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  1. A rather tall adunian man meandered the roads, randomly picking up one of these requests and laughing. Regardless, he’d write a bird and send it forth.
  2. Jaded LT Member -Writes forum posts using magic that no one else cares about or even follows -Writes forums posts about their character doing literally anything except actually rping on the server -Will write lore, self deny it, and then complain that no one else can write it as good -Complains about every piece of lore to ever get accepted and calls it trash even though they voted to pass it -Complains about lore, gets told to write it to show what standards they have, then refuses to write it. Burnt out Mod -Rather resorts to very sparse actiivty where they do little except for be casually toxic and complain or they unban dewper, fiatlux, and then delete the entirety of the LOTC discord -Do only the bare minimum to scrape by but constantly hope they get manager -Toxic regardless of situation, makes jokes that are exceedingly toxic but make sense to only them, and hates the playerbase -A toss up between a good person who just is tired and a person who is genuinely struggling to stay happy due to mineman.
  3. good morning lagoons

  4. So all heralds and Azdrazi basically get the knowledge, skills, memories, etc of every dragon to have ever lived? Dragonfire has physical force, magical degradation ability, can burn anything immaterial like ghosts, wights, mystics, etc, and ALSO burns like normal fire? This seems absolutely busted IMO, its a one in all type ability. So Azdrazi and Heralds can pull from a nearly limitless magical source to get power and knowledge?
  5. Discord: Zacho#5276 Skins / Bid: Fancy ‘Boi’ 3k
  6. Have a good life mi amigo. Sorry that mods couldn’t help the issues occurring and that people are out of their minds. : )
  7. chi is able to be got by anyone, you just have to find us irply voidal magic is lame kani is nearly impossible to get without metagaming or being part of someones clique, so good luck on that part dark magic same as kani except you just have to throw your hat in randomly to some dark mage and say you wanna be like them
  8. Discord: Zacho#5276 Skins / Bid: Fancy ‘Boi’ 1k
  9. Jiangu Vincrute of the monks patiently waited as he planned. His smaller order did as they could in preparation.
  10. Zacho

    The Summons

    Jiangu Vincrute sat on the crisp borders of Sutica conversing lightly as the entire world was consumed. He knew for certain that something was far off about this and immediately, without giving farewell or peace, left his area and headed towards the massive roaring sound that echoed through the flat world of Arcas. He’d begin at a walk, and then a jog, and into a run. “This cannot be of good. Not just for the land but for The Cycle itself.” He’d dictate as he moved hastily.
  11. A deep frown swelled across the face of the monk for the first time in what seemed like years. The world was upside down, demons spawned and attacked, and even drove life itself away. They were strong, surely, but the will of man was stronger. The Cycle as Jiangu referred to it was at its tipping point, barely holding on to its equilibrium. “You’ve of taken my friend, his will, his life, and his body. For this you shall pay deeply betrayers of the world.” He’d continue to frown as he then immediately began writing to his own order of monks, preparing for war in any way he possibly could.
  12. Aegrothond is always active and there are many groups in that area. There are the Siramenor culture of wood elves, the druid circle behind that, and the monk order which i run behind that also. Any of these are fairly open should you wish to try and my contact is Zacho#5276.
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