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  1. VOL. 1 EDITION. 3 Baruch & Kortrevich Publishing Three Minas per Edition Available in Nauvmarian THE GOLDEN CROW CHRONICLES New Reza, Haense Tov and Yermey, 314 E.S. | Sun’s Smile, 1761 8 pages Written by: Viktor Kortrevich & Sigmar Baruch Published by: B&K Publishing Pg. 1 STATE OF THE EMPIRE ADDRESS Crownlands, Oren Landscape of the Orenian Crownlands surrounding the Imperial Capital of Helena Five years after the passage of the Rivaini Act in the 11th Senate Session, The Empire is given its first State of the Empire Address by Archancellor Simon Basrid. It was a joyous event, the anticipation could be felt all throughout the room as the Varoche Hall was packed to the brim with people, young and old. After waiting for what seemed like hours, the Archancellor made his entrance into the hall and gave a moving and inspirational speech promising a better world, one of providence as he mentioned many times throughout the speech. The speech was recorded so that those who may not have had the privilege of attending could revel in the experience as well. Varoche Hall, Helena Orenians congregate as they listen to the Archchancellor’s speech regarding the State of the Empire. The following is the speech given by the Archancellor Simon Basrid: “With this great war that's come to define our new Empire entering her final chapters… It is time for me to unveil the nature of his Imperial Majesty's Coat of Arms. That red eye of providence that looks to all - but we know little of. In the service of that flag, I have come to learn a great deal about this country as one of her older emigres. What makes what we have exceptional? Why here, why Oren? We have been taught so many different lessons. Each with their own truth. It is the land of the prophets for one - maintaining an unbroken tradition of the Exalted's will. A civilization enriched by its faith and tradition. It bears the tapestry of man to another - every epoch of human achievement is gifted to her histories. But these are lofty ideals - difficult to understand to those emigres who have not been born and bred in our traditions. And so we look to that brilliant eye. Providence. Despite a torrent of onslaught from nearly every nation upon this continent… Helena, Haense, Curon, and Kaedrin have prevailed. They have survived the juxtapositions of civilizations. One civilization - coveting titles and wealth with no regards to service. Another - knowing titles and wealth are but vehicles to service. As some of you are familiar, the ministry of civil affairs held a gala of art some two months past. There, a painting of one of those great interstices of human tradition sold for two-hundred thousand mina. Mt. Augustus. A legend that kept many's spirits afloat during times of persistence. Perseverance - as we know from the Haeseni. And now look to the state of this Empire. Our economy hums - the imperial state army enjoying wage and salary thanks to the prudent financial mind of our Secretary of Treasury. Our peoples are well-defended - those soldiers and auxiliaries under the wise Fieldmarshal deNurem enjoying ripe success in the field. So, I should pose to you the same question I have asked of every civil servant that I have come across these past months. You enjoy the privilege of being a subject of the greatest Empire the world has ever known. The immense talent, tradition, and resources of that nation. What is the world you intend to build? That fundamental question - beyond the tapestry of man or St. Peter's Maxim or those so many other monikers of state. That is what defines an imperial. The capacity to build and influence the world. As we had seen with the AIS - that union, so in contrast to ours, did not consider that query. They unleashed a plague of bandits, killers, piasts, and monsters unto the world - with the sole intent of destroying the cinders of the Empire that we sought to cultivate. Yet heroes of our war yet - from those twenty years past, General Sabari, General Tiberius Barrow, General de Reden… The minister de Sarkozys, the late King Andrew, the noble Helvets line and the martyr Ester Rose. To the assembled we have here today. We all understand that question - that we can see to a better world. That we can build a world towards providence. A world in homage to the revelations of Sigismund - a world knowing the final fight to come in the great saga of our Canon's Auspice. That all virtuous descendants must assemble together to face iniquity, greed, deceit, and evil. That is what I leave the Empire with on these blessed days of mera, with prosperity on our lips and peace not so far in the distance. What sort of world will you build? I pray - to providence.” Varoche Hall, Helena An assembly of Orenians gathered outside the Varoche Hall As you can see, the Archancellor sought to inspire all of the Empire, from the farmers of Kaedrin to the Tailors of Helena. From the soldiers of Haense to the tea growers of Curon. A speech looking past our differences to see what unifies us. A speech looking back to see how far we have come from the oppressive Empire of Man, to this, as the Archancellor declared, “You enjoy the privilege of being subject to the greatest Empire the world has ever known.” An Empire of privilege, of unalienable rights as the josephites sought after to gain for all of humanity. An empire where the people have a say in their government and can blaze their own trail, a fairer humanity. The Archancellor declared as many would agree, our work for a better humanity is not done yet. We still strive for providence, but a message of hope to all of our readers, We are closer now than ever before. So put your faith in providence, put your faith in your Leaders of Haense, Curon, and Kaedrin; put your faith in the Empire. Pg. 2 ADVERTISEMENT “NOT CHARITY, BUT A CHANCE” The Vuiller Orphanage & School, Alexandria II An orphan sitting outside the Orphanage; cold and tired Once an orphan, Always an orphan! The Vuiller Orphanage and school are always in need of more supplies and children! If you don’t want kids, drop ‘em off here, we’ll take ‘em ‘cause no one else will! ‘Live Better Together’ This message was brought to you by Harald Vuiller. He’s dead! * Message HaraldMarròn#6276 over Discord for more information! * Paid for by B&K Publishing Pg. 3 DEATH OF A KAEDRENI SENATOR Varoche Hall, Helena A depiction of the front of the Varoche Hall, during the daytime During the last meeting of the twelfth