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  1. Hey guys, yandeer from Story Management here with a quick update on some Signed Items and Self Teaching The last few months we've been noticing a few items which have become a pain for both players and the ST to sign. This is largely due to ‘harmless’ or ‘common’ properties which may not warrant an ST signature. The ST is currently striving to remove needless bureaucracy and wait times, so we have decided to cut a few items from the signing requirement list. We hope that this will allow players to more easily engage with lore that is a part of the ‘Fantasy’ aspect of the server. In addition to this, Self Teaching is receiving some updates which should clarify changes we have implemented in the last few months. In addition to this I’ll be explaining some new Self Teach rules. Lastly, I’ll be discussing some key topics from our team meeting for more transparency with our playerbase. ST Signage The following items will no longer require an ST signature. Old items which have an ST signature will keep their signature, but cannot be reforged/recycled into an item with an ST signature. E.x. a currently signed Quietus Crystal may be put into a weapon, but it will not be ST signed. The following will have their lore amended to remove ST Signatures. -Quietus Crystal -Titan's Eye -Naztherak Imbuements -Druid Limbs -Golem Limbs -Red Oil -Alchemical Lenses (Cats eye, Mana Flow, Heat Vision) -Alchemical Filters (Water Breathing, Air Filter) -Frostwitch Tormented Cooking Self Teaching Self Teaching has been in a state of limbo for a few months, in regards to both altars and OOC Oversight. Recently the team gathered and collaborated to make edits to self teaching, to act as what we hope will be a final change for the foreseeable future. If there are unforeseen consequences or issues that arise, we will address them, but this will be the new system Self Teaching operates off of. The Self Teaching post has been edited and cleaned up substantially, and even if you are familiar with the process, I highly recommend you take a look. The following will be added to Self Teaching and the Lore and Magic Rules (16.4 and 19.1). [16.4/OOC Oversight Edit] -One may learn magic, for select magics (see: Self Teaching), which fall under the umbrella of "OOC Oversight". With this, a student and teacher must still roleplay connection to the magic, and the student is required to self-roleplay lessons to see progression in the magic. OOC Oversight requires permission from the teacher to perform, and aswell, must be marked on the student's Magic Application. [19.1/Self Teaching addition] -For magics in which one can hold an accepted Teaching Application, but is not required to have a Magic Application (see: Self Teaching), the player who holds the Teaching Application may put themselves on their own app as a student by contacting the ST. Then, they may progress through their magic at an accelerated pace, each tier taking half as long as typical (rounding down if instances apply; such as from 7 days Tier 1 -> Tier 2, rather than "3.5", the player would instead simply do 3 days.). Self-roleplayed lessons are unrequired to progress. This has been already implemented, but as a reminder: Further Alchemy has no OOC-Oversight compatibility, and one may not learn Further Alchemy until achieving Tier 3 in the base Alchemy feat. Self Teach Altars have been permanently shut down due to too many flaws within the system to make it viable. Short Updates / News -Story Team will begin working on reviewing and potentially overhauling Story-Signed materials under a project Materials: Reforged. -Story Team will be continuing their Dark Harbour and Holy War regional eventlines, after the highly successful wrap up of Ando'Alur. The Three Princes and Southern Eventlines are to begin in Summer with the conclusion of the two above. -Story Team has a few plugins in-development which will help the team with Item Signature and FAQ. This includes a "Stamps" plugin which will help and aid players in writing certain item descriptions and offline/afk item signing. -Story Team will be releasing a full guide on signing every item currently available within magics for both Story and Players to reference. -Story Team is always recruiting. Feel free to apply here. -Story Team is continuing to look into ways to further improve any part of our systems or the conduct of our members. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please contact Story Management or Administration.
  2. its over. :( 

