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The Darrowmere-Lunsbeck Housing Pact

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The Darrowmere-Lunsbeck Housing Pact


On this day the 16th of The First Seed, 1775, the leaders of Darrowmere and Lunsbeck formally agreed to sign a pact that grants permission for Damerians to settle and construct buildings, mainly for residential purposes, on the outer-lands of Darrowmere, which are under the jurisdiction of Lunsbeck. Darrowmere has seen a surge in the size of its populace and is currently deprived of housing options, resulting in the Damerian Housing Crisis of 1775. 


Lunbeck’s willingness to alleviate Darrowmere’s situation is seen as an appreciable step forward to a harmonious future. This Pact strengthens the friendship between both cities and we the leaders of Darrowmere would like to express our gratitude by offering military assistance to Lunsbeck whenever needed. Henceforth, the Damerian Guard will now be sworn to protect the people of Lunsbeck by patrolling the lands and providing military support. 


May this mutual agreement mark the beginning of a prosperous future for both cities.


Signed by

Dame Athri, The Rabbit of Darrowmere 

Ser Jolfrey Elessar, The Marshal of Darrowmere 

Alli Ruse Onfroi, The Burgrave of Darrowmere 

Vyktor Eiriksson, Acting Chieftain of the Eirikssons, Count of Lunsbeck, Lord Governor of Lunsbeck - forged by Estrid Eiriksson-Lunner, Daughter of Vyktor av Karina, Lunnish Scribe

Karina Lunner-Eiriksson, Chieftain of the Lunners, Countess of Lunsbeck 

 Halvar Ruric, King of Norland, Duke of Morsgrad, Bulwark of the Highland Realm

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