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  1. Borris Iver Kortrevich, longtime Court poet hummed softly as he sat aloft steps of the palace writing. Though, as he read about the restructuring he somewhat frowned. Interesting.
  2. Sebastien Ashford de Savoie smirked at the EPIC donation. "Colborns are simply the best."
  3. The Savoyard tapped his helmet which he had tucked under his arm. Ser Sebastien gazed out over the vastness of ruin and overgrowth. “What an interesting cause my cousin has committed himself to… I suppose we shall see in the coming years if his endeavor bears fruit.”
  4. “Oh yeah, House Ruthern will suit her well.” The Savoyard said as he sat within the confines of his office,
  5. Life would be so much simpler, if I could just back arrow after I accidentally delete something, rather than having to literally write the entire thing out. For the love of all things that are good, add it.
  6. "We had not spoken in quite a long time, though now I suppose it is far too late for that, no?" The poet of Jerovitz squated next to the crypt that Nikolai Kortrevich had been placed in. Borris tilted his head slightly, glancing to the slightly smaller stone coffin that rested beside him. "You know, I never was a big fan of hers, perhaps I told you that many moons ago. You might have taken me under your wing, and treated me like a son, but I can't say she was anywhere close to being my mother, let alone someone I cared for." Borris sat down, resting upon the stool that sat in one of the corners. "She promised me, once upon a time, that me and her were going to find herbs or something, I can't quite remember what we were doing- oh, she said it was a suprise. Then she road the both of us to the cave where the creature lived that ripped both of your eyes out." The Kortrevich's gaze floated from the unmoving stone slabs up to the walls of the crypt. "Oh how I screamed at her, cursed at her for her stupidity." His features soured as he kept a stony-eyed look upon a crack that had forced in the surface of the stone. He trailed it, watching as it branched off into a multitude of different cracks. "I tried to help her once, or you, or you both- back when I was still a child, back with her first pregnancy. I was sure that Esmee hated it here, I was sure she hated you, and that she hated me. And you know, that feeling never really went away... her hating me at least... I know, it took a while, but I know she loved you." The poet let out a long, shaky sigh. "Emelya's gone, though she wasn't very present... Vasilia is gone... though same thing, I suppose. Now your gone, shes gone, my sisters are probably dead- as good as, I suppose. Eileen- Everything is different. I can't even think clearly on my poetry- it has been ages since I produced anything that didn't have to do with the King, or a war, or knights..." Borris rested his head against the cool stone as he let his eyes close. Yet there was not darkness, there was the warm oranges of the flickering light on the opposite side of the room that he could see from the backside of his eyelids. "I liked you better with one eye, Nikolai. I think it makes for a better story.... plus, people are always asking you, 'Hey, you, how did you lose your eye? Or... atleast in theory that is what would happen... who knows." After many moments of silence, Borris opened his eyes and stood. "You know, I have been away from Haense for so long... perhaps it is time to make my return, no?" Then he left, letting the only sound that remained in the crypt, the burning of tourchlight.
