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  1. Imperial Elegance - 80 yandeer - girl u know my discord
  2. filling this out for a friend MC Name: excitedly Current Tier: C Desired Tier: A Reason to be moved: psychological warfare is half of every battle, and there is no greater master of this than eli
  3. today is the best day to determine just how unfunny some people on this server are

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    2. Lionbileti


      My mom told me I was funny 

    3. Unwillingly


      cant be unfunnier than the guy who faked having a seizure during my english class today

    4. yandeer


      you know what im willing to let you have this one. that's pretty unfunny

  4. In a land far from the nation of the proud Sons of Krug, a pale and willowed woman took extensive notes on the Rex's creative ideas for jewelry and accessories made from elven males, a malicious grin crossing her face.
  5. Upon a certain rooftop garden, a twice-born woman of draconic origin would narrow her eyes as she read carefully over the missive. From her came a short intake of air, mildly surprised gasp as she saw first the face of the accused woman 'Ezyl', then exhausted groan as she saw the call for the kha to present himself for questioning. There was quiet there for a moment, the dragonkin raising her glass of whiskey to take a fat sip, before she grunted as she rose to her feet, going to fetch sword and shield. It seemed that two former friends had some explaining to do.
  6. is rukio allowed to copyright strike me if i start posting song lyrics in status updates

    1. Goon


      you wanna be rukio so bad

  7. When he came back from the trip, Petra had promised herself that she would finally find time for another picnic in Whitcombe, another fun day of composing music over wine and fine cheeses. Those days in the countryside had been what she waited so long for, her one connection to the joys of her childhood in Roussard. How many of those who she had loved were now dead? Anna was gone, her dearest friend ripped wholly from her arms before her time. Now Albert, who had brought her happiness when she had none, who had treated her as an individual when she felt entirely an anonymous cog i
  8. skin: martyr bid: 450minas discord: olivia marguerite#2578
  9. skin: martyr bid: 400minas discord: olivia marguerite#2578
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