  3. THE RAID OF TOR'SJORVATH Fog and cloud cover had long rolled over the embankment of the dwarvish port, blotting out the sky and what might have been an oppressive midday sun. For the Adherents of Dawn used to life on a mountainside, it might have been nothing more than a rainy morning with dewy haze obscuring sightlines. For the Druids of the Father Circle, used to balmy beaches and sunlit groves, it might have been a personal form of hell. Or perhaps it was the other way around- the Paladins disparaging the absence of their beloved light, and the Druids content with the clouds that heralded that lifegiver: rain. Regardless of how the seaside defenders felt about the weather, it would be swiftly undercut by a burst of light on the horizon out upon the foggy water- which would be followed soon by an echoing boom that only intensified as a cannonball hurtled through the mist towards the accumulated Descendants upon the port, sending brick, stone, and miscellaneous supplies flying in a cloud of dust. And that was only the first shot- five more deafening screams from the ship sending the heads and rib cages of the defenders rattling. Shrieks of both fear and pain lit up around the gathered, and medics swiftly moved to regroup and assess the rapidly developing situation. If Cazida Bluebrewer prided herself on anything, it was her commitment to seeing a job done- and a job done well at that. Her father had told her that fishing was a miserable business, that she’d find no profit and she’d be crawling back to his house in the mountain within the year begging for a position in that twice-damned mead business that she loathed from a place in the very depths of her heart. She had started out with nothing but a single net and a small rowboat, going out to sea with only her oars come noon, and hawking her wares at the port come the next morning- and over forty years she had built up her business to where she was now the captain of a fine vessel, with ten honest and hard-working fishermen working under her. She hadn’t gotten to that position by slacking off, or taking sick days, or growing lazy and complacent. She had become a captain and cornered the fishmonger’s market by sheer strength of will and commitment alone. So when Cazida Bluebrewer was met with a bevy of what appeared to be six pirate ships opening fire upon the main port of the city, and what appeared to be various groups of screaming and fighting elves on both the docks and foreign looking boats, her first thought was not to turn around, but intense irritation at the fact that they were disturbing her lucky fishing spot. There was coordination among the fleet of six, to be sure, but it seemed like one was in the process of breaking away from the others- and even from where Cazida stood she could hear the animated arguing of someone on board screaming at someone on the next boat aside. There was another moment of silence, before that boat, guns and all took off into the fog and left. ‘Strange’, thought Cazida to herself, before she was interrupted. “Uh, capt’n?” Cazida looked down at the mention of her title, to see the newest recruit to her entrepreneurial adventure- a woefully overweight Forest Dwarf lad who was still green around the gills at sea- staring up at her with what was clearly anxiety in his eyes. “Should we turn back to yer port?” Cazida gave a ‘harumph’ in response. “Nae, nae we shall fackin’ not. Keldem!” She called out to the second-in-command, positioned on the other side of the ship’s deck. “Send’a damned bird to the damned city. We’re waitin’ here for these fools t’sink.” Nemoril was having what most medics would consider to be ‘a rough day’. He had never been one for sailing, and now on the deck of the violently rocking Queen Dawn’s Revenge it seemed he would soon be sick. He, along with another attending physician, had been bundled aboard the ship as a precautionary measure. The ship was leaving the besieged port to back up the dwarven fleet- which had arrived in style, the elf would admit begrudgingly. In his long years, the sight of The Dwedsmark ramming straight into the side of the ship seemed more like something out of a novel than reality, but these were the times that he found himself living in. The fact that the Queen Dawn, as some of the people onboard seemed to be semi-affectionately calling it, was heading straight towards the pirate fleet didn’t do much to help his nerves either- in fact to the contrary it quite upset them- and therefore Nemoril lost his meager breakfast on the deck. In a single bittersweet moment, a wave washed over the deck from the choppy ocean, washing away his mess but also leaving him soaked to the bone like a twice-drowned rat. He attempted to stagger to his feet, only to get pushed back to his knees by a Paladin moving swiftly to the higher deck, who at the very least shouted an apology over the creaking of the old boat. The medic swore sharply under his breath, scrambling to his feet and finding success this time, looking out onto the pirate fleet in the waters- port or starboard he wasn’t sure, he had never bothered learning these things- only to see the bright flash of a cannon firing and the deafening thunderclap of impact with the ship. The Queen Dawn rocked under his feet, and he just barely managed to grab ahold of a railing- listening for the telltale cries of agony or distress, only to hear a very low and disconcerting creaking. Nemoril glanced to where sailors and various defenders were now rushing to see that the ship had taken heavy damage, that it seemed as though anymore might mean the ship would be taking on too much water- and he only had a second to consider the fact that he might not survive if the ship sank before someone in the gathered crowd yelled at the top of their lungs. “Cut down the mast! Use it to board these bastards, it’s our only chance!” Nemoril paused. Nemoril blinked. Nemoril thought to himself, ‘surely they aren’t going to actually-’ Nemoril watched in horror as the group aboard the ship began to take sword, axe, and every other piece of weaponry they could to the main mast, the wood creaking and aching under the strain until it looked more like a half-felled pine than any proper piece of a ship. He was no expert on sailing, but a mast seemed like a crucial part of any such boat, and getting rid of it likewise seemed foolish, but- it was falling now, the horrific noise of snapping and breaking wood echoing in the air as it was felled to provide an impromptu boarding plank. There was a general cheer on the Queen Dawn, before the fair majority of the defenders sallied forth and over the precarious walkway to board and take the enemy ship. “They’re all mad,” Nemoril whispered out loud to himself, before another achy groan from the ship that seemed to threaten capsizing sent him scurrying after to assist in the boarding. It was a pyrrhic victory, in the end. The arrival of the dwarven fleet likely changed the tide- but it also meant that their entire naval forces besides the Queen Dawn’s Revenge and a singular small fishing vessel sunk to the Almarisian seabed. The pirates had managed to slink away into the cloudbank they had come from- though not without losing the majority of their invading force. Through the process of mending the wounded and repairing what little they could of the ruined docks, one thing seemed clear: the invaders had come for a purpose, and though they had ostensibly won the battle, this war was far from over.
  4. The erstwhile and future Prioress of Yulthar managed to find a few tatters of this missive in the far flung Pirate Coasts of Almaris, a vicious 'hek hek hek hek' of a laugh emanating from the hunchbacked woman as she scanned the parchment over. "Dearest trinkets, he seek a pretty woman. The lands of Yulthar knew none fairer than the Prioress." The she-creature stumbled for the door, basket of trinkets clasped tight in her gnarled and bony hands.
  5. golden sparklies - 50 olivia marguerite#2578
  6. in ur opinion who are the five worst br*t celebs have u considered using ur gaslighting powers for good instead of evil worst video game youve ever played weirdest video game youve ever played
  7. An ancient and wayward Kortrevich looks fondly upon the missive, a reminder of a simple childhood that she once lived- before bowing her head to kiss the very text that spoke of her dearly departed mother.
  8. hey ik this is a crazy idea but maybe you shouldn't say its ok if staff get doxxed and have death threats sent to them because the warclaim didnt work, maybe u should go take a shower instead

