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  1. AVAILABLE POSITIONS IN THE ROYAL COURT OF HANSETI-RUSKA 344 ES GRAND LADY Vacant The Grand Lady of Hanseti-Ruska, is in charge of overseeing all palace affairs. They supervise the managing and hiring of servantry within the palace and communicate directly to the Head of Servantry. It is the Grand Lady’s duty to host events for the Royal family, including dinners as well as other palace-based events and gatherings. It is expected that they ensure proper culture and etiquette is upheld within the palace by all courtiers. HEAD OF SERVANTRY His Lordship, Ser Ruben Vasili Barclay The Head of Servantry works directly alongside the Grand Lady of the Royal Courts in ensuring the royal palace remains fully staffed. They are in charge of assisting in hiring and training all palace staff. This position also requires its holder to ensure all events held within the palace are properly staffed with plenty of food and drink available for guests. SECRETARY OF THE QUEEN Vacant The Secretary of the Queen is the head courier and assistant to the Queen. This position requires the highest ability in writing, since they assist in penning all missives and ideas crafted by the Queen and her council. These responsibilities include writing invitations, meeting notes and notices for any upcoming events. It is also expected that they uphold the proper etiquette and culture within the palace. CHAMBERLAIN Vacant The Chamberlain of Hanseti-Ruska is in charge of organizing events within the Kingdom. On occasion, this role works alongside the Grand Lady in planning events within the palace, but they are mostly supposed to work on events outside of the palace with the Maer. The Chamberlain also oversees the event administrators while taking charge of most of the larger scale events such as, festivals, tourneys, hunts, etc. It is their duty to ensure culture and proper etiquette is maintained within the city and palace. EVENT COLLABORATOR ~ The Event Collaborators work directly under the Chamberlain and assist them in planning events within the Kingdom. This position acts as a stepping stone for newer members of the Queen’s Council. They learn how to develop their skills in hosting and planning events. They typically are given smaller events to operate on their own while working alongside the Chamberlain and Grand Lady in organizing the larger events in the Kingdom. Other Available Positions Lady-in-Waiting Ward Governess Servantry Send a letter to Her Royal Majesty, Queen Isabel, if you are interested in filling one of the available positions at Court. SIGNED, HER ROYAL MAJESTY, Isabel Franziska Barbanov, Queen-Consort of Hanseti-Ruska
  2. The Festival of Prizreist Festival of Spirits Wzuvar and Byvca 342 ES As the days grow shorter, the wind gets brisker, and the night grows dimmer while the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska rakes in another generous harvest, Her Royal Majesty, Queen Isabel, and her council find it proper to celebrate the end of the harvesting season with a night of ghoulish frights and fun filled with various activities that will be available for the people of Haense to indulge in! Some of the main attractions at the festival shall include: Haunted Roller Coaster A haunted coaster shall be one of the many attractions at the festival, perfect for individuals of all ages. The coaster is not fit for the faint of heart, for the ride is befit with various spooks and hauntings! Corn Maze An extensive corn maze will be set up in the city of Reza, although beware of the frightening creatures that may lie within the thick brush of the maze. Costume Contest Attendees are greatly encouraged to appear at the festival adorning a costume if they wish to participate in the contest. Participants may dress up as their favorite historical figures, individuals from Haeseni mythologie, etc. The Queen shall judge the costumes and pick both a male and female winner! Pumpkin Carving In commemoration of the concluding harvest season a pumpkin carving contest shall be held during the festival. Each contestant will be provided with a pumpkin and have ten Saint’s minutes to carve a design of their choosing befitting the theme of the fair. After the time is up, the chosen winner will receive a medal and monetary prize! The Crow’s Hearth Tavern will also be advertising an exclusive menu for this event completed with apple cider, pumpkin pie, and other treats befitting the season of Bundarala along with more games inside the Tavern during the festivities! SIGNED, HER ROYAL MAJESTY, Isabel Franziska Barbanov, Queen-Consort of Hanseti-Ruska ((OOC)) Friday October 30th 4pm EST
  3. Queen Isabel gave the FIRST LADY SPEAKER of the JUMA a thumbs up, taking a mental note to provide a booster seat for the Lady Speaker before the next session.
