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  1. Gilondir sat on the branch of a tree, overlooking the landscape outside of Irrinor. He'd walked out to be alone after Nerrin had told him the news about Arabella. He stared out at the fields like he'd been doing for some time now, tears in the corners of his eyes. "You weren't supposed to go first, dammit. You were always kind, always nice, always the best you could be to others, always the better person. Yet I'm still here and you're gone.” He grumbled as he looked up a tthe stars. "You could've done so much more, Ara.. You were supposed to outlive the bulk of us, the happiest you could possibly be for all your days. You didn't deserve less than that, you didn't...” The mali'ame sniffed, biting his lip. "You were a good person Ara, that you were, one of the best. I'm sorry I didn't spend more time with you when I still could... But I guess you thought your time had come.. Good luck on this new path that you've taken. Farewell old friend...” He murmered softly, his words being carried away with the wind into the night sky.
  2. SHADY & SHIFTY (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGD2N5hJ2e0) 1919, England. The Great War is over and many young, scarred men and boys are returning home. Things weren’t like they were before France. They had all lost friends, brothers, sons and fathers. Those who came back weren’t the same lads that left to serve. They had all seen death, weren’t afraid of killing no more. They’d grown hard and cold. Now they had families to take care of again, mouths to feed. And many of them realized that in the cold, miserable, corrupt and unequal cities of England, the best ways of making money weren’t always the cleanest. Everyone could use a few extra quid, so if you could get some, you would. Doesn’t matter what you have to do for it. In this forum rp, you don’t play as a nation like in most frp’s, instead you play as one of 20th century Britain’s many gangs, competing over scores, territory and other aspects of gangster business. It’s freeform, meaning you don’t have to keep points and the likes in mind, but remain realistic; you’ll have to be clever to get what you want and nothing is off the charts, everyone can be on your wage list for everyone has a price. Along with powergaming, metagaming is obviously not allowed. You can either choose one of the following gangs or apply with the proposition of your own gang. BIRMINGHAM The Brummagem Boys - Located in Birmingham, this gang led by Billy Kimber consists of Englishmen and make their money by bookmaking and fixing horse races as well as a diaspora of other criminal activities. If you wish to fix races at Chaltenham racecourse or do big mobster business in the Midlands, you better have the permission of mr. Kimber and his men. The Peaky Blinders - Another Birmingham gang, housed in Small Heath, the Peaky Blinders are the Brummagem Boys’ main obstacle. These Englishmen, Gypsies and Irishmen are led by Thomas Shelby and earn their money with similar activities, mainly bookmaking, smuggling and protection rackets. They have the Birmingham police force in their pocket and hold connections with the Camden Town Gang, who they smuggle most of their goods to by boat along the canals of England. The Lee Family - This large Gypsy family with lots of men controls the countryside of the Black Country and Central Midlands where they live off the land in their wagon camps, rob coaches, carriages and transport boats coming through the area and extort the local population. They frequently rob boats with smuggled goods leaving Birmingham, most of which belong to the Peaky Blinders, who they consider their main rival. The family gang is headed by the matriarch, Esmeralda Lee. LONDON The Yiddishers - One of the many gangs of London, the Jewish Yiddishers, headed by notorious and aggressive Alfie Solomon run their operations from Whitechapel, making the bulk of their money in smuggling their own illegally brew booze and bookmaking. Their main rival is the Sabini Gang who they team up against with the Hoxton Mob, their ally. They work together with the Camden Town Gang in their smuggling efforts. The Sabini Gang - These Italian immigrants with connections to the Sicilian Maffia are the big boys of London, located in Clerkenwell. Led by Charles Sabini, the so called King of the Racecourse gangs, this gang has got it made, having control over the racefixing at the Epsom horseracing course, the second largest race in the country, as well as running various gambling clubs in central London. This gang has got many enemies, but has the support of many policemen in the centre and south of the city, who they have on their wage list. Their main rivals are the Yiddishers in the city and the Brummagem Boys out on the racecourse. The Hoxton Mob - The Hoxton Mob, led by Curly Hoxton, has a whole lot of men of various ethnic backgrounds that work in the factories when the gang doesn’t require them, but struggles financially. The gang is based in London’s Soho district where they make money off of protection rackets, running gambling clubs and trying their luck at fixing races at Epsom. They fight against the Sabini’s