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  1. Great baker. Best trade secrets
  2. I believe Schizo has what it takes to be a GM. He's smart, reliable and dedicated. Also he's quite knowledgeable about the server and lore due to him being an OG Aegis player which is a rarity these days. Unfortunately as those lot know their stuff. He also calls me an asshat which might be one of the nicer things people that I hang around with call me. Looking at you Pandan. So a clear +1 from me.
  3. Emenzi

    The Hanging Keg Tavern

    Now under new management The Hanging Keg tavern in Adelburg, the grand capital and jewel of the Holy Orenian Empire. Is now under new management! Run by the Hanethor family and managed by cousins Ludwig and Reynold Hanethor. We serve to offer you the best service and drinks in all of Axios. So come one come all to The Hanging Keg! The finest establishment in all of the lands. Menu Ale, wine and mead Pale Ale - 5 Mulled Wine - 5 Sweet Ale - 8 Mead - 5 Almannir Pale Ale - 10 Spirits/Liquor Vodka - 5 Rum - 5 Hanethor P&D Premier Cognac - 10 The Reynold Secret Brew - 15 'Ludwig' Single Malt Whiskey - 15 Red Sun - 10 Non Alcoholic Coffee - 5 Melon Juice - 5 Orange Juice - 5 Carrot Juice - 5 Rose Tea - 5 Ask the innkeeper if there is any specials of the day. -~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-
  4. Emenzi

    [Accepted] [Pending][Actor] The Lion

    Haven't had much interaction with Lion since 3.0 and not even then did I have that much interaction with him but by god his RP was some of the best and most enjoyable on the server. You'd be wise to put him on the ET team. Not many players possess his skill in RP and attitude to the server and he would surely do some amazing work.
  5. *Another note would be pinned beneath the first one* Thank you kindly for all offers but we have now settled down in Albian where we shall remain. Creator bless you all. Darrion Hanethor. OOC
  6. *A note would have been pinned in towns and villages spread through the Holy Orenian Empire.* Due to the apparent lack of housing in the cities of the Empire me and my family are currently looking for a home to buy to rent at and affordable cost. We are all young and able to work hard to earn our living and rent or taxation should not be a problem as we can work your fields or quarries. We are a larger family but the size of the house is not of concern as long as it contains two bedrooms so the men and women can sleep seperate. So to any man reading this, please if you have a home for us. Send us word and we shall meet. Praise be the creator. Darrion Hanethor
  7. Back on LotC for the first time in long. Already kidnapped and being sold as a slave. This is going great! .-.

