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  1. Butch takes Wilbur out on a walk early in the morning of 13th of Malin’s Welcome. They end of stumbling upon a Barclay campaign advertisement following the recent outcome of the Imperial Senate elections, they both pause briefly and unload a large load underneath the sign. As Butch waddles away he mutters underneath his breath; “Fuckin’ Barclay scum, scum of all scums! Corbish has serve’d dis nation for decades with de utmost amount of determination to better dis kingdom! He’ll continue to do so in da Senate!”
  2. good. hated him anyways.
  3. The Knightly Obligations Edict Issued by Ser Nikolaus Kortrevich and Confirmed by His Majesty, King Andrew III of Hanseti-Ruska 10th of Wzuvar and Byvca, 288 | 10th of Snow’s Maiden, 1735 Va Birodeo Herzenav e Edlervik, By order of the Knight Paramount and His Majesty the following is decreed: The foremost mission of all Knights and Dames within the Hansetic Realm is to serve as direct preservers of His Majesty’s reign and to defend his kingdom’s prosperous future. In order to ensure that that responsibility is prioritized, Ser Nikolaus sees fit to establish further regulations when being Knighted apart of the Order of the Crow and later when being integrated as part of the Marian Retinue. In order to be Knighted as part of the Order of the Crow, we hereby establish the following edict: No man or woman may hold any position within the Royal Government (with the only exception being common city official positions) concurrently with their sworn responsibility as a knight. This is made certain to establish that the individual who is recently Knighted upholds the oath he/she swore and prioritizes their time towards serving the denizens of Haense directly. In order to be enlisted as part of the Royal Order of the Marian Retinue, we hereby establish the following edict: No man or woman may hold any titular position to ensure that their responsibilities lie directly to serving and defending their King and the Royal family with the utmost amount of chivalry and honor. Following this enactment, all men and women who are currently undergoing the squireship process shall pertain to the above listed regulations. The Knight Paramount is responsible for the execution of this reformation unless revised by further legislation from the Crown. IV JOVEO MAAN, HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, King Andrew III of Hanseti and Ruska, Grand Hetman of the Army, Prince of Kusoraev, Dules, Ulgaard, Lahy, Sorbesborg and Slesvik, Grand Duke of Vanderfell, Duke of Vidaus, Margrave of Rothswald, Count of Karikhov, Baranya, Kvasz, Kavat, Karovia, Kovachgrad, Torun, Turov, and Kaunas, Baron of Valwyk, Venzia, Esenstadt, Krepost and Kralta, , Lord of Alban, Reza, Markev, Lord of the Westfolk, Protector of the Highlanders, etcetera THE RIGHT HONORABLE, Ser Nikolaus Kortrevich, Knight Paramount of Haense, Commandant Knight of the Marian Retinue, Meyster Knight of the Order of the Crow
  4. Zanthuz

    Eirik Baruch

    Eirik Sigismund Baruch born. 1708 General Information: Name- Eirik Sigismund Baruch Age- 26 Title(s)- N/A Heritage- Brother of Count Sigmar of Ayr Traits ●Meticulous ●Sarcastic ●Honest ●Impulsive Zodiac- Libra Physical Description: Race- Highlander Gender- Male Build- Stocky, Average shoulders, Average waist Height- 6’0” Weight- 185lbs Hair Color ► Eirik has medium length brown hair that is well maintained particularly around his ears and his eyes Eye Color ► Eirik has a pair of faint blue eyes that shine brightly when the light glistens on his face Skin Tone- Pale in color, Healthy skin Face Shape- Diamond face shape Scars/Tattoos- None Clothing- Eirik wears attire particularly of darker shade with the addition of pelage. Dominant Hand- Right Personality Information Eirik is very open-minded when he speaks along with being rather blunt. While he retains a consistent sense of humor and sarcasm he can at times be trusted and enjoyable to spend time with. Besides his poor mannerisms in some instances, he is a young man who respects and loves his family and continues to ensure the prosperity of his House’s future. Personal Alignment- Chaotic Neutral Political Alignment- Feudalist Party Strength(s)- Wittiness Weakness(es)- Outspoken ✞ Religion- Canonism 👫 Sexuality- Heterosexual ⛪ Marital Status- Marjorie Vyronov The Coat of Arms of House Baruch Other Information: 🏘️ Current Residence: Ayr, Haense 🏘️ Past Residence: Reza, Haense - 4 Marian Boulevard [Baruch Manor] Mother- Lilliana Kortrevich (d. 1719) Father- Jan Baruch (d. 1715) 💬 Language(s): Naumariav
