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  1. The Funeral of Koenas Mariya Gronna and Droba 368 ES Va ve Edlervik, It comes with a heavy heart to announce that on the Gronna and Droba of 368 ES, Her Royal Majesty, Queen Mariya of Aurevlt was unfortunately murdered within the King’s office in the Nikirala Prikaz. The Kingdom is forever thankful for her service as Queen-Consort of Hanseti-Ruska. The people and allies of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska are welcomed to attend a service that shall be held on the Tov and Yermey of 368 ES in the city square to honor and mourn the premature
  2. The Queen Mother reads over the missive with an approving nod, "I wouldn' have expected anythin' less from the Knight Paramount. It takes a courageous and noble man t' acknowledge his wrongdoin's"
  3. Sofiya Baruch welcomes her second eldest son into the seven skies with saddened look upon his visage, "You did well, Matyas." She'd mutter to him as he beckoned him to join his father, sister, and the rest of their family.
  4. POSITIONS IN THE OFFICE OF THE JUSTICAR Zakisk ve Jura i ve Kongzem Wzuvar and Byvca 367 ES Penned by: Royal Detective, Tatiana vas Ruthern. With the current influx of misdeed within the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, the office of the High Justicar firstly wishes to promise the Haeseni people that the culprits behind of both the recent bombing in the city square and the fire within the throne room of the Nikirala Prikaz will be found and prosecuted swiftly. The office is additionally in search of more bright individuals to serve as Royal Det
  5. Name: Tatiana vas Ruthern Age: 12 User: 101juliana101
  6. INVESTIGATION NOTES OF DET. TATIANA RUTHERN Joma and Umund 367 ES Va ve Edlervik, I, Royal Detective, Tatiana vas Ruthern, wish to report my findings after the recent explosion in the square. Through my expert investigation I have discovered a straw of hay within the bomb rubble and began comparing it to the other bales of hay in Karosgrad. I came across my first suspect, “Jan Oto Kortreevich,” who seemed very suspicious since I walked up to him. I began my thorough questioning to which I asked if he owned the piece of hay I found within the rubble. His respons
  7. Isabel gives a thumbs up to Matthew after their most recent transaction!
  8. The queen mother bursted into a fit of laughter as she saw her brothers name plastered across the newest edition of hearsay, "just be thankful they didn't bring up the goats, matyas"
  9. The Queen Mother of Haense is looking forward to seeing her halfling friends at the Independence celebrations!!
  10. The Queen Mother stood within the Duma hall as a courier delivered her the newest edition of Hearsay, "Mrs. Promiscuity... I'd say it has a nice ring t' it."
  11. Queen Mother Isabel read over the missive with a wide smile upon her visage, recalling the day Haense was given their independence. She recalled men and women running out into the streets cheering as her late husband rode back from the meeting. Never had she seen the Kingdom so united and so joyous.
  12. The Queen Mother sat in her chambers reading over the missive with an amused grin on her visage, "Now this is good.. but I wouldn't expect anything less from a house with lady Rosalind."
  13. The Queen Mother read over the paper the other women were gossiping about around the Nikirala Prikaz, promptly scoffing before crumpling the parchment up and tossing it into the fireplace.
  14. Tatiana vas Ruthern finally bathes to celebrate her papej becoming Palatine!
  15. The Reznian Games of 363 Vzmey and Hynk 363 ES The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska invites the most valiant competitors across the continent of Almaris to compete in the second ever Reznian Games hosted in the City of Karosgrad. Each nation is asked to provide a team of exceptional athletes to represent their people and participate in the tournament. Following the activities there will be a medal ceremony awarding the winning members of each nation with first, second, and third place medals. The nation with the most medals at the end of the tournament will be named the victor of the 36
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