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  1. A Collection of Poetry 12th of Jula ag Piov, 432 E.S. [!] A portrait of an adult Borris Iver Kortrevich “I Try” I try to hear you, but the waves and wind sound over me. I try to see you, but the smog of my sin clouds the way. I try to feel you, but I am held back, trapped under the weight of this sea. I try to call out to you, but instead I remain silent, unsure what to say. “A Rose” The red rose, a staple of elegance, Yet there is more than beauty that is exposed. These thorns and thistles, briar and bristles, Hold strength and passion. Something not to be plucked with haste, For a tender embrace yields better results. The delicate caressing of a coarse protection. For the beautiful and the broken often run in tandem. “We grow old” We grow old, We grow old, The way which we are all pulled, And when we die, we pray our story is told. We are a being to never break the mold, We always seek to be brought into the fold, To be a part of the place where the secrets are sold. To unravel the mysteries, the tapestry unrolled. In the end, before our bodies run cold, We look back at our lives, whether bleak or bold. Trying to understand all that we hold. To see if what we have gained is more precious than gold. We grow old, We grow old, The way which we are all pulled, And when we die, we pray our story is told. “A Blooming Path” A Poem Commissioned for Johanne Vuiller We were all once young and naive, Perhaps children in every aspect, Or perhaps trapped in our own minds. How things then transform into something new. It is the morphing of the pure into things of true beauty. It is a lily finally reaching its full bloom. The petals finally open up to reveal a mature flower. From what looked to be rather dull from the outside, Now reveals their true nature, one of elegance. It is an eagle stretching its wings. It shows its full glory, allowing others to revel in your glory. You can then soar, something you were always gonna do. Loyal to the end, always thinking about others. A Vuiller to the end, always thinking about the family. You are able to do great things and thrive with those who you lead. Signed, Borris Iver Kortrevich, KML
  2. Great piece of work from a fantastic new player. I look forward to seeing everything you will do!
  3. Scars and Hurt A depiction of Borris Iver Kortrevich looking out over Jerovitz in the early morning. The man stood, arms braced against the chilled iron bars of the balcony. It was another bitter night, the starlight shrouded by the clouds looming above. The only light glowed from a few small lanterns, their flames thin and dim. He watched the way the snow fell, flakes illuminated by those faint orbs of light. It was a strange night, the laughter of the wedding party from hours before died out, leaving a haunting feeling throughout the keep. The wind howled as it blew through the small cracks and narrow spaces around the walls. It whistled as if yearning to be set free from something unseen. The man shivered some, even through the thick furs with which he had bundled himself. His face was rather numb, though he could feel as the flakes melted on his cheek, causing the freezing stream of water to run, till it crusted as ice on his chin. They ran in streaks like tears. He had often come out to watch the snowfall across the barren landscape, studying the piled snow, judging how much had come down by how much of the wheat stalk was still visible. His Journal would usually sit propped in his lap, the gears in his head turning as he thought of the next line of a poem. However, no journal had been opened on this night. No careful study of the height of the snow had been conducted. Rather, the man stood in the dark, his eyes held firmly on the chapel. A barely visible outline of the building stood in the distance, a faint glower emitting from the candle burning on the steps of the chapel. Despite coming to terms with his own conclusions many years ago, he would be a fool to reject the bitterness he felt inside of him. Perhaps the Lord was simply being unreasonable, allowing a problem which spread across the kingdom to affect him so? He had worried for so long, praying fervently for their safe return, for all of their safe returns. However no prayer had ever come to fruition and so, eventually he stopped. Yet why was his parent’s abandonment and sister’s disappearances resting on the forefront of his mind this night? No prayers had been spewed from his mouth for them in years, yet they still held a place in his thoughts. It has been a long time since he had laid eyes on a sister of his. There had been no contact since the blood rain fell across Almaris. Perhaps the worse had come and they had been driven insane by that rain, so much so that they were gone completely. Another shiver came and he bundled himself tighter in the bear fur. “We will always be there for you.” His sisters had once said, though the occasion he could not remember. There had been no truth in those words, no accuracy to the statement made. The Lord had always been one for theatrics, though the pain he had was real. The anger he had felt boiled inside of him. Why? He thought, the words in his mind clouded. Why does this still pain me? Borris hung his head, watching as a white cloud released from his mouth every time he exhaled. Something so simple turned out to be as complicated as anything he had ever known. The hurt was deeper than just them being gone, he knew that. There was so much he wanted to tell them, to show them, yet nothing would ever come of that. With age comes experience, maturity, and understanding. Yet there wasn’t anything to be understood about their leaving. And so Borris stood there watching the snow till he was too tired to think, too tired to look, and too tired to stand. The man was too tired to comprehend the mysteries of his missing family. With a shake of his head, Borris turned, moving back inside, into the warmth of his home.
