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  1. Heavy, The Church Bells Toll 5th of Wzuvar and Byvca, 359ES https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnAyMl-JXYw The body of Koeng Josef being moved from Nikirala Prikaz to Saint Henrik’s Basilica Josef never much enjoyed being King. To him, it was a duty he was beholden to, a calling that he could not ignore. Even as a child, a rift was driven between him and his siblings because of the position of their births. Whereas his siblings could live a quiet life if they wanted, Josef was destined to be at the forefront of the Nation. He always dreamt that it would no
  2. Royal Decree of 358ES Edict of Regency, 358ES 2nd of Vzmey and Hyff, 358ES Issued by Koeng Josef I and Confirmed by Lord Regent Henrik VA BIRODEO HERZENAV AG EDLERVIK, It saddens the Crown to announce the current state of His Majesty, Koeng Josef I. Late last night on the first of the month, the Koeng fell victim to an apparent harsh heart attack as he slept. It is suspected as of now that it could have done permanent damage to the Koeng. He is currently being treated by skilled medics, but he has yet to wake up since the attack. Following
  3. Peerage Edict of 356E.S. Royal Letters for the Margraviate of Greyspine 11th of Tov and Yermey, 356E.S. Issued and confirmed by His Majesty Koeng Josef I VA BIRODEO HERZENAV AG EDLERVIK, It pleases the Crown of Hanseti-Ruska to entrust the title Margraviate of Greyspine with existing Haeseni peer Maric var Ruthern and his descendants. They are charged with keeping the Koeng’s peace and upholding Haeseni law within their lands, and to protect the border they occupy. The House var Ruthern is forthwith afforded all rights and privileges that come with bei
  4. JURASZ VE KOENGZ DUMA Blackmail Act of 355 ES Introduced in the Duma. An act to introduce laws for blackmail made against a person. INTRODUCTION This bill will create a new section within the Haurul Caezk, named “428: On Blackmail” I. Necessary Definitions “Blackmail” shall be defined as the crime of leveraging a person into committing a crime, typically by using threats of physical harm upon said person or a person close to them. The person committing blackmail will face the same severity of offense as the crime committed by the victim thro
  5. JURASZ VE KOENGZ DUMA Religious Law Act of 354 ES Introduced in the Duma. An act to increase the severity of elements of Religious Law INTRODUCTION This bill shall ensure that committing terrible sin shall come with terrible cost. It shall not only discourage citizens of Haense from doing such things, but discourage outsiders from entering Haense to commit such acts, degrading our most Canonist Realm. I. Amendments The original punishment severities shall be increased: 420: Heresy and Blasphemy 420.05: Fornication 420.051: The
  6. JURASZ VE KOENGZ DUMA Natural Resources Bill of 353 ES Introduced in the Duma. An act to prevent monopolisation of natural resources throughout the lands of Hanseti-Ruska INTRODUCTION This bill shall create new legislation that will prevent lords and private interests from restricting access to any resources in the kingdom either physically or otherwise for obtention by the people of Hanseti-Ruska. I. Necessary Definitions A new subsection, 503.04, shall be created under section ‘503: Property’ of the Haurul Caezk “Natural Resou
  7. JURASZ VE KOENGZ DUMA Poaching Bill of 353 ES Introduced in the Duma. An act to criminalise the poaching and capturing of animals by those who aren’t citizens of Haense in the lands of Haense and amend the current poaching law. INTRODUCTION This bill will ensure that wild animals and livestock in the lands of Haense are protected in the Haurul Caezk from poaching and theft by foreigners and citizens alike. I. Amendments The following shall be amended in the Haurul Caezk: 413: Trespass 413.01: The crime of refusing to leave a private
  8. JURASZ VE KOENGZ DUMA Absconsion and Avoidance Bill of 352 Introduced in the Duma. An act to reinforce the orders of the courts. INTRODUCTION This bill is to amend the current law on absconsion, as well as to establish a law for the crime of avoiding a sentence, this is to create a more sensible punishment for absconsion, and to further deter people from avoiding sentences such as fines. II. Amendments Section 423: On Absconsion, shall be amended to the following: 423: On Absconsion 423.01: The crime of fleeing with an intent to
  9. Koeng Josef departs Nikirala Prikaz to purchase the newest Haeseni Saint action fig- Icons!
  10. Koeng Josef sunk in his chair upon hearing the news of his beloved Mother's death. A single tear streamed down his face, "Godan will receive you into the Seven Skies, dear Mamej. I only wish that I could have spent more time with you." The King lamented, spending the rest of his night alone, only empty bottles to keep him company.
  11. "Thanks, very cool" Says Koeng Josef.
  12. JURASZ VE KOENGZ DUMA Amendment to Adjust Fines Act 351 E.S Introduced in the Duma. An act to adjust fines to be in line with newer economic standards. INTRODUCTION This act serves to adjust the fines levied under the Haurul Caezk, pursuant to the shift in the worth of currency in Haense. I. Amendments 401.011: Monetary fine of up to 3,000 mina amended to 401.011: Monetary fine of up to 300 mina; 401.021: Monetary fine of up to 15,000 mina; amended to 401.021: Monetary fine of up to 1500 mina; 401.031: Monetary fine of up to 50,000 mina; amended to 401.
  13. JURASZ VE KOENGZ DUMA DISINHERITANCE ACT OF 351 ES Introduced in the Duma. An act that will enshrine in the Haurul Caezk the act of noble disinheritance INTRODUCTION In the Haurul Caezk there is a lack of a legal, recognized way for a peer to revoke someone’s place in the line of succession to their title(s). This bill will allow a peer to disinherit any family member from their line of succession providing the Monarch approves of the disinheritance. I. Amendments to the Haurul Caezk: 705: Disinheritance 705:01: The titleholder of each noble peerage
  14. JURASZ VE KOENGZ DUMA ATTEMPTED CRIME ACT OF 347 ES Introduced in the Duma. An act to prevent criminals from avoiding punishment for having attempted a crime. INTRODUCTION The purpose of this bill is to ensure that no legal loophole can be used for people guilty of attempting a crime arguing that no crime had yet been committed. It is to replace the law on attempted murder, as it encompasses it. 1. The section regarded attempted murder in the Haurul Caezk shall be rewritten as; 427: On Attempted Crime 427.01: If an individual or group is c
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