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  1. THE CHANCELLOR’S REPORT: A TIME TO HEAL From the Office of the Lord Chancellor and Palatine of the Realm 11th of Tobias’ Bounty, 1688 Va Birodeo Herzenav e Edlervik, I look back on the half a century of my service to our great Kingdom, roaming the streets of Alban in a post-Courlandic Haense with my father who served as Palatine himself in the days of King Stephen and to my own accession to the very same office during the last year of King Otto II. I served faithfully to my liege King Otto III in one of the most contentious periods of Haensic sovereignty that we have seen in nearly four decades. Standing at the precipice of conflict, I found it important to pursue the paths of peace, dialogue, security, and harmony. Together we embarked on many fronts as an expression of a proud and joyous people: The War on Drugs, promoting Haense education and medicine, and curtailing crime and demons from harming our people. For many years I have been given the privilege to serve as your Palatine with great distinction and awareness of the sacred trust that the Crown and you, the denizens, have invested upon me to which I cannot but give my eternal and sincere gratitude. However, it has come to my intention, that due to my advanced years and the inability to keep up with the rapid questions of our current atmosphere, the young must be lifted up, those who have the youthful minds to adequately respond to the challenges at home and abroad. Moreover, in order to preserve the integrity of the office on which I hold and that of our Kingdom, I must make the tough decisions that always come across this desk. Therefore, I shall resign as Party Leader of the Common Civic Party, the Office of Prefect of the Markev Prefecture of the Imperial Parliament and the Office of Lord Chancellor and Palatine of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, effective upon the election of my successors to the respective offices. To leave office before the expiration of my term goes against every instinct in my body, but I know it is the right course of action to avoid further conflict and to continue the generations of leaders who have eagerly awaited to see their vision become a reality. The integrity of Haense must come first. Godspeed to you all and May GOD bless the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska and our glorious Empire of Man. Signed, His Serene Highness the Prince-Father Robert Sigismund, Prince of Bihar, Duke of Artkor and Ulgaard, Baron of Rytsborg, Lord Chancellor and Palatine of the Realm
  2. The strongest and most worthiest man. I support fully. +1
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    An Appeal to Integrity

    AN APPEAL TO INTEGRITY 14th of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1687 14th of the First Seed My dear friends, As the election approaches, I ask you all to vote with your consciences. We face two decisions, very different in nature and one that will set a precedent for our Empire for generations. With great issues such as the Vaeyl threat spurring from the Yatl Wastelands to the south, the need for expanding charter voting rights to other peripheries in the Empire, the effort to expand growth in our production and job creation within the vassals, and the rising need for housing, the answer is unambiguous. Rather than face the issues, the Priorist Party of Renatus seeks to divide and conquer, instilling no substance to their base but a premonition of fear in the face of progress. They attack my person as an opponent of human unity FORTY YEARS ago when they squander the newly found unity that this Empire has achieved TODAY by seeking to further distance the Empire’s bounties from its people. They seek to warrant threats and deprave violence against whom they disagree, rather than by the values of the Rule of Law under the Emperor. They boast of fidelity but fail to show such to the innate humanly moral values of Exalted Horen and the values that we as an Empire embrace. They condone violence at the expense of fair and representative justice. They stand for nothing less than unfettered populism, a vision where many will be disenfranchised and nobody but the few will gain. They oppose vassal rights and the ability for loyal subjects of the Empire to freely integrate into the peace of humanity due to race alone, not their merit. I must say to them: The time for division is over. The wars of the past have been fought. GOD has instituted for us a new fabric of society, one that cultivates its strength in the harmony of many peoples under the banner of our Empire. True progress and strength is not found in disenfranchisement but in the integration of a strong people whose pride flows from the same fountain, the fountain of unity. Talk of the idea that the Common Civic Party advocates for non-human causes and the degradation of the Imperial coffers is unfounded and a baseless display of blatant propaganda to appease