session of the Imperial Senate, there was a feeling of pride and happiness between the senators as they had just witnessed the first State of the Empire address and wrapped up another productive session of the Senate. There was an aura of eagerness around the room as well, as there were some tightly contested races in Kaedrin and Helena this year and a sense that some senators would not return to the Varoche Hall. As the Senate was adjourning, Senator Jeanne Vladov of Kaedrin wished to say her closing remarks as she was entering a tight race and this could possibly be her last session as Senator. Before she could finish, a Golem barged through the Hall viciously attacking Senator Vladov and, as many onlookers stated, smashed her head like a pumpkin. Soon after a regiment of the Imperial State Army along with our own Exchequer of War, Erik Othaman, subdued the abomination and the Hall was shut down temporarily. Soon after the Golem Ban ordinance was instituted in Haense and the Empire. We’d like to share our condolences to the Vladov family. Rest in Peace, Senator Jeanne Vladov. Pg. 4 ADVERTISEMENT “THE MERRY MEN OF MONEY” COMING SOON TO THE WEEPING WICK THEATER The Weeping Wick Theater, New Reza An illustration of the Weeping Wick Theater stage, at night A joyous tale of misdirection, mischief, mistakes, and mirth. For a day out suitable for all the family, ‘The Merry Men of Money’ will be coming to a theatre near you, soon!' Standing tickets are available at the door for the low price of thirty-five minae per ticket. Seated tickets will be offered to the nobility of Haense in advance for the price of fifty-five minae per ticket. His majesty and his direct family may claim one of these seats each, free of charge * Message Erilobar#6916 over Discord for more information! * Paid for by Vorion Sturmholm Pg. 5 THE CROWN V. KAROLY Novellen Palace, Helena A representation of the defense and prosecution sitting on opposing sides of the throne hall. The Novellan Palace was filled with white clouds as the powder from the wigs of the chamber filled the room. People were coughing and sneezing all throughout the five hour trial. It was certainly a trial to remember, as a Vicar of Godan himself was put on the stand to defend himself from quite controversial indictments. Bishop Krisztian of Ves was charged with, Treason, Sedition, Extortion, and Second Degree Murder. The Prosecution was made up of the Notable Statesman Frederick Armas and the Solicitor General Joseph Adler, while the only defense was the young John Everard Pruvia (Jep). In this long and arduous battle that took place in the court, Both lawyers battled it out, it was politically brutal. The Prosecution attempted to prove that the Bishop of Ves wrote the contested pamphlets of the Young Canonists as this would be supposed evidence of the Bishops seditious and treasonous acts to incite rebellion, but it was to no avail. The Courts ruled there was not enough evidence to prove that the Bishop of Ves was the author of the Young Canonists, albeit after a possible blunder of the Chief Justice Sir John D’Arkent after he would not allow Ser Frederick Armas to question a possible admittance of the bishops legal team that he wrote the Young Canonist pamphlets. Novellen Palace, Helena The pope, his fellow clergymen, and the Governor General of Kaedrin sitting behind the defendant The next charge the Bishop was indicted on was that of 2nd degree murder of an Elf. Two witnesses were called to the stand, both possibly quite unreliable as one was a dear friend of the bishop and the other an elf who seemed unstable and had many fits of anger on the stand, as well as admitted to not being canonist. The story shifted over moot points, but the main points was that the Bishop was in the wrong place at the wrong time when the murder was committed and he attempted to get aid, he did not commit the murder. The next witness to take the stand would be the High Pontiff, however the justices of the Supreme Court decided that it would not be necessary, as they did not see enough evidence to convict the bishop, and on all counts he was found not guilty. The Authors, while not sharing their own views, do think that the Clerical members and clergymen should be treated with more respect in such sensitive matters. As a vicar of GOD should not be someone so easily muddied by gossip from the realm. The Authors also found this trial to be fair and just, the empire’s judicial system, while still in need of work, is showing that it can function impartially in most matters. <link> <link> <link> Pg. 6 ADVERTISEMENT “A POCKET TRANSLATION FOR THE ADVENTUROUS” The Alimar Memorial Library, New Reza Former Lord Marshal, Otto Kortrevich reading at the Library in New Reza. ‘Naumarian is the language of the Haeseni people and gives a voice to the soul of the North. When I had the opportunity to be taught in school, Common certainly was the major language, however, Naumarian was still taught. These days it is used far less, however, I have run into a growing number of individuals pursuing a stronger relationship with our traditions.’ With this in mind, I wish to advertise my newly put-together pocket translator for the Haeseni populace. Find yourself a copy at the Alimar Memorial Library so you, the next-generation of Haense may be educated on our proud national-dialect. ~Lord Otto Kortrevich <link> * Message Quinn275 in game for more information! * Paid for by Otto Kortrevich Pg. 7 SECURING THE SUCCESS FOR SMALL BUSINESSES Novellen Palace, Helena A picture of Terrence May drinking the famous Rezian soup, “Mother Broth” Fellow citizens, We have concluded another term of the Senate, poised to embark on a future where an economy is forged that works for everybody, not just those at the top. Together with my colleagues, we resoundingly passed an important measure that secures the place for small entrepreneurs to thrive in our society, the Entrepreneur Act by Senator Lauritz Christiansen. I reflect on this important measure because it is our role as the people’s representatives to speak for the needs of every person seeking to better their life here in our vast Imperial domain. I had the pleasure to meet a businessman by the name of Abram, the owner of Mother Broth. I was proud to speak to a man seeking to establish his business and propagating the great culture of our Highlandic roots with his cooking. His soup is one of the most renowned local delicacies of my provincial capital. It is the men like