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  1. Serigne Py’lrie sits in her office writing many separate letters. Each letter sent to individual members of her Talonii who wandered the realm, alerting them of the troubles approaching. "Be safe.." The elderly Py'lrie muttered to herself before continuing her work.
  2. Isil Py’lrie Birth: 3rd • Malin’s Welcome • 1301 FA Death: 6th • Sun’s Smile • 104 SA A portrait of Isil Py’lrie within his final years. @Creator_Alan Gone, but never forgotten, Isil remains in our hearts. Centuries of time did he serve the Py’lrie name, standing alongside us throughout his lifetime, remaining loyal. His strong and disciplined nature helped to instill in the Talonii strength and encouragement. Many had only seen his short-tempered self in his few remaining years, his life taking a toll on his behavior, but beneath all that he cared for his own. He always sought to protect us from a distance, and always correcting each wrong committed. His sternness set an example and influenced many of us to remain strong in the darkest of times. Many may find relief from his death, but we, the Py’lrie, will honor his name and his acts for our blood until the end. The Py’lrie will begin a long period of mourning for our lost elder. For twenty elven days from now we will mourn his death, lighting a candle within his tower for each day, until the twentieth day. Our meals will only consist of that in which he enjoyed the most, and our arms open to another for comfort. Isil Py’lrie departed from Fi’andria, Celia’nor on the 6th of Sun’s Smile, 104 Second Age, with every intention of departing to leave in solitude. He wrote to us his final farewells. Within his will he leaves his tower to Dain Py’lrie and a sea pendant to Adiria Py’lrie, the rest is left for them to divide amongst themselves.
  3. The Py’lrie sigil, captivating a representation of the Talonii ancestors, Tayna’len and her two sons, Elauthinleon and Panithleon, shown as the two albino panthers by her side. History The Py'lrie have been around for a long time, but for most people, it's easiest to divide their history into two sections, both connected by one figure: Tayna'len. She's the only one who's lived long enough to see the Talonii grow from their bloody past of infighting and internal conflict to a much more peaceful and united Talonii. The Talonii's true conflict started with the appearance of magic in the bloodline. Those who were old and traditional opposed it staunchly, as it was different and new. They forbade their younger relatives from learning it altogether, which sparked many an argument in the household. As with all things forbidden, it only grew more and more until the Talonii started truly fighting each other. Blood was being shed over the use of magic forbidden by the elders. Young Tayna'len's parents had been learning magic, and they were punished harshly for it. Many of her closest loved ones had died while learning magic, and she had witnessed cruelty firsthand. Years of cruelty and punishment had caused many to fight or flee, and so did Tayna'len with her relatives. They were escaping by the skin of their teeth from the Talonii elders, who were hunting them, never staying in one place for too long. Many of those who had spent those years on the run were still expanding their knowledge of magic until they had finally become capable of truly fighting back. The tide had begun to turn as those who learned magic began to beat back the elders with their newly obtained knowledge. They sieged the home of the elders, where they lived together. However, they were not much different than those who hunted them, as they had brutally killed the head of the Talonii during that siege, causing the proverbial floodgates to open and unleash total war. It lasted for over a century, tearing the Talonii apart and causing much pain on both sides. By the time it had ended, countless members were dead or missing, and even more were left grieving for the loss of their loved ones. As far as Tayna'len was concerned, she was left alone to rebuild the Talonii. She was unwilling to work with the older members who had perpetuated the conflict for so long and decided to start fresh. Over time, she met and fell in love twice, starting the Talonii anew. She had two sons, one with each father, and though their fathers were different, they treated each other as Talonii no matter what. Tayna'len had instilled in them the virtue of Talonii first, to protect those closest, so that what she went through for all those years would never repeat itself again. These brothers would have children and expand the Talonii, each in their own way, but as one Talonii with two bloodlines. Their descendants have come to live in the lands of Celia'nor, some settling down and others wandering, yet never forgetting their blood ties. The current members of Py'lrie have fought to defend Celia'nor, and for their loyalty and dedication, they were rewarded as some of the most well-respected nobles in the land. Beliefs & Morals Talonii First As far as beliefs go, the Talonii hold one thing above all others and consider it paramount. To them, it is almost sacred, and breaking away from it is out of the question. This belief is evident when speaking to a member of the Talonii; they all abide by it as if it were indisputable. This all stems back to Tayna'len and her own experiences, where she cast aside all those who betrayed