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  1. Senator May rises as the oath was concluded before addressing the Chair at the start of the new legislative session. Mr President, I rise today to congratulate my colleague, Senator Corbish on his election to his own right as a member of this most august body. Moreover, I extend these same well-wishes to our other colleagues, especially the member for Curon, whose victories are a testament to their valor and devoted service to their constituents. Mister President, I seek to make known to this session on the direction that the Imperial Senate Committee on Justice has elected to take in its role on oversight and reform into Judicial Affairs. I am presenting to the floor a copy of a statement that my office has completed informing the Senate of the agenda for this committee. Three important issues have come across: the issue to clarify the reasons for the dissolution of the Northern Association for Free Trade and Administration, hearings to gain testimonies for the purpose of developing a viable, independent Imperial Judiciary to arbitrate on cases pertaining to our citizens, and the assassination efforts that were waged upon the High Pontiff. A copy of the agenda is presented to the rostrum: Agenda of the Imperial Senate Committee on Justice
  2. “Mr President, I am pleased that the nominee has presented to us an informative opening statement on his candidacy to the Interior Ministry. My question to him relates to my constituents in Haense. During my term as Lord Palatine, I negotiated a deal called the Northern Ferry and Canal Agreement of 1732 with the Imperial Government. However, six years have gone by and the terms of the agreement have lagged as production of the canal has been sidelined by the war. Can Mister Tybis de Rutyer assure me what this canal will also be one of his priorities to fulfill if confirmed to this position?” @Capace @Esterlen
  3. A Statement from the Office of Senator Terrence May “LOOKING TO A BRIGHT FUTURE” 9th of Owyn’s Light, 1738| 9th of Vzmey and Hyff, ES 291 My fellow Haeseni, This first Imperial Senate election is a vital moment for us to think about our kingdom. The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska is a strong nation, built on the legacies of successive generations whose boundless energy and determination has given us a great society. Our military is always growing. Our markets are abundant in commerce and wealth. Our fields are bountiful and fertile. Our children our prosperous and well-educated. Haense continues to be a nation filled with boundless promise and a place for opportunity and growth for all sectors of life. This is why I endorse Siegmund Corbish for the Imperial Senate. Senator Corbish has been a long time civil servant of this kingdom. As Head Steward, he has built up a strong, civil life alongside the people and has remained closely with their needs. He has developed an organized and robust revenue system, maintained our properties, and cultivated a prosperous urban life for our citizens in Reza. He has, and continues to be, a self sacrificing servant of the Haeseni people. He is a friend of the Royal Family and an indispensable colleague in the Senate. When I was Lord Palatine, though I did not agree with Mister Corbish on many issues, I admired his deep sense of public service and commitment to the values he has and to the people he serves. This is why I urge you all to vote for Siegmund Corbish in this upcoming Imperial Senate election. May GOD bless the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. Signed, His Excellency, Terrence May, Member of the Imperial Senate for the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska
  4. “Mr President, I am open to a voluntary lottery to grow revenues. However, I want to clarify to the chamber that my sentiment stems from the guarantee I want from the nominee that if and when he does obtain revenues for the Imperial Government through his proposal, there will be plans to create a contingency budget within the Department of Treasury for vassals to access.”
  5. Senator May rises and frowns as the Vice Chancellor directly addressed him. “Mr President, It is not suitable for the Chair to interject and make comments on the members for their speeches and opinions. I rise to object the decision of the Chair and raise a point of order to prevent further such comments to take place as we debate on the executive schedule for the nomination to Secretary of the Treasury.”
  6. “Mr President, I thank the nominee for his answer but I am not totally convinced that we can move forward with an important position if a vassal budget, should he succeed in creating revenue, is not guaranteed! The vassals require greater support from their Imperial government to ensure vital service and efforts in defense, education, and infrastructure are funded at-large. If citizens pay into a lottery, I expect that the revenues be allocated back to their welfare. My constituents, and I believe I am safe to say that the constituents of my colleagues, also believe that we must ensure that a budget is allocated and that a budget is prepared that is as good and honest and deserving as the Orenian people.”
  7. Senator May takes out a prepared document of questions as he addresses the order of business stated by the Chair. “Mr President, I rise to ask the nominee if he plans to introduce a budget to ensure that the Imperial Government can adequately provide for its citizens in the capital, sustain currently ongoing works of infrastructure, and maintain a standing force for our defenses. If so, which I hope he does, I seek to know his plans for creating revenue. Also, does the nominee pledge to provide a budget for vassals to be given for further development in civil infrastructure and defense?”