  4. The Horse Race of New Reza Vzmey and Hynk 344 ES In celebration of the recent victory against the Inferi in Korvassa, a horse race hosted by Her Majesty, Queen Isabel, and her Queen’s council shall be held for the citizens of Hanseti-Ruska. Participants are invited to bring their own steed to compete in a race against their fellow Haeseni to show off their great riding abilities. The course shall begin at the gates of New Reza, going around Lake Milena, passing by Johnstown and following the road up to the Duchy of Valwyck where a finish line will be clearly marked outside of Valdstadt Castle. Members of the Queen’s council will be stationed along the course to ensure all participants are properly following the road. The Prizes 1st - Three thousand minas 2nd - Two thousand minas 3rd - One thousand minas May the best rider win! SIGNED, HER ROYAL MAJESTY, Isabel of Valwyck, Queen-Consort of Hanseti-Ruska HER LADYSHIP, Rozalina Erika Baruch ((OOC)) Wednesday October 28th 4pm EST
  5. A painting of the Princess Juliya Barbanov by Lake Milena The Lady Hauchmetvas of Prinzenas Juliya Barbanov Themed for the Sunset and the Sea Jula and Piov 342 ES A Lady Hauchmetvas, or debutante in common, shall be held at the Ekaterinburg Palace to celebrate Prinzenas Juliya Barbanov’s 16th name day, the youngest daughter of the late Koeng Sigismund II and Koenas Viktoria of Metterden. This occasion is to commemorate her ascent from adolescence to adulthood. Suitors are welcome to introduce themselves and offer gifts to the young Prinzenas during the festivities. The decor for the ball is centered around the Prinzenas’z greatest passion, the sea. All attendees are encouraged to dress in shades of blue, white, green, and other colors that relate to the theme. There will be a costume contest judged by Prinzenas Juliya herself at the end of the ball with a prize for the winner. TOURNAMENT A tournament shall be held after the ball, per the Prinzenas’z request, with events that follow along with the ball’s theme of the sea. Suitors and other attendees are welcome to compete in the tournament for prizes. Boat Race To start off the tournament there will be a boat race that will begin in Lake Milena. Participants will row down the lake, looping under a bridge near Chatnik, then return back to the start point. The winner will earn a monetary prize! Fishing Competition The second event will be a fishing competition, participants will line up on the docks outside of Reza and catch as many fish as possible within the allotted time. Each different kind of fish will be worth a specific number of points. After the tournament all fish will be released back into the lake unharmed. SIGNED, HER ROYAL MAJESTY, Isabel Franziska Barbanov, Queen-Consort of Hanseti-Ruska HER ROYAL MAJESTY, Viktoria Sofiya Barbanov, Queen Mother of Hanseti-Ruska, And Aulic Envoy ((OOC)) Ball: Thursday October 22nd 4pm EST Tournament: Thursday October 22nd 6pm EST
  6. Hey.... I did contribute with my cheerleading ;(
  7. ((MCname)): Doggedwasupxxx Name: Fredrick ludovar Age: old Are you a citizen of Haense?: yes Are you a knight of Haense?: yes Which event do you desire to compete in (Joust, Fisticuffs, Archery)?: fisticuffs (did this for Dogged)
