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  1. Joren Gant sighs as word of the two knights death reaches Valwyck, “Now the Kortrevich clan can finally put this destructive feud behind them. It feels as though a chapter of their story has just concluded. Rest in peace”
  2. Captain Haense doesn’t care
  3. Captain Stephen Haense spits on the rotting corpse of the adultress-queen, before quickly flexing Haesenily!
  4. Joren thinks it’s convenient Robert died right before his planned execution... Fitting
  5. Joren Gant smiles faintly, justice finally arriving for his late friend.
  6. Captain Haense flexes Haesenily!
  7. “Dang bro that sucks” The girls father would state
  8. Joren wonders why Duke Karl of Carnatia isn’t also on this list
  9. Captain Stephen Haense awakens from his slumber, dusting off his Haeseni shield!
  10. A northern man quakes in his boots, finally getting the excuse he needs to kill Curonians!
  11. Captain Haense shakes his head at the un-indented paragraphs
  12. why have you left us
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