Abram that motivate me to support measures to uplift our Orenian businesses. It is they who serve as the backbone of our prosperity and we owe them our gratitude and our energies to succeed. ~Terrence May Pg. 8 HISTORICAL FIGURE OF THE YEAR King Stephen I of Haense Stephen Charles of Barbanov Stephanus Carolus Carovus Primus “A Foe to All Humanity, the Green, the Duelist” Unlike his elder brother Petyr, Stefan was not raised to be ruled by his father nor the court, and traditionally was expected to enter the church as his counterpart took the throne in Haense. His brother’s death to the pox thrusted Stefan to kingship, to which he was elected in heated debate during the Duma of 1610. His candidacy was supported mainly by the established nobility, who wished for a weaker monarch to maintain noble autonomy. First few years of his reign was left mainly to the nobility, and Stefan remained mostly in the heartlands in the fortress of Hochspitze. Through a deal with the Prince of Pruvia, he secured the Pruvian Inheritance, which included not only a large sum but control of many of the famous ‘Pruvian Banks’. This and the shrewd work of his advisor and later Palatine Henrik Bihar, a new army was established in direct control of the crown, which made the nobility more prone to compromise. Karlsborg was destroyed in the First Northern War, and without a capital, the royalist war camp during the Greyspine Rebellion soon evolved into the royal city of Alban- the de facto Haeseni capital. Veterans flocked to the restored state, and despite imperial losses in the Santegian Rebellion of 1617, the Haeseni army gained numerous victories, including the Battle of Asaili. In the spring of 1616, his army under command of Alessa Grendock and uncle Prince Otto Henrik beat back several attempts at raids by natives and Avarite mercenaries, fully pacifying them by 1620. Stefan meddled greatly in heartlander affairs, in contrast to the isolationist views of his predecessors, and was the focal point of many conspiracies and plots. He was first revealed in the Mardon Letter of his plans for a coup d’état of the emperor John V, and later his successful uproar in removing the imperial regent Robert of Marna. There were numerous assassination attempts against his life and he fought numerous duels against political opponents, including against the former heartlander archduke Odo d’Amaury, and his most famous showdown against his rival Robert of Marna, who he fatally wounded and killed. Stefan died a young death in 1624 due to genetic Hodgkin’s disease of his mother’s side, passing the throne to his uncle as he died without trueborn heirs. His reign marked the beginning of an era of regrowth for Haense following the disastrous Coalition Wars, which continued well into the reign of Otto III. His seemingly arbitrary political moves left Stefan a vile reputation in the heartland states, to which he gained his famous moniker by Prince Philip, ‘A foe to all Humanity’. *Excerpted from ‘Haeseni People’ documentation <link> @yopplwasupxxx Editor's Note: In the Next Edition. Historical Report on Rhys Var Ruthern Healthcare for the Empire Event in Haense Military Parade Coronation of King Sigismund II And whatever else that may come. . . We the Writers at B&K Publishing wish to remind our readers that each edition that is published at the end of every year pertains to the events that took place the year prior. We as a small working force work as swiftly as possible to put out our publishings in an efficient and cohesive manner. My constituent and I wish to formally reveal our utmost appreciation for the praise our last edition received from the far-reaches of the Empire. At the time of this publishing, there was a ruthless attempt on the life of the heir to the Haeseni crown. Thankfully by the time this is published His Majesty has received excellent care by Haeseni practitioners and will be making a full-swift recovery. By next year’s publishing an extensive article will be written regarding the events prior to the attempted assassination and the events preceding it. <link> <link> This concludes Edition 3 of the The Golden Crow Chronicles, Edition 4 will be ready by the end of next year.
  2. ANIMOSITY BETWEEN HOUSES 12th of Wzuvar and Byvca, 314 E.S. | 12th of Horen’s Calling, 1761 12TH OF WZUVAR AND BYVCA, 314 E.S. Viktor ascended up to his study at the former-Kovachev held stronghold of Kovagrad where he began to pensively write out a missive to Lord Barclay in hopes to amend their houses' past differences. To Erwin, I write to you now with the warmest regards as I express my sincere acknowledgement of our Houses sour past involvement with each other dating as far back to my grandfathers reign up till most recently my father’s reign. The Houses of Kortrevich and Barclay have by no means held close-knit relations with each other for reasons I’m not going to disclose here in this missive, but with this understanding in hand we must formally recognize the unfortunate faults of our predecessors and move to a brighter path for not only the prosperity of our Houses but most notably the betterment of the Kingdom we’ve sworn to defend and serve. With this in mind, I formally seek to invite the House of Barclay to Korstadt which my family resides where we may dine together and move forward as common leal vassals of the crown. May we indulge in pleasantries and discuss our past mistakes and past triumphs together that we’ve seen to disregard. I for one recognize this intention is most paramount with the troubling times our Kingdom faces at every corner moment. Might this be a first act of mine as Magravir in proving that as united vassals of the Crown, the Kingdom will directly reap the benefits for standing together as opposed to the contrary. @Miniguy15736 YOURS CORDIALLY, THE MOST HONORABLE, Lord Viktor Otto Kortrevich, Margrave of Korstadt, Baron of Koravia.
  3. Ser Nikolaus Kortrevich assisted his old friend up to the heavens with ease. ”Welcome old friend. It’s been some time since we wielded swords together in battle. My am I proud of what you’ve accomplished throughout your long journey. I’m most eternally proud of your efforts to regain your House’s nobility stature- may your sons, grandsons and great-grandsons thereafter follow in your footsteps. Join me now with your beloved ones while we wait on those we’ve left behind to join us, I’m sure Otto will be making his way up here sooner or later where we may share stories of our past together...”
