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  1. If this letter becomes public, Sorrel R' Peregrin would immediately begin plotting to steal the head and bury it, because she does not approve of head-on-spike based interior design.
  2. [!] A note, hung upon the new noticeboard of the thus unnamed halfling village, from the pen of Sorrel R' Peregrin Hello, to my fellow wee-folk. You may of heard, as of recent, little, from our resident baker Mondy Applefoot. Until recently, she may have been presumed missing in the rush to evacuate Bramblebury. However, I write to tell you that the worst has come to pass. Mondy Applefoot did not escape from Bramblebury, being found dead in her beloved bakery, a burnt cake still remaining in the cold oven. If it is to some relief, I can say with certainty there is little sign of foul play. Having been trained in medicine and having observed several autopsies prior, I can confidently say that Mondy had died of disease, likely sudden in onset, though I cannot determine what form. Her body has been transported to our new home lands and stored carefully some ways north, where the frost clings to the ground year round, and unless her remaining family wishes to claim the body and take over care of it, shall be the first of us entombed into our new graveyard, once it is built This has been a difficult announcement to make, as until now, we believed there to be no casulties of the plagues upon Brandybrook. Truth be told, I have spent many a day unable to tell the news of this to anyone to face, so I ask your forgiveness alerting you in this manner. Among this time of rejoicement, with our settling into our new home and the voices of children once more filling the village, comes the time to once more mourn; mourn the homes and the lives no longer with us. Though they be not here, we will never forget their impact upon us, and as such, I ask us all to remember Mondy as she lived -- a wonderfully bright and kind woman, whom we will dearly miss. -- Sorrel R' Peregrin.
  3. [!] Magnolia Fiddleberry comes into existance, and is ready. For trolling.
  4. Sister Rowan of the Abbey, though dissapointed at the Abbey's destruction meer hours after their first arrival, is glad that the missive does not mention the bandit corpse she dropped unceremoniously onto the main hall's floors in her attempt to escape.
  5. Student Application: Ooc: Mc name: SalamanderMoss Discord: SalamanderMoss#9009 Timezone: BST/Britain IC: Name: Sorrel Rosehipp Mudfoot Mowood Ironbrew Peregrin (Sorrel R' Peregrin) Age: 49 Field of Interest: Medicine and Surgery Will you require housing?: Preferred, but can do without (yes unless all spaces are filled)
  6. Saffron, new recruit of the Musin guard, begins learning to play the song on her fiddle.
  7. Sorrel R. Peregrin does a double take upon reading the invite, then shrugs. "Well tha' explains a lot, least." She then goes to organise a wedding gift at short notice.
  8. Sorrel adds "an entire cheesecake" to her list of things to look for while out in the forest, just incase.
  9. Sorrel R' Peregrin privately wonders: does the sherrif have the political power to evict the large venomous spider currently living in town?
  10. Name: Saffron Milk-Cap Age: 23 Sub-Sector: Scout Mc Name: Naquris (alt of SalamanderMoss) Discord: SalamanderMoss#9009
  11. [!] Saffron emerges from her hole for the first time in a long time. She reads the letter, pinned to the curtain, and smiles.
  12. Sorrel looks upon the letter with firm resolve. Her life's work will contribute to this. The chickens will be ready. Following the announcement, one would find Bramblebury's egg supplies to be their finest and most proficient in years. Sorrel is Prepared.
  13. As various other haflings have done before her, Sorrel opens up a bottle of port upon reading the letter; in both celebration of new comings, and remembrance of those passed. She would then proceed to the graveyard, making sure that the graves were tidy and everything was in order, bottle still in hand.
  14. [!] Both Sorrel Peregrin and Hawthorn Goodbarrel read the pamphlet, the former with a sense of childhood nostalgia for events lived through, the latter with the quiet respect of a fellow writer. Both hold an odd sense of disconnect, however, to events so crucial to their family history, yet to which they held no personal claim to at the time.
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