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  1. Ramakhet has depth, (and wasn't created by me, might I add) but I didn't go into it because I don't think it generally needs to be here as a creature submission. This is an brief explanation from Food in a Skype chat: Or'ta created original Dark Shamanism from excerpts of Dom's diaries, aided in part by the rogue Spirit Ramakhet, who was later banished for his part and forced to destroy all mortal life for the power he gave them over the Spirits (ie True Names)
  2. Your View: Techlock

    Keep the lock. Honestly, opening it up is a terrible idea.
  3. This really has nothing to do with Shamanism...
  4. Smawton's 1k Post AMA

    I'll rustle something up.
  5. Smawton's 1k Post AMA

    Edit: Checked my playlist. Forgot about this one. I like this one more. I ask this often in times of tribulation. Is he merely a celebrity chef, or is he something more? Does he spice up our meals, or does he spice up our lives? In these philosophical times, I give my meat a good old rub; as suggested by the man himself. I have grown in the space of a few weeks. I'm well. How are you? Still need help? Apologies for my absence.
  6. Smawton's 1k Post AMA

    I will not answer any questions that do not precede an Ainsley Harriott meme.
  7. Burgûl'dagul, The Mischievous Spirits

    It was only really this point I had issue with, because I don't want people to start assuming that this is true for all things. I'm not suggesting that they PK upon first death, nor do I think that to be reasonable. It would be better to say that a tether can be made wherever their host is consumed -perhaps made of the hosts bones, which might explain their more fluid forms-, and that in times of significant injury (when they are defeated) these Imps dematerialise and return to Veists realm in order to recuperate. However, I would argue that a Farseer should be able to PK an Imp if a ritual is followed. Having to have permission for such a feat is to basically render a Shaman useless; and leads to very irritating situations.
  8. Burgûl'dagul, The Mischievous Spirits

    I like the idea, and it fits well with the concept of Veist. The only thing I'd want to bring up is that when a Spirit is killed in the Mortal Realm, it dies permanently and its energies are dispersed. Considering these creatures are spurned from the same realm, they should follow this natural law. Likewise, the regeneration of their limbs should not be possible if it isn't re-absorbed. Other than that, not bad.
  9. Your View: 6.0 Creature Discussions

    Honestly, the mention of a dedicated world-development team was a great idea. There needs to be a strong focus on implementation of lore and progression of regions. We need more impact and change in the world, desperately.
  10. I'm interested in what this is, but the link doesn't seem to work for me. Any alternative?
  11. Your View: 6.0 Creature Discussions

    I completely agree with this sentiment. You should pool together what you deem the best lore on the server, scrap things that have shown to be meaningless/underused and then spread what you have assigned as top-tier as thinly as possible. Of course, this applies only to creatures, plants et cetera.
  12. The Breath of Ramakhet Perhaps upon the vast palette of Spirits that meddle in our realm, the most interesting is the one in open rebellion to all others. One that would paint a picture of a landscape worn only by the pestle of time, and not by the influence of living things. Indeed, where many Spirits hunger for attention and power, there is one that serves as an antithesis. Ramakhet, the Immortal Spirit of Deserts, Barren Lands and Sand has pledged its existence to eradicating all life from the mortal realm. It wants not the focus of mere men, nor the reverence of Elves. It does not require the trinkets of Dwarves or the sacrifice of Orcs. Instead, it requires nothing; in the most literal sense. For a Spirit, the concept of time can be a difficult one to fathom. In the Immortal realms, such a notion does not exist, and certainly has no influence over them. For this reason, it is not enough for Ramakhet to wait. This is why The Breath of Ramakhet exist, creatures of staunch will that wander the wastes of the world. They are incapable of speech, and in many ways of thought as well. There is only one focus that spurns from their existence: destruction. Comprised entirely of sand, these reticent entities walk the wastelands in droves. The reason for their emergence is usually due to high activity in an area, and they will destroy everything in their path. Ramakhet does not want even a signature of life upon its blank canvas, and will have buildings, plants, animals and descendants torn apart without relent or guilt. These creatures have direct control over the sand that comprises them, and that around them. For all intents and purposes, they are considered well versed in Elementalism and can perform feats far beyond the capacity of Shamans. However, like all things, these entities have weaknesses that have held them at bay. They are very susceptible to air elementalism and evocation, and fire will cause them to crystalise into inactivity.
  13. [Daemon] Ydea

    Wish we had something like this in real life. I can't tell you about all of the things I've forgotten.
  14. MC Name: Smawton Character's Name: Gijaak'Raguk Character's Age: 113 Character's Race: Uruk Link to your accepted MA: What magic will you be teaching?: Shamanism - Elementalism, Metal, Fire & Earth; if possible, otherwise simply Metal Elementalism. Summarise the Lore of this Magic: Elementalists are Shamans that deal with the Elemental Plane of the Spirit Realm, in which exist the Elemental Spirits who reign over the Elements of the Universe. In particular, the most notable of these Elements are able to be utilised by the Shamans; these being metal, fire, earth, water, air and electricity. The Shaman must begin by making a pact with a Lesser Elemental Spirit as the Greater Elementals are far too powerful to even notice the Shamans, let alone care for their intentions. When a pact is made, a Shaman may call upon this Spirit, who will assign energy to a dormant Spirit that exists in the elements found across the mortal realm. This will awaken an energy in the element that allows it to be manipulated through the Shamans mana resource. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student: Gijaak would begin by explaining the complex nature of the Spirit Realm in simple terms, gathering an array of items that represent the elements and the Spiritual planes. Once the student has understood the nature of the realms, he will show them how this concept is applied by demonstrating his Elemental ability. He will ask the prospective Shaman which Element they would like to learn, and will tell them to grow accustomed to it and experience it in its many forms; whether it be water, ice and steam, or fire and lava and how it operates. Once the student has a keen awareness of the Element, Gijaak will induce a deep meditative state in them and take them on a journey through the Elemental planes in order for them to further understand this Element and the importance it plays in the Universe. Do you have a magic you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Nope. Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Sure. Have you applied to teach this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Nope.