  7. Haeseni Employment Catalog of 452 E.S. ——————————————————————————————————————— This registry of organizations and jobs gives the Haeseni people information about the vast amount of work they can do throughout the kingdom. Whether one decides to join the private sector, a guild, or work as a civil servant, they will be contributing to the community and the nation as a whole. Not only that, but it allows for development in roleplay as well as deeper bonds between the player and others in the organization they are involved with. ——————————————————————————————————————— Private Sector Employment Hospital of St. Amyas The Hospital of St. Amyas houses the medical personnel of Hanseti-Ruska. It stores resources for treating patients, and is the site of most treatment and surgeries. The Physicians of the Hospital also host lessons for its Apprentices so that they may learn how to heal. The Hospital is led by its Surgeon General, accompanied by their Deputy. Click here for more information. Click here for the St. Amyas discord. ——————————————————————————————————————— Northern Geographical Society (NGS) The NGS is a renowned society of explorers, researchers, and archaeologists dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, protection of artifacts, and education of the public. An international organization, the flagship museum and base of operations is the Karosgrad Museum here in Haense. With an extensive historical and scientific collection and famed for past expeditions to the far reaches of Almaris, the nether, and the voidal tears, the NGS is always looking for new members with a knack for writing and research. Click here for more information. Click here for the NGS discord. ——————————————————————————————————————— The Church of the Canon The kingdom of Haense is a 'Canonist' nation. The Canon is a religion led by the Pontiff which believes that the creator, or God/Godan, created the universe, and gave four holy scrolls to mankind as principles to live by. These scrolls lead the pious to spiritual salvation or the Seven Skies. These scrolls were provided by four exalted prophets. Click here for more information. ——————————————————————————————————————— Morrivi Prikaz Library Stacked with information about the histories of nations, religion, poetry, biographies, fiction, catalogs of plants and animals, diaries, and so much more, the Library is the one stop shop for all needs if you crave knowledge. Between the Library and the Archives, one could hardly find a more extensive collection on Almaris. Click here for more information. ——————————————————————————————————————— Goat’s Lookout Taking the place of The Old Stout Crow Pub, is the Goat’s Lookout, run by the House Colborn. This redesigned tavern is a cozy place to share a drink with fellow Haeseni and enjoy the finest beers, liquors and wines in the city. A good place to work to earn some extra coin and meet new people. Maintained in the middle of the city, it is a great place to find a decent amount of roleplay. ——————————————————————————————————————— Merchants & Shop Owners You are your own businessman! A great way to make money is to sell your items at stationary locations around Karosgrad. Or, if you are more of a tradesman, you may find yourself traveling around the whole of Almaris bartering and selling your goods. If you are interested in buying an available shop, ping @steward in the discord ——————————————————————————————————————— Jobs with Noble Houses Wardships Wardships with noble families are one of the best ways you can grow in understandings about noble life and culture of a house. Wardship and what is includes in the wardship differes from house to house, but often is seen as a mentorship from the head of household. House Guard Houseguard is what it sounds like. You will be tasked with taking up arms for a house and protecting the members of the house. The tasks of Houseguards differs from noble house to noble house, but the main focus is the same, to protect your Lord and the banner you serve. Members of the House Guard are required to also be active members of the Brotherhood of Saint Karl. ——————————————————————————————————————— Employment in Civil Offices Palatial Offices Lord/Lady Palatine The Palatine heads the government and oversees the affairs of the realm, serving as the highest power second only to the sovereign. Palatial Guard Personal guards to the Palatine that act as their protection in formal situations (Court, Foreign diplomatic meetings, etc) ——————————————————————————————————————— Justicar’s Office Lord/Lady Justicar The Justicar oversees the law of Haense, working to improve society by upholding justice and keeping the peace. The Justicar oversees their loyal Jovenaar’s to seek out wrongdoers and punish the unlawful. Jovenaar The Jovenaar are the magistrates of the Crown of Haense, charged with seeing justice done throughout the Kongzem. ——————————————————————————————————————— Duma