strength of their hearts. They consider red to be the colour of ambition, as it is what all Isilioleth present through their glare. To paint your child red, or to wear red is to empower yourself with direction and aspire to generate more ambition in your life. Orange - the symbol of the Mind and Energy, it is believed that orange represents fire and its ability to both create and kill, or nurture and destroy; the same properties that exist in their minds, yet contain the same amount of energy and potential. To pain your child orange or to wear orange is to attempt to give rise to greater senses of energy, so that you may influence the world to more effect. Green - the symbol of the world around them, the home in which they live. For it is not the structures beneath the Mali’ker that are their homes, but the earth beneath their feet. It is the symbol of stability, trust and logic. To paint your child green or to wear green is to become more stable, and to attempt to maintain an outlook of logic and practicality in all things. Purple - the symbol of mystery and the unknown, it is the colours least used, yet perhaps one of the most potent. Indeed, just as the colour is equally as hard to produce as it is beautiful, the mystery in the world offers the most progression. To paint your child purple or to wear purple is to become more self-aware and philosophical. Member List Zaniil Isilioleth - Smawton - Cousins Gillionel Isilioleth - Aelesh
  12. That isn't what my solution suggests because we're talking about offensive magics. Why wouldn't they? Don't you think a construct should grow in potency alongside its creator as it learns to utilise itself more effectively?
  13. Obviously not, you're clutching at straws. Although, a T5 construct should be able to fight reasonably well.. ;)
  14. In a world where you can /roll and open a door with a fart, or kill an Olog as a 5 year old Halfling in PvP, I think it's a pretty neat system to hold things off from getting worse.