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  1. ill contribute to the backlog bc i want to know which pokemon i am
  2. i am always Immersed(tm) by Bacardi’s builds unironically
  3. Skin: Pleasantly Peasant – 6k Skin: A Sorceresses Dress – 5k Discord: olivia marguerite#2578 blease... i just want one skin...
  4. Mandeer

  5. Skin: Pleasantly Peasant – 2k Skin: A Sorceresses Dress – 2k Discord: olivia marguerite#2578
  6. Skin: Pleasantly Peasant – 2k Skin: Herb Gathering – 2k Discord: olivia marguerite#2578
  7. who wants to figure out the BiS slot gear and get a 460 ilvl with me so we can grind out mythic+ dungeons for minas in lord of the craft?
  8. Deep in the gardens of Roussard a stray civil servant would bring missive of the Captain Swint’s passing. Haggard, tired after years of nothing but duty to Helena, the Dame Vimmark could do nothing but stare blankly at her roses- the third generation of that same breed she had brought back from Athera, so hard to tame and so beautiful to behold. In that moment, memories seemed to surge through her- battles fought at Rylan’s side, his breakdown before her at how much he missed his wife, their horseback rides where she assisted him in his great Atheran map, his determination to make her worthy of the Fourth- then followed by his proud smile when she had been inducted. His guiding hand in the depths of the basement of the Sons of Malin, his praise when she was knighted, his counsel when she became Secretary... There was only pain in her heart as she sunk to sit down, the clerk leaving her as she pulled her knees up to her chest- and thusly began to cry for the man who had been mentor, brother, and father all in one. Off of the coast of old Warwick, a vengeful woman’s wail went out- a mournful howl for the one man who had never wanted anything from her but friendship.
  9. pun can create my sleep paralysis demon in minecraft make believe.
  10. Becoming Yulia _______________________________ In the Novellen there would be some small absence, some missing persons in the marble halls that housed the Imperial Household, those acclaimed few that were honored by birth or merit to share abode with His Imperial Majesty. Indeed, though the missing individual in question was known for her fits of solace, where her only company were her maidservants and the occasional priest for confession, this would be markedly different, markedly unnatural. Juliette Caroline was gone. _______________________________ There would be a small number of letters set aside, each one lovingly addressed to the individual recipient. Dear Lorena Annabelle Dear Mother Dear Father Dear Peter Maximillian Dear Elizabeth Anne, Dear John Charles, _______________________________ Juliette Caroline was gone, and in her place walked a paladin by the name of Yulia.
  11. why have you not married any of my characters yet
  12. NAME: Lysistrata of Santegia AGE: 28 GENDER: Female POSITION/S SOUGHT: Dean of the Imperial Library EXPERIENCE: Experience maintaining and curating the library of Vitenna and a personal bookstore, 18 years as a natural scientist and researcher. ((DISCORD: oliviamarguerite#2578 ))
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