Lord/Lady Speaker Oversees the legislative sector of the kingdom. Royal Alderman Two Royal Aldermen are elected as representatives of the whole people of Hanseti-Ruska, by popular vote. They are tasked with giving voice to their constituents within his Majesty’s Royal Duma by proposing and shaping legislative bills. Grand Maer The Grand Maer of Karosgrad is charged with overseeing the administration of Haense's capital city. The Maer serves for six-year terms and is entitled to make most decisions regarding the municipal district of Karosgrad. Click here for more information. ——————————————————————————————————————— Brotherhood of Saint Karl - BSK Lord/Lady Speaker Oversees the legislative sector of the kingdom. General Soldiery The Brotherhood of Saint Karl’s duty is to protect the realm from any wrong-doing who wish to harm the kingdom or the people of Haense. This can range anywhere from the common criminal, to huge monsters, to even larger armies. Starting off as an initiate, one can learn the ins and outs of the military and of Haeseni culture. Enjoy the camaraderie with fellow soldiers by training as well. Officer Officers in the BSK are responsible for the management and training of new recruits and current members. Work hard enough, and show enough leadership skills, and you can rise through the ranks and take your spot as an officer. Click here for more information. ——————————————————————————————————————— Knights of Haense Knight Paramount Oversees the training and advancement of the Knights in the Kingdom. Order of the Crow Knights are one of the most honorable paths one can travel down in Haense. One must go through all the necessary steps and trials as a squire to be deemed worthy of being a fully-fledged Knight. They are tasked with protecting the kingdom and the royal household. They hold honor and duty in protecting the king above all. Marian Retinue Hand chosen by the king himself to be the personal guard for him and his family. Click here for more information. ——————————————————————————————————————— Ambassadorial Offices Aulic Envoy Serves as a supervisor for all the ambassadors of Haense. Ambassador Ambassadors are seen as representatives of the Haenseti government and people, assigned to various settlements and nations to discuss diplomatic ties. Their jobs are seen as important ones as they are tasked with maintaining relations with Allies and setting up various pacts and treaties. ——————————————————————————————————————— Royal Courts Grand Lady Oversees ranking of those who enforce etiquette throughout the courts. Queen’s Council Council dedicated to the creation and management of large scale events throughout the kingdom. Ensures activity within the courts, such as promoting visitation, upkeeping the servants, managing tasks of the wards. Servantry A staff that is dedicated to providing constant service to members of the court. Whether it is as a butler, dedicating time to the Royal family, or if it is served during Haeseni dances, the servants are there to make the experience of those who visit enjoyable. Click here for more information. ——————————————————————————————————————— Treasury Department Lord/Lady Treasurer Oversees finances for the government and kingdom. Stewards Tasked with the selling of housing, shops, guild halls, and market stalls throughout Karosgrad. [Paid 20% of each sale made by the individual] Click here for more information. ——————————————————————————————————————— SIGNED, His Lordship, Ser Sebasien de Savoie, Deputy Kommissar and Knight Meyster of Hanseti-Ruska
  8. THE PALATIAL POST Third Edition Issued by the OFFICE OF THE PALATINE On this 10th of WZUVAR AG BYVCA, 452 E.S. A report on the time between 450-451 E.S Table of Contents I. Updates to the Aulic Council II. Updates to the Nobility III. Knightly Updates IV. Updates in the Brotherhood of Saint Karl IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS Peace! Peace! Peace! Peace has been made between the three human Kingdoms of Haense, Aaun, and Balian, and the Commonwealth of Petra on the 13th of Wzuvar and Byvca, 451 E.S. | 13th of Snows Maiden 102 S.A. Following the growing tensions and prospect of war, the leaders of each nation decided it would be best to sit down and discuss a path to peace, as well as reparations where needed. Over the following week, the nations debated the outcomes of several issues, including the d’Azor name and its Legacy, reparations for raids, as well as for attempted kidnappings and assassinations. Inferi Threat The spawn of Iblees continue to be a menace to our society, finding their way to plague the nation of Hanseti-Ruska. Even after multiple strategic victories against the Inferi threat, the darkness slithers into our system, corrupting that which they can corrupt. The Knights of the Crow and Brotherhood of Saint Karl seek to find these spawn and crush them at any cost, lest they seep and defile Haeseni culture and way of life. The Crown asks