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    2. Angmarzku


      What a freak

    3. drfate786


      @ScreamingDingo Taking someone's words out of context is quite baffling too! What you do on the internet can and does have an effect on you in the real world. People have lost their jobs (not just for racist tweets, some of it is deemed justified by some like in the case of a child predator or law breaker of an intense nature), have had their relationships ruined (In LoTC's case look no further then Punisher for an example of what I mean) and more.


      I am not justifying it, I am not saying it should happen. What I am saying is that it does happen and that when people engage in obnoxious behaviors like the ones some in this community continuously engage in, they're bound to have ill effects occur to them on their day to day lives. It doesn't have to be doxxing, threats or harassment. It can be a hell created by their own hands due to poor socialization skills and manipulative behaviors learned through LoTC itself.


      It's really not insane to say that you can't hide behind the veil of anonymity either. Though, anonymity isn't part of this discussion but more or less the effect it has on the individual. You're still engaging with a person behind a monitor, being anonymous doesn't hide this fact or lesson the impact it has on your own mental health. Bullies are normally quite unhappy and bully others due to a lack of self-esteem and self-worth.


      Now, if you poke a cat multiple times..  That cat can and will scratch or bite you. Bad things happen to bad people, be nice and kind to each other and it simply won't happen. I find this community gets more toxic by the year because the worst possible individuals end up in positions of authority, it's not that they're not able to fulfill the role but more that they're unable to even try and empathize or understand other points of view. It's more or less about what they and their clique of friends wants and not what is actually good for the greater community.


      I am NOT calling anyone in particular out when I say this as I think this applies to the majority of staff to varying levels and degrees. However I will elaborate further.. Essentially, someone who's basically a bigot (literal definition and has varying degrees of severity) shouldn't be put in a position of authority (any position that gives any authority) over an entire community. If you aren't open minded and can't even try to understand another person's point of view then you're destined to run any position you're in into the ground.


