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  1. When will you admit that I, LotsOfMuffin am the son of you and ThaMuffinsMan? Also; When will you let go of the CT Farm Fiasco Finally; favorite type of chip.
  2. AlaSol

    Headshot Sale!

    Vewy Intwesting I will msg u soon my good man
  3. Application: Name: LotsOfMuffin Gender Identity: Apache Attack Helicopter How much anime do you watch: Not enough lol x3 uwu Are you an epic gamer: I am bepic gamer owo Please write a 3 paragraph essay explaining why you are a disappointment to your parents: Ur mom gae n my dad grey What mental maturity do you possess? (Hint: Too much mental maturity = application denied 🙂 ) UwU Pounces on u, Nuzzles softly Owo
  4. AlaSol

    The PitStop.

    Well hi there ladies n’ gents, it’s me, IronPen. So, you’re all probably wondering where has the PitStop gone? Well to you, I say fret not. For I have come bearing an answer for this question. As some of you may remember, I spent a total of 3 weeks in a hospital, and while I could go into details, I won’t, as it’s pretty much just a sobstory and you didn’t come here for that. SO! The PitStop! Well, if you’ve been to the CT Mines, you’ll have noticed that ;O! The PitStop vanished! As it appears the sign has been re-routed to a new mining location, one that can be continuosly refilled and fulfill the communities requirements in regards to resources like Iron and coal. Sadly, this means that... Until further notice, our PitStop is closed. I’m sorry, I really am, this came out of nowhere and frankly I should have dressed it sooner, but it appears that the PitStop won’t be returning. I’d like to thank every single person who posted a review. It made my day when I was refilling the PitStop to read new reviews and words of encouragement, or the silly shitposts that some people would place. It motivated me to keep on doing what I was doing, as I felt that there were people who were appreciating it. It was a silly idea, and from the moment it started I always had a sneaking suspicion that someone with a bad sense of humor would come and destroy it all, but watching as people came and left, respecting the items and only taking what they needed (Albeit, with a few exceptions) and not damaging the place was simply amazing. And I want you all to know, whether it was the hours i spent grinding wood for charcoal, or mining cobble for pickaxes, I can say that I 100% enjoyed every moment of it. So thank you, for visiting my Lil’ PitStop. And I hope that one day, sometime soon, I might find a newer, better way to help contribute to the Community. Since this post is getting too emotional (For me at least, because I sure as hell am gonna miss that thing) I’m going to go ahead and finish it off. Bye for now! -IronPen
  5. Korvic, I just wana say: You all are amazing, and I have faith this issue will be solved ❤️
  6. Hi there! It’s IronPen once again, and I have some sad, but happy! News. So. This Christmas break I will be flying to Thailand for extensive medical treatments and rehab so I can avoid spinal surgery. Due to this... I won’t be able to fill the Mining PitStop chests nor the CT Farm chests for awhile. (3-5 weeks depending on how I respond to treatments.) I’ll be missing my birthday and Christmas for this, but I’m trying to stay positive and keep on keepin’ on! Don’t worry though! I won’t be gone, I’ll be on from time to time trying to rp to pass the time, although i’ll be on at odd hours as i’ll be in an entirely different timezone. BUT! Don’t fret my friends, for there is good news as well. I’ve spent the majority of last weekend grinding away at the resource pits for a very... special surprise. I’ll be refilling the PitStop and Farm one final time... only this time it’s a MEGA REFILL! In the Mining Pitstop we have: x1 double chest FILLED with IRON pickaxes x1 double chest FILLED with Torches x1 chest FILLED with bread xALL FURNACES FILLED WITH 64 CHARCOAL xEach slot in the food chest having 17 pieces of bread. In the CT Farms we have: x1 3 chests filled with iron hoes! (The chests at the top labled hoes, bonemeal and bread.) x1 double chest FILLED with stacks of BONE BLOCKS (Not bonemeal, bone BLOCKS. Each worth 9 bonemeal each.) Again, I’d like to apologize for my absence and hopefully this will somewhat make up for it. Merry Christmas! -IronPen