for control over these clubs, race fixing rights and their territory, having found the need to make an alliance with the Jewish Yiddishers to continue their struggle. The Elephant and Castle Mob - Another one of the bigger gangs of London, the Elephant and Castle Mob, led by the brothers Wag and Wal MacDonald consists of Englishmen and Scots, their main rival is, again, the Sabini Gang, who they are in a constant war with, both sides regularly killing men of one another. The mob is allied with Billy Kimber’s Brummagem Boys in their fight against the Sabini’s, as well as the Camden Town Gang, while having a mutual respect relation with the Hoxton Mob. The Elephant and Castle Mob makes their money with bookmaking, extortion, counterfeiting and smuggling stolen goods. The Camden Town Gang - As one of the smaller gangs of London, the Camden Town Gang, ran by George Sage tends to keep out of the bulk of the gang wars in the city, having allied themselves with the Elephant and Castle Mob for protection. They work together on a day to day basis with the Peaky Blinders and the Yiddishers, serving as the primary smuggling port of London, making their money off of selling smuggled and stolen goods like alcohol and weapons. The gang consists mainly out of English and Jewish dockworkers. The King’s Cross Boys - Another small gang, led by Big Alf White. He previously led the Titanic Gang, but this gang of pickpocketeers and petty thiefs was crushed earlier this year (1919) by the Elephant and Castle Mob. Now he has formed this new gang, the King’s Cross Boys, which consists of the Londoner White Family and men from Soho, where the gang is situated. He has allied himself with the Sabini Gang to form a counterbalance against the Hoxton, Elephant, Yiddisher, Camden Town and Brummagem gangs. The gang has plenty of men, but they are in a constant struggle over territory with the Hoxton Gang and their alliance with the Sabini’s prevents them from making big money on the racing tracks, instead being confined to protection racketing, pickpocketing, theft and extortion. APPLICATION: Discord: Pick one of the following; Gang you wish to play: Gang you want to make: Gang name: Leader name: Location (Can be anywhere in the UK): Type of members (Englishmen, Jews, Italians, Gypsies etc.): Primary ways of moneymaking:
  3. Kurfürstentum Bayern Year: 1686 Duke: Maximillian II Emanuel von Wittelsbach Maximillian II would adjourn the Bavarian Council, his group of advisors with which he’d been talking all day now. The council of officers, administrators and noblemen had been held to discuss the future of Bavaria in the years to come, with the Turks posing a growing threat in the East, Spanish and British influence growing, and half of the Holy Roman Empire adhering to Protestantism, the entire council agreed it was time for Bavaria to step up its game. And the path they decided on, was one of reforms and progress. Domestic Policy As part of the reforming proces, a new administrative system is installed that is meant to help with the centralization of the Duchy. Bavaria is split into counties, called Landkreisen, each having about the same population size. Along with this, in each Landkreis, a census is held to accurately record how many houses, inhabitants and other noteworthy characteristics the Landkreis holds. The administrators of each Landkreis then pass on their information to the governing body in München. This way, Duke Maximillian hopes more soldiers will be able to be drafted in wartimes and taxes will be able to be collected in a more accurate and efficient manner. Economic Policy The Bayerische Landesbank is founded as the National Bank of Bavaria, its goal being to establish a central authority for financial matters, especially for matters like inflation rates, state loans and organizing the financial market. Bavarian scholars, scientists and the Bavarian Army’s Engineer Corps have convinced Duke Maximillian to send a letter to French Scientist Denis Papin, who recently left France in favor of Hesse, inviting the man to come to München to further develop his work there with government funding, skilled craftsmen and anything else he could need for his scientific efforts. Foreign Policy Austrian and Bavarian ambassadors sign a treaty to promote economic prosperity between the two allied countries. Trafficking of goods across the Austro-Bavarian border is made tax-free, the Austrian government grants some sizeable investments in the Bavarian economy and Austrian merchants are allowed to set up manufacturing workshops in München. An anonymous Bavarian spy is sent to the Palatine capital of Heidelberg to set up a network of contacts around the Palatine Duke, aiming to make a setup for some sort of plot. Actions ------------------ -Bavarian governing system is reformed with Landkreisen established as counties for governance -A nation-wide census is conducted per Landkreis -A national bank, the Bayerische Landesbank is established -Denis Papin is invited to come work in München for the Bavarian government -An economic treaty is signed between Austria and Bavaria -A spy network begins construction in Heidelberg to function in support of a plot.