  4. VOL. 1 EDITION. 1 Baruch & Kortrevich Publishing Three Minas per Edition Available in Nauvmariav THE GOLDEN CROW CHRONICLES New Reza, Haense Tov and Yermey, 312 E.S. | Sun’s Smile, 1759 11 pages Written by: Viktor Kortrevich & Sigmar Baruch Published by: B&K Publishing Pg. 1 HAESENI EXPEDITIONERS RETURN FROM ATHERA! Haeseni Campsite at Athera, 1756 An Illustration of the Haeseni host all together at their campsite Privej, readers! Allow us to entertain you with a tale of adventure, mischief, sacrifice, intrigue, and so much more! With the return of the King and his Expedition from Athera, they bring with them an untold number of stories, gifts, and ancestral relics. It began many years ago, once the Realms of Arcas caught word of a landmass that was undoubtedly recognized as the once lost continent of Athera; the peoples of Haense were bustling with activity at such a discovery. For the uninformed reader, upon Athera lies the birthplace of the Royal Family of Haense, the House of Barbanov, and its seat, the Duchy of Haense, upon which the ancient capital of Siegrad was situated. Immediately was it that the Kingdom prepared for a voyage, stocking on essentials, forming the Royal Expeditionary Command, and commissioning a new flagship for the Realm, titled Geltenkaros, and constructed graciously by the House of Baruch. With the vessel now seaworthy, the time came for Haense to depart. However, something seemed amiss at the time, the King had been reported absent, unable to be found within the Ekaterinburg Palace, or its nearby vicinity. Dismissed as minor thoughts at the time. Coinciding with the Haeseni expedition, the Emperor had also seen it fit to dispatch his own from Helena, leading the Empire personally to the ruins of Athera. And so the fleet sailed forth, leaving behind the realms of Arcas. An unpleasant mystery came to be revealed, as it was found that the young King had managed to stowaway within one of the barrels meant to carry Carrion Black. With ample distance already created between the Geltenkaros and Arcas, it was deemed that the boy would stay, and explore the lands of his ancestors with the rest. Perhaps in retribution for such a reckless decision, the Imperial crews were struck by a Kraken as they came to sight the Atheran landmass. In the ensuing battle, the Emperor’s ship was split in half by a great swing of one of the Kraken’s limbs, while the Geltenkaros shared the same fate, dragged under to a watery grave. By the Grace of God, the majority of the crews survived, clinging on to whatever they could as the tide swept them away to Athera. Surprisingly, the specific land the Expedition was marooned upon once belonged to the ancestors of our very own House of Stafyr, Wendenberg to be exact. The nearby territory was renamed to Peter’s Landing in honor of His Imperial Majesty, and recuperations began as the Imperial forces began to establish camp. However.. Wendenberg was located upon the eastern half of Athera, while the destination of the Haeseni, Siegrad, was situated across the entire continent, on its western half. A long trek was in order. As the Haeseni got accustomed to this new land, they sought to make sense of their nearby surroundings, having caught wind of there being remnants of various societies that survived the cataclysm that tore apart Athera centuries prior. It is here that the Crow Odyssey begins, for the Haeseni party stumbles upon a trio of native merchants seeking protection, and as any Haeseni would, their hopes were met amiably. The merchants were led forth to their destination, but an unnatural and mysteriou force had other plans. North of Petrus lay a great bridge that connected the Eruthos Canyons and the heartlands of old Oren - as the expedition crossed, a bolt of lightning suddenly slammed into the bridge with tremendous strength, enough to tear the overpass asunder, and the merchants along with it. Fearing for another strike, and with their return route cut off, the Haeseni Expedition fled northwards, seemingly directed by some sort of Holy Spirit. It took many months to eventually follow the canyons of Eruthos to lands of Ayr, where the House of Heinzrich once ruled, a title now belonging to the House of Baruch, the descendants of the former. With Ayr found, Siegrad had to be close. Unprepared, and unaware, the Haeseni continued forth to their destination, and ultimately leading themselves into another ambush, this time at the hands of a native tribe. Led by a formidable Chieftain, Bralt the Boar, the Scyflings descended upon the Haeseni with great savagery, inflicting many casualties to the point where all seemed lost. But fate would have it end another way - Bralt himself would be ambushed. Led by an elderly Chieftain, Olvav, the Tribe of Voliks would shatter the rear of the Scyflings, causing them to rout, and saving the Crow King and his entourage. The Haeseni would see Siegrad yet. continued... Pg. 2 With so many injured, the Voliks led the Expedition to the ruins of Vanderfell, the once Capital of the Waldenian People of Aesterwald. From here Olav explained to the Haeseni of his Crowsoath - an Oath of Fealty to the progenitor of the House of Barbov, the Patron Saint of Haense, Karl Barbanov, which was still in effect. For centuries the Voliks had acted the part of a custodian for the lands of Haense, maintaining its wealth and defending its ruins. The Elder continues on, explaining of the great vault Karl had constructed underneath Siegrad, from which relics prized over all others by the Barbovics were stored within behind a great gate. However, the keys for such were casted about and lost throughout the Hinterlands of Northern Athera - only oral tradition passed down from Volik generations had made any sort of sense about their locations. In the very same depths of the Vault of Siegrad, the Great Wyrm, the Destroyer of Athera, had made its domain. According to Volik folktale, within its Wyrm’s maw was one of the rumored keys, and supposedly, the remains of Saint Karl. Luckily for the Haeseni, the Wyrm lay dormant at the time. Unluckily for the Haeseni, Bralt the Boar had found them once again. Only through the actions of Primrose Kortrevich, Knight of the Marian Retinue, the Haeseni were saved. Her selfless sacrifice committed in the same way our Patron Saint had done so. Such an act gave the King and his party the time to flee, having found a way to circumvent Bralt’s ambush, and subsequently retreated from Siegrad for the time being. As our brave Haeseni recovered, the Emperor had called upon our ranks to assist in the Siege of Petrus. It appears that while the Haeseni were lost in the northern hinterlands of Athera, His Imperial Majesty had discovered the ancient capital of Oren, Petrus, had been swarmed with the ruinous forces of the undead. Despite being significantly outnumbered, the Imperial Expedition had uncovered wondrous long lost technologies, in the forms of explosive artillery, keeping the undead Petrusians at bay with such weaponry. The