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  1. Name of your Charter: Barony of Thurant Owner's Username: Emenzi Owner's Roleplay Name: Leopold Stafyr Location (XYZ): X-522, Y245, Z-3190 - X-422, Y135, Z-3090 Tier applying for: Tier 2
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    Reaffirmation of Vassalage

    Leopold pens down his signature on the document.
  4. Leopold looked out over the water in front of him, the waves flowing in against the shoreline as he glanced up towards the sky, a falcon soaring far above as its reflection passed by the sun. A faint smile grew on his lips before turning around to the small gathering standing in front of him. A mixture of Stafyrs, friends, allies and distant relatives by blood and marriage. In front of him stood Nikolas firmly holding a wooden round shield. An old relic of Stafyr, the shield of Saint Godwein. Next to him stood Gerard holding a leather scabbard in his hands. Within it was an old reforged bastard sword sheathed, with the hilt made by the claw of a Wyrm in the days of the First Empire. Nikolas fell down to his knees in front of Leopold, holding the shield up towards him as Leopold himself lowered himself down to one knee as he went to place his right hand on the shield, closing his eyes as he took a deep breath. As he closed his eyes to breath a sense of calmness and clarity overtook him. He sensed the presence of the old Lords surrounding him. The truthful and honest ways of Saint Godwein, the just and lawful ways of Lord Edmund, the honourable and brave deeds of Lord Farley and the compassion and care of Lord Symon. Many had said that the young Stafyr was of old blood and now with the ghostlike embrace of the old lords his confidence rose as he began to speak. ”I, Leopold of Stafyr, descendant of Hanethor swear this day upon the shield of my ancestral father Saint Godwein of Huntshill and in the sight of God and all the prophets.” “To uphold the Law within all realms of God our creator, to ensure the protection against those who wish to break it and to act just and rightful even when the path is unclear.” “To always act honourable in times where little honour can be find within men. To be honest, humble and deserving of the duty that has been bestowed upon me and to always serve.” “To be loyal to my blood, my house and my nation. To always uphold my oath and my promises. To serve the three lines of Stafyr diligently and to serve my liege until the day I draw my last breath.” “To This. I swear in the name of Beorn. In the name of Hanethor, Galtor and Sybilla. And in front of the Four Great Lords of Old” Leopold moved to stand afterwards and held his hand out as Gerard leaned forward and held the scabbard out towards him, he took a firm grip of the hilt and unsheathed the sword. Inscriptions in Old Hansetian from the days of Anthos would run along blade as it reflected the sun. Nikolas moved to stand once more and stepped to the side alongside Gerard as Leopold cleared his throat and looked over the gathering “My father disgraced our name, our traditions, our history. He shall not be honoured and he shall not be remembered.” “The days of dishonourable deeds, unlawful acts and unloyalty to your own blood is now over. Once more we shall be the house looked upon for guidance in troubled times. The days of Saint Godwein and Lord Farley shall be once more and that the golden age of Stafyr shall come again!” “For Stafyr!” “For Haense!” “For the Imperium!” After his short speech he’d once more glance out over the crystal clear lake, the winds rolling over it as if the Old Lords themselves chanted with him. A faint smile on his lips as sheathed the sword and turned to walk over to the gathering. Now Lord Leopold of Stafyr, Descendant of Hanethor. Viscount of Grauspin, Baron of Thurant.
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    House Stafyr

    Updated to include recent history, changes to old history that was not public and changes to living and dead Stafyrs.
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    A Map of Arcas

    You’re seriously insane. I will use this map to simply stare at and feel bad about my own lack of artistic qualities. Love it
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    Honourable North Haense Company

