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  1. Discord: Milenko#9658 Skin/s and bid/s (List separately if multiple): 1700s Male, 2k – Red Colonial, 3k – Blue Colonial 3k
  2. Adrian drinks Carrion Black as he watches the events transpire with intrigue, orbs darting between the crowd, his hand lightly gripping upon Wit’s End, just as he guarded the Emperor, he’d then mumble words to both Rylan and Stefan, not after enjoying a Wonderful Night in Selm.
  3. Adrian signs menacingly
  4. Milenkhov

    A Dragons Ire

    Antonius, patriarch of House Vilac, pledges his support to Radu in burning things, he certainly is fond of setting things on fire himself too.
  5. ((IGN)): Milenkhov Name: Adrian Age: 18 Affiliated Nation: Oren
  6. “Ah, it appears I was naught Knighted this time. Alas my time will be in the next announcement, I reckon it’d be – Ahh... if only I was a man that could be adressed as Sir. The thought of being a Knight just makes me feel so Knightly! Oh my dear brother, Joseph please... remember my name when you think of Knightly ordeals!” says Adrian the non Knighted lad.
  7. this is why nathan and me are eternal allies.
  8. Adrian prepares his finest garbs with anticipation.
  9. Young Adrian the Master of the Canals wonders if the ‘llor will invite him too... @Cracker
  10. “What is a GMBT” says young Adrian the Master of the Canals
  11. Otto Tuvyic thought this was for him and he was scared to face the Black Prince of Rubern
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