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    Buck News.

    Karl smiles, having found a new favourite newspaper
  2. Karl Amador's endorsements for the Haense General Elections of 1775 Morning in a pine forest – Ivan Shishkin As various people have already asked me who I give my support to in the upcoming Haensetian General Elections, I figured I might as well write a public endorsement of the candidates I find best suited for their positions. Tribune – Mackensen For tribune I will vote for Ionian Mackensen. I believe Mackensen has done a splendid job in his previous three terms as Tribune and I fully trust him to continue doing so in his fourth term. So far the only other candidate for tribune is Forrest Cooke, someone I do not know well enough and I do not believe has enough experience, to convince me that he will do as good a job as Mackensen. Royal Alderman – Barclay For Royal Alderman, I give my fullest support to Manfred Barclay. Though Barclay may be young, I believe he has quite the experience with the position already through Sir Osvald Barclay, who did a fine job as Alderman and will undoubtedly guide the already very competent and trustworthy Manfred to do great work in the Haensetian Duma with this position. Maer – Baruch/Vyronov My endorsement for Maer is a bit more complicated. There are four candidates for the position of Maer, three of which I find noteworthy and I will mention here. Firstly there is Angelika Bykov. I have a lot of experience with Miss Bykov through her being my colleague in the House of Commons, and I will say that while her intensions are often good, her execution can be quite lacking. It is not irregular for me to find myself slightly disappointed by Bykov's delivered work, and with her current position in the House of Commons and her job as Undersecretary of the Ministry of the Interior, I feel she will be too occupied to effectively serve as Maer of New Reza. I DO NOT RECOMMEND VOTING FOR BYKOV FOR MAER. That leaves two others, Vorion Baruch and Stefan Vyronov. I consider both of these to be decent enough candidates for the position of Maer, but I also believe both of them have a flaw which makes it difficult for me to pick one above the other. As for Mister Baruch, I would wish he had made his plans as Maer more clear. I believe he is a good candidate as a person, but I would wish he had informed us more of what he would do as Maer. As for Stefan Vyronov, I believe his plans for Maer are very clear and I am on board with them, but he has been Maer before, and in his previous term I feel he has lived up to his promises that he now repeats somewhat poorly. He has said he will do more to follow up on his promises and I hope he will actually do so if he is re-elected. As said for these reasons I cannot pick either Baruch or Vyronov above the other, and as I feel they are both well-suited candidates, I will happily endorse both Vorion Baruch and Stefan Vyronov as good candidates for the position of Maer.
  3. Karl Amador Foundation for Culture and Learning (KAFCuL) When I ran for the House of Commons this election, many people gave me their vote of confidence and I thank all of you for your support. However, while the election results gave me a strong mandate, it did not do the same for the Everardine party of which I am a member. Now in my campaign, I made some promises to the people of the Empire, some promises I plan on keeping. With my party’s minority in the House of Commons this becomes a bit of a challenge however. Therefore, I have decided to take personal initiative. One of my main campaign promises was that I would work to promote and preserve our cultures and traditional values with more funding for libraries, academies and the Canonist Church. To ensure I make good on this promise, I announce the founding of the Karl Amador Foundation for Culture and Learning (KAFCuL for short). What I mean with this announcement is the following: I, Karl Amador, will set aside an initial 10,000 Minas and possibly more in the future, from my own pockets into a Foundation budget from which all money will go to fund one of the following institutions: The Northern Geographical Society Museum The Royal Academy of Saint Catherine The Weeping Wick Theatre The Haensetian Library The Imperial Library The Imperial Academy The Canonist Church Any of these institutions are free to contact me if they are ever short on funding or would like funding for improvements to their institution and the services they offer. If other institutions would like to be involved as well they can send me a private letter and I will consider it. With this, I hope that the preservation and promoting of culture in our Empire is supported for years to come and I look forward to close cooperation with any and all individuals involved in these organisations to bring actual, positive change to the people of the Empire. Your obedient servant, K. Amador