  4. Iulius Vernhart chuckled some as he looked at the petty writings of a mere boy. He shook his head as he crumpled the paper and lobbed it lazily into the fire. “You call me a drunk, yet nobody knows me as such. You call me a sodomite, yet you have no ground to stand on. You call me a coward, yet I have always come to defend those I love. You say I am foolish because you are “self-disowned,” which, is in no way a legal term. Your words define your delusions, “CYRUS.” Perhaps the only foolish thing I have done is argue against the silly points of a child who has never respected anything he has been given. It is done.” Iulius simply nodded, before moving out to greet the new citizens of Haense.
  5. ANNOUNCEMENT of the PATRIARCH OF HOUSE VERNHART-VUILLER THE DISOWNMENT OF HARALD LEON VERNHART 1st of Msitza ag Dargund, 431 E.S VA VE EDLERVIK, A formal statement is long overdue regarding a child that has learned nothing over the years, despite the pressing of parents. After numerous actions against house and crown, including but not limited to, insulting the King of Haense during a Royal court, attacking citizens of Haense while unprovoked, and assaulting the Grand Duke of Balian, House Vernhart sees it fit to disown him. He and all his children shall be barred from carrying the name Vernhart-Vuiller. Therefore, all connections and history to the Vernhart or Vuiller name shall hence forth be broken. SIGNED, HIS EXCELLENCY, Iulius Vernhart, Komptroller of Settlement, Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska HIS EXCELLENCY, Sir Rev Vuiller, Lord Seneschal Grand Duchy of Balian
  6. Sebastien tapped his side, reading the missive that had been placed on the doors of his room. “Hoonse? Oh! Bea is keonas, interesting. Maybe there shall be a… yes! A Soovoy.”
  7. HAESENI DOCUMENTS DIRECTORY OF 430 ES ISSUED BY THE OFFICE OF THE KOMPTROLLER OF SETTLEMENT ——————————————————————————————————————— Guides and Info: These guides are a great way to quickly see what to do in Haense or who to call when you need help. Written with a player-oriented focus, the info in them can help anyone who needs general information about Haense. Especially for new citizens of Haense, these guides can show the essentials of how to Roleplay in Haense. To find such information, click the links below: A Roleplayer's Guide to Haense So You Want to Live in Haense ——————————————————————————————————————— Culture and History: Being as large a nation as Haense, it is no surprise that we also have so many diverse cultures. There are literal years of history written into many of these cultures as well, making each one different from the other, yet they can all be traced to one another at some point in time. To learn more about the people of Haense and the cultures they exude, just click the links below: Haeseni People Ethnicities and Subcultures of Haense ——————————————————————————————————————— Royalty and Nobility: Being a Kingdom, Hanseti-Ruska is led by a king who has always been of the Barbonov line. It is a tradition that has been passed down since the conception of Haense. Additionally, Haense is also led by a plethora of different noble houses, which all come from different backgrounds and cultures. To learn more about the History of Royalty and the diverse nobility of Haense, click the links below: The Royal House of Barbanov Nobility of Haense ——————————————————————————————————————— Court Etiquette: A court is a place where one can fill many different roles and Jobs. There are numerous options for teachers and tutors, chefs, or couriers. Another critical prospect in Haense understands the way one should act whether they are in a formal situation. That can be anywhere from a traditional family dinner to courtship and marriage. These guides will show what you are to do in these situations. For more information, click the links below: Reforms of the Nikirala Servantry Etiket i ve Kort: Hauchmetvas, Courtship, Betrothals, and Matrimony Etiket i ve Kort: Social Gatherings, Courtly Manners, and Dining. ——————————————————————————————————————— Haeseni Law and Duma: An essential part of any thriving nation is its laws. To keep the citizens of Haense, The Book of Honour was created. Each section has been divided and organized for each understanding. Additionally, any laws to come into existence must first go through the Royal Duma. To learn more about the Codes and Laws of Haense or about the Congressional Duma, click the links below: Ve Haurul Caezk: The Book of Honour Etiquette of the Royal Duma ——————————————————————————————————————— Language: The official language of Haense is New Marian or Naumariav. The complete translation of New