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  1. A young Ensign screams “LET’S ******* GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,” from her position on the balcony of the Bastille.
  2. The young squire and recently laureled Maiden of Kortstadt, Franziska Klara, wonders exactly what the **** her big brother is doing.
  3. Covered in soot and gore- the remnants of blackpowder and the crushed fragments of a sphinxbeast that had exploded right into her face- Franziska Klara could finally breath, could finally come to terms with what she had heard at the beginning of Petrus: her mother was dead. Taken from her. Gone. Vanished. ‘Niet,’ she thought. ‘She was devoured and- and I’ll never see her again.’ That was the worst thought- that there was no body to bury, no grave to return to, no vengeance to be had against the monstrosity that had robbed her of the woman who had raised her since birth, who had given her all the love in the world and then some, who had been a role model- the very picture of what it meant to be a Knightess- a Dame. What stung the most was that there had been no true goodbye. She had simply been there one day and then been gone the next. There was no amount of glory that could bring her back- no amount of heralding as “Dragonslayer” or gifts of jewels and trophies that could give her that last moment of peace with her mother. At the end of the day, with no battles left to fight, Franziska Klara finally let herself mourn over the only parent she had truly known.
  4. DEATH COMES SWIFT The Palace of Novellen stood strong against the test of the incessant rain, beating a wardrum’s pace onto the balcony of one Valentina Ruthern’s apartments. The lady paced in agitation, blue eyes blown wide as she gnawed her fingernails down to the flesh. Her skirts were soaked at the hemline, drenched from the rainwater leaking in from the balcony; her hair was greasy from days of poor hygiene- streaks of white forming at her hairline after two weeks of having not dyed it, and the bags under her eyes had grown sunken and greyed. “This is how it happens, then?” The figure in the corner of the room glanced at the Grand Lady, only nodding their head once. Valentina paused in her pacing, her eyes squeezing shut as she hiccuped, quickly bringing her handkerchief up to her eyes to wipe away her tears. Time seemed to slow for her, glancing up at her assailant. Valentina managed the very faintest of smiles, mustering every ounce of courage she had in her body. “I did not think I would be so lucky- to die with a friend at my side. Would you- would you be willing to grant me one last request?” -=-=-=-=- When Lorena Antonia finally returned from her vacation at Selm, she was miffed to find that the hearth had gone cold- no log left on the fire linking her room to the Grand Lady’s. The Imperial Princess’ face turned into a grimace, idly walking over to the gap in the wall, glowering down at the scrap of figure she could see on the other side. “Stop moping around in there- you need to keep the fire on if you’re going to coop up in your room all day,” spat Lorena, hefting a log onto the heart to coax the embers back into life, before marching further into her apartments to go unpack her things. There was no response- no movement on the other side, but the figure would slump slightly with the force of Lorena shutting the door to her bedchamber. -=-=-=-=- When Lorena Antonia emerged from her bedchamber some two hours later, having grown bored of her nature encyclopedias and moving on to playing ball- the rough leather leaving a bit of a mark against the pale walls. After a few solid tosses- the ball bouncing right back into her hands (and she only broke one flowerpot this time!)- it hit the ground hard, bouncing off of her hands and scattering across the ground. Lorena swore internally, clutching at her stubbed finger as she went to go retrieve it. The Imperial Princess crouched before the hearth where it had rolled, narrowing her eyes at the bright blaze as she went to reach for the ball before it singed. As she reached for it, Lorena noticed a faint pop and crackle- a strange scent in the air. Her brow furrowed, and she glanced past the fire and to the shape beyond it- the black silk clad figure that seemingly hadn’t moved for more than two hours. “... Valentina?” Lorena’s call was apprehensive, her eyes still squinting. “Are you there? Did you get too drunk?” When all that met Lorena Antonia was silence, she finally began to grow worried. She called out the Grand Lady’s name once more, before rising to her feet to fetch her basin of water. Lorena was swift to throw it on the blaze, sinking down to hands and needs to crawl through the divider and into the woman’s room, uncaring of how she mussed up her dress crawling on the ashes. “Valentina, are you-” Lorena paused as her hand smacked straight into a pool of congealing blood, glancing down in horror at her now red-stained hand, head snapping to look at the woman beside the hearth. Valentina’s form was crumpled, red dripping down from her hand onto the floor beside her, blue eyes glassy and unseeing as she stared up at her ceiling. What skin showed was covered in red, deep gashes left in her frame that tore parts of her to near shreds. Lorena Antonia screamed. Rylan Swint and Elene Greythorn arrived swiftly, swords at the ready, but when they saw the body- saw the carnage on the floor, and the cold waxiness that had caught in her skin, it was already too late. Valentina vas Ruthern had been murdered.