their populist hysteria. We believe in an economy and society that works for all who seek the bounties of the Empire. In that mission, we advocate the removal of barriers that inhibit this vision and promote what is right: Free trade, promoting industrious integration, tax cuts, stronger safety legislation, and ensuring our vassals are and continue to be productive and successful. We recognize that the success of the Empire starts first in the hearths of many homes in the many cities and settlements across our realm. We believe firmly in the cause for all, not the elevation of a select few who want nothing more than to infringe on others. This is why this election is a crucial point for our citizenry. It is a crisis of conscience that strikes true in the minds and hearts of all people. Apathy nor destruction can be afforded in this moment. A civilized people uses the ballot, not brutality to voice their stance. We decry the violence that the Priorists call “rallies.” In this effort, I make this to you, the voters of our great land, an appeal to your integrity, to your morality. Robert Sigismund, Candidate for the Markev Prefecture It is Common Sense to VOTE for Cesare di Lucio Accorsi It is Common Sense to VOTE for John Hughes Sarkozic It is Common Sense to VOTE for Robert Sigismund -IT IS COMMON SENSE TO VOTE COMMON CIVIC-
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    The Right Course of Action

    The Right Course of Action 16th of Horen’s Calling, 1687 16th of the Snow’s Maiden “My dear friends, This election represents the best of humanity as it presents to the voter two versions of a reality that they have been so tasked as to exercise their conscience and decide for themselves. Recently, there has been tactics of fear mongering and hysteria by our friends on the other side of the aisle who wish to use intimidation to galvanize their base in the critical seat for the Prefecture of Carolustadt. I remind that we as a people are governed under a Rule of LAW and not by a Rule of FEAR. A people is strengthened by confidence in a future that will forge greater strength among us, not by toiling to seek the ruin of others. This is what our friends on the other side campaign on, a tactic of slander, fear, and disinformation. The answer is clear. My friends, this is not how the Common Civic Party engages its constituents. We believe in an Empire that is accessible for everyone by lifting heavy burdens and broadening voting rights to the vast expanses of our realm, not a platform that wishes to systematically disenfranchise. We believe in partnership, not partisanship as a means of dialogue with those whom we disagree. We believe in an Empire where justice is fair and representative, not decided by a few who set standards and feed off unfettered populism. This is why I fully endorse Cesare di Lucio Accorsi. The time for division is over. The time for embracing our newly found unity and the bounty of the Imperial promise is at hand. Mister Accorsi is an individual who will earnestly fight for the ideals we cherish, one who will stand up against hatred and violence as a means of achieving one’s ends. Together, let us stand up against the romanticization of bigotry and stand for an Empire for everyone.” -IT’S COMMON SENSE TO VOTE COMMON CIVIC-
  5. Piov


    THE COMMON CIVIC PARTY Est. 7th of Horen’s Calling, 1687 “Unitatis in populo” Party Chair: Eliza var Ruthern Vice Chair: Vacant Party Leader: Robert Sigismund Mission Statement. The Common Civic Party is devoted to upholding the great human values that have persisted in the cultural richness of the Empire. Defined by civic duty, loyalty to Emperor and nation, the party strives and honors its commitments to achieve an economy for all citizens, diplomacy with our allies, prosperity for the people, adherence to the tenets of GOD’s Church, and fidelity to the Empire of Man. THE PLATFORM The Common Civic Party is motivated toward a prosperous Empire dignified in work, empowering a strong economy, upholding human freedoms, and glorifying GOD by embracing the diverse and cultural richness of the Realm. The protection and promotion of free trade between the vassals and foreign powers to empower an active and strengthened economy. Limited centralized Imperial Administrative spending in favor of devolved vassal subsidies. A commitment to end the drug trade into the major cities in the Empire of Man. Opposing tax hikes that burden citizens. Empowering vassal levies and delegating regional and local militant and knight orders to execute the laws of the Empire that better represent their constituents. Supporting Imperial legislation to protect the safety of travel within the Empire. Promoting the broadening of suffrage rights by passing legislation to admit and protect new charters across the Empire. The integration of minority groups and other races to contribute and assimilate as citizens of the Empire. The Seventian Rights Lobby is an affiliate of the Common Civic Party.