  8. Senator Terrence May of Haense stands from his seat and addresses the President of the Senate and his colleagues. ”Your Excellency, the Vice Chancellor, I address the first session of this Imperial Senate with great affection for my honorable colleagues who join me in sharing in this momentous gathering. I pray that none but good and honest men govern under this roof. To my constituents in Haense, I pledge my resolute determination to fulfill the needs most pressing to us in the North and to champion the rights of this Senate and the people throughout the Imperial domain. I thank my honorable friend, the Senator from Kaedrin for giving way and wish him well as we begin this term. I know that he, and quite frankly all of us, are committed to serving our constituents throughout the Empire. I rise today to propose The Senatorial Committees Formation Act to the floor of this body to establish the functionary committees of this Senate in the exercise of the powers as listed by the Edict of Establishment. While the Edict provides us the means to create committees, it is important for the first session of this Senate to fully define the powers entrusted to it by the Empire. This bill will set out the formal structures to create three central committees that shall serve as the primary bulwark of the Senate’s legislative role: The Imperial Senate Committee on Judicial Affairs, the Imperial Senate Committee on Civil Affairs, and the Imperial Senate Committee on the Treasury. Honorable members shall be able to serve on various committees each tasked with holding the Imperial Council of State to account for actions taken to implement the laws and policies of this Empire. As the people’s representatives, we must actively take part as stewards of transparency, direction, and legislative responsibility. This bill outlines the structural powers of the committees and will define the role that each will play in its relationship to the Imperial Government. I speak not to intrude on the vital actions of our civil servants. As a former minister of the Imperial Council of State, I firmly believe in this process to ensure that the policy we establish here in this chamber is linked closely with proper enforcement for the welfare of our constituents. This legislation will provide a remedy to uncertainty and promote greater relationships with the legislature and the Imperial ministers. This act, if passed, will guarantee greater appreciation from our constituents by providing a clearer way for their representatives to know and understand the policies that will shape their livelihoods. It is my firm belief that we must safeguard the Rule of Law and to solidify our representation. The Senate should assert its role in the oversight of Imperial Authority and support those whom we represent. With that, I yield the floor.” A copy of the bill is placed at the rostrum: The Senate Committees Act
  9. Terrence May arrives in the Senate chamber in Helena to begin the new legislative term!
  10. The Northern Ferry and Canal Agreement Negotiated by the Lord Palatine and the Archchancellor of Oren In the City of Reza, 13th of Harren’s Folly, 1732 Va Birodeo Herzenav e Edlervik, The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska and the Holy Orenian Empire shall allot each a sum of five hundred and one thousand mina to initially fund the construction of a ferry system from the capital city of Reza toward Helena via the Lake of Helena. It shall connect the ferry system from Lake Milena to Lake Helena. The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska shall contract a team of laborers to dig out the canal system. The Imperial government shall send laborers to aid in a joint labor commission. The maintenance of ports and ferries shall be established by a joint Imperial-Haeseni commission to administer the fares and fees, the supply of able ships, and to maintain the ports and maritime ways between the capital city of Reza and the destination in the Lake Helena. Inspections of the ferry system shall be conducted every two years by the Imperial-Haeseni commission for the continued maintenance and improvement of the system. A ferry station shall be built by the Imperial Government. The movement of commodities shall not be taxed and the imposition of tariffs shall not be imposed between the area, unless ferries are contracted and used by vessels and merchants not within the Holy Orenian Empire. Signed, His Eminence, Cardinal Peter of Helena, Archchancellor of the Holy Orenian Empire His Excellency, Terrence May, Lord Palatine of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, Duma Representative for the County of Ayr