  4. Why should YOU vote AMADOR, in seventeen-seventy-four? Who is Karl Amador? I’m a member of the House of Commons from Haense. I began my political career over in New Reza, sitting in the Haensetian Duma for House Amador various times, positioning myself on the Feudalist bench. I entered politics on an Imperial level with a bid for a Senatorial seat, running against the incumbent, President Sir Konrad Stafyr, resulting in a tie before being defeated by my opponent in a second round of voting. Upon the formation of the House of Commons, I joined the Everardine Party as a moderate and soon after found myself gaining a seat in the Commons in which I’ve served ever since. As of recently I have been appointed Chairman of the Party. Aside from my political career, I have served in the Ministry of Justice for some time as a Constable before I received my seat in the House. In Haense I run a small family owned company where we sell goods produced and grown on our land. I’ve written a few books and other works over the years and as of recently I’ve involved myself directly in the fight against the Scyfling invasion of Haense, standing between the soldiers in various battles. What does he stand for? As stated, I consider myself to be a moderate Everardine. While ultimately I agree the most with my conservative Everardine colleagues, itt is not entirely unusual to find myself agreeing with some of the liberal Josephites’ standpoints. This combined with the fact that I sometimes take inspiration from some Sanoist beliefs, means that I often try to seek the bipartisan way in my resolutions and policies, seeking to bridge the gap that divides the House of Commons. On a cultural and social level I consider myself to be a (tolerant) conservative, while on an economic level I would consider myself more to be on the socialist or sanoist side, being a proponent for welfare principles, support subsidies for businesses to stimulate the economy and lower taxes. What is he running on this election? My standpoints are as follows: -Subsidizing small businesses and walk-in stores -Less focus on new policies, more focus on making the policies we have actually work -Ensuring the provinces reap equal benefit from the imperial government and her policies compared to Oren. -Preserving and promoting culture and traditional values; more funding for libraries, academies and if needed the church too. -Supporting both the ISA and the HRA if needed to maintain a strong and agile military. -Providing whatever the Crown of Haense needs to combat the Scyfling threat -Lowering housing prices in Helena -Smaller government; lessening the bureaucratic mess and the top-down system. What other candidates do you support voting for? Of the currently declared candidates, I recommend voting for either Farooq Gray, Philip Pruvia-Albarosa or Heinrick Othaman, considering citizens have 3 votes to cast. If one insists on voting for a Josephite politician, I recommend Sir Konstantin Wick.
  5. SURNAME: Amador FIRST NAME: Karl ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: Barony of Mondstadt DATE OF BIRTH: 1734 Are you registered and eligible to vote in the Holy Orenian Empire?: Yes Do you have any other title, peerage or military service that may conflict with becoming a Member of the House of Commons, as per the Edict of Reform (1763)?: No If yes, do you understand that you will be required to resign or abdicate from this position should you be elected to the House of Commons, and if this does not occur your seat shall be considered to be vacant?: Yes ((MC NAME)): SanderWarrior14
  6. An Everardine’s view on emancipation for racial minorities. I remember very clearly the brief, yet important, conversation I had a few years ago. It was at the opening of a new exhibition at the museum of the Northern Geographical Society, the person I spoke with was a Wonk. He was a kindred spirit, level-headed, politically engaged, knew what he was talking about too. He, along with some of the others present, wished to hear my views as a politician upon emancipation for his kind, the Wonks. He argued that, as he was an intelligent, non-violent race, capable of contributing to society as he currently so proves, he is owed equal rights to that of humankind or elvenkind. Not too long after that, another Wonk by the name of Zulom Toadicus, wrote an open letter to the House of Commons, arguing the exact same point. If it hadn’t already been apparent from hearsay, it became overly clear then, from the reactions expressed about the letter by members of both political parties, that