this ideal and started anew. Betrayal of Talonii To the Py'lrie, going against your Talonii is a cardinal sin that will be punished severely, no matter the situation. If you kill another member of the Talonii, you are to be hunted for the rest of your life. Though not all deceptions are so great as to lead to death, some are of a lesser nature. However small, though, the memories of the Mali are lengthy, and they will remind you for the rest of your life what you've done wrong. Betrayal of Friends & In-laws The closest of friends are considered dear, although not akin to Talonii. They would protect them closely and be very loyal to them; for if one is not loyal to their friends, how could they be loyal to their talonii? Those who marry into the Talonii are treated as equals, although they would be cast out more easily for mistakes. Natural & Unnatural Deaths If one passes from natural causes, they are well taken care of during their dying days. The Talonii tries to fulfill any wishes and stays by their side until the end. It is not uncommon, though, for dying members of the Talonii to find it too unbearable to be with their loved ones before the end and to disappear abruptly. The Talonii itself assumes that when an elderly member disappears like that, they are leaving to die in solitude. The death of a Talonii member is a grave matter, and they would mourn their loss greatly. The Talonii mourn them day-to-day, with each day representing a year in the life of the member who passed. They do this out of respect and for the time they spent serving the Talonii during their lives. Traditions With Child When a Py'lrie is bearing a child, they are protected and cared for very well. It is tradition for those who are pregnant to always have at least one person assisting them. The person assisting must be trained in first aid in case something happens. Sometimes, those who are not members of the Talonii are entrusted with this role, and it is considered a great honor. Coming of Age Becoming an adult is an important and celebrated occurrence, and for the Py'lries, it occurs at the age of 30. To come of age means you are given the freedom to take whatever path in life, whether it be leaving and traveling or marriage. Marriage As far as the vow of matrimony is concerned, it is highly encouraged to find another High Elf to marry, and if you do not abide by this, it will be considered a mistake. It is not shameful, but it is discouraged. According to tradition, you are to be married facing the sea. In some instances, you may even be married on board an embarked ship! This stems from times when the hunted members of the Talonii fled, leaving many with no choice but to state their vows upon a ship. The marriage is to be approved and overseen by the head of the Talonii, and if it isn’t, it isn't considered official by the Py'lrie. Commemoration of Honor When a member of the Talonii dedicates their life to warfare, there is a grand celebration, for it is considered a great honor to protect your land. Traditional Markings Body art and markings have a long history among the Talonii, with various meanings and serving as reminders, both good and bad. The two markings are "Fih Kae'leh" and "Malieir." When a member of the Talonii recognizes the true meaning behind the words "Fih Kae'leh," they have it tattooed on their body in recognition. Most adult members of the Talonii have gotten this tattoo at some point, and it is considered a rite of passage by some. The marking "Malieir" is used to identify traitors–those who have committed the greatest treachery and betrayal. There is no escaping this fate, either, as those who run away before they are marked will be found, and the tattoo will be applied to them by force. Talonii Markings “Fih Kae’leh” “Feed Your Soul” is a phrase long passed down within the Py’lrie. It is taught to each member as an important lesson they must come to understand. In the eyes of the Talonii, one cannot truly care for and protect others until they can truly satisfy their own soul and care for themselves. “Malieir” “Betrayer” is a phrase branded on the palms of traitors and wrongdoers within the Talonii, showing the realm all the wrongs they’ve committed, and having them disowned from the Py’lrie name and household. Those who murder other Talonii are branded once they are killed, and their marked corpses are abandoned in the forest to be forgotten. Personality Though the two branches have their differences, their biggest shared trait is their protectiveness. Both have a strong desire to protect what they have and their friends and Talonii. Similarly, all members of the Talonii have a strong desire and willingness to experience new things and are open-minded. They also have a deep, intrinsic connection to their Talonii and ancestors, often honoring them in times of need with shrines made for their ancestors, in particular Tayna'len Py'lrie and her two sons. However, their similarities end there, as they have very different ways to show these tendencies. Elauthinleon's bloodline is quick to act and decisive in times of need, especially when it comes to Talonii. They are temperamental but not overly violent. They are far more sedentary, having settled down and grown to love the land they live on. Overall, they are far more disciplined than their cousins, with a bit of a stern countenance. They are more inclined to physical activity and exercise, generally being