  4. dont read this stuff to know what's up, merely for comedic value
  5. Full Name: Henrik II Amador Age: 29 City of Residency: Reza Occupation: Head of House/Sergeant of Haensetian Royal Army Would you be interested in becoming a Blue Beret?: (Yes)
  6. British Empire The church bells of Westminster Abbey sound throughout the centre of London while trumpets blow the first tunes of the British Coronation Anthem. Royalty from all over Europe is invited, as well as many presidents and prime ministers from all over the world. The Royal Standard waves in the wind, as a new King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and the British Dominions, a new Emperor of India, Edward VIII is crowned. LONG LIVE THE KING The election of 1933 With the vote of no confidence passed, not only was King George VI forced to abdicate in favor of Edward VIII, Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald was forced to step down from his position similarly. Normally, the Deputy Prime Minister would take up this position, but MacDonald never formally appointed a Deputy. That, combined with the House of Commons failing to function properly, has lead to Edward VIII calling for new elections as he dissolved the current Parliament. The palace of Westminster closes its doors while the voting offices open theirs. And at the top of the bill sits a new party, formed by an alliance of three men who recently scored headlines in the papers by winning a political victory against the old King, in favor of the new one. This new party, the King’s Party as it’s called, is a coalition of the aforementioned Churchill, George and Mosley, forming a coalition party loyal to King Edward VIII, incorporating George’s Liberal values, Mosley’s fascist views and conservative standpoints he shares with Mr. Churchill. As if the newspaper attention wasn’t enough, the two Members of Parliament and the former Prime Minister, now Father of the House, tour the country, giving speeches all over the place, some of them together with Edward VIII, who’s shown great support for the men who seem to share their plans for Britain with him. Only time will tell what course British politics are taking, as the people await the election results. Scotland All of this political turmoil is not the primary concern of the King and the nation though, the people are reminded as the papers show the young King himself visiting the front up in the Pennines. With nearly 700.000 men on the front in Northern England and everything prepared for an attack, things are set into motion. The RAF drops explosive after explosive upon the Scottish defenses all throughout the night while the majority of the British troops try to get some rest. Upon the break of dawn, forces all along the front ready themselves before the order is given, a front-wide attack commences against the weakened Scottish forces. While the attack is front-wide, a strong, motorized and armored force attacks from Carlisle, headed for Newcastle, aiming to cut off a large part of the Scottish forces and force them into a retreat. Ireland With the army’s main focus right now being on Scotland, the troops in Ireland are not reinforced much. They are however given appropriate equipment, and the English-held cities (Dublin, Waterford and Cork) are fortified and garrisoned by elite forces while military police enforces strict marshal law, not shying away from severely punishing any Irishmen that dare take action against English soldiers. In Ulster, RAF planes drop propaganda leaflets down onto cities like Londonderry and Belfast: traditionally bastions of pro-English and pro-Protestant sentiment in Ireland, calling for the Irish protestants to side with their English brethren, warning them that if Ireland was to succeed against the English, persecution by the catholics was more than likely. Finally, in Dublin, a mixture of Canadian and English forces are amassed with plans being drawn up to retake Leinster, though no plans are put into action just yet. Egypt In Sudan, supply lines are reinforced through Port Sudan and French Djibouti as more and more forces from as close as East Africa or as far away as New Zealand arrive. British engineers build a dam on the Nile river, drastically lowering the amount of water passing through and simply letting it flood into the Merowa basin in northern Sudan, slowly creating a large wetland in the middle of the Sudanese desert and depriving Egypt of its most valuable asset: the Nile river. Small forces of East Africans, Rhodesians and Australians, all veterans that fought against