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  1. Volden watches from the height of Rhewenholm as he watches Aghals ship sail from the harbor he murmurs to himself and the Brath “May the winds fill her sails and lead ye te untold wealth an’ peace cousin.”
  2. Volden Frostbeard reads the declaration with a nod, immediately setting out to sharpen his axe.
  3. "Hail House Staunton! Hail Whitewater!" Borus "The Chaste" Thassarion IV calls from the shore upon arrival.
  4. Volden Frostbeard would smile gently at the sound of music being played by minstrels and bards throughout the halls of Kal’Darakaan. Such merry making and music was long missed in Urguan, especially since all a Dwed could think of was the war at hand. Such melodies brought the blood stained thoughts of Volden to vanish for the time being.
  5. "FER CENTURIES O' MISTREA'MEN'?!" Volden frostbeard screams with laughter, his howl echoing in the halls of Rhewenholm.
  6. Upon entering Khaz’A’Dentrumm, Dorimnur would be greeted by a familiar face. Rhewen would place his arm around the shoulders of the frostborn Goldhand, hand him a bottomless tankard, and lead him through the halls of his ancestors in the sky.
  7. Volden Frostbeard rests arms crossed upon the battlements of Urguan. He sighs, seeing no smoke in the distance and no 'army' at their doorstep. Venturing then to Rhewenholm he gazes out on the harbor, seeing naught but clear blue water, filled with warships of the greatest engineering known to the descendants and no Savoyards to be found. He walks cold-eyed back to his chambers in the Grand Hall of the Legion and continues his boresome paperwork. "Ah 'oped t'ose long legs were nae as chicken shite as Ah t'ought t'ey'd beh. Maybeh nex' centureh..."
  8. Volden Frostbeard sits at the mouth of the mountains of Urguan, beholding the vast valley before the tumultuous rocks behind him. He saw the fields riddled with blood and flame, the haze of war strewn about the hills. Shaking his head he puts the thought behind him. There is important work to do.
  9. Volden Frostbeard reads the missive with a wide grin "Legen's return as nuw 'uns 're born, aye." He continues work on his blueprints in dim candlelight, enthused to fight with warriors of yore.
  10. Volden Frostbeard sings a low dirge as he sharpens his axe, remembering the many Grudges left from ages past. Left unanswered by forgotten warriors of old. He eyes the blade, then peering to the missive delivered by a courier. "T'at's focken roight" he exclaims, then hones his axe even sharper.
  11. Volden Frostbeard reads the letter in his office. He grins wide as he lays it neatly on his desk. He looks across to the room, his armor standing tall and spotless. He begins a full count of all available warriors within the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, preparing for the coming storm.
  12. LEGIO I DUNGRIMM The Dwarven Legion, defenders of Urguan, protectors of the Faith, guardians of the people. The sole purpose of the Dwarven Legion is to protect and serve the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. It is the main military force underneath the Grand Kingdom, and also one of the most prestigious and oldest militaristic guilds. The Legion is known for its notable order and discipline, excessive training and precise execution. Military Ranks Officer Ranks Grand Marshal The Grand Marshal is the Leader of the Dwarven Legion, second only to the King. He is at all times expected to be an example to those under his command, to lead with gallantry and be devoid of cowardice. Everything he says, everything he orders, will be upheld. Disobeying the Grand Marshal comes with terrible consequences. Commander Commanders are exemplary leaders and confident brave soldiers, they take commands directly from the Grand Marshal and convey them to the lower ranks. It is the Commander’s duty to manage the Legion in the absence of the Marshal, as well as organize training and manage patrols. As well as keeping the entirety of the legion functioning. There can only be two commanders at any point in time, and together they serve as the Grand Marshals lieutenants in the Legio I Dungrimm. Legate The lowest officer rank within the Legion. Legates have proven both marital ability and the prowess to lead. Responsible for leading soldiers when a Commander or Marshal isn’t present. Legates command their own cohorts, under the overall directive of the two Commanders. It is the Legate's duty to ensure Legionnaires are consistently working to protect and serve the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. Honourable Ranks Pridebearer Pridebearers are the most skilled warriors and hardened veterans of the legion. Extremely competent in the field, they have proved their worthiness time and time again. Pridebearers are dedicated members of the legion and generally are