  7. Hi there! It’s me, IronPen, and I’m here to tell you all about an issue that’s recently come up on the server. Namely; the recent lock of the Cloud Temple Farm. If you don’t know this; around 2-3 days ago; the farm was put under a lock to where players can no longer break blocks inside the farm. This is opposed to when previously; players were given free reign over that small parcel of land having the permissions to break and place blocks. This is an issue; because by taking away the ability to break blocks, the ability to farm wheat without a hoe on hand has also been taken away. I’m here to day to try and show you all why the farm needs to be given BACK to the players, so we can continue to use it as we did before. To start off; here are the new issues that players are having to face because of the farms lock-down. As stated previously; we can no longer break wheat without using a hoe, this is an issue as most people tend to not carry hoes on them to make way for space for more useful tools. The options for gathering wheat now is to either buy a WOOD hoe for 10 minas, or make your own by going to the resource pits. Firstly; a wood hoe for 10 minas is an incredibly steep price, especially to newer players who are still having a tough time accumulating minas. The average person makes around 120-140 minas a day by using votes, asking them to spend 10 minas one a single wood hoe is simply absurd. This isn’t to mention the durability of the wood hoe is around enough to farm a half-stack of bread AT LEAST per hoe, which isn’t alot, especially considering how quickly players can burn through food. Of course, one could always make the argument that the price is justified on account of the nature of the hoe that people are buying; since it has a special name and a colorful description it’s 100% worth it’s price! However, it’s easy to point out the fact that this hoe is meant for use on farming, meaning its description and title are completely useless on account of its purpose. If it was meant for RP, sure! It would be worth it. But it’s not. It’s a tool, and that tool is very expensive for its quality and quantity. Another argument is that people can always go to the resource pits and mine wood to make hoes. Although this claim does have some merits, it still falls short if you try and think it through. Every time a player wants to use the farm, they’ll have to walk all the way to the resource pits, mine the wood (Most likely with their fist), craft the hoe, and then walk all the way back to the farm. This can become extremely annoying for players and time consuming, especially when not long ago, they could just break some wheat and be done with it. You might think that players could always use their nations farmland, but some players prefer to stay separated from nations and act like nomads, while other nations may not have their farmlands accessable to all players. New players don’t have nations to begin with, with the CT Farming area being the only place they can work in. All of this is also pointless if the player is new to the server. Some new players may not know that using a hoe to farm wheat is a thing, as the information given to you when you start the game can really vary. Some players may not know where the resource pits are, and may think they’re forced to buy a hoe. All of these issues could be avoided if; we were given access back to the farm. I recently had a discussion with LotsOfMuffins (Shoutout to her for being so easy to talk to and overall being very communicable) in which she told me that the farm had been locked down due to a few players continuing to build on the farmland even though she had given them explicit instructions not to do so. The players had originally started building in attempt to renovate the farm’s center which had basic supplies like chests and crafting tables and make it look more official. Of course, more people decided to join in and eventually things got out of hand. Although Muffins had merit in her actions, I’d like to point out that throughout all the time that the farm had been unlocked, this was one of the few times at all people had ever decided to do more than just farm on it. And also; as said before; the efforts originally started to HELP the farm, not try and destroy it. Overall; I’d like to end it with this. The farm was a bond of trust between the staff, and the playerbase. It showed how we were trusted with this small parcel of land in a staff controlled area. It was also a symbol of trust between the playerbase itself. It was open for everyone to destroy, yet nobody destroyed it. Nobody griefed it, and people never forgot to replant. This whole problem started because a few players wanted to help even more by making the farm even better, taking the time that they could’ve spent RPing and directing it towards a communial project. By taking this away so nonchalontly, without even an announcement or message... it’s frustrating. Especially to the people who use the farm so very often. The Cloud Temple Community farm isn’t just A Farm, it’s The Farm. It’s Our farm. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and please feel free to give me your thoughts. Should we unlock the farm? Should we just lower the price of the hoes? Or is it better now that it’s been locked away? Have a good day/night wherever you are! - IronPen
