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  1. The Baron in red endorses this information, preparing to make for the shop to acquire one of this remarkable artifacts of Swint.
  2. Remarkable descriptions, really enjoyable to read, the art utilized is god-like too!
  3. noooo mcsmally... noooo little t... dont leave kang...
  4. TOLL TO BE PAID The Sea-Reavers. 10th of the Sun’s Smile, 1768 The oceans buzzed with dormant strength, crashing along the shores of Aeldin. Waves, crawling gently towards the sea-shells surrounding the beaches of Arcas -- a foreign wasteland, without habitants who could roam in peace. Abundant power harnessed by the sea quavered the aquatic creatures within, as the bridge between the continent of Aeldin and the noble countries of Arcas lay connected by strings - the puppeteer and mastermind of this strand, the Prince of Vilachia. On the ebbing tides, a large caravel sat idly along the storms above -- cursed by the Gods to beckon the whispers of Iblees. ‘The Mother’, it was, one that was the personal pet of the Prince of Vilachia. Flags raised the caravel as it boasted the name: steeds of House Vilac -- a lineage of Horen not spoken of commonly. Surrounding the mighty war vessel, numerous galleons and pinnaces enchanted the illuminating waters, lesser in being as they followed on suit ‘The Mother’ as children, bore by the flags of black. The corsair-gang of Vilac continued to hold the shores and oceans of Aeldin and Arcas in their palm, only letting through those who could pay their hefty toll. Eventually, ire settled the gaze of both the Prince of Vilachia and the Captain of ‘The Mother’, noticing a foreign party of galleons -- numbering around two -- fleeing past the Aeldin coast and heading towards Arcas. The corsair vessels drilled themselves through the waves, heading towards the parasites that attempted to invade their oceans, anger in their heart. Of course, as all settlements work in the oceans of Aeldin and Arcas, they would settle the toll given. A thunderous horn boomed from ‘the Mother’, allowing for the two galleons to make halt. Though, an unusual response came instead. The galleons crashed through the waves and attempted to flee the numbered and mighty corsairs, but the Prince of Vilachia was not one to be played. Gesturing to his Captain, the hefty sails shook against the winds of GOD as the caravel set to the scum attempting to flee. The crude tone of the corsairs echoed out their vessels, as commands to ‘release’ were heard. Metal spat out the war vessels, shifting to ram one of the galleons, breaking the shaft of the boats as the oceans came to clean up the damage. However, upon the luck of the devil; Iblees allowed one to escape the grasp of Vilachia. It seems that the galleon that escaped did not even notice the corsairs, as if drunkards who were unaware of their surroundings, docking at the shores of Arcas. “Who let them go?”, questioned the Prince of Vilachia, sabre ramming into one of the spare boards nearby closest to the mast. The captain of the corsairs, Jukotor, stared onwards at the mighty Vilachian, both hands on the helm of the caravel, continuing to shift across the waves. “Your Highness, they focused too long on the galleon behind. Apologies, the other friggs from Arcas have returned though.” He continued onwards. “Do we set sail to collect the toll that is to be paid?”, inquiring towards the Prince of Vilachia. “Of course, good captain. These are our waters. One slipped by, we will not allow such.” The eyes of the Prince shifting out towards the horizon. “We will find them, and will make sure to get our toll. Though, let us double the toll -- no, let us make them pay ten times. Ten times, one for you, one for me, and the others for our ships.”, his sabre breaking through the board from before. “I understand, Your Highness. I understand.”, before shaking his hand against the helm yet again. “And what of the pretenders, Prince of Vilachia? They claimed your name, and your titles. The inbred and false Vilac. The Imperial Emperor denounced them, though the pretenders still owe the Emperor a hefty sum.”, the eyes of the Captain hitting the sails above -- staring proudly at the true banner of Vilac. “More drama already? I will thank the Emperor -- and we will pay these pretenders a visit. Though, that doesn’t matter for now.”, he gestured out towards the Captain. “Let us go, my good friend. Sail to the countries. Let us return once more.” And so, the sails of House Vilac rose higher than ever -- the clouds spared the sight of the corsairs, as ‘the Mother’ set sail. The other corsairs were held back, to continue collecting tolls until they returned. Eventually, after a couple days passed through their travels, one of the corsair friggs met the caravel mid-journey. Providing information on the ruberni-harbourers holding the escapees on sea -- the lineage of House de Bar it was! The Prince of Vilachia would smile the sun's smile, before mustering words. “Perhaps we finally found our toll.” To the Imperial Archchancellor, Simon Basrid KCS, It seems we have a common enemy in this matter: Rubern seems to be on your mark, for they are vagabonds and deserve to be thrusted upon. Yet, the coin lays in the palm of their hands, stolen from the ships in my steed. Though, I have yet to communicate to those of the imperial state, I see an opportunity to collude and converse. I will dock in the eastern reaches of your land, and we will arrive in your capital to talk. I hope you have a good day, Sir Simon Basrid. Let us not meet by the sword, but let us meet with a fine cup of your rhenyar-tea. Martius, The Prince of Vilachia, Duke of Krajia, Margrave of Styria, Lord of Vilacz Jukotor, Captain of ‘the Mother’