the consensus amongst the political class was one of agreement, Wonks deserved emancipation. Why is it then that now, several years later, we still do not have this equal position for Wonks, or, in a broader sense, Wonks and Kharajyr? There are in fact a few reasons for this in my view. For one, the current inefficient state of Parliamentary politics plays a part in this. In the current state of affairs, there’s little getting done due to a lack of engagement from party members, poor scheduling of committee meetings, many being on leave and a general dwindling of parliamentary spirit. Another reason in the same category is that the House of Commons is currently being overwhelmed with an abundance of bills and bills in the making, many of which take a long time to debate, stretching across multiple sessions. This means that there’s few politicians looking to add another big bill like one of emancipation for other races. A different kind of reason for this, is the subconscious fear amongst members of both parties of alienating some of their more conservative voters by proposing a thing like equal rights for Wonks and Kharajyr. I feel that, while this isn’t a major reason, it still plays a role and thus ought to be mentioned. However, aside from these issues holding back the passing of such legislature, there is a much bigger underlying problem with this policy. For a second, let us say we can legislate unanimous emancipation, equality reigns, and yes it’s great. But we cannot cure prejudice or racial hate. So where do we go from here? Racial tensions or segregation? Denying minorities rights is a problem, but we can’t address a question if we do not have an answer. For centuries, Kharajyr have either been treated as animals and hunted down by humankind, or reluctantly allowed into our society, but frowned upon with racial preconception. While there exists less of such a sentiment towards Wonks, there still exists some. We cannot rid the population of these feelings through a simple piece of legislation. If we don’t give these racial minorities a special status, there will be those who will take measures against their equal place in our society, possibly violently. Yet if we were to segregate these minorities, they would still not know equal societal status. Thus, if we are to grant Wonks and Kharajyr equal rights and liberties, we are faced yet again by another, even greater, question. And I don’t pretend to know the answer, but the question is real. Your Obedient Servant, K. Amador
  7. Sander

    Sander's Skin Auction

    Goin' once, goin' twice, SOLD! Adventurer – NOT SOLD Musketman – Sold to Drew2_dude for 1.5 grand! Hungarian Brown – Sold to GoodGuyMatt for 1.5 grand! Gambeson Soldier – Sold to MadOne for 1 grand! Frederickian Blue – NOT SOLD It was Walpole – Sold to Caranthir_ for 1 grand! Labourer – Sold to 1_Language_1 for 1.1 grand! Easterling Flower Dress – Sold to GoodGuyMatt for 1 grand! Blue Frock Coat – Sold to GoodGuyMatt for 1.1 grand! Those who bought a skin will be contacted by me on discord! Anyone interested in either of the two unsold skins or a commission done by me is free to contact me at Sander#0004
  8. An Open Letter on the Abolishment of Indentured Servitude Bill To the Honourable Miss Angelika Bykov and her colleagues of the Josephite Party, As the recently introduced bill on abolishing the practice of indentured servitude now sits tabled and awaits further discussion by the House of Commons and I wasn't able to offer my opinion on the bill during our sitting, I shall do here on paper, in clear language, so that any man or woman that considers themselves a spectator of our work, this theatrical performance that the Josephites call governance, can read it. For it doesn't take many words to string together to accurately depict what this bill is about and what my personal view on it is. This bill is, by all practical means, useless. Now before you, your colleagues or anyone reading this condemns me to be a slaver, a racist or an oppressor, let me explain this statement. During the past campaigning season, you, Miss Bykov, and your colleagues, campaigned on the promise to abolish slavery and indentured servitude like the heroes thee are! Truly, none could wish for a more just and proper bunch of politicians! Coincidentally, this could of course bring in a lot of votes, but that can't be what drives such an honourable politician as thee. There is but one problem with the pretty promise of criminalizing indentured servitude, and that is that it is already illegal. What heaps of work thee could've spared yourself, your colleagues and the rest of us if only you'd read up on the Orenian Revised Codex a little better, because slavery or involuntary servitude is