  5. Butch takes out his stamp and stamps the report firmly onto the desk. Wilbur is plopped on top of the desk as he watches Butch do his important business! [!] A depiction of Butch; Mister Terrence May’s assistant
  6. Ser Nikolaus retrieved notice of the forthcoming tourney being held in the Imperial City of Helena and pondered for a brief moment about registering for yet another tournament. Nikolaus after comprehensive consideration began to fill out the registration which included information like; name, age, title, holdings etc. He then took to sharpening his Zweihänder with a portion of whetstone; from there he began to train his skill with a sword with his soon to be son-and-law Ser Roderick as he prepared for the upcoming event. Nobility Registration (Joust and/or Duel) ((McName)): Zanthuz Name: Ser Nikolaus Kortrevich Age: 51 Title: Knight Paramount of Haense Holdings: N/A Heritage: Cousin of Baron Otto of Koravia Events: Duel
  7. Ser Nikolaus Kortrevich would retrieve the news regarding Ser Henrik’s passing. He would then quote a segment of a tenant and doctrine he swore to uphold since the day he was Knighted underneath the knightly order of Bihar. “To serve your King, and God, in both valour and faith.” “Ser Ludovar without a shadow of a doubt served his King and God in both great valour and faith. Henrik served underneath three Kings of Haense and lived through four and till the day he let out his last breath he served each one with exceptional prowess. Throughout his tenure apart of the Marian Retinue, serving directly to the King of Haense; Ser Henrik sought only to fulfill his duty to protect and defend the King and the royal family of Haense. While knighted by the late King Robert, he also fervently served his House with great honor and prestige. My friend, while you were stubborn at times and proved to be rather difficult to become acquainted with; overtime we became close and garnered much respect for each other. I hope now as you’ve descended to the seven skies that you are in a state of happiness where you are able reconnect with your love ones.” The Marian Retinue Ser Henrik Ludovar “The Old” , “The Able” Service: 1707-1730
  8. The Knightly Order of the Crow “For my liege, and his prestige.” Following the successful establishment of the Marian Retinue by the late King Marius II and Ser Varon Kovachev. A necessity has been called to officially institute a knightly order which serves to defend the kingdom of Haense and its citizens with pronounced prestige and chivalry as opposed to directly fulfilling the purpose of the Marian Retinue which acts as the King’s royal guard. King Andrik III and Ser Nikolaus Kortrevich sought fit to form a new knightly order within Haense, which is modeled after the former Knightly Order of the Golden Gryphon. « Chivalric Tenants » To serve your King, and God, in both valour and faith. To protect, and serve, the weak and defenceless from the evils of this world. To hold yourself in the light of God, and live by honour and for glory. To guard the honour of your King, God, liege lord, and fellow brothers. To never refuse a challenge from an equal, and to not turn back upon a foe. To prove one’s self through discipline, loyalty, and respect. To respect the laws of the land you ride upon, and those placed in authority. To remain true to your blood, and to the land you’ve grown upon. To be strong, true, and sworn to King Barbanov, and the Crow ⁌ How to Join ⁍ « Prerequisites » To join the order, one must qualify all prerequisites requirements as it is written, with no special exceptions considered as the Kingdom of Haense holds a high standard for their knightly men and women. Must be sworn to the Kingdom of Haense and his Royal Majesty Of human or elven blood Pages must be at least the age of eight Squires must be at least thirteen years of age Arma Patrinae must be at least eighteen years of age The Order of Knights keeps a very strict standard on those wishing to join. For those of common blood, the process of being a squire is off-limits, and they must seek other ways to be Knighted. Such result in commoners daring to do the extreme