  6. A Grand Vision for Markev and the People The 13th of Sigismund’s End, 1686 8th of the Deep Cold, 1686 “My fellow Markevians, Think of a society that works for all with a district that strives for the best interests of all the people. As your candidate for Parliament, I stand first and foremost as your advocate. Together, let us stand firm against burdensome taxes, scrutinized central regulation, and let us forge a society where every citizen has the potential for upward mobility. I believe citizens should have money in their pockets and not trapped in palatial coffers and given the full freedom to contribute the bustling commerce of our current time. We are a district receptive to all who take refuge in our hearth. Support for this campaign is a sacred trust between your concerns and the efforts I vow to you as my constituents to duly address them. Together, let us be steadfast in our commitment to protecting vassal rights, security against all foreign and supernatural threat in the far south, and show our strength in unity. I challenge you to vote in this election with your consciences, using the ballot as your role in improving the lives and well-being of our people. In regards to this contentious election cycle, I remind and exhort our citizens and even the people at-large. We are an Empire strengthened by the bonds of unity, unseen in a generation. We are not led by unfettered rhetoric and intimidation. We embrace the ideals of our unity, our faith in GOD, our fidelity to the Emperor and to our respective lords. We believe in the rule of LAW, not the rule of FEAR. The recent demonstrations by a certain few populist actors cannot and will not shatter the indissoluble values of our Realm. I commend all people to vote in their districts. A civilized people uses the ballot, not brutality.” Paid for the Robert Sigismund Campaign for Parliament, 1686 Endorsed by the Seventian Rights Lobby Commoner advocate
  7. In regards to this individual, I am a firm believer in Caranthir’s commitment to the community at-large. He is a well organized person, communicable, and well-composed. I’ve had the personal privilege to work with him on a number of issues and I am happy to know a great friend with whom I believe possesses outstanding qualifications to be a GM. I unequivocally give my +1
  8. AN ANNOUNCEMENT FOR CANDIDACY 12th of Malin’s Welcome, 1686 [!] Palatine Robert Sigismund stands and addresses a crowd gathered in the square near the front of the entrance of Krepost Palace. “Citizens of Markev, today, we stand as a city filled with unmatched industrial might and a growing population that serves as a core of Atlas’s progress, wealth, and diversity. Proud of this identity, Markev is a unique place for it stands as a bastion of Imperial strength in the far south where the home of a great Highlander people sits as a beacon of greatness. Our district has developed such great enterprises for companies and businesses to thrive, for knowledge to flourish in its libraries, where trade and commerce finds its way, opening a center for social mobility and opportunity. We boast of safety, placing high regard for our soldiers in the Brotherhood of Saint Karl and acknowledging fidelity to our King and to the Emperor under the rule of GOD’s holy law. As your Palatine, I have served under four kings and have kept your best interests in the forefront of the Royal Administration. Since 1634, I served under King Otto II faithfully where I foresaw the formation of government during our arrival here on this continent from Axios in 1642 where I quite literally witness the laying of the cornerstone for this great capital! Under his son, King Otto III, I signed the Crime Prevention and Enforcement Act of 1646 to combat crime, drugs, and banditry along our roads and entry ways to maintain the safety of travelers, citizens, and most particularly, our children. I penned the Doctrine of Otto III, a decree that empowers and vows to protect our great capital from all threats in the Yatl Wastelands as I worked in closely monitoring the events unfolding. I signed the Estermont-Markev Free Trade Agreement in 1643 that established a decree of free trade and bringing in coin to fill our city’s coffers. Working closely with the Lord Maers and Queen Ingrid, the Royal Administration under my premiership sponsored the creation of more housing along the walls and increasing kingdom revenue. As a delegate to the now defunct Global Assembly, I represented our kingdom in emphasizing the rule of the law and the importance of international diplomacy as well as a fight against bandits who harm the vital roadways that so many utilize for travel. I was again appointed to the Office of Lord Chancellor and Palatine of the Realm in 1680 where I served under King Sigmar and now under King Robert. Since then, I have reaffirmed our land in the east, called for a kingdom-wide inquiry in the demonic presence in our institutions, and currently preside over great mercantile growth. Therefore, I have accepted the nomination of the Seventian Rights Lobby and am honored to announce my candidacy to represent the Markev District in the Imperial Parliament. Our cause is the cause for the lowly and the affluent, for the rural and urban, for the defense of vassal rights, to unburden our citizens by fighting for low taxes, and for upholding the rights ordained to our humanity by GOD! I ask for your votes in entrusting me to continue the good work we have accomplished together in the last four decades. Markev requires a representative in Parliament who understands the priorities at hand, who is unwavering in defending our great Highlandic values, and one who reflects the needs of the people. As your Palatine, I have devoted my life to your causes, heard your stories, and have worked unceasingly to preserve the integrity of the Crown and the great atmosphere of our city.”
