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  1. Zacho

    6 Months Q&A

    you're taking the lotsofmuffins path rn fr
  2. i follow @Unwillinglyjust to give them rep for their lukewarm ideas

    1. Unwillingly


      TRUE supporter

  3. Jiangu'lak, avid supported of THE KAKTUZ WEEKLI, applauds the articles written before him. In his idle time he shares them with his best friend @Barbog. "Peep diz zkah" He'd say to the goblin with a thumbs up.
  4. Humans. WIthout a second thought in my mind humans. The reasons being that they play the same character for 5 generations of the same family with the same name and do the same stuff and die in war. Not only that but over multiple years of being staff, human playerbases consistently spit out some of the most vile and awful stuff as a byproduct of them just simply playing minecraft. Ranging from doxxing during a pixelman clicky war to toxicity to ERP to an array of TOS bans. Not to say that elves or orcs are per say any better, but because there are so many human roleplayers, they tend to just produce the largest amount of vile shit possible.
  5. $AH is crashing on market open tmrw.
  6. In some depths of the realm a statue-like monk sat 'pon the waters top, a hum coming from his lung as the energies around him vibrated to his will. With his eyes closed he sat for a great length of time only for a small bird to come fluttering down and landing upon the edge of his conical hat. From his meditation he reached a hand out and grabbed the letter, staring it down. As the bird fluttered off the calming waves by which he sat began to slosh and church as swirls of grey aura fizzled at the edges of the pond. In a fit of pure wrath the monk now stood and allowed his breath to change tone into an aggressive song. With each step the water stopped underfoot and as he reached land he marched off in a fit of almost controlled, chaotic, rage. "Matum kul lat bûbs, nurugl-al" "Death to you pigs, kinslayers"
  7. November Moderation Recruitment Hello! Moderation is now opening up the floodgates for anyone interested in applying. We are going to be taking a look at all applications and providing an interview to most, if not all, of those that put their foot forward. That being said, we are looking for players who are level headed, driven, and looking to give back to the community in one way or another. Specifically anyone interested in the forums, in game moderation, or otherwise. If you think you have what it takes or have knack for something mentioned above, please apply here! Thanks and hope to interview you soon!
  8. @seannie @tillyI require confirmation tonight (11/9/22) by midnight or we shall proceed with the date posed.
  9. This is the post for discussion related to the upcoming war between Aaun and Petra, please keep this discussion civil as it'll be heavily moderated. As of now, the current date proposed is on 11/13/22. Let me know if this works and how we can best facilitate this war. @seannie @tilly Proposed details of war from warpost.
  10. Tile map has been updated in the war section of the forums!

  11. The setting was dim, a small cramped room with only a single lantern swinging overtop, manipulated by the air flowing in from a tiny window. On the bed an old 'ame rolled and churned in his nightmares and in a jolt he woke, his dead grey eyes staring into worlds beyond. In a revelation his mind was spinning and a sense of vertigo washed over him. "She is blind... It happened almost too quickly. Perhaps it is time to guide her to truth" The old man reached out into the space nearby only to draw forth an entirely obsidian Oculi, fashioned of material foreign to this world. "May The Beyond be kind to this one, for she is ridden with curses enough." He'd revel in a short prayer before heaving himself out of bed and into the city streets.
  12. Also, another note. I am looking for some more moderators to work exclusively on the forums! Please reach out via forum or discord message. 

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