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  4. ---==<Da Ruhn Akvel>==--- History The Rune Guard was an organization formed in athera by Rhewen Frostbeard and Lori Oathcast to protect and seek out kingdom relics. They also serve as elite guards to government officials and clerical members of the faith. First under the branch of the Hall of Magic, but now independent, serving only the kingdom, and its officials. Though previously, it only constituted of Frostbeards and Ironguts, the prestigious guild now opens its doors to all who wish to join in the honor of the Ruhn Akvel. Purpose To retrieve and guard hidden and abroad relics of clans and especially kingdom. They are ordered by the Grand Marshal, Grand King, and High Prophet. They serve as guards to whoever its master wish them to guard. They keep vigil over the land, to purge those who would bring the cold chilling grasp of heresy to the Dwedmar of Yemekar. They are the elite of the elite, seasoned veterans of wars and expedition. Ranks Rune Lord Master of the Ruhn Akvel Warden The Elite Guardians of the Ruhn Akvel Keeper Hardened warriors of the Ruhn Akvel Retriever Dwarves who have proved their worth to the Ruhn Akvel Initiate New dwarves, still learning the ropes of the Ruhn Akvel Here it will be stated!: The Ruhn Akvel is not a branch of the Grand Dwarven Legion, though under the power of the grand marshal, it is not a cohort or separate section of the Dwarven Grand Legion of Urguan. Members of the Ruhn Akvel who are enlisted in the Grand Dwarven Legion are still members of the Dwarven legion, they are still required to attend Legion activities unless released by the Grand Marshal’s command. APPLICATION RP NAME: MC NAME: WEAPON OF CHOICE: WHAT CAN YOU BRING TO THE GUARD?: ANY SPECIAL FEATS OR ACHIEVEMENTS?: (Understand, that acceptance into the guild is strict and for the war hardened members of the dwarves, do not be surprised if you aren’t accepted)
  5. Denied for the time being, thanks for the application!
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