Marian is often only used for official documents. Returning to the server's beginning, New Marian has adapted and expanded throughout the years. A majority of Hanseti opt to use a mixture of Common and Naumariav. To learn more about the language as a whole and get in tune with New Marian’s structuring, or check out the translator for new Marian, you can click the links below: A Guide to New Marian New Marian Translator ——————————————————————————————————————— The Sigismundic Calendar: The system which Haense uses can be traced back to ancient Highlander-Nomadic times. While usually found on more official documents, this dating system is widespread throughout the kingdom. The dating system was named after Exalted Sigismund, a prophet in human religion. The year changes every Wednesday. If you would like to keep track of the current time, you can click the link below: The Sigismundic Calendar ——————————————————————————————————————— Haeseni Literary Works: A great tool to utilize in any nation is a directory of the many, many works that have been written over the history of The Kingdom of Haeseni-Ruska. Being well documented and complete is vital for anyone interested in learning. This directory has found its home within the Josefian Public Library and the NGS Archives. To look through the extensive works of Haense, click the link below: Directory of Haeseni Works ——————————————————————————————————————— Employment in Haense: There are many different opportunities and things with which one can involve themselves throughout the whole of Haenseti-Ruska. Each organization and work experience offers its unique subcommunity that can allow one to develop roleplay and deeper bonds between the player and others in the organization they are involved with. To learn more about the wide variety of jobs opportunities in Haense, click the link below: Haeseni Employment Catalog - 428 ES ——————————————————————————————————————— SIGNED, His Excellency, Iulius Vernhart, Komptroller of Settlement
  8. Selection of Poetry - Vol. 13 10th of Wzuvar at Byvca, 429 E.S. [!] A portrait of an adult Borris Iver Kortrevich “Untitled” Courage makes the weakest man face his demons. Lust makes the most loyal one bend to his own whimsy. Determination can have men rise above their stations And shame can leave the once bullheaded one wallowing in pity. Why do we stand so blind to the ways of this world? We run in circles, a dog chasing its own tail. No plan has been made, no secret unfurled. So we try again with no change, a sure way to fail. So what shall it be, this life of common men? Will it be consumed by fire, discord, or death? Shall it wither away, or slink into the shadows again? Or will it be marveled at, categorized alongside the best? “Blacksmith” Dampening sweat, the lifelong comrade of a man so dedicated. The burns and the blisters line his hands like scaring. Face always dirty, coal stained blackness, soot and ash. And so he toils, proud is the one who is so daring. The hammer that pounds away on the metal drum, The burning red glow of weapons to be erected. A master envisions that blade in his mind, Then allows the brilliance of his work to be directed. An object so tough, left softened by the heat. The image becomes clearer with every new beat, Till the proposed blade is brought forth, glorious in construction. A crafted weapon which may bring both honor and destruction. “Grey” Brazen patterns embolden over a blackened sky, Silhouettes of once puffy white clouds floating aimlessly. They block the infinite space behind them, Causing this space to be confined- strangling. What purpose have you, if it does not rain? You barrackade us, cutting off the numerous stars above. A severing of the light, an unforeseen beauty to behold. It is all we know, this deepness, something we have yet to find. Signed, Borris Iver Kortrevich KML
  9. So You Want to Live in Haense The coat-of-arms of the Kingdom of Haense. Painting of the Capital of Karosgrad circa. 