    Honourable North Haense Company History After the Stafyr led expedition to the southeastern Spice Islands of Arcas the Heir-Apparent of House of Stafyr. Leopold Stafyr together with his cousins agreed that to most adequately peddle any goods from the islands to mainland Arcas a company had to be established. Thus they formed the Honourable North Haense Company with House Stafyr as primary shareholder and benefactor. The company quickly established a stall in Reza to peddle tobacco, spices, herbs and any other product imaginable to sell such as iron, armour and weaponry. The two cousins Gerard and Leopold quickly realized that every material object in the world is to be seen as produce. And everything can be traded for the right price. Trade Values and Practices The Honourable North Haense Company takes great pride in its honourable and diligent ways of trading. All prices in bundle can be afforded to be negotiated from a set starting price. In some cases a swap of merchandise can be arranged depending on the specific current needs. The company trades in a multitude of goods. In fact any good not specifically outlawed by the laws of the Imperium, Haense or Church will be traded with and the company follows a policy based on if you need it we can supply it. The Company takes great pride in being the sole supplies of exotic southern spices from the Spice Islands. However there are certain restrictions that apply. The Honourable North Haense Company will never trade with citizens, traders, companies and any individuals from any nation who is under an Imperial or Haensetic issued trade embargo or in an outright war. In these scenarios the company will cease all trade and seize any assets from that nation until further notice. Trade Goods Any goods specifically required can be supplied as long as the product falls under Imperial or Haensetic as lawful. Beneath you may find examples of standard orders. Prices are fluctuating and are thus set on an individual basis based on the current Arcas standard. Certain bundle orders of any material may have a longer delivery time depending on current stock intake. This will be informed of before purchase. Iron, weapons and armour Chest of Iron Ingots Large chest of Iron Ingots Stack of Iron Blocks Chest of Iron Block Chest of Gold Ingots Large chest of Gold Ingots Chest of Flint Large Chest of Flint Large Chest of Iron swords Large chest of Shields Large Chest of Iron armour Large chest of Iron helmets Large chest of Iron leggings Large chest of Iron boots Herbs and Spices Curry Leaf Peppers Basil Nutmeg Ginger Lemongrass Cinnamon Poppy seeds Sugar cane Coriander Garlic Chives Jasmines Vanilla Wasabi Mint Spice Mixes Curry Mix Chili Powder Lemon Pepper Seasoned Salt Shichimi Brews and beverage Coffea Robusta Spice Island Mint Tea Stafyrian Rum Jagdberg Stout Werdenberg Mead Schattenburg Weizen Beer Many more products can be sold such as tobacco, pipes and more. For more information about who to contact see down below. Contact information The company can be contacted through messenger our directly in the city of Reza. Due to the main benefactor being that of the House of Stafyr any member of the house should be able to direct you to a direct contact. However the main contacts for trading with the company at the moment would be Heir-Apparent Leopold Kristoff Stafyr ((Emenzi)) and Herr Gerard II. Stafyr ((Dandan1350)).
  8. Leopold sat inside the Stafyr manor in Reza with a frown as he finished his meal together with some of his kinsmen. He looked up at the others who seemed to be equally displeased with their meal. As per usual they had bland porridge and mutton and it was downed with some Jagdberg stout or Carrion Black. In the northern reaches of Arcas what more could be expected? The fields could only grow so much that it would either be pork loin and potatoes, mutton with porridge but on some occasion they’d have salted deer if a hunt was successful. Salt, the only spice they truly knew. Bland and dull food. Thondor the old looked on his great nephews and chuckled some as he shook his head “I’ve had the greatest meals when I lived by the lighthouse in Atlas, he’d look over the three “Nutmeg.. Ginger.. Cinnamon.. Lemongrass..” he’d ramble as the youngsters stared at him confused “What are those?” Leopold would simply ask “Things that can not grow here, only where the sun shines at days on end and where it can rain for months but you’d still sweat.. That’s where these plants grow” was the old man’s reply as he’d finish his tankard of carrion black “Perhaps they grow somewhere here in Arcas to, what do I know.. It’s quite a lot of minas in it though” he’d just shrug before moving to take his plates and walk out of the dining hall leaving his nephews curious. Days passed before Gerard came running into the manor with a rolled up parchment in his hands, he’d rush up the stairs and to Leopold’s quarters barging in on his cousin “I’ve found it!” he’d shout out and unfold the parchment showing a crudely made map of southern Arcas “The islands where the sun will shine for days and where the spices Thondor mentioned can grow” he’d point out two islands in the southeast “There. We can sail there from Sutica.. Bring the spices north and trade them with all of the known world!” Leopold stared at the crudely drawn map “We..” he’d look around his room in contemplation before nodding “We must find these islands. Get Thondor and Moris. Take some