every man, woman, and child to stay alert and ever vigilent as we continue to face this threat from hell. Donations of food, weaponry, and armor is always welcome as we continue to fend off and neutralize the enemy. UPDATES TO THE AULIC COUNCIL A Duty Short Lived Lady Emelie de Leuven (450 - 451 ES) Lady Emelie de Leuven had resigned from her position as Komptroller of Settlement only a year after her promotion. The Palatial Office wishes Lady Emelie well in whatever endeavors she chooses to pursue after leaving the Aulic Offices. The office once again lays open, with an uncertain future. From Temporary to Stability Prince Sergei Barbanov, Interim Lord Marshal (446 - 451 E.S.) Even though Prince Sergei’s leadership was a short 5 years, he continued to keep the BSK in line. Under his leadership, he also led the forces of the Brotherhood into a second successful battle against the inferi forces that threatened the peace of Haense. Just like the Marshal’s before him, the Barbanov welcomed many new troops into the fold and trained them to be a feared force. Succeeded by Sviatoslav Godunov A Stewardly Steward We have been a year or so without a head steward, so His excellency, Ser Maric Colborn, has seen it fit to look at those who were currently serving as Steward and pick the most capable among them. It was easy to see that Lady Josefina Barclay was fit for the role as she has been working hard at her role as steward for a long time. Join me in congratulating Lady Barclay to the role. UPDATES TO THE NOBILITY THE BARONY OF VERSKAYA The Godunov family has served the crown well, and they have kept that to the best of their ability. They have served faithfully as members of the Brotherhood of Saint Karl and Lord Sviatoslav has risen to assume the role of the Lord Marshal. Therefore, the crown has seen it fit to promote them from their state as new Lords, to actual Lords. So to the nobility structure, we welcome House Godunov and the Barony of Verskaya. DISSOLVEMENT OF GHASTENWALD After the sudden and tragic death of Gustaf Morovar, Wilhelm Morovar has seen it fit to relinquish the title back to the crown as he felt he was not ready to lead the house, and did not wish for the house to fall in honor and stature. We shall wish the House Morovar and Wilhelm Morovar the best as they continue on. KORTREVICH ABDICATION After serving thirty-six years, Nikolai Kortrevich has stepped down as Count of Jerovitz. Lord Kortrevich, in his lifetime, saw his family’s status fall from that of a County to a Viscounty after the tricky situation the family found themselves in after the Abdication of his brother, Vladrick Kortrevich. However, as the family continued to work, it proved stable enough and hard-working enough to be repromoted to their status of County. VALWYCKIAN REGENCY His Grace, Valdemar Baruch, has seen it fit to leave his spot as Duke of Valwyck in order to go on an adventure on the high seas. Lord Baruch stated that "The station to which I was born cannot repress so earnest a calling. To explore the known and unknown world. To meet and understand peoples beyond our imagination who speak in foreign tongues." Therefore, Lord Baruch has passed on his title to his newborn daughter, the Duchess Anastasya Baruch. However, until her Grace is of age to lead her house, Otto Gant shall serve as Lord Regent of the house. We wish Lord Baruch safe travels and Lord Gant a successful reign. FROM THE KNIGHTS In Search of a Dragon Two Saint’s days ago, Ser Vladimir led a search party so we could locate the Dragon that flew over the city many years ago. This Search party hoped to scout out its hiding spot and chart a possible plan of attack in later times. This mission was deemed successful, and all those who went returned alive. The brave men and women of the kingdom will continue to seek out this possible danger and any danger that may befall the kingdom. We await further updates on the plan for the dragon's fate, but for now it seems to not be an immediate threat. UPDATES WITHIN THE BROTHERHOOD PROMOTIONS Olyvar Gavriilovich to Footman Björn Ásmundur to Footman Ash to Footman Gaius Bishop to Footman Elijah Albore to Footman Do'Renard Bentivoli to Footman Aylwin Bishop to Footman Please send warm congratulations to all those promoted within the Brotherhood of Saint Karl, and those that have taken their oaths. POSTS AND UPDATES The Brotherhood of Saint Karl also recently released two new documents outlining their ranks and responsibilities, chain of command, which ranks count within their officer core, and etiquette within the Brotherhood.. If interested in knowing what uniforms equate to what rank, or what the titles mean, it is suggested that citizens read the reports to better understand our army and brotherhood that stands to protect them. IV JOVEO MAAN, Her Excellency, Johanna, Lady Palatine of Hanseti-Ruska. His Lordship, Ser Sebasien de Savoie, Deputy Kommissar and Knight Meyster of Hanseti-Ruska.
