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  2. Aelius would clean the blood off his blade
  3. (OOC Name: Vibeo ) Name: Aelius Age: same as his twin brother Sex: Aelius is underage Experience: Sex
  4. ={ OOC }= MC NAME: Vibeo DISCORD: Vibeo#8567 TIMEZONE: EST ={ RP }= NAME: Rhys AGE: 22 RACE: Human NOTABLE SKILLS: loyal banner man of prince Otto Tuvic (even more loyal than oinked)
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  6. i aint reading all that **** but the art looks cool so +1
  7. APPLICATION MC Name: Vibeo Persona Name: Klopz Grimmer Persona Age: 7 Persona Gender: Male Slot #: 6D Discord: Vibeo#8567
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    Vizmir, a Highlander grew up in the town of Renatus, He’s fairly educated and came from a good family, although he’s had a taste for getting himself in over his head as a child. His Uncle Norgan told him stories of adventures and such, which got him “curious” about seeking fame and glory. When he was fifteen he decided to explore an unnamed forest near Haense, where he was grazed on his right eye by a small bear. since then he’s slowed down “a little” in his ways, if there’s something exciting to do and he gets the wind of it, he’ll definitely pitch in. Now in his twenties, he’s a bit more respectful towards the wild. He doesn’t like being called Vizmir, his given name. In his belt pouch he carries a locket he found with a drawing of a rather attractive young girl and the word “Kara” in styled calligraphy. … Perhaps he can find out who she is, who knows.
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