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  1. A very calm monk tries blocks, getting ahead of Erebus https://gyazo.com/efff057f6463542ccd0a199492bbbe49
  2. This is honestly really nice. Forums are sort of quiet, RP is happening in abundance with the Athera event. Its really a lovely time.

  3. Seems to be done in this forum. Thanks for taking your time to post; if you have anymore questions feel free to ask those above or me through the contact methods listed below.
  4. Questioned answered. Any more questions may be directed to the person above, or to me through the contact methods below. Thank you!
  5. This players questions have been answered and the situation resolved. Should you wish to have this reopened, please PM me your reasons why it should be so.
  6. Hey! Thanks for making this support forum. The commands now go under a # instead of a / . An example would be #ws or #RP. The thing before it (Syntax i think) changed and so now that is what replaced the slash. Im gonna go ahead and run this through a CT member real quick, and then close the ticket. Thanks again! If you need any further help, contact me using the methods below!
  7. Quick breakdown of magic How to get started in a city (Getting a house, finding an RO, etc.)
  8. Yeah, because I wear a big shiny blue tag and even DARE argue with you I must side with Hunwald and Grool. Of course, a very smart argument you put forth. Then you decide to complain that someone even DARE debate something that you put in the debate forum. Wow, a big shocker! Seems like just another **** post at this point, because all the ideas put forward are so inherently flawed that they could never be feasible on LOTC.
  9. The post you linked literally tries to incorporate the exact same idea as case law...
  10. An interesting topic for debate. I know that it will never happen. Even if it did by some god unknown happening does happen, it wouldn’t work. You cite the US court system, but the jury is chosen out of millions of people, who are given dozens, if not more, questions to weed out those with any possible association. Not only is that not possible on LOTC as everyone in some way is connected directly to admins, but the player base is so certainly all over the place. The same can be said for staff, I’m certain every single staff member knows the admins and that would skew their vote off the bat. Alongside that for a court to punish someone, there must be a totally unanimous vote. That simply wouldn’t happen and re-trial would happen over and over again. Lastly, this is just too damn complex and long-winded for a minecraft server. You break a rule, you get banned. Case law doesn’t apply on LOTC so when one person can get banned for something, another person in a similar situation might not.
  11. I miss him already. It seems like its only been 12 hours... But it hurts like an eternity. All the cults we made in the primary server, all the wars, and all the pex abuse Dedication. You’ve done a lot man, thank you  for your time and dedication. : ^ )

  12. A tall man that once wore the tag of Ascended stood out in the wilds. He’d wandered for a long time, examining each and every building carefully that hung just barely together. Soon, through one source or another, he’d hear of the passing and simply sigh. It seemed like ages since he last truly looked at himself but as he stare at a pond it was evident that things wore on him, even on top of the magical facade he wore nearly always. His eyes were soured by the bags under them, his body felt more fragile even in his permanence. He’d speak into the water, as if he could see Elvira in the waters. “We once stood together, against the ever constant battle of the dark. We fought together, we argued, and we worked. “ He’d move around the pool, letting out a sigh as he began to walk off, only turning back to stare into the waters and speak once more “But most of all, we were siblings of Aeriel, and that we shall always be. Rest easy, Elvira.” He’d sigh, wandering off into the wilds to think over this torturous world he was cursed to live in...
  13. A rather Albino dark elf stood on the edge of a cliff with a deep fall. He’d read over the information provided and offer a simple nod, now knowing the truth of his destiny in life. He spoke softly to himself “The Order arise again. Good for us.” He’d nod once more and set off back into the far reaches of civilization, soon to arrive with the Hou-zi where he believed that he once belonged.
  14. Zacho

    The PitStop.

    bruh sound effect what
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