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  1. IGN: Rhewen RP NAME: Volden Frostbeard ACTIVITY REQUIREMENT: Begrudgingly paying for Rhewenholm CANDIDATE: Ulfric “Storm Cloak” Frostbeard
  2. Volden Frostbeard hums the tune as he scales the steps to the roof of Rhewenholm. Across the nation of Urguan the melody can be heard, carried on a cold wind. It echoes in the halls of the Azwyrtrumm, and shall do for many nights to come.
  3. On the 18th of The Amber Cold, and the 29th year of the second age. Deep beneath the city of Luciensburg, in the unending tunnels of the Ratiki, one cold blue eye closed its lid forever. And with it’s closing, a soul was sent up to Dungrimm to be weighed in the halls of Khaz’A’Dentrumm. In his final hours he pursued a righteous battle, as he had done his entire life. What he received was a merciless execution, in a fiery blaze of glory. Rhewen had heard tales of the infamous Rakki beasts, and knew of the rot such creatures could spread into the borders of his nation. Though such vile beasts would not be the ones to claim his life. Even as three rat-crafted bolts were lodged into his body, he stood as tall as he had on the walls of Khaz’Nogak. His hand never left his axe as he saved his great grandson and fellow companions from the burning monsters which pursued them. In a flash he was surrounded by fire, molten rock spewing about him as burning spiders leapt at him in blinding light. Still he charged, as the skin left his bones and his beard burnt to cinder. Cold blood had flown through his veins for centuries, in this flaming tomb he remembered the mountains of Athera, and Vailor, and the icy wind that blew over the slopes there. With every step he took the mountains faded from view and were replaced with the hellish cavern. In one final swing of his axe a spider was struck. But he could not swing even once more. With a burning sigh he fell to his knees, knowing that his grandson was safe, and the others would survive after his folly. He rested his head upon the head of his axe, and expelled his last breath. A Dwed who exemplified what it means to be both a Frostbeard and an Urguanian, Rhewen’s memory will live on for centuries to come. Rhewen ‘Papa Bear’ Frostbeard Aegis, FA - 18th of The Amber Cold, Almaris, 29 SA
  4. “Oh fock off will ye” The old dwarf grumbles, pitching the missive into the nearest public waste bin
  5. IGN: Rhewen RP NAME: Rhewen "Papa Bear" Frostbeard AGE: Bald ACTIVITY REQUIREMENT: I pay 100 mina a week for a modest villa so CANDIDATE: Ulfric Stormcloak, the TRUE High King (tbd)
  6. Rhewen reads the declaration and lowers the lids of his eyes in rememberance of their lost Grand King. He raises them once more as he reads the two names written in bold blue ink "Fros'beard foreveh" he remarks.
  7. Rhewen grows a wide grin as he reads the heavy grudge. He walks slowly down his steps into the forge with weighted brow and lowered eyes. He lifts his gaze to view his dull and worn helm and hauberk sitting high above the forge. His mind fills with the prospect of glory of the war to come, and an ominous dread from all wars past. "One last war" He set himself to mending the chain links and sharpening his axe, as he will keep doing for the years to come. Until Dungrimm calls him home.
  8. 13th of The Deep Cold, Year 10 of the Second Age Late in the day, Rhewen sits down in his manor of Kal'Odla. Periodically ravens fly in and out of the modest estate, each carrying a small slip of parchment with a blue wax seal. The dwarf is busy at work preparing hand written messages in the language of his people, addressing each to every member of his clan he could call to memory. Finally, after many hours of writing and a sore hand, he sighs with relief. Standing out looking over his farm he proclaims "Aye finalleh wrongs shall beh pu' roigh'!", he carefully reads the last of his notes before fastening it to the raven. The letter reads as follows: "To my fellow Azwyrtrumm, long have we settled in shambles, our past tattered and left blank in many history books of our people. So powerful had our clan grown that we ignored simple record taking and documenting of the many Dwedmar who we called kin. Many have gone on to the Khaz'A'Dentrumm, yet many still remain. So I call unto you, no matter which era you hail from nor which line you proceed from, declare your lineage to myself and the clan so that your name can be recorded and remembered for generations to come." Grinning, Rhewen sits back and sends the last raven off, hoping that many others will return with names long forgotten.
  9. After breaking out and dusting off his ancient bearskin bagpipes. Rhewen begins to bring to life his kin's song with the pleasant screeching of his pipes. "Aye et'll beh eh marchen song en no toim!" The music goes on and fills the halls with piercing sound
  10. RP Name: Rhewen Frostbeard Candidate: Durorn Ireheart , Norli Starbreaker Question: "Wot es yeh stance on t' 'istoreh o' t' Fallen Kingdom o' Kaz'Ulrah. As well as yer diplomatic stance on oor Orenian neighbors."
  11. IGN: Rhewen RP NAME: Rhewen Frostbeard CANDIDATE: Norli Starbreaker
  12. Hey, wake up.

  13. When ye coming back big man

  14. 100k minas to whoever finds Faiz's nudes

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