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  1. Zacho

    Lex Arcana

    Dael'ran nods as he reads over it "There must be a start to ordering chaos perhaps!" He'd again nod sagely.
  2. legit question, how does having a very small community of active players for one race of things lead to it being shelved, why do you even bother shelfing it instead of just letting it be a small and lesser played niche race. I never really understood it because really it hurts no one by just leaving it and allowing what few more players to join that group over time.
  3. Dael'ran also pins up a latter, tear stains coming from his face as he writes with such great passion. "Dear magic teacher, please teach ser dael'ran the great and first your grand magic, please oh please. " He'd pin the letter up right next to sarrions and wipe a line of snot on it as his crying slowed, but his passion never faltered for he loved magic. -Dael'ran the cool and epic.
  4. that one post 'I hate zachosnacko' or some ****, i think i got a lot of rep on my reply.
  5. fuckin like all the kani guys are sitting in their discord like 'hey pass this **** around and lets rep our inactive numbers'.
  6. gg. been a good one pal, stay safe and stay healthy. hmu to play some league sometime
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