arrival of reinforcement tipped the balance of power, and so a general assault was given. Together, the Empire tore through the rank and file of ghouls and skeletons, laying waste to all abominations in their path. The threat came to a conclusion as the foul conjuring necromancers (which had merged into a grotesque representation of a dragon at the time) were dispatched appropriately by way of spectacularly fired pairs of grapeshot. As the Emperor and his retinue began their return to the homeland, the Haeseni had unfinished business. Now prepared for the trials ahead, the Expedition returned to the Siegradian Hinterlands and with the assistance of the Voliks, the Haeseni retrieved the last of the keys needed to open the Great Vault. With all the tools in their possession, the King was finally able to delve deep into the Great Vault and with the insertion of the keys, activated an ancient set of mechanisms that swung the gates open. Revealing within untold amounts of riches, mounds of gold twice the height of the average man, and relics thought to have been long lost to time. The Kingdom of Haense had finally seen the return of their artifacts. However, it was for naught, for Bralt and his Scyflings struck again, slaying near to the entirety of the Volik Clan in the process. A great battle ensued, resulting in the flight of the Haeseni as they cut their way through the encirclement, being directed by the last of the Voliks to their ships. Having endured far too many casualties, and now tasked with the protection of the Volik refugees, the Haeseni had no other choice but to flee Athera altogether, bringing with them only a fraction of the wealth of Saint Karl, but keeping in their possession the entirety of the Barbovic arsenal and much more. They Haeseni Expedition returns to New Reza, greeted with triumphant applause as a display of their experiences and newfound wealth was made apparent to the peoples of Haense. And so ends the Odyssey of the Crows. Dame Primrose Kortrevich’s PK Post <link> Pg. 3 ADVERTISEMENT “FRESHNESS IS OUR SPECIALITY” Dale’s Delightful Bakery, Rosebud Market II Anthrop Dale stood in front of his bake shop Make your way to Mr. Anthrop Dale’s very own bakery establishment in the market locality of the city. The bakehouse is the host of an assortment of freshly baked goods from native-grown cocoa beans, freshly baked cookies, and freshly made bread among an array of other fares. Are you looking to make a large purchase? Just follow that wonderful aroma of baked goods down to Dale’s Delightful Bakery! * Message ItsMrCannibal#6199 over Discord for more information! * Paid for by Anthrop Dale Pg. 4 DUMA HALLS REMAIN OPERATIVE Royal Duma Halls, Ekaterinburg Palace The Royal Herzen, Henrik Vanir seated at the post of the Duma halls Despite the ongoing war that afflicts our great nation, the very function of our government continues to maintain its purpose as we near the twentieth year since the outbreak of this conflict due to the savage Morsgradi aggression. The Duma session of 1758, hosted by His Excellency Lord Henrik Vanir, held nine members, with eight being absent. The attendance record for the Duma session of 1758 are as follows: Prince Alimar - N Lord Barclay - Y Lord Baruch - Y Lord Gant - Y Lord Kortrevich - Y Lord Ruthern - Y Lord Stafyr - N Lord Vanir - N Lord Kovachev - N Lord Batavus - N Lord Amador- Y Maer Stafyr - Y Alderman Corbish - Y Alderman Barclay - Y Lord Palatine - N Royal Exchequer - N Archbishop of Jorenus - N Present: 9 Absent: 8 The Royal Herzen, Henrik Vanir urges the members of the legislative body to attend His Majesty’s Royal Duma for it is their responsibility to serve as a main proponent of the Kingdom’s governmental function. continued... Pg. 5 9TH OF TOV AND YERMEY, 311 E.S. Lord Sigmar Baruch, the former Lord Herzen of the Duma presented two bills which would subsequently lead to both passing but only one saw Royal Assent by Lord Regent, Otto Sigmar. The first being the ‘The Powdered Wig Outlaw Act’ which can be outlined here: An Act to Remove Powdered Wigs from the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska Powdered Wigs do not belong in our admirable culture, and should thus be restricted from it. I. This Act will outlaw the sale and wear of powdered wigs within the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska for any reason. II. Anyone wearing a powdered wig will receive a 1,500 mina fine to the Crown. Anyone selling powdered wigs will receive a 3,000 mina fine to the Crown and shutdown of any other businesses that they might own. III. This Act will be effective upon royal assent. The implementation of this Act into our Kingdom will greatly strengthen and promote our own, unique culture by disallowing foreign influence that is not true to it. This Act would later find itself after the conclusion of the roll call passed by a vote of five ayes, zero niets and two abstains. It has since been denied Royal Assent by His Excellency, Lord Regent Otto Sigmar. The second being the very act which would lead to this newspapers formation; ‘The Royal Newspaper Act of 1755’ which can be defined here: An Act to Establish a State Funded Newspaper for the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska This act would establish a State funded newspaper that would provide the public with much needed knowledge on upcoming events. I. A State funded newspaper would be established to provide much needed information to the public of Haense. II. This Newspaper would include topics of the Royal Duma as well as bills passed by the Duma. It would also include upcoming events, interviews, political views of the nature of the State, as well as advertisements that can be purchased for businesses. III. This newspaper would also include an Historical person of the year. It would list the accolades and include a biography of an individual who contributed to this nation greatly ranging from kings to statesmen to military generals. This individual will be randomly selected. * A heated debate ensues between Alderman Siegmund Corbish and Lord Sigmar Baruch over the use of a newspaper. This Act would later find itself after the conclusion of the roll call to be passed by a vote of six ayes, one niet and two abstains. It has since been given Royal Assent by His Excellency, Lord Regent Otto Sigmar. The Golden Crow Chronicles wishes to remind its readers that His Majesty’s Royal Duma is hosted at the Ekaterinburg Palace, Duma Halls during the month of Tov and Yermey every year. His Royal Herzen, once again urges the honorable Lords of this kingdom’s domain to make a prompt appearance to Duma as it is a God given responsibility to see the successful function of the very government that operates the Dual-Monarchy of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. Next Duma Session Date: 15th of March | 9th of Tov and Yermey, 1759 | 5PM EST Pg. 6 ADVERTISEMENT “YOUR VOTE IS YOUR VOICE” Terrence May for Senate, 1760 Helena, Oren Portrait of Senator, Terrence