first to be picked to become an officer within the legion. The Pridebearers are derived from their ancient duty of wielding and defending the banner of Urguan. In recent years, a Pridebearer typically wields the Standard of the Legion. Longbeard Longbeards are proven soldiers and are amongst the most experienced and disciplined within the legion. Longbeards are chosen from to become officers if there are no suitable Pridebearers ahead of them that can be chosen. Former officers or those who have held the Longbeard rank and above within the legion can return to this rank if they decide to re-join the legion either after retirement or if they were previously an officer who has been demoted. Enlisted Ranks Ironbreaker Ironbreakers are experienced soldiers in the legion and have proved their battle prowess and loyalty to the Grand Kingdom. This is generally the lowest rank from which an officer can be appointed and is done under very rare circumstances as there must be no other higher ranking legionnaires worthy of the position. Mountainguard The Stoneguard are the core of the Legion, who have been placed into their division of interest. They have been trained to the point of competency in their position and are on the path to hardened warriors. These legionnaires are expected to carry themselves with more composure and dedication than the common Castakvel. Grunt A Grunt is the beginning rank within the Legion. All Dwarves can sign up at any time to start their progress within the legion as a Grunt. These beginning soldiers will be taught all the basics they need within their military career. Once eligible for promotion to Stoneguard they shall take the trials of Combat, swearing an oath to the Legion at the end. Staff Ranks Officer Ranks Quartermaster The quartermaster is a staff-officer entrusted with the role and responsibilities of managing the Legions roster, equipping every eligible Legionaire with gear necessary for their duties and organising annual pay for all eligible Legionaires. Disciplinarian A disciplinarian is a staff-officer entrusted with the role and responsibilities of handling disciplinary matters in the Legion; such as handling the honour counts and levying punishments for offences. Warden The warden is a staff-officer entrusted with the role and responsibilities of managing the prison, and prisoners of the Grand-Kingdom of Urguan. Due to this, they are under both the directive of the Grand Marshal and Lord Justiciar. Staff Ranks Medic A dwed with medical knowledge, that is a non-combatent serving the Legion. Promotion Requirements Grand Marshal: Selected by the Grand King. Commander: Selected by the Grand Marshal, must be a Legate. Legate: Selected by the Grand Marshal, must be an Ironbreaker or above. Pridebearer: 600 Honor, with the assent of the Grand Marshal. Longbeard: 400 Honor, with the assent of the Grand Marshal. Ironbreaker: 150 Honor. Mountainguard: 50 Honor, with a Grunt having completed the trials of combat. Grunt: 0 Honor, starting rank. Organization The Legion acts as a singular fighting army though it’s organization is split into a series of cohorts who compose the military structure of the legion. The entirety of the Legion is led by the Grand Marshal, who is advised by his two Commanders. Inside the Legion are Cohorts, led by Legates. Legions The highest organised group present in the Urguan military system, a legion is formed of several cohorts, and is led by a commander. Under the current Legion system, there is only one Legion, led by the Grand Marshal with two commanders as subordinates. Typically a Legion is comprised of 5,000 ((OOC: 50)) Legionaires Cohorts A legion is made up of a number of cohorts. These cohorts hold a large number of legionnaires. A Cohort is led by a Legate. Cohorts may have established cultures and fighting styles or specializations as they grow in development. Typically a Cohort is comprised of 500 (OOC: 5)) Legionaires Auxiliary Cohorts Under the Auxillary system, Vassals are expected to provide soldiers to bolster the Urguan Legion through a system of Auxillary Cohorts, led by an Auxillary Legate. Honor System In the Legion, prowess and competency can be displayed through the gaining of honor. Honor is gained by completing set tasks and reporting it to an officer. To achieve a higher rank, a certain amount of honor must be reached. If a Legionnaire is inactive, their honor will begin to decay. Honor can also be lost for foolish activity and disobedience. The ways to achieve Honor in the Legion are: Gate Duty: 10 Honor per hour (Max 2 hour a day) Outpost Duty: 5 Honor per hour (Max 2 hour a day) Patrol: 5 Honor per hour (Max 1 hour a day) Guarding Meetings/Feasts: 5 Honor Completing tasks assigned by officers: 5 Honor Saving a fellow Legionnaire: 5 Honor (Risking your life to save them 10 honor) Attending a Training: 10 Honor Guarding