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  1. This declaration of alliance is formally created between the Duchy of Elysium and its denizens and the nation of the Iron’Uzg and its citizens. Pact of Non-Aggression I. Both signatories will recognize each others land claims, religion, and government II. The Signatories agree to follow a pact of non-aggression towards one another. This means directly or indirectly no hostilities may be made towards one another. III. In the circumstances that one of the signatories breaks a law within the others recognized land claim, that settlement has the right to act their punishment and laws on the law-breaker. Pact of Darkspawn Killings I. The signatories unanimously agree to banish all known dark creatures from their settlement and actively pursue them until their true death. II. The signatories will work together, to the best of their ability, to hunt any nefarious darkspawn, undead, or otherwise dark being and aim to exterminate them. Pact of Trade I. Any trade conducted by the signatories should be done at a fair price and must be paid in full with no debt allowed. This only pertains to trade between the governments or nations, not independent citizen trade. II. The treasury of each signatory will be granted 1 stall within each nation, tax free. III. Should a citizen of either signatories nation wish to set up a stall in their non-native lands, the initial and recurring costs included with such stalls or avenues of trade should be reduced by 25%, rounding down to the whole mina. The official duration of this pact shall be 16 years. After this time is up, the pact may be resigned or reordered and reorganized to fit the time. Should either nation wish to leave this pact at any time, they may with proper reasoning. Signed, Rex Skaatchnak’Izig Ziimarum agh Honor, Dominus of the Iron'Uzg, Jiangu'Lak Duke Eugeo de Astrea Aylin de Astrea, Heir Regent & Minister of Foreign Affairs to Elysium
  2. The formatting alone is enough for it to get passed lol. good write up, an interesting take on the ''''''end game'''''' of voidal magic. very well done pal.
  3. Zacho

    [PK] Sanctuary

    "The material is truly never meant to last- I've known that much" Amidst the recent voidal works in Ando'alur, Dael'ran now travelled from city to city boredly, as if lacking true purpose in the world. He had witnessed the worldly destruction and it confused him- but in the midst of it all the news reached his ear, telling of death. "I've seen the soulstream and its a place I think you might like- well hopefully anyway." The rather somber look on Dael's face continued to stand and overtake his features. For a time his feet dragged, his lips curled into a scowl, and his head was aimed to the ground. "Rest easy, Cyrene."
  4. Jiangu'lak is happy he signed, now chatting in the throne room afterwards! "Peaze to our peepul!"
  5. Jiangu'lak stood in his lab deep in the caves of Krugmar as he read the notice. "Peaze will kome to us, aynd Jiangu will guide it."
  6. Rest in peace, always a great shame to lose someone in the community.
  7. I will always remember the classic fire mage human moment when I first met you my friend. Good times and I wish you the best : D
  8. Jiangu'lak, upon reading the letter, goes "Huh. " He'd nod once "Da current rex am nubtin' but hozh in termz of hiz honor, but mi hayb nub peep'd him in dub yearz. Honor to da klomperz."
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  10. good post, offers a wide variety of views and ideas for a basis to orcish culture!
  11. elven scum

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  12. holy **** man thats dope, well done!
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