1870 ——————————————————————————————————————— Table of Contents Why Haense? Community Knights Military Social Statuses Diverse Jobs and Roleplay Vast Cultures Unique Environment Festivals and Activities Canonism Getting Started How to get to Haense Discord What to do in Haense Purchasing a House ——————————————————————————————————————— Why Haense? ——————————————————————————————————————— Community The Kingdom of Haense is one of the largest and longest-running human nations, spanning back almost six years. Haense is centered around building its community and foundations for the roleplay through its society, varying in status (such as nobles and commoners), different jobs and positions one may acquire, and the heavy focus on its military, the Brotherhood of Saint Karl (Also known as just the BSK). The Kingdom holds events almost daily and provides many job opportunities for the players to get involved. Haense is an active nation as well, so there are almost always people to talk to and roleplay with. An important note, the most active times for Haense are between 1 pm and 9 pm EST (8 pm-2 am GMT or 9 am-1 pm AUS). There is roleplay to find outside of these times, but these are the most active times. The best thing to do is walk up to someone and start a conversation- who knows where things will go. ——————————————————————————————————————— Knightship Glory! Honor! Loyalty! Chivalry! These are all things that allow a Knight of Haense to thrive. Being a Haeseni knight offers a fantastic roleplay opportunity filled with crazy and epic adventures you could imagine. In order to join the Order of the Crow, one must prove their worth as a squire. They will go through multiple trials and quests to show that they are ready to protect the kingdom in an official capacity. These quests come in all shapes and sizes as well, from dealing with massive alligators that are snatching up livestock, to battling drakes on the mountainside, to trials that require you to stealthily get blueprints from enemy fortresses! A knights purpose is toto battle anything that wishes to terrorize the peoples of Haense as well as fight against those who try to harm the royal family, knights are here to protect the realm. Seen as some of the fierces and boldest warriors in the lands, being a crow knight leads to respect amongst others of the kingdom. Marian Knight, similar to crow knights, are hand picked by the king himself and specifically tasked with protecting him and his family, ——————————————————————————————————————— Military How would a nation be able to defend itself without a proper military? Simply, they wouldn’t! That is why the Brotherhood of Saint Karl is here to be the main military force for the nation. Tasked with protecting the realm from any wrong-doers that may seek to harm the peoples of Haense, the BSK will always be here to serve the kingdom. Whether catching and arresting criminals, helping knights defeat monsters or even battling enemy nations and their large-scale armies! When one joins, they begin as an initiate until they complete a short trial, often with other initiates, in order to show their abilities. One can rise in the ranks and even become an officer and leader. ——————————————————————————————————————— Differing Social Statuses Royalty: The Kingdom of Haense is led by a King. The king is on top of the totem pole, ruling with ultimate authority within Haense. The position of king holds a special place in the community with the responsibility for the Kingdom's well-being overall. This king has always been of the Barbonov bloodline throughout the entirety of its existence. Historically, titles would be inherited by the eldest son of the king. Nobility: Haense is also made up of a multitude of noble houses. Many of these noble houses span back to the beginning of Haense. It offers new opportunities for role-playing, such as taking part in aristocratic role-play. They serve the Kingdom as anyone should. They span in rank and size, from Barony being the smallest to a duchy being the largest and more respectable. Each noble house is deemed worthy of a particular title because of its ability to maintain a thriving community in its ranks and provide for the Kingdom as a whole. Commoners: An equally as important part of the community, commoners seek to provide and serve the Kingdom in anyways they can. Whether one wishes to contribute to the Kingdom by working as a shop owner, or as a ward, serving in the BSK, or proving themselves as a Knight, whether working for an independent organization or as a civil servant, there are numerous opportunities to show what they are made of. Large commoner houses are a considerable part of the community, contributing and growing more connected with Haense society! ——————————————————————————————————————— Diverse Jobs and Roleplay Activities There are a multitude of different opportunities and things with which one can involve themselves throughout the whole of Haenseti-Ruska. Each organization and work experience offers its own unique subcommunity that can allow one to develop roleplay and deeper bonds between the player and others in the organization they are involved with. Whether it be becoming a soldier in the BSK, teaching classes at the Academy, fighting monsters as a knight, fighting for justice as a Judge, just working for themselves, or anything in between. You can