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  1. Valentina vas Ruthern wonders to herself when Sprinkles the Clown will storm the Senate bringing news of this new, fresh drama! How delightful it must be, to live a life where such little regard is shown for one’s own reputation. The Grand Lady makes a note for her esteemed equal in the court of Good King Andrik IV to organize a ball in which all guests dress up as clowns, in honor of both Sprinkles of Clownstburg and Milena Carrion-Tuvyic.
  2. RP Name:: Alkyone Nikolaide MC Username: yandoe Discord: olivia marguertie#2578 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: The Church of the Canon Why Do You Wish To Come?: Alkyone wishes to travel in the hopes of Deus Vulting, and also to assist a companion of hers. What Skills Can You Bring?: Skills in medicine, religious fervor, experience with survival and logistics
  3. Valentina Var Ruthern revels in her new position as Helena’s new CEO of Racism, wiping a single tear from her white guilt-ridden eyes.
  4. I have served Her Imperial Majesty for now four years of my life, and wish to make it clear that I have struggled with my every breath for a court that embraces whole-heartedly the teachings of the Canonist Church, and the virtues thus associated with it. Namely, I speak of the primary virtues of loyalty, humility, diligence, and chastity. It is this last virtue which now is my primary concern: chastity. On this evening, the 14th of Sigismund’s End, I was present at the Baltas Concert, held in the interior theater of Novellen Palace for the enjoyment of His Imperial Majesty and his faithful court. I must commend the Duchess of Ostland, Anna, for her great efforts in bringing culture and the fine arts to our Majesty’s grand palace, as the majority of the performances were splendidly done. My concern was raised at the end of this performance, when one masked man took to the stage, soon flanked by common dancers, clad in some strange and loose garb, who then proceeded to wave their arms and clothing about their heads like harlots soliciting men on the street side, causing many a married man in the audience to swiftly avert their eyes. I myself left the hall soon after the entrance of these ‘exotic’ women, going to my rooms and then to the palace chapel to pray for the souls of those poor women involved, that they might turn away from this profession of indecency and lewdness and move towards a life of chastity and piety. I can hardly blame the women themselves for this occurrence, as much as my heart drives me to, for I know that they are a product of a city that allows Cactus Green to be sold on the street side along with birth control potions, in a city where girls of the gentry stride brazenly forth with exposed shoulders even in the winter. Nay, I must turn my gaze and admonishment upon those who should know better, who should have been raised to abide by a higher standard than these common streetside courtesans. It is with great shame that I must admonish the members of the Imperial Court, who allowed this to happen. I shall not name them here, for they know in their hearts if they were complicit in this baudy matter, but I will request that they seek penance with the many holy men of the city, that they might turn away from such lurid activities in the future. Perhaps it is my own fault, for not having imposed proper standards and morals upon the court prior, or perhaps it is the failing of our tutors, that they have not made this new generation of courtiers decent and pious. Regardless, I shall pen this now, so that from this day forth there can be no mistaking what is improper behavior for courtly life. Both lords and ladies are expected to hold themselves to the highest standard. They represent not only their own persons, but their houses and company as well, and their improper actions reflect upon the entirety of the Imperial Court. They should not engage in unwarranted violence, nor shall they engage in debauchery (including but not limited to the use of drugs, and soliciting call girls). They will be expected to treat all other members of the court with the utmost respect, and shall avoid any and all behaviors that would cause distress or injury to their peers. Those members of the court who cannot follow these basic guidelines for proper conduct and behavior shall have their privilege of attending court reviewed thoroughly by not only myself, but His Excellency Jahan Basrid, as well as the Empress, Lorena Christina. IN NOMINEI DEI Her Excellency Valentina var Ruthern, Majordomo of Novellen, Grand Lady of Imperial Court
  5. I hope everything goes well for you! Gnorf will certainly be excited to see you when you come back to CT. ❤️
  6. Zaraleen Tamarid, proud representative of the common man, thinks internally that perhaps the burglar and chicken thief Aedan Capulei should pay more heed to his own work than breaking into other people’s property, lest the good lady level formal charges against him!
  7. Artist’s Rendition of the Battle of Hangman’s Bridge, Anonymous Female Soldier Center (c. 1743) “Firstly, I must state this: I have nothing but respect for Lord Ivan Ruthern, who I am now in direct competition with. No matter the outcome of this election, I know that Haense will be in safe hands, as I trust the man to be steadfast and competent in his work. But, as I have stated, we are in competition, and thus I cannot with good conscience go down without a fight, for that would undermine the honorable position for which we both campaign. There is no greater honor that I can think of than to be elected to speak for the people I walk beside every day- not only the soldiers of the Brotherhood but the commoners of Reza, those who have not had the privilege to speak their mind in public forum. I have nothing but respect for the great gentry and nobility of this city who rule with sharp mind and steel alike, but they do not live as the common man of Haense does. I mean no disrespect in these words: I have nothing but admiration for the men and women I have spent ten years of my life serving. I am told that the Princess Adryana Eleanor, during her tenure as Alderman, put forth many bills to better the common man of Reza, to uplift him and to safeguard him, and I cannot express gratitude enough for her efforts. It is these same reforms that I wish to model. I have lived the life of both soldier and commoner, and thus I wish to speak for the many who have lived the same experiences as me, who have not been able to voice their mind for the sole reason that nobility has taken up the one venue that they might otherwise possess. During my tenure as Alderman, if the voting people of Reza so see fit to elect me, I would strive to enrich the lives of the commoners of the city without intruding upon the rights and privileges of the nobility, namely a collaboration with the Canonist Church to create more events and feast days for the common man, to uplift our spirits during this long and arduous struggle against the pagans of Morsgrad, as well as a push towards safety both within the city and outside it, establishing defenses that protect our civilians as well as our soldiers. Finally I would wish to work with the other members of the Duma to incentivize local business within Reza, and create a strong and uniquely Haeseni marketplace, which will attract merchants and tourism as the individual markets of many other cities in our great Empire do. With all this said, I thank you very kindly for your time, and pray that GOD keep us all.” Signed, Zaraleen Tamarid, Armiger of the Brotherhood of Saint Karl
  8. IGN: yandeer Character Name: Zaraleen Tamarid Age: 32 (1742) Place of Residence [Street / County Address]: Bihar Place IV Position: Alderman
  9. With Miss Tamarid busy scanning the battlefield for loot, the Lady Natalya Elizaveta Markanz would envelop her husband and darling son into her arms. “I am proud of you- so proud of you both.” She would press a smattering of kisses upon her young boy’s head, thankful to have him back safe. “Come, sweet, so you can tell me all about how you fought.”