  9. Piov


    Full Name: Robert Sigismund Barbanov Year of Birth: 1620 City of Primary Residency: Markev MC Name: Piov
  10. THE CHANCELLOR'S REPORT From the Office of the Lord Palatine of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska The 10th of the Sun’s Smile, 1681 Va Birodeo Herzenav e Edlervik. As of the writing of this report, the Royal Administration reports of its steady progress in apprehending and searching evidence as the ongoing inquiry in the investigation of demonic activity progresses. In remaining faithful to our mandate, we will be issuing subpoenas for questioning and trial in the week upcoming as we finalize our warrant of suspected individuals. We, the Royal Administration affirm our commitment to the safety and security of our denizens and that of the Realm, maintaining a zero tolerance policy. We encourage any and all tips or reports to our investigation, all of which shall be kept confidential. Upcoming reforms to government within the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska are currently being conducted. Further details will be released in conjunction with the finalized draft from the Office of the Head Auditor. With the signing of the Military and Civil Service Ordinance of 1680, the Royal Administration will be enhancing its enforcement and deterrence of taint and unqualified individuals serving within our ranks. We continue to be a holy and faithful people of GOD, harboring no sentiments or sympathies of any kind for those who are an abomination and harm to our citizenry. Negotiations with the International Railroad Commission are current being conducted. We expect to be finalizing a fair and comprehensive trade deal for the people of Haense, fostering an effective and commercially benefitting deal. Our investment in such a transnational project will provide an effective and safer mode of travel within the Empire of Man. On reports concerning the Vaeyl threat that encompasses our territories, I am pleased to recognize our valiant men and women who serve and protect us from these entities. We also impart our gracious zeal to the Brotherhood of Saint Karl and allies for overtaking a Vaeyl castle settlement. Further we will enhance our position and assert the Otto Doctrine with full force. The Royal Administration prays and remembers the fallen and those who pledge their lives daily for the safety of our kingdom. May GOD bless His Majesty and the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska and His Imperial Majesty, Our Most August Emperor. Signed, His Highness, Prince-Father Robert Sigismund, Prince van Bihar, Great Crown Commandant, Lord Chancellor and Palatine of the Realm
  11. A ROYAL DIRECTIVE From the Office of the Lord Palatine of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska Issued by His Highness Prince Robert Sigismund and Confirmed by His Majesty King Sigmar I 5th of the Grand Harvest, 1681 Va birodeo Herzenav e Edlervik, By the order vested in me as Lord Chancellor and Palatine of the Realm, we hereby enact the following directives, instructing the Special Counsel and bestowing to his person the following measures to reinforce the integrity and efficaciousness of the Royal Investigation thus proclaimed by this office as of the 11th of the Deep Cold, 1680: Those subpoenaed for inquest by the appointed Special Counsel are required by law to respond to summons under penalty of the full force of the King’s Justice, Those who are summoned by the Special Counsel will be given one saint’s week to respond. Any time further will be seen as an act of transgression against His Majesty and will be met with the full force of the King’s Justice, Those caught in the active practice of demonology and dark arts associated that harm our citizens will be executed on sight, forfeiting all right to trial as prescribed in The Military and Civil Service Ordinance of 1680, Those summoned for questioning will be compelled to undergo search and seizures of their person and or property. All property and places in question will be placed under the Royal Administration for the purpose of this investigation, Those found aiding, sympathizing, and or associating with demonic entities and practitioners of these arts will be placed on the banishment list effective after they have been found guilty of such. All sentencing shall be at the discretion at of the Lord Justiciar and final appeals for dispensing the justice duly required by law shall be left to His Majesty. Signed, His Highness, Prince-Father Robert Sigismund, Prince van Bihar, Great Crown Commandant, Lord Chancellor and Palatine of the Realm
  12. A PROCLAMATION FOR A ROYAL INVESTIGATION From the Office of the Lord Palatine of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska Issued by His Highness Prince Robert Sigismund and Confirmed by His Majesty King Sigmar I 12th of the Deep Cold, 1680 Va birodeo Herzenav e Edlervik, It has come to the intention of His Majesty King Sigmar I and that of his Royal Government that the rampant taint and demonic presence within the Realm have become uncontrolled. In our last report, We the Royal Administration have greatly cautioned and compel our denizens to guard against these forces that threaten to destroy the safety and security of our territories. We affirm that those who consort or actively practice demonic arts and proliferate its use to harm and influence our people will not be tolerated. In light of these allegations and concerning reports that we have been receiving over the course of the last two years, I, Prince-Father Robert Sigismund, by virtue as Lord Chancellor and Palatine of the Realm, do hereby appoint a special counsel to investigate these claims and bring to justice those responsible if at all applicable. We duly entrust the investigative jurisdiction to the personage of Ser Lukas of the Order of Saint Otto, as an independent appointment to appropriately institute litigation and provide proper recommendation to the Royal Administration in dispensing the King’s justice. As such, we bestow to Ser Lukas the