work on the royal courts, assisting the entirety of Haense or even the king himself! One can also find themselves running around, blessing and praying with people as a much needed holy priest. There are so many- too many jobs to name, but here are some of the most organized and larger ones someone can see to get started: Haeseni Employment Catalog - 428 ES ——————————————————————————————————————— Vast Cultures As Haense is officially a dual kingdom, being that of two separate royal titles, Hanseti and Ruska, there is a development that is very distinct from other communities. Having two separate royal titles allows for the continual generation of two intertwined, yet distinct cultures. Each of these cultures have histories to them, spanning back multiple years. This includes their own dialects, fashions, etiquette, and more. Haeseni/Hanseti: The Haeseni culture is one that derives its roots from way back to even before Haense was a kingdom. While that culture has morphed into one that includes multiple others, such as Ruskan and Waldenian, the primary culture has held firm throughout the ages. A majority of the nobility stem from the culture, as well as the royal family. Raevir/Ruskan: Known as the ancestors and precursors to Haeseni, the Ruskan culture traces its history to ages before Haense was ever a thought. Ruskan or Raevir cultures consist mostly of a mix of eastern Slavic-inspired peoples. One can see these in the houses of Rus, Ruthern, and the Novgorodian peoples. The Royal house of Barbanov can trace its roots all the way back to the House of Carrion, who were of the Revir culture. Waldenian: Springing from the old Hanseti culture, the Waldenians are primarily highlanders. A Waldenian does not need to be Hansetian, however, generally they of that culture. They have a strong focus on Kaedreni-style military stratagem as well as similar architectural tradition. Historically they adhere to canonism, though they fall closer to a non-Sigismundic tradition than other cultures might. Reinmarian: Just like how Haeseni culture came from Ruskan culture, the Reinmarian ways were cultivated from a Waldenian culture, which mimics more of the traditions and norms of the central and northern germanic territories. When the Reinmarian’s kingdom was destroyed, many of them migrated to Haense and integrated themselves into common society. One can see this culture by understanding families like House Barclay. Ayrikiv: Ayrians are typically situated within the peaks of Hanseti-Ruska, most notably donning tartan/plaid and speaking in an atypical Highlander accent that is thick and sometimes hard to comprehend. Despite the culture stemming from the House of Baruch it is a direct descendant of Waldenian influence. Nonetheless, the Ayrian culture is a unique amalgamation old and new. The culture is also defined by activities unique to its people, such as whaling and fishing, as the Ayrikiv people have always lived near water. ——————————————————————————————————————— Unique Environments Snow, snow everywhere! Most of Haense is littered with snow and ice, which allows for unique experiences in which one can roleplay. When traversing the landscape, one must bundle up and stay warm, lest they freeze! Unlike the northern parts, the southern parts are warmer and yield little snow. However, in the more eastern regions of Haense, the harsh cold environment shifts to that of a humid swarm. Exploration of this swamp can yield exciting and diverse roleplay opportunities! ——————————————————————————————————————— Festivals and Traditions A significant part of Haense culture is its festivals and activities planned from time to time. These are times when the entire community of Haense comes together in fellowship to celebrate and enjoy traditions. Whether the event is a local tavern night or as large as a royal ball, it is a way that both new citizens and old citizens can come together and corroborate and grow closer! A large festival, for example, could consist of multiple events spanning through the entire week! Each event may be themed, or set around an existing theme. Games, trading of goods, food, art, and more can be shared in stalls set up around the kingdom. go along with said theme. This is just one of the many activities Going on in Haense. Additionally, several general traditions grab a little extra flavor to Haense. One of the largest of these is the national food and drink. Carrion Black is a hard liquor that only the stoutest people are brave enough to consume. As for the food, the Prikaburrn Berry holds the title of the national food. ——————————————————————————————————————— Canonism Canonism is the largest and most