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      The Redneck

      Welcome back my dude <3


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  8. Emenzi

    Edmure Harwyn

    ~ Ser Edmure Harwyn~ Basic Information Age: Born 1547 Gender: Male Race: Human, Highlander Status: Alive Description Height: 6’1” feet tall Weight: Around 175 lbs Body Type: Sturdy with broad shoulders Eyes: Harsh and stern eyes with green colour Hair: A ruffled short hair, dark brown colour. Skin tone: Pale. Markings: Numerous small scars covering his body but one large one running from his hips up to his abdomen. Health: Alive and healthy. Personality: A brute and harsh man who believes that the end justifies the means. To people that does not know him he can come of as silent and reserved but once one would gain his trust one would find a man with a dark sense of humour and a very strong sense of bond and loyalty to his companions and would gladly kill or die for his kinsmen. However, a man with a temper and if angered would without A second thought rip out the guts and put the head of person who he believes has wronged him on a pike for public display. Inventory: A bastard sword with the pommel in the form of the head of a mountain lion hanging from his hip in its hilt, together with a long misericorde attached to his leather belt and hanging from his neck is a brown leather necklace with a lorraine cross made out of bronze attached. Life Style Alignment: Lawful Neutral Religion: Church of the Canon Alliance/Nation/Home: The Holy Orenian Empire Job/Class: Gentleman of the Nauzican Brigade Title(s): Knight-Errant of The Knightly Order Of The Red Dragon Special Skill(s): Loyalty, strong sense of camaraderie, a good grasp of swordsmanship and a decent knowledge of jousting. Flaw(s): His temper, rudeness, abrasiveness, a strong affection for ale and other alcoholic beverages and reserved when talking with strangers. Weaponry Fighting Style: Prefers fighting with his bastard sword held in his right hand and either a heater shield or a round shield in his left, if however fighting without a shield he’d usually fight with his both hands grasping the hilt of his sword whilst trying to maintain a low guard as to provide the most efficient form of defense in the absence of a shield Trained Weapon: Sword, axe, spear and bow and arrows. Biography Parents: Erwyn Harwyn and Arina Lintel Siblings: Murdoc and Roslin Harwyn Extended Family: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/148423-the-harwyn-family/ History Childhood: Born as the first son of Erwyn Harwn and Arina Lintel and raised in a small hamlet in the furthest reaches of Northmarch. As a young child Edmure was rowdy and wild, often causing trouble within the homestead and thus receiving a bountiful of physical punishment from his father and grandfather known as Orvar “The Maimed”. Young Edmure was known in his early ages for having frequent temper tantrums and he would often be prone to hurting other children, even those older than him and his gift of violence had to be put under control. His father started to practice swordsmanship with him to quell his anger and whenever he would not succeed with something his father would give him two choices, either he would have to take a dip in the water or he would receive a beating until he was bleeding, the second one being the more merciful compared to bathing in the frozen sea of Northmarch. However, when he was twelve years old his father would pass away, bedridden after being sick for weeks. A weaklings death is what he told himself and not something worthy a man and thus thoughts of leaving Northmarch and making something more of his life began to spurn in his vivid young mind. Teenage years: As the young boy grew into his teenage years his malicious behaviour began to decrease as well as his temper tantrums began to fully vanish. His mother who was a very loving and kind person, never condoning the beatings that Edmure received tried her best to care for her children with the little aid she received from friends and family, and Edmure had to at a very young age become the man of the household. At the age of fifteen Edmure was already a seasoned hunter and a large stoic figure in the small homestead and the immaturity and recklessness of his childhood was but a memory. During the spare times he had he would often be seen out by the coastline with his cousin and brother, sparring until the late hours when the wolves began to howl. His knowledge of warfare grew with the teachings he received from his grandfather and combined with the skill of swordsmanship he would grow to be a decent commander of hunting parties and the rough patchwork militia that the hamlet would muster during times of danger, even at this young age he would be large and stoic with piercing eyes and a fairly long hair and a stubble had begun to shape itself into a small beard. Days passed into months and months into years as he grew older and older, at his 18th nameday he made a promise to his grandfather to remain in the hamlet until his brother came of age, however barely a year after he made this promise his grandfather whilst out walking in the forest as he would often do was struck in the leg by a trap to keep wild animals at bay, breaking his leg in two and during night a storm broke out, keeping all villages in the hamlet for three days and once the storm had settled they found Orvar in the forest, frozen to death and his corpse mauled and ravaged by animals. He was given a burial and put to rest next to his son, later that day Edmure, Murdoc and Edwyn said his farewells to their family, friends and other kinsmen before beginning their long journey south towards the Heartlands of the Holy Orenian Empire. Early adult life: After a few months of travelling, Edmure, his brother Murdoc and his cousin Edwyn reached the grand city of Felsen, capitol of the Holy Orenian Empire, there shortly after their arrival all three were enlisted to the Chapter of the Lion by Ser Thire, immediatly travelling further south to Ard Ghorrock to install martial law into Vandoria, however not long after their arrival Ser Thire defected to the growing rebellion and Ser Gilneas Vivyayen was given command of the Chapter. The Chapter instead established itself in Saltstone, under direct supervision from the Grand Knight, their ranks quickly surged and for his loyalty to the chapter after Ser Thire’s betrayal to Oren he was knighted and granted the title of Knight-Errant, but for reasons unknown Ser Gilneas vanished shortly after leaving the Chapter to fend on its own, its number quickly beginning to dwindle. His cousin Edwyn transferred over to the Nauzican Brigade and shortly after recommended Edmure to Ser Michael Hightower, Edmure was granted a position as a Gentleman of the Nauzican Brigade and swore himself to the emperor and the Nauzicans. -Life in Progress- Concept Art/Artwork
  9. Just realized I made my first /real/ forum topic since July 22nd 2014, holy **** time goes fast sometimes..

  10. Emenzi

    Samuel Philip Wythe

    Samuel Philip Wythe Basic Information Nicknames: Sam, Sammy Age: 23 Gender: Male Race: Human Status: Alive and writing Description Height: 5’11” feet Weight: 165 lbs Body Type: He has a slim build, not constructed for warfare Eyes: Light grey with a green tint in it Hair: His hair is curly and light brown Skin: Pale Markings/Tattoos: A large birthmark on his waste, kind of looks like Urguan.. That's weird. Health: Very good Personality: Very light hearted, likes to read and write. Takes notes of most things occurring. Studied most of his life. Inventory: A small journal which he often writes in, a sword engraved with an old family crest. Life Style Alignment: Lawful Good Deity: The Creator Religion: Church of the Canon Alliance/Nation/Home The Holy Orenian Empire, Felsen. Job/Class: Currently none. Title(s): None Profession(s): None Special Skill(s): Eloquent and thoughtful Flaw(s): Even though he can seem humble, he is very vain when it comes to certain things. Weaponry Fighting Style: Doesn’t really have one.. Trained Weapon: Have trained with the sword but wasn't good at it Favored weapon: Sword Archery: If he hits something, be aware as it probably wasn't on purpose Biography Parents: Siblings: Children: None, so far Extended family: History IN PROGRESS Artwork
  11. Emenzi

    The Brotherhood of the Golden Crozier

    OOC: Skype name: Jonnythebill Username: Emenzi IC: Name: Eddin Stonne Reasons for applying: Ser Brann is a good friend of mine, I wish to serve him well. Do you agree to PK if RP is done appropriately and well?: Yes.
  12. That wonderful feeling when you're finally fully set up in your new apartment 

  13. Emenzi

    The Solstice Guard

    Out of Character: Mcname: Emenzi Skype name: Jonnythebill Do you use TS?: Yes In Character: Name: Eddin Stanner Why do you wish to serve?: I’m tired of being out in the cold wandering around without a purpose, my uncle has often offered me a place and purpose but it’s not until now that I realize that he is true in his ways. Are you aware of the duties you must fulfill?: I am. Military experience/Background: I’ve been all since I was but a boy by my uncle and old caretaker, Ser Brann Marwood and I was brought up within the Stonne Company, I’ve never been in any real military except that but I am disciplined and well versed with the arts of war. Specialist role: (if not applicable leave blank) Skills/Profession: I suppose I’m a fairly decent tracker, I was also left for as a child living with a stonemasons family when Ser Brann was gone for a few months and I was taught some of his trade.