  9. I have been here a long ass time, more than 8 years. Which, is not as long as some, but is longer than others. I have gotten many titles over the many years- But perhaps the one I had I cared about the most, was OLD FART... or Old Hat, I honestly can't remember the official forum title name because it has been that long. Either way! I propose, that we allow for all of our titles to be shone somewhere on our profile! (Coding nerds make do.) If you disagree, fight me.
  10. Brokered Peace 6th of VYZMEY AG HYFF, 451 E.S. | 6 GODFREY'S TRIUMPH, 1898 [!] A depiction of the Peace Summit held between the Kingdoms of Aaun, Haense, Balian, and the Commonwealth of Petra. Four stars stand upon the precipice, Their solar flares straining out, Burning, blaring, blinding, Heat radiating in flaming droves. Four mother boars, Their children in danger of death. How fiercely they thrust their tusk, Protecting those they hold dear. Four stances, four callings Four Kingdoms at power, Four men, Four leaders For peace, for order “Throw down your swords, Your coffers and crowns, Your bitter-sweet words, Your credulous feuds. To the Lord God above, Let not their wounds fest, Lest this next war further, Might they find rest.” Four torches blazing, Shedding bright light, Guiding the barren feet, Through a jagged path. For days upon weeks, Through shouting and pain. And a murderous naive, Or a house to abstain. Till dawn shown before, Surpassing dreaded night. And gate’s shadow touched the square, The bells tolled at the sight. As the Kings nodded, Their words struck in deal, Hands clasped before them, The peace to be sealed. SIGNED, HIS LORDSHIP, Borris Iver Kortrevich, KML Knight's Bard for Order of the Crows, Court Poet of Hanseti-Ruska, and Battle-Bard of the Brotherhood of Saint Karl
  11. Sebastien Ashford de Savoie smiled for his long time friends. “I am so very happy for them both.” He said, twisting to his wife, Anabel. “I do look forward to their wedding.”
  12. The Poet of Jerovitz moved through the ruins where he was staying. “Mmmmm, Rest In Peace.” “He is not dead, you idiot.” A voice called from the distance. “He is abdicating.” “oh…” The Kortrevich blinked. “interesting.”
  13. THE HAESENI PAPYRUS: VOLUME TWO TABLE OF CONTENTS Poems I. Nightingale II. Blindness III. Blank IV. Walking in the Mist V. Pathway VI. Thinking Reeds VII. Flutter of a Wing VIII. Leaf Poems Nightingale - Klara Elizaveta There lies a world beyond the visible, Unnoticed to even the finest of eyes. Souls and fae dance among toadstools, For across a fjord of diamond and glass, There sings a nightingale formed of flame. And through a price of tears it is summoned, To grace these fair lands with music. This is where the fallen go, To a place where the only sound is the nightingale, And epitaphs are sung like victory marches, Whilst the only heartache borne is from those left behind. Blindness - Felyx F Colborn Curling mist from beneath the skin I give my mind to you. Will you grasp my soul? A trace line in the sand. I hear an echo of lives unlived Nothing is, what was. You are the flame I treasure - From treasure I keep to hold; A memento and smile in my pocket - The formal borders fall away with you And we talk as though unsold. Eyes in mist my feelings shift To something I can't say - My mind is flayed and I see within: The beginnings of a void are made. I am a mirror, I sober up. What I love in you I hold sacred - I cannot unsay things; For my fears so do prevent it. Blank - Borris Iver Kortrevich The finical soul leads to heartache, A house set in sand will always crumble. Drive out the daemons, lest you fall. Take the words of the wise, Let them sink into thick heads Taking that which is best. Study that which is given to you, Allow the ignorant to gain sight, Staying their ill-tempered disposition. Keep that which you hold dear, And that which is intelligible, Yet toss that which is harmful. Bring forth the light of a nation, For what is broken inside, Breaks by the weakest line. Walking in the Mist - Felyx F Colborn She keeps me in the dark; In the quiet she smothers me, Touching my fabric, tugging my skin. The smells of her lands sharpen; With heavier clothes I walk, To an end