minas from the bank and hire some men to come with us.” he’d move to stand and stare at the painting depicting the siege of Shadowcastle whilst Gerard left the room in a hurry. The next morning the Stafyr expedition of the southwestern islands was to begin and with pack mules, mercenaries and some servants the three young men, Leopold, Gerard and Moris together with the elder Thondor all rode south. Towards Sutica to get passage on a ship and sail further. The expedition travelled for a day before entering through the gates of Sutica. Outside the city gates they laid out a small camp whilst the Stafyrs went inside the city to find a ship captain. In the coastal city that is Sutica it wasn’t long until they had found a farfolk ship captain willing to take them to the islands for a decent enough price and they booked passage for dawn to the islands. At first light they all boarded the ship and paid the captain, they set out at headed from Sutica’s docks to travel further south and with God’s grace the wind made their journey swift and just one and a half day later they arrived to the islands. The three young Stafyrs stared at the coastline with awe. Pristine white beaches along the coast with crystal clear water and beyond that trees and mountains covering as far as a man could see. They laid anchor on the coast and boarded the rowing boats and rowed ashore as they set up a base camp. They marked down their landing on the map. As the midday sun laid heavy on the coastline and the Stafyrs with their mercenaries quickly realized that chainmail and leather could be their downfall in these unknown lands so they removed their armour and left it in camp. Deciding to progress further without it. Their Haensetic complexion perhaps not the best suited for lands such as these but they were determined. They decided that in dawn the morning after their expedition should begin and the ship captain perhaps even as excited as the Stafyrs at this point agreed to stay in the camp with his men and ship as long as needs be, of course for some mina promised on the return to Sutica. The morning after the expedition marched directly east. The massive trees around them covering the beams of light that would attempt to shine through. They quickly began to find plants and herbs that they’d never seen before and only a few hours into the expedition Thondor would cut of some cherries of a plant and nod “Coffea.. You take the beans from these, roast them, grind them and boil them with water and then drink.” the servants began picking away and filling sacks on the mules filled with these cherries before moving on deeper into the jungle. Once in a while Thondor would halt the expedition to find herb or spice and the servants would begin to pick away around the area. Jasmins, nutmeg, coriander, different peppers, cloves, basil and much more was found just in their first day of travelling before they eventually in the late afternoon decided to set up camp by a lake. Around the camp the trees would move as strange animals would run around and weird birds made their sounds. In the lake exotic fishes with bright colours would swim around before being scared of as the men would dive into the water to cool off from a day’s trekking in excruciating heat. Leopold would look around himself uneasy “I feel watched..” he’d state to his cousin Gerard and he nodded in agreement and said “We’ve been all day..” As nightfall approached they set up a campfire and some of the mercenaries had hunted down some weird animals that they with their newfound spices roasted over the fire. The most delicious meal the men had ever had. The men were celebrating, all the hard work they had done over the last days were a success and their expedition truly was a dream come true. But as the fires dimmed and nightfall overtook the camp they would all sleep with an eye open. As the silence of a northern night was not to be found. All around them noises could be heard, perhaps it was just animals or perhaps there was more. A few hours into the night one of the tents suddenly went ablaze and the men rushed to their feet as darts and crudely made arrows rained down around them. The men inside the burning tent managed to get out before the flames engulfed them and the men all drew their arms and tried to find out who and what was attacking them. Just moments later the camp was swarmed with a pack Khara’jyr who seemingly had lost their minds in the jungle. The men fought valiantly but in the darkness their foe would come and go. Arrows would rain once more and followed up with some Kha rushing the camp before disappearing into the trees once more. . This went one for what seemed like eternity before the elder Thondor had enough. The rage and strength of a true Galtorian Stafyr overtaking his senses as he grabbed a hold of a torch and his bastard sword and rushed after a Kha into the jungle. The other Stafyrs had no time to react before hearing the noises of the jungle being traded for screeches, cries and then.. Silence. Complete silence all around them. Thondor stumbled back into the camp and his gaze looked over his nephews as the first rays of sun began to shine down on the camp. The three walked up towards their great uncle but saw in his chest five arrows lunged. He fell to his knees in front of the trio and looked up on them “They.. They’re either dead or fleeing, fuckers..” he’d cough up some blood before collapsing to the ground