May c.1757 “My fellow citizens, This upcoming election represents the best of our Kingdom. Our army is strong, our businesses are prospering, our fields are abundant, and our safety is secured. These things are only made possible with a great era, shaped in large part by the diligence of everyday Haensemen. If you believe in preserving this vision for Haense and that of our Holy Orenian Empire, I am asking you to support this campaign. Over the last twenty three years, I have served as your Imperial Senator, taking the fight to Helena to talk about the issues that matter to you most. In my career, I have championed transparency in government, promoted businesses and workers, reformed our legal system, and worked across the benches with other senators from throughout the State to ensure that our local communities are heard. Together, let us strive to move forward and keep up the important work that sustains our progress.” Vote Sir Terrence May GCM in the 1760 ballot! ~Terry May * Paid for by the Terrence May for Senate Campaign Pg. 7 THE STALEMATE OF A WAR PURSUES! New Reza, Haense Sketch of a Brotherhood impromptu training While the Rubern War continues to remain in a stalemate, The Holy Orenian Empire has continuously risen to the occasion as their war efforts continue to remain in full-effect. Several times throughout each month, both the Brotherhood of St. Karl’s infantrymen and the soldiers of the Imperial State Army have retained close ties with one another as they continuously show their mutual cooperation by hosting a multitude of shared training assemblies to better assemble for the war that has now reached its nineteenth anniversary since its eruption. The Brotherhood of St. Karl further exemplifies their continued war-effort as they patrol the provinces outside of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, to ensure safe travel for the inhabitants of the Empire- from the far reaches of Curon to the Duchy of Kaedrin through the northern dominion of Haense up through the crownlands where Helena is situated. The Lord Regent Otto Sigmar urges his citizens to work with him in, “Finishing the fight.” he commented saying that Haense will come out stronger than ever before! Pg. 8 ADVERTISEMENT “WE NEED YOU! ENLIST NOW!” New Reza, Haense Enlistment Poster for the Brotherhood of St. Karl Your Kingdom entices you to enlist yourself into the Brotherhood of St. Karl! Serve your liege lord through the light of God, May you defend your country at the side of your brethren and sistren. Enlist now where you may rise to the occasion and take up arms against the adversaries who seek to bombard the very walls we reside behind! Stand now and bring oneself to the commissioned officers of the Brotherhood where you may bear the colors of Black & Gold and serve your homeland with the utmost amount of honor and prestige. “Should we falter our shield turns to ash, but we shall not falter.” -Rhys var Ruthern, 1686 APPLY HERE <link> * Message Miniguy15736#6963 over Discord for more information! * Paid for by the Brotherhood of St. Karl Pg. 9 GENERAL ELECTION RESULTS Royal City of New Reza, Capital of Haense The Coat of Arms of New Reza With the General Elections in New Reza coming to a close, we the writers at Baruch & Kortrevich Publishing wish to congratulate all of the candidates for their tenacious effort to better our great nation. We, the writers at Baruch & Kortrevich Publishing, will pay particularly close attention to newly re-elected Maer Aleksandra Mariya Stafyr’s tenure in office - time will tell if she was the correct choice for Haense during these never-ending times of war that continue to rage on. Along With the newly elected Maer of Reza, we the writers at Baruch & Kortrevich Publishing will maintain a wary eye on the endeavors of the newly re-elected Alderman Ser Osvald Barclay and newly elected Tribune Father Harald Vuiller throughout their tenure in legislative office. Again, we congratulate those who were elected and wish to express our sincerest gratitude to all those who ran for election. Pg. 10 ADVERTISEMENT “Great Goods! Greater Prices!” Sturmholm Glorious Goods, Greyspine I The Lord Regent standing in front of Sturmholm’s shop Are you in need of great goods at even greater prices? Come on down to Sturmholm Glorious Goods where even the Lord Regent shops! They’ve got armor, weapons, and tasty snacks like the golden crow golden oats, the snack of a true highlander! More saving more doing, that's the power of Sturmholm Glorious Goods. * Message Erilobar#6916 over Discord for more information! * Paid for by Vorion Sturholm Pg. 11 HISTORICAL FIGURE OF THE YEAR Lord Leopold Stafyr Lord Palatine of Haense Count of Nenzing Nenzing, Haense Mural of Lord Palatine, Leopold Stayfr c.1710 Leopold Stafyr (Common: Leopold Stafyr) was a Haeseni nobleman and Count of Nenzing serving as Lord Palatine between 262 to his death at 271 under King Marus II. Leopold was the son of disgraced Lord Marshal Sergey Stafyr, and despite the recent fall of his family, had during his time as pater familias managed to re-elevate his family to comital status and strengthened his own political power, leading to King Marius II summoning him to serve as his Lord Palatine following Konstanz Ruthern’s disgrace and resignation. Leopold's tenure as Lord Palatine coincided with a build-up of tension and military stand-offs in the heartland estates between competing powers of Renatus (led by the imperial-claimant Pertinaxi dynasty) and Adria (who had recently elected Marius II as their duke). He gained fame in his defense of the sovereign during the subsequent Sacking of Ves (264) and destruction of the Adrian estates, defending Marius both in the court of the Pertinaxi dynasty and during the Adrian massacres. Leopold was also seen as instrumental in the Nenzing Plot where high lords of the Empire convened in a chamber deep within the castle of Nenzing to plot a revolt to replace the Pertinaxi dynasty with the Marnantine dynasty. After the plot was unraveled by imperial spies, Leopold orchestrated the first imperial coronation of a Holy Orenian Emperor in over a century of civil turmoil, sparking the War of Two Emperors. During the war Leopold fought in the victorious Battle of Upper Rodenburg, though suffered defeats at both Lower Rodenburg and the crucial Siege of Helena (269), before being killed at the Second Battle of Leuven (271) due to an infected arrow wound. Under Leopold’s tenure, he completed the first Haeseni Law Codex, though it remained unpublished till the end of the War of the Two Emperors under King Andrik III, and heavily sponsored the Duma and its subsequent rise in political influence. *Excerpted from ‘Lord Palatines of Haense’ documentation <link> @Emenzi Editor's Note: In the Next Edition. Historical Report of Prinze Georg Alimar Report on newly-elected officials And whatever else that may come. . . This concludes Edition 1 of the The Golden Crow Chronicles, Edition 2 will be ready by the end of next year.
