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  1. (OOC) Discord: m.#3309 IGN: Milenkhov (IC) Name: Lucien de Savoie Age: 11 Race: Human Nation: Savoy
  2. A horned creature observed from a darkened obelisk within the firelandic-waste. It seemed pleased at the sight before his serpentine-gaze.
  3. IGN: [Milenkhov] Dicord: [m#3309] Persona Name: [Lucien de Savoie] Persona Race: [Human] Persona Sex: [Yes] Persona Age: [11] Position: [Private]
  4. Why are you so based? Best and worst experiences? What motivates your roleplay and character types? Biggest in and out of the server inspiration for narrative / scenarios?
  5. I’m down bad milen

    1. Milenkhov


      same man, unironically

  6. Azhar Khan recalls riding his mount into battle, his axe raised as he cleaved through the flank of foes, allowing for swift escapade and much tactical prowess at the behest of his companions. His lungs quaked as the voice of the farfolk resounded within the fief of the Holy Oren. "Hoooggg Ridddaaaahh. . !" he barked to the skies, as the almighty creature he rode battered and bruised the denizens that seized the merry-band of the Ferrymen. The day had ended; another victory for the assortment of warriors who donned green-hues. He muttered something then, and had thoughts of his brother, Mohammad - an orenian Knight of much renown. "Astaghfirullah. . ." he croaked, departing to the Stone Tower as he deposited the vast riches and heirlooms acquired from the defeated troops in that uncanny, yet very remarkable skirmish that was conducted within the capital of the so called Empire. He concluded then, towards Diomé [@Orlanth] and the companions who had emerged victorious. "Was there ever any doubt. . ? it is rather simple, indubitably so. . ."
  7. Prince Lucien de Savoie supports his friend Prince Karl Barbanov.
  8. "Yes." said an unknown skygod after watching the remarkable formatting of his other skygod friend.
  9. The only thing we’re allowed to do is believe that we won’t regret the choice we made.

    1. Milenkhov


      he was the anti-hero all along, consume the blackpill

  10. A tyrant wrought of flame revels upon the tribulations that embrace the stagnant realm of the Silver-elves. Haelun'or was surely going to find terrible retribution in the upcoming days to come.
  11. O Allah! O our master! You are eternal life and everlasting peace by Your essence and attributes. The everlasting peace is from You and it returns to You. These words resounded at the behest of Sir Mohammad Hassan, decorating the realms and domains of man, elf and dwed alike. His companion of yore, bygone by the annals of time felt embellished by such. The exalted combatant grinned, raising his sword to the skies as words came from his parted lips. Astaghfirullah. Spaketh he Sir Richard 'Richie' Khan.
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