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  1. scariest **** is now I’m an adult

  2. Jiangu Vincrute’Lak frowns deeply as he sees a civil war start between his friends. He shakes his head gently and wanders to and fro a small shrine dedicated to Laklul as he thought it over.
  3. I agree with delmo on the expanded the corruption part, I also do like this lore but for any defined amount of time, A week for example, I’d clarify that it is an IRL week and not an in game week or vice versa. Alongside that Im also curious as to why all the CA’s are getting wiped when this fundamentally changes nothing major about the magic, at least from what I can tell. Even in the start you say that all it does is better define Azdrazi for the most part.
  4. yo this actually sounds really interesting, good luck man.
  5. Yeah, I agree with most everyone here on the idea. I’ve been through every type of magic throughout the server with some exceptions being that of the ‘darker arts’ such as necro and mystic, but other than that I’d say i’ve been around the block a few times and the number 1 rule before anything else in learning magic is to never ask oocly. If you are interested in having your character learn magic then you need some key things before most anyone worth a cent would bother teaching you. Get a good purpose for why your character seeks out magic. It can be anything but MAKE IT INTERESTING RP with someone who is a teacher and get them to know that you’re worth being taught and are capable of stepping up your RP to not just meet the standards, but excel beyond them. Ask them for trials or ways to prove yourself and don’t be afraid to ask in character once you are well associated with them. Don’t just be friends for magic, be friends for roleplay and truly be as your character would.
  6. yo what was your fav character and why was it nazorean would you, if offered, play a dael
  7. people with purple color vip are always the most cursed.

    1. _Hexe_


      the higher u go up the VIP ranks the more likely u might be a pedophile

    2. Nug


      omg take my vip off now wtf

  8. dael and cyrene? where did it go wrong and why is the dael line the best group of characters on lotc.
  9. daels are the lords of the craft thanks
  10. “If the creator made everything then how is worshiping his most direct creation, the Aenguldaemonica, bad?” Asks a certain magely figure to himself whilst meandering through Helena.
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