as Leopold rushed forward and held his head up “We’ll.. We’ll get you back to Sutica.. You’ll be fine” he said before Thondor grabbed a hold of Leo’s collar with a firm grip “No. Bury me where the sun always shines.. Make sure my lil’ boy gets.. My sword, take my.. note..book... And.. Ca.. carry.. On. I’m.. I’m p..r..” he’d try to speak but no more could be said as he passed on to God’s warm embrace and the seven skies. The death of a true Galtor warrior. The expedition packed up their camp and marched with the corpse of Thondor north up towards the coast where they laid him to his final rest in a clearing close to the beach. So the sun would shine on his grave and with some wood carved from the trees they laid a cross over his grave so that everyone could see. That there lay Thondor The Old. The expedition continued east before travelling around the coastline south to the jagged edges of the southeastern coast. They set camp at the southern peak of the island and an eerie silence had overtaken the camp and jungle after the day before. No longer were they watched but no one dared to speak and if it was not for Thondor they would all be dead or worse. The motivation of the expedition had come to an halt and no spices or herbs had been collected at all that day. As dusk came Leopold stared out over the jagged cliffs surrounding the southern peak. Contemplating the expedition that he had decided to lead “Maybe we shouldn’t... If we had not gone Thondor had been alive and his son would have a father.. This was my decision not his..” he’d say to himself before Gerard spoke up behind him “Thondor died a valiant Galtorian death, just as he wanted. He’s watching over us and would be disappointed if we did not finish this.” he’d be followed up by Moris “Aye, that is true. I didn’t sail this far south and march all this long for us to give up now, cousin. Lead us.” They all looked at one another for a few moments before Leopold broke the silence “We do this for Thondor.” they nodded and at first dawn the camp was on the move once more. The men fueled by the young Stafyrs newfound commitment continued to gather herbs, spices and plants along the way. They used Thondor’s notebook to decide what they could pick, what they could eat and what they should avoid. The expedition travelled for another three days along the southern parts of the island going inland at first before once more travelling down towards the southern beaches, eventually they’d see another island not far south of them. After some deliberation Leopold ordered the expedition to build rafts and cross over to the new island. So they did and after an afternoon’s work they crossed over the straits to the smaller island. They immediately set up a small camp by the coast and in the morning they began to travel around the island discovering more herbs, plants and weird looking fruits hanging from the trees. There they also found a plant with beautiful purple flowers but the once that had no flowered where round and green. If cut into they’d being to bleed a white liquid and according to Thondor’s notes.. It was very special. The servants filled up plenty of vials of this as well as they moved along. They picked what they could before once more travelling back over the straits on their small rafts. Just a day on the smaller island was needed to fill up their vials with this strange liquid extract. Once they’d landed back on the larger island they immediately set of inland and after a day’s of travelling through the jungle they set up camp at the foot of the mountains. The mood was high and the expedition celebrated by roasting some more of these strange animals and eating them with the new found spices. Once more delicious. When first light shone through the expedition packed up their final camp and travelled across the mountains, back to the base camp where the ship was docked. Leopold strode up to the captain. His appearance had changed over the week. Leo’s beard was untamed and rugged, his skin was darker and tanned, he had mosquito bites and cuts from walking through the jungle and he simply hugged the captain. Who stared at him confused “Ya are missin’ one?” the captain asked as he noticed Thondor was nowhere to be seen. Leopold looked at the captain “Start loading the ship. We’ve got more spices, herbs and plants then we could’ve dreamt of” and with that the captain nodded and rushed towards his men barking orders. As dusk came the expedition had loaded into the ship and the three Stafyrs stood staring at the coastline together with the captain as Leopold spoke up “Captain, let it be known that his place right here shall forever be known as Thondor’s Landing and these islands… The Spice Islands” the captain simply nodded before ordering his men to raise the anchor and just a few days later the expedition was complete and with them they brought carts filled with spices through the gates of Reza. For the whole world to trade. The map of the expedition drawn out and published for everyone to see. Once the storages of Stafyr had been filled and the excess goods was to be peddled the final idea was brought forth by Leopold and Gerard. A trade company was to be formed led by House Stafyr to peddle spices, tobacco, coffee, cocoa and all other forms of wares from the Spice Islands and around Arcas. Adequately named the Honourable North Haense Company.
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    House Stafyr