  8. Hi-de-ho there friends! It’s me, Ironpen! Back at it again with another update on the CT Farm! If you don’t know me, quick update, I’m the guy who puts bone meal and stone hoes in the chests in the CT Farm! So, if you haven’t visited the Cloud Temple farm recently, you’ll be... not pleased to hear that the permissions have been locked off! Meaning we can no longer break or place blocks within the farming area, even the wheat! With the only way for you to actually farm the wheat is: Buy a 19 Mina wood hoe from a store which is supposed to be 10. Head all the way to the resource pits, and either mine some wood or stone to create a hoe Don’t farm. Also; because of the farm being locked off; the ice that’s been placed is starting to kill the crops, meaning the only way you can grow crops is by using the bonemeal. I may be wrong about this, but judging by the fact that nothing’s growing and the dirt has gone from dark brown to light brown seems to prove my suspicions. So... seeing as the farm has quite literally been locked away from players, it still doesn’t change my job: HOWEVER, the person who was making the “Cloud Temple Farm 2.0” decided to take the original double chest of bonemeal, and replace it with a single chest. This is a problem, as a single chest can’t compensate for the player base’s needs. Bonemeal is burnt through pretty quickly, and usually whenever I’d stop to do my daily refills, the entire chest had been cleared out by then. Because of this; I’ve decided to start refilling the double chest BELOW the single chest labeled bonemeal, as it’s the only double chest in the farming area. So next time; whenever you see the message that says that the CT Farming equipment has been refilled but can’t find the bonemeal, remember that it’s the double chest UNDER the chest labeled “Bonemeal” Not the bonemeal chest itself. The chest labeled “hoes” will still be filled with stone hoes as per usual, but again; the chest labeled “Bonemeal” will NOT. I’m going to try and bring this up at the community meeting; but hopefully this will all be sorted out soon enough! 😄 Mining PitStop Update: I’d like to remind you all that the PitStop is a community area; meaning that locking the furnaces or chests is a no-go. This update is specifically for the person/peoples who decided it’d be okay to lock the two corner furnaces without saying anything. I’m going to try and work on getting them unlocked in the meantime. P.S – I have a surprise for you all! An early Christmas present which will be coming in 3 days time. So stay tuned!!! Have a great day/night wherever you are! Goodbye! Edit: The ice is either melting or being removed in the CT Farm; so now the crops can grow again 😄
  9. IGN (MC Username): IronPen Discord: Tsim#1832 Likes: Trinkets, cogs, puzzles, mystery, books, MAGIC books :0, Magic, cool weapons, etc. Dislikes: Single use items (stuff like food, etc.), trash, and of course, spiders.
  10. Elric Reed, after hearing rumors of mountains of fish all ready for the taking, smiles, preparing himself for some day old sashimi.
  11. Hi there! IronPen here, with a message for someone who left a locked chest in the Mining PitStop today (11/2/2019) Today, as I was going about my business refilling the CT PitStop and whatnot, I found a locked single chest that had been placed on top of the crafting table in the CT Mining PitStop. Through a successful modreq, I was able to get the chest removed as it’s placement and presence may have caused patrons to feel discomfort whilst they were going about their businesses. However, inside the chest there were 2 items, both of which may hold extreme value to the original owner of said items, (Which is why I’m posting this forum post) Items are as follows: x1 An original copy of the written book Princess Returns by Arnold Aldin. x1 Egg x1 Wooden chests which both items were placed in. If you have any knowledge of these items owner or if you are the owner of said items, contact me via private messaging by doing /msg IronPen , or, use my discord if I am offline (Tsim#1832) And also, just as a PSA, please don’t put your items inside of chests in the Mining PitStop, they’re likely to be removed/taken and overall it’s not a good place to put them. Thanks, and have a great day! Owner of materials has been found! Yayy!!!
  12. I might not have been clear; I can’t make iron tools to restock my chests, but I need iron tools to HARVEST the materials needed to stock those chests. I usually go through 2 iron pickaxes gathering enough Bonemeal and cobblestone to make the stone tools and refill the bonemeal chest. If I could afford to stock the chests with Iron tools awesome!! But I can’t afford to give myself iron tools as is.