  5. Valentina vas Ruthern sheds a tear in joy as her dearest Anne Augusta is to finally be wed! She practices every day reciting her wedding vows, knowing that Joseph Clement will make an excellent beard.
  6. I’d love to catch a full skin! Catch me at olivia marguerite#2578 !
  7. yandeer

    Safety Team

    i love this song.
  8. Valentina vas Ruthern wonders to herself when Sprinkles the Clown will storm the Senate bringing news of this new, fresh drama! How delightful it must be, to live a life where such little regard is shown for one’s own reputation. The Grand Lady makes a note for her esteemed equal in the court of Good King Andrik IV to organize a ball in which all guests dress up as clowns, in honor of both Sprinkles of Clownstburg and Milena Carrion-Tuvyic.
  9. RP Name:: Alkyone Nikolaide MC Username: yandoe Discord: olivia marguertie#2578 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: The Church of the Canon Why Do You Wish To Come?: Alkyone wishes to travel in the hopes of Deus Vulting, and also to assist a companion of hers. What Skills Can You Bring?: Skills in medicine, religious fervor, experience with survival and logistics
  10. Valentina Var Ruthern revels in her new position as Helena’s new CEO of Racism, wiping a single tear from her white guilt-ridden eyes.
  11. I have served Her Imperial Majesty for now four years of my life, and wish to make it clear that I have struggled with my every breath for a court that embraces whole-heartedly the teachings of the Canonist Church, and the virtues thus associated with it. Namely, I speak of the primary virtues of loyalty, humility, diligence, and chastity. It is this last virtue which now is my primary concern: chastity. On this evening, the 14th of Sigismund’s End, I was present at the Baltas Concert, held in the interior theater of Novellen Palace for the enjoyment of His Imperial Majesty and his faithful court. I must commend the Duchess of Ostland, Anna, for her great efforts in bringing culture and the fine arts to our Majesty’s grand palace, as the majority of the performances were splendidly done. My concern was raised at the end of this performance, when one masked man took to the stage, soon flanked by common dancers, clad in some strange and loose garb, who then proceeded to wave their arms and clothing about their heads like harlots soliciting men on the street side, causing many a married man in the audience to swiftly avert their eyes. I myself left the hall soon after the entrance of these ‘exotic’ women, going to my rooms and then to the palace chapel to pray for the souls of those poor women involved, that they might turn away from this profession of indecency and lewdness and move towards a life of chastity and piety. I can hardly blame the women themselves for this occurrence, as much as my heart drives me to, for I know that they are a product of a city that allows Cactus Green to be sold on the street side along with birth control potions, in a city where girls of the gentry stride brazenly forth with exposed shoulders even in the winter. Nay, I must turn my gaze and admonishment upon those who should know better, who should have been raised to abide by a higher standard than these common streetside courtesans. It is with great shame that I must admonish the members of the Imperial Court, who allowed this to happen. I shall not name them here, for they know in their hearts if they were complicit in this baudy matter, but I will request that they seek penance with the many holy men of the city, that they might turn away from such lurid activities in the future. Perhaps it is my own fault, for not having imposed proper standards and morals upon the court prior, or perhaps it is the failing of our tutors, that they have not made this new generation of courtiers decent and pious. Regardless, I shall pen this now, so that from this day forth there can be no mistaking what is improper behavior for courtly life. Both lords and ladies are expected to hold themselves to the highest standard. They represent not only their own persons, but their houses and company as well, and their improper actions reflect upon the entirety of the Imperial Court. They should not engage in unwarranted violence, nor shall they engage in debauchery (including but not limited to the use of drugs, and soliciting call girls). They will be expected to treat all other members of the court with the utmost respect, and shall avoid any and all behaviors that would cause distress or injury to their peers. Those members of the court who cannot follow these basic guidelines for proper conduct and behavior shall have their privilege of attending court reviewed thoroughly by not only myself, but His Excellency Jahan Basrid, as well as the Empress, Lorena Christina. IN NOMINEI DEI Her Excellency Valentina var Ruthern, Majordomo of Novellen, Grand Lady of Imperial Court
  12. I hope everything goes well for you! Gnorf will certainly be excited to see you when you come back to CT. ❤️
  13. Zaraleen Tamarid, proud representative of the common man, thinks internally that perhaps the burglar and chicken thief Aedan Capulei should pay more heed to his own work than breaking into other people’s property, lest the good lady level formal charges against him!
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