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  1. IGN: Milenkhov RP NAME: Antonius Antonius would do a certain dance in the prince's @Lionbileti chambers, preparing for the event.
  2. The noble Prince of Vilachia stared onwards at the hefty orenian congregation, steering his gaze towards the Lord Simon Pruvia with solemn features. “This fight will enervate us.” He muttered silently, flocking his rear side onto the saddle of his horse and swiftly turning away, watching as the orenian rally chased his persistent bait. As he routed the foolish criminals that attempted to entice the Lord Simon Pruvia without trial or proper conduct, and as he turned to face them with a smouldering gaze, the orenian-party was already half-way across the field, running away from the two men; they were outrallied, yet more fearless. Antonius remembered a certain Helane on that very moment, and images of the fallen Azdrazi monarch Oliver rushing them down with his brothers in-charge caused a silent prayer to be hushed. Upon returning to the site, he only noticed the scampering party hiding amongst their marble keep walls, likely out of fear and trepidation for the duo. “You have committed the most foulest and vile crime; the act of foreboding against almighty GOD — let it be penance that strikes you down. It was our great Lord Simon Pruvia that brought justice and serenity to the mantles and halls of the nation, and now he is to be attacked by a pack of rabid dogs of the state, without proper trial, nor the conduct to assert his innocence. Lest it be the justice of GOD that smites you down.” The Vilac turned heel, allowing for the fearful, shivering party to continue hiding in their decrepit walls. He was not as surprised, for a man on horse scared a dozen of orenian armed-soldiers.
  3. i wrote this btw he stole it from my google doc i have proof contact me on discord m.#3309 please mods take this down hes plagiarising me!!!
  4. *becomes a knight of Xan with @Werew0lf!!!
  5. Upon hearing the dire news, a Nephilim, rather acquainted with the Inquisitor far beyond companionship and creed had been found weeping. For this culminated the tale of two cousins turned brothers, two swords aligned with purpose, two champions that wrought demise to their opposing foes. Zahkriikyzer had been contemplating the future for days prior, yearning an escapade from the stagnant lifestyle that these humanoids lived, and once he had found solace in his thoughts the crumbling reality came knocking on his door. Such was the way of things, and no matter what he tried, no matter how many paid for what had been done to Eluitholnear; Ser Oliver Helane, there was nothing that Antonius could do to bring him back, a point of no return, a breaking point amidst their journey, his watch had ended, his flame had turned naught. After receiving the boons and words of courage assorted by this brother of his is that the neophyte Azdrazi ventured elsewhere, away from the amalgam of otherworldly beings and bureocracy, away from the duties and lashing of steel. He went alone like he had always had been, to be engulfed in this desolation of his. He sailed for the upcoming days, weeks and months even, retiring himself into the abyss of solitude that could only be fulfilled by his partner. What a terrible fate this was, for there was not a word or thought that could calm the raging frenzy within his mind, though a decision had been made; he would abandon his previous identity, for he was no more, if a pillar on their tale had crumbled then the story was long gone, thus Antonius and Zahkriikyzer was no more, a reminder of the cruel ending that stripped him of a portion of his desire to fight on, to live onward, to be free. A depiction remained tucked neatly within his garb; a reminder of their adventures and stories, such was the only remaining aspect that the once princeling would take upon his departure, his journey in loneliness.
  6. Antonius prepares to join the Ailred in the task of committing some tremendous feats related to acts of glorious tomfoolery and mischievous nature. "If I were of the opposing forces I would claim to smell some fear among us."
  7. does vape lite work on 1.16.5??? asking for a friend
  8. Antonius widens his eyes, for the document before his eyes was rather suspicious, it looked almost quite exactly like the previously posted by Maude, perhaps this other candidate was having a hard time developing unique and fresh out the oven manifestations. The Vilac laughed softly, going to shake his head and show the missive to his wife. "It is almost as if people are trying to copy your ways now, a trend-setter you are, no?" @clonky
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