an important figure within the Kingdom: 10 Honor Being critical to a successful mission: 10 Honor Recruiting a Dwed into the Legion: 15 Honor Winning a Legion organized tournament: 15 Honor Raids: 20 Honor Skirmishes: 30 Honor Battles: 50 Honor Honor through craftsmanship: Donating a double chest of cobble to the legion: 5 Honor Donating a chest of food to the legion: 5 Honor Donating a double chest of stone brick to the legion: 10 Honor Donating a double chest of lumber to the legion: 10 Honor Donating a stack of Iron to the legion: 10 Honor Donating a stack of Leather to the Legion: 10 Honor Donating a stack of Feathers to the: 10 Legion Honor can also be rewarded for other exemplary actions. Dishonor: Dishonor occurs when a soldier in the service of the Legion refuses to do certain actions or shows disrespect to individuals of the Legion, in the event this occurs the Dwarf is to be stripped of hours and if the Dwarf is to drop below the requirements of the ranks he or she has earned then they shall be stripped of their rank and medal. Refusal to address an officer or Legionnaire of higher rank with proper decorum while on duty or in a formal environment in the Legion Hall: -10 Honor Failure to complete mission: -10 Honor Cause the mission failure: -20 Honor Misuse of Legion issued equipment: -20 Honor Speaking against an Officer: -30 Honor Harassment/Assault of fellow Soldiers: -50 Honor Disobeying the orders of the Commanding Ranks: -50 Honor Going Stark Raving Mad: -100 Honor OOC: Spamming and trolling in discord or in game (oocly) during legion activities: -50 Honor Provoking legionnaires in discord or in game (oocly): -50 honor Attempted pugsying/actual pugsying: -150 honor Training Practicing or Training one’s combat skills and labor talents is an important factor within the Dwarven Kingdom as well as the Legion. Formations and discipline are often the most stressed subjects as the Dwarven Legion is well known for its organization and discipline. Combat Training Military practice is often done multiple times throughout the stone week to hone the skills of both recruits and veteran soldiers. It is also to ensure that siege weaponry is in working order. Practice also allows the legion to plan for their battles, and also to give newer recruits a chance to gain experience. Group Training Drilling (Training one’s fighting prowess.) Combat Practice (Fighting in Formations in Combat Scenarios.) Discipline and Order (Training soldiery) The Legionary Oath To be promoted, Grunts in the Legion are required to swear the following Oath: “Step forward, grunt [“Grunt’s Name”], and swear by the gods of Urguan, the manes of your ancestors, and your own honor an unbreakable oath that you will follow your commander wherever he may lead you. You will obey orders enthusiastically and without question. You will promise to serve under the standard of the Legion with honour. You will serve Urguan faithfully, even at the cost of your life, and will respect the law with regards to civilians and your comrades in arms.” “Congratulations. You are now a soldier of Urguan!" After their successful integration, they are considered Mountainguards Duties Gate Management Is the duty in which a Legionnaire is to protect the mighty stone gate way of the capital. In order to promote camaraderie it is recommended that more than one guard is on duty during shifts. During shifts legionnaires are expected to keep the gate open for Dwarves to pass freely in between, but be alert enough to shut the gates for outsiders. When an outsider approaches the gates, the guard on-duty is expected to ask their Name, Race, Reason for Visiting, Where they’re from, and if they have any weaponry/magic). If they are wearing any face-covering masks, helmets, or hoods they must be removed. If the outsider refuses or fails to answer any question or comply with commands then they shall not be granted entry past the gates. Patrol Patrolling is vital to the Kingdom’s well being be it either; tunnel clearances (when a guard goes into the deep mines and disposes of creeps and critters who may harm the miners) or doing surface checks (where the militant will do tasks similar to the tunnel clearance but on the surface. This is usually the job of a ranger.) Any peculiar sightings are to be reported to the Legion Officers for further inspection. Construction Should the nation undertake vast projects, it is the duty of the Legion to offer their assistance, be it in the actual building, or in obtaining the resources to do so. Outpost Duty As part of his or her duties, a Legionaire is expected to venture out to one of the various outposts found in Urguans lands and garrison them, ensuring that the military presence of the Kingdom is felt beyond the Capital Vale. Formations Vel - Vertical line. - Formation always has the leader in front - Line must not pass leader