  5. Stefan jots down the ceremony’s dating, as he intends to make an appearance to his confidante’s special occasion.
  6. Ser Nikolaus Kortrevich witnessed the sight of his eldest daughter sacrifice her life in order to save the rest of the Haeseni grouping from the comfort of the seven skies. He extended a sturdy hand out to Primrose to hoist her up with ease as she made her ascent to the skies that flew above. “Come, Prim. Hoist yourself up here where you may alleviate yourself from your oaths and the many vows you swore to uphold and dine with your mamej and I. We’ve been waiting for both you and your sister to join us ever since we ourselves made our ascent.” Nikolaus offered a heavy embrace to Primrose where he stated; “I speak for your mamej as well as myself by saying that we are most eternally proud of your renown love-filled life you lived. From the earliest dawn of your childhood when you were but a mere child you sought to become a Dame and quickly as years passed you accomplished that feat and not only brought your menage honor but the Kingdom to which you represent the utmost amount of prestige. Your sacrifice to your compatriots will naught ever be forgotten as your very action to sacrifice your own life saved the lives of your liege lord and the other Haeseni lords and ladies alike.” Lotte and Nikolaus would offer a nod to Prim as they both pulled back their wooden chairs for the trio to all sit down together and rejoice on their lives they had all lived and convene together finally for the many lost memories they had forfeited along the way. Nikolaus: “Prim, my have I missed you! Be it only seven years since I made my ascent it feels like an eternity since I last held you in my arms. Oh how I’ve missed you.” he placed a kiss on her forehead as he leaned back into his chair. Lotte: “Princess, I’m sorry for the faults I had in your life but let it be that we forget our misgivings and spend time together now as a family reconnected.” she embraced Prim with a warm hug as a flurry of kisses flew over to Prim’s cheeks. Prim’s face became rosy in color as tears flowed down her face: “I love both of you ever-so dearly as I’ve missed you both far more than I can put into words. But, my God, am I grateful that the three of us are here together where we may guide those we’ve left behind to a state of resolve.” Nikolaus, Lotte and Primrose all held each other's hands tightly around the table as they continued to reminisce on the times and memories of the past. Nikolaus then recited a tenet from the Haense chivalric tenets code; ‘To guard the honour of your King, God, liege lord, and fellow brothers.’ “Out of all the Knights and Dame alike that I saw honoring their oath, you amongst the likes of many remained true to your oath up until your last breath. Tales will most certainly be told of you, decades if not centuries later to the generations of children that come after us.” Nikolaus once more offered a heavy embrace to his eldest daughter with Lotte intertwining through the embrace; “Allow us to guide those we’ve left behind to a state of relief following your passing, may we await for your sister’s arrival and may we extend out aiding hands to your uncles that still forbid themselves from leaving the war-riddled Arcasian plains.”
  7. Viktor Otto Kortrevich born. 1741 General Information: Name- Viktor Otto Kortrevich Age- 20 Title(s)- Margrave of Korstadt, Baron of Koravia Heritage- Son of Lord Markus Kortrevich Traits ● Independent ● Observant ● Meticulous ● Sarcastic Zodiac- Libra Physical Description: Race- Highlander Gender- Male Build- Mesomorph Height- 5’11” Weight- 180lbs Hair Color > Viktor has medium length brown hair that is well maintained particularly around his ears and his eyes Eye Color > Viktor has a pair of faint blue eyes that shine brightly when the light glistens on his face Skin Tone- Pale in color, Healthy skin Face Shape- Diamond face shape Scars/Tattoos- None Clothing- Viktor wears attire particularly of a darker shade of red and black which represents the House of Kortrevich. Dominant Hand- Left Personality Information: Viktor is The Supervisor in situations. He is traditionally a hardworking traditionalist who is rather eager to take charge in organizing specific projects. Quite orderly and rule-abiding and conscientious. He tends to go about his projects in a very systematic, methodical way. Personal Alignment- Lawful Good Political Alignment- Centralist Party Strength(s)- Loyal and Committed Weakness(es)- Can be blunt & insensitive ✞ Religion- Canonism 👫 Sexuality- Heterosexual ⛪ Marital Status- Current Residence The Margraviate of Korstadt, Haense Other Information: Mother- Winnifred Ophelia Barbanov-Kortrevich ✞ Father- Markus Otto Kortrevich Grandmother- Kaitlyn Kortrevich ✞ Grandfather- Otto Kortrevich Language(s): Common, Naumariav The Kortrevich Coat of Arms
  8. Ser Nikolaus Kortrevich welcomed Winnifred to the seven skies with ease ”Come now Winnifred, be rid of your ailments and join me and your family here in the skies above. You’ve proven yourself to be resilient no matter the circumstances that faced you. From the very moment you sought to become a Dame, I knew shortly after meeting you how you carried yourself and how prominent your worth-ethic was which reveals itself now within your own son; Viktor. Now, look upon the ones you’ve left behind and see to it that their spirits are held high as they mourn your passing and move forward. Be patient as you await for their own ascent here as I’ve done, for now rejoice with your love ones and return to those you’ve desired to embrace since their passage to the seven skies.” Viktor Kortrevich sat somberly within the confines of the Basilica where he said out loud ”Mamej, why? Why now? Why ever? Ever since I was a boy I looked up to you and to that of Papej as exemplars of what it meant to be brave and courageous. Since my earliest upbringing, you’ve taught me the many fundamentals of life and the essence of living up to the name we hold. Rest easy and may both Papej, Juliyus and I join you one day.”