without a beginning And with it, my vision blurs. With only thought surround me, Give me something to hold; And do not leave me searching For lost droplets in the cold. Stillness loud in solitude I forget myself for you- Away my thoughts will stray anew And with it, what's mine is hers. Rhythmic she drums away - Fresh is left the earthen colours Before she leaves my heart again. Pathway - Klara Elizaveta I have seen where the pathway goes, And ne’er do we often watch, How sand and stone twist and churn, Like the roar of tides long missed. I have watched where the pathway went, Even when shrouded by the murk, It moves and turns like something living, Despite all choices divined. And I have walked down this pathway, Both alone and in company, Some have left and gone, Others continue with. In loving memory of Her Majesty, Emma Karenina Barbanov-Bihar. Thinking Reeds - Felyx F Colborn Roaring he crumbles upon us Whipping up speed his feet dart by Held down. We are all held down. Willingly or not, strangled our cries. We are the thinking reeds in the grass, He shears his razor through the landscape No effort. No strength. Our doom is his Mass. We make a choice and abdicate ourselves We sense the danger and we desist. We think. We honour. There is something else. Don't resist. The swirling mass of him. His shape, his length, his breadth. His face, a million wet shards - Resonates within my chest. We are him. He is us. A rumble, a loss of lust. He moves so we move apart. We think he thinks within our hearts. Flutter of a Wing - Borris Iver Kortrevich Bluebirds fly, Soaring above our heads Looking for where They could rest wearied wings. And hours turn to days, And days to weeks evermore, Yet long lost bird had never found, That rest for which it strove. Yet carried onward, To open moonlit shores, That bluebird looked for sleep, When winged beast Could feel no more, That flutter in his wings. When winged beast Could feel no more The air beneath its beak. When winged beast Could feel no more Its body is doomed to fall. And fall and fall And fall and fall It plumpetted to the sea. Leaf - Borris Iver Kortrevich Aloft the summer’s gentle breeze, A leaf carries in blue skies. Green brittle leaf floats, Above plain and forest, Far past where any brothers have gone. It lands below, under sunken night sky, It's a tender touch to dirt. Ocean’s from mother’s embrace, It finds itself alone. SIGNED, Her Royal Highness, Klara Elizaveta Barbanov His Lordship, Borris Iver Kortrevich, KML His Lordship, Felyx Francys Colborn
  14. "I love seeing my work posted places- still relevant." Borris Iver Kortrevich smiled. "Oh, and hey! They cited me."
  15. THE PALATIAL POST Second Edition Issued by the OFFICE OF THE PALATINE On this 6th of VYZMEY AG HYFF, 450 E.S. A report on the time between 447- 450 E.S Table of Contents I. Updates to the Aulic Council II. Updates to the Nobility III. Edicts and Decrees IV. New Knight Uniforms V. Updates in the Brotherhood of Saint Karl IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS Death of a Barbanov Maya Ceciliya (408 - 449 E.S.) Maya Ceciliya passed away suddenly in her sleep on the 16th of Wzuvar ag Byvca, 450 E.S. She served the kingdom for many years as the Bishop of Valwyck and brought Godan’s light to anyone she could. Her funeral is to be held by her daughter, Reverend Mother Maya, who shares her name with her mother. UPDATES TO THE AULIC COUNCIL The Last of the First Ser Gregori Vyronov, Lord Treasurer 426 - 448 ES The Lord Treasurer, Ser Gregori Vyronov, has served alongside King Karl since he first took up the mantle of Kingship. Answering the call, Ser Gregori took on a system that was inherently flawed and helped organize it so that the kingdom could boost both its financial structuring and its revenue. Under the knight, the Treasury Department was delegated into many systems so that multiple people could focus on both internal and external income, the organization of the vaults, the citizens' housing, and, perhaps, most importantly, maintaining the financial integrity of the Kingdom. With Ser Gregori’s resignation, no members from King Karl’s initial Aulic council are seated on the current council. Succeeded by Ser