or break form during march - Not default stance when inactive Dree Vel - Multiple vertical lines. - Formation always has the leader in front - Line must not pass leader or break form during march - May be default stance when inactive if numbers exceed 8 soldiers - Continues going down in rows to accompany all soldiers Aemiz - Horizontal line - Formation always has the leader in front - Row will not be used during march - Default stance when inactive if number is less than 8 soldiers Tekom - Box - Formation has leader in the center - Important individuals will be hosted on the inside - Line must not pass leader or break form during march - Rarely used during march due to difficulty to maintain - Not default stance when inactive Thrimmek - Arrow Head - Formation has leader in the centre - Is shaped like an arrow head - Officers form the outer points of the crescent - Used to absorb charges, primarily infantry charges Payment and Legion Bonuses The Dwarven Legion is paid on the representation of active service that is done per year, (weekly) the wage increases as one's rank increases as well thus allowing for a higher income on the well performing soldier's behalf. For legionnaires to receive their payment, they must either; attend at least 1 practice/1 officer lead patrols and perform two duties (barring construction) that year. Wages Grand Marshal: At the discretion of the Grand King Commander: 14 Karzul (70) Legate: 12 Karzul (60) Pridebearer: 10 Karzul (50) Longbeard: 8 Karzul (40) Ironbreaker: 6 Karzul (30) Stoneguard: 4 Karzul (20) Grunt: 2 Karzul (10) Legion Bonuses: While the Legion itself is an entirely selfless organization, focused on the protection of Urguan without expecting reward, there are nevertheless several benefits which come from joining the Legion. Equipment: Gear for combat and traversing the land is available to the forces of the Legion. Upon reaching a new rank a legionnaire will be given a brand new set of armour alongside a weapon, shield and ranged weapon of their choice. Gear is obtained from an officer and a member of the Legion may use his armor and weapons in whatever manner they wish after it has been provided for them. During times of war, equipment will be handed out on the eve of a battle if a legionnaire does not have any, however bonus honor will be given to legionnaires who bring their own gear to battle. A member of the Legion is entitled to keep whatever ‘spoils of war’ are obtained during battle. Free Barracks Housing: A new recruit may gain free housing within the barracks for two stone weeks, the recruit that partakes in this bonus will lose their lodging after purchasing a home of any type within the capital or in the kingdom’s surrounding lands. Legionnaire of the Year: Legionnaire of the year is a rank granted down by the Quartermaster, such ways to obtain this honor is by acting appropriately and showing discipline ((both in roleplay and out of character)), whilst performing diligently and accordingly within the Legion. Legionnaires of the week will be granted double their wages for that year’s payday.. For instance, if you are awarded Legionnaire of the Year you will get double pay for that year’s pay day. Legion Hall of Fame: The most decorated Legionnaires will have a chance at earning a spot in the Hall of Fame, located in the Legion’s Grand Hall. This is no easy feat, for a spot in the Hall of Fame is extremely difficult to obtain. A soldier who accomplishes something worthy of such an honour must receive a unanimous nomination by the Grand Marshal and both Commanders. Afterwards, the Grand King himself determines whether the achievement is considered legendary and historical. If successful, the legendary soldier will be granted a spot in the Hall of Fame. Traditionally, a ceremony is held in the Legion Hall to initiate a legend who will be eternalized in the Hall of Fame. Enlistment Requirements Legion Requirements One must be at least fifty years old One must be a dwarf One must not be an Ironborn One is expected to have a good grasp of Urguanic Law Auxillary Requirements One must be of the age of maturity pertaining to one’s race One may be a dwarf or non-dwarf Uniform All Legionnaires are required to wear the uniform suitable to their rank. ((If you need your head placed on one of these skins, ask the officers or fellow legionnaires)) Skins can be found HERE: Enlistment Legion Application Form Legion Roster
  13. IGN: Rhewen RP NAME: Volden Frostbeard ACTIVITY REQUIREMENT: Begrudgingly paying for Rhewenholm CANDIDATE: Ulfric “Storm Cloak” Frostbeard
  14. Volden Frostbeard hums the tune as he scales the steps to the roof of Rhewenholm. Across the nation of Urguan the melody can be heard, carried on a cold wind. It echoes in the halls of the Azwyrtrumm, and shall do for many nights to come.
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