already illegal under part 202.093 of the ORC. And yes, as said during the House of Commons' last session, some changes ought to be made to this law, as it could be improved upon. But, if that is what thee were out to do, then thee should've just written up an amendment to the law and not a bill to abolish something that was abolished long ago or a perfectly legal practice. There are two forms of indentured servitude; slavery and forced labour, which are illegal under the aforemention act, and servitude one is bound to through a signed contract, the latter being a practice that is legal and functions as a means sometimes used to rid oneself of debts, involving consent from both parties involved. So, assuming you and your colleagues weren't out to criminalize a legal financial practice with which there's inherently nothing wrong, that leaves us with a few options. For one it could be that you, Miss Bykov, and the entirety of the Josephite Party were unaware that practices like slavery and forced labour were illegal, which would suggest of a terribly poor grasp of our law Codex. What could also be the case is that this bill was merely something sweet to campaign on and win votes with, informing the public you'll make a hated practice illegal, capitalizing on the fact that a large part of the masses are unaware that said practice is already illegal. If your goal was to fix some of the minor issues with the law in the Orenian Revised Codex, you would've written a bill to amend the law, not a bill to abolish indentured servitude. This suggests to me that that was not your goal and instead one of the two scenarios above are the case. Combine this wih the fact that the bill included much poor and improper wording and that equates to a useless bill that isn't worth discussing. It is for these reasons that I condemn this bill to be utterly useless and a waste of my time, your time and that of all of our honourable colleagues. I am not a slaver, a racist or an oppressor, I am firmly opposed to indentured servitude, just like I am firmly opposed to pseudo-legislation that wastes everybody's time and either has no purpose or serves to decorate one's resume. Therefore, I humbly request that you and your party withdraw the submission of this Commons-unworthy 'bill' and instead focus your efforts on writing up a proper amendment to perfect the law in the ORC. Your Obedient Servant, K. Amador
  9. As of lately, I've gotten more into making skins, and I figured I'd do one of these skin auctions to see if people liked them and were interested in buying them! Also I do commissions now to a limited extent; pm me on discord if interested! Rules: The bids not following these rules will be ignored and seen as invalid bids. You can not edit a comment, please make a new one so that it is easier to keep track. Bidding starts at 1000 minas. All bidding will be increments of a minimum 100 minas. You MUST be able to pay the amount required as soon as the auction ends. Bid format: Discord: Skin(s) and bid(s) (Label clearly with the skin name and list seperately if multiple): Skins: Adventurer: Musketman: Hungarian Brown: Gambeson Soldier: Frederickian Blue: It was Walpole: Labourer: Easterling Flower Dress: (Note: White skirt is see-through but that's not visible here) Blue Frock Coat: Happy biddings! EDIT: THE AUCTION WILL END ON 1st OF JUNE, MIDNIGHT CEST (6PM EDT)
  10. Teykh Syndicate 880 Exploring the cradle Finance: Expenses (49,500 G) -The Scientific Syndicate is funded: Research is done twice as fast (-5000 G) -4 Azuweth Legions are conscripted (24,000 G / 4 AP / 2000 manpower) -2 units of Teykh Engineers are conscripted (10,000 G / 500 manpower) -1 Town is built along the river (15,000 G) Trade Trade is conducted with the following nations: -Ishikawa -Amarantic Dominion -Anaxes -Pérasmani League -Ascalon -Samalstraza Technology Research (45,000 G) Slot 1: Research continues on the Printing Press. (10,000 G) Slot 2: Research continues on the (Repeating) Crossbows. (20,000 G) Slot 3: A foreign investor has hired the Teykh Scientists and Engineers to pioneer technology that will help stabilize weaponry on ships. They start tinkering on a Gyroscope. (15,000 G) Passive Research: - The Scientists Syndicate continues researching ancient steam power contraptions. Magic (40,000 G) -A Mage is hired. The Mages Syndicate starts working on a Communication Rune spell Diplomacy: -An envoy is sent to Wyom, seeking to establish a line of correspondence between the two nations. ((If accepted, hmu on discord))
  11. Karl Amador nodded approvingly with a big smile as he read this "Let us be known as the party of action and getting things done. Its a long way to progress and prosperity, but at least we have people to pave it!”