    Edited to include living Stafyrs and removed deceased. INCLUDING MORIS @Rustyjusty123
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    Rezian Citizens Act

    Mcname: Emenzi IC Name: Leopold Kristoff Stafyr Residancy/ Street name, number: Marian Boulevard 5. Stafyr Manor Class/ Title: Nobility, Heir-Apparent to the House of Stafyr.
  11. Emenzi

    The Battle of Caer Baddyn

    Leopold would sit quietly on a cliffside overlooking the frozen landscape. He had cleaned up as best he could before wandering off to ponder but the remnants of battle could still be shown, his beard still having dried blood tainting it, cuts and dents on his tabard and armour but the sign one would notice perhaps the most was the emptiness in his eyes. The look of a man who had seen all but yet nothing, the eyes of blood and battle He looked out over the snow and ice covered land. Closing his eyes for but a moment and his thoughts raced back to Caer Baddyn.. He and Hans had no intention to find themselves in a battle. The odd pair of cousins who perhaps did not like each other the most had for some reason decided to wander the frozen valleys with curious intentions. But they stumbled across the side gate and was shortly after surrounded by soldiers of Man and their other cousin, Thondor the Old. They followed the Imperial contigency and misshap of milita that had joined them through the gates and into the castle. It was not long until they were met with steel, arrows and whatever madness the stormsingers of the Vaeyl could conjur. In battle the three cousins fought bravely, the little Hans proving himself capable even if he perhaps was not a full man. Thondor with his age and military cunning guiding the three with him so they did not lose track of the rest of the army and Leopold fighting as viciously and brave as he could but perhaps with a lack of grace. As true falcons the three represented Hanethor, Galtor and Sybilla and the Golden Cross of Stafyr. Leo had seen men fall in front of him, he’d killed footmen of the Vaeyl and fought knowing full well that for him there could be no tomorrow, the moments after the battle when he was alone he’d looked over the edge of a wall and hurled. The fear leaving his body. However it was not the thoughts of battle, the cries of dying men and the clash of steel that was most vivid in his mind. It was her. The Lord-General of the Vaeyl. How she met her faith with perhaps a form of dignity.. Clarity. A being in his mind that should have been vile and cruel thought and acted with a sense of respect and calmness at her demise. Would he have reacted the same? Most likely not. How many would really be that brave in the face of death even if to join God’s holy embrace. Leopold opened his eyes once more and stared blankly ahead into the landscape ahead of him, his thought pacing back and forward at the reminder of those in reality short but forever in his mind long moments at Cair Baddyn.. Before the Imperial Prince cut of her head and declared victory.. “Horen..” the name rang through his mind like a bell “Why would he have created such beings.. To defeat Iblees?” he’d question to himself “Did he know what they were, what they would became.. There must be more...” he glanced around him realizing if anyone heard him talking to himself they’d think him mad “There must be more..” he once again repeated the phrase before going to unclip his wineskin and look up towards the sun that once again shone over the land. “For the Imperium, For Haense, For Stafyr.. And the ones that have fallen to never rise again” perhaps one of his thoughts at that in respect not only for the victorious dead, but for their defeated foe and as well. Regardless of how vile they may have appeared. He chugged down his remaining wine and moved to stand, walking down from the cliff and back towards the camps. Perhaps to celebrate the victory with the others, perhaps just to sleep or maybe just perhaps to find Hans to drink more wine in the comfort of someone who was there. Someone who know.
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    House Stafyr

    Updated to include more living Stafyrs.
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    Union of the Falcon and Hammerhead

    Leopold looks at the invitation and goes to scratch his patchy beard “Nikolas will see..” he mutters “Oh and I best find myself a tailor to make father proud!” he’d exclaim before running off towards the Markev city square in search of a tailor
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    House Stafyr

    Leopold sits in his study and scrolls through the family annals “I can’t find any records of this marriage.. Probably lost in a book somewhere.. Perhaps if someone could inform me who this Stafyr is I could find her in the family tree, connect the marriage and add the person to the known living Stafyrs”