following rights and privileges as an appointed counsel: The Right to subpoena and interview persons of interest The Right to provide recommendations on legal sentencing for those implicated on demonic activity The Right to search and seizure those implicated on account of demonic activity for the purpose of evidence The Right to gather witnesses for the purpose of testimony under public oath and scrutiny The Right to employ a legal team with the expressed permission of the Royal Administration We the Royal Administration will pursue this investigation at the behest of the Office of the Lord Palatine and will render final legal counsel from the appointed special counsel and that of the Order of Saint Otto. Moreover, we will protect the confidentiality of those who report and implicate individuals directly responsible. Furthermore, His Majesty shall reserve final appeal to all cases rendered by this legal investigation. Signed, His Highness, Prince-Father Robert Sigismund, Prince van Bihar, Great Crown Commandant, Lord Chancellor and Palatine of the Realm
  13. THE MILITARY AND CIVIL SERVICE ORDINANCE OF 1680 From the Office of the Lord Palatine of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska Issued by His Highness Prince Robert Sigismund and Confirmed by His Majesty King Sigmar I 11th of the Deep Cold, 1680 Va birodeo Herzenav e Edlervik, An Act To define the appropriate criterion regarding civilian and military service within the jurisdiction of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska and specifying requisite conditions in order to curtail taint and conduct unbecoming of all Haensic officials. Provisions Be it enacted that all military and civil officials within the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska shall consist solely of individuals free and abstaining from practicing unlawful dark magicks, those faithful Canonists, and those who abstain from illicit drugs and contraband. Be it enacted that those humans plagued by taint or other circumstances forbidden as previously instituted who are enlisted in the Brotherhood of Saint Karl after 1680 and are found guilty of such will be discharged and executed. Be it enacted that all individuals consorting with and or actively practicing dark magicks, non-Canonists, and those with a criminal history within the last seven years of appointment are ineligible to serve in civil administrative offices. Be it enacted that all military and civic service officials shall be required to swear oaths of fealty before the Crown every four years. Be it enacted that prerequisites for all candidates running for the Office of the Lord Maer of Markev shall be as instituted: Have at least attained the age of sixteen years Holding no known criminal offenses within the last five years. Must hold residence and or ownership of property in Markev Be it enacted that the Head Auditor shall be responsible for all corrective action and coordination for the immediate enforcement of this legislation concerning all civil service personnel. Be it enacted that the Great Crown Marshal shall be responsible for all corrective action and coordination for the immediate enforcement of this legislation concerning all military personnel enlisted in the Brotherhood of Saint Karl. Signed, His Highness, Prince-Father Robert Sigismund, Prince van Bihar, Great Crown Commandant, Lord Chancellor and Palatine of the Realm
  14. THE CHANCELLOR’S REPORT From the Office of the Lord Palatine of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska The 10th of the Sun’s Smile, 1680 Va birodeo Herzenav e Edlervik, Great denizens of the Realm, I impart this missive to report the status of the Kingdom and the policy of the Royal Government of His Majesty the King. Due to the bustling progress of a coordinated project involving the Free City of Belvitz and the Consulary Republic of Holm, the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska eagerly continues to work closely in promoting dialogue and support for the projects upcoming as recently outlined by the Office of the Head Auditor in promoting underground and infrastructural railroad initiatives. As such, we will be prioritizing the allocation of space and the budget to accommodate future partnership enterprises for the capital and the Kingdom at-large. I am eager to report that I personally took the initiative in utilizing this railroad to experience it myself and found its utility a fortuitous opportunity to advance our economy and efficiency in travel along with the mutual benefit it serves for humanity. Recent reports of demonic presence and terrorist-like activity have been infiltrating and impeding the stability and security of our capital. The Royal Administration cautions against any form of dark and demonic activity within all jurisdiction of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, prohibiting its use and its malicious intent to disturb and intimidate our citizens. Legislation from the Office of the Lord Chancellor will be published within the saint’s week to address the initial problems citizens face regarding this great obstruction of the peace. We will not tolerate any form of such arts among our ranks. As such, we will continue to instruct our Royal Forces to remain vigilant and apprehend offenders on sight. The Royal Administration also extends its grace and congratulations to His Excellency, Alston Capace, Lord Maer-Elect of the captial city of Markev. We wish him godspeed in his elected office and success in fulfilling the citizen’s mandate of our great capital. May GOD bless His Majesty and the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. Signed, His Highness, Prince-Father Robert Sigismund, Prince van Bihar, Great Crown Commandant, Lord Chancellor and Palatine of the Realm
  15. Piov

    Haeseni Centennial

    Prince-Father Robert Sigismund smiles as he reads the speech in full, nostalgically reminiscing his memories of Alban and his Chancellery under King Otto III, “I’m glad to have lived this far to see the day that my glorious nation lives on.”