  8. Isabel gave a thumbs up from her wheelchair!
  9. THE CROW’S INDEPENDENCE REVELRY In Celebration of the independent Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska 13th of Msitza and Dargund, 339 ES “We come as Crows” Long Live King Josef I, and the Dual Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska! It is with immense jubilation and pride that we celebrate the official independence of the Kingdom of Haense. This historical moment in our grand nation’s history is declared a national holiday among our countrymen, dated as the 11th of the Amber Cold, 1786. In recognition of this momentous occasion, we declare a great state revelry to be held within our capital of New Reza, to ring in the bright future of our free and thriving nation. Hosted within the Crows Hearth Tavern, free drinks will be distributed to all in attendance, the costs covered and to be paid for by the Marnan Foundation in honor of this culturally-significant event. The revelry will be started with speeches given by those in our kingdom’s highest offices: Their Majesties, King Josef I and the Queen-Consort Isabel, the Queen-Mother Viktoria, the Lord Palatine Konstantin Wick, and the renowned Lukas Rakoczy. Toasts to the health of the kingdom and to the future of our people will be allowed throughout the evening. A raffle will also be coordinated, entrants being eligible throughout the evening to win grand prizes in the spirit of true celebration. To break from the usual formal theme of these occasions, we instead treat you all to a night of drunkenness, frolicking, and delight as you take part in food and drink, festive table games, and exuberant merriment among friends and kin. Let the lands of Arcas hear the crows calling from our roost, as we show our pride and intent for a stronger future! KRUSAE ZWY KONGZEM Signed, HER ROYAL MAJESTY, Isabel Franziska Barbanov, Queen-Consort of Hanseti-Ruska HER LADYSHIP, Henriette Marna de Rafal, Secretary to the Queen OOC Information Where: The Crows Hearth Tavern, New Reza, Kingdom of Haense When: Friday, September 25th, @ 4pm EST
  10. Queen Isabel raised her mug of Carrion Black in celebration of the treaty and the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska’s independence, “Shall this be a golden age for Haense! Krusae Zwy Kongzem!”
  11. “We never have too many people aidin’ in further spreadin’ our culture, or providin’ events to bring the Haeseni people closer together. There is always room for improvement.” Commented the young Queen Isabel as she read over the notice sent to her by her Secretary.
  12. THE QUEEN’S COUNCIL & COURT The Haeseni Ward Initiative Grona and Droba 339 ES [!] Henriette Marna de Rafal with two young royal wards, teaching them about courtly manners, circa 1785. Interlude The purpose of the Haeseni Ward Initiative is to build a stronger bond between Crown and its people, with the hopes that such connections will create a brighter future for the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. It is the desire of the Queen’s Council and Her Majesty, the Queen-Consort Isabel Barbanov, to offer the opportunity of heightened education and courtly exposure to the youth of Hanseti-Ruska. Raised in the halls where statecraft and politics are performed, the position of one’s son or daughter within the palace will ensure the child blossoms into a well-rounded citizen and peer of Haense. The qualifications for a position as a royal ward will be: Must be at least 8 years of age. For Queen’s Ward, must be the eldest or second son/daughter of a landed peer. For Page or Lady-In-Waiting, must be the son or daughter of any standing. Must be capable of basic reading and writing. Types of Wards The establishment of this initiative will outline the three different and unique opportunities afforded to the children of Haense, each role providing different skills and objectives that the youth can learn from and then use long into their adulthood. These positions will include: The Queen’s Ward - A daughter from amongst His Majesty’s own peers, intended to be kept between the eldest daughter or second daughter, to serve the Queen-Consort of Haense as her own personal lady-in-waiting and ward. She will pay witness to court administration, public projects, charitable excursions and donations, and outreach to the people. At the end of the Ward’s formal education, the Queen-Consort of Hanseti & Ruska may choose to allow the young maiden a position upon the Queen’s Council, or assist in arranging a betrothal to ensure the young maiden’s successful future. Pages - A son from amongst the people of Hanseti-Ruska, to serve in the Haeseni court as a page and secondary ward. Allowed to be educated by the various ranking members of both the Royal Cabinet and the Queen’s Council, a page will have a mentor chosen for him depending upon his personal interests. At the end of the page’s formal education, the mentor of the page may choose to present the young man with a letter of recommendation that he might use for any future position the ward desires to present himself for or a position on the Queen’s Council if he desires. Ladies-in-Waiting - A daughter from amongst the people of Hanseti-Ruska, to serve in the Haeseni court as a lady-in-waiting and secondary ward. Allowed to be educated by the various ranking members of both the Royal Cabinet and the Queen’s Council, a lady-in-waiting will have a mentor chosen for her depending upon her personal interests. At the end of the lady-in-waiting’s formal education, the Queen-Consort of Hanseti & Ruska may choose to permit the young lady to remain at court in a position upon the Queen’s Council, or assistance in arranging her a substantial betrothal should she desire it. HER ROYAL MAJESTY, Isabel Franziska Barbanov, Queen-Consort of Hanseti-Ruska HER LADYSHIP, Henriette Marna de Rafal, Secretary to the Queen
  13. Isabel Baruch gave a thumbs up! “Another wonderful event planned by the Grand Lady! Well done”
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