quite athletic. Panithleon's branch, on the other hand, is free-spirited and artistic to the core. They are always on the move, seeking out the new and unknown so that they may experience it and learn more about the world they live in. Due to their less strict nature, they often have an easier time connecting with people they meet and befriending them. Their way of showing affection and love is through gifts. Physical Appearance & Traits For the most part, the two branches of the Talonii share several traits, as they have inherited much from Tayna'len Py'lrie. For instance, both predominantly have blonde hair and faded blue eyes. Many members of the Talonii also have wavy hair, as opposed to the more common straight hair. Their skin is generally quite pale, and they stand over six feet tall. Both sides of the Talonii also share a common allergy to honey and bees. Of course, regardless of the shared mother, the two different branches are bound to have some distinguishing traits due to the different fathers in both. Elauthinleon Py'lrie's branch occasionally has members with pale green eyes as well as white hair in addition to the previously mentioned blonde hair and blue eyes of both branches. Overall, the members of this branch are taller than their cousins. The biggest differentiator is their different ear shapes, as theirs point backwards instead of upwards. They have narrow eyes, slim and sharp features, and generally many small birthmarks over their bodies. Panithleon Py'lrie's branch has a rare few members with distinct purple eyes, with their skin being paler than their cousins. Some of them would occasionally also have a more silvery blonde hair color and be a little shorter than the other branch. Their ears tend to be pointed upwards quite a bit more than their cousins, and their features are noticeably softer with kind eyes. The one birthmark that stands out is the one strand of very white hair at the back of their head. [OOC - Py'lrie Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/RgZAS89UpK]
  4. Located within The Arch-Principality of Celia’nor. Fi’andra Commodities & Trade is found within the center of the city's square, Akalin 7. Entering the store, you will come to find a small, cozy display. Inside you will see the shelves are lined with various wares, resources, armor, standard tools and weapons, and much more. We ensure our wares are sold sustainably at an affordable cost; However, if you have any concerns for our wares, you’re welcome to leave a letter in our letterbox. Chainmail Helmet Chainmail Chest plate Chainmail Leggings Chainmail Boots Ferrum Longsword Ferrum Warhammer Ferrum War Axe Bow Arrows Py'lrie Horses Horse Whistles Horse Armor Saddles Leather Feathers Wool Hay bales Cooked Steak Iron Ingots Gold Ingots Coal Book & Quills Leads Oak Logs Alchemy Shears Hammer & Chisel Custom Weapons Aside from the commodities listed above, we offer a few other wares that we do not display. If interested, we have a large collection of written books we do sell, as well as herbs and potions when available. To purchase anything we do not display, seek out Serigne Py’lrie. Signed, Lady Serigne Py’lrie, Vivar of The Arch-Principality of Celia’nor, Laurier Akaleh of Fi’andria Celia’nor, Head of the Py’lrie Talonii
  5. Act of Health | 13th • First Seed • 101 SA Within the capital, Fi’andria of Celia’nor. Heads of the institution The Head Physician of Fi’andria - is granted full authority over the clinical staff and responsible for overseeing everything which is practiced in their clinic. This includes; Reserves the right to recruit/promote heads of the clinic. Reserves the right to remove/demote heads of the clinic within reason. Reserves the right to recruit clinical staff. Reserves the right to give clinical interns the proper training for such positions. Reserves the right to dismiss clinicians within reason. Reserves the right to deny any personnel of internship. Responsible for going through Clinical Logs. Responsible for ensuring all clinical staff provide proper care and treatment. Responsible for ensuring all clinical staff behave accordingly. May perform the tasks of any other clinical staff position if needed. May provide pay to clinical staff. May deny any personnel treatment within reason. May remove any personnel from any room of the clinic within reason. May hold lessons within the clinic whenever. The Head of Research - is granted authority over the clinical researchers and responsible for overseeing all research practiced within the clinic. This includes; Reserves the right to recruit clinical researchers. Reserves the right to give clinical researchers the proper training for such positions. Reserves the right to dismiss researchers within reason. Reserves the right to deny any personnel of a researcher position. Responsible for ensuring all research staff perform their duties properly. Responsible for ensuring all research staff behave accordingly. May perform the tasks of any other research staff if needed. May provide pay to research staff. May exclude any research staff of certain duties within reason. May remove any personnel from the clinic or research studies within reason. May hold lessons within the clinic if trained on the subjects being taught. The Head of Alchemy - is granted authority over the clinical alchemists and responsible for overseeing all alchemical studies practiced and concoctions created within the clinic. This