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  1. Zacho


    Add me on discord for some more help! Zacho#5276
  2. new death rule just basically feels like a good way of pushing some ooc notion into roleplay. #10 that is.

    dont like someone? Kill them once irp and then call them undead :D

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    2. Tiresiam


      I've never understood the "it's in IC argument" because if that was the case we shouldn't have the monks to begin with. As long as folks have the option to revive their characters they should be allowed to do so without being bullied for choosing it as an option. Lol.

    3. Burnsider


      Having literally just had to deal with this on my last character, it was utterly crap. It promotes ooc luring important people to their deaths from clicks and then shaming them into not PKing IC, all the while the harassers can go "but the rules say this harassment is okay."

    4. Burnsider


      Another thing, it's RP that you're literally not allowed to respond to. People are allowed IC to yell at you that you're undead, but you literally have zero idea what they're talking about. You don't remember dying. How do you IC respond to that?

  3. Chi Manipulation -x- -x- Table of Contents: Origin Culture Explanation Disconnection & Connection Base Monk Abilities -Tier Progression Path of the Sun -Summary -Abilities Path of the Moon -Summary -Abilities Overall Redlines Magic Compatibility Chi Art -Origin -Abilities -Redlines Purpose Previously used lore & Cited Sources NC = Non-combat C = Combat Monk = One who can channel chi or is a devout follower of Hua-jiao, although in most cases this references the former.
  4. To divide the server up pretty simple you have a few primary places, mostly based on activity. If you want to find RP, my suggestion is to set goals for your character and go around trying to complete them, once you do move to another goal and write the narrative for the character that you wanna play. If your goals include magic of the deity kind that are good, then I'd suggest elvenesse. Any other magic like voidal, dark, misc, etc are usually found in places like Talon's Port, Sutica, and Haense to name the select few, but things like dark magic are very sparse and sort of appear any an
  5. Good changes all in all. I think Farseer is a great magic that has great capacity for use and is hugely important to the orcish community.
  6. come back happy, or stay away and be really happy.
  7. when will hero stop with the words.... who knows
  8. Zacho

    Lex Arcana

    Dael'ran nods as he reads over it "There must be a start to ordering chaos perhaps!" He'd again nod sagely.
  9. legit question, how does having a very small community of active players for one race of things lead to it being shelved, why do you even bother shelfing it instead of just letting it be a small and lesser played niche race. I never really understood it because really it hurts no one by just leaving it and allowing what few more players to join that group over time.
  10. Dael'ran also pins up a latter, tear stains coming from his face as he writes with such great passion. "Dear magic teacher, please teach ser dael'ran the great and first your grand magic, please oh please. " He'd pin the letter up right next to sarrions and wipe a line of snot on it as his crying slowed, but his passion never faltered for he loved magic. -Dael'ran the cool and epic.
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