  11. A ROYAL PROCLAMATION Issued by the Lord Palatine, Terrence May and Confirmed by His Majesty King Andrik III Given Royal Assent on this day, in the City of Reza, 7th of Jula and Piov, ES 286, 7th of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1733 Va Birodeo Herzenav e Edlervik, We hereby proclaim, by Royal Assent, for the construction of a Northern Canal to be built along the lands of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska as agreed and negotiated by the Northern Ferry Agreement of 1732. As such, His Majesty the King hereby commands his Aulic Council to proceed with construction plans and to coordinate the efforts as stipulated by the aforesaid agreement. The Royal Treasury is hereby instructed to allot one thousand and five hundred mina to the creation of the project and shall reserve a forthcoming determined budget as instructed by the Crown for further provisions of the canal should it be necessary. The canal shall, in accordance with the Northern Ferry Agreement of 1732, be established along Lake Helena and shall traverse northward toward Lake Milena, upon which the canal shall enjoin its route with the infrastructure of the capital city of Reza. The process of the canal shall be in accordance with the plans drafted in-council and agreement upon by the Crown and the Imperial Government. This we proclaim, in the Prikaz Palace, with all rights, authority, and force of the Royal Crown of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. IV JOVEO MAAN, HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, King Andrew III of Hanseti and Ruska, Grand Hetman of the Army, Prince of Kusoraev, Dules, Ulgaard, Lahy, Sorbesborg and Slesvik, Grand Duke of Vanderfell, Duke of Vidaus, Margrave of Rothswald, Count of Karikhov, Baranya, Kvasz, Kavat, Karovia, Kovachgrad, Torun, Turov, and Kaunas, Baron of Valwyk, Venzia, Esenstadt, Krepost and Kralta, , Lord of Alban, Reza, Markev, Lord of the Westfolk, Protector of the Highlanders, etcetera His Excellency, Terrence May, Lord Palatine of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, Duma Representative for the County of Ayr
  12. THE CHANCELLOR’S REPORT, 1733 Issued and Confirmed by the Lord Palatine, Terrence May 4th of Jula and Piov, ES 286 | 4th of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1733 Va Birodeo Herzenav e Edlervik, Ever since I first stepped in the Duma as Lord Palatine, I have striven to make the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska a great nation and to honor the sacred trust that His Majesty the King has entrusted me in forming a government that is as good and honest as the Haeseni people. My first proposal was to make a new start and embark on an ambitious plan to get a kingdom-wide effort that included the lords and ministers of our realm. We proposed the most comprehensive and ambitious budget in the history of the Royal Government. We negotiated a Northern-Imperial ferry and canal deal to integrate our kingdom with the wider networks of commerce and culture. We brought invigorated leadership with the appointment of High Steward, Rhaegal Black-Barclay. While I was unable to fully get the confidence of the majority, I still remain optimistic as ever that Haense will continue to strive for much greater glory with each passing day. I believed it was important to persevere against all odds and to ensure that the mandate that I set out was delivered. I am convinced now, more than ever, that the Kingdom deserves a new Lord Palatine to steer the direction of the realm with greater confidence and trust of the peers, the public, and the Crown. Therefore, I am announcing that I shall resign as Leader of the Feudalist Bench and as Lord Palatine of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. I have agreed with the Lord Speaker and the 1732 Committee that I shall remain as interim Lord Palatine until the official appointment of my successor. It is a matter of deep regret that I could not continue my role in this capacity with the same vigor and resolve. I know that this Kingdom, with its rich history and steadfast commitment to the values it adheres, will continue to forge a path and strengthen itself despite the odds that the future holds. I have just been to Prikaz Palace to tender my resignation to His Majesty the King and advised him to ask Ser Konrad Arthur Stafyr to form a new administration. I wish Ser Konrad and the government he will lead every good fortune in the months and years ahead. Their successes will be our kingdom’s achievements. I will now leave the frontbenches of government and return to my role as the Honorable Representative for the County of Ayr. Serving as Lord Palatine of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska has and always will remain to me, a great honor of my life, to have had the opportunity to serve the Kingdom I LOVE. IV JOVEO MAAN, His Excellency, Terrence May, Lord Palatine of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, Duma Representative for the County of Ayr
  13. The Feudalist Conference of 1733 In the County of Ayr, 10th Vzmey and Hyff, ES 286 [!] Members of the Feudalist Benches meet in Ayr for the first conference of the lords and officials. “My lords and ladies, Ever since I became Lord Palatine, the government has worked tirelessly to provide for the concerns of the Haeseni people. With the completion of the Feudalist Bench Manifesto, we stand together as a major voice in the Kingdom. We stand for key principles that unite us all as a nation, bringing forth ideals and robust responses to the issues facing our time. It is our party’s belief in entrusting the respect and governance of the realm to the lords, whose allegiance and work in unison with the Crown, brings out the best in the North. We are here because we are reminded of our shared identity and our shared heritage. Our work and our reward remains in knowing that we maintain the dignity of the vassals and serving those who labor and reside amongst us. We can do this by lessening the burden of vassals and citizens by using our treasury to invest