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  1. The Ballot: ((MC Name: SalamanderMoss)) Name: Magnolia Fiddleberry Vote for Proposals: Proposal I (Hal’s Proposal) () Proposal II (Cyris’ Proposal) (X) Neither ()
  2. The study makes it's way to one zoologist mali'thil in Haelun'or; who greatly appreciates the research!
  3. [!] Several halflings in Honeyhill proceed to make absolutely no changes in their marriage plans in spite of this.
  4. "Wait a fucken minute Oi was thain for like ten years an Oi never got th' shovel where t' fock was it." Sorrel suddenly remembers her own thainship. "Thought we lost it whot?"
  5. "Thi' 'ere is why am glad Oi retired." Sorrel Peregrin grumbles as she pops open a bottle of whiskey, and prepares to watch the fallout.
  6. "Aw no t' Peregrin legacy. Oi take a holiday fer one month and we're already bein' couped." Sorrel swears she can't leave this lot alone for 5 minutes.
  7. Aw **** the conspiracy broke bcos I can't do basic maths
  8. Not if you believe the theory that she died back in November but they propped her up till summer because they couldn't get the deposit back on the platinum jubilee.
  9. Pleabe no has the queen not made us suffer enough yet
  10. Sorrel R Peregrin is BEElieved that this newspaper is less likely to get her accused of slander. She still didn't write it.
  11. Sorrel still doesn't like soldiers, but maybe now they'll leave her alone.
  12. Oop time to shill for halflings (just kidding I constantly shill for halflings) Probably would have left lotc for good if I hadn't happened upon a halfling festival back in Arcas. The few playerbases I'd joined constantly fizzled out and hopping between nation events didn't do much to draw me into anywhere in particular. Until I saw a Halloween festival event end with the halflings detonating their entire village and decided I needed in on that. Rolled up to their refugee camp in an old war fort as a scruffy orphan halfling Sorrel Rosehipp the same month. About 2 years later, I still main Sorrel! She's now Dr Sorrel Rosehipp 'Ironbrew' Mudfoot-Mowood Peregrin, ex thain and sheriff, adopted into two seperate halfling families and related to three seperate thains. Her feats in life involve childhood friendship with the halfling pope, forging medical documents, meeting god at a gay wedding, being eaten by a squid, detonating a troll and out-drinking a team of orcs in a contest. I also play two other halfings, in the Fiddleberries and one Goodbarrel soon to be a Fiddleberry too. I'll say this honestly: best decision I ever made on lotc was to not only make a halfling, but Stick With It. We go through periods of inactivity as any smaller group will, but halflings are the only group im 100% confident every time that we'll never die out completely. Being halfling is great. Halflings r great.
  13. "Wha' absolute disrespect to t' wee-folk culture." Agrees Magnolia Fiddleberry, who has no clue where Balian is but nonetheless disagrees with their drug policies.
  14. One example of this and also main reason I don't participate in lotc wars anymore either is just the Sheer quantity of slurs people say in every war discord ive ever been in. Seen so many players I ain't naming who'd just join, immediately asked "can I say the n word here" and proceeded to spam it. (Also spam posting fetish **** happens More Than Expected but thats a whole other issue). It mightve gotten marginally better since I joined, but still: lotc players just really love to say slurs the second they can get away with it.
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