  12. Karl frowned deeply as he was told of Karolina's passing, signing a Lorraine cross as he lowered his head in sadness. He looked out across the coast where the naval battle was fought, a soft whisper escaping him into the wind: "...Pro Patria Mori...”
  13. Teykh Syndicate 879 Building a Nation Finance: Expenses -470750 G -The Guilds Syndicate is funded: -5% building cost (-500 G) -52 Civilian Manufactories are built. (-370500 G) -1 Commercial District is built. (-9500 G) -1 Trade Depot is built. (-9500 G) -Resilient Stone Walls are built in Teykh. (-23750 G) -4 Mines are built (-19000 G) -4 Heavy Manufactories are built. (-28500 G) -2 Farms are built (-9500 G) Finance: Trade Trade is started with the following nations: -Ishikawa -Amarantic Dominion -Anaxes -Pérasmani League -Samalstraza -Ascalon Finance: Technology Research (25,000G) Slot 1: Having heard of devices like this that greatly bolster book production being made in various nations like the Pérasmani League for example, the Scientist Syndicate sets to work on developing a Printing Press. Slot 2: The Azuweth Legion decides they need better ranged weaponry than regular bows to defend the city from possible attacks. They call in the aid of the research department to develop a different kind of bow they've heard of: the Crossbow. Slot 3: With the Grand Syndics recent investments in Teykh’s heavy industry, engineers set to work on improving the production of iron and steel. They make plans to replace the old Osmond process of refining with the Finery Process. (+1 Steel from Mines?) Passive Research: - The Scientist Syndicate takes interest in and a closer look at descriptions of a steam machine once made by their peers of the Atem Empire, setting to work on attempting to make a scale model to see what they can do with it. Finance: Magic (10,000 G) The Mages Syndicate set to work on mastering the basics of Runemancy and Golemancy and hire an Adept to join them. Actions: (will do more next turn, but its late and I wanna finish this up + I’m just startin out) -Men are sent out to survey the Teykh lands and search them for interesting resources(looking for Rare Minerals and Rare Goods) -The Teykh Constabulary is established to police the city, beginning to gather information on disloyal subjects and subversive or covert activities. -Some scouts are sent out westwards with a hunting group to observe eastern Wyom for border defences and troop stationing.
  14. Karl Amador, closed his eyes with a frown and lowered his head to mutter a soft prayer before saying to those beside him "A great statesman passed away today... Lest we forget.” Meanwhile, in the Seven Skies, Henrik Amador and the other Sanoist comrades put on their Blue Berets, standing to attention and saluting Fabius as after many, many years, he at last would join them.
  15. Discord Name; You got it Nation Name: Teykh Syndicate Government Type: Confederation of technocratic syndics Magic Type: Runesmithing Leader: Grand Syndic Emanuel Culture: The Teykh Syndicate has no very dominant culture, as its inhabitants mostly consist of immigrants from all over the continent, though it boasts both a significant Atemic and a considerable Wyomian culture group . Aside from Atemics and Wyomians, the Syndicate boasts sizeable populations of people from Salvus, Alean and the Aldemaric League, commonly referred to as the ‘Chtorian’ population of the country. These Chtorians form a diverse majority within the small country, though the Atemics and Wyomians are only a minority by a slim margin. All in all, the country is very diverse in culture, forming a melting pot of cultures. History: Long ago, during the times of Atem, a trading post was set up on the banks of the river where the Syndicate now stands. Over time, this trading post, which attracted merchants, guilds and ‘free thinkers’ (scientists and mages) from across the Sea of Chtor, grew into a city. Originally, the post was ran by a dynasty of merchant governors, the Abelman dynasty, who essentially ran the city of Teykh as petty Kings over a city state. As the number of immigrants increased and the power of guilds and merchant and magical organizations grew though, the petty Kings of Teykh struggled to maintain their rule over the city and its surrounding lands. Eventually, after a few years of economic hardship and famine, King Heber IV was killed by an angry mob, and the Abelman dynasty was ended. What replaced it was not a new dynasty, but a completely new system of government altogether. Those