widespread religion on the server, spanning over 4 nations! Haense is a Canonist nation, which means to serve the creator, Godan. The Canon, or the Church of the Canon, is led by the high pontiff and held together by a multitude of priests and holy men and women. The Canonist religion believes that Godan created the universe and gave mankind four scrolls, which serve as principles for men to live by. These scrolls and one's ability to follow them, lead to peaceful salvation in the seven skies. Additionally, Haense is a defender of the Canonist faith. Therefore, the Pontiff has sought it appropriate to give the King of Haense the title, passed down from generation to generation, ‘Defender of the Faith.’ ——————————————————————————————————————— Getting Started ——————————————————————————————————————— Path to Haense: When leaving the cloud temple, there will be four main hubs to choose from. There shall be one labeled north hub, which is the sector which Haense resides in. By following the path down the mountain, through the ice spikes and snow, as well as keeping to marked signs along the way, you will find yourself in the territory of Haense. Go further and you will make it to Karosgrad. Discord: One of the most opportunistic and helpful ways one can go about joining Haense and the community, is by joining the discord. The discord will let you connect with others already in the nation as well as give you insights into upcoming activities and events that you may wish to partake in. You can join the discord by clicking the link https://discord.gg/DKYV5gV9pE Once in the server, in the #role-request channel, ask for a ‘Citizen’ role. Then from there, you can ask for help in one of our help channels or our general channels. When in Rome- I mean Haense: When arriving at the front gates of Karosgrad, you may find them to be closed. In that case, you can either shout for a guard for come and open the gate with (#s "Can I get a guard at the gates?"), or you can ask for a guard by pinging an @bsk in the discord. A guard should be by shortly to assist you and your entry. If the gate is already open, then you are home free. Buying a House: If you are planning to stay in Haense and invest in the community long term, it may be wise to seek out a house. Whether this is to simply have a place to store your items, or one to generate another roleplay location, a house will be beneficial to most players. If you are looking to buy a house, all you have to do is notify a steward by either asking around, or pinging @steward in the Haense Discord. ——————————————————————————————————————— SIGNED, His Excellency, Iulius Vernhart, Komptroller of Settlement
  10. Borris Iver Kortrevich sat in his room, watching as the snow fell from behind the protection of the window. He was not a stranger to the pitfalls of his cousin, nor bewildered by the hurt and pain that each one of them had wrought. The meanderings of a little poet, too young and broken to make sense of it all. He wrote: “Nothing remains for all shall fall into ruin. Just as the sun disappears behind the sea, so too shall you disappear under the earth.” A the first words of a little kid, now grown to be a man. One that took those first words, and woven them into something new, something better, something brighter. He let the letter fall from his fingertips as he eyes well- welled to the point that they overflowed. He was not stranger to the hurt, but he was also akin to the love. “Dravi, Vasi” ——————————————————- Iulius Vernhart mulled over the news. It was a generation slowly dwindling to nothingness. Who shall be left in the wake of death? How many of his friends and acquaintances shall he survive? “Who am left?” He man asked under his breath, watching his son eat a loft of bread. “Surely not many”
  11. Call of the Weary 9th of Jula ag Piov, 428 E.S. [!] A portrait of an adult Borris Iver Kortrevich O’ Lord, where are you? I cry out for healing, yet I hear no reply. I feel alone, lost in my own damned thoughts. Till I am swirling in my own self pity and despair. O’ Lord, where are you? I call out for courage, yet you are silent. My every movement a blazing pain upon my flesh, And every subtle breath, agony that exudes forth from my lungs. Where are you, O’ Lord? I plead for mercy, yet you remain out of reach. When the darkness seems to have taken me completely. Till there is simply nothing left of my person to lend to others. Where are you, O’ Lord? When my trials are so vast, do you hear when I weap? Do you hear when I mourn? Or when I am consumed by anger? Where, O’ Lord, are you? Are you even listening? Are you even there?
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