includes; Reserves the right to recruit clinical alchemists. Reserves the right to give clinical alchemists the proper training for such positions. Reserves the right to dismiss alchemists within reason. Reserves the right to deny any personnel of an alchemist position. Responsible for ensuring all alchemist staff perform their duties properly. Responsible for ensuring all alchemist staff are not using illegal substances or illegal concoctions within the clinic. Responsible for ensuring all alchemist staff behave accordingly. May perform the tasks of any other alchemist staff if needed. May provide pay to alchemist staff. May exclude any alchemist staff of certain duties within reason. May remove any personnel from the clinic or alchemical lab within reason. May hold lessons within the clinic if trained on the subjects being taught. The Clinic Secretary - is granted authority over the clinical records and responsible for assisting the Head Physician when necessary. This includes; Reserves the right to keep record of any and all things performed within the clinic Reserves the right to keep record of any supplies and resources entering the clinic. Reserves the right to keep record of any clinician's performance within the clinic. Reserves the right to track what all is being used during treatment within the clinic. Reserves the right to track what all is being used in research or alchemy within the clinic. Responsible for keeping a list of everything stored within the clinic. Responsible for assisting the Head Physician in overseeing the clinical logs if needed. Responsible for assisting the Head Physician in overseeing the clinical staff if needed. Responsible for reserving appointments for the Head Physician if one were to take place outside the Principality of Celia’nor. May perform the tasks of any other clinical staff if properly trained. May assist the Head of Research if requested. May assist the Head of Alchemy if requested. May hold lessons within the clinic if trained on the subjects being taught. May remove any personnel from any room of the clinic within reason. Amendments All clinicians will be responsible for aiding the citizens and friends of the Principality of Celia’nor first, and never denying them the rights for treatment. Other visitors within Fi’andria, Celia’nor may receive treatment, but must understand they are not our first priority. The clinic will not charge a fee for anyone seeking medical aid within the principality. The clinic has the right to charge those receiving medication or brews accordingly if they are not citizens or allies. All clinicians are responsible for helping make sure the facility is clean and organized. Any areas that are found unsanitary will be immediately shut down temporarily until deemed safe for continued practice and use. Responsibility lies with all clinicians to provide patients with proper care and kindness, even despite our guests' races or beliefs. If a clinician isn’t present and cannot be soon enough, anyone with all the necessary practice shall perform treatment in an emergency. In emergencies, anyone aside from a clinician, may not search for, nor use, clinic supplies and resources for treatment. They must depend on their own. Authorities Experimentation on another without consent will never be tolerated under any circumstances. If revealed that this is occurring, any clinician involved will be immediately dismissed. No one, aside from clinicians under Celia’nor, should wander to the second, third, or fourth floor without permission from clinical staff. Any personnel caught on the second, third, or fourth floor without permission, will be asked to leave or law enforcement will be sought out. Those waiting and not being treated must stay in the waiting room unless given permission otherwise from a clinician. Any clinician has the right to ask anyone who is in the way of their work, to move to the waiting room located at the front entrance of the clinic. If not obeyed, then clinicians may seek law enforcement to escort them from the building. If any personnel attempts to tamper with the clinic or clinic’s belongings, then they may be restrained until law enforcement arrives. If any personnel attempts to stop any clinician from treating a patient, they may be restrained with whatever force is necessary to allow the worker to continue until law enforcement arrives. Clinicians may not force treatment onto a patient if they refuse. If one were to, patients may report said incident to the Head Physician to handle. If any clinician causes harm to their patient while doing their work, then he or she is not able to be held responsible. However if such damage is dealt intentionally, and can be proven, then the first statement is null. If any patient intentionally hurts his or her caretaker, then they will be subdued. Depending on the situation, he or she will be treated and/or sent on their way. Any clinician or any personnel caught stealing herbs, potions, or anything else from the clinic will be brought to the authorities to be dealt with. Clinical Positions The term “Clinician” is defined as anyone who performs and practices within the clinic Physicians As a Physician one's duty is in the clinic itself. These workers make up the bulk of the health institution. Their sole task is to treat those who have been brought to the clinic with physical injuries or illness. They are required to know the basics of