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  1. aiden0023


    idk, who are you?
  2. aiden0023


    I’m back I guess, cue the “idc’s” in the comments.
  3. I’m back I guess



  4. Any song by Super Whatevr is good. Also, if you’re more into underground punk or something like that Pennywise, Sum 41, and Rise Against are all good go-to’s.
  5. The Serial Toilet Plugger approves this message 👍
  6. “Lorraine is big gay,” Spouted out The Serial Toilet Plugger.
  7. The Seal of the Sedan Watch Founded the 10th of Owyn’s Light, 1729 The Sedan Watch is the official military of the County of Sedan. The Watch was founded by the current Marshal, Arthur de Castile. The Sedan Wa\tch is tasked with protecting the citizens of Sedan, whether it be from bandits, civil unrest or enforcing the laws of the Barony. Ranks [High Command] Marshal The Marshal is the highest ranked member of the Sedan Watch. Appointed by the Baron himself, the Marshal embodies all the attributes a good leader. He is a distinguished soldier, having participated in many wars, loyally serving the Baron. He is a leader capable of commanding an entire army. In the State Army, his word is law, only being undermined by the Baron’s authority. Upon his death, the Baron may choose a new Marshal from the High Command. Current Marshal: Arthur de Castile @aiden0023 Captain The Captain are the High Officers of the Army, personally selected by the Marshal to serve. They appoint and promote officers, as well as lead their forces to battle. They are also the only officers who can command if necessary troops of other Sergeants or Lieutenants. In the absence of a Marshal, one of the Commanders will lead the entire army into battle. They are capable fighters and leaders, advising the Marshal in matters of grave importance. Current Captain: Isaak de Castile @Blake0205 Lieutenant The Lieutenants are the Officers inside the Army. Selected by each Captain, they are soldiers who have shown aptitude in both leading and fighting. They are capable squad leaders, leading both recruits to show them how to work as a team. Current Lieutenant(s): Cedric Callum @PoochieMoo [Low Command] Ensign The Ensign is a supremely skilled noncommissioned officer, who is well known and respected. These soldiers only respond to High Command, the Ensigns are often charged with the organization of rations, arms and armor within the State Army. Sergeant Sergeants are skillful soldiers who have shown promise to be good leaders. They become the assistants of Captains, helping them run trainings, suggest promotions, monitor members and take up squads in missions. With time and practice, these Sergeants may one day become Captains themselves. [Enlisted] Man-at-Arms These are warriors who have spent years in the army, proving time and time again their skill and loyalty. They are capable warriors. They are an example to follow for the recruits. Footman Footmen are warriors who serve as basic infantry in armies of the human nations. Comprising the bulk of the Watch. They are attuned to formation fighting, and coordinate their attacks. They are capable of bringing down well-armored opponents if in a group. Private The Private is basic rank for fresh enlistees in the Watch. They usually have little experience and thus are treated harshly to improve their skills and to validate their loyalty. [Specialized Ranks] Quartermaster The Quartermaster is a major part of the watch's efficiency and power in and outside of war, the rank of Quartermaster is normally assigned to a veteran non commissioned officer or officer who has a skill in laboring. They are responsible for the administering of the barracks, laying out the war camps and looking after the essential supplies. Disciplinarian The duty of the Disciplinarian is to ensure all soldiers in the watch are kept in place and act accordingly to the precedents set before them. Normally, these men are the ones who would lead drills, form lines and deal out a proper punishment to soldiers who need it. Medic The duty of the Medic is to tend to the medical needs of men of the Sedan Watch. These Medics are expected to tend to soldiers both on the field and back in the Barony. Application Character Name: Age: Any Past Military Experience?: Speciality Rank (Optional):
  8. Exactly, there is just overall too much whining from everyone on how **** doesn’t go their way.
  9. Bring back normal raids. Really, there is nothing wrong with banditry, but I may be a little biased I guess. Even though this is a roleplay server, 9/10 people do not want to sit for two hours typing to each other in CRP when you can PVP, which takes less than ten minutes when there are no problems. The conflict rules in general need to be revised in my opinion.
  10. bruh this post is still going somehow 7/10 I guess
  11. aiden0023

    The Response

    Honestly retarded that you got an indefinite conflict blacklist. I was on the defending side and there wasn’t anything that the attackers did that broke any of the rules. On the note of getting your blacklist removed, good luck with that lol. Free TrendE.
  12. Zaor Toroth gives a thumbs up as he stood by James and John while they signed.
  13. “Hey, isn’t this the same people who complained about there small bridge being destroyed?” Zaor Toroth asked himself.
  14. aiden0023

    Conflict & War FAQ

    Agreed, wars are already as complicated as they are
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