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  1. Markus Kruber wonders who Olivier de Sarkozy is - he then approaches Olivier Renault Ashford de Savoie and allows for him to see the missive.
  2. Beautiful imagery and read, looking forward to observe how the tales unfold in the upcoming weeks!
  3. "What a pious Koeng we have!" remarks Ser Antonius Vilac, a neophyte Marian-Knight.
  4. Ser Antonius donned a most pristine simper within his countenance, orbs of grey darted about the invitation as he conversed with his cousin Tytos 'the Drake', he gestured to specific parts and lofted a brow, this was certainly going to be a moment of auspice within the premises of Karosgrad. "Quite the news, we must make attendance and enjoy the festivities with the Margrave."
  5. IGN: Milenkhov Name: Antonius Martius Vilac Age: 17 Place of residency: Nikirala Prikaz (Knightly Quarters) Bank account balance: Thousands Hobbies: Dueling, attending events and feasts One interesting fact about yourself: Youngest Marian-Knight in Haense Why should Tatiana choose you?: Because I was totally not coerced to post my response to this post
  6. Ser Antonius hopes to be the champion of a particular party per request.
  7. Ser Antonius gazed upon the hearsay, the aforementioned knight bobbed his head whilst the tittle-tattle were to be beleagued by his companions in the crimson embrace. "Vy are renowned, it appears." @Valaryon
  8. A letter reaches Lady Antonina of Greyspine bearing the following information to engage in the hunt: Full name: Antonius Martius Vilac Age: 17 Are you willing to partake in the hunt? Yes ((IGN)): Milenkhov
  9. THE INQUISITORS DEPARTURE TO THE GREAT TITAN Father, wait for me. I shall only be gone for a few years. I will return with conspicuous jewels. I will return with enticing trinkets. I will be Inquisitor still, yet Eternal in the hearts of our kin no more. With fire and steel, blood and anger. Spread your wings, the Great Titan. The Inquisitor Eternal, Eluitholnear THE JOURNEY As came the yawning gulf of metaphysical peril, the Inquisitor Eternal sat idly in his
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