herbology and medicine, and the basic degrees of healthcare within the institution. Each Physician would be required to train first as an intern, where they must attend training and lessons. Surgeons Surgeons are those in charge of performing operations on patients with more severe injuries. They will practice bone setting, deep arrow removals, cauterization, and amputations. All surgeons must go through separate training than those becoming Physicians. They must also finish training as a Physician of the clinic before training to become a Surgeon. Researchers Researchers are responsible for studying new and/or better ways for clinicians to treat their patients. Whether it be for severe or minor injuries, it is one of their duties to continue searching for ways we can improve. They may work with other positions within the clinic to aid in their research. As interns do as well, researchers may observe clinicians during treatment if it would better their studies. Researchers will also receive aid from the herbalists when needed. Alchemists Alchemists are in charge of providing the clinic potions and antidotes that will be used for treatment if needed. They are to only create concoctions to be used that are specifically made to help, not harm the patients. If caught doing otherwise, they will be removed from this position. They may request the assistance of herbalists when gathering necessary ingredients. Caretakers Caretakers of the clinic are mainly in charge of caring for those resting for longer periods of time within the clinic. Their duties also include; Keeping the clinic clean, providing resting patients food and drink, making sure our patients are comfortable when staying overnight, and managing the front desk. Their priority remains within the patient's care, but aid in general organization and cleanliness of the institution as a whole. Herb Scouts Herb Scouts are the clinic’s Herbalists in charge of gathering herbs for the clinic to use in treatment if needed. They will store the herbs in the clinic’s storage. Herbalists of the clinic may assist any research to seek other ways the herbs can be used for medical purposes, but only within the clinic’s research quarters. They may also assist alchemists within the clinic when gathering necessary herbs needed for medicines and brews. Clinical Interns Interns are only within the clinic to watch and learn, never to perform treatment to any of the patients. Interns are in the process of training and, therefore, will be spending most of their time observing the work of other clinical staff and taking notes. Once deemed ready to begin performing treatment, the Head Physician will provide them the proper uniform and title of the positions they spent training for. Clinical Lessons The Heads of the institution may host clinical lessons within the clinic whenever they wish. Lessons will be hosted within the classroom within the clinic. The classroom is located a floor below in the basement of the clinic. Below is also a lab and the clinic’s storage. Anyone may attend the lessons whenever they wish unless deemed otherwise by one of the heads hosting the lessons. Interns are expected to attend these lessons if they intend to receive their position as a physician. Physicians are also expected to attend the lessons required to become a surgeon. Those attending the lessons are expected to behave accordingly or be removed from the classroom. There will be over twenty different subjects reviewed during lessons. These lessons will include; Proper Clinician Attire, Herbs, Medical Tools, Satchels Tools/First Aid Supplies, Unconsciousness, Resuscitation, Suturing/Stitching, Cuts/Puncture/Gash Wounds, Broken Bone/Fractures, Burns/Frostbite, Heat Strokes, Poisoning, Patient Care, Infant Care, Arrow Wounds, Deep Wounds/Punctures, Salves/Ointments/Poultice/Liniments/Oils, Medicines/Mixtures, Amputations, Dehydration, Teas, etc.. Clinical Logs All Clinicians will be required to log every patient entering the clinic for treatment. These logs are to include; Patient’s Name Clinician's Name Injury/Illness of Patient What Aid The Patient Received Date (ooc date) Extra Notes (Previous Illnesses/Injury, Allergies, Disabilities, etc.) Food Pantry The Clinic will be continuing the food pantry for citizens and visitors to receive free food if they are in need. Each person may only receive up to two baskets of either bread or baked potatoes from the clinic every elven day. Everything is free and clinicians will not be charging anyone for their baskets of baked goods. If one cannot abide by the two basket an elven day rule, they will not be allowed to receive anymore from the pantry for two elven weeks. Citizens may as well volunteer to work for the pantry. They only need to seek the Head Physician to volunteer. Anyone may donate to the pantry. Everything is always appreciated. Signed, Vivar Rosina Py'lrie, Laurir within Celia’nor, Steward of Fi’andria, Head Physician of Fi’andria, Diraar within the Celia’diraar Virar Aestenia Aevaris, Laurir of Fi'andria, Virar of Starpool, Head Researcher, Court Botanist Sil Velatha Sylric, Anih’wy of the Celia’diraar, Fi’andria Clinic Secretary, Sylric Archon Valyris Ibarellan, Princess of Celia’nor, Queen of Gladewynn, Princess of the Alders, Princess of Alderyn, High Empyrean Princess, Sole-Proprieter of Gladewynn, Evarir of the Aurumwoods, Protector of the High Elves, High Magus of the Arcanic Court, etc.