Maric Colborn A Knight’s Goodbye Ser Walton, Knight Paramount (439 - 448 E.S.) Ser Walton has been serving as the Knight Paramount since 439 E.S, taking up the position after the Previous Knight Paramount, Ser Reinhardt Barclay, resigned. Following his time as Paramount, the knight sought to reform the knights so that the lackluster way it was going could be revitalized. As his first act, he sought to improve how it was that Pages and Squires were to be trained and prepared for their trials. As for Trials, while the previous system allowed the Knight Mentor of the Squire, the Oracle, and the Squire, were able to choose from a wide variety of different ones, Ser Walton structured it where each Squire would need to go through 5 separate trails that would test a wide variety of skills. In addition to the training of Squires and Knights, Ser Walton also focused on improving the keep or rebuilding it entirely. The Knight Paramount spent countless hours carefully planning the keep so it could be befitting to warriors of the crown. Tacked onto this reform of the Keep, he also issued new uniforms that were both far better armor for knights and squires, as well as more aesthetically pleasing, to be made. Succeeded by Ser Conrad Barclay OOC: A Spot Finally Filled Lady Emelie de Leuven Lady Emelie of House Ashford de Falstaff, recently renamed House de Leuven, has been working hard in many positions in the government of her time here. Starting under Ser Gegori Vyronov as the Kastelan of Stewardry, Lady Emelie quickly showed that she could work with a multitude of people well, finding them housing and working to clear up any problem that might arise. With continued hard work, Lady Emelie de Lauvan had proven herself worthy of a promotion, and as she had been working with the people, often new citizens many times, the King had seen fit to place her on his Aulic Council as the Komptroller of Settlement. This position has been vacant since the resignation of the previous Komptroller, Iulius Vernhart, a decade and a half prior. UPDATES TO THE NOBILITY THE VISCOUNTY OF VENZIA & NEW LEADERSHIP House Colborn continues to be relevant within the system of nobility in Haense. The House strives to not only provide supplies for the kingdom, but to maintain activity within the governmental systems such as the BSK, the courts, and the Knighthood. It is with that, that the King has seen it fit to promote the House to a Viscounty. In addition to this change, Ser Maric, who had led the house for many years after the sudden comatose death of Lord Adrian Colborn, has decided to step down and allow the way to be paved for Lady Ada Colborn. Unlike many other cultures and houses, Colborn chooses its next leaders by merit rather than by lineage. Ada Colborn continues to strive to improve the house’s contributions to the kingdom, as well as providing her own contributions by owning and managing the Karosgrad Tavern, and being a Squire within the Order of the Crows. EDICTS AND DECREES The Dueling Edict This dueling edict clarifies that for a duel to happen, there must be two parties duels and a neutral party to mediate and make sure that there is a fair fight.” In addition to these rules, the new dueling edict declares that nobility is entirely to settle family disputes this way, and that the ar entitled to issuing a set amount of family members to duel on both sides. FROM THE KNIGHTS New Knight Uniforms As a final departing gift, Ser Walton revealed that he had been working on reinventing the Crow Knight Uniforms so that they might be more effective, both for the Knights and for the squire and pages under them. Also, of course, they are more stylish. UPDATES WITHIN THE BROTHERHOOD PROMOTIONS Felix Weiss to Sergeant Giovanna de Falstaff to Armiger Atilan Bishop to Armiger Wilheim Barclay to Armsman Baldrum Colborn to Armsman Tatyana Ludovar to Armsman Please send warm congratulations to all those promoted within the Brotherhood of Saint Karl, and those that have taken their oaths. IV JOVEO MAAN Her Excellency, Johanna, Lady Palatine of Hanseti-Ruska. Ser Sebastien de Savoie, Deputy Kommissar and Knight Meyster of Hanseti-Ruska,
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