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  1. Why did you try to buy the server?
  2. With the rise in Orcish activity the time has come, the Frost Orcs will rise in the north. 

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      Your souls will feed it..

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      im raiding u every chance i get if i see frost orcs

  3. Bloodsteel should be Raguk only. Debate me.

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      I’ll erp for bloodsteel I beg bro c’mon

    3. PraiseTheLord
  4. Come on guys, it's not the end of the world...

  5. In light of everything I made some changes to be an upstanding citizen.
  6. It sets a precedent for others clans to follow if you ask me. We’ve put in years of work to flesh out Raguk and make it more interesting. Can you honestly say that in the span of 5-6 years having three actual lore approved, minor feats is circle-jerking? Let’s be fair you just dislike me and are clutching at straws like every other post dude. If one lore approved post (and two pending) is excessive then what about the absolutely enormous number of things Shamans can do? Quite frankly, it's a ridiculous assertion to say it takes away from Shamanism; it adds to it.
  7. “Boo-boo you're writing things for your clan and I'm not, therefore you shouldn't have anything!” is basically your argument at this point. That or “I want people to worship my Shaman status therefore no one else can interact with Spirits at all! Adore me! Stand around a campfire while I lay out a sprawl of text!" Grow up mate.
  8. What do you do? Highlight issues that aren't there, apparently. Calm down mate, a clan by its very concept is “circle jerk” and nothing stops anyone else from writing for their own clans.
  9. Bonemeal helps growth, which is what this is essentially doing. It doesn't exactly detract from the role when Shamans are required to even be able to get it. Don't you think that common Orcs should be able to get involved and see some semblance of actual interaction? Peasents to Priests do what they can to appease their Gods and to assist their lives. This is in a “real” context and should reflect that. Easy enough to remove if need be.
  10. I’m only writing for my clan. There's nothing stopping you, or anyone else from doing the same. Clans have physiological differences already, this is only about being a member of a clan. Have you ever used bonemeal in game? Of course it has relations to farming dude...? These are ultimately small feats. They still can't go to the Spirit Realm, control nature or heal/curse people, draw upon Ancestral powers et cetera... Shamans still have their place in society.
  11. Joining a clan is a choice, in all fairness. You could leave Lur and join Raguk and you've got it. I didn't say: "Redskin only”. Shamans do have to be involved in their initial interaction for it to become a feat.
  12. That's all well and good but Shamans are far and few between, and haven't really been doing much. Do we need a Shaman so that an Orc can improve his crops? Societies all across History have found ways to worship and draw from their Gods; except here it's actually “real” and should be reflected as such. Shamans are required for the pre-requisites but ordinary players should have their own interactions with Spirits. Am I not allowed to write for a clan I enjoy and that I've been involved with for years?
  13. The Feats of Gazigash In this post I would like to suggest some feats that ordinary Orcs may use upon meeting the small requirements that will follow. I think it's important in Orc RP for all to feel a connection to the Spirits in one way or another. While it is logical that Shamans will have direct exposure and a subsequent arsenal of skills and spells, Orcs of all ilk should be able to interact with their most venerated Spirits in more physical ways; think of it like the Magic that allows you to turn small candles on without having an MA, et cetera. Blood Priests What would you give to find your mortal enemy? What would you give to avenge the endless suffering that has befallen your kind? For the Blood Priests, it is everything. If an Orc is devoted enough to Gazigash, they may sacrifice their sight in a painful ritual. When they are taken to visit her, a request and an offering must be made. If accepted, the blood will be drawn into the eyes, filling the sclera and pupils a sanguine hue. At this point, their vision is obscured with a crimson fog, and they are only able to perceive living entities in the world within this mist. For instance, Animals and Descendants will be seen as normal, due to being formed of flesh and bone. If a Blood Priest comes across an entity that has foul blood of rotted flesh, this will be considerably more noticeable. These devout Orcs are often seen among the ranks of those who hunt the Undead, as this ability proves particularly useful. Occasionally useful hunters, these Priests can track stains of blood and pulsating veins that are otherwise obscured by foliage. Requirements and Restrictions - Blood Priests must have visited Gazigash - Blood Priests must state the reason for their sacrifice and live honestly by it; to forsake the oath is to become totally blind - Blood Priests cannot become Blood Smiths Curse/Blessing of Ash A basic ritual, an Orc must burn bones in the name of Gazigash, so that they may be reduced to ash. This ash is then used to place curses upon the homes or trinkets of their enemies, or to enhance crops. For instance, if the ashes are painted upon a door, they may weaken it over time; this works in much the same way as water when it expands upon freezing. After performing a ritual to the Matron of Blood, the ash may seep into small cracks. This ash can also be blown over plantations to increase the yield and health of the plants, and is often adopted by the few farmers that exist within the Raguk clan. Alternatively, Orcs may use blood with the ashen mixture to create a paste. This can be used when planting seeds in order to create Blood Plants; which of themselves offer fruit/vegetables that can be consumed as psychedelics which cause the Orcs to have a Spiritual experience. If this is used when growing ivy, it will create a blood red plant which has a much stronger hold. These plants cannot survive on photosynthesis and must instead be supplied blood in stead of water. If a Blood Tree is planted, its roots will draw all nutrients from the soil, killing all life within and tainting the land. When the land has run dry, the plant will wither and die. This reddish bark can be used for aesthetic purposes, but provides no particular advantage. The leaves of this tree are often used for decoration when performing rituals, and are said to have medicinal properties. Requirements and Restrictions - The Individual must have visited Gazigash - The land tainted by the Blood Tree has a 6 block radius. - This does not work on Descendants in any capacity
  14. Fear the Red Tide

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      i get the feeling you do since every raid no matter how outnumbered we are you guys just hide in the city..

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