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  1. Lukas Castile laughs with Alex and Owyn, slapping Alex’s back, “Big strong man!”
  2. Okay but what about the new raid caps that nearly everyone voted in favor for? When's that gonna start?
  3. Lukas Castile laughs with Alexander de Joannes, slapping the back of Alexander.
  4. Lukas Castile laughs as he watches Holy Ser Owyn de Joannes the Gallant, Most Resilient Protector of the Augustine, Champion of Southbridge, Champion of Anthosian Fair, Guardian of Sedan, Rescuer of Princesses and Contester of Boars, send the letter off to be read by the cowardly Robert Novellen.
  5. Yeah, wished there was admin or mod responses on this to give input lol
  6. I forgot about the effects because no one pvps on live ever, even during trainings because its a waste of gear. Overall, I appreciate your thorough response, I like hearing from goons like you and Louis who are good at 1.9 because most of the responses from the people who are in favor of 1.8 is because they aren't very good at 1.9 yet, so it was hard to take their responses seriously when most of them are "1.8 click fast = 1.8 good". The only issue that I think 1.9 will have is during warclaims when everything is a slideshow, unless that is fixed.
  7. I think this would be a good median fix to at least get me to stop complaining occasionally about 1.9. The issue I think that most people are having is that fact that you get someone really low and you can’t finish them because bows do like less than one heart of damage (exaggeration a bit, but you get the point). This causes kiting to lose its skill because anyone with more than two brain cells can now run from a fight when they are below 20 health, eat when they are six blocks away from you, and regen like five health because of sat, doesn’t matter how many times you crit them. Yeah,
  8. And this was the point that I was trying to make with this post, Surge pvp just feels tedious and grindy, at least with 1.8 it was not like that at all, and I feel like why I and many others would rather go back to 1.8 pvp
  9. I somewhat agree. I don't necessarily hate 1.9, its just I feel its much more boring in group fights. I'm not brain dead I know how to crit jump and I have the timing down, I just feel that maybe the 40 health is a bit overkill with how little damage projectiles do right now. I suppose fights won't last as long as long as projectiles do more damage in the future.
  10. Exactly, now pvp has just come down to who can land more crit hits. I don't really care if things ever go back to 1.8 combat, but I for sure know that if 1.9 combat and Vortex stays as it is and there are not some major changes to it, people are gonna be pissed Yeah, idk why they even switched to 1.9 in the first place
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