  13. Heyo Hiyo guyos! It’s me, IronPen, back at it again, with a few updates about my little project of refilling the CT Mines with mining equipment and the CT Farms with farming equipment (For more info, just check my previous posts since I rarely post anything else.) This will be in a list style on account of me having multiple things to tell you all, as well as a few small questions I have if that’s alright with you all. NUMBER ONE! If you haven’t noticed already, I’ve hidden 16 different signs, each with a unique message throughout the CT Mines. Each message will have the signs number, a little message, and my signature. If you find all of them, you get a special cookie! If one of them has been broken, that’s fine, you’ll still get a cookie if you ask :). Bear in mind they aren’t FAR in the mines I kept them relatively close to the entrance as it is DANGEROUS in those mines. So Many falls... NUMBER TWO! Check out the Mining PitStop when you have a chance! Not just for the free food and mining equipment, but for the reviews! It fills me with so much joy to see so many people have entered the PitStop and used it, without deciding to steal everything or break it down for spare parts. NUMBER THREE! 🙂 NUMBER FOUR! I’d like to apologize for not refilling the chests last weekend. I had almost crushed my leg and as such I was in a little bit of shock and pain due to me still taking damage from the sheer pressure that was put on my leg. I decided to take a break, and I apologize for not refilling them. It shouldn’t happen again. NUMBER FIVE! I uh... I have a favor to ask. Y’see, I’ve been running out of materials to make the tools necessary to gather resources to refill the PitStop and CT Farming tools chests. I can do with stone tools, it’s just that it takes too much time and the task becomes menial and unrelenting, making it a chore rather than an activity. As such, I was wondering if anyone here knew a good place to buy diamonds or iron that isn’t too expensive. I have savings of around 1000 minas but I’m trying to save up to get a new skin change. And if you’re ever 1 iron extra or you find a spare diamond lying around that you don’t know what to do with, it would really help if you put it in the donations chest in the Mining PitStop. NUMBER SIX! If you haven’t seen already, a kind soul has placed signs indicating which chests are the hoe chest and bone meal chest in the CT Farm, they look really pretty so check them out if you’re bored! NUMBER SEVEN! If you can remember or look back far enough in the post history in OOC, I asked a question about something you’d like to RP, but you’re 99% sure it’d be rejected/doesn’t fit in with pre-set lore. After much consideration and idea stirring, I’ve decided that I’m going to try and flesh out the idea and submit it, even though it’s 99% likely to be rejected. I’d like to ask someone who’s more experienced with the lore/state of the world as is to please shoot me a DM if you’re interested in helping me create the application as I’m really clueless as to what I’m even doing. Plus I think it’d be fun to do it with someone else, bounce ideas back and forth and whatnot. (the idea itself can be found in the start of the post which can be found in my post history ;D) Boom! That’s the end of the update. Sorry for cramming all this stuff in but I’ve been waiting to say my piece for a bit now and figured it’d be best to do this all at once. Anywho; thanks for reading this! And have a lovely day/night wherever the heckles you are. 😄
  14. The question is in the title; Have you ever wanted to RP something but you know that it’d be denied for being to Powerful, or too outlandish, or you just don’t really know how to get it approved? For example: Maybe you wanted to RP a special magic that you saw in a popular TV Show, but know that it’s too powerful and would be denied instantly if you tried to get it approved, or you’re too scared to try AND get it approved due to the massive implications it would have. If you have something like this or similar to this; post it down below! I’d love to hear what cool or strange magics or weapons you wish you could bring into the RP, but know you can’t. I’ll go ahead and start us off! One thing i’d love to RP would be the abilities of a time lord. A time lord is a fictional alien being from a British TV show called Doctor Who, in which the time lords look like regular humans, however they live much longer, are usually smarter, and they have the special ability to “Regenerate” in which whenever their body dies, they are able to regenerate into a new one, retaining their memories but their personality and overall body has completely changed. They can become fat, tall skinny, become a man, woman, child, the list goes on. They can regenerate for a total of 12 times, before finally dying for good, with the one weakness in regeneration being that if you are killed during said regeneration while your body is changing to that of a new one, you die for good. (If your curious as to how this looks, just look it up on youtube.) I’d love it if I would be able to play the same character over the course of 1000 years, but not have to be stuck with the same overall look for those 1000 years. It’d open up numerous RP experiences and opportunities, allowing someone to change the style of their character but not have to constantly set back their knowledge, or try to remember if this character met that or re-learn the basics. However; the reason why I think this would be denied almost instantly would be that it’s simply too Over Powered, having your character being able to cheat death might become annoying depending on how you play them, especially if they’re someone whom almost everyone wants to kill. It’d also mean that you’d be able to become a master of many different skills (But high elves can do that too I guess :/). I suppose one could nerf it to make it playable, such as limiting the amount of regeneration's, and the capabilities of said regeneration, but its implementation would be even harder to figure out. Anyways; that’s my tidbit, let me hear yours! 😄
  15. I forgot to mention that YES! I am using charcoal as I find it incredibly hard to get my hands on coal. My bad, I’ll add in that little detail 😄
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