the Ottomans in the Great War, stage a few attacks against the Egyptian forces, carefully testing their defences while the main forces simply guarded the border while supplies were secured. The French Empire is called into the fight against the Egyptians, part of their navy and some troops being stationed on Cyprus together with the British Mediterranean squadron and a force of Royal Marines while they continuously wreak havoc on the Egyptian northern coast. More ships arrive from Great Britain, including two more battleships and a heavy cruiser, brought in to let artillery shells rain down upon the defenses at the Suez. Economy To help support the recovering British economy, sizeable government investments called “The Royal Pennies” are initiated by Edward VIII himself, paid from the royal treasury and targeted on companies that support the war effort like arms producers but also electricity and logistics companies. Actions: -Edward VIII made King -Elections are held -Extensive campaigning for the new King’s Party -Counterattack against the Scots -Buildup in Ireland -Measures taken to prepare for large-scale conflict in Egypt -Royal Pennies
  7. British Empire Rule Britannia, Britannia rule the waves! And rule the waves she did. But ruling on land was an entirely different story nowadays. The Great Depression had hit the global superpower hard and as a result of which, trouble had arisen on the homefront. The Scots and the Irish had revolted and risen up for independence. Many people put the blame on George V, who had been unable to prevent this from happening… The Joint Motion. 19th of January. Westminster: The parliament in Westminster was a mess to say the least, worse than the most furious Brexit debate. The MP’s were trying to discuss what course they should take from here onward. The questioning of George the fifth’s rulership was a hot topic in the discussion, as many looked to him for order and support in these dire times, which he didn’t provide sufficiently. As tensions arose and the Speaker of the House, Edward Fitzroy called a break, MP’s left the House in grave annoyance. Various smaller discussions broke out in the hallways, and amidst the chaos, a few MP’s from multiple parties slipped into a backroom to talk. Most notably, these included: Winston Churchill, member of the conservative party, Father of the House David Lloyd George of the Liberal party and Sir Oswald Mosley of the British Union of Fascists. Later that day, once MP’s had once again gathered in the House of Commons, it was these three men that put forth a joint motion: A vote of no confidence in George V and a demand for his abdication and replacement by Edward VIII as well as a vote of no confidence in Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald. British Army, RAF and Royal Navy: While the men in Westminster were trying to get things under control again, the British Armed forces worked hard to contain the problems for now. Men were deployed to halt the Scottish advance and heavily arm the border to make sure the Scots would be in no position to keep pushing. Marines were sent to help in holding the last held ports in Ireland. Meanwhile, the RAF would combat any Scottish or Irish planes that dared taking to the skies, and the Royal Navy issued a full blockade of the rebellious celts, they would receive no more supplies. Furthermore, these ships were to harass the coasts with naval artillery bombardments on fortified positions and cities. The threat would be contained. Colonial troops were called to service from the Raj, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, South Africa and Rhodesia, to be sent to the Sudan in the effort to reinforce the British defenses against the Egyptian rebels and attempt to halt an Egyptian advance. The Royal Navy mediterranean squadron was also called in to attempt a blockade against the Egyptians, sever their supplies and harass Egyptian ports, namely Port Said. A rumor spread amongst these men, that a million british pounds were promised to the crew that managed to put a hole in the Egyptian battleship and make it sink. As the focus for the Royal Navy laid on the Suez Canal, the fight against the Egyptians soon became known as The Suez Crisis. Actions: -Vote of no confidence against George V and Ramsay MacDonald. -Containment of Scottish and Irish armies and blockading & harassment of their coasts. -Initiation of the Suez Crisis: BEF called in to defend Sudan and Mediterranean Squadron of Royal Navy called in to oppose Egyptian fleet and attempt on breaking defenses of Suez Canal.
