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  1. An ancient King Andrik fell out of his bed in a drunken stupor within the Seven Skies as he goes to meet his descendant "Ah' a fockin' other one, aye. Well, there's Black enough for everyone jus' DON'T FUCKIN' PET GODANS TURTLE.. Eh' bites.. And good job ye bastard" he'd state before grumbling off to bed once more
  2. Andrik III. sat drunkenly holding his thumbs in the seven skies that his favorite section from the old law codex which he implemented back during his reign is added into this new reform. "Gerard never got to do this.." he'd sigh, why was all his lords so loyal he later grumbled whilst getting even drunker. "III.III.§. Any noble or gentry with that of a sworn oath to His Majesty, the King who commits arms against the Crown shall be considered guilty to that of High Treason and be branded a traitor. The maximum punishment being that of having lands and titles stripped and executed by that of having ones armour smelted over his person."
  3. Andrew would shake his head as he finished up another bottle of Godans favourite Black “Aye those fuckin’ shitehead bastard whoresons” he’d say and then go to hug his secret love John VII
  4. IGN: Emenzi Character Name: Konrad Lauritsen Age: 35 Place of Residence / Street Address: Karosgrad Position: (Alderman or Maer) Alderman
  5. “Heh Franz is a manwhore” Konrad would state with a lot of amusement
  6. Konrad weeps for his father as he prepares for the opening of the new Duma session "I will make you proud father." he'd say before finishing up the final leftovers of last night's guacamole and nachos.. Perhaps it was the extra jalapenos in the taco that had the old man pass, but Konrad could simply shrug.
  7. IGN: Emenzi Character Name: Konrad Lauritsen Age: 31 Place of Residence / Street Address: Karosgrad Position: (Alderman, Tribune or Maer) Tribune
  8. An Essay on the Integrity of the Canonist Church, 359ES To the Good Canonists of Almaris AFTER a few long months of uncertainty, arguing and bickering the culmination of the Diet of Karosgrad is soon upon us. What comes after no one can surely know as of yet. What will happen to the clergy, the canonist faith as a whole and the citizens of the great nations of Haense and Oren who follow GOD. It is without a doubt that these two nations are in a state of mourning and shock. Haense recently lost the longest reigning monarch in its history, King Josef and Oren being suddenly attacked by apparent cultists and a large portion of the Augustine Palace left damaged. Is this why the High Pontiff would declare a Crusade without consulting the Emperor of Oren or the new King of Hanseti-Ruska? Trying to capitalize on the disaster that struck the imperial city of Providence. Political gains to try and gain favour and distract the public which disastrously failed. Has His Holiness strayed so far from reality that he can not see what lies in front of him? That the people of Haense and Oren neither wanted, asked or demanded a crusade. A War of faith unjustly called and an attempt to distract the population from the cries of His Holiness abdication. As proven by the widely approved “Petition for the Trial of Owyn III” or “Owyn’s 11 Inculpations”. The article "We Are In a Battle for the Soul of the Church" written by the renowned Haeseni newspaper The Golden Crow Chronicles captures this essence perfectly as quoted “This crisis of confidence strikes at the very core of our spiritual welfare. We have come to the threshold of aggression and anger.” Has there been a High Pontiff within our history as controversial as our current? One that has sparked such outrage or anger by the general populace that his ascension was met with riots and protests in the entirety of the Canonist realm. Two nations with perhaps a sour history had its populations band together simply due to their disdain of the High Pontiff. A unity seldom seen between Haeseni and Orenians. Perhaps the only good that has come out of this pontificate. But does this mistrust and in some pure hatred from the common man extend to the entirety of the Canonist Church? No. It has to be noted that the Clergy of this most diligent church is working hard. Some may support this Diet of Karosgrad and some may call it unlawful. Who is right and who is wrong will be decided by the annals of history. But the men of the Clergy stand in front of a tough decision not seen since the days of the Schism caused by the War of the Two Emperors where political affairs of the war tainted the very soul of the church for years until His Holiness Daniel VI ascended to unite the herd once more. We have to consider the difficult and trying times of these Clergymen and judge them not for the decisions they take. Regardless of what happens during the Diet of Karosgrad there will be a new face of the Church that much is certain. I and all good Canonists pray that this Diet will end peacefully and with a united Church that remains strong and its integrity intact by the acts of the current High Pontiff. But with this High Pontiff remaining on his seat it is clear by King Heinrik of Hanseti-Ruska's clear support of the Diet of Karosgrad and the Proclamation of Horen’s Calling, 1806 by the Archchancellor of the Holy Orenian Empire that the authority and respect of the current High Pontiff is non-existent and in order for the modern Church to be able to continue their work to guide the good Canonists men and women that inhabit this realm I believe all Clergymen reluctantly or willingly know what has to be done. To this end this writer concludes that the High Pontiff Owyn III. lacks the confidence of the people to lead this Church and I pray that the Clergy uses this opportunity to save its integrity and influence so that it can continue to guide ALL to a brighter future. Signed Konrad Terrence Lauritsen
  9. Konrad read over the missive and bobbed his head "The riots at the beginning of this Pontiffs rule should've been evidence enough that he is not fit to be the shepherd of this GOD'S flock. Good riddance to bad rubbish."