  5. The Prince of Vilachia smirks, penning a missive in return.
  6. this is a good man

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      you are going to make me blush!

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  7. Name: Lúmithil OOC USERNAME: Milenkhov Allegience: Aldemar Skill (low, medium, high): Low
  8. Ser Rodrik Kortrevich rolls his shoulders.
  9. I love this brother, always enjoyable to see your work on documents or the forums!
  10. Tor Eldari Sentinels Field Guide of the Aldemar Army Preamble: Malin’s Sentinels, or more colloquially the Pale Sentinels, were born out of the former auxiliary groups the Sons of Malin and the Avchirran ito Gladewynn. Long since renouncing their former style of cult governance, these two forces have long since coalesced to form one military -- the Sentinels, who like their hallowed forebears in Old Malinor safeguard Elven halls from harm. Table of contents: Section I: Basic Training & Introduction Section II: Oath of Service Section III: Customs and Courtesies Section IV: Rank Structure A depiction of Tor Eldar by Beckett Bren circa 1765 Section I: Basic Training & Introduction The Pale Sentinels, a force to be reckoned with -- one that has outmatched their kin and other mali-states across Arcas. In order to become one with the Pale Sentinels, rigorous training is put in place to achieve this goal -- to turn a fresh recruit with no combative, or minimal combative experience into a mighty warrior of Tor Eldar. At the beginning of the basic training, everyone is introduced to one of the Berun’ihnsil, a senior sentinel and a part of the officer corps of the Pale. The basic training begins with classes on rank structure, the ripe history of Tor Eldar and the culture and religion of the mighty Pale. After introductions are set, the lessons will continue on for seven elven days (7 days irl). In between the basic training, an exam will be put in place to test all people -- this is a written test and will be about the knowledge, rank structure, and test how much you know about your officers and who they are: for example, who is the Annilir? The answer would be: Lúmithil Laureh’onn. Furthermore, the basic training also consists of numerous tough, vigorous physical exams and activities that will require all Berun’llir to partake in. This will be: combat training, archery, horse riding, expeditions and training missions. Eventually, one of the Berun’ihnsil will act as the examiner who will -- at the end of the basic training -- score each and every Berun’llir and see if they can pass out or require to go through another week of basic training. At the end of basic training, the Berun’llir who pass-out will be required to take an Oath and will then be moved up to the: ‘Berun’diraar’ (Bronze Sentinel) rank. A Berun’llir doing his trials within the forests of Tor Eldar Section II: Oath of Service I, _________, do solemnly swear by the might of Malin and the venerable Warden of the Pale, that I will support the mantle of Mali and the Legacy of Malin against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear faith and allegiance to the same; that I will never falter in my duties and obligations as a Sentinel of Tor Eldar; that I will give my life in exchange for this unity and serenity; and that I will obey the orders of the Warden of the Pale and the Berun’ihnsil appointed to me in order to upbring justice in the name of Malin. I will continue to support Tor Eldar and the Empire as long as service is demanded of me and pledge my life to the cause of brotherhood, fraternity, and peace. A Berun’diraar on an expedition with his tamed beast. Section III: Customs and Courtesies Tor Eldar and the Sentinels of the Pale require a set amount of customs and common courtesy in order to invoke respect to the mali and others that work hard under the Warden of the Pale. In order for efficiency and graceful servitude -- with the utmost maturity and strict professionalism, numerous courtesies and customs are to be followed on duty as one that is a Sentinel, and outside of their duties in order to develop their character and show off the organization of the Sentinels. This is split between: the uniform address and the forms of address. Forms of Address: The ranks of the Pale Sentinels are set in place to dictate the hierarchy and order of our military. All sentinels are to address each other with the appropriate titles, and all require to show the same respect. It is considered an extreme offence to show signs of disrespect, insults or backtalk towards an officer or an inferior ranked sentinel. All individuals must adhere to the rank structure below. “Karin’ayla, Berun’ihnsil Alayris” is the appropriate way to address an officer when talking to one. “Karin’ayla, Alayris” is not appropriate, you must make sure to address an officer by their rank to show respect and represent their authority. Uniform Address: Uniforms will be provided for each rank. Each rank will be