in their livelihood. We can do this by stressing the importance of collective cooperation. We can do this by supporting smaller merchants and business life in the market. Our mission in the Feudalist benches is to protect the share of power in our governance, to stress the importance of dialogue with all of our partners and with the Crown. We must stand firm in all that we endeavor so as to secure a bright future for those who will come after us. As Leader of the Feudalist Benches and as Lord Palatine, this is exactly the vision that I will manifest to our realm. That is why we will spend more money on the Brotherhood of Saint Karl to ensure that the defense of our realm and the usage of our riches shall benefit more, safeguard the noble guard system so that vassal lands are personalized in their protection, fund a new plan to integrate the peripheries of our kingdom with the wider Imperial demesne so that fiefs are not forgotten. The Opposition benches seek not only to disrupt the social harmony that we have forged, but want to continue to strip away from the vital needs of our Haeseni people. We cannot let a selfish, centralist future, who believes a top-down approach is better, forge the destiny of the kingdom! Remember that it was Siegmund Corbish and the Opposition benches that voted no to give money to the military, to the library, to the city, and to better infrastructure! Finally, I end tonight with a solemn reminder to vote with the government in the next saint’s day to determine the future of our Kingdom. May GOD bless the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska!”
  14. The Library Closure Edict of 1732 Issued by the Royal Librarian Ilkazar and Confirmed by the Lord Palatine, Terrence May 9th of Jula and Piov, ES 285, 9th of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1732 Va Birodeo Herzenav e Edlervik, Due to the unfortunate lack of funding to the Royal Library of Reza, I am saddened to report that the Royal Government must shutdown its operations until further notice. The Royal Librarian, Ilkazar, has just informed me that without the proper resources, he cannot continue to keep its doors open to the general public. I announce this with a heavy heart and compel my honorable Lords and Aldermen in the Duma to convene and support new legislation to fund and reopen the Royal Library of Reza so that our scholars and children may continue to work and thrive. It comes with a great expense to the Royal Scholarship Act of 1710 that was promoted by the Royal Government to award diligent intellectuals to contribute to our culture. While the opposition lords continue to bicker, they abandon the notion that there are stark consequences to their inaction. While we move to war, we cannot neglect the domestic front of which so many Haeseni depend and rely on. I fear more closures and services will be cut if the Opposition does not take action. I call upon the Leader of the Opposition, The Honorable Siegmund Corbish to get his members together and vote for an upcoming Library Spending Bill which will be introduced in a forthcoming session of the Royal Duma. IV JOVEO MAAN, His Excellency, Terrence May, Lord Palatine of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, Duma Representative for the County of Ayr
  15. THE CHANCELLOR’S REPORT, 1732 Issued and Confirmed by the Lord Palatine, Terrence May 8th of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1732 | 8th of Jula and Piov, ES 285 Va Birodeo Herzenav e Edlervik, We have just sat for a meeting of the Royal Duma where my government proposed a sweeping plan to fund the many sectors of our society. Sadly, the Opposition members failed to recognize the needs and concerns of you, the Haeseni People. Ever since I became Lord Palatine, my government has worked to deliver a plan that I set out in my first address. This minor set back in proposing an ambitious, progressive budget to give more money and resources will not set us back, but we will continue to push for what matters most in our society. Let me review what we had proposed. My plan called for a ten thousand mina increase in our spending. In this proposal, we gave the opportunity for honorable lords and Aldermen the chance to give to the people’s names more spending to the kingdom’s most important institutions. We had set out to increase funding for our infantry and cavalry by giving them the coin needed to keep up with a wartime demand. We proposed funding to continue the important work of the library and to promote access to reward scholars through the Royal Scholarship Act of 1710. We introduced money to increase labor and supplies to build Reza anew. We attempted to pass legislation to ensure a proper railway and better roads to our vassals was prioritized. Unfortunately, the Opposition party has used their personal and selfish principle to vote against these much needed reforms and budgets. I urge the Haeseni people to see that this administration is doing more to feed their families, to ensure that they have a good home, and to know that our Brotherhood of Saint Karl is armed and respected. That’s what my premiership will continue to do. So help me GOD. IV JOVEO MAAN, His Excellency, Terrence May, Lord Palatine of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, Duma Representative for the County of Ayr
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