in precarious situations, proving their bravery and diligence, in attempts to be recognized and knighted. Those of Nobility wishing for their sons or daughters to become Knights, must find an able Knight willing to take on a Squire. A squire is taken under the wing of a Knight at the age of thirteen, and through the coming years will be taught, and tested, in various abilities till their nineteenth name-day. If unsuccessful in their training to become knighted, they may be given the opportunity to be afforded the rank of Arma Patrina. « Trials » A set of trials are in place for when a Knight of the Order or a Marian Knight of the Retinue takes on a squire and commences a squireship. It is to be known that once a squireship commences the Knight designated to squire the individual must delegate a minimum of three trials that are listed below. While along with the three trials that are selected; it is mandatory that a squire must undergo the Trial of Skill which is outlined below as to what the trial entails for the specific squire. Following the completion of the trials set before them, if they have successfully completed the trials tasked before them it’ll be determined whether they are pronounced Knight of the Order of the Crow or if they’ve failed the set of trials they’ll be recognized as an Arma Patrinae which is outlined below. Trial of Chivalry: “A knight must prove himself to be a humble and worthy servant of the chivalric code. For this trial, you shall perform three separate chivalrous deeds before you may progress to the next. You may do things such as write and recite poetry, render your services to a lady in need, assist the weak in their hour of weakness, and perform other deeds which might add to your honor.” Trial of Knowledge: "While you may have the heart of a lion, as well as fight as one, there is more to being a knight than just mere brawn. Any mere sellsword can overpower his opponent with a blade, but a true knight knows how to use his wits to give him an edge during his adventures. The first step toward sufficiently honing one's wits is to first understand the world around you, to gain knowledge of the land in which you live. As an immigrant from the south, you must become acquainted with our history, our customs, and our laws before you can be named as a knight of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. For this trial, you shall visit the library Reza to learn about Haense. You shall then be given a verbal quiz, which you must pass unanimously to be able to proceed to the next trial. The quiz shall consist of five questions to be selected from a random list, and a perfect score must be achieved in order to progress. It may be taken three times in a Saint's Week." Trial of Endurance: "You have already proven that you know how to conduct yourself in a chivalrous manner, but what is yet to be tested is your will to succeed at any given task. For this trial, you shall have to travel the roads of Arcas on foot across five different realms other than the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, either in a clockwise or a counter clockwise motion from north, to south, and then into the north again. You must have an official of each realm present you with a signed testimony that states you have visited each of their realms. Any official will do. Once you have all five signatures from each official, you shall return to the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska and present the signatures to me. This trip must be completed on foot." Trial of Bravery: “Finally, you must track down and slay a beast of great repute.” Trial of Skill: “A knight must prove himself to be a formidable warrior with his blade. You shall challenge a skilled warrior who is not your knight to a duel with dulled blades, and you must win the contest by eliciting a concession from him. The warrior may be a nobleman, a knight, or any other fighter of great repute.” [Fight and defeat a skilled knight or other noble warrior /commandant with blunted swords.] « Ranks & Hierarchy » ⦿ The Page A page is a young boy who wishes to one day become a knight, usually around the age of eight years old. They are a unique type of ward, in which a knight takes one on and keeps them within their own hold, and from there they are educated by the knight upon various topics, such as; manners, houses, heraldry, history, etc. ⦿ The Squire A squire is a boy who has been taken on by a knight to learn more about the ways of knighthood, usually around the age of thirteen years old. During such time, they hold no sort of authority, or rights, that knights of the order may hold. While under the knight they will be taught much more practical, and theoretical, learnings, such as; tactics, swordsmanship, chivalry, duties, horsemanship, armament, etc. ⦿ The Arma Patrina A man with the ranking Arma Patrina is a man who was either unable to become squired, or has failed their squireship. While they are not awarded the same title as a knight, they are treated with respect as an orderman and hold the same authority as a regular member of the order. While they may be treated like a regular orderman, they are expected to learn the various duties, and the knowledge, on their accord. ⦿ The Crow Knight A knight is a man who has either passed through his/her’s squireship, and turned the age of nineteen, or is a man that holds the title of arma patrina and has proven himself valiant enough to be knighted. Once knighted, their fealty is sworn to the King of Haense, and expected to uphold all tenants, and doctrine, of the order. ⦿ The Meyster Knight The Meyster knight is the leader of the Order of the Crow, he is in charge of all things chivalric and answers only to the King of Haense. Being the one whom can allow, or disallow, squireship or knighthood « Attire and Armament » ⦿ Attire Pages depending on the knight in question, may wear simple clothing or the colours depicting the knight they’re working for. Squires are expected to wear a full tabard over their armour, which must depict either the colors or heraldry, of the knight who he is squired to. Arma Patrinae are expected to wear a full tabard over their armour, which must depict the colors of gold and black, the colors of the royal house of the Kingdom of Haense. Knights are expected to wear the armor provided to them by His Royal Majesty and/or the current Meyster Knight that possesses the colors of gold and black, upon their person at all times. ⦿ Weaponry Where pages and squires are expected to be equipped by their knight in question, Arma Patrina’s and Knights are expected to keep a maintenance upon their weaponry and utilize the type which is best depending on the fight, thus are expected to be versed in various weaponry from short-swords, to long-swords, and axes. Including other equipment, such as shields, crossbows, and spears. ⦿ Horses Knights of the Order should regularly groom and train their horses. They should be adept horsemen, and their horses should be fit as well. The horse’s hair should be regularly brushed, their hooves treated and horseshoes replaced as needed, etcetera. It is typically the duty of a knight’s squire or page to maintain the knight’s horse(s). « Oath and Ceremony » Upon the initiation of the Knighting Ceremony, the Knight-apparent must come wearing a tabard of brown, symbolizing that they are yet a common man, and they may not bring a blade, symbolizing that they are not yet among the brotherhood. When they are knighted, they are given a tabard of their own heraldry made by the Order, and a sanctified blade, symbolizing their rise to knighthood, and their duty to God and Haense. Do you, [Name] swear now upon the blade of Gaius Marius, the first Hochmeister of our earliest order, that all you say now is true, and that you have come to receive your knighthood? Response: It is. The truth is the burden of all knights, one that only the diligent can bear. Will you be true in all things, even if it may lead to your demise? Response: I will. To bear this burden, a knight must be strong. Will you be strong of spirit, and resilient to all forms of temptation? Response: I will. In order to be strong, a knight must be brave. Will you be courageous against your enemies, and to defend the helpless, even if it may cost your life? Response: I will. In order to be brave, a knight must have honor and loyalty, lest he fall to sinful ways. The knight must be above reproach, his honor and allegiance unquestioned. Will you be honorable and loyal to your king, your people, and above all else, to God? Response: I will. When you take this oath, you will no longer be a man. You will be a knight, invested with holy responsibility by God himself. Do you accept this burden that God has placed