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  1. Dietrich agrees with Daniel’s sentiments
  2. Dietrich enjoys reading the newspaper!
  3. SURNAME: van Jungingen FIRST NAME: Dietrich ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: Reza, Black Street V DATE OF BIRTH: 1697 Are you registered and eligible to vote in the province of Haense?: Yes Do you have any other title, peerage or public service that may conflict with becoming an Imperial Senator, as per the Edict of Establishment (1736) or Edict of Election (1736)?: No If yes, do you understand that you will be required to resign or abdicate from this position should you be elected to the Imperial Senate, and if this does not occur your seat shall be considered to be vacant?: N/A ((MC NAME)): Ghost_Waffles
  4. “Ave!” Cries Dietrich fervently as he reads the missive.
  5. 'The sun shall not set just yet.' Dietrich repeats fervently.
  6. Dietrich sheds a tear as he reads Peter's response. 'We'll gladly die to save the North! We'll gladly die to save Oren!'
  7. Dietrich simply nods as he reads the document. ‘Da, this woman speaks the truth.’
  8. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On Curonia, Suffonia and the Empire The Holy Orenian Empire is the one true state of a united humanity. It is the ultimate expression of humanity’s nationhood – just as the high elves have Haelun’or, as the wood elves have Irrinor, as the dwarves have Urguan. It is therefore the duty of every man, woman and child to defend it, for by defending it, they defend humanity. The continued existence of Oren speaks to its almost transcendent longevity and incredible immortality – whenever it ceases to exist, there will always be those who succeed in ensuring it returns. The Empire is therefore worth fighting for; it is the ultimate symbol of humanity’s desire to create and maintain a strong union of peoples. Oren brings peace. Oren brings order. Oren brings prosperity. Serving the state is the highest honour required of any man. The state is more important than even familial bonds – nothing comes before it. Every citizen must be willing to lay down his life for the state; the state is more than a political construct. Rather, it is a gathering of similar peoples melded into an insoluble whole. The state is facing dark times; the Pax Orenia is currently threatened yet again. But it has been challenged before, and emerged maintained. If we stand together, nothing and no one can stand against us and hope to prevail, can hope to end the Pax Orenia for more than a moment, can hope to end the state. Now, I did not initially support The Empire – that is a simple truth that I shall not bother denying. But the unfaltering will and steadfast decisions of Petyr III have restored my faith in our mighty union. A lesser man may have abandoned Haense to stand alone – but the Emperor stood by us. He is truly a loving father and loyal brother to mankind. He believes in a united humanity. He believes in defending the territorial integrity of the one true state of our collective peoples. There are not all those who are so steadfast as our beloved Emperor, however. Cowardly, treacherous Curon has done what it does best – betray its allies and back out of promises and pledges at the first signs of danger, as it has done in the past. How Curonia can be respected by anybody at this point, is beyond me. It has foolishly scorned the loving Empire that supported it in times of strife, with no apparent reason aside from a baseless predilection for turn-coating. The only thing Curon is good at is betrayal and treachery. It’s worth citing the words of the esteemed Vivaca Rutledge, who I not only greatly admire, but who also summarises Curon’s situation with first-hand experience: ‘Curon is a failing kingdom … deception is at the heart of Curonia ... this cycle of betrayal is tired and old and must be put aside, once and for all. But knowing Curonia, that may never happen.’ Oh, and Suffonia is simply so irrelevant that I forgot it existed, and I am sure I am not alone in this sentiment – Suffonia, like Curon, simply does not matter in the grand scheme of anything, for it does not offer unique culture, especial military might or any brilliant minds to anyone, nor does it have any mighty monuments or especially famous heroes. It will not be able to survive on its own due to its tiny army and previous reliance on the Orenian Empire. No, when Suffonia, or the land it encompasses, is reabsorbed back into the Empire, no-one will have noticed that it ever left. I would spit vehemently on those spineless traitors, the pathetic Lord Regent of Curonia and the Lord Protector of Suffonia. However, in all honesty, I wonder if they are deserving of the effort, considering that those mouth-breathers are probably drooling such fluids all over themselves at all hours with spasmodic fits of brain-dead, undeserved self-congratulations of their ‘independence’. The only thing they are independent of is the relevance they so desperately crave. So, if any of you, my Haeseni brothers and my other Orenian friends, feel worried at the desertions of these two pathetic, failed states – don’t. If anything, their cowardice only strengthens our resolve and reinforces the awareness of our duties, the duties of loyal citizens, to our own state. The armies of Curon and Suffonia are very small – the viability of maintaining the Empire is not threatened by the lack of them. Nothing, really, has changed. The Holy Orenian Empire is the ultimate expression of a unified humanity. It is therefore the duty of every man, woman and child to defend it. Written by Dietrich van Jungingen -Writer and Philosopher- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dedicated to, and with the gracious patronage of, His Royal Majesty King Andrik III and the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska And also dedicated to the great glory of the Holy Orenian Empire The Calling of the Will Our union's been slighted, here's a fight - When your Empire calls will you assist? Here comes war, to cowards' fright - For freedom's sake will you enlist? Here's your home, in the enemy's sight - When Morsgrad comes will you raise your fist? Here comes Godric, duke of blight - In foul tyranny's face will you resist? Here comes war, the long black night - We'll perish, if we do not persist! Written by Dietrich van Jungingen -Writer and Philosopher- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. Dietrich van Jungingen looks forwards to writing plays for the troupe!