  9. RECONSTRUCTION OF KORSTADT, 1755 Construction Plan of Korstadt Decommissioning of Fort Korstadt Throughout this never-ending war between the Holy Orenian Empire and the Alliance of Independent States, Fort Korstadt has served as a functional military outpost for the Brotherhood of St. Karl but has been seen to be dormant as of recent years. Due to this and the request by the Lords of Kortrevich to move their family’s keep away from the fray, it has been duly requested by Lord Markus & his son Lord Viktor to obtain a province north of Haense where they may serve as a protectorate of the northern border of Arcas. A meeting took place on the 10th of Gronna and Droba, 308 E.S. where The Lord Regent came to a common agreement to grant such land to the leal vassal that is House Kortrevich. Upon this conclusion, the deconstruction of Fort Korstadt has been officially declared and will be taken down over the next coming year by Haeseni laborers. 10th OF GRONNA AND DROBA, 308 ES Following the conclusion of court summoning by Lord Regent Otto Sigmar; Ser Markus, his son and Otto ascended upstairs to the council room where a meeting could commence. At the helm of the table sat Otto were Markus and Viktor sat on opposite sides with the inclusion of Ser Jonathan standing idly by Otto’s side. The meeting commenced and agreement was made: TRANSCRIPT: Markus settled himself into a seat with a grunt before sliding off his helmet. Viktor took a seat at the table where he sat opposite to his father. Otto rests his cane across his lap before looking up to Viktor: “How old are you now, son?” Viktor: “Thirteen, Your Excellency.” he said with slight hesitation. Otto nods: “Nearly an adult then, I see. Very good.” He turned then to Markus, “What is it you wished to discuss, Lord Kortrevich?” Markus: “I know that we have loosely spoken regarding my House’s plans to migrate to the North and I’d like to expand on that conversation. My son and I have written up a small indenture in accordance with this, if you would give it a read.” [!] As the knight said this, he passed a document to Otto. Otto nods, setting the document down: “I have no problem with this.” Markus: “Fantastic.” He gave a faint smile, “Spasibo, Otto. I will add the appropriate dates and such to make it official, your premature signature is appreciated.” Otto nods, grabbing a pen and jar of ink from the table as he signed the document. Markus: “I have nothing else to say, unless you do?” He looked to his son across the table. Viktor pondered for a short moment: “I’ve got nothing to say further, papej.” Markus: “An amicable meeting.” The Margrave stood and made a similar grunt to the one after sitting. “Do niet let me keep you, Your Excellency, my House and I look forward to serving yourself, the young Koeng for all the generations to come thereafter.” Otto: “Of course. Good day, my lords.” He grabbed his cane and rose to his feet, limping off. Location of Proposed Construction: X: 405 Z: -3234 SIGNED, THE MOST HONORABLE, Ser Markus Otto Kortrevich, Knight Paramount of Hanseti-Ruska, Margrave of Korstadt, Baron of Koravia, Lord of Blackhall HIS LORDSHIP, Lord Viktor Otto Kortrevich HIS EXCELLENCY, Grand Prince Otto Sigmar, Lord Regent of Hanseti-Ruska, Grand Prince of Muldav
  10. Ser Nikolaus Kortrevich greeted Aedan to the seven skies with an outstretched embrace. ”You’ve served the Kingdom with great honor Ser Aedan, despite your open forthrightness. Never would I have envisioned you’d ascend your way here as soon as you have but nevertheless, the anguish you faced after Edyth’s passing and ultimately all that you’ve experienced throughout your life has finally come to a close. Rejoice here with your love ones and guide those you’ve left behind to an everlasting state of peace and happiness. With you being one of the last I knighted, you have most definitely made me proud of your many accomplishments that are now paired with your name perpetually.”
  11. SURNAME: Baruch FIRST NAME: Eirik ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: Duchy of Valwyck, Haense DATE OF BIRTH: 1st of Malin’s Welcome, 1709 Are you registered and eligible to vote in the province of Haense?: Yes Do you have any other title, peerage or public service that may conflict with becoming an Imperial Senator, as per the Edict of Establishment (1736) or Edict of Election (1736)?: No If yes, do you understand that you will be required to resign or abdicate from this position should you be elected to the Imperial Senate, and if this does not occur your seat shall be considered to be vacant?: N/A ((MC NAME)): Zanthuz
  12. Ser Nikolaus Kortrevich welcomed Andrik with open-arms to the seven skies where he embraced the young monarch. ”I must admit you made your way up here far sooner than I expected, Young Prince. Your rule, while short in nature was most definitely led by profound command- myself along with your family are most eternally proud of what you cultivated throughout your life.” Nikolaus then recited a chivalric tenet from an old knightly tome. “To hold yourself in the light of God, and live by honor and for glory.” ”From your earliest upbringing to your last breath, you held yourself in the brightest light of God and lived by the code of honor and glory. I speak for the citizens of Haense that all recognize that without a shadow of a doubt and those that have passed before you have long acknowledged that reality since you were a young boy. May your son, Otto Sigismund live up to the precedent you established, where he’ll propel the Kingdom to a perpetual state of prosperity as you, your father and the kings of past have propelled towards.”
  13. Discord: Dale#4231 Skin/s and bid/s (List separately if multiple): Northern Nobleman: 1.2k Haenseni Style Red: 1.6k
  14. Ser Nikolaus is pleased with the Act and is content so far with Tiberius’ conduct.
  15. Eirik Baruch reads over the transcript and after short deliberation to himself he begins to write yet another missive to Terrence May. Mr. President, @Piov “After taking the time to read over the transcript, I’ve come to the conclusion to vote against the confirmation. No being no matter their race, gender or creed should be confirmed to any justice court of man solely because of the fact they have no comprehension of the simple five infractions of Imperial Law. I cast my vote in stiff opposition to Mister Elverhilin being confirmed to the Western Circuit Court simply because of this point.”
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