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  1. Dame Franziska Vimmark KHE from the Central Circuit Court has claimed this case.
  2. With the Wartime Raid rules, it states that in case of a defender victory the raid size cap for nations/settlements/lairs will be reduced by six players. Above that, in section 3, it says that a raid upon a lair will be capped at six players. Does this mean that if a lair wins a raid upon them the attackers are now no longer allowed to raid the lair, given their max raid cap is now at a sum of zero players total? PS: there are two sections 3s under the Wartime Raids category.
  3. (Traditional Raevir wedding celebrations from Dobrov) It pleases the Barony of Woldzmir to announce the engagement of his beloved son, Vladislav Barrow, to Petra Adrianna Fredericka Lauretta Georgiana Vimmark-Roussard. An austere and industrious match, the two are to be joined in holy matrimony under God’s eye in the coming week in the Cathedral of Providence. Two individuals of calibre and pedigree, the bride traces her lineage unbroken in the male line to the Exalted Godfrey, and likewise the bridegroom can trace his own lineage unbroken in the male line to the Ex
  4. There were three women then, that felt some immense loss in that moment- three separated by birth and circumstance, bound together by one woman- greater than all others. _____________ ‘He said that she was meant to survive,’ the Dame Vimmark mused, face ashen and pale as silent tears rolled down her cheeks- fat and heavy. ‘He had agreed: she was hardy, that anything that wished to take her would have a hard time of it.’ There was nothing but anguish there: the only woman she had ever wholeheartedly admired, the only one she felt had been an intellectual peer, her favored companion an
  5. i love mana i love obelisks i love squak
  6. Skin: Princess of Roses Bid: 100 Skin: Ice Gown Bid: 125 Discord: olivia marguerite#2578 Skin: Blue winter 100 olivia marguerite#2578
  7. Skin: Princess of Roses Bid: 100 Skin: Night Sky Bid: 100 Discord: olivia marguerite#2578
  8. Skin: Princess of Roses Bid: 100 Skin: Blue Winter Bid: 50 Skin: Night Sky Bid: 50 Discord: olivia marguerite#2578
  9. you have to choose between lor'themar and denathrius, one will be pleased with your decision and the other will pretend they aren't hurt but will go home and listen to teardrops on my guitar (2007) on a loop who do you pick whats your favorite memory from when you were new to the server would you rather fight 1 squak sized hawk or 10 hawk sized squaks
  10. Skin: Princess of Roses Bid: 100 Discord: olivia marguerite#2578
  11. the rat queen learned how to count
  12. (art credited to Raphael Locoste) (screenshots credited to CalZium) When the valiant soldier returned home from the wasteland that was the Korvassa, they thought themselves free of desolation and hardship a while longer. Reprieve was expected, those hard-fighting Descendants expecting time to rebuild what had been destroyed, recover from their wounds both mental and physical. If any reprieve was to be had, it was simply the brief peace in the eye of the storm, and now Arcas was to suffer the remainder of the trials. Peace suited the temperament o
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