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  1. RP Name: Edith Castington MC Name: CasualNuker Voted: Yes
  2. “If you recall Valent I supported you on your first attempt at becoming an Alderman. It’s a shame how low you’ve gone now it seems.”
  3. [!] A letter is pinned to the bulletin board of the city of Providence and hung on the doors of the Alpina Club and Restaurant. Good Day my fellow citizens. I’m sure you’ve heard of me Edith Castington, formerly Edith Hope. I’ve been in City Assembly before for a period of eight years, ran for Mayor twice losing respectively to Lord Mayor Halcourt. I now seek to be elected to a non-consecutive third term in the Office of Alderwoman. Some of my previous notable accomplishments include the Orphanage Act of 1805, and organizing the first ever Tax Relief Bill which was passed by a
  4. Full Name of the Alderman Candidate: Edith Castington or Edith Hope Age of the Mayoral Candidate: 31 Street Address of the Mayoral Candidate: Helvets 6
  5. The fact that this might happen is terrifying! Literally ten years worth of information and culture is on here. I recommend everyone should back up your posts quickly!
  6. Thank you Benji :) I hope we can talk more eventually you sound very kind just from these simple words.
  7. Alright this election is a bit strange. You never posted a single thing in the Providence Discord Hallow that gave people who don’t check forums daily no chance at all.
  8. It’s alright my feedback still applies none the less. And I completely agree I have been rather to say “give up” on certain things. I’ve been trying to get better at it. Thank you Libby. Much love to you but I felt like I needed to post such a thread to actually spread how I feel at this moment in LOTC.
  9. Thank you for your feedback. I will do my best to follow your advice Language.
  10. I’ve made some mistakes in my time on this server. Some things I’m not very proud of, things that I regret doing very much. I wish there was a way I could turn back that clock to fix them but you know there isn’t a button to do that. You can’t fix things by undoing them you can only move onwards to do something that shows what type of person you really are at the heart. I’m sorry to the many I’ve hurt in my time on LOTC beginning all the way in July 2018. I’ve had many great friends who I no longer talk to because of mistakes I made on this server. Some of those are TreeSmoot
  11. The Alpine Club Providence’s Finest [!] The Alpine ballroom is pictured here. It is with great pleasure the ALPINE CLUB announces it’s opening in the prominent Tavern-building. This is to be the finest club in the Imperial Capital City. One may find entry into the Alpine by finding its lift on the second floor of the Tavern, catching it up. DRESS CODE: Fancy and/or Formal; if a member is not dressed appropriately they may be turned away at the door if they come ill-dressed for the event of the evening. (They will allowed entry once they return properly dressed for
  12. Full Name of the Alderman Candidate: Edith HopeAge of the Alderman Candidate: 29Street Address of the Alderman Candidate: Helvets 6 I HAVE DECIDED TO RUN ONCE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. [!] The Emblem of the Conservative Party of Oren. The Conservatives The Conservative Party exists to promote a robust economy and healthy change for the Holy Oren Empire. History: In 1810 our party was founded by our Chairwoman Edith Hope in an effort to give citizens of the Empire another party that cares for and listens to its members. Since our founding we have grown to holding several offices including a seat in the House of Commons and two seats in the Providence City Assembly. We strive to grow our numb
  14. RP Name: Edith Hope MC Name: CasualNuker Voted: Yes
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