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  1. Otto Tuvyic uncorks a dozen bottles; their favorite beverage – one of crows, the Knyaz simply continued to drink, bottle after bottle, thoughts of his niece filling him with sorrow and pain “The young perish and we, the old, live...“
  2. Milenko Horen pledges his blade to Veikko Harjalainen’s cause – woe to those peasants that oppose him...
  3. Milenko Horen smiles with the flank squad
  4. Milenko sighs – he hoped to meet the man and share tales of the battlefield, promptly after being blessed by the man; one that lived, and died.
  5. Milenko free

  6. Milenkhov


    Carolus Magnus would hear the news, hoping to meet the Grand Magus in the upcoming days...
  7. Carolus Magnus smirks upon the news, he’d gesture for his men to arrange horses and provisions – he finishes a glass of wine, rolling his tongue over his teeth, ready to depart upon the Imperial lands to meet the renowned Canonist “Daniel de Alence of Bourdon, who are you? An angel of vengeance? Or perchance a saint of salvation?”
  8. Carolus Magnus raises a brow inquisitively, he’d whistle calling his brothers forth, showing them the paintings and pointing at a sack of minas “Time to get an improvement to our summer home!”
  9. The Butcher of Lorraine prepares for potential conflict in the upcoming days...
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