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  1. [18 million half-mori rise up from the caves as soon as Orens returns, man claiming to be 'Sir Gustaf of Deep-Acre' leads them to an effortless victory.]

  2. And you may find yourself in a shot-gun shack. And you may find yourself in another part of the world. And you may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile. And you may find yourself in a beautiful house, with a beautiful wife. And you may ask yourself, "Well, how did I get here?"

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    4. Onnensr


      under the rocks and stones


  3. josh laughs at my jokes i like josh i vote josh thank you josh
  4. "The Lordship of WHAT?!" Father Nerium spat out his morning coffee. He took the document and fed it into an oven. How far we have fallen.
  5. hrm.. som e kindof er mold in my orange juice and milk mug....

  6. Father Nerium put on his backpack full of explosives, beakers, flasks, herbs, and various preserved organs from the Coalition War. He was late for Paladin School! Hastily, he took a single piece of toast off his table, holding it by a corner in his mouth as he ran towards the Keep, an up-beat Oyashiman song looping in his brain.
  7. Father Nerium sighed with delight, for now that the sieve was made it would be all the easier for him to select to wed a good and righteous woman of darkly countenance -- described as 'goths' in elvish lands -- who yet also maintain the most upright and reverent faith. For too long has it been a challenge to divide wheat from chaff, evil and looks evil. Now those of clear skinsuit may stand out as the lighthouse upon misty waters, and he may thus all the more effortlessly find one who can scare villains away from him with their soot-blackened eyes and baleful words, bereft of unholy markings.
  8. Father Nerium stared at the colossal stack of Dumapalooza-related missives that have rained upon the world for years, where he saw them for their true symbolic meaning -- the utter impotence of democracy. He shed a tear for lost Veletz, and with a comically large shovel fed the missives into an oven.
  9. Question for ST/Admins: Would a siliti rewrite (or any new vampirism) ever be considered for approval or is it simply something not looking for a come back? 

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    2. Onnensr


      Genderless eunuchs that can only survive through hyper-violence. If they feel any remotely romantic emotion, they instantly explode and die forever and the Over-Soul may never again play one.

      Also I didn't know that's what Traveller meant by cannibalism, yeah that's a monstrously bad idea. It's literally a group eating itself alive. It works in Vampire the Masquerade because you're not doing it against your own niche group, a cool idea in practice but not for Lotc. 

      It sounds like there's good hope for the CA then in the future, maybe I'll take a crack at it once I get this adderall prescription 

    3. squakhawk




      Coffins fucking sucked genuinely I think it is the worst mechanic ever introduced to the server 

      Cannibalism was better but also sucked 

      Motivated people to be insane oocly like they were moonstruck (This was a huge part)

      Largely contributed to people going inactive and becoming active only when they were threatened/wanted to threaten people they like

      Did not contribute significantly to story outside of very very select playerbases

      Players often self imploded and would rather spite others OOCly than contribute to a story (leading to things like leaking secrets of themselves, tattling on others, metagaming info etc. without any IC basis other than "Dont like them all of the sudden" "Oh heres my new epic character btw can i JOin ur group :DDD" )

      Constant victim complexes brought on by eachother or themselves despite constant ST intervention at explicit player request, be that (extremely favourable) enforcement of lore, amendments, additions, or further 

      Changes begged for (or resisted) by the community which were then inversed respectively after implementation

      Caused rifts, issues, and fights that still persist even the better part of a year after it's shelving


      all this basically applies to both striga and siliti outside of coffings/cannibalism which is siliti specific

      i love vampires so fucking much i love vampires and their aesthetics and storytelling and roleplay its by far my favorite genre or trope but holy shit does it attract people to the story in such a toxic and unhealthy way that it makes it worse for pretty much everyone, people so often crab bucket and drag one another down to this level because it becomes the ooc-meta level appropriate to roleplay at and has a huge negative feedback loop 


      i wont be considering rewrites for either and think corcitura serves as a more than ample replacement which hasnt made people behave like they were suddenly mind controlled completely bonkers outside of like 1 or 2 instances (which were dealt with pretty quickly by others in roleplay and spurred no issue otherwise), whilst both lores weren't necessarily the issues i think the nature of the lores and the people who played them/attracted (Not in total, just by in large) made them extremely negative pieces for the server outside of worldbuilding/event narrative. 

    4. Onnensr


      Holy shit a squakhawk reply

      You're not at all wrong, I started on Thronecraft where vampires somehow managed to be both more predatory and more toxic than I think even Lotc vampires have done, it was a terrible experience and inevitably even killed that server. FRP was much better, but it also had a dedicated group of vampires keeping the community clean. I love vampires to death, I love them when they bring a legitimate air of horror to a medium that's hard for me at least to actually feel any fear or excitement that way, and they're aesthetically peak, but it's entirely fair to say due to their history here it just isn't for the server. It absolutely does draw the worst possible crowd, and that's very hard to control

      Many such cases on Lotc, it's really very unfortunate, but we can't change people as easily as we can change lore 

  10. I'm kinda like the Kwisatz Haderach except instead of spice I vape and instead of seeing the future I can detect unstolen copper insulation.

  11. what the hell happened here?

    1. Borin


      American holiday and Christian celebration on same day 

    2. Sean_VEVO


      Instigators bait each other and cry instead of respecting each other and minding their own business

    3. Borin


      No no please respect my beliefs *makes snide comment about someone elses

  12. Finally, proof that smoking is good for you. +1
  13. A terrifying presence has entered the room...

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