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  1. Smaw

    Does Blah put you off?

    Simple poll. I want to know what prevents people from making Orcs. Is Blah truly the cause? I think so. I think it makes Orcs appear moronic, cultivates memery and prevents serious RPers from attempting the race. Debate
  2. Smaw


    Welcome to the next stage in your life. If you could offer me any advice on life or my personality, what would it be? I'd say: Remain present and take in everything around you, you'll not have that same moment again. That said, don't forget to appreciate change and even the negatives of life; we all need that contrast.
  3. Here we have a visual representation of Krug and his first encounter with the Spirit of Air:
  4. Smaw

    [MT] Hedge... why...

    Having 3 Shaman LT will likely make progress impossible. Might as well make it 4.
  5. Thanos snap the lore

    1. McBurnsy


      "When I'm done, half of the lore will still exist. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be."

  6. Smaw

    Third Generation Blood Magic

    Blood Magic must be letted.
  7. Smaw

    Way of the Sage

    "What foul mockery of my art is this?" Cried the Sau-sage, the sound of sizzling bangers accompanying his frazzled tone.
  8. Daemon is mostly a "political view" on the Descendants that splits them from Aenguls. I wouldn't say their Magic was inherently dark.
  9. "Scummy." Remarked Zaniil.
  10. Whoever runs Santegia is boring as hell.

    "Muh Region ownership" is what slows this server down.

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    2. Smaw


      shut ya mout

    3. Asleep


      waah muh purpur tree

    4. Quirkyls


      unlike you smaw. jesus your FUN FUN FUN!

  11. Smaw

    [Pending]DarkSainthood's Lore Moderator Application

    I highly recommend this person.
  12. Purple Olog did nothing wrong.

  13. Smaw

    A Dire Warning

    "Allim-Crua" would look upon the note, a heavy sigh escaping him. "These poor creatures, who have suffered at the behest of ill fate for so long know not when a reaching hand wishes only for them to bear the fruit of kindness"