  6. MC Name: Allienness Discord: Allien#4524 Image: Description of Image: It's the sigil of my gambling place in Petra, Wayfarer's Gamble. Needa put it on a sign outside the gamble house Dimensions: 1 map
  7. [[OOC]] IGN: Allienness [[ OOC]] Discord: Allien#4524 Name: Rosina Py'lrie Event [Jousting or Melee]: Jousting Where are you from?: Celia’nor Optional Alias:
  8. [!] Invitations arrived at homes all across Malin'or, inviting all mali to the Py'lrie estate An Art Gala and Auction will be held within the Py'lrie Estate, behind the capital, Fi'andria, of Celia'nor. Nobles and Citizenry of Celia'nor, along with many others across the lands of Malin'or, are all invited to attend. All guests are expected to dress their best for the occasion. Food and Drinks will be served to all while they gaze upon the beautiful art displayed and socialize with another. [!] Located on the back of the invitation was a map hand-drawn of the estate's location, along with the date and time of the event
  9. Rosina stared coldly at the missive, holding the hand of her daughter alongside her. As she spoke, her other hand lifted to remove the missive from their noticeboard."Ne structure will rise in our land for their faith. It would only bring those who wish to ruin the lives of those like you.." The woman muttered towards the little girl, though Rosina knew she was too young to understand. - Izelle's solid blue eyes wandered the square, unaware her mother was speaking to her.
  10. [!] New flyers appeared around the capital Fi'andria, Celia'nor.
  11. • Through the storm • • Across the waves • • Love soars • • From one heart to another • • Weaving something new • • Between them • The Amlugol Talonii and the Py’lrie Talonii now join another in this wonderful union, linking another through a bond of marriage, where each will vow to protect and care for the other, for always and forever. Sun’s Smile ○ 11th ○ 89th of the Second Age Behind Fi’andria, Celia’nor | Along the Shoreline Waterfront Ceremony - Reception Raffle - A raffle will take place during the reception for 500 mina Each entry into the raffle will cost 10 mina Those entering shall as many times as they wish to Signed, Former Eastern Sailor, Taranth Amlugol Laurir Lin & Head Physician of Fi’andria, Laurir Rosina Py’lrie The following will receive invitations: Talonii of Rosina & Taranth Those of the Py’lrie Talonii, and their friends Those of the Amlugol Talonii, and their friends Aristocrats of Celia’nor Chancellor, Prince Illarion Ibarellan, and their Talonii @VoxyNoir Evarir Valyris Wynasul, and their Talonii @Cepheid Evarir Aurelius Haelimah, and their Talonii @Whyte Virar Thalon Nullivari, and their Talonii @_Sug Laurir, Lady Renae Athri'onn, and their Talonii @TheHeftyDonut Laurir, Lord Glynfir Aevaris, and their Talonii @Crymson Friends of Rosina & Taranth Dyonne Alusa @Candle Eònan Norväyn @ThumperJack La'io Valkor'onn @Vocturne Raziel Amethil @Laeonathan Theoden Akaln’riv @FredrickTeufel Rhova'dir @Jakraes Vivec Lyndelt @kingnothing Kraal Sintel @KILL_MAPS Losaria @outcook Any Celia’nor Citizen will also be welcomed to attend.
  12. I personally think they just shouldn't be global. It's a nice addition, but if it were more local based, players could be encouraged more to travel and see what other places offer and at what prices. Though full removal doesn't sound bad either, but players do look for more convenience. Not everyone grinds for Mina or materials, or would like to. I'm quite content with removal or not, doesn't stop my merchant rp
  13. Rosina chose to lock herself in the clinic, fearing any return of the creatures for the night. From inside she listened to both the sounds in her head and the whispers muffled from outside the room.
  14. Rosina sighs at the mention of war, wheeling her way towards the clinic to prepare medical kits for her father's guards "I don't suppose I can fetch those books from them before war breaks loose.." She mumbled to herself, not having received the many books she was promised from the orcs.
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