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  1. The Chancellor’s Report, 1742 Issued and Confirmed by the Lord Palatine, Markus Kortrevich 9th of Harren’s Folly, 1742 | 9th of Msitza and Dargund, ES 295 Va Birodeo Herzenav e Edlervik, We, the people of Hanseti-Ruska, have shown unparalleled strength during these wartorn years. We began this journey of triumph with a bout of loss. We have lost kin, friends, and loved ones. We transferred this insurmountable pain into a fire in our hearts. A determination, the likes of which our enemies have never faced. Yet, hope is far from lost. Our recent attacks against AIS targets have been successful, and many enemy soldiers have been struck down. Soldiers of the Brotherhood raided the Suffonian city, our most treacherous former allies, and cut down the few defenders that garrisoned it. Now, just this last Saint’s Day, we achieved our first victory on the open roads against the Alliance of Independent States. Haeseni, Imperial, and Ruswick forces triumphed at Hangman’s Bridge, defeating a force consisting of troops from all over the AIS. Out of battle comes glory, and many of our own have shown their valor and skill within these recent victories. Loyal soldiers such as Charles Henway and Zaraleen Tamarid killed many enemies, with hopefully many more to come. With the dawn of this new hope for the Haeseni people, the time has also come to pass on the torch to new leadership. The Honorable Baron of Freising, Lord Wilheim Barclay, has served Our Kingdom for well over two decades with a great degree of honor and dignity. A veteran of the War of the Two Emperors, Lord Barclay has led the Brotherhood of Saint Karl through several different military engagements, including the Lorraine Revolt and the Three Month’s War. He and his officers have created one of the finest militaries in all the Empire, and His Majesty, King Andrik III, owes him a great debt of gratitude for his service throughout the years. However, with this victory, Lord Barclay has deemed it fit to resign from his position in order to allow a new leader to take command of the war effort. Although he will remain involved as an officer within the Brotherhood of Saint Karl, His Majesty has deemed it fit to name Prince Otto Sigmar as the interim Lord Marshal for the duration of the war, after which another shall be chosen to serve in the position for the long term. Together, we shall strive toward victory as one people and as one Kingdom, united in a common cause as we move ever closer to emerging victorious in this war. To the AIS, I have but one message to give: the Haeseni people will never give up, we will never surrender, and we will finish the fight. IV JOVEO MAAN, His Excellency, Lord Markus Kortrevich, Lord Palatine of the Realm, Baron of Koravia
  2. Markus Kortrevich smiled as he walked away from the battle. His sword had tasted the blood of pagans and traitors alike on this day, and as he rejoined his men within the walls of New Reza he cheered, ”Ave Haense! Ave Oren!”
  3. The Bull’s Revenge Markus Kortrevich sat at his desk in Ekaterinberg when a bird landed on the windowsill beside him. He plucked the scroll that had been meticulously tied to the fowl’s right leg, and no sooner had this been accomplished did he begin hearing shouts from the front of the stronghold. The Lord Palatine stood and began walking toward the door, his gait turning into a sprint as his eyes reread the recently dried ink on his gifted parchment. His feet barely touched the ground as he raced through the halls, down the stairs, and flung the outer doors wide open. Before him was a scene of confusion, its leading actor played by Commander Brutus of Rubern. He was tied to a fencepost nearby with Senator Siegmund Corbish’s interrogation echoing off the surrounding walls. To his right and left were soldiers of the Brotherhood of St. Karl, their black and yellow uniforms dampened by the rain and sleet that had been sent from the clouds above. His wife, Winnifred Ophelia, and her younger brother were also nearby the scene, watching with grim expressions as the inquiries flew from the Senator’s mouth. A young boy, a scholar, approached Markus as he went up to the scene. He requested of Markus a small government position to begin his studies and as Markus attempted to listen, Brutus’s voice pulled his mind from the conversation. Markus Kortrevich excused himself from the boy and turned on his heel, stalking to the stables where the Commander was held. He stood in the doorway and listened for a moment before he turned to the soldier to his right. “What is your name?” he narrowed his eyes as he heard Brutus chatter on. “Aeden Capulei.” the guard answered. “Give me your hammer.” Lord Kortrevich responded, a gruffness sneaking into his voice as he held out his right hand expectingly. Aedan obeyed his order and Markus told Siegmund to bring Brutus to the courtyard. Markus stared at the man who had once tormented him for his interest in learning and with a clenched jaw he grunted out an order to put Brutus onto his knees. The men holding him kicked his legs from under him, and Markus raised his hammer high above his head. He paused a moment, and then brought it down forcefully upon the Commander’s skull, splattering it across the cobbles of the keep. He heard his wife’s scream behind him and offered her a simple, blank look before holding the war hammer back toward its rightful owner, where it was accepted. The Lord Palatine returned to the scholarly boy once more and held out a blood-smeared hand. “Let us see about getting you that position, boy.”
