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  1. Casimir Block, the writer and publisher of the Karosgrad Times, rubs his hands together with a pleased smile. The anonymous source that had given him the news of the Orenian drama in full provided him with some news that sold quite well indeed!
  2. ____________________________________________________________________________ Vol. 1 No. 1 KAROSGRAD, 13 SA/362 ES PRICE THREE MINAS THE QUACK OF LOVE DOCTORS: EMPEROR JOSEPH II In this Karosgrad Times Special: love, drama and aristocratic nepotism served hot and fresh from the upper echelons of Imperial Oren. Our director apologizes to any readers who find this story confusing and hard to follow. It’s Orenian court drama, we can’t help it being confusing. A few years ago, Margaux Renée Helvets began to court Pete
  3. Between Crows and Sharks - Alternate History What if King Stefan Barbanov wasn’t elected in the First Duma? These days, the House of Barbanov is synonymous with the Crown of the Kingdom of Haense. Their dynasty has been the ruling family of the Kingdom of Haense since its founding under King Peter the first, and their lineage traces back directly to the Carrion Dynasty and the Exalted Sigmund himself. Their grip upon the throne Haense is solid and there’s very little that could possibly change that. This was not always the case however. In the early 17th century, Haense was occupied by
  4. ___________________________________________________________________________ Vol. 5 No. 1 KAROSGRAD, 11 SA/360 ES PRICE THREE MINAS GRAND MAER HUNTED LOST DWARVEN CITY Study into the memoirs of late Grand Maer Sir Karl Amador showed that the father of Karosgrad had a most curious pastime: he was hunting for a lost dwarven civilization rumored to be somewhere in Arcas. When looking into the previous Grand Maer’s journals that are left to us, it was found that Sir Karl apparently was quite an avid explorer. Now it was no s
  5. Coffeehouse Elzevir & Block Books I, Casimir Block, am proud to announce the recent opening of Karosgrad's newest businesses: Coffeehouse Elzevir and Block Books. This poster will serve to show what these stores have to offer! Both businesses can be found on the ground floor of the Embassy building in Karosgrad, next to the tavern and bank on Wailer Way III! Coffeehouse Elzevir Specializing in the farfolk coffee traditions, Coffeehouse Elzevir seeks to offer its customers not just coffee, but an experience. Our café is designed to be as cozy and homely as one's own livingroom, so th
  6. ___________________________________________________________________________ Vol. 1 No. 1 KAROSGRAD, 10 SA/359 ES PRICE THREE MINAS RESULTS OF THE 359 GENERAL ELECTION The results are in! With around 80,000 accepted votes, a large portion of the Haeseni population went out and voted in this year’s General Election, and after counting the many votes it has become clear who the winners are and who the losers are. Tribune (4 seats in the Duma): Hildebrand Mondblume - 72,000 votes - ELECTED Igor Kort - 70,000 votes - EL
  7. Ser Fiske Vanir stared out of the window in silence upon hearing the news of his brother in law passing away. After a while he sighed deeply, signing the Lorraine cross and uttering the ancient Vanir phrase "The Sea bows to None" Before preparing himself to tell his wife of the news.
  8. ___________________________________________________________________________ Vol. 1 No. 1 KAROSGRAD, 9 SA/358 ES PRICE THREE MINAS PRINCE-REGENT MAKES NOBLE LADY ‘AS UGLY AS SHE IS ON THE INSIDE’ On the evening of the 10th of The Amber Cold, Prince-Regent Heinrik Barbanov got in a quarrel with Lady Rosalind Amador de Astrea. He threatened to have her hanged for treason, which she thought was a joke at first before he ordered an assistant to come forth who he subsequently ordered to behead her. The Prince-Regent then seeme
  9. ___________________________________________________________________________ Vol. 1 No. 1 KAROSGRAD, 8 SA/357 ES PRICE THREE MINAS ‘I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO AVOID BEING A FAT PRINCE’ For this issue of The Karosgrad Times, reporter Casimir Block has gone out to interview one of the most influential men in Haense, a true man of the moment; Maer Franz Barbanov. What inspired you to become Maer? “Well I’ve always been driven by being a royal. I’ve always wanted to avoid being a fat Prince that just sits and does nothing. That’s wh
  10. Working at the Court of Vasiland In an effort to enhance and liven up the courtlife in the Castle of Hallaberg, Margraviate of Vasiland, as well as to take care of some sought-after jobs, the Most Honourable Margrave-Monsignor Ser Fiske Vanir of Vasiland is offering the following range of paid jobs to those who can fill them. For reference, the Castle of Hallaberg is found within the title lands of the House of Vanir in the southwest of Haense, a short ride from its capital of Karosgrad. The castle, perched atop of a mountain, overlooks the surrounding landscape and the lake below. Wh
  11. ___________________________________________________________________________ Vol. 1 No. 1 KAROSGRAD, 7 SA/356 ES PRICE THREE MINAS A NEW PAPER: BRIEF, INFORMATIVE, DIVERSE Privej and hello our dear reader who hereby bears witness to the birth of what may hopefully be a long lasting newspaper: The Karosgrad Times. This paper, inspired by the exemplary Golden Crow Chronicles, serves to inform the people of Hanseti-Ruska and beyond of recent events, developments in various fields, the economy and more. We strive to bring you brief yet
  12. Hahaha oh daaamn, I remember playing him in Belvitz yeah, was good fun! As for my favourite community to rp in? I'd probably have to say Haense, but that might also be because thats the one im in right now. I also have pretty good memories of mid-axios Courland! My bruddah, the favourite one? Damn err... Might actually be some of the times we did forum post rp together back in the day, those were good fun! All in all tho, ur a good guy to hang out with!
  13. haha farm's doin fine, we bought a few dwarf sheep a while back, not much farmin goin on tho
  14. Either works for me, just want our southern brothers to be happy! If I had to rank it tho, probably independent Flanders first, then unification with the NLs, then staying part of Belgium. Also life's pretty decent, bit stressful atm I suppose but all in all good!
  15. Hey guys! Never done one of these before, but I figured I might as well! Feel free to literally ask absolutely anything, I will give an answer on every question even if I don't really know the answer, because since when do you need to have knowledge about something to give your opinion, amiright?! For reference, I joined LotC in september 2016, god knows why I'm still here (haha lotc bad, funnyyy), played in various communities over the years, some better than others. Ask away! Also I have a +1 to post ratio to keep positive, so gimme a +1 you stingy gamers
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