  11. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dedicated to, and with the gracious patronage of, His Royal Majesty King Andrik III and the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska The Ship of State Sail on, you ship of state! Ship of northern Union great! Sail on, through cold ice plow Breezing on with eager bow; Sail on, where harsh storms blow Bringing lesser nations low; Sail on, through dange'rous seas Steering through both pain and ease Sail on, you ship of state! Ship of northern Duma great! All your good, loyal crew Look eager to a future new; To unwritten hopes and fears Of untold fates of future years; All await just past your sight; Sail on: times ahead shine bright! Written by Dietrich van Jungingen -Writer and Philosopher- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. Application: ((MC Name: Ghost_Waffles)) ((Discord [Can Share Privately]: Ghost_Waffles #1729)) Name: Dietrich van Jungingen Age: 42 Place of Birth: Haense Position Being Applied For: Artisan (Poet) Previous Job Experience (If Applicable): I've been a poet for over twenty years, and I would dare say I'm quite good at it.
  13. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Memories of Another Time – Part I I find often, that I reminisce and think of what was before. These poems, I think shall capture my passed memories and thoughts – my nostalgic view of our past, tragic and glorious, and events long such forgotten. When writing these, a strange sorrow has often gripped me, ghosts conjured up from my memories of another time. I have labelled these two poems, ‘Part I’, for I am sure that I shall write many more in these coming months. The Prikaz Ah, the gleaming Prikaz Palace; Where songs were sung, a king's ear was lent Where the finest Carrion Black filled every chalice; When I recall those time-worn years, I bitterly lament. I cry fond tears at your cruelest fate, At your disuse and your neglect. The last king to stay has left your gate; So I raise a glass of Carrion Black with old respect Renatus Defeated Ah, you crumbled, dead, Renatian regime! Your legions are gone - good riddance to that; Your memory's ephemeral, like a forgotten bad dream; No more Kings on the Dragon’s throne are sat. Your own people rejoiced when you were dissolved And not by a heroic struggle, but by a mere decree! You who made Helena decadent and devolved: I remember your end with satisfied glee. Written by Dietrich van Jungingen -Writer and Philosopher- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  14. WAYREST Times in Wayrest have certainly been interesting as of late. Eric Cumberland, the beloved champion of the people, has triumphed over a large Redguard expeditionary force supporting the knave Edwystir Moorford, thereby defeating his bitter foe for the second time and killing him in single combat on the field of battle. With the Redguards crushed, his force turned northwards, greeted with cheers and adoration. Cumberland himself is now hailed as king by many a peasant. And yet, the time for kingship has not come just yet; local magnates and leaders still maintain autonomous control over the scattered towns and regions of the country and there is a still a general state of lawlessness and relative anarchy. Furthermore, the city of Wayrest itself still lays in ruins, occupied by marauding freebooters and pirates. And, perhaps the greatest challenge to peace of them all, the pretender of Northpoint maintains an icy grasp over the northernmost reaches of the kingdom; it is this that is threat Cumberland marches to put down. As the adoring crowds and busy towns are replaced by scorched countryside and empty villages, a barren wasteland, it becomes obvious to Cumberland's men that whilst their leader stands on the pedestal of greatness, it is but a pedestal of sand, with the future lying misty and inscrutable. There is plenty of time yet for winds to change, for a wayward arrow or unfortunate decision to end Cumberland's ascendancy: these are interesting times... Actions: The march continues...
  15. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Stallion See the Stallion, this god of war, And gasp in terror and in fear As this knight lets out his battle-roar And smites his foes far and near; They fall before this being. Who is this saint of battle, who walks amongst mere men? He is the Northern saviour, whose never made a judgement wrong; Who is this clever mind of war, who's beyond mere mortal ken? He is a mighty soldier, who's praised in every tavern song; So I'll tell you who this is, dear friends For to the King his talent lends And for our Kingdom he has served And from his mission never curved; This is a man of duty and of honour. His victories roll from heralds' tongues; He is this Kingdom's warder And his loyal men make weak their lungs To cry 'Aye!' to every order: At Helena, Silversea, Leuven, he fought as a lion. He's at the front of every charge, The greatest general of our day, His feats are many, always large: The brave Ser Wilheim Barclay. Written by Dietrich van Jungingen -Writer and Philosopher- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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