  4. Chancellor’s Address, 1741 11th of Owyn’s Light, 1741 | 11th of Jula and Piov, ES 294 Va Birodeo Herzenav e Edlervik I speak to you today with the drums of war nearly drowning out my thoughts. War is upon our great nation once more and it will be akin to nothing we have seen in the past. Unholy men wish to be rid of Haeseni blood by spilling it across the lands as if it were fertilizer. They wish to boil our eyeballs and eat them from skewers. They wish to take our women for their devilish desires. They wish to take our children to convert them into paganic servants of false gods. The men and women of Haense will NOT allow such to transpire. We will rise from the ashes of our capital, strike our enemies hard in the dead of night, ride fearlessly into the unknown abyss, and show the entirety of Arcas of our prominence. To those dastardly men who seek to eradicate us from these holiest of lands, I say continue your streak of abhorrence. Continue your impertinent quest against the most righteous of peoples. Your efforts will fall short, your men will succumb to the blackness, and your legacies will be only a stain on the pages of my memoir. IV JOVEO MAAN, His Excellency, Lord Markus Otto Kortrevich, Lord Palatine of the Realm, Baron of Koravia
  5. The Chancellor’s Report, 1741 Issued and Confirmed by the Lord Palatine, Markus Kortrevich 11th of Owyn’s Light, 1741 | 11th of Jula and Piov, ES 294 Va Birodeo Herzenav e Edlervik, I address you here today for the first time as your Lord Palatine. After being named the Palatine-Aspirant a year prior to the ink drying on this document, I have now been tasked by His Majesty King Andrik III to forge a government from this Kingdom’s prosperity. Lord Palatine Ser Konrad Stafyr has decided to step down from his position to allow me to take the reins of these beautiful lands. I intend to do so with haste so that we as a people do not squander the abundance that has been bestowed on this Kingdom. Regardless of our many blessings, the men and women of Hanseti-Ruska have been unequivocally challenged in the most recent years. The burning of our beloved city, the incessant bandit raids, a housing crisis, and the rumblings of a war yet to come; all of these events are impeding the progress of our glorious motherland. I refuse to let the selfish desires of men cloud my judgment, and I will take any and all measures that I deem necessary to ensure that our grand society does not suffer a moment longer. I will continue my position as the Leader of the Centralist Bench and I will do so with a firm hand. The Crown will spoil akin to a batch of milk forgotten in the sun should these actions not be taken. I have been a civil servant for the entirety of my life and served under many different men. I began my studies as a young boy at the age of barely six with the current Senator, Terrence May. At the age of nine, I became the ward of Ser Konrad Stafyr during his long reign as Lord Speaker of His Majesty’s Royal Duma. After six years, I continued my education onward to the Vice-Chancellor of the Empire at the time, His Excellency Simon Basrid, who has recently become the Archchancellor of the Empire. I hastily returned to the great city of Reza, as Imperial life had no interest to me and on my return I accepted the position of the Lord Palatine’s Chief of Staff. I served in this office until the eventual appointment of Palatine-Aspirant, and along with it came the position of Leader of the Centralist Bench in His Majesty’s Royal Duma. I have committed my every waking moment since my birth to this fine government, and I am honored to have the opportunity to create a government under my own name. Furthermore, I would like to express the tremendous gratitude toward the previous Lord Palatine, Ser Konrad Stafyr, and His Majesty King Andrik III for enabling me to have this fortuity. The importance of such a monumental task does not escape me, and I refuse to allow such an endeavor to be anything less than superlative. With that being said, I do not only serve His Majesty and the noblemen of Haense, but I serve the citizens as well; which are the men and women I relish in calling Haensefolk. To you, I deliver education; so that you and your children may one day rise above the chains of noble blood and show the world of your excellence. I will bridge the widening crevasse between the nobleman and the commoner, and I will do so with a total rehabilitation of the current education system that is in place. In this past year alone, I passed two bills in His Majesty’s Royal Duma that will reform our education and schools; also providing the administrative bodies and framework needed to sustain such a momentous shift in knowledge procedures. This is only the beginning of our rise to becoming an advanced civilization that will be the envy of Arcas. IV JOVEO MAAN, His Excellency, Lord Markus Otto Kortrevich, Lord Palatine of the Realm, Baron of Koravia
  6. You are cordially invited to the wedding of Lord Markus Kortrevich & Princess Winnifred Ophelia Barbanov-Alimar We would love to invite the entirety of the Haeseni nobility and commonfolk to join us on this wondrous day in celebration of our love There will be a feast held shortly thereafter the ceremony’s completion Information: Haense Cathedral Sun’s Smile of 1740 OOC: Sunday, November 3rd @ 7:00 EST
  7. Markus would smile as he concluded the invitation, mumbling to himself “Hopefully Isabel will be there..”
  8. NAME: Rikard Stryder (CaptainZenny) NOBILITY (Y/N): N if not, GENTRY (Y/N): N RACE: Human PAST EXPERIENCE : Mercenary
  9. CaptainZenny


    Thurmirr Boldbew. A name that brightens the halls of Kal’Varoth simply due to its association with the best celebrations and get-togethers that the cavern dwarves could remember, and will likely never forget. Thurmiir is a relatively young dwarf, the equivalence of a human of about 25 years old, and hails from the ports of Kal'Ordholm. Nevertheless, he is a highly respected member of the community due to his talent to brew an ale that’ll “singe ye beerd roight off yer face!” as the brewer so commonly claims. And more often than not, his words ring true. While brewing is his most renowned trait, he is like all of his brethren with his talents under the ground and is quick to get his pale, greyish skin covered with the grime and dirt that often blankets the cave walls. Now his goal is to create the best brews in all of recorded history so his name will be sung throughout the mead halls and his legend will live on through the generations.
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