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  1. The Ballot: ((MC Name: SalamanderMoss)) Name: Sorrel R' Peregrin Vote Anne Cottonwood for Sheriff? Yea (x) Nay ()
  2. @Urara A reply arrives quickly, written in the same paper, but also with a parcel; a book, wrapped in brown paper and tied in twine. The reply reads: "Ms Napier, this is wonderfull! I'd have thought you were a halfling myself if I didn't know better; the fit is beautiful! I'm a bit short of items to trade with more practical value at the minute, so I've enclosed a copy of my most recently published novels. As you mentioned earlier it may be a bit risqué, so I hope I doesn't seem crude to you. I hope you enjoyed the challenge, and I shall be showing off my new apparel abou
  3. "**** i' up James ayyyyyy!" Sorrel R' Peregrin cheers upon reading the notice. "Meh condolences t' Filiber' though."
  4. -Whichever halfling I decide to come as- prepares to Get Baked. Also: Party Rings are the Elite Biscuit
  5. [!] An order arrives, written in looping, fanciful, but legible script, and scented with heather perfume. - IC - Name: Hawthorn Goodbarrel Place of Residence: The Goodbarrel Burrow, Bramblebury Describe Your Order: "A white or cream-coloured poet's shirt, open at the front a little, and tight fitting slacks. They should be tailored to a halfling, so quite small, but hopefully not childlike. No shoes will be required, that is a given, and I would prefer the slacks to finish just above the ankle. My measurements are attached below." - OOC - IGN: Salama
  6. The Ballot: Mc Name: SalamanderMoss IRP Name: Sorrel R. Peregrin Vote for Elder: James Peregrin (X) Greta Goodbarrel(X) Filibert Applefoot() Jordan Applebottom(X) Winter May Gardner()
  7. Sorrel Peregrin views the notice, and sighs, remarking: "Y' got t' give the folks more t' go on than gourds mate. Tsk."
  8. "Aw fock." Sorrel remarks. "Think Oi wandered straigh' past these lo' on me way 'ome drunk."
  9. [!] Underneath the poster on a messageboard a smaller note is tacked: "Be there or be square you wee bastards! - Sorrel"
  10. [!] The following notice is pinned to the board in Bramblebury; a single piece of paper with the title written in large font - - - On Murder And Missing Persons - - - An announcement to my fellow wee folk, on the topic of past murders and myself, Sorrel R. Peregrin. Now, you may be thinking to yourself "Sorrel? Wasn't that one dead?" And I am here to report that I have checked thoroughly and am glad to confirm that you're absolutely wrong! Some time last year I departed from my home to the outskirts of the village, intending to gather watercress. However, I ca
  11. From a young age, Reed chose to think with her fists. Born in a good sized Heartlander city, Reed never had any close connection to higher class life, or to more traditional elven culture. Both her parents were harsh, owning a small firm manufacturing spinning wheel components and other mechanical implements. Despite being well enough off, they held a deep jealously and longing towards those living in human nobility. They had never managed to reach the heights of elfen society, their meagre family line having been displaced from the cavern cities of Magarlarin long ago, and so sought to climb
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