upon you? Response: I do. Now for your oath. Do you swear to be brave, strong, and true, as all knights must be? Response: I so swear. Do you swear to be honorable and loyal, to never forsake your vows nor your allegiance? Response: I so swear. Finally, do you swear to uphold all which is holy and good, and to honor God in all your actions? Response: I so swear. Then I seal you to your oath, if you should part with it, may you part with your life. I name you Ser <Name> of the <Knight Order>. May God keep you and uphold you. ⁌ The Knightly Roster ⁍ (link) « Active » Ser Nikolaus | “The Strong” | House Kortrevich [Zanthuz] Meyster Knight, Knight Paramount of Haense Unable to have squires Ser Gerard | “The Bear Slayer” | House Stafyr [dandan1350] Lord Justicar of Haense Unable to have squires Ser Wilheim | “The Stallion” | House Barclay [MadOne] Lord Marshal of Haense, Baron of Freising Unable to have squires Ser Konrad | “The Wolfsbane” | House Stafyr [AndrewTech] Lord Speaker of Haense Available to have squires Dame Primrose | “The Forbearing” | House Kortrevich [Miko0422] Dame of Reza Available to have squires Ser Alaric | “The Falcon’s Blood” | House Hanethor [AlligatorBait] Knight of Reza Available to have squires Ser Olavo | “The Ginger” | House Castelo [InfamousCanadian] Knight of Reza Available to have squires <Previous Constituents> Dame Maria | House Preussens [Disheartened] Dame of Reza Discharged by Ser Nikolaus Ser Henrik | House Amador [SanderWarrior14] Knight of Reza Discharged by Ser Nikolaus « The Royal Order of the Marian Retinue » (link) The Marian Retinue serves as the personal protection of the Royal Family, and defend the Kingdom with honor and chivalry. The Retinue shall follow the King into battle serving as his personal bodyguard. These men are seen as the embodiment of chivalry, and represent the Kingdom as some of its finest warriors. circa. 1707 « Book of the Marian Retinue » (link- W.I.P) The Book of the Marian Retinue, is the tome that records the deeds of every Knight who has ever served in the Retinue since its foundation of the Kingsguard. It is the Knight Paramount’s duty to keep the book updated with the most precise information that pertains to each Knight’s personal accomplishments and deeds to the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. ⁌ Royal Knightly Order Roster-- Marian Retinue ⁍ (link) « Active » Ser Nikolaus | “The Strong” | House Kortrevich [Zanthuz] Knight Paramount of Haense, Commander of the Marian Retinue Available to have squires Ser Khroll | “The Elf” | [Khroll_] Marian Knight Available to have squires Ser Roderick | “The Loyal” | House Daine [BiSc0] Marian Knight Available to have squires <Previous Constituents> Ser Rodrik | “The Loyal” | House Kortrevich [Milenkhov] Knight Paramount of Haense, Commander of the Marian Retinue Title Stripped by crown Ser Varon | “The Fierce” | House Kovachev [Arygon] Knight Paramount of Haense, Commander of the Marian Retinue Title Stripped by crown Ser Dominic | “The Stalwart” | House Grimm [Kanadensare] Knight Paramount of Haense, Commander of the Marian Retinue Date of passing: 14th of Sigismund’s End, 1716 Cause of death: Killed during the War of the Two Emperors Ser Jan | “The Bold” | House Baruch [SubscriptShark] Count of Ayr, Marian Knight Title Stripped by crown Date of passing: 11th of Tobia’s Bounty, 1715 Cause of death: Executed for treason Ser Ulric | “The Unwavering” | House Vyronov [Giambro] Marian Knight Date of passing: 10th of Horren’s Calling, 1724 Cause of death: Sustained Injuries Ser Thomas | “The Sea Devil” | House Raleigh [AC130_Above] Marian Knight Title was transferred to Imperial Crown Ser Gerard | “The Bear Slayer” | House Stafyr [dandan1350] Lord Justicar, Marian Knight Honorably Discharged by crown Ser Wilheim | “The Stallion” | House Barclay [MadOne] Lord Marshal of Haense, Baron of Freising, Marian Knight Honorably Discharged by crown Ser Bjolfr | “The One Legged” | House Nord [GhostSHTR] Marian Knight Honorably Discharged by crown Date of passing: 7th of Harren’s Folly, 1728 Cause of death: Sustained Injuries Ser Henrik | “The Able” | House Ludovar [Legoboy7984] Duke of Kvasz, Marian Knight Date of passing: 8th of Malin’s Welcome, 1730 Cause of death: Old age