      Bad behaviors get punished, you reap what you sow. You know this, you know that bad behaviors on the internet lowers ones self esteem and you know that it creates negative personality traits. The first step to dealing with an issue, whether it be personal or not is to admit that there is a problem in the first place. Calling my posts trolling, name calling me a freak and dismissing my posts doesn't change anything and just further reinforces my claims.


      There needs to be an honest conversation about what I've just highlighted but such a conversation hasn't really happened in over six years. The last time @Telanir tried to make staff (and the community) more tolerant and understanding he was ridiculed by both the staff and the community and pretty much failed to varying degrees.


      I think if this continues, someone really should pull the plug on the server because I honestly do believe that some of the behaviors shown by some members of the community is genuinely quite dangerous. We've had predators, we've had people get doxxed and we've had people sent death threats. 


      Edited by drfate786
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      Essay too long didn't read

  9. this is a prime example of why u invest in sleeper hits like $XAN lol it might be zzzzzz but at least you can predict it'll peak at map change 

    1. _Bueno_


      $XAN is a pennystock, you're not allowed to discuss it on our trading forums thank you. 

    2. Valannor
    3. gusanoarentonio


      ive invested in $BAR and it's working out well for me rn

  10. what a strange day

    1. Benjiota


      You said what I was thinkin

  11. Dear Brother, You have known me to be a woman who watches and waits, who cautions patience, who exerts temperance in all things. You know me to be steadfast, to sacrifice my own ambition for the sake of the collective that we do so share. Brother, I tell you now that I have found a cause that is worthy of going against my better nature and temperament. When I came into our coterie, our collection of kin, my time as an Imperial was long over. To this day, I have not set foot in the halls of the Augustine since I was denied what was rightfully promised to me by the most gracious sovereign Princess this land has ever known, the magnanimous Anne Augusta, who I was blessed to once know not only as a worthy liege but as a true and favored friend. I speak little of those times, but I shall speak to you of them now. When I was young, it was this Matriarch of Novellen who did give me the reason I needed to fight. It was for she, and she alone, that I put myself in harms way knowing that I might die- and I knew that such a sacrifice would be worth it if she did live even a breath longer. Anne Augusta has, to my greatest grief, passed on from these lands- and my only regret is that I fear I may never join her in rest and know her wit and charm once more. Her legacy, however, still rests in these lands. It lies not with any of her children, nor indeed any of her grandchildren, but with the singular Philip Amadeus, who was cast out and denounced by the false Emperor in the same way that we have been. I tell you now that I mean to fight to ensure that Philip Amadeus (or as I suppose he has now been dubbed, Philip III Amadeus) succeeds in his birthright. I shall not make demands of you, I shall not beg for your swords at my side- but as I have loved and protected you, please grant your Sister your thoughts, and contemplate on your own the gravity of this matter, the inheritance of that place from which I was forged. Anne Augusta did open her mind to the mysteries of our order, of our kin. It is not so hard to imagine that with time, with loyalty, and with service, her true successor in Philip Amadeus might do the same. In this matter, I will act alone if need be. However, I shall trouble you a while longer with a different request. Brothers, I beg you to ruminate on your true names, to consider what they themselves mean. I shall tell you mine, as I knew it when I first tumbled out of the soot and ash that was my cradle. Midnetora- I think some of you may recall the meaning: Loyal Northern Summer. As I close this letter to you, I hope that despite the differences in our birth, our gender, our minds, we do share one thing in common- this bond of loyalty between us. Your Sister in Arms, Midnetora
  12. threatening to call certain builds landscars is meaningless when nothing gets done about landscars that have been flagged for upwards of 6 months with no consequence. im an elvenesse bucks fan btw.

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      No no yandeer, theyre gonna fine people, not do nothing! and if you dont have money to be fined for... uh... ehm... I don't know, I don't think they have the balls to ban you for it.

    3. Chennster


      crazy how the bucks are 1-2

    4. Hephaestus


      go white girl go

  13. Hey, I played Descent into Avernus too! It was really cool when I used these bad boys to fuel my motorcycle so my Cleric could do a wheelie charge into Zariel.
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