with any influence within the citystate, mainly the merchant factions, guilds, scientific organizations and magical orders organized themselves in four groups called ‘syndicates’, named after their leaders; the ‘syndics’ or administrators. These syndics seized power within the small country, establishing a confederation of syndics. Every four years, the representatives of all four syndicates would elect one of the syndics to serve as Grand Syndic, the leader of the newborn country. Depending on which syndicate this Grand Syndic had a background in, the country would be lead in a certain direction. A Grand Syndic from the merchant syndicate would focus his policies towards trade and being open to foreigners. One from the guilds syndicate would typically focus on growing the production of goods and Grand Syndics from the scientific and magical syndicates would focus the nation on innovation and technology or magical understanding and learning respectively. Grand Syndic Emanuel of the Scientific Syndicate (7 Leadership, 5 Charisma) Recently, with large Empires on the rise all around the Teykh Syndicate, and war brewing in the east between the Choranic Empire and the Kingdom of Ascalon and in the west between the Chicahtoc Empire and the Pact of Wyom, the cry for a strong leader figure to become Grand Syndic has been larger than ever. In the last election, the representatives elected Grand Syndic Emanuel from the Scientific Syndicate, who won by a landslide due to his charismatic yet firm character. He was granted an emergency mandate by the council of syndics, which gives a Grand Syndic far-reaching authority to guide the country in times of trouble or impending threats. With this mandate, the new Grand Syndic set to work on guiding and shaping the nation in his image; one of scientific and technological progress. Thus adapting a slightly different form of government in which all syndicates worked to further the research effort and syndics were appointed based on their technological expertise; the Confederation of Technocratic Syndics. Groups of interest: The syndicates of merchants, guilds, scientists and mages, each running their respective part of the government, the guilds syndicate being the largest, divided into smaller syndicates that represent the different guilds like the tailors guild and the smithing guild. Places of interest: The City of Teykh, capital and namesake of the Teykh Syndicate. The Vaser River and its valley, in which the city and the heartlands of the small country lie. It is densely packed with farmlands and smaller towns functioning like suburbs to the larger city. Key Figures (3 people with points): Syndic Absolom of the Magical Syndicate (1 Leadership, 11 Arcane Skill) The oldest of the current Syndics, Absolom the Mage has devoted his life to practicing the Arcane art, having made his way up the ranks of his syndicate as a result of his knowledge and skill with the art of magik. Commander Isaak of the Syndicate’s Azuweth Legion (Leadership 3, Martial 8, Agility 1) Commander Isaak has served as an officer in the Azuweth Legion for nearly half his life, having gained considerable martial skill. With the election of Grand Syndic Emanuel, he saw himself being promoted to Commander of the Legion. Syndic Alphus of the Guilds Syndicate (4 Leadership, 1 Martial, 3 Charisma, 1 Arcane, 3 Agility) Syndic Alphus has, though being a young man, proven himself to be an effective leader and a jack of all trades, having worked for nearly all of the major guilds in the past. He aligned himself closely with the technocratic view of the new Grand Syndic. Point Distribution: Technology 10 Economy 10 Military 2 Loyalty 1 Sea-Faring 2 Size 0 Magic 5 Nat Idea: “Four Syndicates” - Can choose 1 out of 4 syndicates to fund each turn: -Merchant Syndicate; Trade income +5% -Guilds Syndicate; -500g, Buildings are 5% less expensive -Scientific Syndicate; -500g, tech research is done twice as fast -Magical Syndicate; -500g, magic learning is done twice as fast Unique Units (3): Repeating Crossbowmen -Size: 200 -Cost: 7000 -Classification: Crossbowmen -Cap: 4000 Azuweth Legionaries: -Size: 500 -Cost: 1 AP + 7000 -Classification: Medium Inf -Cap: 7500 Teykh Engineers: -Size: 250 -Cost: 5000 -Classification: Misc. -Cap: 3000 (Cost and Cap is ofc subject to change from mod) Starting Location: Where this river flows into the sea, on either riverbank. What is my Favorite color?: This shade of gray, obviously
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