signified differently through the variation. This will not be explained in detail, upon joining the Sentinels and ranking up -- it will become more clear. A set guideline on uniform is made within our discord. A secret entrance to an Aldemari hideout within a mystical forest. Section IV: Rank Structure Below will entail the structure and ranks of the Pale Sentinels. Command: Berun’laurir [Bronze Lord] - Berun’laurir is the operational commander of the Sentinels, put in place by the Warden to deal with military duties and maintain the city’s defenses. The effective marshal of Aldemar. The Berun’laurir will usually publish information on the military, write the legislations and set up a council to conduct leadership duties in the Pale Sentinels. The Berun’laurir is seated in the Council of Tor Eldar and is able to voice his ideas to the Warden of the Pale in order to improve the military. This role is able to override commands from any other Berun’ihnsil and is toughest to have due to all the management required on top of leading in battles. Officer Core: Berun’ihnsil [Bronze Spear] - A senior officer responsible for overseeing the Berun’sil and Sentinels. They act as the council of commanders under the Berun’laurir, running training, doing exams, leading men in battles. Berun’ihnsil have full authority over the other sentinels and have the highest authority -- though below the Berun’laurir. Some of the Berun’inhsil work as advisors to the Bronze Lord, officer input and plans for the future. Rank & File: Berun’sil [Bronze Sword] - A senior Sentinel who is able to act as an interim officer when the Berun’ihnsil is absent. Berun'sil works as a second-in-command to an officer, and is one that aspires to join the officer corps in the future. Usually, the Berun’sil will help in training and offer small leadership advice to other sentinels below them. Berun’diraar [Bronze Sentinel] - The backbone of the military and its principal auxiliary members. Responsible for gate duty, enforcing taxes, and protecting all citizens from harm. The Berun’diraar are fully trained sentinels of the Pale, having gone through rigorous exams and expeditions in order to become a Bronze Sentinel. They are fully oathed in and have sworn loyalty to the Warden of the Pale and servitude to Tor Eldar. Berun’llir [Bronze Friend] - The Berun’llir consists of the new recruits and levies into the Tor Eldar sentinels. The few recruits who take their path into military life, torn apart, trained to the highest in order to become full-fledged Berun’diraar in the future after completing the basic training. Unlike their oathed-in comrades, they do not have the same powers: unable to do gate-duty, make arrests (unless if an emergency) and so on. Special Forces: Gladewynn Brigade [Immortals] - The greatest soldiers and guards and scholars from across the land can be recruited into the Immortals of the Amber Table, a group of Elvish Knights who have labored for years to defend tyrants, princes, and councilors of the ailing Dominion and Gladewynni regimes. Eventually, they took up their banner again under the scion of the Ithelanen Legacy - the Warden Lathadlen of the Pale - and were sworn into active duty. They now protect the Warden, Stewards, and Lords of the Pale at the behest of the Warden. Ir’waleh [Physician] - The ability to heal goes far in the military in terms of specialization. The Ir’waleh is a physician responsible for the well-being of all the men underneath the command of the Officer Core and the Sentinel Corps. Ailerir [Mages] - The Ailerir consists of master mages that have been recruited from all across the realm. Their job is to defend the Pale of Aldemar as both soldiers and against otherworldly threats. It is their job to ensure that any practitioners of the forbidden magics are punished accordingly. They ensure that the Pale Sentinels are well informed on magic related threats and act as magical advisors to the Officer Core. ((Contact Milenko#9658, Junar#4826, Valkist#7856 or Werew0lf#0506 if you would like to join the military!)) Username: (insert your MC name) Character name: (insert the name of your character) Age: (insert the age of your character) Race: (insert the race of your character) Are you a citizen of Tor Eldar?: (if you are not a citizen, contact one of the discords above) Discord: (insert your discord here) Penned by, Lúmithil Laureh’onn, Annilir, Berin’laurir and effective marshal of the Pale Alayris Enrique, Berun’ihnsil, Gladewyn Brigade
  11. Full Name: Heinrik Kortrevich Date of Birth: 1744 Place of Birth: Aeldin Race: Highlander Gender: Male Address [If not applicable; N/A]: Margraviate Korstadt Imperial Census Completed, [Y/N]: Yes https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/189457-imperial-census-1757-1767/ Status of Blood : Nobility State your purpose for enlisting: To bring honor to my family and kin OOC: Username: Milenkhov Discord: Milenko#9658
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