  9. Nikolaus would awake rather later in the morning where he would turn to his rightside where his wife would sleep in a very still manner. He thought nothing of it at first as she appeared fairly drained and fatigued the prior night but, Nikolaus would soon realize after getting up from their bed and making some noise as he got ready for the day that Lotte would remain idly laying on the bed. He quickly moved her over to be laying on her backside where he instantly checked for her pulse rate... After identifying the reality that was laying before him, he gave his wife one last kiss as he then fixed the white quilt over her entire body where he would then state lastly; “Rest well, my love for you are no longer in a state of suffering. You are in place of peace and happiness where you may look upon your entire family to guide them to relative state of unity as they grieve together following the losses this family has undertaken in recent years.” He closed the door behind him as he glanced back once more at Lotte. Obvious emotion overcame him at that moment as he then made his way downstairs as he lead himself to the kitchen where lunch was being prepped by the house maiden-- Elizaveta. Nikolaus suddenly collapsed and all the emotion he kept within himself was poured out at that moment. A rather put together man who carried years upon years of anguish during a multitude of wars, battles and raids where individuals closest to him were taken in kidnap or simply killed as a result of war; all of these emotions left Nikolaus at that moment as tears filled the entirety of his face. Otto, who was seen eating at the dining room table heard Nikolaus in the kitchen as he then rushed in. He stated rather simply to Nik, “Make your way to Primrose, she among anyone needs you the most. My steed stands outside the manor; take it and ride to Primrose where you two shall comfort each other in this time of heartache.” Otto said as he assisted Nikolaus up to his two feet. Nikolaus made his way outside the manor as he then hoisted himself up to the horse, he would begin to ride to the County of Carnatia in a rather hastily fashion. Lotte and Nikolaus Kortrevich 1704-1729 [!] Depicted above is an illustration of Lotte and Nikolaus at the ages of 27 and 26 where Lotte can be seen wearing a long pink dress where as Nikolaus could be seen wearing a Master-At-Arms uniform of the Royal Army of Haense.
  10. Ser Nikolaus Kortrevich would soon feel an overwhelming sense of sadness as he discovered the passing of Ser Nord. He would then recite a segment apart of the oath that Bjolfr took and swore upon along with quoting a tenant and doctrine that he swore to uphold; “The truth is the burden of all knights, one that only the diligent may bear. Will you be true in all things, even if it may lead to your own demise?” “To remain true to your blood, and to the land you’ve grown upon.” “Ser Bjolfr was true in all things as every knight aspires to be and throughout his long tenured service to the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska he proved that to all until his last breath. Despite baring the illness of post-traumatic stress disorder later in life he fervently continued serving and defending the kingdom he loved ever so dearly in any which way he was capable of executing. While some might not share the trait to remain true to your blood and to your homeland, Ser Nord without out a doubt remembered his heritage along with his home that he was born to. Although he has passed, in memory his discipline, loyalty and overall respect will be remembered to be unquestioned. I pray that GOD may lead you to a state of eternal tranquility where you may look upon your family and friends and guide them to relative peace and happiness. I trust that your grandson Rhys will uphold the great honor that you yourself instilled throughout your exceptional service to Haense.” The Marian Retinue Ser Bjolfr Nord-Novaeux “The One-Legged” Service: 1707-1717
  11. IGN: Zanthuz Character Name: Butch Age: 99 Position: Alderman [!] Depicted above is Butch hanging out with his best pal Otto Tuvic!
  12. Butch clenched his butt cheeks and prepared for war!
  13. Nikolaus looks STRONG
  14. Name (and House if applicable): Ser Nikolaus, of House Kortrevich Degree of Knighthood (Squire, Knight Errant, Knight): Knight Paramount Age: 46 Liege Lord: King Andrew III Date of Accolade (if possible): N/A Chapter/Order (if applicable): Marian Retinue
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