  10. Zaraleen Tamarid, official fletcher and unofficial “Arrow Maiden” of Haense, scans the battlefield for feathers. Many half-dead Morsgradi soldiers’ last sight would be the Qalasheen woman breathing heavily as she murmured something about a “chicken cartel,” whatever that was meant to be.
  11. ‘Markanz’, Natalya Elizaveta thought, the name rolling around in her mind like the soft cotton snow in her seasonal winterglobe. Perhaps if she shook her head enough it would sound right. ‘Ruthern, Barclay, and now Markanz. And a Baroness...’. Natalya would rise slowly from her position besides the hearth, nose sniffling ever so slightly as she wrapped her warm furs tighter around her. “I suppose I shall have to move all my belongings again, now, hmm? Such a pain, with the war going on.”
  12. Natalya Elizaveta held her darling children just a bit closer that night, staring blankly out and over the dining hall of Freising. “As these heathens, pagans, unworthy infidels have lived by fire, so shall they be burned by the flame of GODAN’s most holy wrath.”
  13. Natalya, still in her bridal gown, would rise from where she had been sitting next to Konstanz’s grave, having just finished recounting the strangeness of the bird-masked man appearing at her wedding. With a soft kiss placed against the burial marker, she would return to the inside of Freising and back to her new husband. ‘Natalya Elizaveta Barclay’. The name tasted strange within her mouth.
  14. Zaraleen Tamarid would glance over the new issue of Altar und Thron with great interest. “Tsk tsk... Roof bandits... We need to establish a force of Roof Haensemen to counter their operations. I, for one, know that our streets will not be safe until we hang all those spider-bandits.”
  15. ICH HATTE EINEN BRUDER IN MEMORIAM KONSTANZ MORITZ BARCLAY “Guard” the Barclay’s beckoned Baerin Furnival, occupied with handling the wounded Lucy Devorax “do you know where the body of the late Konstanz Barclay is?”. A delegation consisting of his family; Wilheim, Anton & Steffen Barclay, accompanied by Natalya Elizaveta Ruthern, Peter de Sarkozy, and Father Abraham Blumhardt had ventured to the ghosttown of Helena to retrieve his body, presumably used as an archery target. “Sure, follow me to the war camp.” Furnival beckoned, the entourage following without any words. Natalya and Konstanz’s brüders prepared for the worst: namely, a carcass pierced with arrows. Yet some unnamed guards had the decency to bury the beheaded man, albeit at an unusual location. As Father Blumhardt, Anton, Wilheim and Reinhard Barclay started digging in the soil: they eventually reached a makeshift casket with a sloppily painted Lorraine cross. Natalya wept as the brothers attempted to maintain their posture, only the young Steffen Barclay couldn’t hold back his tears. Father Blumhardt spoke: “We are here to say our last goodbye to our friend, Konstanz Barclay. He was truly a good, honorable and brave Human. He did everything to make his brothers and sisters happy, so that he could keep himself happy as well.Though unexpected fate met him, and he was executed by Helenian soldiers in an unfair trial.. Now, he is with GOD in the heavens, up there in the skies. Watching over his friends and relatives, together with other ancestors of the Barclay lineage. Let us have a minute of silence for him.” The entourage lowered their heads, as Wilheim stepped away for a moment. Anton, in a haze of clarity, propositioned to father Blumhardt and Reinhard to carry the casket to Freisburg for a proper burial. As the men carried the casket, Natalya and Steffen wept whilst trailing behind them. Once in Freisburg, the man dug a hole in the corner where a young Konstanz would often sit, staring at his elders sparring and tending to the livestock. A corner that now symbolizes his absence, as much as his empty chair at the dinner table. A man was taken from Haense, from his friends, from his brothers. A man could no longer toast to the success of others, embrace his betrothed, pat the heads of his nephews. That corner now served as the humble grave of Konstanz Moritz Barclay: He was trialed by the Solicitor-General Veikko Harjalainen, sentenced by the Emperor himself, and then, like the 10 million Lorrainians, beheaded by Ser John de Balain. A tragic death for an honourable Haenseni, an affront to the unity of our Empire. Nevertheless, Konstanz had found his resting place at home, with a new casket and proper tokens of remembrance, surrounded by his favourite flowers. May his sins be forgotten and his accomplishments forever remembered. Konstanz, meine brüder, wait for us in the Seven Skies. Amen. [[Special thanks for helping writing the post to]] Kippsz Draeris [[and for the event]] BorinSwordBane SquatGopnik1578 ThatDutchFellow Megaloschemos Beamon4 Draeris Kippsz MadOne ((i was coerced into posting this under threat of my end rod chest being looted. send help.))
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