  8. Discord Name; None o' yer business Country of choice; British Empire Head of State; George V Government type; Parliamentary Monarchy Suggestions/Feedback/Questions; Keep it alive for longer this time
  9. Lord Henrik Amador signed the paper
  10. Order of Brothers of the German House of Saint Mary in Jerusalem The Teutonic Order “Helfen, Wehren, Heilen” Turn: 3 Current Grandmaster: Heinrich Walpot von Bassenheim Population (Members): 14.250 Allegiance: The Holy See/The Holy Roman Empire Headquarters: Byblos (Kingdom of Acre) --- (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUtXo1sTPDg) The patrol would be on it’s morning routine, 200 German soldiers and 20 knights of the Empire scouted the lands surrounding Ascalon in the coolness of the morning, singing a happy song they’d thought up. “Wir kommen aus das Reich, und leben in Byblos! ‘Aber gibt es dort kein Muslime?’ Nein dort ist ja nichts los! Ibelin und Aschkalon nimmen wir ohne sorgen! Und der Hauptpreis Jerusalem? Ah, dort gehen wir morgen!” (We come from the empire, and live in Byblos! ‘But aren’t there muslims there?’ No there there’s nothing wrong. Ibelin and Ascalon we took without worries! And the main prize Jerusalem? We’re going there tomorrow!) With papal decree, the pagan lands in the northern baltics were given to a branch of the Order, the Livonian Brotherhood of the sword, who were to aid the Bishop of Riga in converting the region. The German warrior monks in Riga started setting up a headquarters in the city and recruiting christian men into their ranks, beginning to organize their control in the region. ---------------------------------------- Actions: -The Crusade carries on! -Army’s quality is refined through extensive training -Raiding bands of Teutonic Knights are sent across the Ayyubid border. -Recruiting more Germans for the order from chapters all over central and western Europe, aided by the news of the crusaders’ conquests. -Securing county of Tripoli (Byblos area) -Livonians start getting organized in Riga -Rigans are recruited into the ranks of the Livonian Brotherhood -Missives are sent out into the Livonian Brotherhood’s territory, making it known that any pagans are invited to the Brotherhood’s church sessions in Riga and other Christian settlements in the Baltics, where they can learn about the True Faith and be baptised if they so wish. Christ ist erstanden von den Toten, im Tode bezwang er den Tod, und schenkte den Entschlafenen das Leben
  11. Mcname: SanderWarrior14  IC Name: Henrik Amador  Residancy/ Street name, number: Reza Street (?) 2, Amador Residence  Class/ Title: Noble, Count of Mondstadt
  12. Henrik Amador grumbles as he’s been tending to the fields and breeding the animals a lot without any compensation.
  13. Order of Brothers of the German House of Saint Mary in Jerusalem The Teutonic Order “Helfen, Wehren, Heilen” Turn: 2 Current Grandmaster: Heinrich Walpot von Bassenheim Population (Members): 13.200 Allegiance: The Holy See/The Holy Roman Empire Headquarters: Byblos (Kingdom of Acre) --- (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUtXo1sTPDg) “Heinrich, wir haben ein Brief bekommen! Von die muslimischen Hunde! Vielleicht ist es ein Scherz!” The Grandmaster’s right hand man called with a bit of laughter as he walked in with the message the Ayyubids had delivered to them. ‘We received a letter! From the muslim hounds! Perhaps it’s a joke!’ He had called. As the two read the message, they began laughing again. “[in German:] He requests me to keep the PEACE between our people? HAH!” “And he DEMANDS us not to attempt breaking the truce between them and Acre. Like we have anything to do with any agreements Acre has signed...” The Grandmaster snorted. “May Allah protect us, yeah right! May GOD tell them his name is GOD and not ‘Allah’.” He jested with a grin before walking outside into the camp of the Order to stand upon a crate and read the letter out loud. Approximately 20 seconds later, some ten thousand men were laughing their asses off. Later that day, the Grandmaster altered the letter a bit, making a better version before sending it off to Rome, with the side note that copies of the altered letter were to be made and spread throughout the Holy Roman Empire and hung up on every door of the Order’s chapters, serving as propaganda for the Order’s cause. The altered letter reads: “See this letter as a supplication, I King Adil the first, from the Ayyubid Kingdom, request that you, Heinrich Walpot von Bassenheim, Grandmaster of the Teutonic Order, keep the peace between our people, we beg you not to convince the Kingdom of Jerusalem to attack us. May GOD protect us all when Allah fails to do so and please, please don’t attack us, we can’t take it.” Underneath the letter, it reads: “It appears the muslim hounds think there is any sort of ‘peace’ between us proper catholics and them pagans. They fear our ever-growing strength and have resorted to sending letters of pleading to avoid losing the Holy Land. Join the ranks of the Teutonic Order now and we shall show the muslim hounds together what our response to this sign of weakness shall be!” They rode in 3 groups of 30, 2 going north and 1 going east across the mountains. Die Herren im weißen Mantel, The lords in white capes rode out to show the Ayyubids what they thought of peace. As they galloped through the Levant, they sang an ominous song. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5D2jyuJaSAU&list=RDjUtXo1sTPDg&index=2) “Die Eisenfaust am Lanzenschaft, die Zügel in der Linken… So sprengt des Reiches Ritterschaft, und ihre Schwerter blinken… Heja heja heja! Heja! Und ihre Schwerter blinken...” It sounded in the morning wind. They were out to kill any Ayyubid muslims they came across and pillage some of the villages leading up to Tartous, Homs and Damascus. They were told to be quick and efficient, if any trouble in the form of local guards was seen, leave them be if there’s too many. They were expected back in Byblos the next morning. “Heja heja heja! Heja!....” ---------------------------------------- Actions: -Castle Byblos is further fortified -Army’s quality is refined through extensive training -Raiding bands of Teutonic Knights are sent across the Ayyubid border. -Recruiting more Germans for the order from chapters all over central and western Europe, aided by the propaganda of muslim weakness. -Forced converting of any remaining HERETICS in the county of Tripoli -Meeting with the Pope -Patrolling county of Tripoli Christ ist erstanden von den Toten, im Tode bezwang er den Tod, und schenkte den Entschlafenen das Leben
  14. Order of Brothers of the German House of Saint Mary in Jerusalem The Teutonic Order “Helfen, Wehren, Heilen” Turn: 1 Current Grandmaster: Heinrich Walpot von Bassenheim Population (Members): 11.000 Allegiance: The Holy See/The Holy Roman Empire Headquarters: Byblos (Kingdom of Acre) --- (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUtXo1sTPDg) “Christ ist erstanden von den Toten..” Sang Grandmaster Heinrich together with his most trusted Knights and close company in the halls of the Byblos Citadel in Acre. They had arrived there in the early morning, having travelled through the night from Acre itself, where the King had granted them the Citadel and surrounding lands. The remainder of the Teutonic Knights’ forces were also travelling to the citadel now, their new headquarters. After morning mass in the citadel’s chapel, the men had breakfast together and then got to work with their German Arbeitsgeist. Unpacking of supplies and the setting up of a camp big enough for over ten thousand men began in Byblos, while others saw to the castle’s defenses, repairing them and making plans to improve and expand them. Training and sparring grounds were set up for the military side of the Order and within a few days, knights were busily sparring, and the normal warrior monks of the Order were given training. The port of Byblos started expansion under the Grandmaster’s orders, so that it could accommodate more ships from the west. Envoys of the Order were sent to the Holy See in Rome, and their Seat in Vienna. The envoy to Rome was to ask the Pope for a similar Seat and Hospital in Rome as a base of operations together with the Pope. The Envoy to Vienna was to recruit more men from the Holy Roman Empire and seek the Emperor’s blessing in the Order’s cause. Meanwhile, the priests of the Order who were less involved with the military side, started making sure any muslims or jews in a wide range around Byblos would be converted to catholicism. The local church also started ambitious expansion to accommodate both the city’s new german population, as well as the new christians. Once the Order got its initial organization done, patrols of Knights and cavalry were sent out to patrol the county of Tripoli and it’s borders, enforcing order. ---------------------------------------- Actions: -Headquarters is moved to Byblos -Castle Byblos’ defenses are improved -Army’s quality is refined -Byblos’ port is expanded -An envoy is sent to Rome -An envoy is sent to Vienna -Recruiting more Germans for the order from base in Vienna -Converting of any HERETICS in a wide range around Byblos -Expansion of local church -Patrolling county of Tripoli Christ ist erstanden von den Toten, im Tode bezwang er den Tod, und schenkte den Entschlafenen das Leben.
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