  10. "Hm.. Publishing this on the same saint's date as the death of the King of Josef who was at this time incapacitated and the Prince Regent under heavy duress.. Poor form by the church.. Very poor form. The lack of humanity in such a situation is shocking and appalling" Konrad would state as he read over the missive.
  11. Konrad Terrence signed the Lorraine cross over his chest as he muttered a solemn prayer with his eyes firmly closed. As he opened them only one thought came to his mind. To see how his friend Prince Franz was doing. ========= In the Seven Skies King Andrik III greeted his great grandson with a firm hug and a loud burp "Go on lad, ave' as much of tha' black as ye can hol'.. Ye've earned it ye bloody idiot"
  12. Konrad Lauritsens' Bid for Tribune. 9th of Joma and Umund, 358ES Fellow Haeseni. Look how far we’ve come. Since the days of Marius the First has our kingdom had to fight for our very existence within the annals of human history. Now we are the sturdy bedrock for which the great aspects of humanity and common decency rest. The land of the Black and Golden Crow. We’ve fought wars and bled. The War of the Two Emperors almost had our national identity wiped clean. The Rubern War was long and unforgiving for the common man travelling the roads. We can still see the scars in paintings and old texts caused by the burning of St. Karlsburg by Courland. Scars that we look upon with pride as we gaze out over our roaring landscapes. As the Haeseni proverb goes. I would have perished had I not persisted. But is this enough? Should we be satisfied with our achievements. To that I say no. Was King Andrik the Third pleased with his reign ushering Haense through The Troubles or was our founding father King Petyr the First content with his birthright as Duke? No. These were men with ambitions who would stop for nothing to achieve greatness for the people they loved. The Haeseni people. Haensemen. So I say to you fellow Haeseni. We shall never be content just like those before us. Ambition is in our blood. To this end I, Konrad Terrence Lauritsen son of Lauritz Christiansen have thrown my bid into the electoral season of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. Many of you may not know me. A dusty fingerprint upon an abandoned handrail soon forgotten in history but then I looked upon those great Haeseni men that came before and realised there is much work still to do to achieve their ambitions and ensure that Haense continues to thrive as the great nation we are in this era of Independence brought forth by King Josef and the persistent nature of the Haeseni people. If you my great Haeseni brothers and sisters elect me to serve YOU in the Duma I shall not be content with anything brought in front of me. I will always work as hard as I possibly could to achieve greatness for this nation and to serve the interests of all men, women and children living within the borders of our Great Kingdom. I shall work alongside the other Aldermen and Tribunes to ensure that the Haeseni people all get the chance to rise to soaring heights. I shall compromise nothing that can endanger the good of Haense. Poor, rich, young, old. You are all Haeseni and deserve proper representation in the Royal Duma. To this I promise all of you, that a VOTE for Konrad Lauritsen is a vote for ambition, strength and a voice for all of you. I invite you all that have any questions, any to ask, any to bid. Approach me wherever you wish about whatever you wish. My ears are open for all of you. I am a son of Haense, a son of ambition and pride. An adopted crow for the love of this nation I call home. KRUSAE ZWY KONGZEM Signed, Tribune-Candidate, Konrad Terrence Lauritsen
  13. IGN: Emenzi Character Name: Konrad Terrence Lauritsen Age: 27 Place of Residence / Street Address: Karosgrad Position: Tribune ((Just to note I hate gus, drew and eric for putting me up to this))
  14. I am disgusted by the administration on this server. I at least thought better but apparently not.

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