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  1. Nice lore, seems like a good hunter/gatherer type magic and I dont mind it!
  2. down with voting for mina, its garbage
  3. Na I think his intentions are genuinely pure, perhaps personal opinion tho
  4. when to say no and when to say yes this seemed like a meme but you’re serious, so i support it.
  5. having fun on block game > ‘ooc stipulations to protect people’ not only do i not trust any community to have this sort of power, but before when the immaculate blade was in existence as the only means to get rid of azdrazi, the holder rather never used it or was inactive from my understanding. also ooc targetting is not only hard to pin down, but also can be excused very easily with a ‘my character doesn’t like his/hers’ and thats that. When it did have only one persons ability to pk, it was not only a reasonably trusted person, but never used as i said earlier. disconnection rp not fun rp
  6. to give actual feedback, I think this is a really neat post but i dislike the idea of disconnection freely because every community, regardless of whose in it, has people who will find place to abuse things and cause issues because they lore-ified can. Disconnection is good, but only when there is rp proof that certain conditions have been met. Thats simply my opinion, but again i do think this lore is excellently written and a great addition for the dragon-folk and kin!
  7. Apply for moderation gamers, its a good time.

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  8. https://gyazo.com/download?dl=now&lang=en
  9. Yew did good at writing this. @Old-Rattlesnake haha get it YEW
  10. “Blessed be our champions soul.” He’d shake his head lightly, a tear down his face as the legend himself moved on “I truly never believed it would happen.” The Elfski said.
  11. Greetings friendo, heckin pupperino ya got there!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU


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